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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello there, this is the news hour live from london. coming up, saudi arabia says it is redirect examinationdy to send frowned troops to syria to participate in any operation in the u.s. led coalition, this as the government offensive drives thousands from aleppo, and world leaders pledge more than $10 billion to help the people of syria. italy summons the jinx ambassador after a missing student shows up dead showing signs of torture. sweden say as panel has
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decided that julian is unlawfully detained in a london empasssy. german police says carnival gets underway in colon. >> in doha with all of the sport news for you, including on the day, big changes are announced to the way world ticket is run. hoping it will revive again back home. >> we begin this hour with the announcement from saudi arabia, that it is ready to sound ground troops to syria to take part in any operation in the u.s. led coalition. hay say the kingdom is willing to provide support on the drowned, alongside coalition air vehicles which have been targeting the islamic state of iraq for the past 17 monos. he did not say how many troops would be sent.
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more on this now live from washington, obviously this is a message aimed at the united states, put the u.s. led coalition, but mainly the u.s., what reaction if any from the state department? >> well, first, the reaction is that the the officials here at the u.s. state department need to take a closer look at what brigadier general was saying in that interview earlier on thursday barbara but they do say that certainly if they want to increase their contribution to the coalition efforts to defeat isil, both inside iraq and certainly inside syria the u.s. would welcome it, however, when it comes to the specific question as to important ground troops may be advisable to have inside a country where the u.s. itself has said it is not going to deploy it's own drowned forces well that is something
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they are saying that he need to take a closer look at and consult with their counter parts over at the pentagon. now, the this part, we are getting word that the defense secretary who was visiting troops on the u.s. west coast, is indicating that he is aware of the reports of the saudi offer to send in ground forces and that certainly it would be a matter of discussion when he and others involved in the coalition mote in just about a week's time. >> and, of course, this comes against the back drop of talks rying to find some kind of solution being suspended for a few weeks, we have also seen advances by the syrian government, aided by russian air vehicle spues aleppo. how worries is the u.s. about these on the ground? >> well, one -- for one, yonker by said two reporters earlier on thursday, that everybody though the u.s. understands that this u.n.
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led negotiation is supposed to resume on february 25th, 3 weeks from today, the u.s. would very much like to see those talks resume much sooner. they want to get these talks doing, they are calling on the russian military to stop attack opposition forces inside syria, and to focus their energy if they are going to be inside syria, focus that energy on attacking isil targets. it is a very volatile situation, but the u.s. is still trying to say that talking that diplomacy is going to be the way to resolve this, not on doing military efforts, at least when it comes to resolving
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the civil war inside syria, not the separate fight rosalyn jordan with the latest thank you. which turkey's prime minister was backed by 350 air strikes. the city is now surrounded from forces from the south, and east, following advances and their allies. more now on the syrian border. >> hundreds of families have been forced from their homes displaced as a result of the on going government offensive in the northern country side. pictures have emerged, dramatic pictures of people heading towards the border in search for safety.
