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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. >> hello, i am lauren taylor, live from london. coming up, syrian troops backed by russian air strikes close many on aleppo. the opposition says they are undermining talks in phone have. cruise control, a front runner emerges in race to the republican candidate. and it's not donald trump. david cameron says ahead of a referendum on britain's miner ship.
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>> hello there, in doha, all of the sports stories are coming up, including barcelona star, and a spanish court on to questions of his 2013 transfer, the big question now, could his league battle push him towards the city. syian forces have launch add major offensive from the north of aleppo and has caught several important towns with support of russian strikes they have captures. the aim is to break through housed territory, to reach the progovernment villages by doing this, they would cut off in the north and prevent reinforcements from getting through. in southern turkey, close to the syrian border.
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this battle can change the balance of power in a strategic corner, the army and it's allies are taking town by town in the northern country side, this province is long been in opposition strong hold, but that may change. with and help of air power, the government is advancing. civilians are caught, and the heavy pom bardment is forcing many to leave. look at the situation, all the roads are closed, they are surrounded, where do people go, there are no homes or camps. >> the army he says is pushing north towards the loyalist towns those towns are predominately shia, and
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they are on a highway that runs between the border and rebel controlled districts in the divided city of aleppo. it won't be a good situation for us. they are in effect military bases, there are fighters and weapons this. rebels are fighting back hard, if they lose drowned, their strong hold inside aleppo city would be cut off from the rest of the province. against strong holds across the country, but northern areas are strategic for opposition armed groups because the turkish border has been their life lean. >> russians intervention has changed the dynamics on the ground. the air campaign over recent months has targeted supply lines from turkey, as well as the so called mott raid groups under the flag.
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and even the u.s. mark to eliminate the free syrian army, they want to say there's no free syrian army, and no revolution, and the choice will be between the regime and terrorist. >> the battle has reached a crucial stage. and opposition defeat here would be a major strategic loss, and symbolic blow to the revolution, that is because aleppo is the remaining strong hold of armed groups in h the north, who fight under the banner of the free syrian army. al jazeera, southern turkey. >> while the fighting rages and opposition are of course in geneva for talks al jazeera has been following all the developments, joining us hive now, what progress if any have they made there. >> well, that's relatively unclear. because the optimism that we were hearing from the u.n. last night, that's -- that mood has been dashed today. a lot of peace mitch surrounding these talks and
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how they may proceed in the coming days. in fact, a meeting that was scheduled to take place at 5:00 p.m., geneva time, between the actsy, and the high negotiations committee and the main opposition party here. and the u.n. special envoy, for syria, that was supposed to happen, and didn't, we have been hearing throughout the day, that it might not happen, we have been hearing expression of sin mitch and pegs mitch from the opposition throughout the morning, they have been meaning to figure out how they would proceed with these talks and at 1 point, members of the agency did give a press conference, and they spoke to the press about the frustration that they were feeling going forward. in the these talkse talkses. >> we are involved here to pressure for a cease fire to stop the bombardment.
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>> last night you had the u.n. meeting after that meeting stefan told the press that he believed that signals the official start for these proximity talks for trying to get to peace in syria. today, you have members of the opposition expressing frustration, that stefan had said these talks had been launched because they said that their demands had yet to be met. they have been saying for days may want to see an end to the siege. they want to see humanitarian aid getting into syria. and they want to see political prisoners released. he said he would press that case with the regime, in his meeting with bashar this morning. after that meeting, though, when bashar jaffray the head of the regime here came and
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spoke to the press, he said these talks could not start, pause the most basic could not be agreed upon, he said that the agency had not even provided a full case of names. and then he also listed what the syrian regime as far as they distrusted. >> the other party is not genuine or serious enough. we have heard certain statements made by that present us. so the efforts that if the great conditions are not met, they are going to pull out. this is also a response collaborated and confirmed by the saudi foreign ministers.
