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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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after a near miss, bernie sanders looking to take new hampshire. bill cosby going to court to get one of the sexual assault cases against him thrown out. federal investigators get involved in the flint water crisis.
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this is aljazeera america live from new york city, i'm del walters. fresh off of their presidential battle in iowa, the candidates on both sides are now in new hampshire, they will embark on a seven day dash woo the more moderate less reege voters than those in iowa, cruz defeated donald trump, picking up the most votes r. recorded by a republican in iowa. on the democratic side, it is still too close to call, hillary clinton and bernie sanders both just a fraction of a percentage point apart. state department officials have yet to declare a winner in that contest. we have team coverage tracking the candidates. lisa stark is in new hampshire. we start with michael shure live in des moines. it has been a long night and morning for the democrats there. they are still counting.
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where do things stand now? >> and for the people following the democrats, dell. as if this could get any closer, it hasn't been declared yet. they are looking at some precincts that have not reported and irregularities in precincts that have not reported, but the narrative has probably already been written. >> we've seen other republicans win the iowa caucuses, mike huckabee, rick santorum, but run out of steam once they leaf iowa. do you see any real difference with cruz? >> this year, it's a little differently. ted cruz was the first 14 announce for president. he did that last march. he spread around the south, meeting with republican leaders in the south, of course he didn't have a lot of indoorsments within the senate,
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but had a lot of endorsements through the tea party people and reasonable community in the south. then he went to iowa, came to iowa, sort of did a grassroots campaign here with the libber tearens, with the tea party and of course with the evangelicals. 64% turnout for evangelicals, 64% of the people who identified as evangelical came out the other night. that was far exceeding anything expected here in iowa. as they go to new hampshire, they are not going to find that but back to the south, that's when the ted cruz campaign is saying we have it set up so that we're bog to be meeting our constituency after new hampshire. >> we are talking now about ted cruz. we are not talking about donald trump, something that has not happened in months. what happened to the trump campaign in iowa? >> there are a lot of people that are going to say maybe he should have gone to the debate the other night. a lot of people will say the turnout hurt him, that the youth
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vote, there are reports that say now that the youth vote went for cruz and rubio not trump. when we talk about the youth vote, we are talking 17-29. they got 11.4% turnout for the youth vote. that is only the second time in iowa caucus history it has gone over 4% to give you an idea. it is important to realized that the youth vote people thought would go to donald trump showed up early for cruz and rubio. >> michael, thank you very much. hillary clinton declaring victory in iowa despite her slight lead there. now she is in new hampshire where she will start campaigning at a get out the vote rally. bernie sanders proving that he is no slouch. what does that mean for hillary in new hampshire, since it is practically bernie sanders back yard. >> well, it is indeed, you know, dell, we are here at a rally, waiting for hillary clinton and because to show up momentarily.
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they've already been working the voters, reeling them up here. bernie sanders did very very well in iowa. he said he beat expectations. he really has this whole campaign. he said he is going to do that in new hampshire, as well. here is what he said when he arrived in the state overnight. >> now in new hampshire, we will astound the world again! i think our vision for america, a vision in which people should not be working longer hours for lower wages, while seeing almost all new income and wealth going to the top 1%. that message is resonating in iowa, it's resonating in new hampshire and in communities all over america. >> sanders has a double digit lead in some polls here. he's almost like the favorite
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son being from neighborhood vermont. don't count out clinton. eight years ago when she was running, obama was beating her 13 points. she closed the gap to win in new hampshire, so the clinton folks say that they are going to work hard this week and will do well here. >> let's talk about the republican side of the ticket. what about ted cruz? can he resonate in new hampshire? >> michael talked about this a little bit. ted cruz appeals to the value voters, the evangelical christians, there are many more of them in iowa than in new hampshire, but he does have tea party sport here in newel. i suspect after talking to analysts that he is not going to do well in new hampshire as he did in iowa. here's an indication that he also believes that. he is not spending the whole day here. he's going to be here a while but then head to go south korea, which is the next big contest. >> bernie sanders talking in the
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back of that pickup truck. we are waiting for hillary clinton now. what can we expect in the week ahead? >> a lot of campaigning. today there are 20 different campaign stops for all the candidates. we have a democratic debate on thursday night. that was added at the insistence of hillary clinton and sanders agreed to it. it will just be the two of them, since martin o'malley dropped out of the race. we have a republican debate saturday night, not sure yet who's going to be on that stage. we'll have to see if that will change minds here. it's going to be an interesting week, a lot of money, a lot of ads, a lot of people on phones, a lot of people knocking on doors. >> lisa, thank you very much. let's go to bill snyder, professor at georgetown university and political contributor here at aljazeera america. he joins us from the west coast. bernie sanders has that sizeable lead in new hampshire.
