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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening. this is al jazeera america. >> we cannot continue to have a government dominated by the billionaire class. >> there's only three in us here and only one who can still upset the apple cart. i >> i couldn't be doing it if i didn't it was absolutely necessary to try and build on the progress that we've made stating that are their case to be the next president. the three candidates take to the stage in iowa to state the
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direction and policies they want for the u.s. >> we understand that you're in danger. we understand that you're fearful a community on edge. the latest in the search for three dangerous men who escaped a california prison and the reward for their capture. the hard work underway to dig out of snow >> we need to set an international standard now against weapons the weapons of the future that don't need human control. the danger and the international attempt to stop them we begin in iowa where the three candidates face tough questions during a town hall meeting in des moines.
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they did not appear on the stage at the same time. the senior political correspondent joins us from l.a. they locked in a tight race. did either candidate say anything that really separated themselves from the other? >> you know, these are closing arguments. whether they said something that separated, i would say no. i think bernie sanders wanted to brandish the fact that he could be strong on foreign policy. hillary clinton wanted to show that she can talk to young voters and not be the person who voted for the iraq war. bernie sanders made a big point of that. people talk a lot to bernie sanders about the fact that he lacks the knowledge on foreign policy compared to hillary clinton. bernie sanders talked about a time when he was put in front of a decision on foreign policy. that was the iraq war. this is what bernie sanders had
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to say. >> i voted against the war in iraq and if you go to my website listen to the about speech that i gave when i was in the house in 2002 saying it is easy to get rid of a dictator but there will be i a political vacuum and instability. what i feared would happen did, in fact, happen. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. >> this is exactly what bernie sanders wants democrats and iowa and beyond to know that even though she has the experience she made a decision that he and others disagreed with you've got some - what did hillary clinton had to say? >> she came out after martin o'malley. she talked about the same thing, but she said as a president it is a very different job than what a senator does and she, in fact, is not somebody who is a
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war monor. >> i think it's imperative you do your best, every president, and certainly i will, to avoid military action. it should be the last resort, not the first choice. to use diplomacy, even if it's slow, boring, hard to continue to persist and be patient for results, and that you also should use the enormous capabilities that we have to project our values around the world. our cultural values, is our freedoms, our human rights and respect for the dignity of all people. >> so you have democrats who really agree with one another and in the arena of elections it has not been been a dirty campaign. it has stayed the same tonight. martin o'malley got his two cents in, but he is far behind the other two rate now only a week away.
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thank you >> that's all right a manhunt is underway for three dangerous man in southern california. they escaped from a jail near l.a. on friday. they were awaiting trial for unrelated serious crimes. jennifer, the men face new charges tonight >> reporter: that's right. we are learning that this evening prosecutors in orange county have now charged the three fugitives with one fell open one-- felony count of escaping. they say two of the three have close ties with vietnamese gangs in the area and at this time they say they don't believe they may have fled southern california. they believe they may be hiding in the community. >> reporter: it was an elaborate escape from a maximum security jail in southern california's orange county. investigators say three violent inmates cut through a steel
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vent, got to the roof and got down five storeys use bed sheets. authorities are looking to the public for help. >> we absolutely need the public's help. we need the public's help to look at these pictures. we know somebody knows something >> reporter: they are considered dangerous. these are documented gang members who were on jail on murder and weapons charges. this man was being held in connection with kidnapping and torture. >> he was involved in an incident that he kidnapped a couple of co-defendants an individual, tortured him by putting fire to his body, he dumped the victim in the desert and left him alone to die. fortunately, he did not. this man has a prior conviction for homicide. we understand that you're in danger, that you're fearful >> reporter: exactly how the
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inmates pulled off their bold escape is under investigation, but authorities say they believe some inmates staged a diversion inside the jail friday night to delay the nightly head count. >> there was a disturbance amongst inmates. our deputy was assaulted and at this point we believe that it may have been plan episode as to direct or divert attention of staff towards that disturbance so that it would delay that 8 p.m. body count, which it did by a short time >> reporter: over a summer a pair of inmates led authorities on a 22 day search after breaking out of a maximum security prison in upstate new york. unlike this prison, the men's jail ask in the urban city, home to more than 300,000 people. some are scared >> it's scary. you feel there will be someone around you doing something to you.
