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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour, i'm in doha and coming up, in the next 60 minutes, u.n. warns that alleged war crimes like starvation cannot be used as a bargaining chip during talks aimed at ending syria's war. in myanmar mp take their seats after military rule, taking steps against zika and how the mosquitos are slowing the spread
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of the virus and failing crops and fees of the future and the drought in southern africa that could leave millions struggling for food. i'll have all your sport including a big day for europe's football clubs as the january window closes in a few hours and details on who is going and who is staying coming right up. ♪ the u.n. is continuing negotiations to get talks off the ground in geneva aimed at ending syria's war and delegates representing the main opposition are residence stating to be part of any negotiations with the government until demands are met including humanitarian deliveries to besieged towns and the u.n. high commissioner for human rights is warning that alleged war crimes including starvation cannot be part of amnesty talks. >> where allegations reach the threshold of war crimes or
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crimes against humanity that amnesty is not permissible and clearly when looking most recently at the forced starvation of the people of madaya but there are 15 other besieged towns and cities that this is not just a war crime but a crime against humanity if proven. >> reporter: full coverage in geneva with our diplomatic ed tore james base and zaina covering turkey and let's go to james base who is in geneva for us as we mentioned and james we know the syrian regime has held several towns in siege, stopping food and medicine from entering, will this latest declaration from the u.n. human rights chief
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have any impact on the syrian government's participation in the talks? >> i don't think it will affect the government side but i think the reason you are hearing this right now and we also heard statements not just from the human rights office but in resent days from humanitarian officials last week a big news conference from them and yes they are serious officials dealing with the subject area, they are independent from the human rights office and says what it needs to say about human rights but they are part of the united nations and i think the fact they are speaking now is deliberate and we saw u.s. secretary of state john kerry speak and hoping the opposition are hearing all these messages, the opposition are hearing that other people are raising the same issues that they are making because there is an effort to try and keep the opposition here in geneva. they have said these things have to happen, lifting the sieges
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before they start the talks. what is currently going on i'll be honest is a bit of a fudge. the opposition are engaging in some talks with the u.n. and making the point that they are talks about talks but they are in effect involved in a form of negotiations, they had one meeting on sunday with staffan de mistura, we saw them arriving at their hotel and told there is another meeting but the u.n. won't confirm it but saying there was a late-night meeting and there is going to be another meeting taking place at the united nations in a few hours time. the effort to try and keep the opposition here, keep the momentum going from the opposition side they are talking but for now they keep having to say we will pull out if we don't get what we want because there are splits within their team. >> james you covered this conflict from left to right all over sorts and now will the opposition actually play that
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card? will they lose out if they do walk out of these talks? >> oh, they know that that would be a disaster for them in terms of the way it will be seen by people watching this at home across the world. they will be the ones that walked away from peace so they know that but on the other side they know they have to bring the constituency and the fighters on the ground with syria with them and they play a very difficult balancing act and i think what they have been told and what they are trying to workout behind the scenes is that something happens during the phase in the next few days something concrete, some sort of gesture that the opposition can say, yes, we held out and now look, for example, and this i think is a possibility a group of women prisoners is released from a jail, the opposition can say now we can join the talks and talk about the other important issues and i think they need something concrete and those in opposition and want to stay are encouraging the others
