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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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year. the train station can only hold 43,000 commuters. the delayed passengers held in makeshift sheds. more four at any time on our website at >> ted cruz taking the title of top dog in iowa with the gop. >> now we willas astound the world again! >> after a near miss, bernie sanders looking to new hampshire. crosby going to court, trying to get the sexual assault cases against him thrown out.
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>> this is aljazeera america, living in new york city. and i'm del walters. eye rear-view mirror, both in new hampshire, and they will goo into a 7-day dash to get those less religious voters than iowa. and no one arriving in new hampshire more than ted cruz, he defeated donald trump in iowa, picking up the most votes ever recorded by a republican there. and on the democratic side, at this hour, too close to call. hilliary clinton and bernie sanders, now a fraction of a percentage point apart. and it has been like that for hours, because they have still not declared him a winner. hilliary clinton is holding a rally at this hour, but we're going to start with michael
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shure, and it has been a long night and rally for democrats there hoping to declare a winner, and the headline coming out of iowa has to be what happened to donald trump and this is the guy who asked, how stupid are the people of iowa? >> that's exactly right, del, a lot of iowans were sceptical of donald's motives here when he first start. and a lot of them glommed onto what he was saying, and last night, not enough of them came out, though turnout is something that they heard about, but the turnout yesterday was evangelicals, 64% identified as evangelical christian, and that's not donald trump's natural constituency but it is for ted cruz and that's how it came out at the end of the night for republicans. >> in fact, going into the caucuses last night, there seem to be evangelical representatives who indicate that evangelicals were insult
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bid the way that he was treating them. >> it's interesting. that's part of the deal, but this is anecdotal. some of the evangelicals wanted to get it right this time. they wanted a candidate to represent them who had a chance of not ending the cam bane as soon as he took off for the airport. and with ted cruz, they felt like they had somebody with a ground game already in place to come after new hampshire, and who already has invested not just a little bit of time in new hampshire. though like you said at the beginning, it's not his natural constituency, and where evangelicals are part of the voting block. but ted cruz did take new hampshire and you'll note that he went to south carolina first today and talked to the voters where on the 20th he'll be there, and he'll go back for the weekend. >> did either one of them win
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and did either one of them lose? >> it's hard to say, it's hard to call it a win hilliary clinton, who was up by so much here in iowa. so it's a little better than if she actually lost, we would be talking about that, but she did make a win in iowa. it's frustrating to her, and of course in 2018, she lost to barack obama, but i do think that hilliary clinton and the clinton campaign is looking beyond the two. it's 91% white state. and white liberals make up a lot of his voting -- the common voter for bernie sanders, so i think that they do realize that in the clinton campaign. there's no way to paint this as a huge be victory, even if she does got painted by the press as the winner. they know that. >> . >> and michael shure, in it de
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moines, thank you so much. and hilliary clinton, declaring victory in iowa, despite even a slide lead. and she's now in new hampshire. she's in nashua, new hampshire, this is hilliary clinton, holding that rally and campaigning in a get out to vote event. and lisa, what does this mean for hillary as new hampshire is in the backyard of bernie sanders as she's trailing in the polls? >> she is indeed. bernie sanders has a double-digit lead in some of the polls here in new hampshire. and as he said, it's in his backwarbackyard, and he's a nate son. but hilliary clinton is also liked in new hampshire, and she had a come from behind victory before. and today, despite what michael shure said, it's not a big win, but she's touting it as a big win, and here's what she had to say here in new hampshire. >> and i'm so thrilled that i'm coming to new hampshire
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after winning iowa! [ cheers ] i could tell you, i have won and lost there, and it's a lot better to win. >win. >> and she said it's a lot better to win, though she eked out the win, and that's better than having lost in iowa. today, she's barely talking about bernie sanders. she mentioned him briefly when she about healthcare, and they both the universal healthcare, and he wants to do away with obamacare taylor. and she said before it was called obamacare, it was hillary care. she tried to get it passed when her husband was the president, and she's talking about republicans today, saying that they have to decide who can go toe-to-toe with the republicans. >> so lisa, let's talk about the republicans.