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what we understand is that some people headed to the country side, thousands of others took shelter in the kurdish enclave, which is in northern syria, and thousands of others headed towards the turkish border crossing what is known. we don't have exact numbers put according to the syrian observe story, up to 14,000 people have been displaced in the past few days, and their situation is dire. people are talking about heavy russian aerial bombardment. there has been civilian casualties over the past two days, people are scared and they are appealing to turkey to open the border. turkey has an open door policy, but over the last year, there have been stricting restrictions imposed, and the fact that turkey carries a heavy burden that order has been opened for emergency cases like i said there have been stricter restrictions. these people are appealing so that they can cross the border and at the same time,
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massive displacement. this government offensive hasn't even began. yes, they have broken the siege, but the army is eyeing wider territorial gains. they want to encircle the opposition held districts and what we also understand is that their aim is is to reach the border, because this is a way to weaken opposition. reach the border which has been their lifeline for so many years. >> that's the situation on the ground, meanwhile billions of dollars have been pledged to help syrians in need both inside and outside the war torn country. at a conference in london, 60 countries committed to give well over $10 billion for life saving aid four point 6 million syrians now live in neighboring countries like turkey, jordan, and iraq. the theory is proving conditions in these countries will stop the refugees wanting to travel on to europe. syrians accounted for 43% or
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the more than 100 refugees. barnabie phillips has more now on the conference in london. >> the u.n. calls it the worst humanitarian crisis since the second world war, new pictures from inside the town show a fragile young girl, apparently malnourished. and the body of a woman, a man is heard saying down with the u.n. and the talk of human rights. well, here the london there was much talk, but also at least the promise of action in the form of an enormous aired package. a upbeat note was struck at the end. >> today has been and is a day of hope, a day about saving lives, a day about building futures, a day about giving people the chance of a future. the chance of a life. >> there is the depressing assumption behind that, this the crisis will be with us
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for some time to come, and therefore, they node to look at long term assistance education and employment for millions in the long years before they can return home. from turkey, lebanon, and jordan, stark warnings, they cannot carry on looking after millions without more assistance. >> looking into the eyes of my people, and seeing the hardship and disstress they carry, i must tell you, we have reached other. i represent the people of jordan. their well being and safety are my first priority. our country will continue to do what we can do to help those indeed. but i cannot be at the expense of our own people's wealth. >> so there's something of a grand bargain on offer here, donors give more aid to the neighbors and in return they open up labor markets and
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ensure more syrian children two to school. as the norwegian prime minister told me in pointed remarks about one of the participants the real solution, is peace. >> confident building in syria, that means that the fighting has to decrease, and russia has to take responsibility to make sure there's a possibility for in negotiation. i don't think russia would like to stay on forever, in an expensive war in syria. >> but european countries in particular, have their own reasons to give generously here this corn finance made alleviate thing any, it is hard to believe that it will bring a lasting solution an closer. al jazeera in central london
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our diplomatic editor reports. >> there's no doubt the conference in london was somewhat overshadowed. as well as the business of raising money for the dark situation, the diplomates were dealing with another crisis, the first attempt at talks between the syrian government and the opposition for two years, lasted just a few days. the talks put on hold after being undermined by a massive military operation by the syrian government, backed by the aerial bombardment by russia. opposition members are not just incensed by that, they can't understand why u.s. secretary of state john kerry isn't being stronger than his condemnation, here just quoting the relevant u.n. security council resolution. how about anywhere teen?
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demands, that all parties immediately crease any attacks against civilians and civilian objects as such. including attacks against medical facilities and personnel and any indiscriminate use of weapons including through shelling, and aerial bombardment. >> russia has a responsibility as we all do parties to live up to it. >> his comments are very different from those made by the man standing next to him. earlier this week, he suggested russia might be helping the regime create a new ministate, dominated by the religious sect to which the asaad family belongs. at the london conference, the prime minister of the country his relations with russia have in recent months hit rock bottom, says will it be very hard to resume the geneva talks. >> we have a hard time to convince the opposition to
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support the effort in spite of the siege, and humanitarian crimes being committed there, but this time lit much more difficult our job i spoke to the special envoy as he arrived here, he said he wanted to give up full assessment to his boss, over the current situation the u.n. insiders tell me they know will it be extremely difficult to get the opposition back to the negotiating table, but they say postponing these talks was the only chance of keeping this process alive. >> al jazeera, london. >> the u.s. ambassador has defended the united states effort to end the syrian conflict samantha powers says her team at the u.n. has been working 24 hour as day to try to get access to the besieged areas we have a
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responsibility to get food to those people, we have called out russia and the syrian regime for doing what it is doing, what we have not done, which appears to be what you are asking for is gone to were with the regime. you have heard president obama speak to that over a long period of time. he does not have confidence, particularly in the war in iraq, that going to war in syria is going to bring about the political solution that we all seek we have used every tool in the tool box, short of getting involved militarily, and bombing the regime to try to bring this to an end. >> at least 28 soldiers have been killed by isil attacks in anbar province it is the third major attack in as many days. one car bomb targeted army barracks in ramadi that's where fighting has continues for months despite the claim that it controlled 95% of the city. the second attack also target
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add government base. by phone we spoke to a resident trapped inside the city, he has taken a great risk speaking to us as isil has banned all communication. >> now days they don't have the basic necessities for life. imagine a sack of fifth kilos would cost nearly 900 u.s. dollars and sometimes it is not available at all. some residents have to sell
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them just to wait wheel for fair families. >> one military analyst says the government has little choice but to lay siege to the town. >> there are no alternative plans, all the available funds by security forces are either to break in and cause huge civilian casualties or shelling it by mortars or air strikes and that would cause catastrophic results by losing basic infrastructure and human lives. he seems to be the lone voice. >> so far, aid agencies haven't commented oen the siege, as the government aren't allows journalists to visit the town, what is clear is the situation is desperate, and if i continues it will become a humanitarian disaster.