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to talk about talks and keep the process going while they wait for something and pressure put on by the u.s., on the russians and putting it on the syrians to try and get something concrete to keep this moving on. >> thank you james and speaking to us from geneva. let's now go and talk to zaina carter who is on the turkey-syria border, you are at the moment, now we do know that a bomb has gone off in damascus and near a shrine and we know the target were shia militia and talk to us about the significance of the target of that bomb and how it will impact in the talks going on in geneva. >> reporter: well, it's being described yesterday's triple bombing as one of the worst really in the syrian capitol damascus and the capitol is controlled by the government but the bombing really an indication that even government-controlled territories are vulnerable and
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this is a heavily guarded area so a major security breach. like you mentioned this is -- it was a shia neighborhood and very close to one of the holyist shrines for shias, a place of pilgramage abpeople from iraq and lebanon to join the syrian government, dozens were killed and i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility and the attack was sectarian in nature and i.s.i.l.'s policy and increasing sectarian tensions means more instability, political instability and sooils is not invited in geneva and not clear if it coincides with what is going on in geneva but reminder there is a talking force on the ground still strong and bear in mind the international community is pushing the warring factions
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in syria to strike a deal, to reach a political settlement because for the international community the priority is counter terrorism and to fight i.s.i.l. >> do you think this will pressure the syrian government to make compromises in geneva and they will perhaps try to then move their military forces and go to fighting i.s.i.l. instead of the opposition? >> reporter: well, the syrian government would tell you that they are fighting i.s.i.l. and they are fighting terrorists and this has been the problem from day one, the syrian government considers everyone in the opposition as terrorists but right now the syrian government is in a comfortable position. it has been strengthened by russia's intervention, they have made battlefield gains on the ground on more than one front, in the latakia providence and captured a strategic town that links the capitol damascus and
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managed to lay sieges to areas around the capitol and those sieges you know link and leads to starvation and this is why we see rebels accepting negotiated deals to either abandon their positions or lay down their arms so the government is in a very comfortable position and if you talk to the opposition why do we expect them to compromise when they never compromise over the past few years and right now they have the political as well as the military backing from the russian government. >> zaina speaking to us on the turkey-syria border. moving on and 18-year-old palestinian man has been shot dead in the occupied west bank and follows the killing of a palestinian police officer after he opened fire on officers at a chem.near ramallah while they carry out checks and 25 israelis
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have been killed in a wave of unrest that began in october. al-qaeda fighters say they reclaimed the town o azan in yemen, the town in shabwar providence was controlled by the group by 2012 and most of the fighters who sieged it came from surrounding areas and more fighting in yemen's capitol sanaa and dozens have been killed in the east of the city and attack by the popular resistance backed by the national yemeni army. meanwhile the saudi-led coalition in yemen say it will investigate civilian deaths during air strikes against houthi rebels and announcement comes days after saudi arabia ambassador spoke to al jazeera defending the accuracy of the air campaign and saying they were carrying out indiscriminate
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attacks. people killed in boko haram in northeast nigeria and opened fire and set fire to homes close to maiduguri and stepping up as they are losing to the military. hundreds sworn in to parliament in myanmar with a new era in politics and the national lead for democracy won elections in november endingly more than 50 years of military rule and rob mcbride reports. >> reporter: members of parliament from myanmar's national league for democracy or nld finally take power but it is a power shared. after half a century in control the military will still retain a firm hold. they get a quarter of all seats in parliament, keep control of important ministries and can block any constitutional change. analysts say that will make it difficult for the nld to govern.
