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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> hello, everyone, i'm fel felicity barr. and these are the news items coming up. syrians face fighting and appeal for help against snow.
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a group have men have taken over a ranch in oregon. >> and in spain a new generation of hot air balloons are taking flight. >> we'll be here with all the day's sport including south african captain steps down after the draw against england in the second half. >> the united states believes north korea has carried out a nuclear test but they doubt it was a hydr hydrogen bomb. the state television news announcement north korea said it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. if true it would be a significant jump in the country's nuclear capabilities.
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but they say the expose was so where near enough to be a hydrogen bomb, which is significantly more powerful than an atomic bomb. the nuclear test would be against united nations resolutions. james bays reports. >> in a staged manner a crowd has arrange iowa plussed the applaused explosion. >> either way it's a clear breach of international law. >> north carolina's nuclear test is a serious threat to our nation's security, and absolutely cannot be tolerated.
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>> any kind of nuclear test like the one north korea conducted last night is provocative and a flagrant violation of the united nations security council resolutions. not just one but any number of them. >> what cued north korea to carry out an attempted test, it's a country where one man has ultimate authority, and kim jong-un signed off on the task. a speculation that it's timed ahead of his birthday. it's believed he'll turn 32 on friday. in new york a meeting of u.n. security council was hastily convinced. ambassadors condemned north korea and said new action was needed. >> the members of the security council will begin to working immediately on such members as the resolution. >> japan, which joined the security council just a few days
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ago said those measures must be tough otherwise the credibility of the united nations will be at stake. >> what can the u.n. security council do? it already has regimes in place. what else is there in north korea to sanction? beyond that everyone on the u.n. security council knows that they need to tread carefully. they don't want to revoke a leader who makes unpredictable and rash decisions and who has nuclear weapons, no matter how primitive. >> now to our white house correspondent patty culhane. tell us more about obama administration's reaction to this test. >> the white house has condemned the act pretty quick in the early morning hours here in washington. and they have down played the fact that this was a hydrogen
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explosion. we saw the spokes penal both at the white house as state department come out and say they definitively did not believe this was a hydrogen bomb but a technological advance some sort of nuclear explosion b not hydrogen. they were using geological data, but they said it's confirming that it will take just a few more weeks. they're definitely trying to send the message that this is not an advance that north korea is actually boasting about. it's simply not true. >> how is the u.s. likely to respond? >> you'll see them put emphasis on china. we're told that u.s. president
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president obama was going to try to get on the phone with the leaders of south korea and have that conversation in person. but to talk about what sanctions they could look at, it seems they're going to want to trying to through the u.n. if you look at what the u.s. has done under the obama administration, they have sanctioned north korea four separate times. the one step he could take is to list north korea as a state sponsored terrorism. but it's no not having the impact that it has had hoped. they're talking about the scenes but it is not clear what they could be thinking. >> thank you, patty culhane in washington. >> 20 iraqi soldiers have been killed in the central city of
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ramadi. the islamic state in iraq and the levant was responsible for that attack. meanwhile airstrikes air isil has killed 15 fighters. art i can weather in syria and turkey has brought miserable conditions to hundreds of thousands of refugees displaced by war. finding enough food to eat and fuel to heat their makeshift homes and tents has proven too much for many families. >> they thought they were safe. this kurdish family had fled syria and made this makeshift tent in southeast turkey their home. then the snow came. they didn't have the fuel to keep warm. their four-month-old baby died from hyperthermia.
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>> i lost him to the cold. i lost him to the war. >> now he fears that he'll lose his three-year-old to the cold. they buried the baby close to the tent. across the border families forage for fuel. it's a daily battle to stay warm and alive. >> we're cold. we never warm up. it's always cold. now it's snowing. we don't have food. we have no warm coats. and the bombing is all around. my son screams when they bomb near us. >> as many as 400 families listen in tents desperately hoping that the syrian regimes do not target their camp. at least the snow brings cloud cover and a welcome respite in the area of bombardment.
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this is the fifth winter syrian refugees have faced since the conflict began. it's the fifth year that syrian babies and children have fought to stay alive as temperatures have plummeted. but it's the first year there has been a glimmer of hope that those behind the war might be willing to sit down and talk. the shadow of syria's suffering will hang heavy over that negotiating table. nowhere is the situation more desperate than north of damascus. the siege by regime forces and hezbollah fighters for over 170 days people here are starving. one doctor told al jazeera, one or two people die every day. only a lifting of the blockade and immediate humanitarian aid can save these syrians. their cry are desperate. their responsibility is global.