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what about the events on the ground, particularly around aleppo, what kind of effect are they having on prospects for talks? >> these talks were already extremely difficult. getting these various factions to the negotiating table, you have -- in the last 24 hours i have spoken to many members of the opposition, who have stated that worry about their bargaining position here being lessened, how they will be able to negotiate. backed by is taking more and more rebel held territory. in aleppo, they are concerned about the bombardments going on, which is russia's position, being one of the sponsors of these peace talks they came under heavy criticism, from the u.k. foreign secretary. he essentially said that the russians were involved in
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some form of hypocrisy here, that they shouldn't be sponsoring peace talks as they are, when they are helping the government bashar al asaad in their bomb badment. so it is a very very difficult situation, that seems to be getting more difficult. sin today, really a very very -- it's been a darker day here at the u.n. there's been a lot more pessimism by both sides. in the meeting with the syrian regime, et it really doesn't bode that well at a sometime when a lot is at stake here, and nobody knows how this is going to move forward. syria is a catastrophe which
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has not been equaled since world war ii. soldiering 23 nations involved in the coalition part against isil. he says isil has been pushed back in both iraq and syria, but civilian suffers is as part as it has ever been. >> or advances are clear, they are undeniable. >> their infrastructures, we are closing in on full control.
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>> it seems isil expanded in the coastal area, that stretches towards the west, we are talking about 160-kilometers of a coastal area that can easily be used as a platform to launch attacks against europe. this is exactly why the coalition is looking into options, one of these options is launching air vehicles against isil. the best scenario basically is to have the national unity government, operating in from tripoli with a national army that can take on isil, the political wide in libya, that can take some time, and therefore the community are different options like governing more.
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to be ready for the moment when they started the actions against isil and libya. >> tightening has been intensifying in the city of ramadi, and the largest province, they are mounting resist sent to the east and north of the capitol. many the latest wave of violence, three suicide car bombers attack misdemeanor the north, killing at least 18. al jazeera has this report from baghdad. >> is the can l will will. >> very carefully, they move in with am mothered cars as they clear each house. some 300 isil fighters according the u.s. led coalition, are hold up in the neighborhood. taking advantage of the urban landscape to fire at iraqi forces. isil fighters have bobby trapped several buildings on the outskirts which have so far slowed the advance.
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this is the first time they have mounted an offensive and defeat the last remaining pockets of isil fighters. still, the iraqis are confident this time they will succeed. >> rapid deployment are divided into two parts the first one is to clear the areas and move to the next one. and the second unit is to hold the ground, we are dealing with isil hide outs by selectively targeted them so they can clear these parts in preparation for further advance towards the eastern part. >> fighters are also able to resupply using the eastern corridor into ramadi, and the armed group has some 400 fighters in reserve. although the group are under tremendous pressure, ice salt lake fighters are still able to fight back. using suicide car bombs they have mounted several attacks against iraqi forces. >> include tuesdaying suicide bombing in the north of ramadi. the city, the iraqi security
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forces say is secure, but it is mott just ramadi. >> now some 5,000 families are trapped within the second city in iraq's province, and what some of those people are telling us, is that supplies are running out. there are no fruits and vegetables and medicines are in low supply. now isil who controlled the city, are rationing out the wheat soul ply, so there are something to eat, what we are being told is that this is the siege isn't lifted of that city, then falujjah could face a starvation crisis. baghdad. >> the jordanian government is asking the international community to help shoulder responsibility for the syrian refugees, the government spokesman said the world needs to shift from an emergency based approach and focus help towards the economy's of host nations. we hope the world will be
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forthcoming in supporting us and our economies. that will help our exports reach the european markets. therefore, help our economy. produce more jobs and therefore be able to help syrians better, we have high unemployment rates and high poverty rates, that's why this must be understood by everybody ben we are talking about jordan efforts in p shoulders the responsibility of refugees. >> coming much the news hour, our war torn yemen. tensions run high, the refugees wanting right of passage at the greece macedonia border. >> i can guarantee you this investigation what we will find is a big fat nothing. >> and the border strong denial from denver broncos quarterback in response to an nfl drugs probe.
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should sudan former vice president has told al jazeera it will take at least three weeks and support from the international community, to get his troops to the capitol for the formation of a unity government. they had failed to meet the deadline, despite signing a peace agreement. stearine sawyer has the latest. >> for the third year, south sudan was one of the country's that dominated the recent african union summit. what started out as a political dispute, and the then vice president, had evolved into anth michon flick. tens of thousands of people have since been killed. millions displaced fighting is still continuing the. >> heads of state demanded
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the leaders from a transitional government as soon as possible. >> we need to form the government after you will militarize and we will prepare ourselves. now, the troops joining the police, and then the superior. >> they told us that with logistical support, from the international community, it will fake up to three weeks to get his troops to juba. >> what has delayed the ever formation of the government, is that the waiting for the arrival, which is the leader of the rebel movement, so they can form the government. >> the u.s. felt the news you will go to juba, there will be no more conditions and you will together with the government form this transitional government they have been waiting for for so long. >> i want to be in juba.