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>> i think the military sitting in the parliament, i think the government cannot govern effectively. >> reporter: the military themselves will not say too much. is it going to be a good and workable government? hello? during the years of military rule ndl supporter was constantly in and out of detention, reconciliation will take effort. >> translator: it is a very sensitive time, negotiations need to take place to bill up trust. >> reporter: this is a country in need of effective government. often referred to as democracy on a leash there is no doubting whose hand is on it, the hope for the nld is that the military feel comfortable enough in the delicate relationship they don't exercise their powers. the list of priorities for the new mps is long and getting all
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ethnic groups to sign up to a national ceasefire after years of conflict ending the marginazation and persecution of the minority rohinja and the economy after stagnation and there are signs of recovery. he used to have a roadside store selling fuel from bottles, now he has a filling station. >> translator: we saw a car or motor bike and now nearly every house has at least one motor bike. >> reporter: and with the other priorities of this new parliament the business of a new president. nld leader is blocked by a constitutional clause that would need to be changed with agreement from the military. in this new atmosphere of change even that seems possible. rob mcbride, al jazeera,
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myanmar. let's get more from adam cooper who is the myanmar count country representative with the dialog and conflict mediation and she is in a difficult position and she helped democratic reform and on the other hand she has to work with military in parliament, talk to us about this fine balance she has to walk. >> indeed, i think despite they won overwhelming election victory in november as your correspondent noted this is in effect a power sharing government and the military has control formally and informally and what we have seen is the transition such the election has gone much smoother than many expected as in giving up some reigns of power and bodes relatively well for the transition over the next few months to engage in dialog and
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negotiate with each other and in that way that that is a guaranty for a smooth transition at least for this current phase of the transition and there are challenges. >> yes, adam the word reconciliation is being banded about quite a lot. now, there are, however, many ethnic groups and freedom fighters who have suffered under the military rule, is there justice in this new democratic myanmar? >> that is one of the biggest challenges with the government to seize power and last year we had a historic nationwide ceasefire where major groups signed it and one of the first priorities in good evening will be building a more inclusive process and trying to bring the groups in but no one thinks that is going to be an easy process so it's going to take time, it's going to require intense negotiations and expectations are very high both from the
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international community and the myanmar public and that is a difficulty the nld has to wrestle with moving forward and the environment is difficult and this will take time. >> now, this is a country that has been ruled by the military for over five decades now, you can't tell me that they will easily relinquish power, what has been the tradeoff? >> we have seen so far the military has had no choice but to accept election results and what we have to do is project ahead what may be the challenges or points of tension in between she and the military and first and foremost will be the haste of constitutional change. at some point she will want to become president herself as opposed to being above the president and directing things to her nominee. when the military is comfortable with that it's very hard to tell. she would like that to be sooner
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rather than later but the military is likely to concede on such a profound constitutional change in the short term so we have a temporary understanding i would say between the two sides but you can see difficulties in the future of pace of change and when constitutional reform is enacted and a different view on that topic. >> adam thank you so much for speaking to us in myanmar representative at the center for humanitarian dialog. still to come on the news hour the race for the white house and why the up coming vote in iowa may be may be for presidential hopefuls plus why pilots in south korea are taking off in big numbers to work for other airlines and in sport we will hear from the new australian open djokovic to become the greatest player of
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all time. ♪ the world health organization is meeting on monday to decide whether the zika virus outbreak should be declared a global emergency and u.n. health agency said the mosquito-borne virus and spreading birth defects is spreading across the americas and 4 million people are likely to be effected this year and they will meet the w.h.o.'s emergency committee in geneva. and there is new urgency in the search for ways to control the disease but with potential vaccines still many years away a company from the uk has a new approach aimed at controlling the mosquito which spreads the virus and paul brennan reports from the uk. >> reporter: this is the mosquito, it spreads dengue and chikungunya and yellow fever and now the zika vie ru-- virus and
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how do we rid this, a female in three months produce 15.6 female off spring all able to spread the disease and the solution of this company architect is to breed in genetically a mortality gene to prevent the off spring from reaching adulthood. in this research labor genetic biologist use an antedote for the gene and they can make the male moss mosquitos and they don't bite or spread diseases but in the wild they can descimate the population. >> they cannot tell the difference between our males and a wild one and if she mates with ours the off spring will die and
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it's simply a numbers game and need to put more males out there to mate with ours because every time a female mates with one of ours she won't have viable off spring and it brings the mosquitos down and in a town in six months you can reduce the mosquito population by 90% and that is every case we have done it. >> reporter: between april last year in partner with the authorities and brazil city they released 25 million of the modified males. it achieved 82% drop in the number of wild mosquito larvae and they are genetic through a marker invisible under normal light which is passed on to larvae off spring and they with the wild females is seeing how many of the larvae show up in red color and the company already has a factory in brazil
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producing millions of the mosquitos every week and building an even bigger facility to produce tens of millions of mosquitos a week. the site of vehicles blanketed with insect side may reassure the humans but not the mosquito population with a self destruct gene is a far more effective tool and u.s. is looking at the trans genetic mosquito in florida, paul brennan, al jazeera. let's take a closer look at this issue and joined live from the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine and thanks for being with us. w.h.o. is considering whether to issue a global emergency over this particular outbreak do you think it warrants such a warning? >> it's difficult to know that
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for several reasons. it is not another ebola. this is not a fatal disease. it is not spread human to human. it requires the mosquito vector specifically the species to transmit the disease and the areas of land which are vulnerable to epidemics is reducing that factor. it also needs to be stressed the overwhelming majority of infections are without symptoms and people who get symptoms they are mild with rash, fever headache and conjunctivitis and there is a link that was found between women who are infected during pregnancy and their babies being born with micro ensefly and 4,000 cases of micro ensefly in brazil last year.
