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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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with the league's most valuable player as the broncos celebrate their first superbowl victory in 17 years. al jazeera. for more news, check out, is the address. less than 24 hours before voting begins in new hampshire. a surprise new candidate in second place for the gop. weakness is not an option. >> the united nations considers new sanction in response to north korea's launch of a long-range rocket. days after a powerful earthquake rattles taiwan, crews hold out hope in the search for survivors. ♪
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>> third quarter delivers a politically charged performance at the superbowl. this is al jazeera live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. the presidential candidates have 40 campaign events planned across new hampshire today, trying to lure undecided voters on which candidates to support, because tomorrow is the first primary of the presidential race. >> today a new survey shows donald trump has a commanding lead in the republican race. ohio governor john kasich shows up in second place in that poll. ted cruz, the iowa winner has slid to fifth. the poll found barely half of likely gop voters are completely decided, though, on their voice. polls show marco rubio slipped some in new hampshire, though it's not clear if that is
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because of a contentious exchange in saturday's debate. >> let's stop once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know that he's doing. >> there it is, the 25 second memorized speech. >> barack obama is wanting to -- trying to change america. >> some of the sparring from saturday's debate between donald trump and jeb bush continued on the campaign trail sunday, trump mocking jeb bush's mother, former first laid barbara bush for joining the campaign. >> poor poor poor jeb bush who brings out his mother because he needed help. no, he needed help, mommy, please come, walk in the snow, mom. >> trump and yep also sparred saturday night over the issue of eminent domain. >> democratic can't hillary clinton is back campaigninging new hampshire. she spent part of the weekend in flint michigan where she offered support as that city deals with its water crisis. >> i'm here because for nearly two years, mothers and fathers
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were voicing con veterans about the water's color, about the smell, about the rashes that it gave to those who were bathing in it. >> bill clinton unleashed an attack on bernie sanders, saying his campaign had been sexist and dishonest. sanders denied the accusations. >> we will do everything we can and i think we have tried. >> with one day to go, the latest university poll has bernie sanders leading by 10% with a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points down from a 14-point bernie lead last month. al jazeera's libby casey is live in the thick of things in manchester, new hampshire, good morning. today is the last full day for can't dates to really try to sway undecided voters.
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we understand there is a lot of them there. at this point, what do the candidates have to do? >> that's right. stephanie. they have to seal the deal. it's voters who are undeclared, not just undecided. a lot of people around registered at republicans or democrats. they may go where the enthusiasm lice. candidates want to get them motivated, keep them excited and bring them out to the polls tomorrow. we are seeing the candidates crisscross the state. snow is expected today. that play slow campaign momentum, but people in new hampshire are used to snow, so it shouldn't stop things entirely. >> i can't imagine it will. it's been such a contentious race especially in the gop, second place is up for grabs among the republican candidates now. did everything change after the weekend debate? >> we may not know until the votes tallied tomorrow. marco rubio yo really did come under attack from the guns, namely chris christie, jeb bush
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and john kasich and chris christie was the most successful lobbying assaults at marco rubio. whether that will translate to votes remains to be seen. it may shrink enthusiasm over marco rubio and what chris christie was saying was this senator who has miss add lot of votes in congress doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states. the goes in this race need to make a strong showing tomorrow or for some of them, this may be the end of the trail. john kasich spent many weeks and months here in new hampshire, as have bush and christie trying to connect with voters on that individual personal level, holding the town halls, holding the coffee events, going to the diners. now donald trump hasn't done nearly as much of that, but his name is still one that everyone's talking about, second tear, though, still very important to watch. >> is there a candidate who can
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benefit the most from all the undecided voters? >> bernie sanders may end up getting some of this enthusiasm, but you may see some of these republicans who haven't been talked about as much in the national media pulling in voters. it depends if they go with personal connections, hearing the personal narratives of jeb bush and chris christie or if they're drawn to the he enthusiasm of donald trump. he has not been able to keep the momentum of the enthusiasm up and skipping out on the iowa debate recently may have hurt him a little bit. he was here over the weekend. he is doing his events. he's taking a little more of a traditional campaign route. making an appeal to voters in a way that is a little more down to earth than when he was doing prior to this. it remains to be seen.