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i want the government to be reformed. as soon as possible. all we needed is to ensure that the obstacles, which were clear to me, different countries for us to form the government, are removed the armed group has pulled out of negotiations but the president decided to increase the country's states to 28, up from 10. >> and appointed news. >> the representatives from both sides are now willing to reach a compromise.
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>> the united states resulted in the iowa caucus vote have shown how close the race for each presidential nomination will be. on the democrat side, hillary clinton were almost tied for support. with clinton .4% ahead. martin o'malley has now suspended his campaign. ted cruz surprised with 27.7%, surging ahead of the man who had stolen all the headlines donald trump. marco rubio was over a percentage point ahead of him including jeb bush, failing to get more than 10%. let's get more on this, live in des moines in iowa, so ted cruz seemed to pull off that getting ahead of trump thing. how did he manage it? >> well, you know, that is
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the question that he is now hoping he can replicate as the race moves to the next big nominated in the u.s. state of new hampshire, we are at the des moines airport, very close to it, where all the candidates have departed or the political aids are leaving this morning here in iowa. i guess it is now almost mid afternoon, the focus really now is to leave iowa behind, those who are happy with those results are trying to use that momentum in new hampshire, and those that are perhaps a little upset are hoping to push the reset button. that was the race that was a virtual tie, although we now know that it has been called for hillary clinton. she that won they be a tent of a percentage point. as a political strategy, that has the most to lose and gave up the most ground here.
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he wounded heavily here in iowa on the devout christian vote to come out, but in new hampshire, the voters tend to be a little different, they tend to be very fiscally frugal, socially minded when they vote, and less influenced by religious values. which could really shake the race in a different way. to go back to what you were saying about thin:ning the surprisedly close, what do you think they will do to change the results? she had a couple of opportunities to do that by enganging with the voters in new hampshire.
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there will be a town hall, she will be participating in with her main rival, in new hampshire, and this is an opportunity, unlike the debate, where the candidates will have to engang the audience for roughly 30 minutes and answer questions directly, verses being able to dodge them as they might in a debate with a moderator. following that is an actual debate, so they will get the opportunity to listen to these candidate candidates we l clinton has been campaigning, saying that he knows this will help the strategy. whether or not she can do
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that as a jury charge, given that she does trail behind bernie sanders in new hampshire. >> the world health organization is warning the zika virus could spread the mosquito born virus. has been declared an international emergency. the problem is that the complications of this relatively mild illness do have potentially destated effects with families. and to have a tenfold increase in numbers and the potential to spread not just that in america, but into africa, and asia, which have the highest birthrates in the world. we believe is a matter of public health concern, and
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constitutions an international emergency. >> at the institute of tropical diseases the capitol doctors say they are confronting a disease they know very little 80. zika the mosquito born virus expected to effect as nearly as 4 million people is being do i believed here, mainly through it's symptoms. fever, joint pain, and skin rashes. doctors are trailing far behind the virus, and the dire economic situation is only bound to make things worse. >> we have very little tours because we have no reactors for diagnosis, but we also lack tubes and syringes. there's a general lack of supplies.
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what many doctors find even more alarming is the lack of information about the health. we are facing a storm, with severe shortages of everything. and on top of that with an emergency, we can't manage let alone an emergency. the dementia far exceeds the capabilities of the health ministry. the ministry of health -- it puts the official number at 4500. doctors say that numbers actually closer to 400 cases. but the government has yet to address that. >> >> people were anticipated that it was going to happen, the virus has been here for at least a month. there should have been a statement from government health officials to help prevent the problem.
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>> a hike in cases of the syndrome, a neurological disease possibly linked which can lead to progressive sometimes fatal paralysis. the ministry of help stopped over a year ago. al jazeera. >> still to come on the program, why gay rights activists have been celebrating in india, plus. a huge challenges facing the new government. in sport we hear from chris presume about mechanical doping.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling. syrian forces capturing several towns, with the help of russian air strikes. at a meeting in rome, the international coalition has pledged to accelerate their fight against the group which is expanding it's reach in
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libya. >> and the united states ted cruz has edged past donald trump to win the republican vote in the state of iowa, the focus now shifting to and state of new hampshire. let's get more on our main story, now the war in syria, and the efforts to resolve it, joining us live, is syrian analyst, thank you indict for coming in. what do you make of the progress that if there is we can describe it as such in the talks of geneva or the lack thereof? >> well, slow, clearly, is world to use, we have a peace plan, a ambitious one that the u.n. set out with all the partners last year, of course the syrians weren't there, nor the regime or the opposition, at the moment we are going through that very softly softly lack of trust, who is going to be there, how are they going to interact with each other, this whole proximity talk process, that the minister has set up. so it is early to tell.
