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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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and you can find much more about many of the stories we're covering over on our website. that is what the front page looks like at the moment. the address to click on to is for all of your latest news and sport. ♪ a different kind of state of the union, president obama signals what to expect in his final address. [ sirens blaring ] turkey's prime minister blaming isil for that deadly suicide bombing in a popular tourist area. former army sergeant bowe bergdahl back in court. >> reporter: it is 100% guaranteed that an asteroid will hit the earth.
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>> and nasa planning a defense to protect the earth against asteroids. ♪ this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters. president obama is set to deliver his last state of the union address tonight before a joint session of congress. he is expected to look ahead at the big issues facing his last year in office. courtney keeley is live for us in washington, d.c. and courtney what domestic issues is the president expected to talk about? >> reporter: well, del, there's a whole host of issues that he is going to address. immigration, prison reform, same-sex marriage. he released a youtube video, the white house did, where he previewed his speech. it will be an upbeat tone.
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you will see a happier president than you did when he announced the executive action on gun control for instance, and you saw tears about newtown. what you will see tonight will be a empty seat in the first lady's guest box that signifies all of those people who died in gun violence. it represents the voice they no longer have, and that will be very memorable tonight, del. >> and about what foreign policy? >> i smile, del, because it is so complex and it is so -- it is very hard to remain upbeat in the face of that as well. today against the backdrop of turkey's attacks, he is going to have to talk about what the policy is towards isil. america, according to polls is extremely anxious, the height of
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anxiety similar to post-9/11 about terrorism. he is going to have to talk about what the coalition strategy continues to be in syria and iraq, but not also mention that not only are there 10,000 americans left there in afghanistan, the other note he will touch on tonight is women in the military. he will have one of the first female rangers, and he will definitely signify there is a new role for women in those combat roles. so it will be a balance of optimism. president obama said he wants not only to talk about the next year, but he wants to talk about where the future of our children will be, and he will strike a very optimistic tone despite some of the very tough issues that he have to touch on. >> reporter: and you touched on syria, major challenge on so many fronts from president bashar al-assad to the refugee crisis, so how will he
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characterize the situation there tonight for americans? >> reporter: on a an extremely personal tone. he will also have with him a syrian refugee that has recently been given homes here in america. after an extensive vetting process they made their way to detroit, michigan. that will put a very personal face on a very dire overwhelming crisis that has seen the worst refugee crisis in europe since world war ii that has seen over 250,000 killed. also he will mention some of the diplomacy that has happened rece recently. he has always said in the past that assad must go. he will still be strong on assad, but meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry is
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negotiating and assad might stay, so it will be a tricky situation to talk about that, but it will be very human with this guest with the first lady. >> courtney thank you very much. and the republicans response will come from nicky haley, she was in the spotlight recently. she is the daughter of indian immigrants, and the youngest governor in the country, and the first female to hold that office in south carolina. and al jazeera will have complete coverage of the address tojt. the supreme court striking down the death penalty system in florida. voting 8-1 saying the sentencing system there is not constitution. that decision stems from the conviction of a man for fatally stabbing a coworker back in 1998. the judge imposed the sentence even though the jury was split.
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we're getting new details coming out of that developing story in turkey. the explosion in istanbul, it happened in a popular tourist spot. the dead are mostly germans according to tkish firms. more than a dozen people were also injured. turkish officials saying the attack was carried out by a 28-year-old syrian suicide bombers. >> translator: citizens rights and freedoms are being breached by terrorist organizations. it is the terrorist that prevents our people from traveling. this is a terrorist that bombs schools, mosques, offices, business centers and various other places. it is the terrorist that shoots at civilians and makes life hell for them. >> istanbul is slowly starting to get back to normal. >> reporter: the site of the blast is 40 meters behind me.
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you could call it an adjacent square to sultanahmet square. things are calm now. we saw ministers come and have a look and leave quickly. but cleaning staff, municipality staff have now entered the site, and there's a sense of normalcy now. in ankara, in the last hour, the prime minister said that the attacker was, quote, a foreign member of daesh; that they have established that he is a foreign member of daesh. dropping any reference to a syrian citizenship. he also said that there should be global solidarity with turkey, just the way there was solidarity with france following the charlie hebdo attacks. he also said that turkey's fight against terrorism in general,
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and against isil will continue. there are new developments today in the fight against isil. the pentagon saying that the u.s. has blown up large amounts of cash. a senior official saying they estimate that millions of dollars worth of money was destroyed when an air strike hit a storage facility in mosul where isil is believed to keep his profits. bo bergdahl has been charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. robert, what is the latest on the hearing? >> reporter: yeah, del, good morning. sergeant bergdahl walked into the courthouse behind me about two hours or so ago. he is listening to the attorneys go through the mowings with the judge. and some of those motions are
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protocol, one being the fact that bergdahl's camp is asking that this trial not happen here at fort bragg. both sides going back and forth as to exactly when it will all begin. and we don't have really any answers as to how long this hearing is going to last. it could end at this moment. it could end later today. and we're told there is a possibility it could go into tomorrow, del. >> robert catch us up. what happened before today's hearing and why is this case so controversial? >> reporter: good question. bowe bergdahl as we know was held captive for five years by the taliban. and, you know, since then -- since his release and coming back to the u.s., he has decided to open up and speak to a podcast called cereal.
