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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera america, i'm randall pinkston in new york, with a look at the top stories. weakness is, indeed, not an option an emergency meeting by the united nations security council after north korea defied the international community with the long range rocket test with only two days left before the first presidential primary, the candidates camp out in new hampshire the lifting of economic sanctions in iran offers amazing business stunties in the
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country. especially for the nation's young people. plus, world leaders meet to ponder the fate of i.s.i.l. they look for new ways to crush the armed group, particularly as it rises up in libya. the topic of tonight's week ahead. world leaders are gathering over concern that north korea could be developing nuclear weapons programs. the united nations security council held an emergency meeting today after pyongyang launched a rocket. they say it put the entire world at risk. north korea claims the launch was part of a peaceful space programme, but diplomats think it was a secret missile test. the u.s. is now leading the charge to quickly impose new sanctions on north korea. al jazeera's gabriel elizonda
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has more from u.n. headquarters in new york while north korea insists the launch was an effort to put a payload in orbit. that has not been the concern of critics, it's the potential for north korea to use the rocket technology to launch a nuclear weapon. base explains -- ter ebbing baisley plains. >> here it is, the north korean rock ement, similar to the one thought to put a satellite into space on sunday. it's nifr been tested as a ballistic missile, but experts say it could be adopted to carry an 800km payload up to 10,000km, putting asia, europe and the u.s. within range. the trouble is it is not considered a good ballistic missile, and can only be launched from fixed sites, meaning it's not easily hidden or moved and takes hours to prepare volatile fuel for launch. it's hardly a responsive weapon. north korea would need to
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develop a nuclear warhead small and light enough to fit into the rock ement. so far there's noest of this. if north korea could get a bomb into the upper atmosphere above a target it has a change. it would need to bring it down in a controlled way to stop it burning up as it reaches speeds of up to 25,000 k/hr. again, there's no evidence that it has the capacity to do this. experts say a successful launch could help north korea develop this. the kn 08 intercontinental message. but only in a limited way. it says the rockets are different and work in different ways. all of which means it is probably what the north koreans say it is, a space launch vehicle way has little potential as a ballistic missile that's ter ebbing baisley. more on the meeting with gabriel
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elizonda. ambassadors and diplomats rushing in to the security council chamber for an emergency meeting. >> weakness is not an option. >> after the closed door meeting, the security council offered strong condemnation and promised a new resolution. samantha powell says the rocket launch was more than a provocation, but a direct threat that advanced north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> pyongyang claims it launched what it called a peaceful earth observation satellite. nobody is fooled. so-called space-launch vehicles are the same technology as missiles, prohibited by multiple security council resolutions. we are looking forward to expeditiously consulting with our colleagues in the coming days, and will be looking to all council members to unite around a swift and aggressive response to the d.p.r.k.'s
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repeated violations constituting this threat to global peace and security the north korean warned they planned to fire a rocket. they didn't wait long, two hours into the launch, the two hours into the launch, the rocket carrying a satellite lifted off. now the west is hoping for an equally quick response. the u.s. and china were at work on a resolution in response to north korea's nuclear test last month. progress was slow. now the question for the u.s. and its allies is whether china, north korea's strongest backer will agree to stiff sanctions. >> reporter: a new resolution that will do the work of reducing tension and working towards nuclearization and maintaining peace and stability and encouraging a negotiated solution. >> the rocket launch violated four different u.n. security council resolutions. now with another worked on, and pyongyang threatening more rocket launches, the pressure is on diplomats to figure out what,
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if anything, will convince north korea to stop, because up until now all threats have fallen on deaf ears on this issue earlier we spoke with paul carol, a former analyst with the department of energy. the key to dealing with north korea is international cooperation. >> when it comes to south korea and japan and the united states, the north's nuclear programme is the number one priority, the number one concern, the number one threat. when it comes to china, their concern is different. their concern is that a collapse of the north korean society and a collapse of the regime will lead to tens of millions of north korean refugees over the border. as much as china is not exactly fond of north korea's behaviour, they tolerate it to a point
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because the worse outcome for them is collapse. unless and until beijing and washington can agree to some common ground and approach north korea saying the same things, and implementing the same kinds of punishments for this behaviour, the north will continue to exploit the differences carol told us that the timing of the launch is likely related to weather conditions, not the ongoing south korean holiday. >> donald trump bay be 48 hours away from victory in the presidential race. polls show him enjoying a double digit lead in new hampshire on tuesday. until last night there were signs that donald trump may be passed by marco rubio, but the sflord senator -- florida senator seemed to stumble in an attack led by chris christie. if politics is about electing people in congress and the senate.
