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tv   New Hampshire Primary  Al Jazeera  February 9, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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>> i respect him as a reporter and i love him as a brother. >> one mississippi journalist seeking justice for civil rights cases gone cold. >> it's not just about prosecution, it's about remembering. detailing of history. >> our special report. only on al jazeera america. >> hi, everyone, i'm john seigenthaler. here are the new hampshire primaries. here are the latest numbers. jeb bush at 11% and marco rubio at 10%. and now we're looking at hillary clinton and bernie sanders, the democratic primary. persony sanders ahead 51% to 40%. early numbers here. these are pictures that donald
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trump's headquarters. if the polls are right this is a very happy crowd tonight. it's not just about the wins and loses, but strong third or second place. ali velshi is in manchester tonight. ali? >> i think that's the more interesting part of it, john, who does come in. we've seen ted cruz come in with a fairly strong performance, but we're really look at jeb buck, john kasich and chris christie. bush and kasich have spent a lot of time in new hampshire. kasich and christie ignored iowa all together, putting their eggs in this basket. and you see a significant showing of what you're seeing, and 2% of the numbers are in, but most of the rest of the polls would have closed by now
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unless there are some problems with people not finished voting. we'll see if the trends hold up. on the democratic side you're seeing less than 10-point lead by againy sanders. the polls indicate a stronger lead. if it comes in to be less than a 10-point lead, hillary clinton will take that loss as a bit of a victory. if is a big 20 points or more lead that some polls are indicating, bernie sanders goes ahead with a head of steam, although he's not likely to do as well in south carolina as he is here. it is an interesting and cold evening here in new hampshire. it's a close to record voter turn out. we're still waiting for the numbers. but it was a beautiful cold day in new hampshire, and a lot of people coming out to vote. >> the "washington post" is reporting that hillary clinton has conceded this race. when we have more we'll bring it
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to you. the polls have suggested that donald trump and bernie sanders would win tonight. david shuster with more. >> there were a lot of people who suggested that the economy would be the number one issue, and in fact,, we now i understand that the associated press is calling the race for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. this would suggest again that hillary clinton was in keeping with the concession that she gave to the "washington post." the stakes are pretty significant for hillary clinton. the question now becomes how much is the margin? what is the final margin for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> we should say that the polls suggested that it was 20 points at least. >> the final points were done over the last couple of days suggested 20 points. hillary clinton and bernie sanders with some the exit polls being done today, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are convinced that the outcome has been ordained that hillary
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clinton will lose perhaps by double digits. that number, double digits, would be huge. because the clinton campaign at least through today has been, this will probably be ten points or less. if we're able to bring this number down we can say that the democratic establishment supporting us, we've regained our step because bernie sanders was beating us by 25 points over the last couple of weeks. if it turns out it was double digits you'll start to hear a panic in washington, and also among democrats among capitol hill. keep in mind that hillary clinton won new hampshire in 2008, and she has the name recognition. >> if she was supposed to lose by 20 points, and only loses by 10 points or 9 points or 8 points, could that be perceived as a victory? >> no. let me-- >> lay it out. >> the fact of the matter is that because bernie sanders is an insurrection and the fact of
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the matter is that bernie sanders declared, he was 40 points down. bernie sanders had this magical vermont-- >> and he's from a neighboring state. >> and howard dean lost to john kerry. bill bradley lost to al gore. and barack obama who lost to hillary clinton. >> i want to interrupt, but donald trump has been declared the winner of the republican primary. get into this, mary. >> it would not be considered a victory. the clinton campaign would like you to think that this would be a big victory if they lose only by ten points and again we have to see the final numbers. but as david was just saying, you know, new hampshire has been a friendly state to hillary clinton and the clintons over all. it was a race she was supposed to lose. she won. they have been talking about the fact that bernie sanders is from
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vermont, but she had such a sizable lead. >> she has her own iowa results that they're going to angle over her head. she arrived in new hampshire and said a win is a win. i'm so grateful that i got the victory. well, if a win is a win when you win by .3 of a 1%, then it's a win for bernie sanders. >> the added momentum. he was expected to win, of course. for all the hillary clinton supporters, they know this is a race. next on the agenda is south carolina, bernie sanders has to show that he can do in south carolina what he's expected to do, which is to win over african-american voters there now. south carolina is supposed to be hillary clinton's wall, her fire wall, and so there is added pressure on her to do well in south carolina. >> let me interrupt because i want to show the republican race now. we've got the race called for
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donald trump and bernie sanders. but this is not about donald trump any more. this is about who comes in second and third and how close they are. ali velshi is in manchester, ali? >> and it's looking good for john kasich at the moment. with the early returns in, really john kasich and chris christie has come in second and third with raising the money. bernie sanders and how much he wins by continues to be the story on the democratic side. he has been called the winner by a.p. tonight, but let's go to his headquarters where mike viqueira is right now. how is this all go over there? >> well, a late arriving crowd in concorde, new hampshire. look, this idea that hillary clinton is going to declare a victory. i'm with david shuster on this one. that is such a spin game, a perception game.
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it's been obvious for quite some time. i think tomorrow, you're going to see coordinated attacks from the clinton word, from the clinton operative. the vast majority who have supported hillary clinton over the course of this campaign, including the democratic governor of fema. and the democratic senator. despite all that bernie sanders is winning, and winning handily. and there is nor jubilation as results come in impervious to the attacks of hillary clinton, along with president bill clinton over the last couple of days, trying to fight back against bernie sanders steady attacks on the voter records. not only in favor of legislation
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in favor of big banks. in favor of the gulf war in 2003. we were talking about the gun issue a little bit earlier really, ali, gun rights advocates, that's a vote for many of them. gun control safety advocates it is a much more diffused issue. finally i have to say when you look at donald trump taking this race in new hampshire, when you look at bernie sanders, bernie sanders has been in congress for almost 30 years. he got absolutely no love from the main street media. he's been viewed as a quirky outsider. he's coming from nowhere. everyone with the story on both
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sides of the coin whether it's donald trump or bernie sanders. i think now we're certain that the democratic race at least we're in this for the long hall, no question about it. >> yes, it is a night for the outsider, and bernie sanders did not identify as a democrat for a long time and he identified as a straight up socialist. he has made symptom changes along the lines of his positions on guns. mike, we'll come back to you several times this evening. i want to go over to hook set, new hampshire, where libby casey has seen a more subdued campaign, the hillary clinton campaign event. david shuster said no matter what the campaign says, it cannot be called a victory even if it is a narrower loss than double addicts. but if the loss to bernie
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sanders is narrow it's considered a victory. >> well, you know, there are people coming in, supporters are just starting to gather there is music pumping through. they expect to hear from the candidate. this is not a depressed crowd. i think a lot of people still have not heard that she has conceded because it's happened so quickly. earlier they were playing taylor swift song "shake it off" and that's what the campaign is going to want to do. they're going to want to do this and move on and show grace and get on the road and hit nevada, south carolina, and try to change the story. i think i hear the taylor swift song playing again. we may hear it a few more times. the numbers do matter, and it really does matter how much of a margin she loses. but any loss is still a loss, and the media will play it that way. as we talked about earlier, the
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clinton campaign will be dissecting who came out for her, who didn't come out for her, and who came out for sanders. they'll learn from that and tailor their message. they may have to shake up their campaign, energize young voters and they're attracted to bernie sanders' authenticity, his directness and someone who they consider to be outside of the political system. hillary clinton needs to connect with voters on a personal level that plays to her own sense of self, and not just the politics that the clinton brand represents,ally. >> we'll be back. michael shure is with the jeb bush campaign. they really made a push in new hampshire. it looks like donald trump has the wild lead, it's paying off for john kasich to some degree and for jeb bush.