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al jazeera, baghdad. >> coming up in this news hour, an israeli court has found sentencing to two israeli teenagers found guilty of murdering a palestinian teenager. alexis with a nationwide walk out over cuts. they find themselves in a legal bat with their own federation. >> a prominent newspaper says a student found debt. went eight-year-old disappeared on january forty-five, nine days later his body was found dumped from a road. the editor says he had told him that he feared for his
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life. when president morsi of the muslim brotherhood was toppled. well to discuss the situation in egypt, i am joined from washington. he is with the middle east and north africa division of human rights watch, thank you for joining us here on al jazeera. so first of all, what do you make of the deaths in especially considering that he disappeared on january 25th, which is the anniversary of the revolution, and that it since transpired and was also working there as a journalist? >> well, that's the thing, we don't have confirmed information so far, about what happened. what we know is the context is very troubling and raising question, that same day of the revolution, in egypt, and during that same day, more than 5,000 homes and apartments were raided in kairo alone. by the recognition of the police itself. they said that the houses
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they raided were owned or occupied by people they suspected of various wrongdoings. and only because they were related one way or another to the january 5 revolution. so there is a mas.sive crack down it might have been linked to this. >> of course as you say there's a lot we don't know about the circumstances of the disappearance, and of course, we do of course know he was italian, and by mere virtue of the fact that he was not jones, he is a foreigner, we are talking about it now, he is in the headlines and he has been talked about around the world, but tell us a little bit about the situation, with disappearances with egyptians at least when it comes to journalists, we are talking about dozens that have been arrested.
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>> we are talking about hundreds who disappeared. and actually there's -- an egyptian coordination for rights and freedoms. for 2015 alone, claiming that more than 1,000 people have been forcibly disappeared. and between august and november, they say that people disappeared at an average rate of three a day. there's another organization called a freedom that follows the cases of many that were arrested. that counted 165 disappearances in only two months so the situation is really tragic right now. of course, whenever the police is asked about these cases they flat deny any relation with them. but two weeks ago something interested happened.
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so the situation when it comes to the disappearances and violations is just catastrophic by now. way more serious than it was under the rule of former president. >> very privately, if you can, there's very strong diplomatic links between egypt and italy, now the italian government wants to be part of the investigation, what is egypt's track record when it comes to investigating disappearances and killings like this one? >> well, we will see if this commission will be independent, we certainly hope it is, otherwise it will not be credible. but we certainly ask for an independent commission, and i think the italians are sticking to the same thing. >> mohammad middle east and north african division, thank
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you for sharing your views with us. >> the supreme court has suspended the sentence of a prisoner that has been on a hunger strike for 72 days. in protest that allowed to hold suspects without trial. the detention order was suspended due to his poor health. >> listen, please, don't be fool bedty israeli decision. don't let the call for solidarity die, we are oversoulerring. all of us, all the people used to tell me, although we are crushed, that they are astonished by our plight. please tell the world, my morale is high. put my body is very feeble, i am able to collapse, but i have hope thanks to god. >> two israeli teenagers found guilty of murdering a palestinian teenager have been sentenced.