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al jazeera, on the at this hour i can't-turkey border. >> qatar has become the latest country to recall its ambassador from iran after protesters have attacked the saudi embassy there. iraq's foreign minister speaking of a visit to tehran said that their country wants to speak. the saudi embassy in iran was set on fire by demonstrators. >> we sought to bring resolution to other countries so iraq can play its role and alleviate tensions between iran and saudi arabia. this responsibility has been given to us, and we've been active from the early moments less intentions to prevent a disaster from happening that could effect the entire region. >> the saudi arabia has signaled that this breakdown in relations with iran will not effect peace talks over syria. foreign minister made the comments following a meeting
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with the u.n. special envoy to syria. another round of peace talks is scheduled in geneva i this month. students have gun registering at the garissa university in kenya. >> it was a place of learning. but now garissa university has reopened, and students are arriving. nine months before gunmen from al-shabab had attacked. 149 students were killed. now a steady trickle of new students is registering.
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>> this will not stop us from continuing with our lives. >> at the time many lives were cut short. guards shot, soldiers arrived later and it took a whole day for special forces to arrive and end the siege. there are now 25 police stationed at the university. they stay inside this newly built barracks. here they have a pick up to patrol the university grounds. the management said this is what is needed to prevent an attack and this is the kind of security they were asking for for months before the attack happened. >> sleeping in his house within the university when he heard the first gunshots. al-shabab fighters have attacked many times in this part of kenya, and so he immediately knew what was happening. >> the female dormitory now
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renovated, he said it could not be prevented. >> the many christian students living here from other parts of the country, made the school a target for the attackers. he wanted to create a religious divide. the government has appointed a new regional security chief after the attack. we asked why the extra security was provided only now? >> whoever was in command of the area should have heeded those asks. >> those who were killed, it comes too late. for those who survived, they study elsewhere. but garissa is the only place to
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study in this area. and students are ready for things to get back to normal. >> alleged four underage girls were assaulted in the capital of bangui. >> there are around 11,000 u.n. peace keep necessary central african republic. their job is to protect people in a country that's been mired in religious violence. the new allegations suggest some soldiers may have failed in that mission. four underage girls say they were sexually abused by u.n. peace keepers. the u.n. has launched an investigation. >> over the past week unicef staff from the office of bangui have under sustain four visits to meet with the alleged victims. unicef is working with local partners to help the girls receive medical care and is assessing their psycho-social needs. >> this new series of sexual
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allegations made against u.n. peace keepers in the central african republic. the record said that the u.n. had failed to carry out proper background checks on peace keepers and needed to do more to protect children. >> we wouldn't say it's inevitable. there are many things that can be done to prevent this type of abuse. troops can be vetted. the type of allegations the abuse can be investigated properly, and as much as anything more importantly than of all those who are responsible for those kind of crimes can be prosecuted or should be prosecuted. >> thousands of foreign peace keep precious sent no central african republic after a coup in 2013. in april of last year a peace agreement was signed between the mostly muslim seleka and the mainly christian anti-balaka groups. the divisions between the
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communities run deep. votes from last month's presidential election is still being counted. but two-thirds of the candidates want the process suspended because they say there are irregularities. people in central african republic have suffered from years of chaos an violence. the u.n. says it has verie very little tolerance for peace keepers who abuse civilians. >> you can't make a rule that changes the constitution of the united states. [ gunfire ] >> what weapon owners say about president obama's plans for greater gun control. protesters in hong kong demand information about the disappearance of a prominent book seller. and andy murray taken by surprise as he loses his first match of 2016.
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>> first, the german car co company in involved in one of the biggest car scandals is fighting to restore its credibility after admitting rigging million of vehicles to cheat admission tests. we have more from the model launch in las vegas. >> vovolkswagen rolls out a car that is called a smart phone on wheels. >> vw's consumer vehicle chief demonstrate what had he said is the car's intuitively designed dashboard. >> there is no need to keep switching back and forth between different manuals. that's my idea of simple, safe, and fun.
