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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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london, keep it here. this is al jazeera. >> hello, everyone. and welcome to the news hour, live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia says it has a plan to resolve the crisis in syria. but the u.s. claims the death strikes are making peace talks more difficult. ten people die after two passenger trains collide head on in southern germany, more than 80 are injuries. >> new hampshire decides founders look to claim their first wins in the u.s. presidential primaries.
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>> and demands in court for the african president. >> denver broncos team that celebrates their super bowl win, and there's a massive raid planned for later on tuesday as well, those details coming up later in the program. >> hello, russia's foreign minister says the country has proposed what it call as concrete plan to resolve the syrian crisis. sergei lavrov saying the proposal is now being studied byway bah. the secretary of state says the air strikes on the surrounding region are making it harder to hold talks with mosul. >> this is no question, and i have said this before that russia's activities in the
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region right now, are making it much more difficult to be able to come to the table, and have a serious conversation. and we have called on russia, and call on russia again, to join in the effort to bring about an immediate cease fire, and to bryn about full humanitarian help. that is what this meets will be about, and this meeting will tell a lot about the road ahead. we are not blind to what is happening. we are all very very aware of how critical this moment is. and russia needs to contributor in significant ways to sustaining the ability of the opposition, and others to come to the table. >> let's get more now with our diplomaedic ed story, what do you make of these? >> what is possibility here
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is the timing. one week after the geneva talks collapsed, undermines pause of russian bombardment, which meant it made it possible for the opposition to stay there, then decided to postpone the talks. >> and we are just two days away from a big meeting. that is the meeting to try to get this back on track. to try to persuade the rest of the international community, try to persuade russia, to stop the bombardment. and diplomates have been telling me that john kerry face as very tough job, that's why i think he is having discussions with the russians before the meeting takings place. at the same time, he doesn't want to be too tough, because he doesn't want this process to collapse. >> so why is russia come out with this we are making a proposal now that could result in peace? syria? is it just purely because of that meeting it wants to lay out it's position? >> it also may be if russia is going to back down, we don't know. this would be quite a face
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saving way to do it, to say that it is a russian proposal. it is clear that the discussions are about two things, about getting humanitarian access, about a possible cease fire. some of the diplomates say they are septemberble about this, how do you get a cease fire, if you can't even get a cease fire which are the sponsor oz f the process but that is certainly what they are trying to work on, they are also looking at the u.n.'s plans which wouldn't vote any peace keepers, what the u.n. is proposing is some sort of plan where you get cease fire made up of some of the opposition some of the sources and some of the society. and a self-monitored cease fire on the ground. >> all eyes now on munich. thank you. well, the united nations is urging turkey to open it's board tore let refugees across. tens of thousands have arrived.
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after fleeing intense fighting in aleppo. the government is set the offensive backs by those air strikes to recapture the country's largest city. the border camps already full uh some now have to sleep in the open with just the clothes on their backs. al jazeera is intent on the turkey syria border and joins us live right now so the organization calling on turkey to open the boarder, because of the refugee influx, what has been the reaction on the ground though? >> well, officials say that they are doing everything to help them on the other side, that their property is capable of doing what they do for them here. there, and that's what they are doing, they are setting up tents and providing them with food, shelter, and blankets and of course it is not enough. most of them want to come into turkey, because they are petrified, they don't want to be refugees but if it comes to a reality and we spoke to a 35-year-old lady that has managed to get out of syria,
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and she was describing what it was like in their home, constant bombardment, her seven-year-old kept asking her to close her ears because she couldn't handle the noise any more. she said it felt like leaving our souls behind. this is someone that did get out, but says we don't want to leave, so this is a real challenge you have, and the catch 22 if you will, turkey doesn't want refugees, refugees don't want to leave syria. but if you are just talking to all the diplomatic talks they also feel they have been deserted. there's been talks and plans to help with air strikes, and the situation just gets worst, we are seeing around 11,000 outside the border, you have around 40,000 in the town, that's just north of aleppo. 30,000 people in the area, we spoke to doctors without borders they said those camps were already at
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breaking point, with not very good conditions. this is a looming catastrophe, so an incredibly difficult situation that will only get worse with this on going intensive campaign. by the syrians backed by air strikes. >> thank you very much. so syrian government forces are trying to surround aleppo, they are hoping to cut off rebel supply lines to and from turkey. al jazeera is also from there, she september us this report. >> it is their jobs to watch the skies. when they hear the sound of jets. as first responders to the scenes of attacks these volunteers have been busier than usual. air strikes have intensified. those forces are now close to besieging the neighborhoods so the defense volunteers say they are the only hope for those who may be trapped
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there are some people leaving the city because they are afraid of the siege, god willing it won't happen, but regardless, volunteers and our families decide to stay because we need to help the people and fighters who chose to stay. >> civilians are increasingly helpless. doctors and nurses are overwhelmed. they work out of makeshift hospitals. medical workers are now preparing for the worst. the government has beseemed areas in other corners where people continue to die from the lack of food and medicine. and the fear is eastern aleppo, may be next. we will stay here and remain steadfast, but the medical supplies we have are only enough for a month and a half. >> the opposition is just as defiant. their use whatever weapons they have, but their opponents control the skies. never theless, hay say they will not withdraw.
