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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. >> i care about making a real difference in your life. >> we have to get away from the politicians, and we have to bring sanity to this country. >> the only way we bring about change is the way that real change has always occurred. >> i hope you want a president that accepts responsibility and accountability. >> appealing to undecided voters, the issues and mud slinging candidates are using in an attempt to win the new hampshire primary. winter whether could be a factor, and offshore mother nature turned a leisurely cruise into a frightening and dangers
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journey for passengers. >> also... >> we have started to develop the vaccine. >>..eliminating and fighting the zika virus, the progress made now that the c.d.c. is at its highest level and the police officer and the teenager he fatally shot - for $10 million we begin in new hampshire, voting in the first dehli primary in the 2016 race for president, getting under way in an hour. three towns have a midnight vote. the rest of the state heads to the polls. al jazeera's mike viqueira is in new hampshire for the final day of campaigning. >> reporter: the voting starts in a matter of hours. many candidates, republicans and democrats had a last push,
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criss-crossing the state of new lamp shire in a hunt for voters. do you think you have lost momentum since saturday? marco rubio like many republican rivals needles new hampshire, and he seems to be on rise for a third place finish in iowa. then came saturday ninight. a blistering attack. and under fire he fell back on a similar tone. >> president obama doesn't know what he does. >> there it is. >> reporter: an opposition narrative was born. the junior senator from - and not handling the pressure. >> i haven't decided. >> reporter: and the man that led the attack, finding himself polling badly in polls. on monday they were on bended nee. >> i have dirt on my pants and
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everything now. oh, good. >> making it great again. >> the republican leading in the polls, donald trump, was challenged at a town hall, a man asking trump if he could look a syrian child in the face and tell him he couldn't go to school in the u.s. >> bernie sanders is pulling out stops. keeping up a frantic pace despite a faltering voice. >> our government belongs to all of us, not just the 1%. thank you. >> this has hillary clinton and her campaign lagged behind sanders, among two key groups. younger voters and surprisingly women from all age groups. client rallied alongside bill, hitting back at a charge from sanders that she is too close to wall street. >> bernie sanders took about 200,000 not directly, but
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through the campaign committee. there's nothing wrong with that. it didn't change his few, and it didn't change my view or my vote either. >> reporter: marco rubio made his pitch. >> what kind of country will it be. >> reporter: in the crowd, those undecided. house and al fit ght the profile of an independent. voting for democrats in the past. >> i decided yesterday, we went through the event in manchester. the super bowl party. listened to a speech. >> reporter: even though hillary clinton won the state against president obama the clinton campaign is downplaying the expected vote tonne out. all but conceding that bernie sanders will win this by the time the votes are tallied. what the clinton campaign is counting on, fire walls at the next two contest.
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in nevada and south carolina. >> mike viqueira, reporting from a snowy new hampshire, and senior political correspondent michael shure is in port smith where it is also snowing. a lot of news today. let's start with the g.o.p. a bunch of polls coming out. one gave hope to jed bush, even though trump is far ahead. >> that's an emerson college poll, showing donald trump with 31%. for the first time we see jed bush in second place after the debate. it gives hope to jed bush. a lot of people thing it's make or break. it really is. he could get on - he's sort of on main stage of the conversation with the governors, they are passing here now, probably a plough. but, you know, there are three governors run, kassig, rubio and jed bush. for jed bush, he is able to make ground, it could change the
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campaign. a lot on that. it could be the beneficiary on saturday night between christy and rubio. >> the other poll seems to show cruz and marco rubio battling for second place, despite a lot of republicans trying to twist the knife into rubio. >> that's right. we can't sort of go off of one poll, one emerson college poll, but the feeling after saturday night is you had the three governors that you mentioned - marco rubio, kassig and bush. they are trying to get into the fight right now, and know that only one, two of them can lead new hampshire and stay in the case taking it to south carolina. jed bush believes he can be that candidate because if he doesn't finish as high as kassig or rubio, he has the money, the staying power to take this, and establishment republicans like
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to come home, this is a place they do that. >> the other governor, chris christie, the main attacker, doesn't seem to have gotten much of a bump on that. let's switch to the democrats. there's a report from politico that the clintons are planning a staff shake-up. that they have turned caustic in criticism of their aides. is this a bad sign for the clinton campaign? >> well, if it's true, it is a bad sign for the clinton campaign. in 2008 the same thing happened. the clinton campaign and staff, a few people were let go. they changed, as president obama did well, they changed tack. hillary clinton went on the air saying we might do a different direction, but we have no intentions of firing or getting rid of staff. >> one thing to look at with the
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clintons, is that clinton is in the state. bill clinton took the campaign in a certain direction yesterday, that the campaign was not necessarily comfortable with. he went after bernie sanders, and it reminded people of 2008, when bill clinton was going after president obama. a lot of democrats at that time thought it was distasteful. a lot feel that way now. >> they are getting ready to start the voting. we have live pictures to pull up. where they have the candidates on the wall. we'll see what happens in in an hour. the other big new involves former new york mayor bloomberg. will he or won't he. if he does, will he hurt the democrats or g.o.p. more? >> well, it's, you know, hard to say, it's speculative. it's another report saying he's looking into the one in 2016. you'd have to think it would hurt the democrats.