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is what we are hearing on the ground, and around aleppo, will prove very early obstacle to overcome. >> you mentioned that, what do you think is happening on the ground? is it significant at this point? it it a game changing? >> we are heard of reports about aleppo to force the regime, of course what is different this time, is russian air power over four months worth does seem to be sort of giving the regime a cutting edge if you will. and it has gained i think 2% worth of territory since that time. and now to capture syria's biggest city, is quite a thing from what they have done so far. unprecedented level of air strikes and of course these key towns in the area, being captured but we are a long way away from the entire city at this time. >> you mentioned the russians with the air strikes they have also have said there were certain groups that may
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used to object to being at the talks they now say are fine, is that a difference? >> it is an important aspect, who is the opposition, who seems to be credible. clearly, other groups are from beyond the pail. let's not forget these are the own process, they agree to this they have a huge interest, but of course, it is a test for them. if the real interest is to support the regime, or do they feel there's a credible process that can be created. >> while this goes on, thissiering is hideous, john kerry has said there needs to be a progress, while the talks are going on in improving the situation how likely is that? >> we have seen in places that there is pressure and international pressure sure it can be opened up, clearly it is not enough, but what this process, means
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desperately is confident building measures. there is very little trust between the parties, so allowing aid to these 400,000 people or so, and hard to reach areas is critically important, and something that surely the russians can agree on and push the regime to do so. >> what is your forecast, you said it is in the early stages and the proxy talks, what is your forecast for how this will pan out? >> well, the plan sets out an 18 month plan, has constitution reviews, new elections, ceas cease fires critically important, i think at this time we have to see whether there can be an initial gravity to to the talks. whether they can show an on the drowned difference, so the next couple of weeks are crucial in charting out this plan. >> thank you very much indeed. >> the national museum, our
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correspondent set this update from the museum. the museum has been under heavy shelling for two days now by the houthis fighters and the forces of the president you can see the fire is still in every corner here in the building, everything was burned down, the manuscripts, here in my hand, and it melted because of the fire. he was the leader of the family, and the last one in yemen. this historical melted because of the raging fire. this is yemen's heritage, burned to the ground. various belongings of the ruling family that has governed and now everything
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is turned into ashes. this is the hill where the houthis forces shell the museum from, and even until now, they keep bombing this area. nothing is left. only pages of old koran transcripts. >> they travel through yemen to get to saudi arabia and other gulf countries rather than deterring the migration, it may be making it easier for them to operate. and met migrant whose say they have nothing to lose. this is the are human trafficking heart, wanted to cross the gulf to yemen and on wards it's relative proxy, the migrant money and occasional woman are easy to
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spot they are the idle ones in the shapes of the houses waiting. about 300 of us will be taken by boat this evening. >> the main market is brisk. smugglers in the middlemen negotiators are be seenle haggling over prices. outside the town a big group has just arrived. they have a little more than a bottle of water and hoping for a better life. this is just one leg of a journey that for most started in ethiopia. >> the smugglers kept them outside the town, away of the glare of the police. some say they are fleeing
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from prosecution from their governments. we were grabbing of our land by the government, i was released on $1,000 became, i decided to lead immediately. >> the migrants are undeterred by the conflict, to ensure the continued flow to people, the smugglers kept them, deliberately informed about the war there, some of the young ones here say they were told the situation is calm, and it is now improved access between the yemen and neighboring gulf countries. the u.n. international organization, are discouraging the migrants from taking the dangerous boat trips. they managed to send back a few wishing to return home. but some say there is nowhere to go back to. >> they now live in this refugee camp, who fled from the war in their country, he
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says they will remain here for us as long as possible. hundreds of refugees are blocking the main highway, a large group has also set out on foot heading north down the main road. there have been clashes with police as frustration grows over lack of movement. david cameron has drafted reform proposals aimed at keeping the u.k. in the union, it would make it possible for britain to block unwanted laws as al jazeera explains. we want a europe that is competitive and treats us fairly and we want a europe
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that takes the pressure off in h terms of migration. >> mr. cameron has held extensive talks with the president of the council, in recent weeks. he wanted to accommodate his demands but had to keep the other countries happy with any concessions, so what have they now agreed? the benefits that e.u. citizens can claim in the first four years, new limits on british social benefits that e.u. workers are able to send to their children, still living abroad a policy
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analyst an open group that monitoring the union, and i think your group was a skeptic, now you are somewhere in the middle saying that they should stay within the e.u.? >> we are pro reform, we don't say the u.k. should be in or out, we will reserve our judgement until we see the final package tongue it does? >> the first thing to point out is that this is just a draft proposal. it is not the time deal, the final deal will come in two weeks once cameron has met the other heads of the e.u. states and then only will we see what the final deal looks like. there's a lot of detail. of course they are saying this is a victory, because he at least has concessions in the four main baskets of reform.