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>> god willing they can't lay siege to aleppo, we have a plan to confront this, we promise our brothers in syria, we will fight there are many front lines the opposition has lost territory in the country side, but they are still fighting back. >> with the help, the syrian government is close to encircled the city, and the troops are approaching with turkey. it has already managed to disrupt their supply lines. >> there are towns where opposition fighters are still holding grown, it is strategic to help the government from cutting off the highway that links this city to opposition territories further west. this battle is not over. but the opposition is under a lot of pressure. the net of using it's heart land is real. >> three people have been killed after a hospital run by doctors without borders in syria was hit by an air strike. this happened four days ago,
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12-kilometers from the border, doctors without borders says six people were injured including a nurse, the group says 13 facilities have been hit since the start of this year. >> the ices lambic state of iraq has claimed responsible of a car bomb that kilted at least 20 people. it was reported that an isil fighter dressed in a police uniform tried to ram his car into a police officer's car. when he was stopped he detonated the explosives. >> . >> ten times as many migrants and refugees arrived in europe by sea, in the first six weeks of this year after the same period of 2015. the international organization for migration says the number of deaths has soared. the coast guard has helped rescue dozens trying to cross the sea from turkey. more than 300 people traveling on rubber ding byes
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have been towed ashore. >> . >> and the turk irk coast guard has released footage of one man's rescue, they found the man holding on to the barrel of an almost fully submerged boat. 34 people have had been on the vessel which was on reege to the greek island. 27 dies and six are still missing. at least ten people have been killed in a collision between two trains in the german state. investigators say the accident happened at high speed, killing both drivers and leaving at least 80 people injured. dominic haines reports from the scene. it is a picture of deffation. the task is clear try to free any passengers still trapped incited. and carefully to remove the bodies of some of those who were killed.
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a full scale response. difficult to access, close to a river bank. rescuers attempted to reach those strandings anyway they could. both by air, and on the water. deploying helicopters to help move the injured. and any equipment which might be needed in the coming hours. >> suddenly you can feel the train, and there was a massive bang, and when i opened my eyes again, all was dark. all you could hear was people shouting and screaming. there was a boy on the ground, and i picked up and put on the seat next to me, and i of course ad around for anyone was hurt. if you look behind me you can
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see the end of the train, following the natural curve where the ambulances are is the point of the collision. we have to assume they had no visual contact. and hit each other without braking p p dozens of people have been injured, many seriously. some are being treated while still on the train. many of those onboard were thought to be on their way to work when the crash happened. one line of investigation is why an automatic train braking system in place here did not work. officials are at the scene trying to find out what caused the collision, and why they were on the same line at the same time.