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16-year-old palestinian was kidnapped beaten and burned to death in 2014. one of the convicted teens received a life sentence, the other was sentenced to 21 years in prison. we have this update. >> the family has reacted angry to the sentencing, in fact at 1 point, his mother stood up and started shouting at the courts saying that the sentences are too lenient, that one of the sentencing rather one of the minors that was sentenced to 21 years will be out many just a few years time. >> he has been ruled or
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rather found by the courts to have led the killing of mohammad but the reason he hasn't been convicted is that his lawyers have fouled an insanity plea. their ordeal is far from over. >> they say a u.n. legal panel will rule on friday that wikileaks founder is a victim of arbitrary detention. he has been in the embassy for more than four years. after 3 1/2 years holed up in the embassy. >> as wikileaks bows under pressure.
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>> to the arbitrary detention group in 2014, claiming that his stay at the embassy was effectively a detention. because if he fries to leave, he faces media rest. the group here is almost certain to rule in his favor, it presents the official findings on friday, one of the swedish lawyers is now calling for his immediate release. i see no other way out of this. and the prosecutor to rebut to cancel the decision, to detain him in absentia and to close the case. >> the swedish government already says that it disagrees with the ruling so too does the u.k. it is unclear what influence if any the u.n. findings are likely to have on the british government, who say this isn't an unlawful detention or an arbitrary detention, but is instead a voluntary
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decision to evade arrest by staying on here in the embassy. the british government also says they are obliged to extradite him because of serious allegations of rape in sweden. >> he denied the allegations he believed he will be handed over to washington if he is sent to sweden, and has agreed to face questioning but only from within the embassy, and only by prosecutors. the organization posted thousands of secret american government files on the internet, exposing classified and often embarrassing details about world governments. he has always said he believed the embassy if he lost his appeal, he is now expected to demand the right to travel to central london qaadir, where he has been granted asylum. as the ruling isn't legally binding the police say they will make every effort to arrest him. al jazeera, in the embassy, london. >> some protestors threw
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stones at police, and set fire to cars, the protests proud@thens to a virtual stand still, as people express their anger at austerity measures. more now from athens. >> this is the third general strike. like the others it's been initiated by the communist party, which has a vested interest in showing off the government. but unlike the other two, it has broad support from the class and the country's side. they are angry about the government's proposed social security overhaul it would charge 1 million taxpayers, effectively doubling their taxation. freelance professionals and farmers say that abiding by the law would put them out of
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physical. and that would obviously undermine the very purpose of the law which is to balance the government. >> still to come in this hour, a scientific scramble in brazil to find a way to fight the zika virus. pleading the fifth, what this man did and didn't say to accusations that his former government hiked drug prices by 5000%. and in sport, ahead of super bowl l, we hear from carolina panthers quarterback cam newton, about his plans to become the biggest star.
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>> understanding the epidemic.
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>> it was terrifying. >> it's like navigating a minefield. >> go inside the new medical breakthrough. >> you had quite a reaction there. >> that's crazy. >> i really feel my life changing. >> the freedom is unbelievable. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> ...can affect and surpise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity... >> only on al jazeera america. fleeing the northern country side after the air strikes by government troops. saudi arabia now says it is ready to send drowned troops to syria for any operation by the coalition against isil. in london, an international donor conference has raised more than $10 billion to help
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displaced syrians. the italian communist manifesto says that 28-year-old student found dead was writing for the public case under a pseudonym. >> serbia is seen the crisis as an opportunity. the government feels that by welcoming refugees it is proving it deserves to join the e.u. from belgrade, here is lawrence lee. >> these are the refugees by europe, because they are from the wrong place. but it got so far they can't leave serbia, and the algerian transports making it forward and back.
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>> . >> turns the crisis into an
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opportunity. >> the lobbies says it has behaved in a far less horrible way, than some of the neighbors and why should they be in the union and we are not. and of course the biggest iremy is that they are arguing this is exactly the point when they are starting to collapse, and serbia may be forced to -- while not even being in the european union. >> they spend the time lobbying for serbia. the broken systems are different for them. >> we have shown high levels of humanity, and treated migrants better than some members of the european union, we have shown we are qualified to join serbia has a problem, it has nowhere to house a few hundred, let alone a few thousand refugees and those here sleep in the path of the bus station, so what happens when they start expelling more and more.