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>> we know in previous zika outbreaks there have been no links to microencpphaly and could it have mutated to result in birth defects? >> that is a possibility and there is another possibility and more likely that this outbreak is unprecedented in size and over a million of people have been affected in brazil and that needs confirmation and besides the estimate it gives the numbers we leave to look for the patterns of association and so we have only been provided these numbers because of this current outbreak. >> we are going to have too leave it there and thank you so much for being with us from the school of hygiene and tropical medicine. afghanistan, an explosion in kabul where five are killed and several others injured in a
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suicide bombing near border police headquarters. police sources say a suicide bomb bomber detonated by the gate of the building and bringing more details on that story as we get them. the government of the southern african nation declared a national emergency as drought continues to hit farming communities and the world food program says hundreds of thousands of people will need food aid in the coming year and miller has more from the district in lasoto. >> reporter: she packs away her empty corn bags, continuing drought means her crop has failed and run out of food. >> translator: it's going to be very difficult to live in this situation because i live in farming so i don't know what i'm going to feed my children. >> reporter: her village in the district relies on the food it grows despite months of no rain the planted maze is looking for
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a successful harvest but it's unlikely and says by now the plants should have been five times their height. the world food program says the drought will hit 80% of the population the hardest, most people in these areas depend on sub sistance farming and water and it's only making the situation worse. farmers are recovering from two successive crop failures in 2014 and according to the world program, disease and livestock deaths are increasing and half of the population survives on less than a dollar a day. >> if we do not react now we have people who have lost their assets, their cows, their sheep, they are selling whatever little asset they have. it goes to a deeper poverty. >> reporter: a third of the population will need food assistance, the government has
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pledged ten million for drought relief and the agency responsible for diseasister management says it needs three times that amount, it's still waiting for that money. >> still thinking about this and it goes without saying we are a bit behind. >> reporter: the second biggest in the continent and it's part of the water project which exports its water to neighboring south africa bringing in much needed income. across the mountains farmers say any rain now would be too late and as winter approaches communities worry about the road ahead. and we are joined from another drought-affected village here and we do know that it is susceptible to dry spells and tell me how the el nino has affected the area.
