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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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of those factors have the potential to move the clock's hands once again closer to midnight. much more on our website. the address to click on to, is for your news and sport. ♪ reports of a shooting at the naval medical center. about an hour ago, the center tweeted a warning that an active shooter was many the building. the tweet advised that recall nonemergency personnel are being asked to stay away. there are three nearby schools that have been locked
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down as a precaution. so again, we are following this developing story for you out of san diego. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you, this is al jazeera america live from new york city. u.s. stocks are trading higher this hour, due to a bounce in oil prices and some positive earnings reports. this comes after a huge sell off in china overnight. the shanghai composite plummeted more than 60%, the asian markets also closed down. in a way that we do not, so what is driving. continued volatility? >> a lot of sit that we have seen is due to uncertainty and nervousness. raise interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade. now what that did is it effectively kicked the crutch out from a market that had
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become addicted to cheap money. >> so what the markets are looking for right now, is they are starting to see some volatility, we saw a raise today as oil prices went up, but all eyes are on the fed and what they are going to say in the policy statement when they issue it sunday afternoon. >> so the feds began that's just in, a couple of days so that is -- you think a factor in all of this? >> i think definitely. they are watching this very very closely. because when the feds are raised. there 2016, but of course when you raise interest rates and has a chain reaction in the economy. so that slows down consumer spending and makes it more expensive to take out loans. it also increased the valuing
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of the dollar which has already been very strong, and because the dollar is so strong, u.s. goods are very sensitive. and that's been cutting into exports, export which is are a component of economic growth, so what investors are looking for, is they are looking for any signal that maybe the fed has reigned in expectations or ha signal for a possible rate hikes whether they will cut back, and that will be seen as very devilish, and they are going to love that if that happens. >> so what is. >> this is really a little bit about earnings but mostly about oil. and what we have seen is oil really been setting the pace, if you will, for stocks. and that's because oil prices have been bouncing around. they got a lift today because some opec officials are signaling they would like to work nonopec producers to cut output, but i always caution, rachelle, don't look at the day-to-day gyration, take a step back, look at the fundamentals. there's an acute oversupply of oil right now.
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and the only thing that will get the prices to go back up is if we see an increase many demand, which sun likely, when the world's second biggest economy is slowing down. the other thing will raise oil prices. that cut production, and lessen the oil. to also get onboard. >> so should we just get used to this volatility for a while. >> . >> a couple of things to keep in mind, a lot of it is about momentum and emotion, and perception, and then also object how things are even made by human beings. they are made by computer, so this is the other thing you have to take into account. so yes, we will probably
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continue to see volatility. >> thank you very much. >> wal-mart, coca-cola, and pepsi coe have just announced they will provide public schools with water flu the end of the year. the state hasar launched an investigation. as al jazeera reports children there are getting sick. >> the tragedy of flint is a a tragedy of immense proportion. and words can barely describe it. these tragedies. >> things went tesh bly wrong, those are the words of michigan attorney general on flint's water crisis. >> as i have stated many times i would certainly not bay a newborn child, or a young infant in this bad water. if you can't drink the bad water, you shouldn't pay for
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it. >> the state attorney general announced two high profile appointments to lead the probe. >> reputations are earned. and todd and andy have excellent reputations. >> todd flood who has contributed cash to republican's campaigns will serve as special council, retired chief will also help determine what if any laws were broken. the attorney general calls the team a fire wall, as his office also defends the state and lawsuits proud by flint residents. >> the fast will lead us to the truth, we go into this with new predisposition. >> the ties with the nearby
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water system, and flowing watt err the river. kem cas are -- are corrosive and cause the pipes to leech led. it vatted levels can lead to stunted development in children. >> i think it starts with the city first. they are the one that switch overs. >> pipes that would cause the city more than $1 billion to replace. the michigan national guard has spent weeks passing out bottles of water and filters with no end date in site, the city and crisis waits on a solution. al jazeera, flint, michigan. >> . >> a man hunt continues this
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morning for jonathon and jose menera. they probing out of the orange county central men's jail on friday. noters are asking for help. >> we absolutely need the public's help. we need the public's assistance to look at these pictures, we know that somebody out there knows something. >> the sheriffs department is now reindependenting jailhouse security with the focus on video and surveillance equipment. president obama is banning solitary confinement for juveniles in the federal prison system. that atodays in today's post, the practice is overused. he sites resourced that says it can lead to devastating psychological consequences. also including expanding treatment for mentally ill prisoners. and the president is also proposing changes to employer sponsor retirement plans next month.