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dominic, night has fallen there, what is happening at the crash site? >> well, felizsy, has darken has fallen here. but uh the scene is alumnid by the officials have brought in to aid in what is the on going salvage operation, and also to aid their investigation. the automatic train breaking system that i referred to there, we now know officials have said that it was tested in the last few weeks and it was working. so that provides yet further evidence of the picture that the officials are trying to build together of what actually happened. we know also that two of the black boxes of the three that were onboard these trains have been recovered. and it is clear, that what will be -- the forfront of the thinking of officials is what caused this accident. why were they traveling at such high speeds in an area
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where the systems were in place to prevent this from occurring and because the two drivers of the trains are dead. the only tangible evidence they will be able to get proposal the moments of the impact and before it will come from those black boxes. as i say, two have been recovered, one more is believed still to be wedged inside one of the trains. which explains why the work is going on into the night here. to try to find that. >> ten people were killed in this accident, but many others were also injured weren't they? >> indeed, ten people were killed in this accident. 18 people were very severely injuried and a fourth 90 are described as likely injured. so that gives us account of 180 people effected. we also know that one person is still missing a person who may have been onboard the train so far the officials say that person is missing. but clearly, the intent here
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from the officials is to establish the causes of this accident. because this area of track has a speed limit of 100-kilometer an hour. and the natural curve in the landscape behind me, has been cited by one of the ministers who we heard from earlier, as perhaps a reason why the drivers were not aware of the other train arriving and why they were unable to take any kind of action to prevent this incident. >> with the latest there from the crash site, thank you. all right, still to come on this al jazeera news hour. >> how a dispute between store holders and police in hong kong turned into a riot. and an arrest many taiwan, after an apartment building collapsed during an earthquake. how this amazing shot got detroit pistons fans pumped against toronto. in basketball's nba.
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voting is stake taking place in new hampshire to elect a nominee to run for president. new hampshire is always the first state to hold a primary. that is a statewide ballot, and sets the scene for the presidential election itself. bernie sanders leads hillary clinton in the race, while the polls have picked donald trump to win for the republicans. live now ale al jazeera, he is in manchester for us right now, and voting has been going on all day, obviously, but it was just after midnight, wasn't it that the first votes were cast in a very very tiny part of the state. >> that's right, and dixie notch which is north of manchester very close to the canadian border. and it's been the first place to cast a ballot. it started off as a publicity stunt, but it has grown in
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new hampshire lure, and people go there just to watch the election. and the campaign is invested as well, because they like the tag winner being attached. so what happened this time around, well, there were four votes in the democratic primary, and all of them went to bernie sanders, hillary clinton didn't get a single vote, and in the republican primary, well, they were split, five cast, three to john kasich, and two to donald trump. and so for the next few hours the only thing you will hear when people are talking about results from new hampshire be those two results. and is there any importance to it, well, will it be interesting to see how it shapes up many the polls close in around seven hours. >> we know that the polls have pretty much been saying sanders victory for the democrats and up from a victory for the republicans but how reliable are those? >> . >> well, we saw the polls in iowa were off, and very few people predicted that he would lose, although some people did. and he came second, here in
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new hampshire it is much more difficult simply because people here are independent, and most people are told around 40%, don't make up their mind until they are in the booth. if you are an independent, you can go to the republican or the democratic primary and say i want to vote here today, and once in you get to pick the candidate. well, bernie sanders has a big league, went% -- 20 points over hillary clinton and it is thought he would win. anything less then will it be good for hillary clinton. only the republican side, donald trump, 20-point lead there as well. if trump doesn't lose that will be a big blow for him. will it be interesting who comes first, rubio, kristi, kassig, and bush, all of them tying for the same sort of vying for the same sort of
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votes. allen fisher live in new hampshire for us, thank you. >> the third vote in new hampshire will be casting their ballots for the first time. >> she is undecided. >> immigration, education, foreign policy, safety and security of people many the country. and improving economics. i want to. >> he was 13 in the kingdom expelled tens of thousands of ethnic then lebanese like him. after 18 years living in south asian refugee camps he and his family were resettled in new hampshire in 2008. and now after gaining citizenship last year, he will help decide who will become the nominees in this year's presidential election, and he has narrowed the field down. >> my finalist are secretary