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it is not in the early results paying off for chris christie, who has spent a lot of time here. of the republicans i think he spent the most amount of time here. how are you reading this tonight? >> well, one interesting thing, ali. when you look at what happened on saturday, everyone thought chris christie, going after marco rubio and obliterating him over an audience of 13 million people. if it holds he would have done a favor for john kasich and jeb bush, but not so much a favor for himself. one thing to remember, ai aily, the republicans will vote next saturday, and the top five finishers are going to be in that debate. if chris christie does not make that debate it's hard--he's sitting in sixth right now--it's hard to see him in a path for south carolina.
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>> let's talk about jeb bush. you're at his campaign right now. you and i are not in full agreement on this. i think he needs a stronger position. you said he doesn't have to do what christie and kasich has to do in order to keep going. >> well, in a sense. listen, he is someone who needs a strong performance. he's graded on the curve now. the bar is always low. he had a solid debate and he's drawing big crowds as he has over the past few days. when you think about the fact that he is so well positioned so many places. if you look at it as you addressed it to me, the three governorrers, he is the one who doesn't need it as badly. listen, third place for jeb bush thinking about where he was coming out of iowa, the moat item to marco rubio supposedly had, all of a sudden the organization that ted cruz had. well, if ted shows up in third place here and he has the apparatus to go further than these other two governors, then
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it doesn't matter how well he does here. coming in third would be a big to do in this room here in manchester, ally. >> john, back to you in toasty warm studio. >> all right, ali, i like the hat. i hope it's warm. let's take a look at the board here i want to look at the numbers again. this is sort of a flip flop. what you had--you had ted cruz win iowa. and then marco rubio, you know, coming in as the establishment candidate. now it's flipped upside down. john kasich is in second place. jeb bush is in third place. and then you have ted cruz and marco rubio is not far behind. there is still a lot of votes in the republican party that aren't donald trump. >> well not to be the skunk at the garden party, but what the heck. 240,000 votes still have to be counted so i still think its
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early. but yes, you're right, if marco rubio is not in the top five there is a problem because there is a battle between john kasich and marco rubio and donald tru trump, a leg brit billionaire has just won the new hampshire primary. that's huge in his world. six months ago who would have thought that hillary clinton, who won the new hampshire primary in 2008 would lose it and have it declared a few minutes after 8:00? she now has to go through the next four hours whether it's going to be hammer over and over across the media, bernie sanders, winner. hillary clinton, loser. and now there are-- >> all the things that he said. all of the vulgar things that he said. does he come out. they don't matter. >> they don't matter. they mean knolls. david is right. before he was a candidate for the presidency he was a media star on reality tv. he has the reality person in a
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that people are very familiar with. donald trump has done very well. this is a strong win for him going into south carolina. if jeb bush and john kasich can stay either two or three, stay in their top four this is a great night for them. better for jeb than kasichs, why? because jeb has money and organization. >> donald trump changed his attitude when he came to new hampshire, a little bit. in the beginning. not very long, but he became the nicer, kinder. >> only until he unearthed the fact that ted cruz shared with his supporters and some ben carson supporters--which wasn't true, of course, that--that carson was getting out of the race. donald trump was right to call him out. of course, he didn't make for a sympathetic character because people don't feel sorry for donald trump as such.
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>> but he shows authenticity. that's where donald trump tends to win. if you were running a race and you said john seigenthaler was getting out and give your vote to somebody else, you would be infuriated. he shows what voters perceive as genuine anger. there is authenticity with donald trump on the right and bernie sanders on the left. that's what is trumping right now. >> and the numbers are still coming in. we're far from complete with all the totals but right now 34%. the poll going in into today is 31%. that's one of the numbers they want. can i match that vote. if that does hold. >> 12% of the precincts have voted in the republican party. those numbers are so steady but anything could happen. director of women politics
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institute at american university. she's in washington, d.c. what does this mean for hillary clinton tonight? >> it doesn't mean much. she has known for quite some time, and she has been putting out the message that she did not intend to take new hampshire. we see that she has won one. bernie sanders has won won, and she's ready to move on. >> 56% to 41%. this is not just a win is a win. this is a landslide for bernie sanders. you don't think that it means much? >> i think if she goes in to south carolina and has a strong showing there, she'll talk it up to an unfortunate law, but that's only one said the clinton campaign has to figure out what they're going to do with young voters. bernie sanders is doing really well with people under the age of 40 and especially with people
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under the age of 30. it's clear that hillary clinton needs to build if supreme court from the demographic group. >> certainly, was it the wrong move? >> it wasn't helpful when hillary clinton was aware of the fact that she may need to change her message. but that's not going to be the message they'll go forward with because that turned a lot of people out. >> she loses in new hampshire, if that's what it turns out to be, if these numbers hold up. it would seem to me that it's very hard to spin this positively in hillary clinton's direction. am i wrong about that. >> it's not a good night for hillary clinton landon. the a great night for bernie
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sanders. he needed a win in new hampshire to stay alive. she has the infrastructure and ability, i think, to do quite well in the next several states. this is going to help him build momentum and longer than anybody would have thought possible. but i think its way to early to ride her off. >> he has been raising substantial amounts of money, how does this hurt her fundraising campaign. >> keep in mind that most elected officials still believe in a thinking is verbelieve that hillary clinton is their top candidate.