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scary, you know. i usually walk my nights. i walk around for half an hour with my sister. right now i'm not going there. >> reporter: it has compelled officials to reassess security with a focus on video and surveillance equipment. >> reporter: a $50,000 award is being offered for information leading to the capture of these three fudgetives. meanwhile they're reaching out to family members friends and acquaintances washington dc is still digging out from the weekend blizzard. schools and government offices were closed today with officials asking drivers to stay off the roads. federal offices will remain closed on tuesday. to the north in baltimore our correspondent reports people face a similar situation there. >> reporter: good evening from washington dc, a city that is on
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the verge of coming back. the mayor says the district government will open on time tomorrow morning. metro is back at 5am. the routes are all accessible now and the schools return on wednesday morning. this monday night everywhere you look you can still only see snow. snow bound washington dc, the massive clean up starts small, gets bigger and bigger still, but there's always room for the little guy shovel in hand making a difference. it is like this over the nation's capital. the mayor says removing all the snow can take a week >> we have over 444 miles of roadway and we have to go through all of this. >> reporter: with the government shut down and schools closed monday, parts of the district resembled a christmas card, mums and dads trying to tyre out the
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kids with cabin fever at the same time. they don't want to see too many drivers >> we're doing anything we can to get the roads passable, to get the side walks open to folks, and to get the district back to normal operation. it will still take some time >> reporter: don't hold your breath. many of the districts roads remain only one lane wide with snow piled on either side. many subdivisions remain unploughed. metro service was extremely limited on monday. a gradual come back for the airlines. one footnote, the washington post reporting the weather team at regan lost hair snow fall reader. it goes buried by the snow. up the road in baltimore they have 5,000 miles of roads to clear. the city's mayor joined a small team of teams that the city is paying cash to, to help out, and
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she is turning to people who really know their snow for extra help >> i've been bringing in additional resources from as far away upstate. >> reporter: back in dc things may look lovely in the snow, but a city that can't function is no good to anyone. how much worse would this have been if it had struck to a week day rather than a weekend. the forecast for tomorrow evening is rain and next monday temperatures are 55 degrees. no votes in congress all this week because of the snow thank you for that. the storm is gone, but it left behind problems that are going to be with us for a while. there will be some serious residual effects >> reporter: that's right. the neighborhoods that have not been touched yet, we will see a
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lot of melting and freezing. over night we're going to go below temperatures. look at the image from space yesterday. after the storm moved past, and look at this area through here, down through here to virginia, that is what the blizzard left. very interesting. the line right here where it stopped, 25 miles, no snow. very interesting there how that worked. we did see a record breaking amount of snow for many cities. some cities made the top five. we saw 31 states, including florida. mississippi, baltimore broke a record, high tide records for lewis delawaren, six feet over the normal tied, and a lot of people were prepared for the storm and it was well analysed five days in advance. a lot of those neighborhoods are going to see a lot of the snow
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melting in the daytime, but refreezing in the over night hours tomorrow morning. it looks like this as we go towards tuesday morning. we will see the temperatures down into the mid 20s, so when you wake up, be careful when you get out on the road thanks. a grand jury in houston has been contemplating the issue on the two - handed down an indictment. the founder is facing an felony charge of tampering with a government record. the water in flint michigan is unfit for humans, but the city is still sending out water bills. a top prosecutor is going to go after those for the water
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problems. the supreme court deals a blow to the practice of sentencing juveniles to life in prison without parole.
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>> i'm off the coast of hawaii. >> we are on the tipping point of an ecological disaster. >> this coral is not dead. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. the u.s. supreme court has opened a door to people sentenced as teenagers to life
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in prison. inmates must be given parole hearings. that follows a 2012 decision that struck down mandatory life terms without parole for juveniles. the ruling affects around a thousand inmates. the attorney-general has named a former prosecutor to lead the state investigation into floint's ongoing water crisis. meanwhile, the city's residence are still receiving water bills. >> reporter: the tragedy of flint is the tragedy of immense proporticee proportion. >> reporter: things went treshlly wrong. those were the words of the attorney-general on the water crisis >> i would certainly not bathe a new born child or a young infant in this bad water. if you can't drink the bad
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water, you shouldn't pay for it. >> reporter: one week after launching an investigation into possible wrongdoing, the state attorney-general announced to two profile appointments to lead the probe. >> reputations are earned and tod andy have excellent reputations >> reporter: former assistant prosecutor who has contributed cash to rick snyder's campaigns will serve as special counsel, retired f.b.i. chief will also help determine what, if any, laws were broken. the attorney-general calls the team a fire wall as his office also defends the state and lawsuits brought by flint residents >> this is an investigation i can assure you we're going to open up every day. we will ask the tough questions. the facts will lead us through the truth. we go in with no preconceptions.
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>> reporter: they begun pulling water from the flint river. chemicals added to clean the water were core owe sieve and-- corrosive and caused the pipes to leach led. >> translation: it has been very hard. we worry constantly about the kids' health >> i know the governor has been under fire. who do you hold accountable? >> i think it starts with the city first. they're the ones that switched over. they knew that the pipes were bad >> reporter: pipes that flint leaders say would cost of city more than one billion dollars to replace. the michigan national guard has spent weeks passing out bottles of water and filters with no end in sight as the city in crisis waits for a solution teachers can continue their sick out protests for now.
