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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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to understand what went wrong and space x hopes to get it right next time. if you want to find out what's happening in the world of technology and sport and news, go to our website, >> in iowa, new hampshire, the race is very very close. >> democratic hopefuls faceoff on the issues as the clock particulars closer to the crucial iowa caucus. the british parliament debates banning donald trump from the u.k. oil prices plunge further as iran prepares to boost output. a less than stellar landing after the latest space x launch.
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this is aljazeera america live from new york city, i'm stephanie sy. democratic presidential candidates on the road again today, hillary clinton on her way to iowa and bernie sanders touring the south. it is two weeks until the primary vote in iowa. in south carolina, they went on the offensive at the debate, attacking each other. the candidates battled over health care, wall street and gun control. al jazeera's political correspondent michael shure was there. >> hillary clinton spent a lot of time aligning herself with president obama during the debate here in charleston, south carolina, a state then senator obama mon decisively in 2008. >> the fact is, we have the affordable care act. that is one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. >> just before they took the stage, bernie sanders released
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his long anticipated health care plan, but it adds a health care premium and raises taxes. >> my proposal, provide health care to all people, get private insurance out of health insurance, lower the cost of health care for middle class families by $5,000. >> the setting of this debate two blocks from the mother emanuel ame church where nine were shot and killed last june was not lost on the candidates who tangled on gun control, an issue where sander often place defense. >> he voled against it is brady bill five times. he voted for what we call the charleston loophole. he voted for immunity from gun makers and sellers which the n.r.a. said was the most important piece of gun ledge reaction in 20 years. >> i have a d minus voting
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record. >> i would have to agree, they've both been inconsistent when it comes to this issue. i'm the one candidate on this stage has actually brought people together to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. >> martin o'malley pulling well behind the two front runners tried to get his voice heard as he has often been forced to do. >> can i get 30 seconds, too? [ applause ] >> a the debate, we asked him if he will press on. >> are you looking at the end of your campaign? >> no, not really. i believe that the people of iowa have a penchant for lifting up a new leader on caucus night. >> the debate was attended by the issues of black caucus and issues of race and policing played a prominent role. >> one out of three african-american men may well end up going to prison. that's the statistic. i want people here to think what
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we would be doing if it was one of out of three white men. >> representative james cliburn of south carolina, the most south after enforcement in this state indicated that he was closer to making an endorsement after tonight's debate. it was a more energetic debate, more contentious and bernie sanders referenced his strengthening poll numbers, a page out of the donald trump playbook. >> when this campaign began, she was 50 points ahead of me. we were all of three percentage points. guess what? in iowa, new hampshire, the race is very, very close. >> all of the candidates now know that they are exactly two weeks from the iowa caucus us and the results there are the numbers that really matter. >> this was the final debate before the voters have a say. it isn't just polls anymore, it's actually caucuses and those are on february 1 in iowa and hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley are trying to get their word heard.
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michael shure, al jazeera, charleston, south carolina. >> accept tore sanders released his plan for universal health currently in america just hours before the debate. he calls it medicare for all. it gets rid of private insure providers in favor of a federary run single pair program, proposing a 2.2% health care premium, as well as raising taxes on the rich. he estimates the plan will safe $6 trillion over the next 12 years even though it is projected to cost $1.4 trillion per year. in the u.k., parliament will debate whether to ban donald trump from the country. many signed a petition criticizing what they call trump's hate speech. >> he's mocked a person for his disability, made degrading remarks about women, he's insulted the people of mexico, suggesting that they are rapists and drug abusers, and because of
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an i want involving two people in america wants to ban everyone of the muslim religion from coming into united states. these clearly are intolerant views that the people who signed the petition want to condemn. >> dana lewis joins us from london. obviously there is vigorous debate about the controversial remarks that donald trump that made. why have they become a big deal in the u.k. and why are the petition organizers so in tent on keeping him out of the u.k.? >> for very much the same reasons. people are simply offended at the core of what he has said about mexicans, about women, about banning muslims from entering the united kingdom. he went further than that, suggesting that there are no go areas in london because police
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fear for their lives, which politicians say is absolutely false. suzanne kelly, the lady who put together this petition, i visited her in aberdeen scotland on thursday and friday, by the way, she is american, a new yorker originally. she said what really got this going for her and why she came up with the idea is they've fought with frump for years over the establishment of a golf course area. she accuses him of bum dozing through the environmental process, of intimidating neighbors who wouldn't tell to him, putting trees on the edge of their property and bum dozing 20-foot bedrooms so they couldn't see out and forcing them to sell is her suggestion. at her core, she is furious about his rhetoric, which she calls dangerous, something that she believes has to be confronted in the united
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kingdom. >> i don't mind him spouting his hate speech so much as a private person, but if he wants to be leader, president of arguably the most powerful nation on earth, then it's a completely different story. >> there is no vote today at the end of the debate, but the leading british toll additions will be able to hear that debate. they have already started with prime minister cameron suggested while trump's comments are stupid to use cameron's words, he doesn't intend to ban but suzanne kelly believes just the airing of this and bruising of donald trump is good in the united kingdom. >> another politician in charge of the socialist opposition party has invited trump to visit a london mosque with him. >> that's jeremy corbin, suggesting that trump should be
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invited here to see people coexist very well in muslim communities and suggested that he go to a mosque and meet muslims and quote unquote gets some education. >> i know you'll be following that debate. thank you for the update. another bad start for asian markets. indexes in japan, hong kong and korea closed lower today. cline nap closed up more than 16 points but not before falling close to 2% earlier in the session. the losses in japan followed the worst two week start to the year. on record. there are concerns about falling oil price. u.s. markets are closed today for the martin luther king holiday. the break comes after the dow jones posted its worst ever two week start to the new year. friday, it fell more than 2%. analysts say wall street lost
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$2 trillion collectively. cruise prices are down, the lowest since 2003. investors are worried about iran return to an oversupplied oil market. the u.s. and e.u. ended sanctions against iran, cutting oil exports by 2 million-barrels per day. tehran is determined to retake market share. the plans to begin increasing oil fraction by 5,000-barrels per day. >> president obama is hailing what he calls smart diplomacy for containing iran's nuclear weapons prom. the white house imposed fresh sanction on iran for violating bliss system launches last october. >> president obama said it cut off every path to a nuke women for iran but promised the united states would stay vigilant.
