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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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elected and they promise to fight back. >> you can find out more by checking out our website and watch us live by clicking on the watch now icon. >> lawmakers in london are debating whether to ban donald trump from the u.k. >> the democrat it can presidential hopefuls focus on the issue as the clock is ticking closer to the crucial iowa caucuses. iran now prepares to increase its oil output. and the less than stellar landing for spacex.
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>> this al jazeera live from new york city. i'm del walters. last night presidential candidates were attacking each other rather than their republican counterparts. bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting the most air time arguing over healthcare, wall street and gun control. our political correspondent michael sur shure was there. >> the fact is we have the affordable care act. that is one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. >> just before the candidates took the stage, bernie sanders released his long anticipated healthcare plan, but adds
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healthcare premium and raises taxes. >> help all people get private insurance, lower the cost of healthcare for lower class families by $5,000. >> the setting of this debate two blocks from the mother emmanuel ame church where nine people were shot and killed last june was not lost on the candidates who tangle on gun control, an issue that bernie sanders often plays defense. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. he voted for the charleston loophole. he voted for immunity for gun makers and sellers which the nra said was the most important piece of gun legislation in 20 years. >> i have a d-minus voting record from the nra. i'm listened to secretary clinton and senator sanders go back and forth on who has the most inconsistent record of gun safety legislation.
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i have to agree with both of them. they both have been inconsistent when it comes to this issue. i'm the one candidate on this stage who brought people together to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. >> martin o'malley polling well behind the two front runners tried to get his voice heard. >> i get 30 seconds, too? >> after the debate we asked o'malley if he'll press on. >> are you looking at the end of your campaign? >> no, not really. i believe that the people of iowa have a penchant for lifting up a new leader on caucus night. >> the debate was in part hosted by the black caucus and the issues of race and politica policing played a prominent men. >> one out of three african-american men may well end up going to prison. that's the statistics. what would we be doing if it was one out of three white men.
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>> james clyburn of south carolina, the most sought after endorsement said he was more closer to making an endorsement after tonight's debate. it was a more energic debate and more contentious, and bernie sanders referenced his strengthening poll numbers, a page out of the donald trump playbook. >> secretary clinton well knows when this campaign began, she was 50 points ahead of me. we were all of three percentage points. guess what in iowa, new hampshire the race is very close. >> all the candidates know that they're two weeks away from the iowa caucuses, and the numbers there are the numbers that really matter. >> this is the final debate before the voters have a say. it's no longer polls but caucuses. those are february 1st in iowa, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders and martin o'malley are trying to get their word heard. michael shure, al jazeera.
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>> as michael mentioned bernie sanders releasing his plan for universal healthcare. he's calling it medicare for all. gets rid of private insurance in favor of a government hundred program. sanders calls for a 2.2 healthcare premium as well as raising taxes especially on the rich to pay for it. he said that the plan will save 6 trillion-dollar over the next ten years. and it is, however, projected to cost $1.4 trillion a year. in london they are going to be spending the next three hours talking about donald trump. the reason they say they want to ban him from coming to the u.k. all together. right now members of parliament opening that debate saying that the people gave them no choice half a million people signing a petition criticizing what it calls trump's hate speech. >> 's mocked for his disability. he has made degrading remarks about women. he has insulted the people of mexico suggesting they're rapists and drug abusers. because of an incident involving
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two people in america he wants to ban everyone of the muslim religion from coming in to the united states. these are clearly intolerant views that the people who signed the petition want to condemn. >> and daniel lewis joins us live from london. this debate is expected in the next hour. why is donald trump so controversial in the u.k.? >> well, you can answer the same and ask the same question why is he so controversial in america? essentially the view here is that many multi cultural communities he has really offended a larger population, he has gone too far with his remarks. it is not a matter of freedom of speech, it is really a matter of a hate propaganda. that is what as you look at some of those pictures from the committee room off parliament, it is not the main parliamentary chamber but a committee room where this debate will go on,
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del, probably for three hours. you mentioned hours from 4:30 to 7:30 here. there are actually two petitions that are going to be heard. one is the petition to ban donald trump from the united kingdom and then there is the second petition there put forward. it is much smaller. the second was an alternative motion that said people should not ban donald trump. that in the end what if he is elected president and they ban the next president of the united states from ever visiting the united kingdom. people across the political spectrum will speak to both those petitions. there is no vote at the end of this, delinquent. but the home secretary, prime minister cameron will be listening to that debate and they'll come out to make some sort of decision. likely, no one believes they'll take the decision to ban donald trump. likely, they'll ignore the debate other to make a comment.