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do they think that ted cruz can make a dent in new hampshire, that he will be effective there? >> well, i don't think that anybody believes [ unintelligible ] [ unintelligible ]. >> lisa stark in new hampshire, nashua, new hampshire. and thank you very much. john is the editor-in-chief of "opportunity lives," and he's live from washington, and thank you for being with us. ber bern had that sizeable lead in new hampshire, and in your opinion can hilliary clinton close the gap like she did with barack obama in 2007? >> i think that she can, but last night was a devastating
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night for hilliary clinton. a few months ago, she was way ahead of bernie sanders, a few points or more, and bernie sanders represents where the democratic party s. and has been going for some time. democrats are splint between socialism and capitalism as an economic system, and bernie sanders does reflect the score of the democratic party, which is embracing this democratic socialism. >> if you look at the way that the numbers broke down, hilliary clinton, people over 44 seemed to rally behind her in large numbers, and people under 44 seemed to rally for bernie sanders. so is it the young people that don't understand the workings of washington and a lot of things that bernie sanders won't happen with the divided congress, or for that matter, a united congress? >> that's part of it. but i think that the democratic socialism push is many stronger than people understand. a gallop poll, when you ask
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democrats if they support capitalism or socialism as an economic system, those numbers have been tied for a number of years, so there's enthusiasm in the younger voters, and perhaps pragmatism in the older voters, perhaps to nominate hilliary clinton who is a democratic socialist light as to bernie sanders, a true believer. and socialism is not a winning strategy, but this is where democratic party wants to go, and they want to embrace a much more overtly democratic socialism platform than hilliary clinton has espoused. >> donald trump, beating marco rubio in iowa, and he said we would get so tired of him winning that it wouldn't be funny and how damaged is he? >> i can assure you that donald trump is not laughing today.
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his brand depends on him winning and maintaining this frontrunner status, but i argued that it was way too immature to give him that title. and the question was, is trump for real? the answer is not so much. his support was 25%, which is nothing to laugh at, but it's not enough to build a winning coalition and give him the nomination. >> john, are the polls now the biggest casualty of iowa? going into iowa, it seemed that donald trump was going to be the clear cut winner, and hilliary clinton was going to be the clear cut winner, and now we see these huge poll numbers for bernie sanders in new hampshire. and if you go back to the kentucky race, the polls from the democrat winning by 5 points, and yet he lost to a tea party challenger, and should the polls be thrown out the door altogether? >> i think that it's partly polls, but those of us in the media have to do some self
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critique, and part of the appearance that trump had the appearance of the lead is that he frankly was the more interesting story. so his earned media hits out numbered 10-1, so it was a self fulfilling prophecy, and now that we have a data set, in other words, voters voting in an election, it has challenged that conventional wisdom because clearly he doesn't. and he only got 25% of the vote. >> marco rubio picking up a key endorsement in south carolina. tim scott, he has been highly sought after by republicans, and he's the only black republican in the senate. and he has enjoyed very high approval ratings in the state. scott calls him one shot to
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beat hilliary clinton in 2016. the flint water crisis. officials say that high levels of lead remain in the area. and it has been a month since flint declared it it was adding a chemical to the water supply to keep the lead from leaching out of the water pipes. and they are warning people to not drink any water that's not tested. flint's governor also appointing the public schools emergency manager. darnel early is stepping down. he served as the emergency manager for flint, and he has taken criticism for the schools and the water supply in flint. up next, bill cosby back in court. the aging comedian hoping to get the sexual assault charges against him dismissed, and the fbi trying to locate robert levinson in iran.
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and ashe carter, women in combat. some in congress with still sceptical about that idea.
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>> let me tell you what happened in the courtroom this morning, it's not a trial, but a pretrial hearing, and everything that i'm going to tell you about is the defense and the attorney. the defense had the chance to prosecute bill cosby criminally and let it go on the stand this morning, and made it clear that this man, bruce castor, is a very very well respected prosecutor. a man who is honored and awarded and has citations, including from the attorney general at the time. so they're making the point
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that he's an ardent prosecutor, so why didn't he go after bill cosby when he had the chance? the answer, according to bruce castor, four field, number one, andrea constand, the plaintiff didn't come forward for a year, and by that time, the dna evidence had all been washed away, and he was concerned that she went to a philadelphia civil lawyer before going to the police first. and there were many many inconsistencies in her complaint and he put it all together in 2025 and concluded that she had be better served and getting legal redress from a bill cosby in a civil process, which is indeed what happened, rather than forcing cosby through a criminal court at the time. >> how will this case affect his reputation? >> well, i think that we have the pictures of him arriving in court this morning, and i think
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in very many ways, del, the pictures speak for themselves. a picture tells 1,000 words, and he's, i don't think, handling this at all very well. in the court, he's sitting there wearing a green woolen suit. and he doesn't look around at the press and the public behind him. he talks only occasionally and quietly and solemnly to members of his defense team. i think whatever you think of the allegations against mr. cosby, you have to remember that he was a major entertainer in this country, much beloved, and beloved around the world as well. and now this is happening to him, a small example, part of the evidence being given by the attorney at the time today had to be held in camera because it was considered to be inappropriate for reporting. >> john in north hampton, thank you very much. >> the fbi launching an effort