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that's part of the excitement of new hampshire. >> absolutely, part of the excitement of the whole pros. thanks, libby. a big storm in new hampshire could make it difficult for some voters to head to the polls. forecasters expect three-inches of snow today and into the early morning tomorrow. eight inches may fall along the coasts. strong wind gusts are also he can spent. the u.n. security council threatens more sanctions against north korea after it launched a rocket into space. the move was called a they're threat to international peace and security. the u.s. is among those worried. they believe the satellite launch may not be for peaceful
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regions. >> we cannot and will not allow this to happen. >> the rocket launch violated four different u.n. security council resolutions. it is not clear if china will agree to new stiffer sanctions. >> mitt security researcher jim walsh said the u.s. needs to change the way it deals with china if it wants support handling the north. >> we are doing the same old same old, publicly hectoring china saying why aren't you doing more. that's not a very smart way to go about it. we are more likely to be effective with china in quiet talks behind the scenes. every time we shout at china, it reduces their freedom of movement. china's dealing with an ally, an ally though don't like, that be causes them problems, but an ally nonetheless. the more we scream it, china do more, if the chinese do what we want, it will look to the north koreaens like their supposed
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friend is in cahoots with the enemy. we need to be more subtle, indirect and that will be more effective. >> china's foreign minister said it has called on all sides to show restraint. it condemns the u.s. and south korea's what it calls aggression against north korea. >> while north korea insists the launch was to put a satellite in orbit, the concern is the technology could someday launch a nuclear weapon. >> north korea's rocket, similar if not identical to the one that put a satellite into space on sunday. it has never been tested as a bliss system missile but experts say could be adapted to carry a payload up to 10,000 kilometers, putting asia, europe and the u.s. within range. the trouble is it is not consider add very good bliss system missile. it can only be launched from fix
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would sites and takes hours to prepare its volatile fuel for launch, so it's hardly a responsive weapon. north koread also need to develop a nuclear warhead small enough and light enough to fit into the rocket. so far, there's no evidence of this. even if north korea could get a bomb into the upper atmosphere above a target, it has another challenge. it would need to bring it back down in a controlled way to stop it burning up as it reaches speeds of 25,000 kilometers an hour. again, there's no evidence it has the capacity to do this. experts say a successful launch could help north korea develop this, the intercontinental ballistic missile. the rockets are different and work in very different ways. all of which means it is probably away space launch vehicle which in its current form has little potential as a
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ballistic missile. >> he also says north korea it at away advantage since it shares a border with the world's largest economy, china, making it easier to get around international sanctions. the italian president is expected to talk to president obama about a number of issues, including isil and the refugee situation in europe. escalated to meet with vice president joe biden and secretary of state john kerry. the iraqi military said it is making gains against isil in anbar province. civil yearns were evacuated. they retook the area over the weekend. iraqi officials say victory allowed them to close in on fallujah and cut off crucial isil ply routes from syria. it is a somber new years in taiwan. people are still trapped under
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rubble after a deadly earthquake. the rescuers pulled more survivors from the rubble today. it collapsed when a quake struck over the weekend. the death toll stands at 38. al jazeera's rob mcbride reports from the city that was worst hit. >> lunar new year's day and the whole of taiwan is virtually closed as people take off work and go to temples. this temple over 100 meters from the main rescue site is probably busier than most, a focal point for many of the charities and volunteer groups that have come to lend support to this rescue effort and also ordinary people coming here to make their offering. in some ways, this chinese lunar new year has had a shadow cast over it by this tragedy, but also, you get a sense that people have been stirred into action coming to join this communal effort giving hem while there's still a chance of people being rescued from the rubble.