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we should rally around joe biden. i like marco rubio, he does not have the experience to be president of the united states. >> the experience is not just what you did, but how it worked outnd chris christie's governorship. when i'm elected president this will be the single greatest nation in the history of the world. >> when you are president of the united states, when you are governor of a state. the memorised 30 seconds, when you talk about a great americas, doesn't solve one problem for one person. >> mike viqueira joining us live from manchester new jersey, where candidates will choose candidates. quite a spanking the governor of new jersey gave. did the debate change anything for the voters? >> you know, it remains to be seen, one thing you are certain of heading into the primary, the first in a nation primary is number one historically it's
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shown that new hampshire voters are fickle and will change their minds at the last minute. reports show that many voters have not made up their mind and could do so when entering the polling booth on tuesday. it illustrates the desperation that some of the candidates, it could be the last gasp. some that launched the full-frontal assault on marco rubio, whom he considers the biggest threat. many consider him to be the biggest threat to defeat donald trump. but they are unreliable heading into the primary, particularly in the granite state. to defeat chump and ted cruz is not expected to do well at all. at least compared to the victory in iowa. the charge from chris kristi to marco rubio, that he's robotic, he delivers canned answers, he
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repeats his stump speech, as part of that debate. rubio repeated the same line over and over, leading to some ridicule and judgment from the pundits and onlookers that marco rubio didn't do so well. today he held a town hall in londonderry, where he responded to the critics. >> it's interesting that right now after last night's debate you said three or four times, i'll say it again, the reason these things are in trouble is president obama is the first president at least in my lifetime that wants to change the country. changt the country, not fix it, not fix its problems, he wants to make it a different kind of country. >> the campaigns are resting, many holding super bowl watch parties, other candidates are laying low. again, donald trump leading the polls. they are very unreliable in new hampshire, marco rubio has been polling second, the three
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governors, the mainstream or establishment within the race in new hampshire are a straight time. some, if not all of them, could be out of the campaign by the end of week if they don't do well here. >> talk about the two democrats - clinton and sanders. >> so hillary clinton did something unusual. here we are two days out from new hampshire, she went to flint michigan. the debacle there, the crisis over the water supply, carrying with it charges of racism, that it did not rise to the level of an emergency early enough, in the eyes of the media for the general public or political leaders because it's african american city and people were not paying attention. this is something hillary clinton wanted to go there, to champion the cause, perhaps related to the fact that she is
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under attack from the left part of the democratic party, in the form of bernie sanders. losing badly to many that consider themselves liberals or progressives. bernie sanders has been unrelenting in his attacks, and kept them up today on hillary clinton and wall street. >> it's a fact when in the last reporting period her super pack received 25 million, and 15 million came from wall street. what is the smear? that is the fact. the top of my list. of goals that i want to accomplish as president of the united states. is overturning this disastrous citizens united decision, democracy does not mean billionaires should be able to buy elections. instead of hillary clinton in new hampshire, we had former president boirnt carrying the -- boirnt carrying the -- bill
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clinton carrying the load with a couple of appearances. the clintons concede bernie sanders is ahead in the polls. you bet if they come within 10 percentage points, for example, of bernie sanders, they'll scaul it a victory, they are playing the expectation game. the next primary contest is it in nevada, where they hope to do better thank you mike viqueira in new hampshire hillary clinton is visiting flint michigan, the community in the midst of the water crisis. critics accuse client of exploiting the crisis for political gain. andy rozan is in flint michigan. >> hillary clinton met with a couple of mothers whose kids are dealing with the effects of lead in the water. and spoke to the church congregation, and reflected their mood, afraid, suspicious