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they'd have to spent money in new york. people do not realise that, michael bloomberg coming into the race changes the shape of the race, and republicans delight in seeing the democrats spending money. he is distasteful to a lot of republicans, a lot don't like it stand on guns. if we look at it now, there's a primary, same on the republican side. by the time bloomberg gets into this. they may have the nominees and the parties sticking with the people they close at that time more than 30 were injured when a charter bus drove into a snow storm and overturned in mad second connecticut. it crashed with 70 on board. the investigation is ongoing, but the snowy weather is a factoro. kevin corveau joins us with the
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weather. it's been a busy weather day. >> it has. the one storm is exiting, but leave it or not there's another area of low pressure developing off the eastern sea board. we have a lot to talk about. i want to share what is happening. here is the area of low pressure, the associated snow, and we have another system to the west. i want to show you what is happening with this area. in parts of connecticut, we see a bit of snow in the region, now that is moving towards new hampshire. it is snowing, and will continue through the night. i want to show you here, on the top of the building at 34th and 8th, and it is snowing here as well. this is one band that is pushing through. we are going to see snow. come back, i want to show you where the snow is. we see the other band coming into new jersey, making its way overnight to new york as well. a lot of watches and warnings in place across the region.
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the blizzard warnings have been dropped, as you can see. new hampshire - we have winter storm warnings in effect. we expect to see a bit of snow and new winter storm warnings from new jersey. >> a lot to look forward to senator bill nelson. florida calls for an investigation after a royal caribbean cruise ship sailed in 100 miles an hour winds and waves of 30 feet. it departed from cape liberty, and it ran into the storm sunday off the coast of south carolina. passengers posted videos and pictures of conditions on board. >> royal caribbean said the ship was turned around and headed to new jersey. four minor injuries were reported. congress will be arrived for $2 million to fight the zika virus. hours after the announcement, c.d.c. says it's putting its
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emergency center on its highest alert level. john terrett reports. >> good evening. should we be worried now that the c.d.c. is making the zika virus the number one priority. the answer is yes and no. zika is serious, and it's links to defects are unknown. nonetheless, it is expecting an outbreak in mainland united states, when the mosquito season gets under way in the summer. president obama led his weight to the story today. >> reporter: president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion to help stop the zika virus. the president telling americans not to panic. >> the good news is this is not like ebola. people don't die. a lot get it and don't know they have it. it is sweeping south america, especially brazil. women who are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant.
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scientists who think there is a link, microcephali, a condition with a baby's head is smaller. they do not know if the virus causes birth defects. the emergency federal cash will be used into research as to how zika forms, why it thrives and how it spreads. >> we have started to develop a vaccine, and we can predict we'd likely be in phase one style. and see if it produces a response. and likely get that going. >> as with the ebola outbreak in 2014. federal cash finding its way overseas. $300 million will be used to tackle zika. where trash on the streets is a breeding ground for mosquitos that deliver it. >> because living conditions are different.
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experts are optimistic about stopping an outbreak. >> in that context we are optimistic that we won't have large-scale transmission. we are not betting on it. we want to make sure we don't have widespread transmission. while it is a good first step, the best way to control mosquitos, is on the ground locally, where the young, women and poor are at risk that call for cash, $1.8 billion is separate to the fiscal year 2017 budget that president obama will present to congress tomorrow. >> thank you, john terrett in washington. >> north korea has shown that it can put missiles into space. that has the united states ramping up defense capabilities around the country. the response of the pentagon next. >> rescuers working in the rubble of buildings taken down by an earthquake in taiwan,
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finds more survivors.