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detroit public schools sought a restraining order to force the teachers back to work. that request has been refused until more information was available. two ex-employees are suing a company. they filed their lawsuits today. they say disney fired them from their technology jobs after training replacements from india. they say they knew american workers would be displaced. they also say more than 200 co-workers were fired in the same manner. disney says it has rehired more than 100 workers who were laid off. drones have raised serious questions about modern warfare, but even though have humans at the controls. next, how advocates are trying to prevent the creation of
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robots that can make the decision to kill on their own.
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british adventurer has tied. he was just 30 miles from the
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end of his journey when he called for help on friday. he was airlifted and taken to a hospital where he died of organ failure on sunday. scientists and weapons experts are sounding the alarm over autonomous killer robots saying the world has to act to stop them now. the use of human pie lotted drones is a tactic in modern warfare. the next step in technology could be a greater concern, a world in which robots patrol the area and make decisions on their own about attacking someone. world leaders have been slowing in trying to prevent the development of weapons that could operate without human control. we have the advocacy director at human rights watch. it's very good to see you again. not only have countries been slow to prevent the development of these weapons, half a dozen countries, including the u.s., are trying to come up with them.
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as far as we know there are not any that are actually fully autonomous that exist today. are we hoping to stop them? >> we're hoping to get an agreement now. if this drags on for another couple of years, we're concerned that the diplomacy will be too late. we need to set an international standard now against lethal autonomous weapon systems and that means getting to work now. there have been talks over the last two years but no action to draft an agreement how different would these killer robots be from drones or smart anti ship and anti tank missiles that are in existence today? >> there's two functions in a weapon system that concern us. it's the use of force, but before that the selection of a target. those are the two functions that we always want to see remain under human control. at the moment you have a man back in a base who ask
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controlling the device, so it is an unmanned system, it is not an autonomous system. an autonomous system will be able to fly or move. it could be stationary, but they will come in a range of different types, large and small, in the air and, perhaps, under the sea as well that's one. scariest parts about this. we're not talking about an army of terminators walking, these could be small weapons that could fly and kill indiscriminately. >> yes. that was talked about in davos, swarms of very small types of weapon systems that can attack in great numbers. those are still far off in the future we believe, but they are starting to be looked at now, starting to be tested and developed at the moment, and everybody who ask involved in the development of these symptoms say that they're semiautonomous, there's still a human soldier who is responsible for selecting a target and for
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using force, but we need more than just reassurances that that's what's going to happen. we need hard international law to control what we see as being an out of control situation if we don't put a lid on it now what about the argument that even if they went beyond that and were fully autonomous, that the witness could be programmed and more precise than humans, it could limit civilians deathd >> i think that's why they decided to come on board the campaign to stop killer robots last summer because they were frustrated about hearing about all these wonderful things that fully autonomous systems could do in the future. we're talking quite far in the future that these systems might be able to abide by international law and be able to distinguish between a civilian or combatant or take the calculation that's necessary. these weapon systems at the
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moment will not be able to do that. we're concerned that this technology will be weaponised now before it's smart enough to be able to make those distinctions. much is promised about the future benefits of the these were you suppliesd that a lot of people surveys that were conducted showed that strong majority thought that using fully autonomous weapons would be preferable to sons and daughters? >> i think you're going to get a response that wants to defend the human soldiers. that's a natural instinct here. we look at the protection of civilians and we're concerned that they're tied up ever more in warfare as the victims of conflict. we don't see that getting any better. however, if we had had fully
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autonomous weapons, they create even more problems for civilian populations especially if they got into the hands of bad actors >> right. this is one of the big concerns with the artificial intelligence community, that you could say perhaps we can manage to make a machine that would be able to distinguish and do all of these things for us instead of us having to send human soldiers into battle, but, really, you're negating your role in warfare if you do that. there's a code of conduct that human soldiers abide by in warfare, virtue and valour, everything else that makes us human which makes us a good war fighter. what will happen if we take out the human and put in the robot instead. there's support from a wide range of different actors very good of you to join us
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and bring us your insight. thank you. >> thank you thanks for joining us for the latest news. any time go over to have a great night. [ ♪ ] american parents are moving away from shame, scorn and cutting ties with children who consider themselves different from their birth gender. that doesn't mean all the challenges that go along with changing from the gender on a birth certificate disappear. a lot of adjustment is required to see gender identity less as a binary this or that idea. but for some, as a journey. it's tonight's "inside story".