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and outraged. >> reporter: hillary clinton got a rock star welcome at a church here in flint. she wasted no time talking about the water which residents were told was safe when they switched to the flint river in 2014. >> i'm here because for nearly two years mothers and fathers were voicing concern about the water's colour, about the smell, about the rashes given to those bathing in it. she got the loudest applause when giving voice to the fact that those ignored because of race or colour. i. >> i said if what happened in flint happened in other areas, we know we would have had a solution yesterday. >> hillary clinton shows that
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she really cares about this community. >> a cynic may say a political candidate coming here may be politicizing all of this. what did you say to that? >> hillary clinton didn't have to come. she got a thing in that other state. >> as long as the job is done, it doesn't matter. i feel she is not using it for political gain. >> clinton talked bid when talking about finding a way to put the people to work. >> she wants our own eem in the city to make the entry coming in. all my antenors came up when she said that. it's like a do it yourself too. >> as clinton acknowledged fixing the pipes is the beginning. the long-term impact is likely to be severe and not fully known for years. let's make sure we take care of the people of flight and give every child a chance to live up
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to his or her god-given potential. thank you all, god press you in washington right now, democrats in the u.s. senate are proposing 600 million in federal aid to flint, on top of 28.5 million, that the state legislature approved and the 80 million that president obama approved. >> thank you. >> still ahead in al jazeera, the rush to save earthquake victims trapped in the rubble of taiwan. and south africa struggling with its worst drought in 20 years as farmers face more than $200 million in lost crops and it's the beginning of the chinese new year, the year of the monkey is under way.
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the search continues for survivors of saturday's earthquake consider in taiwan. more than 100 are missing. 32 confirmed dead. some blame construction companies for cutting corners, making buildings unsafe. rob mcbride reports from southern taiwan. rob mcbride reports. >> reporter: as they work further down into the ruins, conditions, the rescue teams are getting harder. hang in there, the rescuers shout. we'll soon get you out people are trapped in small spaces and we can't use big machinery down there, we mostly dig with our hands.
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>> around the edges of the site. relatives of the missing have been waiting anxiously for news. since the earthquake on saturday that caused the complex to crumble within seconds, trapping hundreds that slept. this man is looking for his father and younger brother and believes rescuers have been looking in the wrong place. and urges them to look again. this woman is looking for her 3 month old baby, cared for by her sister. she still can't understand what happened. >> it's the construction company's fault. other buildings didn't collapse like this one. >> many are saying the complex was poorly designed and built. and in the local mandarin language it's called a tofu building, it had no structure and when the ground shook,
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it toppled over. >> exposed in the ruins, these are tin cans used in place of concrete on several floors. local media focussed on how the building was altered, with the ground floor turned into commercial space that may have weakened it further. of equal concern is how authorities in this area did not prevent such alterations. >> translation: the local prosecutor's office is doing a full investigation. they have come to collect evidence. as the investigation ramps up, as the investigation ramps up, c so the search of the building continues, with the likelihood of finding more bodies than survivors a transfer of power occurred in haiti, it's one that creates worries for the people of that impoverished nation. the president departed without a long-term replacement, needing fears about corruption and the
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future of the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. we go to porta prince. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a celebratory day in haiti. president michel martelly was supposed to hand over power to another elected president. there was a carnival celebration planned for tonight. instead, president michel martelly is ending a 5-year term with uncertainty and anger, and a carnival celebration for sunday night has been cancelled due to concern over safety. this is what is happening so far. the president and the parliament reached an agreement. president parliament was to elect an interim president. on april 24th. there's slated to be a run off election, and the winner will be the president, to take power in mid may. the opposition is against the agreement, believing that the elections brought members of the parliament to power.