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>> the lack of experience, lack -- all those coming especially and a lack of any kind of sense of intercontinental migration. >> >> al jazeera belgrade. >> thousands of people have begun celebrating carnival week across western germany. more than 1 million party goers will visit the city over the next few days. this years festivities are taking place under a crowd of anxiety following the allegations of mass sexual assault on new year's eve. dominic cane sent us this report. >> an opportunity seized on,
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but this year the festivity is tempers with concern over public safety. the allegations of mass assault on new year's eve linger on. while some people have alters their outlook, others have not. >> no, my friends drink was spiked she had to go to the tent, and now we are on our way home, we will be happy once we are home. >> f some degree i will say they are out of stress, with the police around, it is not okay. >> i would say it has never been to carnival, but we had fun anyway, and we keep on going, making sure nothing will happen. >> and all the rev hers here
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for carnival. >> to that end, they have drafted in 2 1/2 thousand officers. >> the eyes of their world have been drawn to their city. >> we are doing everything to reaccomplish colonias a wonderful city of open, tolerance, and multiculturism, many people are different nationalities and religions are celebrating together this is our tradition to sing songs during our carnival. personals estimate that
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carnival will bring way more than 1 million revelers to the streets. whether the police can re-establish this city's safe reputation, will soon be clear. dominic cane, al jazeera. colon. >> the u.n. says more peace keeping troops in the central african republic have been accused of sexually abusing locals. they have been confined to their barracks. seven new suspected victims including five children have been identified asy in the country's central region. >> spain has reported the first european case of a pregnant woman being diagnosed with the zika virus after returning from south america. as the virus spread they are scrambling to confirm whether there is a link with thousands of babies born with ab normally small heads.
4:39 pm
our latin american editor reports now from the cities, on the latest many h the search efforts. >> it is very value time, but there's nothing festive. scores of pregnant women whose babies are being diagnosed with microcephaly. rebecca who caught the virus in her second month is a prime suspect. >> your baby's head looks normal so far, but it is too early so know for sure. >> more and more people are being infected by the virus, and every day more mothers are giving birth to babies with microcephaly, in the absence of conclusive evidence linking the two, the speculation about the possibility consequences of the zika virus is spreading as quickly as the epidemic itself we travels to try to get some answers.
4:40 pm
some researchers at the forfront of the investigation into this little known virus pregnant mice are being infected to see if they will develop brain lesions, but it is too soon to reach any conclusions meanwhile, women all over the americas are anxious to know if an infected person is safe to get pregnant months or years after the virus has left the bloodstream. >> could that person still carry the zika virus, and can they pass it on to her child. >> that is a very good question, and we don't have an answer for that. like nine months or ten months after the first infection. >> we don't send soldiers. you need to send the entire thing you have, the army, the navy, the director of the
4:41 pm
medical research center is optimist take the virus proximity to dengue, which they recently discovered a vaccine could speed up the process. >> people start working right now and compare due to the fact that we no many things we could use it for zika, and perhaps in the near future we will have candidates of a zika vaccine. >>s a researchers work around the clock to unravel the mysteries they admit there are many questions than answers they cannot confirm or rule out that the virus could be sexually transmitted through semen. or that children can suffer brain lesions if they become infections at a young age. they need more time and money for research. back in general hospital, rebecca puts on a brave face, as she receives a sonogram photo of julia, her still unborn daughter. not knowing what the final
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diagnosis will be when she returned. al jazeera. >> around the world oil producing countries and companies are reeling from the record plunge in the price of oil. shell announced it is cutting 10,000 jobs, it has been a strong contributor the the u.k. economy, but more than 55,000 jobs have been lost in a little over a year, emma hayward traveled to the heart hands of northeast scotland to meet some of those effects. >> they should be far out in the north sea, instead these rigs are waiting for the next job, if it ever comes. with 30 years experience, kenneth little mows the feeling, he has dedicated his life to the oil industry, but a few weeks ago, he was told his contract would be finished months early. his family says the casualty
4:43 pm
of a global oil crisis slump it cotes so much less to fill up the tank, people don't realize that the cost of that coming down has an impact on the number of jobs out there. >> oil began pumping from beneath the knot sea back in the 70's, it is never been easy to extract but it is supported hundreds of thousands of jobs across the u.k. the discovery of oil out there in the north sea, more than 40 years ago, has helped bring in billions of dollars of revenue to the whole of the u.k., it also changed the porches of some people living here. this crisis then, is being felt on and offshore. further south, the oil capitol is suffering though, with jobs going and many more at risk.