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they'll not ban him but prime minister cameron has suggested while trumps comments were quote/unquote stupid, he does not deserve a ban. that's not the way to deal with him, del. >> dana, why are the organizers there so concerned keeping donald trump out of the u.k.? >> well, suzanne kelly, i mean, it's very interesting. she has not done a lot of interviews, by i spent two days with her in aberdeen, scotland. she's america. she's from new york. she's living in aberdeen. she put this petition together because of a long-running dispute with donald trump as local environmentalists tried to take him on as he bulldozed through this golf course in aberdeen, scotland, a few years ago. he is accused of bullying his neighbors. so there is a lot of history there. but in the end she says, look, this propaganda is hate
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propaganda, what trump has said. it needs to be openly debated in british society. she realizes the vote is not going to go anywhere, but just the airing of this, and having donald trump out publicly although he seems to like any kind of publicity, having it out publicly does the society good and sends the message back to trump that those kinds of views are not tolerated in the united kingdom. >> i don't mind going on spouting his hate speech so much as a private person. but if he wants to be leader, president of arguebly the most powerful nation on earth, then that's a completely different story. >> the debate is getting on under way in the house of commons in the economy rooms. we'll be watching the wire forks there. there are sure to be some in the next few hours. >> dana lewis, thank you very much. there is an ongoing search for several missing americans in iraq. iraqi officials say that armed
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fighters kidnapped three men at an private apartment complex on friday. two of the americans are of iraqi origin. the other is an egyptian. a senior spokesman said they're aware of reports that american citizens are missing in iraq, and are working with the full cooperation of the iraqi authorities to locate and recover the individuals. in neighboring syria isil fighters are taking 400 civilians as hostages there. dozens are said to have been killed, including women and children. international observers say among the captives are families of fighters who supported bashar al-assad. officials are worried they'll be executed by isil. those ten u.s. sailors who iran seized at gunpoint according to the u.s. military which realized it's first official account of the incident today, the reports said that the officers were not harmed while in iranian custody. it shows iranian officials took
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nothing from the ships but two sim cards but it does not account for why the crews strayed into iranian waters in the first place. president obama is hailing smart diplomacy for reducing iran's nuclear program. al jazeera's kristen saloomey reports. >> president obama hailed the deal saying it cut off every path for a nuclear weapon for iran, but promised that the united states would stay vigilant. >> inspectors will mondayer iran's key facilities 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. for decades to come inspectors will have access to iran's entire nuclear supply chain. if iran tries to cheat, if they try to build a bomb covertly, we'll catch them. >> the people of iran proved
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that constructive interaction is true and the right way. we can can have interactions that is not at the detriment of the country. today it's the power of diplomacy. >> shortly after obama spoke, a plane touched down in geneva carrying three iranian-american citizens. they were released in exchange for seven convicted in the united states for violating sanctions. the family of post bureau chief jason rezaian said that his release after 18 months in captivity had brought, quote, indescribable relief and joy. while they thanked for those working on his release. >> i don't think these americans should ever have been in prison. they were hostages. now we have a president who is
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has traded hostages for prisoners who did commit a crime. >> even as global sanctions have been lifted the united states has kept most of its own in place. even going as far as adding 11 individuals and entities to the list on sunday for supplying iran's ballistic program. the united states had threatened sanctions after iran test fired a missiles back in october, but they waited for the release of the prisoners before making an announcement. >> obama said that while the u.s. has profound differences with iran he was hopeful that these events signaled greater cooperation with the world moving forward. al jazeera, washington. >> up next on al jazeera america a virus that targets babies, a warning to women traveling to parts of south america and the caribbean. >> i'm tom ackerman in the state of texas where oil production is still going strong but
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compounding the collapse of crude prices. that story coming up.
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>> another start to the week. markets closing lower today. in china the lone exception was shanghai composite. it closed up. those losses in japan follow the worst two-week start to the year on record. that volatility expected to continue this week about concerns of falling oil prices. and the u.s. markets are closed today. the break coming after the dow posted it's worst two week start to a new year ever. and analysts on wall street saying that wall street lost more than 3 trillion-dollar during that slide. and crude oil prices also down
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trading at $27 a barrel today. that's the lowest since 2003. investors worried about iran's return to an already-sa -saturated oil market. the sanctions cut iran's exports by 2 million barrels a day. now iran is determined to retake its market share. the plans to increase oil production by 500,000 barrels a day. and the global collapse for oil has been a boon for those at the gas pump. it means that 100,000 jobs were lost over the past year alone. al jazeera's tom ackerman reports from texas where the boom times are now bust. >> pleasanton, texas, likes to call itself the birthplace of the cowboy. but instead of cattle it's oil that accounts for the town heirs fortunes in recent years. >> it has given our communities and the same thing goes for our county the chance to advance a lot of programs in things that
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they're wanting to do. >> the prayerly landscape across south texas is dotted with new oil wells. thanks to dramatic advances in the trialing technology known as hydraulic fracturing. that development has made the u.s. the world's biggest producer of crude. but in some ways it's proven too much of a good thing. the more mercury the owe baby countries and others add to the global surplus the less each barrel is worth. >> collectively it would make sense to ratchet back production a bit. individually and that's the calculous in each country or energy companies is making, if it makes sense individually for them to to produce. so that's what we're seeing. >> as a result some drillers who depended on high oil prices to fund their heavy operating expenses are being driven in bankruptcy, and texas has begun to brace for the down side of a traditional cycle, oil boom to
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bust. job gross in texas was a consistent bright spot in the u.s. economy is now forecast to be one-third of what it was a couple of years ago. but if oil prices continue to stay at current levels much longer there will be a loss of jobs. >> the crew working at this drilling company is just half the size it was this time a year ago. joe said he's too discouraged to pay attention to the price of crude. >> it's not so much maybe not the money, it's the uncertainty of the fact you don't know what you have day-to-day. the money is still tight, but it's the fact that any day it could be it could get worse. >> the first tangors recently left texas ladened with cargo bound for europe. but no one here is looking for the day that crude once again sells for $100 a barrel. tom ackerman, al jazeera.