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[applause] >> the company also presented a futuristic take on the old vw bus called the vw bud-e with host of features like voice recognition. >> please open the passenger door. >> okay, the passenger door is opening. >> but there is no ignoring the elephant in the room, the vw polluting cheating candle whic scandal, vehicles implanted with software in effort to cheat the emissions testing. >> we're truly sorry. we're doing everything we can to make things right. >> the unveiling came just days after the u.s. justice department announced it was suing the german car make center civil court. the government alleges more than 600,000 vw diesel engine
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vehicles sold in the u.s. violated u.s. environmental laws and is seeking damages up to $37,000 per car. vw is fighting to regain consumer trust, and that won't happen overnight. >> if you look at how corporate crises are resolved, it takes billions of dollars. it takes years of time, and it takes eventually introducing new products that people are excited about. so you can't judge a patient mid surgery. >> dice told al jazeera the company will try hard to win back confidence. >> how do you convince consumers once again that volkswagen is really a trustworthy company? how do you do that? >> this is going to be a lengthy process. we have to stick with what we say. we have to deliver, and it starts with fixing the problem. >> the i-golf will be in the showrooms this year. the bud-e won't be for sale
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until the end of the decade. by then executives hope that they'll have repaired wit. >> two people were killed by police after shooting dead 14 people last month. a man accused of helping them is due in court. and he faces five charges including buying the assault rifles used. if corrected he faces up to 50 years in jail. well, still in the u.s. republican politicians and the gun lobby have been quick to condemn president barack obama's latest gun control pr proposals obama's use of executive power to control gun sales has been
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called a political stunt. >> this is a lightweight gun. >> at the national armory in palm beach, business is booming. last year gun sales in florida were up 14%. >> you want to look at another ar 15, didn't you? >> with flee time as many gun dealers as there are post offices, buyers don't have far to go to pick their weapon of choice. >> i think there is some give and take that has to be figured out a little better. >> perhaps surprisingly, gun owner is not against gun controls. he's worried how weapons change hands, and he's deeply concerned that president obama is acting alone. >> you know, you can't just make a rule that changes the constitution of the united states. that's what he's doing. >> it's a sentiment expressed by many gun enthusiasts and backed by the powerful national rifle
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association, the nra. for many the u.s.' gun culture is a an alien concept. >> in principle that's what the nra figure, if you don't have a gun you can't protect yourself. but on the other hand if no one has guns they won't shoot each other. >> by using executive powers president obama is bound to deepen the riff between the lobby and tighter regulations. but 99% of the population here live within one mile of a gun shop making background checks easier. >> the fact of the matter is. we've always had gun control. the founding fathers had gun control. president reagan had gun control. presidents bush sr. and jr. both
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had gun control. this is not about regulatin taking away guns but regulating a dangerous product. >> enthusiasts say it's not what the president has done that has upset them but how he has done it. >> now to the topic of gun control continues to dominate washington's discussion 4,000 kilometers west. a group of armed civilians continue to defy the government. the stand off in oregon where armed ranchers have taken over a remote state-run wildlife center is now in its fifth day. the ranchers claim the government has bullied them of giving up their land. but this influx of armed men has
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alarmed the locals. >> an eastern oregon another day of armed militia members standing guard at the main entrance of the federal wildlife refuge they've taken over and occupied since friday. men with rifles watch from a tower previously used by wildlife rangers. on the ground militia members block the entrance and don't show their weapons openly, but they say they'll defend themselves if federal agents try to confront them. it's believed there are 20 anti-militia members taking part in the occupation. most from out of state. they say they're here to help local ranchers get what they claim is their land back from the medal government. >> we have been in communication closely, and we see a time coming very soon where the community will begin to participate more in that.
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>> this is cattle ranching country where cattle outnumber people 14-1, but were nearly 70% of grazing land is owned or managed by a federal government that many here deeply distrust. steve turner sympathizes the ranchers and says the government intrudes on their way of life. >> i think the federal government is overreaching and doing things they're not supposed to do. >> in town the big r, the local cattle ranching supply sore most view the federal government with suspicion, but they're divided whether the protesters are helping or hurting their efforts to wrestle control of land away from the government. >> i support what they're trying to get done. not how they're doing it. >> i think that they're causing a lot more chaos than needs to be brought into this town right now. i don't believe its necessary. >> some men like this man is too
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scared to show their face or give their name. >> i think most of the community is scared and that's not a good thing at all. >> why are they scared. >> they don't know what's going to happen. >> here in town schools and businesses remain closed because of safety concerns from the armed group. meanwhile, this is a community where residents are growing increasingly anxious trying to figure out how this is going to end. >> and we're joined live from the closest major town to the occupied national wildlife refuge. gabe, we gather tensions are still high and a community meeting is about to take place.