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hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. i do like john kasich as well to some extent. we have seen hillary clinton leadership when she was a secretary of the state. bernie sanders, we still need to see his foreign policies. >> about a third of voters in new hampshire will be casting their ballots for the first time. they live somewhere else during the election or too young to vote. this is emily weathers first primary, she thinks only one candidate shares her concern. >> i support bernie sanders. >> why not hillary? >> there's a lot of things of hillary i don't feel right about. i think -- i know she is definitely been an ally for planned parenthood, and women's rights over the years, but i just feel like there's a lot of things about her that i don't -- i don't know that she has our best
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interest at heart. i kind of feel like she has her best interest at heart. >> . >> i think it's bernie. pure and simple. i can see the resonate with what he says about wall street. student loans. difficulty of the middle class, to make a living i think these young people are concerned, the american dream won't work for them. >> now works for an organization helping others from south asia, africa, and the middle east find refuge in the u.s., and has advice for the candidates that are attacking immigrants in. >> i think some of them still need to learn about the sense of community. >> times it is easier to decide who not to vote for. al jazeera, new hampshire. >> south africa's president is facing a legal battle that could force him to repay millions in state funds that he used to renovate his home. the case against him was
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brought by opposition parties to combat what they are calling corruption, and chronisim, the outrage the taxpayer has to foot the bill for the renovation remember. aaron reports. >> thousands of opposition supporters push, shove, and reach through johannesburg. they are going to the constitutional court, where judges are hearing a case on whether the president should be repaid the bill from state funded improvements. some of which saben fit him personally. >> when they arrive at the court, things get a bit rowdy, for safety reasons and crowd control, they told protestors they can't go
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further. >> the police are trying to contain the situation, they have put up this barbed wire. just in case things get hectic. >> after initially refusing to pay back the money, he now says he will, but he wants the finance minister to determine the amount. opposition parties say the president should not be allowed to repay on his own terms. they want the highest court to respect the authority of the office, of the public protector. that's an independent body that is supposed to hold people to account even the president. these are happening a few months before a local election, corruption and the party support in some urban areas. >> i think the opposition parties have vies by all means and they will try to squeeze any political mindness out of this. raising the credibility of the a.n.c. >> opposition parties say there will be more marchs throughout the year. al jazeera, johann nurse
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burg. >> political and journalist joins me now, thank you for being with us on the al jazeera news hour, so this case isn't just about making the president pay the money back, it is also about whether he violated the country's constitution, is that right? >> that's what the constitution court heard today, that two things that the president violated the laws of the land, the laws of the constitution to protect these personal gain and the second important thing is that the national family did no do it's job by not discussing and not taking seriously the public protectors recommendations. those are the two most important things. >> how damaging is this case? >> it really is difficult to say, since his credibility is so low and he has taken so
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many blows. his reputation has taken so many blows and he seems to be riding it a lot, but this one seems very decisive, i comes two days before the state of the nation address, it comes within weeking -- a couple of months of elections and then there are -- then there's the presidential elections within the agency, so it comes at a very decisive time the the president, and the economy is also taken some very bad knockens because of decisions he has made, so the timing is really bad for him, and even though he has taken several blows over the last couple of years this seems to be a very strong hit. >> we have seen the demonstrationses but i guess the real question is how much pressure is he under?
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>> the a.n.c. has thrown security around him. but from within, some of the more respectable senior leaders of the a.m.c., there's great concern about his continued leadership and also what he will mean nor the election. so there is talk about removing him. but it is not widespread enough, and also they set a brett debit when they remove a few years ago, and they don't want to be seen doing that again. even though there is a precedent. and also when he removed from the finance board in desks the economy took a really bad hit, the currency took a bad hit, and coming so soon after that event, i doubt very much they will remove him at least not within the next few days. but there is every possibly
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they may see him as a liability. >> really good to get your thoughts thank you so much. still to come on this news hour, the head of google becomes the highest paid executive in the u.s., we will tell you the eye watering amount he is earning. plus. >> in finland where once ruled supreme, now the e.u.'s economic troubles zone. >> and in sport, cricketers chase a one day series victory in south africa.
