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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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sovereign currency, so finland can devalue its way out of economic trouble. jonah hull, al jazeera, finland. you'll find much more on our website, the address to click on to, record turn out in a late undecided vetters could play the spoiler. president obama releases the final budget of his presidency. director of national -- before the senate. today in ferguson, major reforms to it's troubled police department at a hefty price tag.
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this is al jazeera live from new york city. voting in the first presidential primary. it is now underway. polls have been open for several hours now. votes have already been tallied in a few small towns. nine people voted there giving bernie sanders and john kasich early wins. new hampshire says the vote will likely top the high mark set in 2008. al jazeera joins us now from manchester, new hampshire, so mike, how unpredictable is this primary? >> number one the polls are notoriously unreliable. there are so many changes in
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voter behavior, even the way they contract voters and number two effort's almost become a stereotype. with an independent streak, not making up their mind, and to the last minute, and there are indications that there is plenty of significant number of voter whose are undecided. perhaps until they enter the voting booth and press the lever. if the prevoting polled are to be believed, donald trump will run away with this thing, and likely bernie sanders. and the last hour, we talks about how it is shaping up republicans. if you look at the democrats, hillary clinton ran here in 2008, after losing in iowa, to barack obama, but then senator hillary clinton coming back and winning in new hampshire, she has the endorsement of a lot of political leaders from this state and else where, and yet bernie sanders is well ahead many the polls. that does not bode well for hillary clinton. she is being defeated in terms of the demographic
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break down of the supporters, among young people and all ages so it bodes rubble ahead and on the republican side. there will be a few tickets out of here, in other words there are going to be people who drop out, if they don't do well, further consolidating. >> the senator is running rochelle? >> talk more about who really immediates to do well to live another day here? >> well, first of all, donald trump, he underperformed in polls he is expected to do well here is his support a mile wide and an inch deep. do his supporters turn up. ted cruz winning the presidentation game is not expected to do well, but in a subsequent contest which is next on the agenda, he is
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expected to do well been mork coe rubio, who had emerged almost claiming victory by coming in third place, he is by many accounts still many the polls after what the pundits call addis sasser performance. today we will find out if the voters agree. and today, we are talking about those governors, kassig, kristi, and busch, all vying for the same segment of the base. the so called establishment of the traditional base. the one that does the at least well, is almost certain to drop out after this. >> all right, mike, in new hampshire. live leaven that will is a senior reporter, he joins us now from washington, d.c. so tell us your assessment, do you agree with mike, with what mike is saying? needs to do well today? >> without question. if your name is john kasich or marco rubio, or jeb bush, for that matter, and certainly chris christie, you almost certainly need a
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second or third place showing in this contest, in order to propel yourself forward. no one thinks they will be able to catch donald trump in new hampshire, but you don't have to catch him in order to live to fight another day, anding ising is and nevada, that of course you have super tuesday coming up too. where perhaps some candidates will play fairly well in p some of those states. ted cruz being one of them. so it is a race for second and third place. on the democratic side, it does appear that bernie sanders is going to run away with this. hillary clinton is very much in taj control right now. so having said that, let's talk more about hillary clinton. there are reports that she will aft some kind of changes does that ring to you? >> spirally possible. her campaign, and the messages they have been putting out, even the tweets they are putting out, are trying to lower expectations in p new hampshire. a big question right now, if bernie sanders does really
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well, goes in and performed fairly well, that do seem to be hillary clinton's strong holds, hillary clinton is sitting on this massive mound of cash, that's being controlled by super packets. these outside groups that the raise and spend unlimited amounts of money. they want to keep that dry. their want to keep that catch in the vault. the question is, are they going to have to open up that vault in order to go after bernie sander whose is posing a major threat to her candidacy right now in the democratic side. >> so this record turn out, what is behind that? >> people are excited. first of all, you have had all these debates for months and months. they have gotten record numbers. people are very very engaged. lambly that's driven by what is happening on the republican side. with all the other around kates da what is a very very unique set of circumstances for all these candidates still vying for the republican nomination. and as a result, people in new hampshire, which are
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already very very engaged block of voters, worked in new hampshire for a couple of years. saw wit my own eyes. they love politics. so if they already love it and they have the ineptive to vote for these candidates, they are going to go out, rain, sleet, snow, they will come out and you are seeing that right now. >> dave, i like the words you use, certainly a unique race. unique set of circumstances. dave, thank you. >> thank you. >> president obama has unveiled his last budget and it is unlikely to pass congress. republican lawmakers came out against the $4 trillion plan for 2017 before it was even released. they are already working on their own budget and they plan to skip the customary hearing. al jazeera is live for us in washington. john, tell us a little bit about what is going on in this plan. >> hello. >> hello. >> well, first of all, you
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have to say this is a little bit of political theater. we go through this every february, and it is the same. people get tesh bly excited the budget is coming and we have pictures of the budget arriving here in the congress. can't wait to see the budget, there it is. look at all of that, facts full of facts and figures and then it disappears the everybody goes well that's it, then, jolly good. now this is fiscal 2017 being delivered just a few hours ago, all those books you will see them will be poured over by members of congress. the president says that book there contained a lot of things that are very dear to him, like education, criminal justice reform, and job creation a little bit more than five call 2015 was. that's the big one, the president wants to slap $10 per barrel of oil, as a tax, in order to get a clean transportation system. raising $320 billion.