4:44 pm
>> we are seeing retail activity down, you are seeing hotel occupancy down, you are seeing taxi drivers jobs effected so it is very real in terms of the impact on the industry and the community we soon found there are many other industries that we can supply too this company has been supplying pipelines since the 70's, but is now diversitying into new markets. >> rather than look at it in a negative sent, we are looking at this as an opportunity to grow our business, and also in the international sectors. but we are focusing on nuclear real utilities other areas that necessarily are not effected by oil. >> there is a sense here that the industry is entering unchartered waters. this believed to be half as much oil left in the north sea than is already been extracted. but with a global oversupply
4:45 pm
of energy, it might be politics that determines the future of the industry in scotland, al jazeera, on the northeast coast of scotland. the exact details of it haven't been released. the u.s. says it is concerned about the nuclear and missile development. the rocket will carry a satellite. former drugs c.e.o. has refused. he will speak over a controversy price hike. he took the fifth amendment right to remain silent in front of the committee in washington, d.c., and his company raised the price of a drug used to treat h.i.v. patients by more than 5000% last august this is currently out on bail on unrelated fraud charges relating to
4:46 pm
another of his former companies. a lot more to customer on the news hour, including. >> why south koreans are the biggest liquor drinkers in p the world. and we will tell you what happened when a wind surfer took on the biggest wave ms. the world. amazing details coming up in sport with robin.
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the biggest drinkers on the earth. steve reports. >> only drunk patrol with police. officer hazel chung and her partner have been called to this coffee shop. where patrons report someone in urgent need of help. >> they find her, heavily intoxicated. and passed out in the bathroom. they carry here to the patrol car and they will take her to medics. cheers. >> cheers. >> up until now, korean men have been the heavy drinkerring. every night south koreans
4:49 pm
consume 7 million bottles a local alcohol made from rice. a number of calls is overall increasing, but women maim up most our calls now. on any given evening young women can be seen stumbling 80, drunk, out of their minds. >> many people say a big part of the rob is the availability of liquor, it can be found pretty well 24/7 anywhere, and the cost only $1 a pottle. a 25 other alcoholics have launch add class action lawsuit against liquor companies. accused them of using celebrities to lure young women into drinking. >> people obviously look at this and see celebrities down liquor. naturally it encouragers
4:50 pm
consumers to drink more. university students and her friends argue partying and binge drinking helps relieve stress. >> she studies 18 hours a day, and with youth suicide rates here the heightest in many the developed world, she says drinking is good for mental health. >> do you ever see a day when south koreans will drink less? >> absolutely not. liquor is something that is naturally shared between friends and family, i think korean drinking culture is very uplifting, i don't think the day will ever come, nor should it. >> they deny the alcohol young effects but they argue that women are simply joining in on an old practice, one that provides the necessary
4:51 pm
escape, no matter the risk. al jazeera, seoul. >> you can see the full investigation, on 101 east that's south korea's hang over, that is on air in just over 40 minutes. here is all the sport with robin. >> thank you very much, it's been announced that the three most powerful nations in the world correct, india, and australia will no long vera permanent place on the executive committee of the sports governing body, the i.c.c., two years ago, the big three pushes through measures that guaranteed them 80% of the revenue, it also gave them more power, since a change of leadership, members have now decided not to allowing over the running out the sport. that decision came in dubai, also some of the games biggest names are taking part in the 20 pakistani super
4:52 pm
league, which got underway on thursday. international stars as well as the home favorites have been recruited to play in the tournament. in game one the united team that is a first, scored 128, for seven in their 20, and the gladiators just 16 over to chase it down and recorded the first win of the tournament. let's hope the franchised base event will reenergize the game back home in pakistan, the country has been starved of meaningful cricket for seven years mow, and this is the reason why, the sri lanka team back in march 2009, the resulted in international teams being refused to play in the country. one month later, the 2011 cricket world cup, and november 2010, they played in dubai, pakistan has been there ever since. and in may last year,