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>> hello, and welcome back. the u.s. secretary of state says russia's air strikes are making it harder to hold talks with moscow. the foreign minister says his country has proposed concrete plans to resolve the crisis. three people have been killed after a hospital run by doctors without borders in syria, was hit by an air
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vehicle. at least ten people have been killed between two trains in germany. is officially underway, but while much is being prompted the elector rail is already shows signs. more from manila. >> the campaigning has begun, filipinos have three months to decide who they want as their president and vice president. >> if anyone in court, asked who orders this, say it was an error. >> he is one of find candidates running for the presidency, he is the mayor in the south, and is not mincing his words, that is one of his promises, that people here say they want more tangible results that will change their lives. >> i would like to see free
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medical health care and more jobs. >> what the next president should try to accomplish is change the country. this is a poor part of the capitol. people here are living by working the local laundry, and running small stores. maria lives below the poverty line. this tin struck cher is her home. it has one bedroom and a toilet. she doesn't think much of the election. >> even if i evote for them, they can't help me, because i am here. they don't know me. they don't know my house is here. there will be so many that will vote for them. >> she earned less than 2-dollar as day, and it is never enough. she offer has to borrow money, and that's creating a spiral of debt she is unable to pay off. ageists suggest little will change. >> in terms of policy making
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and grab implementation, labor, they are always the ones who suffer. and many programs that are intended for them, but the result is always the other way around. >> all the candidates with the public poverty and education, crime and security, as well as a solution to the long running problems of muslim separatists wanting more awe ton my in the south. the new president will have to deal and work with a more uncertain china, a china that claims half oof the sea. >> may radioyeahs issues are closer to home, for her and 25 million like her, nearly a quarter of the population, living in poverty, their question is a simple one. when is my life going to get better. al jazeera, manila. >> the u.s. president has spoke ton the leaders of both south korea and japan to
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offer support of north korea launched a rocket over the weekend. the north said the rocket was carrying a slight but there are fears kit be a test for a nuclear payload. part of the case having been recovered by south korea, and the u.s. says the satellite is useless as it is spinning out of control. >> south korea's defense ministry has been talking about what is learned so far on the launch on sunday and sates it all appeared to separate successfully, but the first stage which exploded over the sea, may well have been deliberately exploded by the north korean side, in order to prevent the south koreans from learning too much from the debris. nonetheless, the defense min industry says will it be searching for that debris to try to recover it, and find out as much as it can about the current status of north carolina's rocket technology. it does say the indications
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are that there have been some improvements to that technology, since decembe december 2012, that the rocket engines may be stronger that the slight carries by the rocket appears to be double the weight of the one last time around, and the maximum range may well be 12,000-kilometers as opposed the tone thousand kilometers. as for the performance of the satellite itself, the south koreans aren't saying. there were reports from the u.s. quoting u.s. officials saying they think it is tumbling and is not useful as a satellite. there remain as big effort in materials of the community to try to get sangs through the security council, there were three separate telephone conversations on tuesday between presidents and parts of south korea, as they try to make sure that north korea is punishes for this latest action. >> a 17-year-old has been killed in south eastern turkey after police broke up protests.
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>> police used stun grenades and water cannons. the prose test was called to oppose curfews imposed on the town, where the army has been trying to clamp down on the separatist group. >> . >> now finland used to been one of the unions most pros pows economies, that was in the hay day of mobile stone giant, the before the global economic crisis. now it is one of the blocks west performing economies second only to greece. in and final part of our series errors on a new challenge facing the e.u. >> finland can hardly have less in common with the country's of sunny southern you, yet, the once pros mouse member joins greece at the bottom of the economic table. >> our economy is falling
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behind european the euro zone all the time, we have failed to necessary reforms. and things are getting worse at this time when things are getting better in other european sort of crisis. >> a craft brew beerer, part of a start up who once works for the now defunct mobile phone giant. >> it is way too much. and at least the business environment. now we are we have quite a few companies that have established share offices here. >> he brews his beer in the northern city. >> where are you from? >> nokia's former heart land, the boom brought big salaries
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now finland's high wayne work force is too expensive to compete globally. >> the story of the decline is pretty simple, really, once the world's dominant mobile phone hands set manufacturer, and remember these, 24,000 people here in finland worth $320 billion. a huge chunk of the national economy, well then, came apples i-phone. knock kia failed to invite to stay in the game, and the whole business was swept away. leaving only remnants involved in networks behind. >> dark days too for finland's other main stay the paper industry in decline because of cheaper pulp and workers elsewhere. >> and the soup kitchens are filling up. it is no better in the capitol. ten years ago, this food bank served 2,000 people aday.
1:40 pm
now the cold and hungry arrive twice a week. >> in the thousands. >> there are other lines, people are getting food and it is a very long line, and it is getting more and more. and now like this year it is getting double the size. >> the government's solution is austerity, and amido spending cuts there's pressure to return. so that finland can devalue it's way out of trouble. but a new euro crisis may be. jona hull, al jazeera, finland. >> well the head of google has become the highest paid chief executive in the u.s. he has been given $199 million worth of shares. that means he owned 650 million-dollars in google stock. still a lot less than the company's founder. they've are worth more than $30 billion. but, of course, it is
1:41 pm
considerably more than the $187 million the company recently freed to pay the u.k. government, in taxes for the last ten years. for more on the story, a senior analyst at i.h.s. technology, thank you for being with us here. we talked about a huge salary, sounds outrageous to most of us, is there much surprise that the chief is earning this amount of money? >> not really. if you look at marisa mayer of yahoo, her package is $365 million. there's a very strong poaching in 2015, for example. chief officer of google left for twitter last year in october. so google is focusing on keeping it's name in google. >> how is it possible, though, to determine what achief executive is worth to the company? how do you put a value on a c.e.o.? >> well, exactly. it is all about perception.