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>> i pray for those people still trapped and their safety. >> i pray to god that hopefully there will be more survivors. >> rescuers are now wrestling with the difficult decision of whether to bring in heavy lifting gear to move some of the upper parts of this structure to get to people who may be buried lower down in the rubble. they've resisted doing so so far, because of course it may cause a further collapse, losing the very people they are trying to save. we are coming to a critical point now. we're into day three of the rescue operation. the calculation is people can't survive longer than three days without food and water. people buried deep in the rubble deserve a chance to be freed. 35 of the 38 people confirmed dead were killed in that one collapsed apartment building. president obama pressures congress to provide funds to study zika. the new calls to bring back a banned toxic test side to fight
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the mosquitoes that carry the virus. >> it was a bad dream doing good. >> a look at the challenges facing deported parents forced to lead their u.s. born children behind.
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>> the nation's first primary, and a critical next step on the road to the white house. >> republicans, democrats... >> stay with al jazeera america for comprehensive coverage that's... president obama is urging americans not to panic over the zika virus. he is asking congress for nearly $2 billion in emergency funding and talked about the risks on
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cbs this morning. >> the good news is this is not like ebola. people don't die of zika. a lot of people get it and don't even know they had it. what we now know is there appears to be some significant risk for pregnant women or women who are thinking about getting pregnant. we're going to put up a legislative proposal to congress to resource both the research on vaccines and diagnostics, helping the public health testimonies. there shouldn't be panic on this. this is not something people are going to be dying from it. but is something we have to take seriously. >> congress will be briefed about the virus and its effects. as the zika virus spreads, public health experts suggested bringing back ddt that has been band in the u.s. since the 1970's because which its toxic side effects. >> this is the story of a miraculous white powder.
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its name is d.d.t. >> this 1945 propaganda film produced by the u.s. war department hailed the benefits of d.d.t. during world war ii. >> yes, today, d.d.t. is necessarily a military weapon. we're turning it out by the thousands of tons. >> it had been around since the 1870's. in 1939, it was recognized as a stunningly effective pesticide. the army used it to fight malaria, typhus and other insect borne diseases around the world. it is a neurotoxin that causes violent convulsions that paralyze and kill insects. >> the homecoming of the healthiest army in military history will be in no small part due to d.d.t., our great new weapon for war today and peace tomorrow. >> after the war, d.d.t. gained widespread civilian and industrial use. millions of tons were sprayed in farms, gardens, forests and homes.
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in 1946, the paint company sherwin williams marketed it as a powder, spray and also a liquid coating sold in paint cans and applied with a brush. >> there must be a catch to it. >> for decades, the pesticide industry reassured the public it was completely safe. >> no sir, it harms only us, the citizens of bugdom. used right, it is absolutely harmless to humans and animals. >> mounting evidence revealed that was not true. in 1962, scientists rachel carson published "silent spring" arguing pesticides like ddt were also deadly to birds, fish and humans. "silent spring" became a national best seller. >> cbs reports the silent spring of rachel carson. >> in 1963, cbs news aired a documentary on carson. >> can anyone believe it is possible to lay down such a barrage of poisons on the surface of the earth without
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making it unfit for all life? >> throughout the 1960s, environmentalists pushed for tougher regulation of d.d.t. joni mitchell's big yellow taxi helped to make the issue part of our international culture. >> hey farmer farmer, put away the d.d.t. now. >> the e.p.a. banned widespread use of d.d.t. in the united states, but over the next two decades, the u.s. continued to export hundreds of tons of d.d.t. to the developing world. john terrett, al jazeera. the former owner of a company involved in a big chemical spill in west virginia will be sentenced today. the spill two years ago tainted the water supply for 300,000 people. former freedom industries owner faces one year in prison. he is one of six men who pleaded guilty for the spill.
