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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 12, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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leading on that suicide bomb blast killing tourists in istanbul. we believe at least ten people dying in that explosion. the address to click on to fiepgd out more is signaling who to expect in tickerrish prime minister blaming isil in the tourist area. bo berghdal back in court, put a popular pod cast can change how the case is handles. >> it is 100% guaranteed that an asteroid will hit the
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earth. >> creating a new office of planetary defense to protect against falling as steroids. president obama will deliver his last state of the union address tonight, appearing for the last time before that joint sex of congress mes expected to look ahead from gun control, and immigration, to keeping america safe. al jazeera is live in bashed, and courtney, tell us about the domestic issues the president is expecting to actress. >> kim davis, the clerk that refused to sign, certificates has been invited in the audience. which is tweeting and confirming that she will be an attendance, now those are
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not -- that issue same-sex marriage is something that pam will address in his domestic issues he will address a lot of things. one of his guests will be an actual empty chair, that will be in -- by the first lady's guest box. that empty chair is to signify gun violence that will be one of the more pointnant moments of the night, that will take it out of any advicive dialog. what obama has said that was released in a youtube video is that he is incredibly optimistic, for the future of america, and that he treasures all of the americans that he has met down the road. this is what he had to say. i keep thinking about the road we have travels together. the people i have met. the stories that you have shared. the remarkable things that you have done to make change happen.
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to recover from crisis and set this country on a better stronger course for tomorrow. >> the first ranger which passed the elite ranger school, the rigorous toughness, she sis nigh fied in combat roles the opening of women's roles something that president obama will definitely touch on something that he quite proud of as well. >> and courtney, any clues as to foreign policy priorities that the president will address? >> well, he is going to have to address syria, the mess that it is in. the horrendous tragedy that has befallen the country. he will have to mention the policy towards isil. he will sell it as convincing. part of the optimism as they move -- as the country moves forward, as he moves forward into the last year, the policy will remain slow and steady to eradicate that group, not only from iraq and syria, but also eradicate the threat that many americans
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perceive, is facing america right now. >> courtney joining us live from washington, d.c., courtney thank you very much we want to fake you live, but before we do, we want to point out the governor will be given the response. she was -- that is where we want to two right now, that is german chancellor, she is talking about the bombing in istanbul, let's listen. >> we spoke with the president by telephone.
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we also receive condolences from the british government. >> offering condolences that have died in it stan pull turkey, so far turkish officials saying that nine of those that died or were injured were german nationals. the government so far not officially saying that that was indo ed the case. it happened as we have been reporting in a popular tourist site. in turkey, leaving at least ten people dead, so the square is located close to the blue mosque, again, ten people killed eight were germans more than a dozen people were injured. officials saying that the attack was carried out by a 28-year-old syrian suicide pommer. >> citizens rights and freedoms are become breached but not by the state. they are being breached by terrorist organizations. it is the terrorists that blocked roads that digs ditches that prevents our people from traveling.
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this is a terrorists and various other places. it is the terror taste shoots civilians and makes live a held for them. >> at this hour, istanbul is slowly getting back to normal. al jazeera has more from istanbul. >> the blast is 14 meters behind me, one of the squares that crow can call it an adjacent square. on the side of the blue mosque, things are calm now, earlier we saw ministers come in very quickly have a look and leave. but cleaning staff, municipality staff has now entered the site. and there's a sense of normalcy now, in the city which trance functions and the security having been now eased slightly. in the last hour, and they told us that the attacker was caught a foreign member of deash. that they have established h
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esa foreign member of deash. he also said that there should be solidarity, with turkey, just the way there was solidarity with france, following the charlie hebdo attacks. he also said that the fight against isil turkey's fight against terrorism in general, and against isil, will continue. >> and that is emery reporting for us from istanbul. there are new developments at this hour, in the fight against isil. the pent upon saying that the u.s. has blown up large amounts of isil's cash, they estimate that millions of dollars was destroyed when an air strike hit a storage facility. that is where he is believed to have restores and the supreme court striking down the system in florida. the justices voting ate to 1 to do so, saying the way the sentences are handing down, there is unconstitutional, they give too much power to the judges and not the the juries that decision coming from the cob
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vices of a man for fatally stabbing a coworker back in 1990 ate. his case came into question when the jury was split in favor of debt. death. he faces life in prison, after being court marshaled for deserting his outpostin afghanistan, he was charged with desertion and miss behavior before the enemy, robert ray is live, robert, what is the latest? >> just last hour, we are talking about how this can go into today or tomorrow. is this hearing and the courthouse behind me, over, the judge, and attorneys on both sides basically calling it a lot of housekeeping. there is no plea that was deal that was put out, he didn't say he was guilty or not guilty. that is sergeant bo berghdal, they talked about the fact there's going to be another
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motion hearing in april, but there is a possibility that there might be one before that. and we'll know after both sides file their briefs on what happened today and some of the things they want. some of the details we go know that happened is they are trying to make sure that disclosure of classified information, is transparent, on both sides meaning that the defense and the prosecution, that they want all the materials to be put on a table in front of everybody, so that nothing is hidden. we also know that the public will actually be allowed if there's room in the court, some of them were in there today, when the trial begins that will be the same case, but overall, there's another interesting thing. there is a 371 page interview with sergeant bo berghdal, that the defense wants to be put out to the media. though it wasn't clear in the court who exactly conducting this interview, so we are waiting for more information on that, dell.