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>> doesn't bernie sanders get a second look at some democrats who might be undecided tonight? >> bernie sanders needed these races to turn out the way they did. hillary clinton has more leeway and more time to demonstrate that she's capable of winning and winning big. >> good to see you. thank you very much. let's go back to ali velshi. that was quick, ali. we saw these two mysteries pretty quickly tonight, but there are still a lot of questions about the republican primary. >> right, and i get the deeper mysteries are how it all comes out. we're joined by the correspondent for the associated press.
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you follow defense affairs and national security affairs which are big in this campaign. but on the republican side it is still actually the economy and economic issues. the looking at how these early results are playing out. john kasich, a relative moderate doing very well. jeb bush, a relative moderate doing relatively well. they're still 15-20 points behind donald trump, but how does this tell you how the campaign has evolved. >> that's the question, we knew that donald trump was going to win big. which one of these more moderate establishment candidates were going to be able to parlay this. it's hard to see that they'll make any kind of case in south carolina. in the next few hours as the numbers come out the field will
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become very different. >> for establishment republicans, or republicans at home who are fiscal converse. they're anxious to see who of chris christie, jeb bush or john kasich or to some degree marco rubio, they're going to end up supporting, going out to vote for. rubio is not maintaining the faction he developed in iowa tonight. you saw this huge donation someone is going to benefit from that. yes, it will be trump and which of those other mainstream candidates. they don't like back-to-back victories. they want one of these moderates to come out of here with 15%, 20%, even if they can get that--they need one of those guys to show that they have some fighting life left in them going forward.
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>> you pretty much want to pull your hair out over these debates. they're saying crazy things but they're not being held to account for them. >> when you do hear trump saying in generalities that we're going to rebuild the militaries. when you hear ted cruz talk about carpet bombing. you don't hear people talk about carpet bombing for 15-20 years. maybe jeb bush who has had more of a measured tone about these things. >> you talk about chris christie flying air force one over the spratley islands. and they say these big things. jeb bush and john kasich don't say big things about national security and defense. >> they seem to be rooted in numbers. yes, the navy is small.
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yes, the air force is small. but no one is taking into account what the pentagon is saying about these things. some of these numbers are small by design. but to make blanket statements, some of it flat just does not make sense. >> thank you so much for joining us. john? >> all right, ali, thank you very much. we've got more to come. how often does victory in iowa and new hampshire propel a candidate to the white house? we'll find out after this.
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al jazeera america.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target. >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.?
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>> mosquitos spreading rare diseases. >> as scientists we'd be fighting a losing battle against mosquitos. >> they'd kill one person every 12 seconds. >> just like that, i might have genetically modified a mosquito. >> it's like a video game with genes. >> this is what innovation looks like. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> so donald trump has been projected as the win of the new hampshire primary. you see kasich, bush, and cruz following behind. and john kasich in many ways a big surprise tonight. and then bernie sanders the projected winner by the associated press. 56% to 41%. that's what the results show
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right now. david shuster to bring us up-to-date with more. >> john, is it possible that bernie sanders could become the democratic presidential nominee, and what about president of the united states? and on the republican side, president donald trump? bow have been identifying nomination winners. new hampshire, since 1976, five presidential nominees have won the state of new hampshire, two of them, ronald reagan in 1980, and george w. in 1988 went on to win. let's look at the republican winners of new hampshire. there they are. two went on to win. ronald reagan in 1980. george w. in 1988. john mccain and mitt romney got the republican nomination but they did not win the presidency. now let's look at the democratic
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side. since 1976, new hampshire has predicted the winner of five democratic nominees. jimmy carter counts as twice even though in 1980 he was an incumbent president, he faced a tough race against ted kennedy. carter in 1976 to also win a general election. now let's turn to iowa. on the democratic side, iowa is actually more predictive than new hampshire. iowa has gone with six democratic nominees and two president, cart center is the 76 and barack obama in 2008. let's look at the republican party. iowa caucuses have correlated with three republican nominees and only one president. president george w. in the 2000 election. there is one trend to keep in mind. over the past 40 years not a single republican has become the
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nominee without winning either iowa or new hampshire. in other words, good news for donald trump and ted cruz. the rest are going through history the rest of the way. on the democratic side bill clinton was the only democrat to win in either iowa or new hampshire. either of them will essentially be following history if in fact, they become the democratic presidential nominee. >> this is a tough night for hillary clinton supporters. libby casey is at a clinton gathering in hook set, new hampshire, we have more. libby? >> i'm with volunteer sally, who has been with the clinton campaign up here in new hampshire, 30 years old. she conceded tonight. how does that make you feel? >> i'm not surprised. the goal here tonight was not to win. i was part of the victory party in 2008, and it was awesome even
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though she didn't win the nomination that year. i know how good it can feel, but tonight is about the momentum that we carry into the next few days. new hampshire borders vermont, it was bernies to win. what we were doing was getting out the vote and making sure that people were voting and making an informed decision and not just going along with whatever they were hearing on the media and making sure that her record was being fairly displayed. and that's what i was doing. >> you talk about hillary clinton being from the neighboring state, but hillar --you talk about bernie sanders being from the neighboring state, but hillary clinton has been here. what do you think it happened? >> i'm not sure. when i talk to people whether it's people who are not as vocal and angry on facebook or people who are a little bit holder than me and a little bit ready to think about the big picture about who is ready to be our
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command center chief, and whose ideas will take us to the next level and not just sit in the tank of ideas, those are clinton. >> ally, you mentioned you're 30 years old. there has been a lot of push back to young women, how they should support hillary clinton because she's a woman. >> when i think about hillary i want to vote for the first female president. that's certainly part of my motivation. at the end of the day for me it's about who do i want in the white house. whatever decision they make i want it to be someone that i can support, and that's hillary clinton all the way. >> libby thank you. jeb bush has struggled at times to get attention in this race. but tonight he's getting more attention. michael shure is at the jeb bush
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gathering in manchester community center. michael? >> i am it is a little bit of optimism here in the room, hearing that donald trump won early, and looking at john kasich a little bit, and seeing jeb bush in third base, marco rubio made a lot out of being in third place, and jeb bush may do just the same. i'm talking with will wetherford. you have the same job that marco rubio held. is it a funny place for you to be? >> i have request for senator rubio. i served with him for many years in the legislature. but the trut is his record pales that of jeb bush. this is a guy who really changed
8:36 pm
florida. for me it was an easy decision. of course we have respect for senator rubio, but we're for jeb bush. >> talk about senator rubio. he came out of iowa is a little bit of momentum. does the bush campaign see crisesy saying thanks a lot for doing that. we're in third place right now. >> certainly the debate has an impact on the race tonight. jeb bush has earned this. he has been here. he has been to every county, over 100 town halls. he's invested in new hampshire. he has listened and learned and he has learned about the issues they care about. this was a good night for jeb. not just because marco did not have a good night but because jeb bush has had a good two weeks. >> john, a lot of the support for jeb bush come from people who think he's the most electable. he is going up against john
8:37 pm
kasich, who is in second place right now and i have to remind you that it's really, really early. when you think about elec electability a lot of people going to the polls saying we like jeb bush. we might want to vote for somebody else, but we like jeb bush because he is the most electable. that's what people are saying tonight, john. >> bringing in the panel, mary, joe, david, a big night for jeb bush? >> i think the fact that we're talking about jeb bush-- >> third place? >> it's worth noting. again, going back to the donald trump. victory. we were very surprised by this. is there a clear path for republicans? >> i don't know i should be surprised because he was ahead in the polls. i really didn't think that the pulse would reflect what the new ham sure voters were thinking. >> it's very hard to predict new hampshire voters. they're very independent, and we
8:38 pm
don't know what nell' say. it's still early on in terms of the votes coming in. i think if jeb bush is able to retain the third place visit, this is a great night for him. he has money in organizations to go on to south carolina and compete in other places, but coming from where he was. >> and well, speaking coming from where he was, john kasich tonight came from nowhere. >> oh, yes. >> and he needed it. he has money problems. he doesn't have organizations and money to continue. he can expect, assuming he holds on to second place, he can expect something of a win fall that carries him into south carolina where you can see a firing quad of john kasich, jeb bush. marco rubio will fall into problems because he has some financial problems and jeb bush's super pac is still sitting on $50 million that they can spent in his behalf.