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well, i am telling you that is dead in the water before we even start. also, $7.7 billion for renewable energy. $719 billion for cyber security, which is a very key issue for all of us. and asked the president and he is asking the congress, for 7.5, $7 billion for fighting isil that's up about 35%, and also money for space exploration, and cancer research. and remember, the president asked joe biden to look africanser research as a special issue. >> john, when you listed some of those things some of them just along party lines are clearly nonstarters, clearly. but why republicans against it? >> well, it is part of the game. if there was a republican many the white house, the democrats would pushing back, so it is true with the republicans, however, we do have paul ryan now as the speaker of the house, the he
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is trying to be a different kind of leader. he said he wants to be there. anden budgets are sort of his thing. he brokers the last financial crisis. now we have a full screen graphic to explain what he is saying despite his approach, he is not pulling any punches, he says president obama will propose office that has a budget that even balances. this isn't a budget as it is a progressive manual for growing the manual. he says the oil tax alone, that's going to add according to ryan 24 cents per fallon of fuel, at the expense of ordinary hardworking americans their jobs and major sectors of the economy. so the fighting has begun. they will have their own proposals and they will come to acariosis agreement, you know it is all the way here in washington. >> unfortunately, that is business as usual now. investigators on the scene of
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a deadly train collision say it appears the drivers of the two trains that crashed likely did not see each other before the collision. at least nine people died of the accident which happened southeast during the morning rush hour. they had pulled out all the survivors only the same track. officials say they were on a curve and had no time to brake before colliding head on. >> hong kong is on edge after violence early this morning more than 100 people fought with police, setting fires, officers fired warning shots as they try to pushes back the crowds. now the violence began when police the hong kong chief executive condemns the rioters. the developing of an apartment building that collapsed in that earthquake is under arrest today. police are trying to charge him with negligence. 41 people have die sod far
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from the quake. most were in that one apartment building. rescuers are working around the clock still trying to save people. ferguson considers major reforms but it could cost residents more than their bargains vote. plus, voters in michigan take steps to remove their embattled governor from office.
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committee is holding a rares hearing.
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to discuss threats worldwide, including home grown terrorism and organized groups around the world, such as isil and al quaida. >> unpredictable instability has become the new normal. and this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. extremist are active in 40 countries, the record level of migrants more than 1 million, arriving in europe is likely to grow further this year. , treatment weather, climate change, rising demand for food and water. poor policy decisions and inadequate infrastructure will magnify this. >> quite a list he just ran down, so what are the biggest threats? >> well, this was very interesting hearing by two top spy masters. that was james clapper, the director of national intelligence, he was flanked byluth general, who is the d.i.a. director.
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he described what he called a diverse display, the worst he has seen in his career. he as 1 point referred to it as a litany of doom. let mes just run through for my note as couple of bullet points, he said isil has become the pre-eminent global terrorist threat. he said they are now more sunni violent extremist groups members and safe havening than in any time in history. he said that russia and china are continuing to launch sophisticating cyber attacks. he talked about al quaida's growing strength even though the core of al quaida is decimated in pakistan. gains in 2016, he talked about it looks like it is going to be a stalemate for most of the year.
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result the challenges faces the united states and there were more, he spoke for 15 minutes it would take me 15 minutes to go through all the things he mentioned. you know what they say, the good thin about being a pessimist, is thaw yo through life either being proven right or pleasantly surprise sod in this case we have to hope that maybe the united states is pleasantly surprised on some of these, because he gave a quite pet mystic assessment. >> what did the spy master have to say. >> they did say that isil has lost ground and influence in iraq and syria, partly he
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said because in those places it is acting more like a nation state. the finances can by attacked but he talks about the way it has been very effective and able to spread it's influence to other places line libya. and the defense minister general stewart also said he offered a quite pest mystic assessment whether mosul the capitol in iraq could be recaptured this year. that's something that the iraqi government has talked about in his assessment, he didn't see it happening. and he also down played the idea that saudi arabia would be able to provide the significant contribution of drowned troops he said in his professional assessment, that's not something that the saudi military is up to. >> jamie mcintyre live, thank you. an alleged data breach that could effect 80,000.
