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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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north korea's rocket launch, world leaders are far from impressed. the world news from al jazeera. also ahead, the search goes on for survivors as safety standards are questioned in the wake of taiwan said earthquake. still anger on the streets despite haiti's outgoing president striking a deal with president. less unknown u.s. presidential hopefuls ejecting republican and democratic
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patterns. north carolina launched a long-range rocket into space from a base in the northwest. there's been widespread condemnation. they say the launch is cover for testing a new missile technology. harry fossett has more from seoul. >> north carolina had already brought its week long launch window forward by a day and wasn't wasting time. just two hours into a window, the rocket carrying the bright star satellite lifted off. all overseen by the country says young leader and relayed by it's most famous news reader. >> the complete success made in the liftoff is great work and attached important. it's an event developing the country's science, technology
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and defense capability. >> it's that defense capability that worries world powers. a rocket that launch as satellite could carry a nuclear warhead. even this one slow to fuel and hard to conceal. >> this doesn't have military applications, but some of the applications, some of the technologies, some of the systems and sub systems, they could use for the military programs. >> south korea's president convened her national security council calling the launch an unnecessary prove occasion. >> recognizing the nuclear threat as a threat to world peace, the security council should quickly come up with strong sakes. >> seoul announced it would start cooperation with the united states. >> that's a signal to china.
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beijing is opposed to the fad system so close to its territory. united states and south carolina are trying to pressure china to get tough on its ally. >> kim jong-un has mailed the pursuit of economic success and weapons the principle of his rule. on sunday, there was celebration. this launch comes at the start of the lunar no year and a day before the birthday of kim john un's father, kim jong-il. >> the united arab emirate is ready to send ground troops to fight isil. it is the third gulf nation to say so, following saudi arabia and bahrain. they are already part of the bombing campaign in syria and iraq. syria said it will fight back
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what it calls a ground incursion into its territory. >> many are stuck on the frontier after fleeing a syrian government offensive near aleppo. ankara is providing food and shelter but not letting them cross the worder. let's hear now from the turkish city on the syrian border. steph, what is the situation with these refugees? what kind of numbers are we talking about? >> what we're told by turkish officials, they believe around 10,000. this his in line with others we have been speaking to trying to figure out how many are across this border in the kind of buffer zone. they are not allowed in. trucks are being allowed in and out, that's good pretty much all day long. it looks like metal scaffolding, something i think will be used on the other side to build more tents. we spoke to an official that said this is part of the
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management agency. he said we can provide for them in that area as well as here, providing them with tents, food and shelter. it is incredibly cold. people don't feel safe there. he said they've started the registration process. we did see a truck passing earlier on today, also part of unhcr where they will register people on the other side. it is a security concern now. we heard from the turkish president saying that he expects 10,000 more, 70,000 he mentioned if this offensive goes on which of course it is very active. at the moment, the borders remain closed and the turkish government saying they can handle it very well on the soar side. they already do host 2.5 million refugees in this country. in the six years of this war, it is still an extremely difficult situation for the people, humanitarian catastrophe been called by many sides, but certainly not showing any signs
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of stopping. >> that's steph decker on the syrian-turkish border. suspresidential hopefuls squared off in their latest debate. florida senator marco rubio faced the strongest attacks from rivals trying to stem his growing popularity. it is donald trump who's the front runner in new hampshire. more than a third of adults in the beyond say they are neither republican nor democratic. the majority of americans have consistently told pollsters they want a third political party. we went to new jersey in search of some of the alternatives. >> hey, how are you doing today? making america healthy again. >> anyone in the u.s. has a right to run for president. this health food restaurant owner is registered with the federal election commission for 2016. >> it's the american dream, you can be whatever you want to be. >> but can you? can you become president?