8:39 pm
>> your thoughts what do you think about tonight's victory for donald trump? >> i think it was expected, and i do think that kasich right now is the story, and perhaps rubio is the story also coming in behind ted cruise. cruise is well prepared but a few minutes ago they say they're feeling great for the reasons you just covered. it's going to help him with the money. it's going to help him with volunteers and he'll be strong going into nevada. right now the kasich people are feeling really good for new hampshire. >> sprain how this works. they move on to south africa. they have donald trump in the lead. in the polls they're leading as well. then you have three or four candidates including kasich, jeb bush, marco rubio, who will fight it out, i assume.
8:40 pm
what will happen as these candidates fight for second? >> i think a lot of if is going back to what we saw in iowa. in iowa ted cruz had 12,000 ground troops. and that kind of stuff will really pay off as this pain starts to weather some. i do think after tonight people who are in sixth place on down will drop out. i don't know what this means to carli and christie and some of the others, but the reality is money will start coalescing really fast tonight at midnight. and the top four or five will have the money to hang in there. >> yes, it's the top four or five. if you are he an establishment
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fund razo racer rac fundraise er for the republican party, who are they going to give their money to? >> some are saying we feel more comfortable with donald trump because he knows how to make deals. ted cruz does not like to compromise, you're starting to see that thinking emerge. but in reality the voters are fed up with washington, and they want someone who is not out there to compromise. i think it will be a long summer for the establishment types who want a safe bet. i think this will go into june just as the democratic party did in '08, and that's not a bad thing. i think its healthy, trump, cruz, and carson have energized a lot of non-trillion republicans. i think in the same sense rubio and kasich, and rand paul has
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all brought something to the table. people have a right to be decided but they're more decided now than they were at the first of the year. >> we still have not heard from donald trump, and maybe one of the more interesting parts of this evening. coming up next which of the candidates is best positioned for success in south carolina. after this.
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al jazeera america.
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>> your democrat or democratic voter tonight in new hampshire where i'm at, westchester, new hampshire, you're curious what lead bernie sanders will have over hillary clinton, and what he's going to do with that lead. mike viqueira is in concorde, new hampshire, at bernie sanders' headquarters tonight. like hillary clinton took a small victory in iowa. knowing she was heading into new hampshire where things were not going to look good. bernie sanders whatever he gets tonight, mike, he has to look forwards south carolina where he knows he has a tougher battle ahead of him. what's going on right now. we're 50 minutes away from
8:46 pm
hearing bernie sanders talking? >> first of all, in terms of the room, it shows the late arriv ing crowd that's part of the consequence. another indication that bernie sanders is doing better than anybody could have possibly dreamed when you look at his standings in the polls. all the of these supporters here in concorde, new hampshire, had to come through the metal detecters, and just as they did at the airport. and they're still out there. they're still coming in. he was declared the winner some 46 minutes ago the moment the polls closed 8:00 eastern time. that's really indicative of the size of the victory and the
8:47 pm
momentum behind bernie sanders. what is the clinton campaign going to do to try to get traction and fight back. he hammered away at hillary clinton on the issues he has been arming on not just throughout the course of this campaign but through 40 years of political life. economic injust. hammering hillary clinton for her ties to wall street, for the speaking fees of $65,000 to $70,000, and she and bill clinton trying to hit back saying that $175,000 given him by the democratic season toral campaign committee and saying a lot of that money comes from wall street.
8:48 pm
well, a lot of that money comes from small donors, too, and bernie sanders is taking money from small donors and not taking any money from super pac money. you're right, ali, the african-american vote hillary clinton going to be--said to be favored in terms of the electorate first there is nevada and the heavy number of latino voters. no one saw this coming. certainly. we have to change the way of our thinking and change conventional wisdom as we move through the course of the campaign, ali. >> you bring in good questions. let's bring in the executive director of georgetown's
8:49 pm
politics and former communication director for the democratic national committee. mo, i think you heard what mike viqueira had to say. good to see you, by the way. we're looking at results coming in. we got 20% of the vote in, and that lead is big. it's as big as some polls who said it was going to be between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. how does the lincoln campaign play this? how does the dnc play this? >> i think the hillary clinton campaign gets the hell out of new hampshire. it's a good night for bernie. a bad night for hillary. i think the campaign have seen in for a little while. they managed the expectations of it. telling everyone they're going to lose new hampshire and lose it pretty decisively. if you look at what they're saying tonight, you know, you might think that this is partly
8:50 pm
truth to this. you look at the nevada campaign, the state where the kay cuss electorate is overwhelmingly hispanic, and she does very well with hispanic voters. then they go to south carolina where 50% of the electorate is african-american. she's doing incredibly well with african-american windows. there is a 50-point spread. that is a good place to start coming into march. and then remember, in marc march--after those first four states are done, about 4% of the total delegates will be awarded. by the middle of march 50-plus% will be awarded. they have their eyes on the long ball. those are states where they've had a head start in terms of organizing.
