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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> turkey says it will admit the 30,000 people amassed at the syrian border when necessary. as 33 refugees drown trying to reach greece.♪ ♪ >> hello welcome, david foster, good to have your company. coming up in the next 30 minutes. an eight-year-old girl is pulled alive from a taiwanese apartment block, hours after it was toppled by an earthquake. one of the most dangerous
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missions in the world. and bangladesh cover justify, to making the chinese ambassador exploaz witexplode with rage. turkey and germany say they are working on a diplomatic initiative to stop the onslaught on the syrian city of aleppo. tens of thousands of syrians fleeing for their lives are being held up on the border. stefanie dekker has more on the turkish side of the border with syria. >> the german minister came here with a special message, stem the tie of refugees to europe. >> translator: if illegal means are not stopped, we have to find a legal means to define
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a common task. >> how it can be done remains unclear, in a joint press conference with prime minister davutoglu, as they were talk, news came that at least 30 syrians died while trying omake the crossing. and inside syria a growing humanitarian crisis once again close to turkey's borders. tens of thousands of syrians are fleeing in an intense campaign to take back the vital city of aleppo. the border with turkey is closed, the turkish government is building tents and providing aid to the growing number of syrians waiting just a short drive away. the injured are allowed in. >> translator: i swear, i saw people sleeping on the roads. hungry. there's no food. nothing at all. >> turkey says it will allow them in if necessary and it is providing for them where they are. that solidarity was highlighted
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by prime minister davutoglu but there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. >> we will stand with our syrian brothers but not in the face of that is akerrs. these assaults must stop immediately. >> controlling the influx by keeping its border shut for now. but all this diplomatic talk may prove pointless as the violence in syria continues to escalate. thousands of syrians will have no choice but to leave. stefanie dekker, al jazeera, on the turkey, syrians border. border crossing with turkey have moved closer to the stronghold of tel rafad. the people there preparing themselves for the possibility of a siege. as zeina khodr reports. >> reporter: there is a fuel shortage in syria.
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so the people living in the opposition controlled east of aleppo city have begun to ration. they are preparing for possibility of a seeng. siege. fuel is needed in a city without electricity and a city that relies on pumping wells for water. >> translator: there has been a rise in the price of basic goods because roads are cut and merchants are profiting. supplies are coming from the western country side but our supplies are low. we don't have enough supplies. what we have is only enough for a few days. >> reporter: it is not known how many of the 300,000 in the east have left, some are too poor to even pay for a ride out. a city devastated by years of war. the syrian government and its allies have still not managed to lay siege to the rebel controlled east of aleppo city. the only opposition controlled road leading into those neighborhoods is coming under
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heavy air strikes. russian air power has also allowed the government to advance towards the border with turkey. they have expanded their control entering town after town as they try reach the main rebel stronghold of tal raffat, about 25 kilometers from the border. the rebels have been fighting on all fronts, but they have had to withdraw, start ed to leave azaz the main place of refuge by those displaced by the recent offensive. azaz is a 25 minute travel from the border. uprising began to demand the creation of a united aleppo army. >> we are calling on commanders or else we tell them the people remove you from power. >> reporter: they also had another message.
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the people of syria don't want bashar al-assad they chanted. it was a clear message from the heart land of the opposition that winning on the battlefield won't lead to peace. zeina khodr, al jazeera, southern turkey. >> now the united states and saudi arabia say they will be pushing or the an immediate fore ceasefire at international peace talks to reconvene next week. >> we have a tremendous stake in stability and peace and security in the region. we have a tremendous stake in trying to resolve the problems in the region before they consume all of us. we are determined to work with our allies in the united states and our allies around the world to bring this about, whether it is in the war against terrorism, whether it is in trying to
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stabilize the middle east, whether it is trying to implement a peace in syria. the u.n. is experiencing many challenges and the resolution of these challenges is critically important to the future of the region and the world. >> united nations investigators say several thousand detainees in syria have been executed beaten to death or left to die during the war there. in a report on the deaths of people held by the government by the opposition and by so-called extremist groups they say detainees are dying on a scale amounting to a state policy of extermination of the civilian population. many deaths claimed to be caused by injuries sustained during torture and abuse by syrian security forces or rebel groups. the report also notes that a pattern's emerged since the start of the conflict in which civilians are arbitrarily arrested for supporting the opposition. the mass scale of deaths of
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detainees suggest that the government of syria is responsible for access amount to extermination as a crime against humanity because these deaths are brought about in prudence of pursuanceof attacking the civiln population. rescuers are still pulling out survivors of saturday's earthquake in taiwan, which brought down a 17 story building. an eight-year-old girl and a woman believed to be her aunt were pulled from the rubble 60 hours after the quake. at least 38 people have died but the mayor of tainan city says the number could rise. rob mcbride is in tainan city, it's been a grim start to the
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lunar new year. >> this temple is busier than usual. new years worshipers have joined some of the volunteers to help in the rescue. >> translator: the earthquake made us very fearful and we are still afraid. >> we pray to the gods for those who are still trapped inside. >> reporter: this tragedy has overshadowed the lunar new year for many in taiwan but it may have stirred others to join the communal effort in the hope more lives can be saved. on the grounds of the temple some of the volunteers have made their base. rescue team came from central taiwan. on his first mission he helped save a life. >> translator: although we can't be with our families, if we can save someone's life then it's worthwhile.