1:42 pm
it made $75 billion last year, so it is a massive company, and it wants to maintain it's big view in the world. so as it ebb panneds it ewants to become a technology company that is known by everybody, and it needs to have this best people there. >> how much of an impact can a c.e.o. have on a company like google, like facebook? how big of a pass of a firm like that is the chief executive? do they have a direct impact on that company? >> yeah, absolutely. they are the under tokers so although he is the chief engineer, so he has worked in that core google business since the beginning, and he understands it and is improving it. and what he has kept that growth rate going through the last ten years, search has been increasing, double digit, since the inception the it continues to do so
1:43 pm
even though the prices have been going down consecutively every quarter. so the fact that he is able to involve the product and keep it profitable and keep it lucrative, is a huge achievement. >> google of course, restructured last year, why did it do that? why did they feel it was necessary? >> google is currently known as an ad business many the technology world. but it wants to be known as a technology company. firstly the restructures is giving the c.o. title and keep them there secondly it ises about the ten year, 20 year deal. lookening at smart contact lenses and moving against ages and creating bringing internet to the next billion. nest the smart home, these are projects that google sees bringing future revenue so not just about doing it's core business, it has to look at moving on from that? to stay current and relevant? >> yes, if it wants to
1:44 pm
compete with the likes of apple and microsoft, which are clearly not advertising company, which is what google is, it needs to move. >> interesting to see where it goes next, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> still to come, we will tell you why the strike that has crippled air travel is finally over. plus. >> at a new exhibition devoted to leonardody vinny, not the artist, but the engineer. >> and in sport, taking a tumble, dramatically on the streets of doha, robin who tell you who survived during the tour.
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the upcoming partialrked by primaries privatization of pakistan scheduled in july. >> the international airport, the latest from the capitol. >> . >> called off the strike, the eight day strike cost millions and it also travel here across the country. tens of thousands of people have been effected. people who came back who work outside the country have not
1:47 pm
been able to but soon after he travels to the province and meet the governor who happened to be the prime minister's brother, the workerred insid that if the airline is privatetized they will lose out their jobs but the government says it cannot sustain and provide millions of dollars each year to the ailing airline, and continue this operation as they were. now, there has been an agreement the details of this will be made public soon, and the flight operations are hoping will resume within days. >> he was convicted of genocide the criminal tribunal in 2012. he was serving a life sentence for his role in the massacre. he was considered the right hand man of the bosnian serbian leader. time to catch one the world
1:48 pm
of sport now, here is robin. >> thank you very much. good to have you along, just two weeks to ago until the presidential elections. >> obviously, we have known jan, for many years, he was on our side when we reached the agreement to find. and he has always been that instrument for the development of the relationship between clubs. and association, and therefore, we request say we look up with sympathy that we wish him all the best in this contentions. >> liverpool are back in cup action in p a little under an hour. in a fourth round replay,
1:49 pm
liverpool manager is back on the land after undergoing surgery to remove his appendix. they are both said to return to action in this one. they will meet in the first round on february 21st we will try to find a line-up. it's not too easy, we felt we were there, but the last game was a good game for us, against western, we saw what we are able to do and we should do it again or better. >> chinese club football has been in the news with clubs wreaking the transfer record four times since the beginning of the winter transfer when things are going well on the pitch, the country now boasts four teams in the asian champions league group stages, the fellow victory over 2008, united in
1:50 pm
a playoff game on tuesday may also had the sister club wins this game 2-1. >> they join as the other chinese team in the group stainings of this competition. >> over in japan, tokyo game with nine goals, tokyo back in the asian champions league since 2012, beating the tie opponent, nine goals to nil, not quite the big nest the history of the champions league, that only goes to indonesian were beaten 15-nil pack in 2004. >> south africa cricketers are involved? a monumental fight to stop england from securing a victory, the visitors batted first, to fall in the side, well they are at the crease
1:51 pm