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>> that's the challenge. that's another reason i'm on this platform, it's for the people by the people. we want regular citizens running or country. if a hard working american can't become president, it eliminates 99% of our country, the 1% runs the 99. >> social stability promised in the american dream long ago disappeared. election after election has shown only a few can viewably run for the country's highest office. >> we need a new way forward that is not bath and paid for by predatory banks, by fossil fuel giants and by war profiteers to run the system. >> she was on the ballot for nearly 85% of u.s. voters. in 2016, shed it may be 95 to 100% of voters. >> even if a third party navigates 50 sets of electoral rules to get on each state's
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ballot, newspapers are indifferent or hostile. the lib about her tearian and independent parties are alleging the presidential elections are rigged so only two parties of heard. bringing reaction joe biden jib quality to the mainstream registers discontent. >> we didn't know the berlin wall was going to come down and it did. we didn't know a lot of things were going to happen that did happen in history. things do eventually change. >> for the greens, it was better than sand platform so similar to theirs. the democratic establishment will assure he is not the nominee, he said, but if he is, he would be just one mano posed to the machinery's goals. >> it's like helping a friend break up with an abusive relationship. how long will you keep making excuses for a political party
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that is pushing you over the cliff? >> the u.s. mainstream media has been discussing an alternative to the republicans and democrats but it's michael bloomberg, the billionaire tycoon. those really hoping to challenge the establishment say a real breakthrough is possible. >> that is perfecto. >> can it be perfect yore for the third party? >> they are always hoping for the breakthrough. in the era of social media, in the era of huge disconsent with the establishment, with the republicans and democrats, third parties, settive forces do feel that is gathering pace. that is what the subject is in new hampshire, it's new hampshire, convention, all about not just the elections being rigged by big money. we were joined by can weeks, one of the organizers of this
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convention. are you saying that this focus on the horse race, the question by rubio and cruz all is irrelevant when no change is possible because the system i guess rigged. >> that's right. we are here at political ground 02 days before new hampshire voters go to the polls to send a clear message to all the presidential candidates, republicans, democrats that the system is broken, is rigged and we need the big money out of politics from billionaires and corporations that is corrupting our government. none of the big issues can be addressed until we fix this underlying corruption in our system. >> we issued a we the people pledge. it's a six part agenda that would take the big money out and replace it with money from ordinary citizens so that our owe open the means by which we elect our leaders is representative. we need to overturn the citizens
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united supreme court ruling. we need a system of small donor public campaigns. >> that allowed businesses to be thought of as people with their own democratic voice. >> it gave corporation the same free speech rights as individuals, forgetting the fact that they have billions at their disposal when most ordinary citizens have nothing at all to spend on politics. >> go on with your list. >> we need to close the resolving door where members of congress cash in on their influence and become lobbyists. we need to modernize voting for the present day so no one is prevented from going to the polls. there is a whole menu of reforms. >> even when he we have candidates like bernie sanders saying the system is corrupt, that it's kind of pointless, because even if they were to become president, there's an entire system against them. is there any point in voting at all? >> when we cease to vote, we give up our power and may as well sit home and watch our
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country go down. what we must demand as voters is that the candidates commit to addressing this issue first. it's the first issue that has to be fixed before we can fix the rest, so the political revolution that bernie sanders speaks of, the very comprehensive plan secretary clinton has released on the issue would take us much further. that's partly in response to the thousands of citizens of new hampshire who have marched across the state on cold winter days like today to force this issue into the national debate. >> thank you very much. nick, there is this uprising underway, certainly in this convention tended and across the united states to really try and get true representative democracy in the united states. >> thanks very much indeed. still to come, back in business, why the reopening of this border crossing is so important. under threat, the serbian
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project that helps disabled people find jobs.
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north korea launched a long-range rocket into space. south korea condemned the action and will begin talks with the u.s. on a new missile defense system. the u.n. security council will hold a meeting later on sunday. unit arab emirates is ready to send ground troops to syria to fight isil, it is the third gulf nation to say so following
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saudi arabia and bahrain. turkey is ready to let in tens of thousands of syrian refugees trapped on its border if necessary. they are stuck on the frontier after freeing a government offensive near aleppo. i spoke to the syrian civil defense, an independent humanitarian organization funded by international donors, including the u.k. and united states. it is the only countrywide organization of syrian nationals trained for search and rescue and mainly operates in areas outside government control. the head of that group in aleppo started by explaining the situation there. >> at the moment, the situation on the ground is very dire. we see the regime forces advancing. they are backed and supported by the russian bombardment on the northern country side. the situation is dire.
