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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. >> let's talk about the issues. let's talk about the issues that divide us and let's... >> let's talk about issues. >> wet don't agree with the reform. >> i worked hard. i don't want to reverse. hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head from national issues to parental attacks. what voters learn before the primaries in new hampshire. also... >> on the advice of council i invoke my fifth amendment date refusing to testify. a c.e.o. that increased the
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price of a drug appears before congress. raising money for sarians trying to escape war, a pledge from countries around the world. and... >> the entire community has been evacuated. the total is easily a billion. >> a health emergency turning into a financial one. the impact of a gas leak in los angeles, what it's having on the economy. democratic candidates wrapped up their debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring up on a variety of issues. at times it was heated. lisa stark joins us. what were the most contentious moments, tangled over who is a progressive and who is running a
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cleaner campaign. >> this was a feisty debate, the first time the two candidates went toe to toe without a democratic contender on the stage. it showed. who is a progressive? >> hillary clinton said "i'm a progressive that can get things done", and she accused bernie sanders of being a gatekeeper. sanders fought back. here is what he had to say. >> you forget it with your topic. >> one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk, walk the walk. i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super-pact, who does not have wall street commercial interests. >> reporter: and bernie sanders reportedly hit hillary clinton on the point that she is beholden, she's raising money
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from wall street, made a lot of funny on speeches. this is one of the sharpest retorts from hillary clinton. >> i really don't thing he's attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you have something to say. say it. directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a vote because of any donation that i have received and you know hillary clinton made a lot of funny doing speeches, including money from goldman sacks, she was asked if she'd release a transcript of paid speeches, she said i'll look into it while clinton and sanders mostly agree on domestic issues, there are issues on foreign policy, and they came out tonight. >> they did, indeed. this is one of hillary clinton's
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strong suits. she was the secretary of state. she appealed to the voters saying look, that's is what is important. >> when new hampshire voters gone on suez to cast the vote. there's no way to predict what comes in the door of the white house, posing a threat. i think this is a big part of the job interview that we are conducting. >> sanders, of course, reminded the audience what he said before. when we voted on the authorisation to go to war on iraq. i voted against you, it for it. that is what is importance. >> take a listen. >> the clinton, secretary of state for four years has more experience. that is not arguable. experience is not the only
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thing. judgment is, one of us voted the right which, and one didn't. >> what matters, of course, is judgment. that was his point. one last point i want to make. the secretary has been dogged by the email controversy. at the beginning of the debate, sanders said this is a nonissue. he did not rise to the debate. he was asked whether to take secretary clinton on. >> bernie sanders said he was not attacking her. he did not. the voters in new hampshire was treated to a lively debate. >> more analysis coming ultimate. lisa stark from new hampshire,
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the debate on the day of a poll on the dehli campaign. public policy polling says hillary clinton has a sizeable lead over bernie sanders, but he is up 4 points. it's a 3-man race on the republican side. donald trump is in the lead, down. ted cruz and marco rubio have 211%. republican dehli candidate ben carson is downsizing his campaign, the neurosurgeon gutting 50%s. reducing salaries. and may furn to commercial sights. >> joining us from los angeles is michael shure, the al jazeera political correspondence. republicans have been criticized for pandering to their base. all this fighting over who is a progressive. >> in a sense, this is, these are rhyme ris, what happened is
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that the -- primaries, what happened is that bernie sanders polled some of the voters into the process. it didn't happen as much with president obama and bill clinton. it was not just progressives, it was new voters, it was african-americans voting in numbers not seen before. if you had involvement. turn out in iowa, that is happying. that is what you do in the caucuses and a primary, you bander to the voters. let's talk about the polls coming out nationally and in new hampshire. on the democratic side, sanders gaining, hillary dropping. >> there's a chance, it's not likely. you look at iowa and new hampshire. there has been a big lead up to
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the issue. now they come rapid fire, now the organizations, is has to by replicated. it's not impossible, but it's a different game. you haven't had as much time to contain in the place, and they had the leads. the leads referred to are all coming in states where sanders hasn't had the time to, you know, be out there campaigning. on the republican side. they are dropping, riding, crews not having a bump in iowa, and bad news for cifrty, kassig and -- christy, kassig and bush. danger for the republicans, in that tcandidates appear to focu on marco rubio, and could hurt the candidate those three are likely to endorse. >> that's probably true. >> when you look at the three
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guys, kassig, christy and bush, they know the biggest chance happens, especially for kassig and christy, they don't have the same money that justice bush does, marco rubio coles out of iowa -- comes outs of iowa, very rare we see someone come in third. there were different camps of republicans. they have to go after rubio. let's see a chris christie add against rubio. a little bit of it. it's coming in a second. >> okay. >> must be prepared to leave. i know jed, i know - marco rubio - a top accomplishment what made you decide to endorse him. number one, win a tough election. >> did he name his accomplishment. >> my feeling is someone that has tremendous potential and
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gifts, it's hard to see the accomplishment. the republicans have been there for a year and one month. he was running for president. >> just one. >> marco achieved. maybe a bill that he wrote. >> donald trump built a company. marco rubio finished a sentence. >> you can't say nothing got done. there is it a bogus argument. >> all i'm asking is a simple question michael, long ad using morning joe there against rubio, putting up rick santorum. >> with friend like rick. it was an unfortunate situation for santorum. but paints a picture that his opponents want to paint to marco rubio, that he has been in the senate for a short period of time. he didn't do anything. three governors tried to prove that point.