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>> reporter: at the apartment complex that collapsed in saturday morning's quake trapping hundreds inside, rescuers continue to find survivors but time is running out. rescuers have to decide whether to bring in heavy lifting gear to reach anybody trapped below this mountain of rubble. the danger is causing further collapse that might endanger life. but for relatives of those still inside, it might be their only hope.rohope. rob mcbride, al jazeera, tainan city, taiwan. estimated 40% of int voters in new hampshire have identified themselves as independent and they could have a big say who wins tuesday's poll. allen fisher is in new
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hampshire. if you read the polls and believe the polls it's trump should win for republicans, it's sanders should win for the democrats. starting with bernie sanders and mrs. clinton what sort of surprises might we be looking for there, if any? >> reporter: well, the surprise would be if hillary clinton gets within ten, 15 points of bernie sanders. she was introduced by her husband, ex president bill clinton and her daughter chelsea. there was a big crowd here, they were lining up for a few hours before she actually made the event. leah is a first time voter, voting for the first time come november. leah why did you decide to come out to this today? >> i want to understand who is going to be controlling my life in the future. >> you are think, we hear that
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young people prefer bernie. >> well he says free college and it is reality, what they make in the living life. personally, i don't make much and the fact that she wants to give equal pay for women, she wants a reasonable college amount, she doesn't want it free, she wants people who can afford to pay for college, pay for college and those who can't, have ability to help, in paying for college. >> were you a hillary supporter before you came here? >> yes. >> is this make it more certain? >> she's -- very energetic. rallies up the crowd. >> every vote matters, i really -- i hope she makes it. >> thank you very much indeed for joining us, and leah comes
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from londonderry, at the moment the republican front runner donald trump is holding an event. he's going to be stumping throughout the day trying to convince people to vote for him. if you look at the latest polls he has a lead of about 20 points over ted cruz who of course won in iowa. but notoriously here in new hampshire the polls tend to be slightly off. that's because 40% of the people here describe themselves as independents. what does that mean? they can say, they can go to any primary and say, i can volt for democrat or republican primary. they can pick their primary. these polls are really only indicative rather than predictary. she believe the polls are going to finish on the republican
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side, trump, cruz and rubio, with crist, kasich and bush all battling for fourth place. it's a real danger one of them if not more may have to fall out, if the polls are correct. there is still lots of campaigning to do, and every campaign is convincing voters to vote for them. and particularly since the snow started in new hampshire, to turn out on tuesday. >> thank you, allen fisher in new hampshire. you're watching al jazeera, coming up in a couple of minutes: how falling commodity prices are threatening south africa mining jobs. i want to let you know what happened when a leopard wandered into a school in southern india.
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>> even though we're in here, we're still human. >> how harsh conditions affect people on both sides of the bars. >> why did scott take his own life? >> the jail. >> some people might be scared to speak out but i'm not.
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i'm telling the truth. >> these are the global headlines this hour. the german chancellor angela merkel, says her government was not just appalled but horrified, of the russian air strikes in syrian. the bombardment has driven 30,000 syrians to the border with turkey. boats on which they were traveling sank on the way to greece from turkey. at least four people including an eight-year-old girl have been rescued from the rubble of a high rise apartment brock during saturday's earthquake in taiwan.