8:51 pm
the math seems to favor her but they do have to take tonight really seriously and figure out the best way to pivot. there is a debate, and we'll see what we see out of her in the debate. >> what do you think of the exit polling. democrats have an overwhelming sentiment for better or for worse, bernie sanders, a long time senator has positioned himself as that outsider to washington. can it play to a point where they aim to get those nominations? >> the short answer is yes, it could. this is what i think has gone on in this election. it's less about the outsider versus insider. i think it has much more to do with the fact that people right now feel like the system is rigged against them.
8:52 pm
it would take an outsider to level the playing field, great. but that's not the priority. the priority is not an outsider. they need someone to convince them that they'll be a champion for every day americans every day in and day out to level the playing field, then they're fine. right now they believe that bernie sanders is the better advocate for them. hilly has to get out there and show some of the fight that she showed earlier in the week at the iowa caucus. if she does that aggressive wily. then i think she can get back on track. that seems to have gotten lost here heading into new hampshire. >> mo always good to talk to y you, executive director of.
8:53 pm
>> let's take a look speaking of hillary clinton at her heads quarters tonight in hookset, new hampshire. we expect she'll make an appearance and have some things to say. and when she does we'll cover it live. some are already looking to south carolina, and i'm sure hillary clinton is as well. for the republicans the primaries are just a 11 days away. randall? >> they often call south carolina the fire wall for the establishment candidate. this year unless you consider donald trump to be the establishment, this is no fire wall for the establishment candidate. maybe a fire wall for the candidates who come in second and third. to that point ted cruz is making a strong pitch that he is going to take south carolina from trump. whether or not that happens could very well depend on the
8:54 pm
evangelical vote. we have with us pastor gonzalez. he was born in cuba, and he came to south carolina and now a pastor in columbia. tell me about cruz. >> one of the things we've been doing is to try to coalesce as many pastors as we can. we have 36 counties in south carolina. we have a pastor for every county who has endorsed ted cruz. and in some counties we've doubled and tripled them in those counties. >> we saw a few weeks ago, maybe last week donald trump comes to south carolina, and he pulled, i don't know, 15,000 people as ted cruz pulled any crowd that size? i'm hearing from people i've been talking to today that there is a lot of support for trump here for the republicans. >> i think the support for trump is obvious because of the frustration of the american people. he's the outside candidate.
8:55 pm
but ted cruz has had some large crowds as well. at the end of the day you have to have some votes in the voting booth. the groundwork that we've had here js, just like in iowa, ted cruz did extremely well with the evangelicals in iowa and we think that ted cruz will have the lyon support o the lion share of support among the evangelicals. i believe really two front runners is trump and cruz. i believe at the end of the day that ted cruz will come ahead because he is the proven conservative. when you look at the two of them ted cruz is the soundman. the man who has the principles and the character, but also, you know, he has a substance. i really believe that he is our presidential candidate who will
8:56 pm
win. >> pastor gonzalez, supporter of senator ted cruz and ted cruz's chances in south carolina. >> we'll look at the numbers one more time. a big night for bernie sanders, and a big night for donald trump, who both have been projected winners of their respective parties. we expect to hear from hillary clinton shortly, david. what did hillary say to her supporters? >> i think she tried to be gracious and appeal to the bernie sanders voters who voted against her. but i think it will be bernie sanders, he gave the biggest speech of his political life. now all of a sudden he has people tuning in from across the nation. we'll see him for the first time. particularly in south carolina. he will not get the same media attention that he's going to get over the next 12 hours. bernie sanders' key message is this, that income stagnation as a result of the 1% who has thick
8:57 pm
skin in the political system. that message is resonating. he needs more people to hear it and ale have the best opportunity of his political life to do that tonight. he needs to shrink the poll numbers. he was 40 points down to hillary in december. he was 25 points down to hillary in mid january. now he has to make up the rest and go to the undecided voters, including african-americans, and make the case why he thinks he's better prepared to help them than hillary clinton. >> we'll continue to listen to what bernie sanders and hillary clinton and donald trump have to say when we have our continued live coverage from the new hampshire primary after this. feisty. he'll gain a commercial amount of money from donors. i think in terms of ben carson, for comprehensive coverage
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> i respect him as a reporter and i love him as a brother. >> one mississippi journalist seeking justice for civil rights cases gone cold. >> it's not just about prosecution, it's about remembering. detailing of history. >> our special report. only on al jazeera america. >> [ ♪ ] welcome back to our coverage of the new hampshire primary, and a big night for donald trump. he has been projected to win by associated press. you can see second, third and fourth there are close behind. kassig, bush and cruz. to the democrats, bernie sanders - a major win as you might say, huge win by bernie sanders.
9:01 pm
57% to 40% over hillary clinton. and we are waiting for the bernie sanders celebration to begin. bernie is supposed to speak to a crowd on the right-hand side of your screen, and hillary clinton will probably speak first, before bernie sanders, and we'll carry that live. ali velshi is in new hampshire. ali? >> yes, a big night for bernie sanders, and seems to be statistically be getting bigger as the night goes along. this is interesting. as we are passing. once we decided bernie sanders and donald trump won, it became about how much they won by. on the republican side it's a big win. and it's what the people who come in second, third and fourth do, and what hillary clinton does with the magnitude of a loss. it could be a 20% of a loss trending in that direction. things could change as we go on, but this picture, this trend so
9:02 pm
not looking great for hillary clinton. on the republican side you have a strong showing by one. governors, kassig, chris christie and bush. they have invested a lot of time. it's paying off for jacob cascagnetta. cruz is fighting it out with jed bush, and a good showing by jed bush. chris christie - it's not working out for him, carly fiorina and the rest of the crowd trailling off on the other side. let's go to hook set new hampshire, where libby casey is standing by at clinton headquarters. a lot of questions tonight. how hillary clinton is going to move on to south carolina, where she nose she has better standings, a better chance than she had tonight. >> absolutely. she is expect out in a
9:03 pm
few minutes, and the crowd is enthusiastic, positive. as i walked around and talked to people, it's not a very organic gathering, it's people that have been with the campaign loyalists for a long time. staffers, campaigners, college students working with her. it's not the bandrer event where -- bernie sanders event where mike viqueira was reporting, the enthusiasm and people coming out to be part of the moment. this feels like the clinton loyalist than your average voter in new hampshire wanting to be part of the clinton buzz. there are people interested in seeing her as a famous icon, but that is different to voting for her. she'll take tonight, put it in perspective and get down to south carolina, and wage a battle there, and how she does will be significant. it's important to emphasise they need to look at who is voting for her tonight, and who is not.