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the proposal includes giving tax credits to small businesses that automatically enroll employees in 401 k retirement plans. it also requires companies with existing plans to offer them to long term part time employees. the white house says the news would help 30 million american workers have access to retirement savings. the u.s. is easing additional travel as export restrictions. the obama administration, announced that effective tomorrow, key parts of the decade long sanctions regime will be removed. it will allow u.s. airline to share flight information and make deals with cuban counter parts. the change also makes it easier for cuba to import related to agriculture, education, and more. >> . >> . >> al jazeera's john henry smith has the story. >> need undercover videos
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launch add nationwide debate over planned parenthood and portion opponents say they were the smoking gun they needed to prove that the group was profiting from abortions. >> it is hard to close your eyes and ignore that this is a child that is being dismembered. >> the people that made and release the videos in 2015 said it was investigative journalism, but monday, a brand jury in houston said two of the people involved in making the videos committed a crime. >> trying to get planned parenthood to commit a crime, and at the same time you are committing a crime yourself. >> that grand jury indicted the 27-year-old founder of the center for medical progress david as r as well as another center employee. both face felony charges they tampered with a government record. there are reports those charges are connected to the use of fake identification cards that look like driver's license. with violating the state's prohibition on the purchase
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and sale of human organs. >> they will have to go to court and defend these charges. these charges they can go to jail for this. >> the grand jury had been convened at the request of state lawmakers that wanted charged against planned parenthood. jurors found no charges that planned parenthood trying to profit from abortions. the only people that enganged in wrongdoing are the criminals behind this fraud. david released his own statement says plant parenthood cannot deny the admission from their leadership about fetal organ sales captures on video for all the world to see. planned parenthood has long insists it does not sell tissue from aborted fetuses. it says any money talked about in two videos was merely money intended to cover costs. john henry smith, al jazeera. >> still ahead, fighting for iowa.
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you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven, fighter. somebody who has taken them on and won. and a professor who called for some muscle at a protest is in court today.
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>> we tend to band together, so we have a voice. >> we're just surviving. it's really hard. away from the iowa cawweek cushions. and democrats that want to be president are pulling out all the stops.
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>> al jazeera michael shore has more. >> in des moines at drake university, the three remaining democratic candidates got their chance of final argument as chance to make their case to the voters of iowa and everybody beyond. it was a forum not a debate, so it was a town hall style conversation, anchored by chris cuomo. bernie sanders hillary clinton and martin o'malley all showed up. answering questions and talking with the moderator. difference is do exist between the candidates are most amplified in the area of foreign policy. bernie sanders try to answer those that some think his experience does not match that of hillary clinton. you can look at one part of his foreign policy experience, that's the vote against the iraq war to know enough about where he stands. >> i voted against the war in
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iraq, and if you go to my website, listen to the speech that i gave when knives the house in 2002, saying yeah, it is easy to get rid of a dictator like sudan house san and there will be a political vacuum, and it gives me no pleasure to say much of what it fear happened. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. >> hillary clinton for her part shows the difference between being a senator, and she would be a president. saying that in fact, war is not her first option, the first place she would like to go is diplomacy. >> i think it is imperative you do your very best, every president, and certainly i will. to avoided military action, it should be the last resort not the first choice. to use diplomacy even if it is slow, boring, hard, to continue to persist and be patient to get results.
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>> i am not a godder, if i were i would not be able to accomplish the things i have accomplished through a recession. and that's what i believe the people of iowa are looking for. >> these three democratic candidates to get along, and they make sure to take the time to compliment one another, even compliments each other's ads. however, it is a presidential race, and they are facing off against each other, hillary clinton feeling the proximity of bernie sanders in the poll numbers and this was a chance
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they all had to make that closing statement to the people of iowa. we have the boston globe is endorsing john kasich for president. he will be in that state on monday, and instead of iowa for that state's caucuses, the globe comes as cases surged into third place, and a poll in new hampshire released earlier this week. and florida senator has a new endorsement, former new york governor says rubio is the right person for the presidency. and says rubio will be able to ignite the party, while donald trump only serves to divide the g.o.p. and new jersey governor is facing sharp criticism from new hampshire voters who question why he was back on the campaign trail, just days after his home state had been hit with the record setting blizzard. >> why are you here in new hampshire campaigning instead
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of there helping serving them? the damages done by the coastal flooding from the storm? >> because it's already done. it's already done. there's been one county that's flooded in the state. one county. i don't know from all over the state, since we have 21 where that has happened. second, i don't know what you expect me to do, want me to go down there with a mop? >> christie's decision to return to new hampshire is also caught local jersey officials who says the move shows his lack of concern over respect for residents impacted by the storm. >> more high tides overwhelmed some communities along the shore, but officials also protecting doom spilled after hurricane sandy saved many towns. talk about washington now, a lot of federal employees there are working from home, their offices are still
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closed as the city tries to dig out from this weekend's snow storm. economists now think it can cost between $500,000,000.3 billion. that that includes lost business. a similar storm cost nearly 5 billion-dollars in economic lost. a university professor who drew national attention is due in court today. she faces charging after trying to stop a student journalist from reporting on racially charged protests. you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> assistant professor was recorded in november in this confrontation with the student journalist. click who temped community case at the school now facing a million dollars assault charge. the student journalist was trying to conduct interviews at a protest about racially charged incidents on campus, on monday the chancellor rebuffed demands who is is in
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the process of being concerned for tenure. >> for those of you calling for hasty action i say this, we have good strong processes in place and we will follow them to the completion and logical outcome. >> click already gave up her courtesy appointment in the journalism school over whammed, and while republican state lawmakers have called for her to be fired dozens of members of the faculty wrote a letter supporting her. in a statement, the videographer wrote i don't want anyone to assume that because the city is dealing with her criminal behavior that this problem goes away. i am urging the university to enact reasonable protections that ensure journalists can gather news without being strong armed. as task force is reviewing what happened. inesse al jazeera. >> up next, using yoga to help kids. the impact the ancient practice is having on children, dealing with violence in chicago. plus.