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>> we will monitor activities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. inspectors will have access to iran's nuclear supply chain. if they try to build a bomb covertly, we will catch them. >> obama echoed rouhani, praising the power of diplomacy. >> the people of iran proved that constructive interaction is true and is the right way. we can have interaction with the world that is not to the detriment of our people. the big power is called the power of diplomacy. >> a plane touched down in geneva carrying three iranian american citizens, a journalists from the washington post, and a former marine from michigan, and a student.
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the family of the post bureau chief said his release after nearly 18 months in captivity had brought increase describable relief and joy. while they thanked the obama administration and others for working on his release, republicans campaigning for the presidency were critical. >> i don't think these americans should have ever been in prison. they didn't do anything wrong. the president has traded hostages for people who did commit a crime and were convicted after due process. >> the united states kept some sanctions in place, even adding 11 entities to the list on sunday for supplying iran's ballistic missile program. the united states threatened sanctions after iran test fired a missile in october, but waited for the release of the prisoners before making an announcement. >> obama said that while the u.s. sometime has pro found differences with iran, he was
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hopeful that these events signaled greater cooperation with the world moving forward. al jazeera, washington. >> u.s. officials this morning are reacting to reports that several americans have disappeared in iraq. there is no official word yet on who is missing or just what happened to them. early reports said armed fighters kidnapped three americans. a senior state department spokesperson said we are aware of reports that american citizens are missing in iraq and are working with the full cooperation of the iraqi authorities to locate and recover the individuals. in syria, isil have taken 400 civilians hostage. dozens were reportedly killed, including women and children. international observers say among the cab i was of fighters who support president bashar al assad. a virus targeting babies, a
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warning for those traveling to parts of the caribbean and south america. >> the white house steps in to help fix the water crisis in flint, michigan. some say it's not enough.
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>> crews are searching for 12 missing marines in hawaii that were on two military helicopters that crashed on oahu's north shore thursday. the search has been extended to the western side of the island, high waves are complicating the
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work. >> it's heartening to see the recovery and rescue effort put forth by both the military, city and county officials, coast guard. it's very rewarding in that sense to see how hard they're looking. >> we greatly appreciate just the inner agency work between our civilian coupler parts, military counterparts, as well as everyone involved in the search effort. >> a coast guard helicopter and plane spotted debris in the water, but no word if that is connected to the crash. >> parts of florida are recovering after a weekend of severe weather. tornadoes tore through the state, killing two people. nicole mitchell has more. >> residents in florida are sifting through what's left of their homes this morning. three tornadoes hit the state yesterday, destroying homes and knocking down trees, leaving thousands temporarily without power. officials say a couple was
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killed in a small community near tampa, the couple's son and four grandchildren were injured. the family was asleep when the twister hit their mobile home. >> we were trying to call them and couldn't get response on their phone, and then we saw red lights come by the house and that's when we headed over to see what was going on. >> 50 miles away in say set at a, crews had to rescue two people from their home. >> i remember hearing a loud gusting sound and i felt something vibrating through the house at the time. >> a tornado touched down in palm beach county. some homes were damaged there, but no one hurt. >> you don't realize how much power and impact that a tornado
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has until you see this. i mean, it's pretty devastating. >> nicole mitchell, aljazeera america. a water crisis in flint, measure is leading to calls for the governor to resign, coming as president obama has declared a federal emergency there to deal with the contamination. al jazeera's hermela aregawi has the latest. >> flint parishioners are calling for justice over a water crisis that's now in the national spotlight. former state representative woodrow stanley drew applause where reverend jesse jackson blamed the water crisis on the state's government and emergency managers. >> this is a disaster zone, not just an emergency. maybe there should be a duct tape around the city, because flint is a crime scene. >> this weekend, president obama declared a federal emergency over the contaminated water. that opens up about $5 million in aid to the city. the state changed its water source in 2014 to cut costs,
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exposing 100,000 resident to say toxic levels of lead. family little are forced to drink and cook with bottled water instructed in daily but said her kids are still bathing in the water. >> it's hard to make sure everybody's been bathed properly, because we're really not supposed to use this water. >> the state is now under investigation over the water crisis. water researchers point to a memo from the e.p.a. to city water officials back in june, showing officials knew that testing showed high lead results but didn't publicly admitted it for another three months. >> it's a man made tragedy that was completely preventable. >> at a rally this weekend, filmmaker and native michael moor called for the arrest of governor snyder. >> he committed a crime. he knew what he was doing. >> since the emergency declaration, the state distributed more than 27,000 cases of bottled water and 50,000 water filters.