9:04 pm
as we talk to the young women, i had a couple of them tell me i don't appreciate it when older men tell me what to do, i don't like it when older women tell me what to do. when i hear from gloria and madeline albright they need to speak as a person, not tell me what to do. you can hear the crowd getting enthusiastic behind me. hillary clinton will be out. you can bet she'll put a positive spin. >> okay. we'll let the control room know to let me know when she speaks, and i'll toss back and we can listen to that. i want to go back to mike viqueira. she's at bernie sanders headquarters in new hampshire. >> i'm here at the bernie sanders crowd in new hampshire, i step away for a second. this is about the most jubilant project we can imagine.
9:05 pm
we were told that bernie sanders would be out here at the top of the hour at 9 o'clock. his crowd is filing in, coming through the secret service protectioning an indication that bernie sanders is somebody in this race. he's a serious challenger. he warrants secret service protection. that happened after the iowa caucuses. what happened next, we talked about nevada, and south carolina. i want to get off script a little bit. i have been in new hampshire the last knew days, and there was a democratic group allied with the hillary clinton campaign. i went to a marco rubio event the other day. they weren't going after anyone but marco rubio. it's american bridge, funded by george soros, david brock plays a role in that. he's a long-time clinton operative behind media matters. they are following marco rubio around, picking up on the robot mem that began after the debate.
9:06 pm
why? the hillary clinton campaign considered marco rubio to be perhaps the biggest threat. not donald trump, not ted cruz. so, in effect, joining forces with the likes of chris christie and others. and knock him off the perch and declare victory and stuff. evidently that has taken toll judging by what they have seen on the republican side. we have seen bernie sanders. they show on the screen, we are in a high school gym. that's a gym nearby, shooting hoops with a lot of young people. they allowed a lot of young people, indicative of the support that he has seen across new hampshire, the demographic route, fired up. trying to make the point in a visual way that the support is young, vital. tired of the status quo. tired of politics as usual.
9:07 pm
that is the theme that we are willing to hear from bernie sanders when he takes the stage. we expect that to happen shortly mike viqueira, concurred new hampshire at bernie sanders headquarters. one of the places to be tonight i just want to toss to the panel. what does hillary clinton say tonight. >> with bernie sanders talking about a revolution, people are buying into a dream. she has been talking about experience, and being pragmatic, that is not igniting nation, she has to move forward, she has to ignite the passions. >> the speech has to be to the country, south carolina, nevada and places she'll contest next. she has to make the case as to why she is the person that should be the nominee. sanders made it a race. >> we'll hear from hillary clinton what we heard in the
9:08 pm
past couple of days. she says look, i get it. i'm angry about wealth and equality, i don't want people to misunderstand that when i speak pragmatically i'm as dedicated to bernie sanders as fixing this. i think you'll hear a variation of that. >> i think we heard a former clinton aide say how it feels like the system is rigged. for some reason she's unable to convoy the message in a way that at least in new hampshire worked for her. >> you see the headlines saying voters are going for outsiders, you think about bernie sanders being in the senate. and there's a disconnect that she has to bridge that cap in order to tap into the anger among the electorate. >> it's fair to say she was stung by the focus in the media and voters about her wall street
9:09 pm
tie, the speeches to goldman sacks. bill clinton made the point that hillary clinton got 675,000, and bernie sanders got money from his speeches. that is true. the amount that bernie sanders got in 2013, was something like 1800, and it was given to charity. hillary clinton got over $20 million. there's a perception, fair or not. that hillary clinton is more beholden to wall street. and bernie sanders is making a point he's not beholden to everyone. >> democrats are looking to african american voters as they move south across the country. not a large african-american population. we heard actually that, you know, bernie sanders is reaching out to african-american leaders to try to solidify his african-american support. what does hillary clinton do on this level?
9:10 pm
>> she has to be careful. south carolina was tough for her in the 2008 cycle where she had a lot of support, certainly in the late 2007, and lost it to president obama, the winner of south carolina. in this case bernie sanders had, as david said earlier, a couple of weeks, 11 days to make the case, that he has a strong civil rights record, dating back to the 1960s, where he was involved in segregating college housing. he has a strong history that is so right. if he nation the case in a substantive way, hillary clinton stands a chance to lose the voters a second time. >> andrea, a professor from atlanta, and join the discussion about race in the democratic party, and how it plays it going forward, especially south carolina. >> well, african-american voters clearly will be important in south carolina, because of the
9:11 pm
size of the population there, and i think the challenge for bernie sanders is while he has legitimate civil rights credentials, his positioning as a socialist may not resonate. and african-american liberals and white progressors have not seen eye to eye on how to frame issues of equality. talking about class, and african-american latinos talking about the impact on race and ethnicity, members of the community, corey sanders has been late to the game figuring out how to articulate the way race enters lives. the question is did they make the message quickly enough. a question for sanders is do african-american voters in south carolina or the super tuesday states know him well enough to cast a vote for him. >> what does hillary clinton do,
9:12 pm
bring in his husband to nonstop campaign in south carolina, and how much will it help? >> i think it will - it's more important for hillary clinton to make sure they have an effective ground strategy, that the volunteers and staffers are out there, making calls, identifying photos. if they have a lacklustre mobili mobilization effort, it can make room among the constituency. >> is there a chance - apparently bernie sanders will sit with the reverend al sharpton to talk about politics. is there a way that bernie sanders is swaying african-american voters away from traditional clinton campaign that has been supportive of hillary clinton in the past. one of the things is a poll in
9:13 pm
december, where they ask voters what they think of hillary clinton. and bernie sanders. . >> we are seeing hillary clinton walk into the room, former president bill clinton, and her daughter chelsea. let's listen in? >> thank you, thank you so much. thank you all very much. thank you. [ cheering and applause ]. >> thank you my friends. thank you. thank you all. i just want to begin... [ chants ] >> thank you all very, very much. my goodness. i - i don't know what we'd have done tonight if we'd actually won. this is a pretty exciting event. and i'm very grateful to all of you. i want to begin by...