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>> robert tell us about this pod cast, and how that might effect the case. >> . >> and that will sway public president bush. but let's listen to a little bit of what berghdal has said on that pod cast. >> you know you are not in next week, you are not in next month, you are in this segment, and it can last an eternity, it is -- you can forget about time when you are able to distract yourself. but reading a book, or doing
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something. >> yeah. >> that concentrates you mind, but when you don't have any of that, you are just sitting there. >> yeah. >> and it turns into a repetition, your mind turns into a broken record almost. >> berghdal going in depth about what it was like to be isolated and caged in a six-foot wide area, being alone, for that amount of time. and it's interesting contrast to what he was today in the courtroom, very stern, sitting up straight, hands down not saying anything, a couple of glances to the attorney, but overall, a very intense posture bile sergeant bo berghdal, who actually dell is expected to walk out of this building and go back to his desk job until the next hearing. >> robert ray for us, live in north carolina, robert, thank you very much. there is new video that has been released of that raid that ended with the capture of the escaped mexican drug pin, better known as el chapo.
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>> is mexican military called it operation plaque swan, the marines were met with heavy armed resistence, and intense gunfire. after more than six months on the run, el chapo is back in mexico's highest security prison. two republican presidential candidates are not going to be on the main stage for this week's debate. rand paul and carlie fiorina failing to make the cut, they had been invited to participate in that early debate with arkansas governor, and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum tor rum, but rand paul says no, instead he will be in new hampshire and iowa to campaign. on trial over ignition switches opening statements today in the case pitting g.m. against a driver, plus employees of a major oil company feeling the sting of the plunging prices. >> we do these things because ultimately they will make us safer. >> president trying to figure out just which course to take.
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>> this is how you can fight the republicans, and he's putting them where they have to respond. >> and after the address...
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the price of crude has dropped to $30 a barrel. with the u.s. dollar appreciating, the price of oil continues to decline, the president of opec says it is now considering an emergency meeting as soon as next month. those falling prices calling p.p. to announce more job cuts. b.p. says it will cult 4,000 jobs worldwide. the job cuts amount to 5% of
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b.p.'s global work force. opening statements beginning tomorrow in that civil suit over faulty ignition switches. the plaintiff saying that he suffered injuries after crashing his car, and he blames that bad switch. it is a case with far reaching implications. b.c. is live outside the courthouse, what have lawyers from g.m. had to say so far during the opening arguments? >> lawyers said today that the plaintiff robert shore wasn't seriously hurt, and that is air bags didn't deploy because the accident wasn't significant enough. sure, he was involved in the accident, and he says because his car had a defective ignition switch, that the air bags didn't deploy. he said that he suffered several injuries pain to his neck and back, and he is suing general motors for putting his life at risk. if you recall, it was back in 2014 when they issued a
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massive recall related to the switches and it was latele revealed that the auto maker knew about the problem for more than a decade but did nothing until two years ago, dell. >> and those air bags are supposed to deploy in at least a 40 mile-an-hour crash, what they call tindall that g, as far as evidence is concerned what evidence will the jury see? >> in the courtroom, jurors got a look today, and it is a model of the saturn that the plaintiff was riding in when he smashed his vehicle into the tree and they will also see video deposition from the several general motors executives including g.m.c. it is important to note that this trial is expected to last for about a month, and the five ore trials related to this case, will be take place over the course of this year. dell. >> joining us live from outside the courthouse, in lower manhattan, thank you very much. prosecutors in los angeles are now considering charges
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against an officer who killed an unarmed homeless man. the chief recommending criminal charges. he shot 29-year-old brenden tweet in the back, and investigators later finding out that glen was on his stomach when those shots were fired. l.a. has not charged an officer for an on duty shooting in 15 years. the mother of the now infamous affluenza teen has now been released. she is charged with helping her son flee to mexico. on monday the judge reducing her bail from $1 million to $75,000. we are talking about a third degree felony. i have to make my decisions based on the law. couch now has to wear an ankle bracelet. she and her son leaving texas in early december.