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there is destruction, great losses on residential areas. this has resulted in a large amount of casualties and fatalities, also forced people to leave. >> we've heard about refugees leaving the area in the thousands. can you confirm that and tell me about the kind of conditions they are having to tolerate. >> the number of refugees displaced as the latest estimates exceeded 90,000 residents from these areas. however, most of those people fled for their life as a result of the indiscriminate intense heavy bombardment coupled with the artillery shelling by the assad regime on the city of aleppo and the northern countryside. this heavy, intense bombardment resulted and forced people to leave. large amount is headed toward
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the western country side, believed to be heading to more safe areas. however, all the northern parts and all the surrounding and outskirts of aleppo are not safe. they are just fleeing for their lives. macedonia has started building a new fence along its border with greece. the 37-kilometer long raise score wire fence is intended to boost security. new rules only allow refugees from syria, afghanistan and iraq enter. more than 1 million people escaping poverty and war made the journey into europe last year with 800,000 coming through greece. haiti's outgoing president struck a deal with parliament to form an interim government less than a day he was supposed to step down, paving the way for elections in aaron. it is hope it will calm opposition protests walking for
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him to leave office. he has been ruling by decree since january of last year. our reporter joins us from port-au-prince. tell us why haiti is not happy with this. >> there are a lot of reasons. i want to point out that this should be a celebratory time in haiti. there is supposed to be a big carnival celebration underway this evening. it is unclear if that will go on. there is uncertainty, pent up frustration, allegations of corruption and rumors of swirl. we are here in front of the parliament and the president is supposed to arrive within the next few hours to make an announcement about this agreement. this is what the agreement is. apparently, a deal has been made with the parliament and the parliament will elect an interim president. that president will remain in office for four months and then on april 24, a presidential runoff is expected to take place
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and a new president, if elected, will come to power in may. so the big question remains, nick, is exactly when will the parliament elect this interim president, and if a transitional government will actually abide by the constitution and remain in place only for 90 days. i want to point out that the last transitional government was in 2004 and it stayed in place for two years. >> right, so we've had protests yesterday, more protests today. what is it that the opposition actually want? >> the opposition alleges that the entire process is tainted and corrupted, so they are accusing outgoing president of corruption and accusing the parliament of corruption. there were recent elections and they believe that they were arrive with vote rigging, so we've got an issue here where the process is not trusted, so the opposition would like an
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independent commission to not only review the previous elections, but see to the parliament and win know down the presidential candidates. they'd like an independence commission to monitor the upcoming elections when they take place. >> many thanks indeed. rescue workers found signs of life you should the debris of a high rise building which collapsed after taiwan's earthquake. 130 people are still feared trapped. 29 were killed in the worst affected area. rob mcbride has this report. >> as they work further down into the ruins, conditions fortress could you teams are getting harder. hang in there, the rescuers shout, we will soon get you out. >> people are trapped in very small spaces and we can't use big machinery down there. we mostly dig with our hands.
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>> around the edges of the site, relatives of the missing have been wait be anxiously for news, since the earthquake on saturday morning that caused this entire complex to tumble in seconds, trapping hundreds as they slept. this man is looking for his father and younger brother. he believes rescuers are looking in the wrong place and urges them to look again. she is looking for her three-month-old baby who was being cared for by her sister. she still can't understand what happened. >> it's the construction company's fault. other buildings didn't collapse like this one. >> many are now saying the complex was poorly designed and poorly built. in the local hand continue language, it's called a believe like a dish of bean kurd that has no structure. now exposed in the ruins, these
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are tin cans that had been used in place of concrete on at least several floors. with the ground floor turned into commercial space, it may have been weakened further. of equal concern is how the authorities in this quake prone area of taiwan didn't prevent such alterations. >> the local prosecutor's office are doing a full investigation and they have come here to collect evidence. >> as that investigation ramps up, so the search of the building continues with the likelihood of finding more bodies than survivors. rob mcbride, al jazeera, taiwan. in israel, a sudanese migrant shot by security forces after stabbing an vile soldier has died. the man was shot several times as he tried to flee the scene.