9:14 pm
[ cheering and applause ] ..congratulating senator sanders on his victory and thank each and every one of you, and i want to say i still love new hampshire, and i always will. [ cheering and applause ]. >> and here is what we're going to do. now we take this campaign to the entire country. we are going to fight for every vote in every state. we are going to fight for real solutions that make a real difference in people's lives. >> you know, when i started the campaign last spring, i knew we were facing profound challenges as a country. the way too many things were going was not right. it isn't right that the kids i met in flint were poisoned because their governor wanted to save money. it isn't right for a grandmother here in new hampshire or
9:15 pm
anywhere else to choose between paying rent and buying medicine because a prescription drug company increased the price 4,000% overnight. and it isn't right that a cashier that i met here in new hampshire's son paid less than her son for doing the same work even though she's been on the job for more years. now people - people have every right to be angry, but they are also hungry, hungry for solutions. what are we going to do... [ cheering and applause ] ..and that is - that is the fight we are taking to the country, what is the best way to change people's lives so we can all grow together. who is the best change maker. here is what i promise... [ cheering and applause ] here is what i promise, i will work harder than anyone to
9:16 pm
actually make the changes that make your lives better. in this campaign you heard a lot about washington and about wall street. now bernie sanders and i want to get secret una-accountable money out of politics. let's remember, citizens united, one of the worst supreme court decisions was actually a case. about a right wing attack on me and my campaign. a right wing organization took aim at me and ended up damaging our entire democracy. yes, you are not going to find anyone more committed to an aggressive campaign than me. we also agree - we agree that wall street can never be allowed
9:17 pm
to threaten maintain. i will fight to rein in wall street. i know how do do it. [ cheering and applause ]. >> so when i tell you no bank can be too big to fail, and no executive too powerful to gaol, you can count on it. now, the real difference is in this race are truliry over how do we create a future of prosperity, opportunity and security for all of us. we need to build a growth and fairness economy. with higher wages and more good paying jobs, including a bold national mission to create millions of jobs in clean energy, manufacturing and infrastructure. and we need - we need to unleash again the innovation of our entrepreneurs and businesses,
9:18 pm
making it easier for parents to balance work and family, crack down on corporations that game the system, stop other countries from taking advantage of us with unfair trade practices. even all that is not enough. we have to break through the barriers of bigotry. african-american parents shouldn't have to worry that their children will be harassed, humiliated or shot because of the colour of their skin. immigrant families shouldn't have to lie awake at night listening for a knock on the door. l.g.b.t. shouldn't be fired from their jobs because of who they are or who they love. [ cheering and applause ] and let's deliver something long overdue - equal pay for women. so here is how i see it.
9:19 pm
a president has to do all parts of the job for all americans. to make sure nothing holds you back. not death, not discrimination, not a deck that is stacked for those at the top. we need to break down the barriers and build ladders of opportunity for every person, that's how we will build a better tomorrow together. and that has been the cause and work of my life. you know, my family and my faith taught me a simple freed o. do all the good you can in all the ways you can for all the people you can. that called me to a life of service, like police officers, firefighters and members of the armed services that get up every day and do the quiet work, the heroic work for all the rest of us.
9:20 pm
when children in our country go to head hungry or are denied a quality education or face abuse or abandonment. that diminishes all of us. that's why i went under cover in alabama to expose racism in schools, that's why i worked in juvenile justice in south carolina, and that is why i went to flint michigan on sunday. [ cheering and applause ]. >> when people anywhere in america are held back by injustice, that demands action. that is why i believe so strongly that we have to keep up with every fibre of our being the argument for, the campaign for human rights. human rights as women's rights, human rights as gay rights, human rights as worker rights,
9:21 pm
human rights as voting rights. human rights across the board for every single american. now, that's - that is who i am. that is what i have always done. that is why i am in this race. the i know i have some work to do. particularly with young people, but i will repeat again what i have said this week. even - even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. because i know i had a blessed life. i also know. >> so many know that feeling, and we learnt it's not whether you get locked down.
9:22 pm
my friends, please join me and process in president barack obama, pushing forward every day, for as long as it takes to break down the barriers that hold us back. we have to believe in the bake proposition of our country, where all americans have the chance to succeed, and each of us have the opportunity to live up to the god given potential. then and only then can america live up to its potential as well. [ cheering and applause ] let me thang all of you. i'm -- thank all of you. i'm grateful to my wonderful family knowing they are by my side, keeps me going every day. to the thousands of volunteers and organizers who called neighbours and knocked on doors in the new hampshire snow. [ cheering and applause ]. >> so everyone that went to
9:23 pm
hillary to give what you could. more than 700,000 contributed to the campaign. the vast majority giving less than $100. i know it doesn't fit with the narrative. i know there those that want to deny the passion and purpose you all show for the campaign, but you are the reason we are here, and you are the reason we are going to win the nomination, let's win the election together. thank you all. thank you so very much. [ cheering and applause ] hillary clinton's concession speech, as she hugs her family. she did not sound defeated. fiery hillary clinton, revved up hillary clinton after being defeated in new hampshire. a traditional democratic campaign speech in many ways. she had a laundry list of important issues.
9:24 pm
human rights, equal pay for women, and she talked about the importance of the african-american vote. and human rights and civil rights for african-americans. she talked about going after the banks and how she will go after the banks and how shell get rid of money in politics. quite a stuff speech. >> it was a defiant speech. the key question, and this is the challenge. do voters believe it. does she have the authenticity when she says i know how to go after wall street. do voters believe she can do that, if she can convince them, if voters disbelieve her and think she is lying or not levelling with them, or saying things because it makes good political sense, bernie sanders has a chance at the nomination. >> he's not necessarily tapped
9:25 pm
into that the system is rigged for all of you. >> she can, she has to try to build on the record of president obama, if she wants his voters. sheet can't rail too far. she's going to say what president obama is doing. she'll continue it. we have a very large african-american vote. bernie sanders walked into his headquarters. looking at the numbers. 58% top 39%. this is a very, very strong victory for bernie sanders who many thought would never really accomplish victory tonight. many months ago. he has, and now he moves on like hillary clinton. let's listen in.
9:26 pm
[ cheering and applause ] >> oh. [ cheering and applause ] >> thank you. [ chants ] >>. >> thank you new hampshire. [ cheering and applause ] shortly after the polls close, secretary clinton called and was very gracious in her congratulations. i thanker for the call and i
9:27 pm
congratulate her and her supporters for the figurous campaign they ran. let me take this opportunity to thank the many, many thousands of volunteers here in the granite state who worked so tirelessly. our volunteers worked night and day, made phone calls and knocked on a heck of a lot of doors. and we won because of your energy. thank you all so much. and i want to thank julia bonds, and our great campaign staff.
9:28 pm
together we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. and that is that the government of our great country belongs to all of the people and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors and their superpacs. nine months ago we began our campaign. we had no money, and we were
9:29 pm
taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. and tonight, with what appears to be a record-breaking voter turn out. because of a huge voter turn out. and i say huge. we won because we harnessed the energy and the excitement that the democratic party will need to succeed in november. [ cheering and applause ].
9:30 pm
>> what happened here in new hampshire, in terms of an enthusiastic and aroused electorate. people that came out in large numbers, that is what will happen all over this country. and let us never forget, democrats and progressives win when voter turn out is high. republicans win when people are demoralized and voter turn out is low. tonight we served notice to the political and economic establishment of this country that the american people will not continue to accept.