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saying they have a toirnt. it's very effective and clever. >> the former governor campaigning with his mother. jed bush changing tactics. good to talk to you soon. >> hillary clinton is apparently not the only secretary of state receiving classified emails on a personal account. the state department says her two predecessors received emails with classified information. 10 messages were sent to senior aids while she was in office. powell got two emails. powell denied it was sensitive. neither was cop secret. president obama proposed a $10 tax on oil. the white house says it's an empt to reduce carbon emissions and collect funds for mass transit investment.
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the fee would be paid by all companies and phased in over five years and would be passed on to consumers, the proposal will be dead on arrival at the house of relate tifs. the former drug company c easement o known for -- c.e.o. known for increasing pill prices cas called before congress. martin screly refused to answer questions, at times smirking. >> reporter: martin celly house members got no answers. >> what do you say to the single pregnant woman who might have aids, no income.
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>> what do you say to her? >> on the advice of counsel i invoke the fifth amendment. privilege against self-incrimination and decline to answer that question. >> reporter: it was. repeated over and over. >> reporter: do you think you have done anything wrong. >> on the advice of counsel i revoke my fifth amendment trifling. >> members of the committee pressed him on why he raised the price of daraprin. arrived him instead to be an advocate for patients. >> the way i see it, you can go down history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executives, or you can change the system. yes, you. your detailed knowledge about drug companies and the system we have today. and i truly believe - are you
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listening? >> yes. >> thank you. i truly believe you could become a force of tremendous good. >> pause for a moment as mr screly is escorted out. >> reporter: screly's decision not to testify and his actions infuriated committee members who released him after 10 minutes. >> i don't think i have seen such a committee treated with contempt. >> screly was quiet in the hearing, but took to twitter to mock committee members, writing his lawyers did the talking for him. >> on balance, the end of the story he will be, in my view beclear, though the criminal charges have nothing to do with dara prison, and i think you will see that he has saved lives by his brilliance. >> reporter: his appearance thursday morning didn't win any fans in congress. a potential north korean
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rocket launch is posing a challenge to the pentagon, minimising the danger from the regime without triggering war. ash carter's take next. and international leaders pledge billions to help the victims of syria's civil war, a day after talks to end the war fell apart.
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a federal grand jury indicted people involved in occupation in a wildlife refuge, ammon bundy and 15 others are face counts of impeding officers of the united states. four suspects in the indictment are at the refuge and refuse to surrender. >> north korea's plan to launch a rocket is causing international outrage. pyongyang says it's trying to put a satellite into space. japan and south korea say it's a missile test and shoot down the
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rocket if if crosses into territory. as jamie mcintyre explains, the pentagon says the u.s. to not planning a military response. >> reporter: this book defense secretary ash carter cited north korea as number three on the top five list of threats in the united states. causing them a serious concern. carter did not have a plan about what to do about it except to say what was needed is strong deterrence. it's a strong apply from what ash carter advocated a decade ago at the pentagon. >> north korea launched tests before. back then in 2006, harvard professor ash carter knew how to respond to the threat. take out the north korean missile with a sea launch missile while on the launch pad.
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writing in a 'washington post' op ed, kart area argued that: when i asked carter about the wisdom of a pre-emptive strike, he made it clear it was not something he wanted to revisit. a few years ago, when you were in public office, you wrote a compelling bid with secretary kerry, advocating that the north korean missile be taken out on a launchpad before it was contested. are you thinking about the change? >> i don't have anything new for you on that.