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>> el nino brings dry spells, long periods of drought and other areas of the world brings on floods. now here this village and people here say they have not had rain and if it looks green behind us because there has been rain in the last few days but it's too late and 80% of the people here live in rural areas and depend on the food they grow and we also saw earlier and have not had rain for several months and not able to grow anything and the key period to plant was over december, the latest by christmas and because there has been no rain the soil is not wet enough and people can't grow anything and el nino will effect around 13 million people in the southern african region and of that the world food program says 14 million people won't have food and they are concerned about providing food assistance to these people but here they
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say that up to 650,000 people will need food assistance, that is a third of the population and the world food program at this point says they don't have enough funds and that is the major concern how they will be able to assist the people in this village here, people are surviving on unripe peaches that they find scattered in the area because they have not been able to plant at all. >> thank you for that update, miller there speaking to us. let's get the latest in weather now with richard and you have the latest of the weather patterns across southern africa? >> i do have the latest, yes, but i also have a very old chart. this is a chart we use to show where el nino will have affects and if we look at it it's around southeastern portion of africa where it is likely to be both warm and it is also likely to be very dry so it appears as though that is what is happening. and it's a combination of the
5:29 am
two that should have impact and look at the rainfall and you won't be able to find rainfall and when i looked at durban you see average rainfall 109 millimeters and january of this year the reports are 110 millimeters and merits and it's averaging 114 and we have 88 but if it's warmer than average a lot of transportation taking place and demand greater from the crops and it's a complex picture but the basic set up we have of dry air in the southeast and plenty of rain coming down and look at madagascar and large rainfall totals being reported here and, in fact, looking at the forecast we have this circulation across the northern part of madagascar and you could end up with floods and we would love to transfer some of that to the south but i'm afraid it doesn't work like that and heavy
5:30 am
rain across zambia and zimbobwe and looks like it will stay largely dry. still fighting for justice after nearly 30 years, we catch up with former phillippe prisoners. israeli government makes space for praying at the holyist site and this year's souper bowl could be the last rodeo for one of nfl's biggest stars. ♪
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♪ you are watching al jazeera news hour and reminder of the top stories and the u.n. human rights chief says there should be no amnesty against possible war crimes in syria as part of oppositions in geneva and threatening to leave talks unless humanitarian concerns are addressed. five people killed and several others injured in a suicide bombing in kabul. a suicide bomb near the headquarters of afghanistan's border police. hundreds of politicians have been sworn in to parliament in myanmar harolding a new era in politics and national league ending more than 50 years of military rule. let's get the latest now from our correspondent mohamed who is live for us in geneva where those talks on the syrian conflict are currently taking place and mohamed have there
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been any breakthrough at all today? are the opposition any closer to getting their demands met? >> well, let me tell you the latest that we have just heard. the spokesperson for the high negotiations community has just announced via his twitter account there will be indeed a meeting between himself and other hnc members and staffan de mistura at the u.n. around 5:00 p.m. local today. that is in a few hours. what is interesting is what we have seen in the last few hours it seems that the opposition which has really been kind of all over the place the last few days as far as what their intentions were the opposition here now seems to be trying to present a more coherent, a more centralized message and out there speaking to the press as far as their intentions and plan to do throughout the day.
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one of the people we spoke with just in the last hour-and-a-half, she is a member of the negotiation committee here in geneva, i asked her specifically about if they felt that their demands as far as trying to open up humanitarian corridor and stop the siege in syria before they enter talks here if she felt those demands were being met and what the latest was and this is what she had to tell me. >> this is not a halt and not just suspending, this is implementing what is required under international humanitarian law and this is a vehicle and not preconditioned and please call them implementation of international humanitarian law and that is when the negotiating team will be ready to go into any kind of negotiations whether they are proximity talks or direct talks. >> all right so the opposition are sticking to their line and give us what we want before we start negotiations, they had earlier threatened to walk out
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if their conditions were not met, the question is will they play that card and if they do won't they be on the losing end? >> well, that is one of the big debates here right now. certainly even though the opposition doesn't really want to admit this certainly there have been divisions between different factions of the hnc here over the course of the last 24 hours and now you see them putting a more unified face front and trying to get their message centralized and we are not hearing today threats of walking out, we are hearing a more consillatory tones and they will not take place in talks until demands are met and what makes it more complicated is if you heard from the doctor in her interview with me is they are saying these are not
