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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi. an update on the nomination race. establishment fears are growing that donald trump may b unstoppable. two weeks until the iowa caucuses and there is now every indication that democrats there and in new hampshire are feeling the burn in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. bernie sanders is gaining momentum.
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last night king day, sanders draught his campaign to alabama a. seven thousand people were told that he would build on king's vision on economic justice for all americans. the rally which was swended to boost sanders with voters, felt at times it felt like a boisterous football game. he took a page to donald trump's book. watch >> when we began, we were 50 points behind. we were 50 points behind the inevitable democratic nominee. well, guess what. that inevitable candidate ain't so inevitable today here are some of the numbers. last week in the new york times
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poll showed clinton had flipped to 7 points, 48% to 41%. clinton maintains a double digit lead including one on tuz. clinton's lead has also eroded in iowa. among likely democratic caucus goers, the most recent register has her head by two points, 42% to 40. that is a statistical tie. a month ago this poll indicated clinton was ahead by nine. in new hampshire the latest poll indicates sanders is beating clinton by 14, 53% to 39. the first in the nation primary is to be held on 9 february. if you put stock in political history, a lead in iowa spell serious nomination trouble for hillary clinton. the iowa caucus came to national prominence as the first contests in the presidential system in
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1972. since then both parties every candidate who has won both iowa and new hampshire has always won the election. the only one to lose both and win was bill clinton. that clinton exception carries an ass terror ifk because the iowa was not without tom harkin. in 2008, a year when iowa was competitive obama won the iowa caucuses launching him towards a long drawn out nomination victory over hillary clinton. you can appreciate why clinton held nothing back against bernie sanders this sunday in the last debate. they battled over wall street, health care, gun control and the clash offered a lively preview of what could turn into a long hard fought contest for the democratic nomination
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>> in the last 72 hours the democratic campaign became the republican campaign >> reporter: in just 15 minutes into the two hour debate hillary clinton went on the offence taking aim at bernie sanders' position on gun control >> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times >> reporter: bernie sanders was forced to defend an inconsistent issue on gun control >> what do you see the difference between what you would do about the banks and what secretary clinton would do? >> i don't take money from big banks is the first comment. >> reporter: the relationship with wall street while noting the inequity of the broken justice system >> people have police records for possessing marijuana when the ceos of wall street companies who destroyed our
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economy have no police records. >> he has criticized president obama for taking donations from wall street. >> reporter: when clinton kournderred with her position on wall street, bernie sanders cast this look and shot back >> can you really reform wall street? when they are spending millions and millions on dollars acampaign contributions >> reporter: the two verbally jousted on health care. >> what a medicare for all program does is finally provide in this country health care for right. >> there are things we can do to improve it, but to tear it up and start over again pushing our
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country back into that kind of a contentious debate i think it the wrong direction >> reporter: heated exchanges between them grabbed much of the spotlight leaving martin o'malley the number three struggling for air time. >> just ten seconds. all of the-- >> anger brewing in america >> reporter: he was so clearly shut out by the other two candidates, the phrase poor o'malley was trending on twitter. the clear favorite online viewers was bernie sanders. he was the most searched candidate during the debate in almost every state again, the presidential race officially begins on february 1 with the iowa caucuses followed by the new hampshire primary. hillary clinton could be in for an upset from bernie sanders. our next guest says never mind that, the real prize is the slew of southern states on 1 march. he says hillary clinton has the advantage.
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ali jacobs is from washington. you would acknowledge that bernie sanders has a pretty good chance of winning both iowa and new hampshire? >> yes. i don't think he will win both. he will probably take new hampshire. i think iowa is probably in her corner what makes you think that? >> the big thing in iowa is the grouped game. you can get the most people to caucus. that is what pushed obama to win. it was his ground game. in 04 howard dean was looked at as a powerful candidate whose ground game was atrocious with obama it wasn't ground game. the turn out is around 140,000, in 2008, 260,000. a lot of first time goers, young voters supporting obama. if bernie sanders is able to replicate that, though, and has an extraordinary high turn out of younger voters, hillary
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clinton is in trouble >> she will be if he pulls that out. the ground game is exactly that game that got those extra hundred thousand people out to vote. people who ran that are working with hillary clinton right now if he does pull it together, let's assume that he wins iowa and new hampshire, what is it about hillary clinton that would enable her to defy political history. in other words, as we pointed out, everybody who has ever won both iowa and new hampshire has always won the nomination >> i think the biggest difference right now is she is so far away ahead of him in the money game and the endorsement game. endorsements play a significant role when you get into super tuesday and places where you've got to be up on the air in a lot of different states where you have different people working alought once. you have those out there helping you because you can only be in one place at one time. that will be the biggest test for her if she can maintain that group of people and the money advantage going forward the money advantage has