right now. laying a rather steady foundation, the opening pair both reaching the centuries, they have lost two, and are currently 305 for 2. >> more than 1 million people are expected with the super bowl winning broncos have the victory parade in a short while, the team will upset the odds in this super bowl l. back home on monday, with the events lombardi trophy, earlier payton manning joins some friends at disneyland to celebrate winning his second super bowl title. the 39-year-old says he has yet to decide whether he will retire or not. in the nba, the new york knicks host the washington wizards they will do it without the coach derek fisher, he was fired after less than two years. after the nba most valuable team lost their fifth straight game, they have now lost nine of the last ten, and five games back of the
1:52 pm
playoff spot. fish ear five time nba player, with no coaching experience when he was hired back in 2014. kurt rambis has been promoted to interim coach until the end of the season. >> we have to do the things that i feel will be right for this team, in this particular juncture, and i have to feel comfortable in doing it the way that i want to do it. a lot of that is just challenging players, holding them accountable, and had a player meeting just to address the situation, and to let them know where i stand. and what i expect of them. >> if the nicks needed some inspiration, they certainly got it from this game. 20/20/04-meter shot against the toronto raptors but oughtly enough, it wasn't enough for the win.
1:53 pm
with a 14 out of 15 games. >> 150 baseball players defected from cuba to the united states in 2015, the new year has failed to stem the flow with two of the country's biggest names abandoning the field. and his younger brother, the dominican republic, took part in the caribbean champion series. cuban sports officials have contacted local police to help locate the pair, it is believed they plan to travel to the united states to seek careers in major league baseball. >> we have to implement measures, but these massive losses we have had, it can effect cuban baseball. we are losing a lot of talented players that want to go to find luck elsewhere. >> the deflection to the united states has been common since 1995. mow the main reason they do it, obviously, money, cuban
1:54 pm
players earn around 40 to 200-dollar as month, compare that to the millions they could earn many major league baseball. dangerous passage and what's more, permanently leaving the hope land, often makes them pariahs when they come back, that could change. officials held a goodwill trip to the island, and negotiating with the government to legal passage between the two countries. it is national sports day in qatar, and stage two of the tour of qatar cycling event, it's been held here on the streets large crash towards the finish line. a big chunk of the peloton. ought it is the front, neck and neck with mark cav dish. he holds on to the lead ahead of went's time trial. the race finished on friday.
1:55 pm
it would be pretty hard to compete with these conditions in spain, organizers of forced to abandon stage three, just reaching 150-kilometers reported at this event, making it hard for the peloton to stay on their feet. let alone on their bikes. that's where we leave you for now. >> robin, thank you very much indeed for that. now the last supper leonardo deindividualry is regarded as one of the world's greatest paints but he is also a groundbreaking engineer. well, that is the subject of a new exhibition here in london, and al jazeera went along to take a look. >> putting the final touches to a new exhibition devoted to the design and engineering of leonardo devin hi. complete with weighted bags more than 500 years ago. >> the time he would haven't
1:56 pm
the materials available, but it is so interesting he has had this thought. and you can look at that suit and say that isn't so different from something we may wear today. >> underwater exploration fascinated leonardo. as kit flying, which he considered the it mate in mechanical jeers. many of his notebooks filled with detail drawings weren't discovered until the late 19th century, when progress has surpassed his vision. the models were built for italian exhibition to commemorate his birthday. bat wins birds all studied carefully. his designed took incompare ration from nature. >> he wanted to design a flying machine, he says you have to understand how it works you have to understand a lot more than just the immediate problem he was largely self-taught, unrestricted by any particular discipline. so he set his genius to many
1:57 pm
things. military warfare, urban planning, spinning wheels, and tools for measuring the atmosphere. >> what you get from this exhibition is the sheer scope of leonardo's genius. he envision cars, planes, armors vehicles, so many things that we use today his invexes reflected nature. even today the natural world influences design, a german robot imitating plight is a contemporary example of engineering using leonard do's genius, looking at nature for progress. al jazeera, london. >> yo can find out much more on many of two stories we are covering that's it for me, and the news hour team, join david frostner a couple of minutes,
1:58 pm
bye bye.
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