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so on one of the issues for up to four years as i understand it, that would be under this draft deal a temporary mechanism, so what would happen when they ended? what is your thought about that? >> again, this is something that hasn't been clarified and something that still needs to be negotiated with the other states so we have to see what the final deal is. before we could see what the mechanism is, the weakness in this is the fact that it isn't permanent, so the opponents will say this is not strong enough. >> what about the -- a lot of the septemberism or conservative have said that the deal is -- not happy with the deal, presumably, the people who listen to them won't be happy either, will they? >> well, i think all the calls indicate this will be a very finely balanced referendum, but those people have already decided to vote in, and those have decided to vote out will vote out. >> so are we wasting our time
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discussions this. >> no, what is very interesting is there's a massive swing boat a passive majority of the situation hasn't made up their minds. the great draft deal, a great success this afternoon. and these are the people that he has to convince. >> what about the rest, you mentioned they have to talk to the leaders what do they think of this? >> of course, there have been issues that have been contentious. not the at least. but i think as a whole, the e.u. wants to keep desperately wants to keep the u.k. in. so you are looking at a e.u. that has had a series of crisis to migration crisis and then you have a member, a very important member, leaving a club where everyhas entered and that is such a blow that i think all other states will be willing to keep the u.k. in. >> some would argue, that the european project is at risk anyway, because of what you
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mentioned the miss -- or the difficulty in handling the crisis, if britain were to leave, do you think that would be it? >> i think it would be a very substantial blow, and it's been an interesting argument esaying the whole project will crumble, so why not just stay in, and when it crumbles then we will leave, and we went have to be the blame that instigated the break down of the institutions. >> thank you very much indeed for talking to us, thank you. >> two people are reported to being killed over the privatization of the ailing state airline, the police used water canyon and tear gas to keep the crowd away from the main airport, before protestors say forces fired into the crowd. a senior police officer is seen told reporters that police did not open fire. they have been stating aser ryes of strikes at the international airline.
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india's supreme court is to reexam a law that punishing people doing home sexual acts with up to a decade in prison. gay rights activists celebrated as the ruling was announce. the panel will now reconsider a ruling that only parliament can change the law banning gay sex. 50 that 2000 trail passengers arend haved because of heavy snow. most of them heading home to celebrate chinese new year. the rest of the delays passengers are being housed in makeshift sheds. hundreds of uh la makers were sworn in the first preelected parliament in 50 years, robert brian reports from the capitol.
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money the less, the changes takes place promise to roll back the years impacting the whole of myanmar. a few kilometers from that world is a reality by ethnic divisions. her national league for democracy or nld may not have created the problems but they do now own them, and there is a high expectation they are going to pick them this government is going to be better, it will be the government we never had before in the past we didn't know what was going on. >> i have confident, and that
1:47 pm
is why i voted for her. >> with the military retaining a grip on power, the new administration will have to govern constantly looking over it's shoulder to see what the generals think, but without betraying the trust of the mass who is came out to vote for them, in this atmosphere of home, this will carry them a long way, but they expect results for whom change is long overdue. >> the leader of the russian republican is accusing instigram of bowing to pressure from the u.s., by taking down a controversy video from it's website. this post showing foreign prime minister a high profile critic a outspoken reporter has been criticized for what they see as a murder threat. this young fan has baggedw himself a meeting with one of the world's beth footballers.