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we are always concerned about north korean before and provocations of all kinds. >> reporter: when i pressed the point, carter ignored by follow up and pointed to another supporter. >> what about the argument about the pre-emptive strike. i argued convincingly. $week as he rolled out the economic budget. carter faced the question again. his answer... that was a different circumstance. it was a test launch. my policy was we were not to tolerate it. we were trying to figure out how to not tolerate it. then as now, north korea was still seeking to develop the nuclear warhead small enough to fit on the long-range missile capable of reaching the united states. then professor carter argued a pre-emptive strike would create little risk writing:
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>> it is now a risk secretary carter is not quick to dismiss. . >> i have to remind you rks we are on the korean peninsula, we will win. no question about it. it is a very, very savage and intense car. -- war. >> now that ash carter is second in the military command, he's privy to clifford pennington war simulations in the war in the korean peninsula, which could result in 1 million casualties and destruction of the capital, seoul. there is, of course, another big difference between now and 10 years ago, then carter was an academic outsider whose advice could be ignored. now he's in a position of high responsibility where loose talks about pre-emptive strikes and war could risk real lives and
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where miscalculation could spell disaster. >> xi jinping at the pentagon. world leaguers pledged billions for the beleaguered people of syria. the donor conference wrapped up. they promised more than $10 billion to ease the crisis. >> never has the international community raised so much funny in a single day for a single crisis. the conference has been a great success. >> reporter: the u.s. pledged $9 billion in aid bringing spending on the syrian crisis to $5 billion. >> the red cross delivered food and medical supplies to a town in damascus, 50,000 say they have little food and no way to heat their homes. only three weeks worth were delivered. the red cross needs access to the town and others besieged
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because of the war. >> the huge gas leak in the parta ranch area of los angeles is not just causing health problems, but ruining businesses and threatening the local economy. locals have filed a billion dollar lawsuit. >> millions of potentially faulty air bags have been recalled. this time it's a different company warning of safety devices.
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another company is involved, continental automotive systems said it supplied several automakers with airbag control units. they may have been installed in as many as 5 million vehicles. up to 2 million. honda announced it would recall 2 million vehicles.
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flori florida - a fifth country, broward, has been added to the emergency declaration. 12 floridians have been diagnosed with the disease, all contracting it while travelling outside the u.s. it is suspected of causing brain deformities in babies. a methane gas leek in a los angeles neighbourhood sickened hundreds. it had a major impact on businesses. they are now fighting back. at the garden salon in porta ranch, empty chairs are the norm in what used to be a thriving business. >> on a thursday you see every chair, someone is there, and all the chairs filled up. phone calls would not stop ridging. >> this company has dropped nearly 60% since the gas leak. >> most of the customers moved away.
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. >> they miss coming here. every time we come here, they catch up on everything, and it's good to see them every once in a blue moon. >> the salon is one of several small businesses taking part in a class action lawsuit against southern california gas, and their parent company. the attorney patricia oliver is overseeing the lawsuit, aiming to collect a billion in damages. >> i don't think it's far-fetched to expect them to recover. when you talk about a community that is evacuated and businesses that suffered losses. the combined total is a billion. with several businesses on the brink of shutting down, the development center is offering small business loans, up to $250,000 to keep them afloat during the crisis. >> every business protested the notion of a small business loan. they don't know when the foot traffic will be back. >> it is affecting porta ranch
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real estate. the empty house has been on the market for four months. >> they are staying on the market a little longer. when we look at the same time period last year, homes were on the market a shorter time period last year an currently, and that has to do with perception of the leak. >> real estate breaker says he's losing clients because two banks halted lending. >> there are a couple of large banks that are not lending. there are a few smaller banks that do. the perception is that i can't get a loan. that will stop some people from buying. >> with buyers on the sideline, stewart and realtors are joining the class action lawsuit, hoping to recoup losses. >> i started marketing here. people know me, it is hard for me to close my business in real
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estate and go to another area. >> with the wealth leaking methane, businesses and real estate are uncertain at best president obama welcomed the raining n.b.a. champions to the white house. the golden state warriors presented him with a number 44 jersey. the president responded by changing league m.v.p. steph curry to a rematch of a golf game they played last year. >> by the way, for the record - i heard during this summer, after our golf game, that steph was using the excuse of secret service being intimidating for why he lost the match. that is not the case. [ laughs ] >> but he will have ner opportunity the president told the warriors he enjoys watching them
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play, but said the chigago bulls are still his favourite team i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us, for the latest news any time head to ray suarez is next with "inside story". have a great night. it's one of the mos reliable lines. no matter what is at hand, spri nshg kle praise for the proopers. at a time when we have dealt with a confused health system, high rates of suicide, homelessness, unemployment and lingering scars of more than a decade of war do our leaders seem more interested in feel