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that they were fraud awe lent. they believe the process is suspect. they are asking for an independent investigation to be conducted. the question now is what happens next. will there be more protests. there has been weeks of protest in the country, some of them violent. and the concern that there'll be more in the coming case. -- in the coming days. there was supposed to be a carnival celebration on sunday. that has been cancel. >> natasha in port-au-prince, haiti south africa is experiencing the worst drought in decades. five of nine provinces have been declared disaster areas as el nino is blamed for scorching the earth. farmers and provinces are hit hard. it's where half of the country's staple maize is grown. the long dry spell has put livelihoods and communities at risk. >> it's the worst drought in more than 30 years. this farmer has been growing
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maize on this land for more than 5 decades as his father and grandfather did before him. >> translation: on our form, there's never been a time where we cannot planned seeds. dry spells are not unusual. it's estimated the drought is costing 600 million. that is in lost crop. no rainfall means maize production dropped by a third. 3 million tonnes of maize has been imported to free the -- feed the county this year. >> translation: all of south africa is in a drought. everyone will have a shortage of maize. it will be expensive. it will push them up high. people depend on maize. it is not affordable. >> farmers will need to start using different methods to adopt
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to change in weather patterns. >> we can continue with the line. we need to get more funding so we can build the capacity to put the protection on it. it remains with new infrastructure. currently they produced more. report >> reporter: dry rivers scp dams mean entire communities are affected by the drought. not far from the farm is the community of senegal. people have not had water for more than four months. they relied on water tanks. they are installed by private donors. people say they have had no other way of surviving. . >> the water we have is not enough for the community. >> they still have a crisis of water. especially for the schools, the
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kids are there drinking water, it's difficult. >> it's pain this because we don't have the water. i'm comfort by the fact that there's little rain. >> national water campaigns hoped to bring relief to those affected by the drought. as conditions are expected to continue, there's concern if there's another season of low yolds farmers will see the livelihoods disappear world leaders have a mission this week, gathering in brussels to device a plan to wipe out i.s.i.l. that topic next in tonight's "the week ahead". and later - not even the threat of the zika virus can stop brazil's famous carnivale. also, this could happen when you park your car on a frozen lake.
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welcome back to al jazeera america, here is a look at the top stories - the u.s. is leading calls to impose sanctions against north korea. the united nations security council held a special emergency meeting today where members condemned pyongyang for launching a rocket on saturday. north korea claims it was a space satellite. but world leaders say it was really a missile test. presidential candidates have two days to win over new hampshire voters before the primary on tuesday. donald trump is leading among the republicans, with senator marco rubio his closest
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competitor down by 16 points. democratic voters favour bernie sanders over hillary clinton in southern taiwan rescue workers continue to sift through the rubble for 100 missing people. they have found 32 dead. an earthquake hit the region this week, destroying buildings. >> it's sunday night and time for a look at the weak ahead. defense secretary ash carter will join leaders of the anti-i.s.i.l. coalition to discuss ramping ultimate the fight against the armed group. carter asked coalition countries to bring more military fight and welcomes saudi arabia's announcement that it is willing to send ground troops to syria. meanwhile security officials in the u.s. are very concerned about a growing threat in libya. they are recommending that the u.s. give attention to the war-torn north african country where i.s.i.l.'s president
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doubled in recent months. advisors urge him to approve air strikes, raids and c.i.a. missions in syria. the president is pushed for diplomacy and efforts to form a unity government. they are hoping to reduce instability in a country that has been without leadership for a few years. >> a major jorp oil terminal building on the coast the result of an i.s.i.l. attack. one of a series of assaults. in a video released by i.s.i.l., a fighter vows more attacks on libyan oil fields in the coming days. it's one sign of i.s.i.l.'s growing strength in libya, by an estimate the group controls a $150 mill stretch around cert, an oil-rich part of libya, halfway between benghazi and the
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capital tripoli. the threat of i.s.i.l. kicked military planning into high gear. >> we are looking at military options, a range of other options as a government. that we can engage in as the situation unfolds. we want to be prepared as the department of defense wants to be prepared in the event that i.s.i.l. in libya is more of a threat than today. sources say the options include air strikes from a carrier in the mediterranean sea, or n.a.t.o. bases in europe. they can include u.s. commando raids, like raids in iraq and syria, and the u.s. operation in 2014 that nabbed a prime suspect in the 2012 benghazi attack. that left u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. the u.s. was forced to acknowledge that 20 special operations forces were in north