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>> the nation's first primary, and a critical next step on the
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road to the white house. >> republicans, democrats... >> stay with al jazeera america for comprehensive coverage that's... in taiwan more than 100 people are missing after the quakar on saturday. an 8-year-old girl was found alive after spending 60 hours trapped in the rubble of a collapse said apartment building in the city of taiwan north korea launched a satellite into space. the united nations condemned the mood and is considering sanctions. the u.s. says it's ready to bolster defenses in the region. jamie mcintyre reports from the pentagon. with north korea defying u.n. resolutions and ignoring crippling sanctions, the u.s. is making prudent military moves to
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counter the threat that north korea may threaten its enemies with nuclear tipped missiles. the pentagon says the north korean space launch was a bust insofar as putting a working earth observation satellite in orbit. the satellite dubbed loan star is said to be tumbling out of control. as for north korea's rocket science, the launch was a success. the second time since 2012 pyongyang demonstrated that it has developed ballistic missiles that could in theory reach the united states. in response, the u.s. korean commander asked for additional expenses, as soon as details can be worked out with seoul. a request president obama approved. >> we are consulting with the south koreans for the first time about more missile defense
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facilities to prevent possibilities that north korea could reach the facilities or population. it is called that. therm nal high altitude defense. a radar missile designed to shoot down missiles. inside or outside the earth's atmosphere. >> we are confident that the posture is adequate to the task, and we think added to that would improve that posture, and, if you will, the reinsurance level for allies and forces in the region the launch came from a north korean facility from near the border. the racket travelling south along the coast. passing near okinawa and subsequently posed no throat to the u.s. or its allies. had it been towards the united states, the u.s. would have had to decide whether to shoot it
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down with ground based missiles, at alaska and then in california, or it could have targeted the missile with sea based intercepted miles from the sea of japan. with the nuclear test and this month's missile launch, the u.s. must take seriously north korea's claim it can put a nuclear war head on top of a long-range message. talks about ley gin between days and the thad system could be deployed in weeks. jamie mcintyre at the pentagon united nations investigators accuses syria's government of exterminating thousands of detainees. prisoners are believed to have been executed since being held, since the violence began. the report says syrian president bashar al-assad's regime is guilty of a number of war crimes, including rape and
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murder. the investigators are calling on the u.n. security council to impose targeted sanctions on high ranking officials responsible for the deaths. >> turkey's border with syria is closed. 35,000 people, who are trying to escape the war, are stuck in camps near the border. they will not feel safe unless they are allowed to leave syria. >> translation: we have the rockets over us, we are dying. we are left with nothing but our clothes. we want to be at ease. we want our dignity, it's been five years living under bombs crying "oh god." turkey says it will provide aid but cannot take in more refugees. closing statements for pete liang, who is facing manchester after shooting a child in the stairwell of a brooklyn housing project in 2014.
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liang took the stand and said he fired accidentally after being startled by a noise. a chicago police officer is suing the estate of a teenager he shot and killed in december. as diane eastabrook reports, officer robert riamo says he was forced to open file when the 19-year-old swung a baseball bat at him. >> reporter: this is a countersuit in response to a wrongful death suit that the victim's family filed against the city of chicago. the 19-year-old was fatally shot, and a neighbour, betty jones, following a domestic disturbance in september. when he arrived he came towards him swinging a back. the officer feared for his life. he didn't know that jones was standing behind ley gear. >> this is a psychological trauma that the officer will have to carry with him for the
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refer of his life. >> an attorney in a statement said "it's outrage us and troubling that police will shoot people and turn around and sue them." this comes at a time when tensions are running high between the city of chicago, and the african american community, stemming from bliss-involved shooting involving young african american men. the department of justice is investigating the police department for some of its practices. >> mardi gras celebrations in new orleans are in high gear. officials are worried that the parties could lead to a rash of heroin overdoses. a warning from doctors. and why doctors say orcan trance plants could save hundreds of lives every year.
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a spike in heroin overdoses cast a shadow over the mardi gras celebrations in new orleans. seven deaths have been seen. as jonathan martin reports, a chemical mixed with the drug may be making it dangerous. >> reporter: as massive crowds
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take over new orleans for mardi gras, city leaders are working to spread the word about what they call a public health crisis. doctors and first responders are seeing an increase in the number of heroin overdoses. within a 2-week period, seven people have died. >> any time your city is a destination for a large number of people, you want it make sure the people are aware that anything on the street could be life threatening. >> reporter: this doctor is a chief doctor at the university medical center, and said the spike is likely tied to heroin mixed with a synthetic drug fentanyl. >> it's three to four times more powerful than heroin. if you think you are injecting heroin alone, and it's laced or mixed. it will have more powerful effect. and the side effects are cessation of breathing.
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people stop breathing. >> heroin abuse has become an epidemic nationwide. in the past decade the centers for disease control says the numbers of users increased among men and women, and age groups. among those 18-25, the numbers have doubled. >> in new orleans health officials encourage those that use heroin to purchase the drug narcan. it's used to treat overdoses. because of the surge in emergencies, it's available without a prescription. >> without a doctor seeing the patient themselves, people can walk in and get this life-saving medication, and have it available on hand in case they encounter the family member, of someone who may be suffering an overdose. >> louisville has a good samaritan law that allows people to report an overdose.
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health officials are in no way condoning heroin use. taking the steps is about saving lives doctors at john's hopkins announced plans to perform the nation's first transplant between an h.i.v. donor and recipient and takes place when patients are identified. transplants were illegal in the u.s. in 2013, when president obama signed the hope act into law, and it allows h.i.v. positive people to donate organs. organs from 500 h.i.v. people could save more than 1,000 h.i.v. positive recipients chip potly -- chipotle restaurants opened laid to discuss food safety. 50,000 workers were expected to attend, hundreds of customers sickened during an ecoli outbreak.
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sales were down by 36% in january i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us, for the latest news any time head to luis suarez is up next with "inside story". have a great night. ♪ >> it's a fascinating couple of days in the republican race for new hampshire. campaigns rising and falling, spinning and sprining, trying to win the expectations game, and the actual votes cast by people who want them to be their nominee for president. i know exactly what i'm doing. here comes the first primary, is it an elimination round?