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you heard lisa talk about it. can hillary clinton close the began? >> well, she can make a lot of progress there. i don't think she can beat him there in new hampshire. he is a favorite son. she can hold his vote down so it is not bigger than expect. >> when barack obama won in iowa, beating hillary clinton and this time it's neck and neck when we talk about bernie sanders, there was that momentum coming out of iowa an african-american could possibly be the first black president of the united states. hillary clinton leaves i've with a possibly the first female president of the united states and yet we're hat hearing about those cracks, those millions cracks in the glass ceiling. why? what happened? >> well, she is a stand in for obama and he's been in office almost eight years now, the slight majority of iowa democrats said they wanted to continue obama policies and voted heavily for her. over a third of democrats said they wanted someone who had more
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liberal policies. these are democrats who have disappointed in obama. hillary clinton really is a stand in for president obama and he has some critics in the democratic party who don't think he delivered what he promised. >> let's talk about donald trump, donald trump lost to dead cruz, promising to win and saying we would get into tired of him winning it wouldn't be funny. how damaged is the trump brand right now? >> he's a looser as he would put it. he did not win, and if he doesn't win new hampshire, he may be a goner. in new hampshire, he's had a big, big lead and he's expected to win there, but he could be on his way out if he doesn't do well in new hampshire. it was a disappointing showing for mr. trump. his people didn't come out to vote. he has fans, but they are not necessarily voters. the big surprise in iowa was marco rubio. he's coming on as the leading
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establishment mainstream candidate and the hope of party insider to say beat ted cruz, they're as worried about ted cruz as donald trump. they won't want either leading the republican ticket and marco rubio is the guy in her now going to put their money on. >> we have john kasich getting the nod of the new york times. will they simply get right behind marco rubio? >> i think it does. he did well in iowa. he's young, fresh, if he were the nominee, he would be a very strong contender. if hillary clinton were the nominee, it would be a very, very close race. >> does the democratic race matter who claims to win? it doesn't really matter. sanders was able to hold her to a draw. it slowed hillary clinton down, so i'm not sure it matters which
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one technically wins. it will be by a very few votes. >> marco rubio picking up the endorsement of south carolina senator tim scott, the african-american republican. is that going to help marco rubio and is that a sign that the i guess the establishment is now huge up behind marco rubio and telling others to get out? >> that's exactly what it is. there are not many voters from the south carolina primary. i think we're seeing the washington power players lining up behind rob aee. there was a secondary contest best trump and cruz, a contest between kasich, to see who would carry the flag for the party insiders. it very much looks like rubio will be the one to do that. i think there might be a bandwagon in new hampshire for
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rubio now that he has done well in iowa. the f.b.i. is now joining the investigation into the flint water crisis. state officials there say high levels of lead are still in place in some areas. it's been more than a month since flint started adding a chemical to the water supply. that chemical is supposed to stop lead from leeching out of the pipes. pregnant women and children are warned not to drink the tap water. rick snyder announcing that the public school emergency manager has been asked to step down and has resigned. barn necessarily early is bog to step down at the end of the month. he once served as the emergency manager in flint. early is said to be refusing to testify before congress friday rewarding the flint water crisis. >> bill cosby hoping to get sexual assault charges against him dismissed. the f.b.i. now trying a new way
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of locating a former agent, robert levinson in iran. chicago struggling with a homicide spike in the midst of that police snakeup in the city.
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big companies by in is -- bill cosby is in court today. his lawyers want the case against him thrown out. we are live in pennsylvania. john, you just leftmuch snow in.
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>> this storm has actually been causing problems, although it moved across the west coast. there are going to be places like iowa and more do the day wd
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the system. that's going to fuel thunderstorms, high winds, possibly even tornadoes in the section, anywhere from the gulf coast to the great lakes we're bog to watch for that. over the next days, thunderstorms fire up, the snow continues to pull more northward. today is really the brunt of it. it's straight rain except the
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non-tear as it pass the east coast. there is no shadow to be cast, an early spring is my forecast. >> that is nicoles nemeses. with that, winter officially over, at least according to punxsutawney phil. this is the 130th prediction, but his forecasts have been less than flawless. since 1988, he has only been right 13 tiles. he has been wrong 15 times. superbowl 50 kicking off in five days, but the leadup has started. media day is now called opening night and peyton manning answerrion questions over h.g.h. first raised in an al jazeera investigation. >> it was part pep rally, part clown show and all glitz, the nfl's rebranding of superbowl media day as superbowl opening
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night put its prime stars in prime time. >> i'm going to take it with me. i might wear it to the pregame. what do you think? >> perhaps for the final time this week, the carolina panthers and denver broncos had to share the spotlight with everyone from miss universe and her puppet pal to this super guy, who may have just given cam newton the shirt off his back. >> what's the p. stand for? number 18, peyton manning. >> newton's counterpart in this game is 39-year-old peyton manning. he, too was asked about lighter subjects and about the game, but he also had to answer a question about the al jazeera report alleging that human growth hormone had been sent to his home. >> what this report alleges that i did is simply not true. it's fabricated.
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it's junk, it's garbage, i can give you a long list of other words for it. i can guarantee you this investigation, what it will find is absolutely a big fat nothing. >> manning hasn't yet decided if sunday's superbowl would be his final game. he said he is just going to concentrate on enjoying the moment. i'm trying to soak it up. i think our whole team is, especially playing in superbowl 50 because of the significance. india's tapa motors is changing the name of its hatchback, the zika. a new name will be announced in a few weeks. it shares the concerns of those who have suffered during the outbreak.
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the news continues live from london, next. syrian troops backed by russian airstrikes close in on aleppo. the opposition says they're undermining talks in geneva. lime lauren taylor, we are live from london. cruz control, a front runner emerges in the u.s. presidential candidate and it's not donald trump. securing a deal on reforming the e.u. ahead of the referendum on britain's membership. how the world health others is stepping up a gear fighting against the