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western libya in december. after the air forces posted their picture on facebook. the american commandos left after being ordered off the base. it was parts of an effort to find local fighters in libya, that the u.s. can support, like similar efforts in syria and iraq. >> there was a small group to meet a diverse range of groups to get a better sense of what is happening on the ground. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs meeting with european allies indicated a decision on expanding the fight against i.s.i.l. into libya, will come in weeks. the idea is to build a fire wall around i.s.i.l. in libya, while the fledgeling unity government has a chance to establish itself. now, there is no functioning government in libya, which makes linking a military strategy to political progress problematic at best
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joining me on the set now is jack burger, a research fellow at the sufon group. and doug oliphant, a former fellow at the national security council. mr oliphant, first question to you. you heard jamie mcintyre talking about the unlikelihood about progress against i.s.i.l. in libya. what do you think, based on your knowledge, and your conversations with security officials in d.c., will it take to diminish i.s.i.l.'s influence in libya? >> well the set up piece talked about special forces, raids and air power. and that is wonderful to pinprick stops, stop the bleeding and. the military and diplomatic tracks are not contradictory. we need to do one, what we can,
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while the unity government tries to establish itself. that is really the answer in the long term, to get a government on the ground that can take the fight to i.s.i.l. that we can support. >> we know that there are 10 groups vying for power in libya, let's take a look at a map. this question goes to you. i.s.i.l., as jamie mcintyre indicated, controls a relatively small squath of libya, 150 miles around cert. what is the import of that area. it's an orbiting region, and appears to be very important strategic point between two major cities. >> it's central. the other thing is because the territory in libya is wide open and controlled in the southern rings, in the desert, i.s.i.l. having a beech head - they can move around the country. they have seized another down in the west, and they were act - like they have done in syria, they came into a town, set up
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checkpoints and the town is theirs. the ability for them to have a base and to disrupt the regions that they don't control, that is a dangerous aspect: we have the house of representatives, libyan army, defense guard. islamic state in libya and others. do they have enough power in and of themselves to take on i.s.i.l.? >> at this point, no. there was the problem that they don't necessarily want to take on i.s.i.l. by themselves, it means weakening themselves in relation to other groups on the ground the groups make a number of forces. trying to advance i.s.i.l. advancing to the city. forces in the east are trying to protect the oil producing regions, that's the primary goal as opposed to destroying i.s.i.l. as it exists. >> doug oliphant.
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about the oil producing region, do you have a sense of how much oil production i.s.i.l. is controlling, and how much revenue they are getting from that? >> the answer presently is not much. libyans are not producing what they could be, therefore the wells that i.s.i.l. is getting their hands on, i defer to jack. he's counter. to my understanding is not many. it's not going to produce much for them at this time. >> do you think that the west should assist the libyan national army. specifically what should the u.s. do. at some point if you go in, seeing that you would have to pick sides among the 10 groups other than i.s.i.l., whose side do you select? >> i don't think we necessarily have to pick a side. i think the role that the united states needs to take on is knock
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heads and get the groups together and force them to form a unity government. i know that is easier said than done, but in some ways the bar is lower. these are more or less sunni arabs, there's a few minorities, largely arab. you don't have the irani influence problems, you don't have shia, small groups of ethnic minorities. it's a low-hanging fruit. easy problem for the region. which again makes it difficult. >> when we look at libya, the last time americans heard a lot about it was around the benghazi affair, when the ambassador and other americans were killed. to what extent do you point to that event as being pivotal for i.s.i.l.'s development. >> i think it emphasise that libya has a long tradition with the groups, and the group that carried out - that was mainly
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involved in that attack was sharia and libya, affiliated with massimilano allegri, and linked to the libyan dawn militi militias, and controls vast swaths of the south. i'd say that the raid on benghazi itself, didn't necessarily help i.s.i.l. form, but it scared international parties away in the country, because they realized the risk that they ran being on the ground, especially having documents on the ground. in july of 2014, a lot of those documents left as they saw the security situation to deteriorate. leaving the opener for i.s.i.l. at last night's debate, jed bush talked about threats in libya, take a listen to this. >> it's important. it spawned other areas, there has been 70 plus attacks in 17 countries, inspired by i.s.i.s.,
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organized by i.s.i.s., libya being the most important one, we have to deal with the cal fate, building an army there and in libya. the united states will ultimately play a significant role in this so, doug alley fant, should the u.s. pay more attention to libya, and not so much to repressing i.s.i.l. in syria. as has been the case so far, that has been the focus that we c heard about in the news. >> again, objectively steaking, looking at the problem. not to minimise the tribal all and islamist aspects. it's a relatively easy one to pught together. that nation if difficult to do a big diplomatic press in the country. ab sent that, all we'll do is special forces raids and pair power, that will not get us