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tell us more. >> that's right. in a couple of hours there will be a community missing by the local sheriff here. people are worried in this small town. they're worried because there is a lot of police activity with sheriff from the sheriff department and fbi agents as well. this is happening in a town that is 30 miles or 50 kilometers away from where the the militia members have overtaken this wildlife refuge in this remote area. this community meeting is to get people together to discuss the safety concerns and people really trying to figure out where this is going to end and how it will end primarily because there is a big effect here in this town of burns.
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city buildings and schools are closed because of this situation. militiamen have this wildlife refuge are heavily armed. they'll be able to talk to the sheriff and layout plans, perhaps, of how to end this. >> some indigenous groups in the area have been speaking out. >> they have. there is a local indigenous group called the paiute tribe. this indigenous tribe has been around for hundreds of years. they have grievances against the federal government just like the militia members do as well. however, the tribe members came out today and spoke with journalists and told us they disagree with the way the
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militiamen are handling the situation. they say this is about land rights, but they say technically in their opinion if you want to talk that way, they have land rights that are violated as well. they made their statement very clear that they do not agree with the way that the militiamen are handling this. they don't think it's correct, and they want them out of here as well. as some residents in the region do as well. we have not heard from the fbi. we have not heard how they plan to end this or if they plan to end it. there is a lot of police activity in the town of burns. but if you go out where the wild refuge is, there is no police activity there. that's by design. the federal government does not want to exacerbate the situation and make it more volatile than it already is. it's a stand off.
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i will tell you last night there were rumors, again, just rumors that the police might consider maybe going in to the--to the refuge to end the situation. that caused all sorts of activity around, but that clearly did not happen. but these are the types of things, these rumors who are spreading that get people anxious, and this is apparently why the sheriff is going to be addressing townspeople here in a couple of hours to separate fact from fiction to address the concerns. >> truly an extraordinary story. thank you. >> well still to come on the program. >> hundreds protest against rye lens towards women in cologne days after nearly 90 assaults. and in sport the dallas mavericks lead to keep up a 13-year record.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. >> welcome back to the news hour and a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera.
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the united states believes that north korea has carried out a nuclear test. the u.n. has strongly condemned the test. winter has hit latakia refugee camp and causing thousands to seek emergency shelter. and iraq's foreign minister said that his country wants to stop the crisis between iran and saudi arabia from spreading. >> well, north korea's claim that it has developed a hydrogen bomb is alarming because the h-bomb is so much more powerful than the atomic bomb. an atomic bomb explodes when large particles such as uranium breaks up in fission.
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in h-bombs the particles fuse together, a process which requires a lot more energy but results in an explosion thousands of times more powerful than atomic bomb. here's the same process which powers the sun. more significantly, pyongyang has said it has made a miniaturized hydrogen bomb that can fit on a missile. present data suggests that the test was not a h-bomb below lo it could be the first time that north korea has tested a device that can fit on a missiles. >> well, it frontally
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exaggerates its capabilities. it's bark is far often far worse than it's bite when it comes to the type of new england weapons it has produced. the evidence thus far indicates that north korea tested a fission dwight. the seismic data that has been gathered leads to the conclusion that the explosive yield was seven kilo tons. that's far less expected if north korea had actually tested a real hydrogen bomb. however, in saying that it has tested a hydrogen bomb, north korea can project to its own people that it has made significant advances on its nuclear deterrent. >> if it is not a hydrogen bomb, and many experts suggest that it isn't one, is the concern now about the fact that it could abdomen yourized bomb, is that the big concern? >> you north korea will still learn a great deal from this test that will help it in terms
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of finalizing its warhead designs and improving it's warhead capabilities. north korea may be working on a miniaturized nuclear warhead, a warhead small enough to mount on a ballistic missiles. >> i think one of the most interesting aspects about the story is the fact that china is clearly angry about the test. will that have any influence in the way that north korea goes now? >> well, china is concerned about north korea's nuclear program. right now north korea may be able to deliver a nuclear weapons on a missile and that puts china in range. and the instability that could be caused if north korea were to
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use one. china has come out to condemn the new england test. but now what china needs to do is enforce the sanctions against north korea to insure that the nuclear program cannot grow and work more proactively with united states and south korea on agreements that will limit north korea's nuclear progress in the future. >> the problem is that in the past sanctions haven't worked. should the international community be using a different approach? >> it is important that it's likely that the sanctions have slowed north korea's universal advancement. but sanctions alone are not going to solve the north korea nuclear problem.