4:53 pm
zimbabwe played a limited in the pakistan, it was the first tour by a test playing nation since those attacks. of course, in spain, the first leg of the race, semifinal clash, on half time at the ramon. kevin met there twice in the 60 and 60 second minutes and michael scored the final goal in the 87th minute with a comfortable win. let's stay with football, beaten ivory coast to reach the point of the african nation's champion. marty grabbing a late goal in 18 minute to win the match. u.s. suffers governing body is taking league action against the women's national team to stop a potential
4:54 pm
player strike. it is the latest move in an on going dispute between the women's world cup team, wanted to enforce a labor treatment, which ran out four years ago. they say that it amended rubles that have been put in place, and they should be honored. it could take two months for the ruling to be made. the women's soccer log season and possibly even the hurt's participation in the rio olympics. >> golf now defending champion two shots off the pace of the opening round of the dubai desert classic, two from an opening hole bogie to make three birdies on the four hole stretch. they finished up on 68, four under atop the leader board, mcilroy is looking for a third set having won last year's tournament, and also the end of the season, world champion in november. >> i have a lot of my shots like that, i thought i had an idea, that it was going to go in the water, it came off way
4:55 pm
too hot for my liking, but i stay positive, i had a great shot, so i said that my colleague before i had my third shot, recommending the birdie here and i was able to do that, and had a couple of big shots that set me up for birdies for the most part i was pleased, i just need to tidy it off little bit, and i should have a good week. >> the broncos quarterback is setting his carolina panthers counter part to be named this season's mvp, cam newton has been the most dynamic player this season, with 55 touch down ten touch down runs in the regular season, and added five more in the playoffs. he will be making the super bowl debut on sunday. those people are saying that you are to the nfl what usain bolt is to the olympics. >> what? >> how do you feel about
4:56 pm
that? >> really? >> yes. >> i got an opportunity to meet him last year, he is a cool guy. he is like real cool. like internationally cool. i am just locally cool, you know. usain is -- he is jamaica, so i don't know. that's just -- that's an honor, man. >> the portuguese player some of the biggest waves in the world, event year it draws hundreds of top surfers to challenge themselves against the giant swell, but for the first time, wind suffering have concurred the break. took a year of preparations to ride the high waves. they now hope to come back again with the swell at it's peek in early january, and can reach a height of 20 meters or more. >> my goal, i think now, or my goal i should definitely now is to come back here, again, on another huge swell,
4:57 pm
and try and kind of break maybe -- if i am lucky break a record with the biggest wave. >> it looks very very excited. >> robin, thank you. sweden's community have won a long running legal battle over hunting and fishing rights on their land. they were contested a 1993 law that allowed nonfamilies to hunt and fish on their territory, now 5,500 square kilometers of land belonging to the reindeer herders will be their exclusive hunting ground. they have lived in scanned may yeah since the last ice age 10,000 years ago. more on that, and everything else we have been covering on our web side, the address you can see our top story there, serious humanitarian situation, we will bring you more on that and diplomatic developments in a few minutes hope you can join me then.
4:58 pm
>> why did scott take his own life? >> the jail. >> some people might be scared to speak out but i'm not. i'm telling the truth.
4:59 pm
>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
5:00 pm
thousands of syrians flee aleppo as they pledge more than $3 billion to help displaced civilians. hello there, you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up, italy summons the egyptian ambassador after a missing student turned up dead. showing signs of torture. sweden says a u.n. panel has decided that wikileaks founder is unlawfully detained in a london embassy.