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shooting reports just to be clear at the shooting of the naval value center. a spokesperson tells al jazeera the medical center is on lock down, as first responders are working to clear the scene. may also say that a single witness initially reported hearing three shots, and the basement of building 26, but there's been no actual sighting of a shooter.
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follow that story for you as the news develops. two former walt disney employees are suing the company claims it fought to replace them with foreign workers. the tech workers say they were fired and replaced with workers from india. they claim disney and the two firms that brought in the immigrants knew american workers would be displaced. disney says it has rehired more than 100 workers that were layed off. ford is recalling nearly 400,000 ranger pickup trucks over faulty air bags. the recall covered trucks models from 2004, to 2006, in the u.s. and canada, it comes day after the government announce add man in south carolina was killed by an exploding inflater in december. that brings the toll to ten, more than 100 others injuries. the founder of hot yoga has been ordered to pay nearly $1 million. the suit was brought by a
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lawyer who alleged that he sexually harassed her while she worked for him. and then fired her after she started investigating claims that he rape add yoga student. this is one of several lawsuits against him. six other women have sued alleged that he sex is wally assaulted or harassed them, he denied the claims. some sick go are learning a new way to deal with the stress of violence in their community, the healing power of yoga. as al jazeera reports the program is trying to change the city future generations. >> in the suffocating violence on chicago's south side. >> it helps to breathe. >> hold it. exhale. once a week students at the school practice yoga. >> slowly. >> to help clear their minds of the gangs guns and police, that infiltrate their lives. >> .
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>> it can help you calm down, when you get angry. >> it helps you cool you down. and like -- the same thing that helps your mind. >> when you look at me,. >> they are from the nonprofit chicago. >> they grew up in englewood and starts teaching yoga at the school last fall, they say it is a great way to reduce conflict. >> it helps me not focus on the negative. once you get into yoga, we always say hey, be mindful of your choices. be mindful of your surroundings. >> this exercise is about self-control. >> we cheer loud, we say happy birthday loud, we clap loud. so our teachers but as adults we know how to bring it back down. >> kids face constant
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challenges, in fact, on this day, the month story school and the school next to it were on lock down all morning because of a shooting just a couple of blocks away. >> child health researchers say children exposed to violence can show symptoms of post traumatic stress. >> rebecca director of strengthening chicago's youth, says that makes it hard for them to developing coping skills. >> we have children who have exposed to constant level of violence, and fear, and it's -- as for they are fight or flight mechanisms always kicks in.
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>> dianne, chicago. >> yes, just be kids. finally, the protestors in the on going oregon wild life refuge, is throwing down the gauntlet to chris christie, challenging him to a sumo wrestling match. >> we got out in front of the cameras the other day, and you talked about how you would like to see the strong arm of the law, disburse these good folks, you know what i want to see, i want to see you come over here and disburse me. >> disburse him. well, okay, he is charging kristi to ten sumo matches and says the occupiers would leave for the governor won the battle. the armed group is protesting federal land use policies. if that happens we will record it for you, i promise. the news continues live from
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london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. serious governments makes for the gains from the opposition, the u.n. formalin sites the sides to talk in between have. >> as refugees continue to arrive in europe, denmark says those who reach it's borders can have their valuable pay. host sanctions tour of europe continues as he meets the catholic pope in rome.