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there with i.s.i.l. with the beech head around cert, it's close to europe. it's a major point of departure to migrants. i.s.i.l. is sitting on an important choke point that should have concerns for peer nation, yes? >> it's a big issue. we staked about the oil revenues. i.s.i.l. is good at drawing from other sources. smuggling and libya. the might ranked trade is worth hundreds of millions, and libya saw large amounts of money from these people. putting them through horrible ordeals. once they leave the coast of libya, for the smugglers, they don't care if they arrive in libya. when we talk about the human toll that we see, when the groups are allowed to hold on to this territory, it can be
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terrible. >> we have the possibility, doug alley fant, of someone from i.s.i.l. infiltrating among the migrants that end up in crete or greece or some other points in europe that is always a possibility, frankly i think there are easier ways for i.s.i.l. to get its people into europe than to take the very hazardous route of moving with the migrants. but it is possible. >> what to do, mr berger. looking forward with this meeting that is going to be taking place. will it be more talk, or do you think now there'll be some action of some sort? >> well, as doug said, i think it will be knocking heads toot. it will be figuring out a way that the regional actors will work together to get the parties to agree on a unity government. the proposed government was rejected by the parliament in tobruk. so that in order for any sort of action to be taken, especially with international cooperation,
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there needs to be a government they are working with. otherwise finding reliable partners not antagonising others on the ground will be difficult. >> two major competing forces with report to government entities. >> there's two competing entities, one in tripoli, and one in tobruk. the one in tripoli chased the other government out in the summer of 2013. and those governments had a lot of trouble seeing eye to eye, they have been fighting each other. the general considers the government to be run by terrorists, making it hard to find common ground. especially if we try to find partners. i.s.i.l. is in the middle stirring the pot. >> absolutely. >> thank you gentlemen for being with us on al jazeera america before we go, here is a look at other stories we are watching in the week ahead.
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federal reserve chair janet yelland will be in capitol hill on wednesday, and will answer questions about the fed's decision to raise interest rates. wednesday - junior doctors in england plan a second walk out of the year to protest low pay and long working hours. the brazilian army goes door to door in major cities, handing out pamphlets on the zika virus, making sure homes do not contain breeding spots. >> next, business opportunities for the country's youth. meet an entrepreneur hoping to cash in. cash in. and year of the monkey has begun, the chinese new year's celebration coming up. >> and we are watching two storms, one moving up the eastern seaboard and one out of the northern planes, both with a set of problems.
8:45 pm
this is what happens when you park your car on a like that is not quite frozen. details when i return after this.
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it's carnival time in brazil. but it is marred by geek. lucia newman -- zika. lucia newman is joining us. are celebrations toned down or affected because of the
8:48 pm
outbreak? >> hello, i'm speaking to you from the sanaa drome. it's exciting and it doesn't appear that the zika virus had impact at all. in ex-panes has been starred -- expense has been spared. many are watching the 12 most popular samba school parading. the one behind me, the scene is the olympics, and it may well be impacted by the zika virus. a lot of people saying it should be cancelled or postponed because it can't be guaranteed that visitors or athletes will be safe. authorities are given leaflets to tell them how to take precautions. it's a difficult time for brazilians, doing their best to enjoy carnival as best as they can. despite the problems faced now you referenced something
8:49 pm
about them doing their best to enjoy themselves in the midst of the crisis, can you tell us anecdotally how are brazilians coping. >> coping may not be the word. they are putting aside their problems, postponing dealing with this. their problems will be there on tuesday, when carnivale ends, they are trying to have fun. >> lucia newman live in brazil at carnivale. thank you very much iran is tackling economic changes with renewed vigour. lifting of sanctions brings the promise of new business opportunities, and that it inspiring a generation of entrepreneu entrepreneurs. we have more. >> reporter: iran isn't a county many think of as a vacation destination. but with the lifting of sanctions some of the country's young entre present ires are working hard to change that.
8:50 pm
-- entrepreneurs are working hard to change that. >> people have no idea how to change that. >> reporter: this woman returned home setting up an online tourism country, and says the industry has a bright future. the site offers hotel bookings and a full guide. >> it's the last emerging, with 80 million young educated people. of course, that makes it interesting for the world to invest in it. such opportunity doesn't exist. >> some years observers say the burst of entrepreneurship should not come as a surprise. it's important if they pursue changes in the way they engage the world economically and commercially, that brings with it an encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship.