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started to dissipate in the last quarter it was 37 million dollars and 33 million bernie sanders raised it's those small donors to give little bits of money or they get some big donors it will make a difference, but hillary clinton has a significant lead. you're looking at a 25/30-year record of clinton fund-raising ability. they have been in trouble in past for raising huge sums of money the fact that she if she does lose the first two, she would have to spend a lot of money in the course of getting this nomination, that a lot of her supporters thought she could bank for the general election. that has to be a setback if it happens >> i think it would be a significant setback. we saw that on sunday during the debate. the national committee was tweeting in favor of bernie sanders because they want to see it dragged out, they want her to use up all of her money, so that it will be damaging for her
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pocket during the general election against the nominee who on the other side is how it is do you think that she has a difficult time attracting young people? >> when it's talked about the massive inequality and wall street, this case has been made for years and years, secretary clinton has been on the international scene for the last seven or eight years that people of younger than two of us know. they look at that and they didn't understand it. it doesn't have the same passion building to when they look at banks having their father lose their job or mother loses their job or parents having to go back to work or them not going to be able to get a job or being in debt from college. international relations have a rare time to do that some it does get to one of the things that the polling indicating who is ready, when voters are asked what enthusiasm, it's bernie
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sanders and it seems like that seems to be the conundrum that voters are facing, maybe bernie sanders stunt have the international experience, the experience that hillary clinton does, but he has the passion and enthusiasm which usually trumps in a race >> that's the enthusiasm gap that people talk about. it usually trumps. he is a one-trick pony really? >> the economy is his thing. when he gets knocked off of that, he goes back to the economy. he gets out of his ground when he starts talking about international issues, talking about things that really are not directly focused on wall street which he has carved out as his niche which is great for him, but it's not necessarily going to help him when the election becomes about a lot more. the enthusiasm gaps is a huge deal and that may help him in iowa, but it will likely help him in new hampshire. over a long time enthusiasm will drop if somebody doesn't find the person
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electable thank you. good to have you coming up we will look at the republican race in the candidate donald trump over his shoulder. >> on hard earned, inspiring new beginnings... >> these workers got the fight in them, they just don't know it. >> facing up to old demons... >> i am really, really nervous... >> lives hanging in the balance... >> it's make or break... i got past the class... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america
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among the g.o.p. candidates
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running for president, ted cruz from texas started the year with a big boost leapfrogging over donald trump in a poll of ooib republicans. much of the ted cruz support appears to be coming from a powerful voting block, advice tens. michael shore went on the campaign trail to look at what's behind the sudden surge. >> reporter: call it a leap of faith or call it the evangelical strategy, but ted cruz has been faithful to this plan since he year. >> today roughly half the born again christians aren't voting. they're staying home. imagine instead millions of people of faith all across america coming out to the polls and voting our values >> reporter: the strategy is to motivate
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when the david bowieing campaign four million voters who did not come out in 2012 >> here approximately 30% of voters are white evangelicals which explains why ted cruz has spent so much time campaigning here and in iowa. pastor warren leads the christian life assembly and it's approximately 300 parishners >> it is crazy for us to think that anybody of us can be separated from our faith, our values when we enter the political process >> reporter: which is why the ted cruz's strategy has caught fire >> historic. >> reporter >> people just starting realising that there are some weaknesses for donald trump. they don't necessarily think he has the temperament to become the president
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>> reporter: abortion along with marriage equality and what they call reij yous liberty are of utmost importance to these people. the movement to coalition politics can trace its roots back to pat robertson in 1988, the founder of the christian coalition finished second in iowa that year alerting the party to an untapped and vital voting block michael shore joins us now from l.a. great to have you on. tell us more about the support for ted cruz we just saw donald trump speaking at liberty university which is where ted cruz launched his presidential campaign. what is the strategy for donald trump there? voters? >> i think donald trump sees it two ways. a lot of the voters cross over to donald trump voters, people tired of the status quo of the politics, tired of not being heard, thinking that here is somebody to hear our voice
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because we're unrepresented. ted cruz says, no, we don't want somebody like donald trump because he is going to forget about you after the election starts. we need somebody who is grounded in the same type of faith. not only is he doing it in iowa that we just saw in that piece, but he doing it in new hampshire as well. he sees a little opening. there are not as many evangelicals in new hampshire, but if he can motivate all of them, that can get him ahead of the pack, coming in higher than he originally thought, especially with a victory in iowa as people are predicking now sfoo you mentioned new hampshire. there seems to be the firing squad in iowa between the candidates, chris christie, marco rubio, jeb bush, that happens no have opened up an opportunity for ccic. what are you seeing with cacic rise in the polls? >> the way it works out, and
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i've said this for a while. watch if you're an establishment republican, watch who comes in third in iowa and at who comes in second in new hampshire. you saw the numbers there. 20%. the next of the cohorts marco rubio at 10%. he has doubled the establishment can't dates. casic has spent money in new hampshire. he has put everything into that state. he has the support of the former senator and governor. the former governor, his dad, is supporting jeb bush. you see a change there too. a lot of people aren't taking casic seriously. i think that he has had a solid campaign in that he strat jisd to go-- strategised to go to new hampshire. casic has been running strong