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hermela aregawi, al jazeera. >> the first case of a virus that is causing birth defection has been found in the u.s. brazil faces the largest outbreak of the zika virus spread by mosquitoes. the countries health minister would the government is working to develop a vaccine in time for the world games. he also gave this warning. >> a foreign err who comes to brass still and is pregnant is in the sveum situation, they should take all the necessary measures not to come in contact with the mosquito, because it can bite and carry the zika and all the precaution might not be enough because the problem is extremely serious. >> the first american careless was confirmed yesterday. in infected baby in hawaii was born with brain damage. the c.d.c. urged pregnant women against traveling to 14 countries and territories across the caribbean and south america.
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infectious disease professor dre virus is already in mexico, people should be concerned. >> people need to see a travel medicine specialist and make sure they are covered and that they understand what they can do to protect themselves against this particular kind of mosquito, which happens to be a day biter, what kind of clothing to wear, mosquito repellant to use, when to use it. they need to be keenly aware of this. they also should know that there is some link to the possibility that if a man gets the virus comes home, there has been sexual transmission of this virus as well to the mother. we have to be very keen on both men and women who are traveling to endemic areas. >> she explains there is no specific treatment for an infected mother to prevent the virus from being passed to her unborn child. the malfunction that led to a less than successful rocket
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booster landing by space x. this is super cool. >> 9-year-old jason them play stole the show at the critics choice awards. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a new report this morning shores the gap between the world's wealthiest and poorest is getting wider, finding 62 of the richest billionaires control half of global wealth.
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the world's poorest have gotten poorer. public investment would help narrow the gap but only if the wealthy pay more taxes. >> if we can't have a line of thought to who is paying taxes where, whether a fair share is being paid, then we really can't understand where the governments have enough revenue to build in the necessary social protections and at a time we are looking at such enormous instability and such global displacement of people, we really need to address these issues. >> ox fam found $12 billion is held in offshore accounts, leading to lost tax revenue. mission accomplished but with complications for a space x rocket. ed sunday's launch put a satellite into orbit but the rocket made a hard landing and broke a support leg and toppled
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over. al jazeera reports. >> an unmanned barge in the pacific ocean shakes as the booster stage of the falcon nine rocket comes in to land. it appears one of its four landing legs fails to deploy and the booster falls over. space x has been testing its landing technology since april last year. the private company's eager to make its rockets reusable. each costs around $16 million and until now, crashed into the ocean after each launch. space x did manage a successful controlled landing in december. that touched down on land was a world first. the company said reusable rockets will cut the cost of space travel and make new and ambitious missions to explore the solar system possible. the landing attempt was the second part of a mission which earlier saw the rocket carry the
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jason three climate satellite into orbit. it will measure the height of the sea far below to within just four centimeters. >> there's a radar attached to the satellite, and it bounces a radar wave off the surface of the ocean and measures how long it takes to go down and come back and this gives us a simple estimate of the distance between the satellite and the ocean. >> the satellite's able to return data from every point on the globe every 10 days, an effective way to chart the ocean currents for shipping. the $180 million mission will give greater insight into weather patterns, el niño and claims change. despite the destruction, space x would the rocket was on target and the landing soft. the leg will be examined to what went wrong and space x hopes toe get it right next time. as award seasons continues, the critics choice awards are
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now in. >> the critic's choice for best picture is spotlight. >> winning the top award at sunday's event, beating big budget films. the win is a big step in the lead up to next month's academy awards. the highlight of the night was 9-year-old jason tremblay. >> this is super cool. this is the best day of my life! i first wants to thank you to all the critics who voted for me. it must be a super hard vote because of all the other great actors, and i know where to put this, right on the shelf right beside my millennium falcon. >> tremblay was not nominated for an academy award in what some are calling a snub.
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thanks for watching. i'm stephanie sy. >> hello, from our headquarters in doha, i'm jane dutton. coming up in news hour, a rocket explodes in a turkish school playground. isil is blamed for firing it from across syria. afghanistan holds talks to end 15 years of conflict. scraping the bottom of the barrel, oil prices are sent to a new low. a botched rocket landing off the coast poses more questions