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al jazeera's parliament has passed a new constitution aim to go reform the military dominated political system. the government says the changes will strengthen democracy but analysts have cost doubt on whether they will come to fruition and end the president's grip on power. the reforms will see the introduction on two term limits. an independent electoral commission will be established and freedom of assembly and speech in the press are guaranteed. the opposition which boycotted the discussions said they seek to maintain the status quo. a suicide bomber may have set off an explosive which blew a hole in the passenger jet. one man was sucked one of the plane. somalia's transport minister
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said he will shabab was behind the attack. the armed group has not claimed responsibility. the main india-nepal crossing is open for the first time in months. it had been blockaded as protestors demanded more rights in the constitution. i have the resulted in crippling food shortages. we have this report from the nepalese side of the border. >> these trucks were stuck for months but this crossing point has finally reopened and they can continue the journey. on friday, traders and locals from nepal and india chased away protestors who had occupied this bridge. >> owl other borders are open kept this. if you want to close borders, close all of them. are they planning to --
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>> trade had come to a standstill. >> this is extremely important for nepal. two thirds of all essentials enters here. with protestors occupying the bridge, more than $450 million has been lost enrevenues. protests across the border has cost the economy $3 billion and 400,000 jobs. >> for months, members of a marginalized group have been demanding better representation under nepal's new constitution. people here say the government has used excessive force to suppress their movement. more than 40 people have been killed, mainly during protests in which police have used live bullets. most people have if a mill yell ties across the border and the government takes an interest in
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what happens here. india said it believes the constitution did not go far enough. nepal said the indian government was tolerating a blockade off the border. on january 23, the government did amend the constitution addressing most of the demands, but the demarcation of federal boundaries within nepal is still in dispute. some analysts see the border opening as a sign the influence of the movement is declining. >> the latest development shows that the leaders of the parties have been defeated. this news that there is a change in policy when it comes to indian support of the movement. it also shows the internal defenses between the leaders who so far have been directing the movement. what is most important is that people are no longer supporting the direction of the movement. >> what is clear is that for the locals, the reopening of the border is a welcome relief. al jazeera, southern nepal.
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disabled people in serbia say they struggle to find jobs, but one city employees people with minor disabilities to help those with severe disabilities. we have this report. >> from making a cup of coffee to helping with the shopping, she provides much needed help to a couple who suffer multiple sclerosis. nobody knows how much longer this care can continue. >> i can't believe it will end. i really hope it won't, because it's really needed. >> she is employed by the city council of the western serbian city. it's part of a pilot scheme to help people like her with minor disabilities find a job. the idea is that she then works for people with severe disabilities who need extra help at home. >> this means a lot to me. i have a disability and doing this hems both me and them. this job is fulfilling. we feel for each other and it keeps us happy. >> the project is coming to an
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end and the city council doesn't know whether the serbian government will provide the money needed for it to continue. >> a three month pilot project is not enough, because it normally takes a month or so for the service users and providers to adopt. once they get to know each other and things start working well, the project ends. >> the serbian government is committed to helping people with disabilities find work. >> this year, you plan to hire 1600 disabled people for public service jobs, the hardest thing for a people on disability or unemployed person is to be faced with not being able to find a job. >> national employment office statistics show 16,000 serbians with disabilities are unemployed. most like her want to work and offer help to the best of their ability. al jazeera. global t.v. audience of around 190 million fans, the superbowl is well established as the biggest day in american
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sports. the 50th edition is hours away. carolina panthers will face the denver broncos in santa clara. we'll have all the details here here. go to our website, i also the address. >> for millions it is a simple act, but for me it is often a game of chance. one wrong bite and my immune system goes haywire. for me, a peanut becomes an extreme threat. my heart races. my skin erupts. my stomach is under seige. i am sick, and i am in trouble, but i'm not alone. >> you have five minutes, what


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