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international troops tried to bring stability in mali in the north after years of conflict and just last friday a group linked to al qaeda attacked a u.n. post in timbuktu. monica villamizar went on the story with a group that is under constant attack. >> we were given rare access to the united nations blue helmet patrol police, this unit came under attack last friday when al qaeda explode a car bomb outside one of its bases. the u.n. provided support to the local counterparts. >> translator: they immediately call us to verify what is going on. >> reporter: the city is in permanent lock down. no vehicles are allowed in op or out after 6:30 in the evening and there are constant power
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outages. this is one of the most importantinimportanting mosquest see anything because there is no lights. they are patrolling but pretty scared to do this because there is no electricity. the fight for independence in the north, the mission is one of the most dangerous in the world. 60 of its soldiers has been killed since its organization in 2013. >> we have good equipment good training so on. >> the swedish contingent in front of intelligence has replaced some of the risky human reconnaissance operation is with drones. timbuktu's glorious days of gold
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markets is gone. al qaeda troops were not part of this deal. >> translator: there is no development, there won't be peace. one of these young men armed with kalashnikovs supposed to eat? >> she is aware that it is a target. >> the u.n. mandate now includes the protection of civilians. an ambitious goal for mating peace in an attitude of war. monica villamazar, al jazeera,
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mali. thousands are said to be losing their jobs, as companies slash their cost. famida miller reports from cape town. >> doesn't want to think about the future he has worked at the time platinum mine in south africa's northwest province for eight years but a dramatic decline in commodity prices means jobs have been cut. >> we don't know what has really happened because now a lot of employees are stressed about that, so we don't know how many jobs are going to be lost. >> it's estimate they'd 52,000 jobs are under threat in africa's most industrialized economy. many say it's an industry in turmoil with frequent strike action over wages, safety issues and escalating electricity and labor costs, efforts to cut expenses are unavoidable. >> going to feel the impact more is the platinum metals group and it would be interesting to see
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how the ceos of those describes ever platinum mines are going to position themselves moving forward. because it is also the year where negotiation is in the platinum sector are beginning. >> reporter: already one in four south africans are unemployed. play a significant role in the mining industry they say they're determined to save as many jobs as possible. >> mining industry have to think do we preserve the current jobs that are here and what do we do with the skills that are going to be retrenched in the mining industry? is there a way in which those skills can be put back into the economies? what are the sectors that can take mining skills and use them? >> the mining and related industries in south africa employ one million people. if the largest contributor by value is the black economic empowerment? south africa's government
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maintains its mining sector as a bright future with moving $3 trillion worth of reserves. hearnt don'hasn't done much to m the sector, using this miningk to attract investment in the ailing mining industry. south africa has a third of the world's mining resources, leaving little room for commodity prices to increase. the question then becomes what the analysts are calling a mining bloodbath. famida miller, al jazeera. confirming north korea was able to put a satellite or some other device into the atmosphere. u.s. hopes to send an antimissile system to south korea as quickly as possible. there have been celebrations in north korea's capital after saturday's rocket launch, thousands growing in the
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capital, followed by ten minute fireworks display. condemnation of threats of new u.n. sanctions. an advisor to aung san suu kyi has told al jazeera that these people have investigated ways for her to be the next president. won last year's election be comfortablelycomfortably, but st become president. britain could soon leave the european union and euro-skeptic parties are growing i in popularity. jonah hull explains why this
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might be. >> in a matter of months, britain is expected to hold a referendum to decide its future alongside its trading partners in the european union. successive crises have, welcome boost for populaces like the u.k. independence party. >> the eu is diminishing, its gdp is diminishing. there's an enormous exciting opportunity for countries, in particular, i'm talking about britain outside the eu. why would you shackle your self to this declining area? consequences of exiting from the eu, are for britain it could signal a scottish referendum,
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but it is likely to be an encouraging move for europe's populace parties, front nationall, the national front, it along with european party partners in brit and and austria, it's no longer transition is older voters swept up in a public discourse that rolls immigration and terrorism into one. >> since the terrorist attacks last year they have a new public which includes the young who vote for the front nationale simply because they are afraid of radical islam and its ability to kilt. >> a best selling cartoon satire, imagination a front in which marine la pen becomes pet
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president and she and her party are no friend of the eu. >> we are made up of nations, there is a french nation, there is an english nation, an american nation, a brazillan nation. that's how things work best and in that context, the, that it's outer edges is a very bad thing. >> reporter: it is a view that resonates with 1 in 3 french voters and commands a sizable church of the european parliament. while parties like ukip pledged to break up the eu, thousands work from within to degrade its policies and institution he. together they undermine the mission of ever closer union. jonah hull, al jazeera.
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>> we'll have the final in the series of disunion. whether it's time for them to have a referendum on leaving about european union. three people were hurt by a leopard which wandered into a school in southern india. the big cat attacked a man who was trying to escape over a gate, chase lasted many of hour, until someone managed to shoot the leopard with a tranquilizer dart. complaints in china, organizers of the dacca art summit threatened there would be consequences if the works weren't removed. >> it could be an artistic
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statement about censorship itself, five blank pages ceferg up the original work, the five panels contain letters by self-immolators. when the chinese ambassador to bangladesh visited the arts summit he according to one of the curators explode demanding the work be taken down or there would be consequences. we don't know exactly what these consequences might be but the summit organizers told us they were worried that not covering these subjects up, chinese has been increasing it's ream to ar.
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>> it was supposed to be a stunt for a film but the sight of a bus exploding on a bridge in london caused alarm, a film starring jackie chan, for many it was a reminder of what happened when the london buses exploded. for all the dwhroabl head resigns. global headlines. ♪ ♪ >> i'm russel russell in the pacific northwest. >> it's exactly the habitat that has been missing for 100 years