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it is snowing right now in buffalo new york, up to half a foot is expected today alone. that's on top of all of this, that is already piled up in week alone freezing winds make it difficult for drivers. and that is for you can get in your car. some cars were totally frozen over, temperatures are dropping while it was raining leaving behind a sheet of ice, kevin has more now on the storm. we have an alberta clipper what is pushing think right now. we have seen some pretty impressive accumulations. you can see the snow is now pushing through parts of new jersey, as well, up towards parts of new york, but take a look at with we saw just over the last 24 hours. here in new york, because of the lake effect snow, over
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here towards lorraine, new york we saw 34 inches. angola we saw 25, believe it or not, this area right here is 20 to 30 inches below their average, so they are just now getting back up to what they should be for this time of year. the watches and warnings are in effect, mostly for the northern parts of the states we are looking at still lake effect snow warnings in effect for those lake ontario areas as well as up here towards maine. down here to the south, just because there's no watches or warnings we can be seeing flurries across that area. here is the forecast into wednesday, most of the heavy snow will stop, but we do expect to see more around the lakes and temperature wise, still extremely cold, around most of the great lakes.
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preventive services saying that women ages 50 to 74 get a mammogram every other year, it sals says women at a risk talk to their doctor about when they should get tested. those suggestions differ from other groups. when we come back, all bets are on, given the go ahead to keep running in new york, at least for now.
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keep newspaper as live byo labeling them a service. donating them now to what is called the new institution for journalism and media. about $20 million to help run what will be a nonprofit newspaper group has faced job cuts in declining rev for years. there is also a new video out that will be aavailable around the world, and it is called the name of god is mercy. it is a 100 page conversation between the pope and an italian journalist. it focuses on the views of mercy, and criticized wayhe called scholars of law with the message against unconditional love as taught by jesus. as you were worried about asteroids hitting the earth, you are not alone. al jazeera has more.
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it was sneerly three years ago, injurying more than 1,000 people, and shattering windows. now nasa is spearheading a new office of planetary defense, to protect the earth from asteroids. >> this is not just a science fiction concept or something that will happen 100 or 500 years in the future. >> for years scientists have been sounding the alarm on the possibility that they insist is certain. >> it is 100 person guaranteed that an asteroid will come and hit the earth if we don't prevent it. >> scientists say they have identified more than 10,000 near earthing a steroids but that's just a small volume of what they suspect is out there. >> there is about 1 million large enough to destroy new york city or larger. out there. we know there's about 1 million, because we know we have only survey add small volume of space. so our challenge and is to find these also steroids for us before they find us. >> part of the team's goal is to implement new technologies
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to track an asteroid years in advance, and then redirect it so that it misses earth. >> you have a lot of time, or a smaller asteroid you can use slow techniques which is slowly move the orbit of the asteroid. if you have less time, or larger objects you can use something like kin neck tick impact. where the spacecraft changes the orbit. >> if there is no advance warns as was the case, scientists say the mission becomes focused on preparedness and possibility evaluations. the group is now coordinating with fema on how to respond shout an asteroid strike. >> if you are listen closely you can still hear them, those alabama fans still crying roll tide. >> and alabama coach taking a huge gamble in the fourth quarter when he called for
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that kick. it was unexpected and came after the game tying field goal, alabama recovered the pal as you can see, and then they went on to score the touch down. >> when it comes to compete and making plays it was probably as good as it gets. and i think that's the kind of competitors that win championships and that's probably why we are sitting here. >> they have been saying they called that on side kick because the defense was flat our tired. they said they didn't think they had a chance without the play. this is the fifth title, four of those at alabama, one of them next door at l.s.u., and the game is not over for the two big daily fantasy websites. draft kings and fan duel can keep offering their games to fan in new york while the case is aa peeled. al jazeera john henry smith has the latest. >> the two leading fantasy gaming sites now have permission from a panel of new york appeals judges to keep accepting money from state residents who want to play their games through at least may.
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this is just the latest development in the industry's back and forth battle with new york's attorney general. this past fall, eric schneiderman ruled draft kings and fan duel. a state judge agreed and ordered the sites to suspend operations in new york. that shutting them down would cause them irreparable harm. according to a leading firm, losing the new york market could cost draft kings around $35 million per year. all the same -- >> .
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>> they look forward to demonstrating to the aa plate division, that the judge was correct, they are indeed operating illegal gambling operations in new york, and should be permanently barred from doing business. >> tomorrow night's jackpot is largest in u.s. history, the lump sum pay out is about $930 million, there are reports of people crossing into and u.s. from canada, just to buy a ticket, you do enter have to be a resident to win, but foreigners should be prepared to pay slightly higher taxes. thank you for joining us, the news continues live from london, next, and check us out 24 hours a day by going to the website.
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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello, everyone, and this is the news hour, live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. a bomb in a tourist area kills at least ten people. ape among them eight journalists. agencies who deliver aid to the syrian town say malnourished people there need medical help. a legendary takeover, china's richest man buys all major hollywood strawed owe. >>