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they have realized these audio editions in increments. and he has released a lot of his emotions, thoughts, and information as to what it was like to be captive, and that has gone out to the general public, and that may effect jury selection here. let's listen so a snippet of what he said recently. >> i just keep looking back and forth and just keep standing the wall, whatever it is, the doorway, the cracks, and in the darkness you are k looking at shadows, or you are not looking at shadows. if it is too dark, you can't see anything. you are looking at your hands, but you can't see your hands, so you are touching your face. >> reporter: it's intriguing, no one is quite sure as to why he has decided to talk to this podcast, serial, about the goings-on, but the military is certainly interested in it. why his lawyers let him.
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we just don't know. we don't know those answers, but those will all come out in potentially this hearing today that he is in, and we don't even know whether this will be the end. remember back on december 22nd, he didn't plead guilty or not guilty. so we just don't have that information right now, del. >> robert thank you very much. there is new video of that raid that ended with the capture of the escaped mexican drug kingp kingpin joaquin guzman. there was intense gunfire during the raid. he is now back in mexico's highest security prison. he is being held in solitary confinement. the atf announcing new rules that would require gun dealers to report lost or stolen arms to the federal government. gun dealers now have 48 hours to
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file the reports. the bureau saying those guns are linked to 1300 crimes each and every year. two republican presidential candidates aren't going to be on the main stage for this week's debate. rand paul and carly fiorina failed to make the cut. they were invited to participate in the early debate, but rand paul says he is a no show. instead he'll be in new hampshire and iowa campaigning. on trial over ignition switches. opening statements in that case pitting gm against a driver. and a major oil company starting to feel the sting of the plunging prices at the pump. >> president trying to figure out just which course to take.
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>> this is how you can fight the republicans, and he's putting them where they have to respond. >> and after the address...
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>> the price of crude has now dropped to below $32 a barrel. morgan stanley it could go down as low as $20 an hour. the president of opec saying it is now looking at an emergency meeting. and those falling oil prices causing bp to announce more job cuts. it says it will cut 4,000 jobs worldwide. it will be in its oil exploration and drilling sectors. the job cuts amounting to about
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5% of their work force. nearly 20 schools in detroit are closed this morning. teachers are trying to show their frustration with ongoing problems. a group that calls itself detroit strikes to win says the teachers are upset with their pay and the district's poor finances. opening statements beginning this morning in that civil suit against gm in those faulty ignition switches. it is a case with far-reaching implications. bisi onile-ere is live outside of the courthouse in new york. and bisi what was said this morning? >> reporter: hi there, del. so far we have heard from the plaintiff's attorney who spent more than an hour giving opening statements. he stressed that his client's life will never be the same after the accident. here is a time line according to the plaintiff's attorney.
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in april 2014 he received a notice from general motors about the ignition switch recall. he allegedly called a gm dealership to get the car repaired, and was told to call back in a month because they didn't have the parts to fix it. weeks later he got into a car accident, crashed into a tree and his air bags did not deploy. today the plaintiff's attorney stressed that in that notice from general motors nothing was ever said about not driving those vehicles, some 2 million. the lawyer today said he plans to call in an expert on air bags to testify, and also from a former gm engineer who was aware of this defect back in 2001. >> and what will the jury see
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evidence wise? >> reporter: inside the courtroom there is a model of the saturn ion that was crashed. and they will hear from gm executives and video depositions, including gm's ceo. >> bisi onile-ere live for us outside of the courthouse in lower manhattan. thank you very much. prosecutors in los angeles are considering charges against an officer who killed an unarmed homeless man last may. the officer shot a 29 year old twice in the back. investigators later found out glenn was on his stomach was the officer fired. and the mother of the infamous affluenza teen has been released from jail. she is charged with helping her son flee the country.