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north korea needs to be persuaded to give up its arsenal. but north korea isn't going to do that unless it's persuaded that it's regime won't survive. regime stability is the ultimate goal for north korea, so there needs to be some inducements that united states, south korea, others in the region won't threaten the kim regime. >> thank you for joining us. now the mayor of the german city of cologne has sparked anger by saying that women should adopt a code of conduct, including staying arm's length away from strangers to avoid attack. earlier about 100 protesters gathered outside of the main train station to demonstrate against violence. an investigation tried to find
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out if it's part of a criminal network. >> all of a sudden these men around us began groping us. they touched our behinds and grabbed between our legs. they touched us everywhere. my girlfriend wanted to get out of the crowd. when i turned around one man grabbed my bag and ripped it off my body. i thought they could kill us. they would rape us and no one would notice. i thought we would to simply accept it. there was no one around us who helped us or was in position to help. all i wanted was to get out. >> onla free land journalist journalist--freelance journalist who has lived in cologne and said she has been sexually harassed before. >> i have to say that i'm apparently sighte partially sighted, so they think that probably a blind woman would
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defend themselves. i've had men try to grab my face, try to grab my breast. a guy tried to drag me off the platform into his car, and i obviously defended myself and hit him with my cane. he then started to loudly shout on the platform, you're cursed. you're going to hell. that guy was german. he was not like a foreigner. and nobody did an thing. >> well, now the governments of germany, sweden and denmark say they hope to lift border controls as soon as possible. senior immigration officials from the e.u. countries have met in brussels. sweden has introduced checks on people traveling into denmark and denmark has checks on its border with germany. the countries are trying to deal with the flow of migrants
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arriving in the e.u. a vatican newspaper has criticized the magazine charlie hebdo. it's a special edition marking a year since the attack on its offices that left 17 dead. >> a year on from the attacks on charlie hebdo the french president unveils a commemorative plaque outside of the nub's headquarters. [ gunfire ] it was on january 7th last year that two armed men broke into the newspapers offices killing 11 people inside and a police officer on duty outside. the attackers were later named, both brothers had been known to intelligence agencies but were not, apparently, considered a high priority.
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the government rushed through new security measures. laws were passed to give wider surveillance powers. but those agencies are faced with an overwhelming task bearing in mind the hundreds of french citizen who is went to fight in syria or iraq and then returned home. >> what are the criteria because these people know very well the current cry year i can't that the intellectual--the current criteria that they're using. >> the government also promised to attack the causes of radicalization. leading members of the muslim community said that if anything the government response is making matters worse.
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>> look how we're behaving today. it's a divided society and the government is failing to address the deeper issues lead to go radicalization. >> what should the authorities be doing to tackle the cause of radicalization? >> more integration, month freedom, more jobs and more opportunities. do we have anything like that? absolutely not. so intelligence mistakes, inadequate resources and failure to address the root causes of radicalization, this fatal combination led to the attacks of november, muc wider reaching than the attacks in january. china would be in breach of its agreement to hong kong if it's abducting people to face
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trial in chinese courts. mystery surrounds the latest of book sellers who have gone missing. they all have sold books that are critical of the chinese government. >> protesters take their demands for international intervention to consu con consolates in hong kong. they say they reject china's position that hong kong matters are it's internal affair. >> one of five book sellers going missing internalizing in titles about the chinese leadership, which are banned in mainland china. despite demands for information,
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there have been rumors and conspiracy theories, many saying that he could have made his way to mainland china for reasons from troubled relationships or even being involved with sex workers. >> there is a hand-written letter apparently by lee saying that he found his way across the border. but many are not convinced. >> he appeared before us to be safe, and absolutely safe, we must utilize of our resources. >> with lee's bookstore now closed others are taking precautions. local media say some are taking banned titles off its shelter shelves. >> as a book shelf owner, what happens next, would it happen to
4:47 pm
me? >> as a seller of books rather than a publisher of them he believes he's safe, for now at least. >> sports coming up next including in cricket, mohammed gets a vote of confidence from his captive on his return to the international scene. we'll have full details.