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washington has long debated how to fix what many call america's broken immigration system. for many, the issue is much more personal. jennifer london talked to some people deported and now separated from their families. >> i hope you are doing good. i just want you to know that i love you very much as i have always said to you. >> for years, sofia wrote letters to her daughter. >> you are my pride and joy and it really hurts me to see that you are there. >> her written words the only way to keep in touch with samantha. >> i will give my life for you. i will do whatever it takes so that you can be ok. >> after living in the u.s. for 25 years, sofia was deported to her home country of mexico, but her only child, samantha, was forced to stay in the u.s. both asked we not use their real names or show their faces. >> it was like a bad dream, like
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it didn't stay in my mind that i was actually in mexico. i just knew that i couldn't cross and couldn't get ahold of nobody, and i just cried all the time. >> sofia is one of thousands of single parents who have been separated from their american born children in removal proceedings. specific numbers are hard to come by. immigration and customs enforcement tells al jazeera they don't keep track of how many families are separated upon deportation. >> when they are deported, it's a hurried, chaotic process and there's no real meaningful screening of who's getting left behind. i have one client who was the victim of domestic violence and she was deported and her two teenage sons ended up homeless. that's not what humanity is about. >> many deported moms are unwilling to leave without their children and are too afraid to
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chance a dangerous border crossing, so they wait living in limbo knowing their children are somewhere just beyond the fence. >> tonight, hear what sofia and other deported moms want the u.s. to consider before deporting families. >> they should think about the future of our kids. what kind of future will a kid have when they don't have a parent in a p.t.o. meeting? >> originally founded to help migrants heading north, moms are sheltered with no police else to go. researcher the at the mayo clinic say girls with attention disorders are twice as likely to be obese. they believe it can be caused by
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brain abnormalities and sleep issues. know chipotle burritos for lunch today. >> a half time show of with a political twist. beyonce steals the spotlight at superbowl 50.
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a royal caribbean cruise ship is expect to dock in central florida after hitting a severe storm. this is the kind of thing that happened, passengers on the anthem of the seas report overturned furniture and collapsed ceilings on the giant
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ship when it was buffeted by winds topping 75 miles an hour. 5,000 passengers and crew onboard, royal caribbean said there were no serious injuries. chipotle is closing to talk about food safety today. the stores will be shut over the launch hours. the company's profits tanked off the an e-coli outbreak left hundreds sick. the justice department is now investigating that outbreak. peyton manning says he's taking time to reflect after the win over the panthers in the superbowl. at age 39, he is the oldest quarterback to win the big game. his mother wants him to retire. this off-season, he'll still have to deal with the league investigation whether he used h.g.h. there is a lot of talk about beyonce's half time performance. it came with a political message. we have this report.
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>> the half time show with a with happy reminders of the 1960's when the first superbowl took place. after performances by cold play and bruno mars. ♪ beyonce took over. this drum line started "formation." they referenced the black power salute of the black panthers. after the performance, her mother posted this picture of the backup dancers with a similar salute. on twitter, dancers paid tribute to mario woods, a black man shot dead by police in san francisco last year. woods was accused of stabbing someone and police say he wouldn't drop the knife. the killer sparked protests in san francisco and the justice department is now investigating
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the police department. her performance came a day after the star released her most political work yet. ♪ >> the music video for the song "formation" highlights police brutality and the destruction in black neighborhoods after hurricane katrina. some have criticized it as anti cop. one woman wrote, "as the wife of a police officer, i am offended by this entire video." another tweeted, i stand with police, boycott beyonce. >> the overwhelming comments on twitter, though, were in support of beyonce and her performance. out of all the artists performed last night, beyonce received the most attention with 1.3 million tweets. there's a lot of talk today about a scare in london over the weekend when a double decker bus blew up on a bridge in front of party, bringing back memories on the transport system which killed 52 people. city officials say the stunt was for an upcoming action film,
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starring jacki chan and pierce brosnan. >> hello, welcome to the news hour. i'm nick clark in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. standing together, german and turkish leaders say that the refugee crisis is something that the world must share. lifting hopes. more survivors are found two days after taiwan's earthquake. [ protesting ] political turmoil in haiti. protesters celebrate