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homeland security employees and plans are released information from 20,000 fbi workers. the data was reportedly retrieved through a justice department email account. the city council in ferguson missouri is expecting to vote today on a deal to reform the city's justice system. it is part of a federal agreement. the city says it simply can't afford it. >> the city says it is $3 million in debt over the unrest there 18 months ago. after the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown by then officer darren nielsen. the debt would more than double if they approve a consent agreement with the department of justice. attorneys general office announced that agreement last month, as a way of reforming a department that it found enfaked in questionable policing practices. the city has been holding a series of meetings to discuss
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the agreement and the potential costs. >> most of the time the mayor goes by with closed doors and signs it. we wanted to make sure that the residents could see what the product was, weigh in before there was -- >> the estimate puts the cost of fulfilling the agreement at almost $4 million many the first year. the most costly part called for ferguson officers to be paid better than other officers in the st. louis area. it would also mandate salary increases for administrative personnel. while increasing the diversity training for officers and installing software overly violently tendencies this is in addition to other measures. like outfitting officers with body cameras. for ferguson rejects the agreement, the department plans to sue, that can cost the city millions more to defend itself. >> would like to continue the
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work we have been doing with the reforms that have been going on for over a year. and really just move us forward as a community. >> john henry smith, al jazeera. >> closing arguments start this morning in the trial of a new york city police officer. he faced manslaughter charged after shootingty girly in a stairwell in a brooklyn housing project. he testified that he fired his gun accidentally after a noise startled him. he insisted he had no idea he had hit anyone until he heard a woman crying. now facing an effort to oust him from office. the board has approved the first steps to recall the recall. some many the state want him out over the water crisis in state. >> michigan's governor is now facing a recall, but not other the water crisis. >> it is time for the governor to man up, and resign, or take massive
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action to rectify this man made disaster. >> the state board of canvasserring heard a room full of angry citizens. >> my husband and i george came to support the people of flint. and the disaster they have had to endure for this past year. >> most of it many related to the water crisis were tossed out because of grammatical roars. >> the petition is very clear, it just only have very few words denouncuations that are wrong. >> but one of the petitions was approved it questions the decision to take control of the state office that controls schools. the move bypassed local policies. attention on snider and the water crisis will only increase ahead of the democratic debate. presidential hopeful bernie sanders want as republican governor out of office. >> people will be paying the price for this if their entire life.
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>> hillary clinton also made flint the wattser not optional my friends. it is not a luxury. the petition gives organizers 180 days to gather enough signatures to add the measure to the ballot. snider says he has no intention of resigning. >> the new government reports shows that eight states saw a significant crop in the number of uninsured residents thanks to the healthcare law. five of those states have rep governors. a c.d.c. survey also shows the nation's uninsured rate just above 9% for the first time in -- during the first nine months of 2015. that is year from the down 14.5%. a public health crisis, the
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new concern over an even deadlier form of heroin. and beyoncé proves
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the conference call. the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. it is fat tuesday, new orleans is celebrating as al jazeera reports there are concerns over a recent spike in heroin overdoses.
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>> as massive crowds tax over new orleans for mardi gras, city leaders are working to spread the word about what they are calling a public health crisis. doctors and first responders saying they are seeing a staggering increase in heroin overdoses. they are getting nearly the double the number of calls. in two weeks seven people have died. >> any time your cities is a destination for a large number of visitors you want to make sure those people are aware that anything on the streets can be life threatening. dr. peter w is the chief medical officer, he says the spike many overdoses is likely relate toddler win being mixed with a synthetic drug. >> the issue is that it is three to four times more powerful than heroin. so if you are thinking that you are injected heroin alone, and it's laced or mixed with feint nell it will have more powerful effect.
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and the side effects are saysization of breathing. >> heroin abuse has increasingly become an epidemic, in the past decade, the centers for disease control says that the number of users has increased among both men and women, and across most age groups. among those, the number has doubled. >> in new orleans, health officials are encouraging those with loved one whose use heroin to purchase the drug narcan. and because of this latest surge in emergencies in new orleans, it is now available without a prescription. >> and so without a doctor seeing the patient, themselves, people can walk in and get this life saving medication, and have it available and on hand in case they encounter a family member or someone who may be having a overdose from heroin, or an opioid. >> louisiana also has a good samaritan law, that allows people to report a suspected
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overdose without the fear of being arrested. health officials say they are in no way trying to condone use, but saying taking these steps is about saving lives. al jazeera, new orleans. >> the super bowl champs are back home in november, thousands of people are gathering for a parade. >> the third super bowl champion. >> ♪ . >> more than a third since saturday. that's when the surprise video was released it is already been viewed 13 million times. thank you for joining us, i am rachelle kerry, live from london, keep it here.
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this is al jazeera. >> hello, everyone. and welcome to the news hour, live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says it has a plan to resolve the crisis in syria. but the u.s. claims the death strikes are making peace talks more difficult. ten people die after two passenger trains collide head on in southern germany, more than 80 are injuries. >> new hampshire decides founders look to claim their first wins in the u.s. presidential primaries.