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is robin.or sport now, here >> lauren, thank you very much. brazilian football appeared in a spanish court, about alleged irregularities regarding transfer to bans luna. now the striker arrived acted as an agent with plenty of fans on hand to show the support. over allegations of tax fraud, that they transferred three years ago the top officials are failing to
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claim the right amount of tax. investigations later shows that figure to be more like 90. dollars. that would mean barcelona paid less tax than it should, about $12.5 million will eases is what a spanish court is saying. the club president shows that the predecessor all being investigated. now if found guilty they could face millions of dollars in fines and even jail time. that's not all, tax inspectors are also in claims that the taxes were used to avoided payments. >> meanwhile, he is one of the many players being linked to manchester city, that they will be taking over in july, his father has hinted that a legal battle could see them leave spain and speaking two weeks ago, he admitted he was
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a fan of the former coach he is a guy i admire a lot and would like to work with him. >> it is hard to say phialled woke like to play in other countries. we are six days away from the pinnacle of the nfl season, the super bowl, one of the biggest stars of the game, continues to deny any links to the pan by the league. the quarterback payton manning is being investigated by the nfl after a report by al jazeera claims hue nan growth hormone. >> i can't speak for anybody else, and like i say i welcome this nfl investigation because i know the rules of the nfl, and i respect the rules and they are important to me, and so is what this report alleged that i did, is simply not
1:52 pm
true. it is fabricated, it is garbage, i can give you a long list of words for it, and i can guarantee you this investigation what it will find is absolutely a big fat nothing. so that's how i feel about it. >> the top four are all in action in the english premier league. a way to not expect 50 minutes time as dust the manchester city game, third place arsenal are hosting south hampton, no doubt as to the biggest fixture on tuesday. welcome liverpool, which coincidentally is one of the few team they lost to this season now is another kind of team, we play in our home our fans will push us very very hard i am confident i expect a lot, but we are ready to
1:53 pm
fight. >> it is obviously great what they are doing and i think now we play against them, and we are mott the first club, so we go there and want to challenge them. >> on friday, six months until the olympic games get underwayen but instead of celebrating the count down, organizers have been concerned about the spread of the zika virus. they reinforced the mosquito in the area is the type that spreads the virus. has ordered to be overshadowed with problems with severe water pollution and budget cuts we have a
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series showing us that the -- during winter time, that will be summer games but for us it will be winter time. >> and the 19 cricket world cup isn't usually controversy, but they are accused of behaving disgracefully, as they beat zimbabwe to reach the closing stages of the game in bangladesh. bangladesh with nine down at the time, needed just three runs of the final over and ran through broke the suchs running out and reaching as he backed up the move, while it is legal, is considered very unsportsman like, the decision was upheld, when the term comes from the round who ran out australian backsman during a testing in 1947.
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cycling authorities a few years ago about the possibility of motorized bikes comes after the belgium rider was found with a motor inside the bike in the world champion. he called for an increase in bike testing to root out on what some are calling mechanical doping. >> well, for the last few years there have been rumored about motors being concealed within bikes and it is a concern i have had, something i brought up with the independent commission when i sat down with them, it would be my advice that they implement controls the start checking bikes more regularly. >> 2012 time trial bronze medal and another man looking to qualify is qatar driver,
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for winning two titles he is also a hot shot when it comes to skeet shooting been the 45-year-old is placed at the rio grands as he competes in the asian qualifiers in deli. >> not easy, you know, when i start and i find myself one day practicing shooting and i said okay, this is the right sport to help me for driving. but i find also myself good in shooting and i say why not, to be one of the olympic in shooting. >> winter fan will now get the chance to meet the
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football legend, five-year-old went viral last month, when he was pictured wearing a blue and white bag with his name on it. e.lating the star's jersey. they have now contacted the boys family over a possible meeting. >> he became a fan by watching television, he alsod me to find a shirt with him with his name on it. but i couldn't find him the jersey because we live in a remote village, and his brother made a jersey for him and posted his photo on facebook. a heartwarming story to end the segment, back to london now. >> thank you very much indeed. and just time to remind you at our website, the address is, and that's updated 24 hours a day. that's it for me, this news hour, barbara sara will be here after the day of the rounds news, thank you for watching, bye for now.
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>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
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>> a major offensive by syrian troops and russian airstrikes on aleppo. but the opposition said that it's undermining talks in geneva. hello there, i'm barbara and you're watching aljazeera live from london. and also, the race to be the presidential candidate. and it's not donald trump. and yemen's national museum is destroyed by fire after two days of heavy shelling. and how the world health organization is stepping up in the fight against the zika