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>> hello again. hot air balloons appear to drift along effortlessly, but in fact, it takes hundreds of liters of
4:49 pm
fuel to keep them afloat. now there are ways to make ballooning more ecofriendly. we have reports. >> it's dawn in the hills of barcelona, and in the stillness the balloon is inspected for the first time. the team inspects the stitching and rigging on all the seem seams. the spanish company is the world's largest maker of hot air balloons producing 200 each year. the design, color scheme and branding is customized and stitched together by hand from thousands of pieces of lightweight nylon fabric.
4:50 pm
>> hot air balloons use pro taken gas to heat the air and lifts them. a typical hour long flight can use up to a hundred liters, enough to drive a car more than a thousand kilometers. this means that hot air balloon something a gas-guzzling sport. that's why this company has developed a ecofriendly model that is dramatically more efficient. using two layers of fabric instead of one makes the ecoballoon stronger and longer lasting and it's better insulated, which makes it easier to fly and uses twice as much gas. >> you can save up to 50%. so this gives you fly cheaper. you spend less money in a single flight. you can have more capacity for the flight so where you cannot land in the long flight, for example, in the mountains, so
4:51 pm
you can have extra time to find another place to land. >> it has developed a smart phone app to track flights in realtime and monitors that alerts pilots if balloons come too close to power lines. for some, it's the simplicity of the sport that makes it attractive. >> the ecoballoon is more expensive to make but the company says that because it lasts longer and it's cheap for fly it's a cost effective alternative and one that has developed hope and insures that hot air ballooning will be a
4:52 pm
sustainable sport in the future. al jazeera, spain. >> we go to sport now with farrah. >> thank you so much. south african's cricket captain has resigned. he made the announcement after the test match in cape town. >> england started day five of this test if from a position from which they seemingly couldn't lose. but after the rapid departure of captain alastair cook and his opening partner alec hales end was wobbling. wickets tumbling and south africa in request a--in with a chance of an unlikely win.
4:53 pm
james taylor was the sixth man out, and the third victim. they were able to dig in and shortly after tea bad weather intervened to bring an early end to the match, a draw, the final result. it was also the key to announce he was quitting as south africa's captain. scoring a double century, the team a had suffered a loss in india, and they're 1-0 down in this four-match series. >> i feel a great need to contribute i was deeply honored when the position was offered to me. >> namethe third test gets under way in johannesburg next
4:54 pm
week. >> captain fridi has given his backing upon his return to the national team set up. the 23-year-old has been selected for pakistan's 210 and one-day series in new orleans this month. he completed serving a five-year ban during the game for spot fixing in 2010. >> amir has served his punishment. he's been playing cricket, and h he should be given a chance. >> beating espanyol in the copa del rey after going behind early barca came back before the break, and neymar scored in the second half which saw two espanyol players see red, they would win 4-1. the world's two best golfers are in hawai'i at the tournament
4:55 pm
of champions. the event is only open to tournament winners in the previous years. in 2015 jordan spieth went to the top of the rankings after winning two majors, a masters and the u.s. open. >> this is nothing different. we're continuing the month changes, the year changes, when you write the date that's it. in my mind we just had a little bit of a break, and i've had plenty of playing and practice to be plenty ready to try to win this week. and to take our game over to asia in a couple of weeks, then i'll come back here and get to my normal schedule. >> well, number two jason day could replace the top of the rankings with a win in hawai'i. he held the top spot after winning the pga championship. djokovic easily won in
4:56 pm
straight sets. raffle nadal would also advance to the last eight. andy murray has lost his first match of the year. murray on the receiving end of all sorts of unexpected shots during his defeat. two-time australian winner to the quarterfinals of brisbane international. they would win in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2. the world number one has had two injury-burnted seasons but looks fit ahead of the australian op open. clay thompson scored 36 points as golden state warriors beat the los angeles lakers 109-88 in the nba. in texas damarcus cousins
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would send the game against the dallas mavericks into over time. kings have not won in dallas since 2003. winning stage four of the rally, in the bidding of his 12th rally title finishing 27 seconds ahead. they're still in contention. third over all. that's all your sport for now. we send you back to london. >> thank you very much, indeed, for that. you can find out much more news and sport over on our website. the address to click on i for all your latest news and sport. thanks for watching the news hour. join me again in the coming minutes. we'll see you begin, bye bye.
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>> the al jazeera america promises new sanctions as north korea leader claims he has detonated a hydrogen bomb. >> hello there, i'm felicity barr, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, syrians'appeal for help. and authorities say police are not doing enough against a group of armed men who have taken o