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he pleaded guilty to killing four people in a drunk driving crash. origins monday the judge reducing her bail from a million to $75,000. >> we're not talking about a capitol murder. couch now has to wear ankle bracelet. her son is being held in a mexico city jail. he is fighting his deportation back to texas. it is snowing in buffalo, new york, up to a half of foot expected on top of what is already there. freezing winds are also coming in, which will make it difficult for drivers, and that is if you can get your car out of the ice and the snow in the first place. some of the cars in buffalo, totally frozen over. over the weekend, temperatures dropping while it was raining. kevin corriveau has more on the
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winter storm. >> well, the snow is going to fall across parts of the northeast as well as the great lakes, we have an alberta clipper pushing through right now. and we have seen some pretty impressive accumulations. you can see the snow is now pushing through parts of new jersey as well up towards parts of new york. but take a look at what we saw just over the last 24 hours here in new york because of the lake-effect snow. over here towards loraine, new york we saw 34 inches, angola, 25. this area right here is 20 to 30 inches below their average, so they are just now getting back up to what they should be for this time of year. any watches and warnings are in effect mostly for the northern parts of the states. we're looking at lake effect conditions here and up towards maine where we expect to see
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anywhere from 12 to 14 inches of more snow. but down towards the south we could be seeing furies across that area. here is your for -- forecast tuesday and wednesday. still extremely cold around most of the great lakes. there are new guidelines for mammograms after a government panel says it wants to clear up some confusion. the task force saying that women age 50 to 74 should get a mammogram every other year, and women with a risk of breast cancer between the ages of 40 to 50 should talk to their doctor on when they should get tested. all bets are on. controversial daily sports betting websites are given the go ahead to keep running in new york at least for now nchlts
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and the arm again done office.
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a new book linked interview with pope francis is available around the world. it's a 100-page conversation between the pope and an italian journalist. he focuses on the pope's views on mercy. he criticizes scholars of law who go against the message of
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unconditional love as taught by jesus. nasa is now setting up a special office to deal with asteroids hitting the earth. ines ferre has our story. >> reporter: it was nearly three years ago that a small asteroid exploded above russia. now nasa is spear heading a new office of pannetary defense. >> for years scientists have been sowning the alarm on the possibility that they insist is certain. >> it is 100% guaranteed that an asteroid will hit the earth if we don't prevent it. >> reporter: they have identified more than 10,000 near-earth asteroids, but that is a just small volume of what they believe is out there. >> there is about a million
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asteroids that can destroy new york city or larger. so our challenge -- and -- is to find these astoids first before they find us. >> reporter: part of the team's goal is to implement new technologies to track an asteroid years in advance and redirect it so it misses earth. >> if you have lots of time or a slower asteroid, you can use slow techniques that slowly move the orbit of the asteroid, if you have less time you can use something like kinetic impact fors where a spacecraft slams into the asteroid and changes the orbit. >> reporter: if there is no advanced warning, scientists say the mission becomes focused on preparedness and possible evacuations. the group is coordinating with fema on how to respond should an asteroid strike. alabama fans are still yelling roll tide.
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[ cheers ] >> reporter: the crimson tide defeating the clemson tigers 45-40 last night, winning the title. they took a huge risk calling for an onside kick. >> when it comes to competing and making plays when we needed to make them, it was probably as good as it gets. and i think that's the kind of competitors that win championships, and that's probably why we're sitting here. >> reporter: he said he called for the onside kick because his defense was flat-out tired. this is his fifth college football title, hour at alabama one next door at lsu. and the game is not over for the two biggest daily fantasy gaming websites, draft kij and fan duel can keep offering their
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games to fans in new york while they appeal the case. >> reporter: the two leading fantasy gaming sites now have permission to keep accepting money from state residents who want to play their games through at least may. that covers the upcoming ncaa basketball tournament, and the start of the nba and nhl playoffs. this is just the latest development in the back and forth battle with new york's attorney general. eric schneiderman ruled them illegal gambling operations. a state judge agreed and ordered the sites to suspend operations in new york. but in granting the stay, the appeals judges seem to agree with the sites that shutting them down would cause themmer reparable harm. losing the new york market could cost draft kings and fan duel around $35 million per year. >> all of the statement was the
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appellate court said until we have a chance to look at this, nothing should change. the lawyer said the decision means hundreds of thousands of new yorkers who love fantasy sports can continue the contest they love. but the attorney general's office said we look forward to demonstrating that the trial judge was correct. draft kings and fan duel are indeed operating illegal gambling operations in new york and should be pertinently barred from doing business in new york. john henry smith, al jazeera. and while we're on the subject of betting, the powerball just keeping goes up. now $1.5 billion. what is not going up are your chances of winning. tomorrow night's jackpot is by far the largest in u.s. history, the lump sum payment $930 million. people coming from canada to buy tickets. foreigners would pay higher attackses. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters in new york.
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the news continues live from london, next. ♪ a bomb in a tourist area of istanbul kills at least ten people, most are reported to be germans. ♪ hello there, i'm felicity barr. and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. aid workers in the syrian town of madaya, say malnourished people there urgently need medical help. oil producers in crisis as crude slips to its lowest price in 12 years. and on the 40th anniversary of her death, a look at why agatha