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preconditions and are stipulations made by the u.n. resolution that was passed in december and that these things have to happen before they enter into good faith negotiation, a lot we will be able to tell later in the day once the syrian opposition here actually have their meeting with sef staffan mistura the u.n. envoy with syria and a lot of opposition and a lot remains to be seen but as of now, this hour it seems a lot less chaotic and confusing as it has in the run up for today now you have both parties actually on the ground here and we know the opposition the hnc will be meeting with mr. staffan de mistura in a few hours. >> thank you, with the latest on the syria talks in geneva. now french and belgia nshns wil talk about measures and concerns it will not address the under lying social causes and we
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report now from brussels. >> reporter: on the surface life in brussels is deceptively normal and this market draws tourists and locals as it's always done but they have people there after the manhunt in paris and an attack is possible and probable and for people life goes on. >> if anything will happen it will. we see a little bit more police but that is about it. i don't really think a lot of people it stopped them from doing their daily business. >> reporter: when french and belgium they will talk about major flaws in policing and gaps in intelligence and both are eager to close and two of the linked men known for the attacks were from belgium or france and
5:38 am
still looking for the two men and he managed to escape paris passing through checkpoints because he had not yet been identified as a suspect. security experts are calling for better international cooperation. >> we have to share with the countries. it has to be established, set up, in order to get all of the information about the suspected people and that has not been done yet. >> reporter: so far france and belgium have focused mainly on ramping up security, france carried out thousands of raids but so far only four terrorism related investigations have been opened. for weeks the brussels district was the center of police activity and said it was an incubator of jihadism and they
5:39 am
are trying to improve the represent face but better security alone will not solve the neighborhoods deeper, social problems. >> translator: when there is more security it makes people feel safer but threats don't disappear and we need to provide work and support and we need to change things for the young. >> reporter: the paris attacks were among the deadliest in europe since the second world war and people welcome greater security but while the lure of radical armed groups so too does the risk of more violence, lee barker, al jazeera, brussels. israeli government approved a new unorthodox jews in jerusalem where men and women will be allowed to pray together. until now in line with orthodox beliefs men and women prayed separately and a retaining wall where the holy temples once
5:40 am
stood a sacred site and benjamin netanyahu welcomed the decision. >> translator: it is a place that is men to unite the people of israel. i know that this is a sensitive issue. with that said i think that it is an appropriate solution. a creative solution and usually the most complex of problems require this kind of solution. >> reporter: record numbers of philippine are seeking compensation and justice for crimes committed against them when the country left under marshal law and reports from manila the government is expected to give them more time to launch claims. >> reporter: he has been fighting for justice for nearly 30 years. he was repeatedly tortured as a political prisoner in the 1970s, and marcos was president there and fut the philippines under marshal law and 20 years of marcos dictatorship is white
5:41 am
wash despite a law two years ago. >> it is written in the law we will be entitled to some financial compensation and there will be a role of the names of the victims and that a museum would be established to preserve marshal law and textbooks in schools would be intent to include marshal law. not one of that is happening. >> reporter: at least 75,000 people filed claims for compensation and government officials say they need more time to review all the cases now in this room. >> this is the government's ways of recognizing the heroism and sacrifice of philippine people and marshal law.
5:42 am
>> reporter: after 20 years of winning a land mark case against the marco family 8,000 victims of marshal law received $1,000 each in compensation, the money came from assets recovered in the assets, assets that the philippine government fought for saying it should have been returned to the state first because marcos got it illegally while in power. separate from that case the philippine government says it so far recovered nearly $4 billion of ill gotten marcos wealth. there is yet to be a clear public accounting though of where the funds have gone, under 2013 law some $200,000 have been set asaid for marshal law victims. adding insult to injury as far as victims are concern is a return to politics of the marcos and not one member of the family
5:43 am
have been successfully prosecuted for the crime and marcos junior is running for president. >> i'm running for president because i'm a marcos and i enjoyed and i have and i was able to go to the best schools because i'm a marcos and now i entered politics i have been able to enjoy the support of many, many people because i'm a marcos so all of this is clear to me that it's a lucky thing for me to have been a marcos. >> reporter: marcos junior is grateful for what he sees as his good fortune he is yet to acknowledge there are thousands of others still waiting for justice, al jazeera, manila. chinese police arrested 21 people connected to a ponzi scheme that allegedly defrauded investors of $7.1 billion and one of the largest money lending company are accused of stealing
5:44 am
from about 900,000 clients. according to state media the suspects scammed people online using funds from new investors to pay old debt and conceal the evidence by hiding the evidence in plastic bags under ground and thought to be china's largest cast of investor fraud. and still in china where the traditional mass migration for the lunar celebration is underway, tens of thousands of people in shanghai have begun heading home to mark the occasion and authorities say passenger volumes are expected to reach three billion and the mass migration will last until march third. south korea pilots taking flight and leaving the country's biggest airline for better pay in china and elsewhere and as harry faucet reports from seoul those left behind are threatening to strike. >> reporter: korean air training centers the flight simulators are busy training