8:51 pm
start up culture and diversification. >> this 31-year-old is the founder of one of iran's first internet companies. >> iran has a young forward looking population which are active users on the internet and has a large number of tech companies with huge potential to penetrate the market. >> the country plans to host over 20 million tourists by 2025. >> in 2014 iran hosted 5 million tourists, bringing in 7 billion in revenue. the $400 billion economy is the second largest in the region after saudi arabia. and the government is targetting an annual growth of 8% through 2020. >> they are looking forward with great expectation to a new-type of future that is brighter, and
8:52 pm
that if those expectations are not met, i think that, you know, given the size of the young population in iran and the high expectations they have, a lot of frustration could result. >> decades of economic closure and a poor national image means big obstacles remain. >> brain drain is a challenge in iran that should be taken seriously. with the new opportunities, we'll helpfully spect betterment in the economy and job market. >> i wanted to do something great for iran. that was my dreamt. >> a homecoming that diplomacy is helping to make possible. surveillance video released today shows how a bomb made it on board a jetliner, on the right side of your screen you'll see two men inside mogadishu. one carrying a laptop. seconds later the bombing suspect takes the laptop as he
8:53 pm
is boarding the plane. investigators say the computer was finding the explosives that blew a hole in the fuselage. the pilots said security at the airport is lax. >> to the weather now, the meteorologist kevin corveau. >> we are looking at two big weather systems. we'll break them down one by one. we have one up to the north. we'll get to na in a moment. down towards the south, this is the storm system that will make its way here to the east coast in the north-east. you can see on the satellite radar, turning in the circulation, that is the area of low pressure off the coast. the storm will stay off the coast. it's causing big problems across the region. carolina are seeing a bit of rain over the last 6-12 hours, and that means we are looking at flooding. along the coast and down to
8:54 pm
north or south carolina, and an area in red showing where we are, looking at flash flood warnings, they are posted to the north. that is dealing with coastal flooding, and winter storm warnings and watches in effect across this area. they are beginning to see the rain. it will turn to snow, take a look at how much snow we pect to see on monday, going through the day on tuesday. when you see the areas of white, one to three inches, and the blues, three to five. but it's up here to parts of rhode island as well as sergio massa, the cape. that we expect to see anywhere between 12-16 of snow associated with storm, and that will be blizzard. the area of low pressure stays off the coast making its way to the north. the areas further away gets the less snow, the areas that are closer get more of the snow, and
8:55 pm
these are the warnings we are talking about. new york city you are under a where advisory. the further you go out on long island you'll see 8 inches of snow. up to the north. this is the storm system, the clipper bringing gusty winds in fact meaning we are seeing blizzard conditions that you see in the red area. in parts of wisconsin, we'll leave you with this. i want to show you what happened in lake geneva where winterfest is going on. people park their car on the lake. what happens, the lake was not ready, and the cars fell in. 12 of those cars - they are totalled. a couple of them was able to drive out of there. no one was hurt, thankfully. but i bet that is the last time that they'll do that. back to you. >> thank you. as we told you, the zika virus
8:56 pm
did not stop millions from filling the streets of rio for the carnival. they are holding hundreds of street parties. in one neighbourhood competitors served up michael jackson impersonations. playing samba infused versions from the greatest hits of the king of pop say goodbye to the year the goat and hello to the year of the monkey. dazzling fire works from beijing to hong kong and beyond marked the start of the chinese new year. february 8th is the start of the year of the monkey. those born under the sign are characterised as quick witted. curious and mischievous. hopefully we'll see good things to come. do you know anyone like that, innovative, mischievous. thank you for joining us, i'll
8:57 pm
be back with another news. stay tuned for fault lines, more from lunar new year's celebrations. brations. >> even though we're in here, we're still human. >> how harsh conditions affect people on both sides of the bars. >> why did scott take his own life? >> the jail. >> some people might be scared to speak out but i'm not. i'm telling the truth.
8:58 pm
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>> we've arrived in puerto rico, a us island territory, more than $70 billion in debt. residents are american citizens, but the poverty rate here is 3 times the national average. now, with the economy facing collapse, record numbers are using their american passports


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