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>> the water prices now has some calling on the governor of michigan to resign. washington calling out the national guard and as al jazeera reporters tell us racism plays a role in how it was managed. >> calling for a water crisis that is now in the national spotlight. former state representative woodrow stanley drew the biggest applause where reverend jesse jackson called th the disaster more than an emergency. >> this weekend president obama declared a state of emergency over the contaminated water that opens up $5 million to aid for the city. the state changed its water source to cut costs exposing residents to toxic levels of
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lead. families are forced to cook and drink with bottled water that is trucked in daily. but they're still bathing in that water. >> it's hard to make sure that everybody has been bathed properly because we're really not supposed to use this water. >> the state is now under investigation over the water crisis. water researchers point to a memo from the epa to city water officials back in june showing officials knew that testing showed high lead results, but they did not publicly admit it for another three months. >> they would say manmade tragedy was was completely preventable. >> at a rally this weekend, michael moore called for the arrest of governor snider. >> he committed a crime. he knew what he was doing. >> since the emergency deng la ration the state has distributed more than 27,000 cases of bottled water and 50,000 water filters. al jazeera. >> there are growing concerns over a virus that causes bitter
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defects. the first case has been found in the u.s. brazil is facing the largest outbreak of the zika virus spread by mosquitoes. and now with only 201 days left before the rio games the country's health minister there is trying to develop a vaccine but issued this warning. >> the foreign who are comes to brazil and intends to get pregnant or is pregnant is in the same situation. just like brazilians, they should take all the next measures not to come in contact with the mosquito because it can bite, and it can carry the zika and all the precautions might not be enough because the problem is extremely serious. >> the first american case was confirmed just yesterday. a baby in hawai'i born with brain damage. the cdc warn against traveling to all of these 14 countries and caribbean and south america. since the virus is already in mexico, americans should be concerned. well, back to the drawing board when we come back, the
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malfunction that led to a less than successful landing by spacex. plus. >> this is super cool. >> nine-year-old jane trembley is stealing the show at last night's critics awards. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> more than 100 taxis blocking the downtown budapest. they're calling for a ban of uber and other ride-sharing apps. they're taking to the streets against the company. despite the backlash, only a few cities have banned uber all together. houston, we have a problem. there were complications for the launch of the spacex rocket. >> lift off. >> now the launch near lax was successful. it did put a satellite into orbit. but the rocket then made a hard landing breaking a support leg and toppling over. this was the fourth failed tempt to land a rocket safely so it could be reused. >> an unmanned barge shakes as the rocket comes in to land. it appears one of its four
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landing legs fails to deploy, and the booster falls over. [ explosion ] spacex has been testing it's landing technology since april last year. the private company's eagle for make its rockets reusable. each one costs around $16 million and until now crashed into the ocean after each launch. spacex did manage a successful landing in december. that touched down on land was the world first. the company says reusable rockets will dramatically cut the cost of space travel and making new and ambitious missions to explore the solar system possible. >> lift off. >> the landing attempt was the second pardon of a mission which earlier saw the rocket carry the climate satellite into orbit. from 1300 kilometers above earth it will measure the height of the sea far below to just within four centimeters. there is a radar attached to the
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satellite. it bounce as radar wave off the surface of the ocean and measures how long it takes to go down and come back. this gives us a very special estimate of the distance between the satellite and the ocean. >> the satellite is able to return data from every point on the globe every ten days. in a rate the charts of the ocean's shipping and it will give scientists greater insight into weather patterns such as el niño and climate change. despite the destruction, the target was soft. it will begin to examine what went wrong and spacex hopes to get it right next time. al jazeera. >> and finally the critics choice awards are now in. >> and the critics choice for best picture is "spotlight." >> the top five is a big step to
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the lead up of next month's academy awards. the highlight of the night was the room star, nine-year-old jason trembley who won the award for best young actor. >> this is super cool. this is the best day of my life. >> um, i first want to say thank you to all the critics who voted foe administer. it must an super hard vote because of all the great actors in this category. i know where to put this. on the shelf next to my millennium falcon. >> not nominated in an oscar in what many are calling a snub. thanks for watching. i'm del walters. the news continues live from doha knicks. next.
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>> a rocket believed to be fired from syria hits a school in turkey. >> also coming up, rebels infiltrate a security system after attacks on pro government officials. an el niño weather system could leave millions hungry in southern africa. the u.k. parliament debates whether to ban donald trump from entering the country.