5:45 am
pilots and honing existing ones and this crew practices an emergency landing, a job with the nation's flag carrier and why are so many of their colleagues leaving the company and the country? >> translator: korean airline system cannot provide any hope for the pilots and the second region is there is a huge gap in salary compared to that of neighboring countries especially china. >> reporter: last year 122 pilots left the company, more than seven times the number than the year before a third of them went to join the aviation bomb in china for double or triple the pay and demanding 37% air rise and they say they already earn about $116,000 a year. >> the staff of an increase of about 1.9% this year so the gap is too big for us so right now
5:46 am
the numbers they are asking for is quite unacceptable. >> reporter: it's also creating a safety issue and proportion of pilots korean air says it's going up and say most don't have the necessary experience. the unions concerns of safety are unfounded but have the ability to train up new pilots and recruit experienced ones to fill the gap but the current situation is far from ideal. the other issue is a geographical one and south korea iez means pilots on domestic routes flying the same hours as column look esare in command of many more individual flights. >> so in their case the stress could be doubled up for the more frequent flight pilots so when we are investigating this by the government they don't have that
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kind of frequency effect. >> reporter: whether it's more money, less stress or both a growing pilots are opting for a one-way ticket and many of them are bound for china. harry faucet, al jazeera, seoul. voting will begin later in the u.s. state of iowa as the republican and democratic parties start the process of choosing their candidate for the 2016 presidential election, after months of campaigning this is the first real test for the candidates with the general public and allen fisher reports now from des moines. >> reporter: this is where presidential campaigns come to die, outside the top three and dreams of the white house can melt away and republicans and democrats will caucus and gather and talk, set aside the publicity and pick the person they want to be president. this campaign has been going on for months and feels much longer than that and here and now in iowa in the frozen midwest of america's winter the contest really begins to heat up.
5:48 am
here we will get the first real test of public opinion, the first sports, the first indication of where america's two main parties are headed. this has been a strange campaign. conventional wisdom is this will end up a contest from hillary clinton from democrats and republicans jeb bush but one changed the dynamic and the face of american politics. >> donald trump getting in the race. i think if you look back on this election it was going to be a very different kind of conversation, a very different discussion had donald trump not decided to run. >> reporter: trump is the most talk about and covered candidate and provided the most moments of the campaign. >> donald j trump is calling for a shut down of muslims in the university. >> reporter: trump and cruz and ben carson challenging establishment figures like bush,
5:49 am
senator marco rubio and governor chris christie among others and exposed divisions and migration and the best way to handle foreign policy and the field is narrowed to three with frontrunners, hillary clinton and self acknowledged socialist bernie sanders and wants free healthcare, college education and higher taxes to pay for it and all talking about the party and the sharp contrast inside and outside of the parties says people are fed up with politic as usual. >> both parties are moving to ideological extremes and happening more on the republican side and republicans if you poll them they really dislike their own party leadership, that is not really happening on the democratic side. i think the democrats is more that there is just a lot of a
5:50 am
anxiety of hillary clinton. >> reporter: spent time and money in the state and iowa caucuses matter because everyone thinks they do, allen fisher, al jazeera, iowa. still to come on the program nhl annual all-star game has a big surprise and we will be here to explain all in just a moment. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
♪ it's time for sport now. >> thank you very much. we are going to start with
5:52 am
futbol and there is a transfer window set to close in a few hours and the last chance for the coach after his squad before he leaves the squad at the end of the season and looks increasingly likely he will leave going through a hat trick with a 2-nil and is eight points clear at the top of the table. now monday would have been the last day for royal madrid before a transfer band and atletico madrid broke rules on the transfer of minors but on friday fifa suspended sanctions and they are on the pitch and scored a hat trick as they got 6-nil on sunday and are third, a point behind atletico and behind barcelona and if they are guilty they won't be able to sign
5:53 am
anyone until july 2017. ch chelsea appeared to leave the door open for john to stay with the club and saying there could be a deal made in the coming months to extend his contract and 35 announced on sunday the club initially wouldn't be renewing his current deal and he has been with chelsea 21 years and captain in 2004 and leading the blues to four titles as well as the 2012 champions league and djokovic wants to be the greatest tennis player of all time and the sixth title at the australian open put him well on the way to achieving that abworld number one showed off his trophy a day after beating andy murray in straight sets in the final and will turn for a maden french open crown in may and the only grand slam that still alludes him. >> obviously being 28 and being at a peak of my abilities i feel like i can achieve much more.