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so far as the battle between trump and cruz, we see donald trump trying to make an issue out of ted cruz and whether he is eligible to be president. he has suggested that ted cruz doesn't have the temperam ent. these kind of attacks by trump are they working in iowa? >> it is too early to say whether or not they're working. having been born in canada. nothing is going to be changed in the next couple of weeks before iowa, but what is going to be in the back of people's minds is can we send a candidate, and this is what donald trump wants to do, who has question marks after his name. they're clearly not putting one who has annex policemanation in jeb bush toward the front now, but they don't want to do that with ted cruz because of that. so because of being born in canada. that is a problem if he is
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carrying that. people don't really care about it. the question is what donald trump wants to put there. in september donald trump was saying what a great guy ted cruz is. now he is doing well in the poll he has to change his tune. even today he was saying that ted cruz is not a good guy, he is not well liked. that's donald trump at his best he freely admitted he is doing this because ted cruz is doing better in the polls. drop. >> i was speaking with rick for the debate last week and he said we expect this and it is something better about being the front runner is that if people are aattacking you, it means you're doing well. you have to be able to withstand it because if they're the nominee they will withstand it more. they expected, they liked being
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in the position they're in. they have to be careful. it's why they're campaigning hard especially with those voters we talked about take us behind the play, behind the aiowa democratic governor. there he is saying defeated. >> i think you're thinking of old friend tom as everybody has. he has not been endorsed but going after ted cruz because he had a problem with his stand on renewable fuels which is a probe for iowa voters who look ing at that campaign and saying he is not for iowa because he does not want to keep the mandates for renewable fuel in our oil right now, in our gasoline, which is a big boom for iowa farmers i thought it was a hillary clinton conspiracy. thank you.
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good to talk to you as always. thank you >> thank you coming up, we will take you to iran on the nuclear deal the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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foreign policy has been a big topic of discussion during recent presidential debates. hillary clinton says she is proud of the iran nuclear deal. she claims she was responsible for getting the sanctions imposed that pushed iran to the negotiating table. meanwhile, marco rubio sums up the republican side by indicting president obama for deals with our enemies that betray allies like israel.
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the u.s. and e.u. are lifting trade sanctions. last summer ali velshi met with some who told him they were ready to trade away their nuclear ambitions in exchange for economic prosperity. >> translation: we need to have relations with the world. we need to able to export what we make and import things. >> reporter: this man is an executive in a car parts factory west of tehran. he is like many people we met. hesitant to talk politics, but eager to tell us that given a choice between iran's nuclear ambitions and the country's economic prosperity, he would choose integrating iran back into the world economy. >> translation: in this very unique moment in time iran needs to move away from its oil exporting dependency and move towards a production-based economy. >> reporter: his auto parts company is part of iran's auto industry, one of the largest in
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asia. in terms of production output, it's second only to iran's oil and gas industry. he says the sanctions poresd him to make parts instead of importing them. now that sanctions are about to be lifted, he thinks iran is ready to export cars to the world. in addition to oil and cars, sanctions have taken a bit out of the persian carpet industry. this man is working from his small shop. a few years ago business was so good he was sending a shipping container full of carpets to the u.s. every week. the sanctions stopped that. >> translation: some 20% of our population is involved in this industry. we have colouring workshops, sellers, dealers. when we can't export abroad we evidence to fend on local demand which is possible-- depend on local demand. if sanctions get lifted we will see an about boom >> reporter: they're amongst
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some of the toughest ever imposed on the company. the effect has been rampant inflation. in my hands i have three million rial of the currency unit divided into five thousand notes. this is worth $100. three years ago this was worth $250. one way iranians try to hedge against inflation is to buy gold. that's why this man says his july rebusiness tends to do well in good times and bad. still he says iran's plumenting currency posing challenges to doing business. >> a pound of 18 carat gold, difference is for one day. sometimes in one our we have so many different prices. it causes us many problems. >> reporter: despite the hardship sanctions posed for most people here, local entrepreneurs told us they offered opportunities that otherwise wouldn't have been there for them. this
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man is founder of this technology firm that has taken off with a youtube like product. it is a hit with iranians on line >> translation: we weren't allowed to collaborate. they forced us to develop items on our. once sanctions are lifted we will be able to deliver our product with more efficiency. >> reporter: now that a deal on iran's nuclear program is in place, many in iran are hopeful that the chances for opportunity and economic prosperity will only grow ali velshi reporting from iran. that is our show for today. i'm david shuster. thank you for watching. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world.
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getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target. [ ♪ music ] the voting rights act was meant to push back on decades of systematic voter exclusion in big chunks of the country, it meant that the justice department would look over many state shoulders when they made laws. now the acts supporters worry that it's weakened or in retreat as america marked the 50th vote. it's "inside story".


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