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to locate an agent that went missing in 2017. they're using farsi, the language most used in teheran, where robert levinson was believed to have been kidnapped. they are offering money for his return. and the fbi says that it has no knowledge of where he might be. the army and the marines, how they plan to place women in combat roles. ashe carter offering all jobs in the military open to women, and there's a lot of skepticism even among the senators themselves. dave mcintyre, what's the biggest concern? >> secretary carter has basically settled all of these questions, opening all jobs in the u.s. military to women. but you wouldn't know it by the armed services committee. they seem splint amongst two opinions. of course women will be allowed to serve in any job if they
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meet the standard. and the other would be lower if you allow them to serve. and that was the tension in this meeting. everyone agrees that the standard is not be lowered, but there's a big debate on whether or not that will happen in reality. and the tone was sent when senator john mccain, the armed services committee chairman opened up the question whether the military was ignoring the evidence of its own test on how women perform in combat situations. >> they demonstrated that biological differences between men and women can have complications when it comes to the sustained physical activities in combat. rather than honestly confront these, some have sought to minimize them. >> mccain said that the highest performing women generally performed at the level of the lower performing
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men. senator mchask took issue with that. >> no one here wants the standards to be lowered. and frankly, the last thing in the world a woman needs is join a unit with everyone looking over their shoulder, saying you're not the same as we are. and i don't think that minute here thinks that standards should be lowered. >> appearing was the chief of the army, and marine, robert miller. and both of them said that they will carry out the orders to give women the opportunity to serve in every job, and the senate committee was waiting to see how they're going to carry that out. >> so jamie, is there a difference between the way that the army and the marines plan to carry out this order from defense be secretary ashe carter? >> well, they approach it
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differently. you recall that they opened up the army ranger school, the most grueling combat train north army, and three women made it through, three exceptional women. and they didn't ask for any ex exceptions in the policy. and the marine corp took a different tact. they had an experiment where they put women in the combat units, and they didn't perform like the all-male and they asked for an e exception. how demonstrative is that and that's what they wanted to have reassurance about today. >> we're learning more details about the inmates on the run in california. and just what caused them to split. authorities saying all three men planned their escape from the orange county jail six months in advance, and shortly after they got out, they are said to have kidnapped a taxi driver, and days later, they fought over whether to kill the
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driver, and they left with the hostage, the taxi driver, and turned himself in, and the other two were arrested on saturday. police in seattle arrested teens in connection with the shooting at a homeless camp. they are all between the ages of 13 and 17. and all three opened fire at the campus, which is known as the jungle, killing two and injuring three others. they think that the shooting might have been drug related. up next, is california's need for drought conservation over? plus -- >> it's simply not true. it's garbage. >> peyton manning facing the media about his hgh use.
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>> look at this, 55,000 people on the way to the chinese new year celebration. all of them stuck in bad weather. the lunar holiday one of the busiest holiday seasons, and if lasts until march 23rd. nearly 3 billion people are expected to travel. california, looking at water conservation orders there. el nino bringing relief to the drought-stricken straight. and they had a mandate to use one-third of the water in december, but they're expected
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to meet the long-term goals of saving water over a nine--month period. >> there's no shadow to be cast. and easterly spring is my forecast. >> with that, winter officially over, at least according to punxsutawney phil. the groundhog has only been right about 13 times, and wrong 15 times. super bowl 50 kicking off in five days, but peyton manning finding himself dealing with issues over hgh, that were first raised in an aljazeera investigation. >> super bowl media day and super bowl media night put the prime stars in prime time.
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the carolina panthers and the denver broncos had to share the spotlight with everyone from miss universe and her puppet pal to this super guy who may have just given panthers quarterback, cam newton, the shirt off his back. >> the underwear too. >> number 18, peyton manning! >> the counterpart is 39-year-old peyton manning. he too was asked about lighter subjects, and the game. and he also had to answer a question about the aljazeera report, alleging that the human growth hormone had been sent to his home. >> so what this report alleges that i did is simply not true. it's fabricated and junk and garbage, and i can give you a long list of words for it, and
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i can guarantee that this investigation, whatever they find is absolutely a big fat nothing. >> he said that he hadn't yet decided if sunday's super bowl will be his final game. he's going to concentrate on enjoying the moment. >> i'm trying to soak it up, and i think our whole team is. you have to, especially playing in super bowl 50 because of this. >> john henry smith, aljazeera. >> and finally for this half hour, one of the world's biggest automakers is taking a hit from the zika virus. the seca spelled with a c and not a k. the new name and the new car will be announced in a few weeks, and they have concerns of those who have suffered in the outbreak. i'm del walters in new york, and wanted news continues live from london, and as a reminder, find us 24 hours a day by going to the website, where the news never stops.
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this is al jazeera. >> hello, i am lauren taylor, live from london. coming up, syrian troops backed by russian air strikes close many on aleppo. the opposition says they are undermining talks in phone have. cruise control, a front runner emerges in race to the republican candidate. and it's not donald trump. david cameron says ahead of a referendum on britain's miner ship.