5:54 am
how far i can go i don't know. it's an individual sport so a lot can happen and everything depends on you so i hope that i'm able to still respect and live this kind of lifestyle that helped me to reach this point of my career and my life and i have a great support of my family and my team of people and if it stays that way i don't think anything is unreachable. >> let's have a look at where djokovic sits in the all-time grand slam standing and some way to go before he reaches roger federer's records of 17 grand slams and the current crop of players and next in his sights is a man second on the list with 14 slams and raphael nadal and as for djokovic he is enjoying fifth place alongside australian and the sweden borg with 1 grand slam titles.
5:55 am
now bad weather has forced two top golf tournaments to a monday finish and singapore 12 returned to the course for deciding few holes and world number one spieth and he stayed an extra day just to make this one shot to finish his final round with a birdie on the 18 and coming in after him south korea had four to finish and spent the night practicing putting in his hotel room and seemed to work for him as he rolled in par after par for a one-stroke win over spieth and his first professional victory. now the weather closing in at torrey pines in san diego and walker pulled ahead of two by a stroke before play was suspended at the farmers insurance open. they will receive that final round later on monday, weather permitting of course. now the golden state warriors
5:56 am
remain 12 clear on top of the pacific division and beat the knicks 116-95 on sunday and green recorded his ninth triple double and the most by a warrior in a single season and minnesota timber wolves having a terrible start to the year and losing 11 straight on the record with the portland trailblazers and beating minnesota 96-93 and finished with 21 points and 8 assists and another 21 for the blaze and won the season best fourth game in a row. denver broncos and carolina panthers are in california ahead of superbowl 50 and quarterback peyton manning said this could be his last rodeo, get it, 39 the oldest to start a superbowl and the second superbowl ring would be the great end to a career but have the panthers
5:57 am
standing in their way on levi stadium on sunday. resent years the all-star game had gradual lack of interest but this is not a problem this year, single clash between the western and eastern conferences and this year it was split into three, 20-minute games with the league four division and part of the drive to make the dam more accessible to a new audience the league refused to let john scott and you can see him there despite the fans in the all-star game and 33 was a symbol of the old style nhl but the league was forced to back down as scotts was named mvp and he captained the specific division to the million dollar first prize. that is all your sport for now and more later. >> thanks very much and stay with us here on al jazeera, we have another full bulletin of news for you at the top of the
5:58 am
hour. ♪ >> a critical first step on the road to the white house. >> you have to find common ground. >> i'm doing what's right for you. >> that's the kind of debate that we need to have. >> stay with al jazeera america for... >> it's going to be about getting people out to the caucus, which is not an easy thing to do. >> comprehensive coverage that's... >> the focus will be on south carolina tonight.
5:59 am
>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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♪ a suicide bomber targets afghan police in kabul killing at least ten people. ♪ we are in doha with the world news in al jazeera and coming up, in the next half hour the u.n. alleges war crimes like starvation cannot be used as a bargaining chip during talks aimed at ending syria's war. new faces of politics in myanmar, mps take their seats after decades of military rule. and stepping up the fight against zika how genetically modified mosquitos are


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