9:31 pm
a corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining american democracy, and we will not accept a raped economy in which ordinary americans work longer hours for lower wages, while almost all new incumbent wealth goes to the top 1%. [ cheering and applause ] i want to take the opportunity again to congratulate secretary clinton and her organization and supporters for waging a vigorous campaign. i hope in the days ahead we can wage an issue oriented campaign
9:32 pm
and breathe new fire into the party. i also hope that we remember. and this is a message not just to our opponents, but to those that support me as well. that we will need to come together in a few months and unite this party and this stakes, because the right wing republicans we oppose must not be allowed to gain the presidency. as we all remember, the last time republicans occupy the white house, their trickle down economy policies drove us into the worst economic downturn since the depression of the 1930s. no, we will not allow huge tax
9:33 pm
breaks for billionaires we will not allow huge social security medicare and medication. no, we will not allow back into the wows, a political party which is so be holden to the fossil fuel that they cannot acknowledge the scientific reality of climate change. the people of hamp sent a
9:34 pm
profound -- hamp sent a profound message to the political establishment, and, by the way, to the media establishment. -a profound message to the political establishment, and, by the way, to the media establishment. - [ chanting ] . what the people here have said is that given the enormous crisis facing our country, it is just too late for the same old same old establishment politics, and establishment that people want real change [ cheering and applause ].
9:35 pm
>> what the american people are saying - by the way, i hear this not just from progressives, conservatives and moderates, is we can no longer continue to have a campaign finance system in which wall street and the billionaire class are able to buy elections. americans, no matter what their political view may be, understands that that is not what democracy is about. that is what oligarchy is about. and we will not allow that to continue. i do not have a super-pact, and
9:36 pm
i do not want at super-pact. >> i am overwheld, far more than i can express in words. and give the campaign financial support comes from more than one million americans. who have made more than 3.7 million individuals. that is more individual contributions than the history of the united states up until this point in an election.
9:37 pm
[ cheering and applause ] >>. >> and do you know what that observing contribution was. $27. >> i am going to new york city tonight. and tomorrow. but i'm not going to new york city to hold a fundraiser on wall street. instead, i'm going to have it right here, right now across america. my request is please go to bernie and contribute.
9:38 pm
please help us raise the funds we need, whether it's 10 bucks, 20 bucks or 50 bucks. help us raise the money we need to take the fight to nevada, south carolina, and the states on super-tuesday. [ cheering and applause ] >> there it is, that's the sunday. now, what i will say is that our basis is a simple principle. and that is fairness. let me be very clear. it is not fair when we have more income and wealth in economy today than almost any major company on earth, and when the
9:39 pm
top 0.10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. that's not right. it is not fair when the 20 wealthiest people in this country now own more wealth than the bottom half of the american people. are you guys ready for a radical idea. together we will create an economy that works for all of us, not just the one." and when millions of our people are working for starvation wages, we'll raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
9:40 pm
[ cheering and applause ] and we are going to bring pay equity for women. and when we need the best educated workforce in the world, yes, we are going to make public colleges and universities tuition free. and for the millions of americans struggling with horrendous levels of student debt, we will ease that burden. in america, people should not be financially distressed for decades for the crime of trying to get a higher education.
9:41 pm
that's absurd. well my critics say, you know bernie, that's a great idea. you are into all this free stuff. how will you pay for it. i will tell you how we are going to pay for it. we are going to impose a tax on wall street speculation. the greed, the recklessness and the illegal behaviour of wall street drove our economy to its knees. the american people bailed out wall street. now it's wall street's high to help the middle class. and when we talk about transforming america, it means ending the disgrace of this
9:42 pm
country having more people in gaol than any other country in the world, disproportionately african-american and latino. not only are we going to fight to end national racism and a broken criminal justice system, we are going to provide jobs and education for the young people. not gaols and incarceration. and let me say that as a member of the energy committee in the senate and the environmental committee, the debate is over.
9:43 pm
climate change is real. it is caused by human activity and causing devastating problems in this country and around the world. we have a moral responsibility to work with countries throughout the world, to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. now, i have been criticized during this campaign for many, many things. every single day. that's okay. that's all right. they are throwing everything at me, except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as
9:44 pm
well. but what our campaign is about is thinking big, not small. it's about having the courage to reject the status quo. it's about saying that at a time when every major country on earth guarantees health care to all of their people, we should be doing the same in our great country in my view, on president obama's leadership, the affordable care act has been an important step forward. no question about it. but we can and must do better.
9:45 pm
[ cheering and applause ] 29 million americans should not remain uninsured, and greater number should not be underinsured with large deductibles and co-payments. we should not pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, at a time - listen to this - when the top three drug companies made 45 billion in profit last year. that is an obscenity. let me tell you something. when we make it to the white house... [ cheering and applause ] ..when we make it to the white house, the pharmaceutical
9:46 pm
industry will not continue to rip off the american people. further, it makes no sense that as a nation, we spend more per capita than do the people of any other nation, all of whom guarantee health care to all of their people. this is why i believe in a medicare for all single-pair progress. which will not only guarantee health care for all, but save the average middle-class family thousands of dollars a year in health care costs. my friends, we know that we live in a dangerous world.
9:47 pm
as president. i will defend the nation. i will do it responsibly. i voted against the war in iraq. that was the right vote. while we must be relentless in combatting terrorists that do us harm, we cannot and smu not be the policeman of the world. nor should we bear the burden of fighting. in the middle east, the united states must be part of an international coalition takened by nations in the region to have the means to protect themselves.
9:48 pm
together we must and will destroy i.s.i.s., but do it in a way that does not put our young men and women in the military into the potential quagmire of the middle east. [ cheering and applause ]. >> my friends, we must fix the broken immigration system, and create a path towards citizenship to hard-working people that are living in the shadows. we must strengthen and expand social security and increase benefits that senior and disabled vets need so people can live in dignity in their
9:49 pm
retired. we must rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and when we do that, we create millions of decent paying jobs. we must pursue the fight for women's rights, for gay rights, for disability rights. we must, against stronger and stronger opposition protect the right of a woman to control her own body. and we must protect the men and women that serve our nation in uniform, who proect our veterans, who put their lives on the line to defend us.
9:50 pm
my friends, we must tell the billionaire class and the 1% that they cannot have it all at a time of massive wealth and income and equality. the wealthiest people, and largest corporations in this country will start paying their fair share of taxes. my friends, i am the son of a polish immigrants who came to this country speaking no english and having no money. my father worked every day of his life, and he never made a whole lot. my mum and dad and brother and i grew up in a small 3.5 room rent
9:51 pm
controlled apartment in brooklyn new york. my mother, who died at a young age, always dreamed of moving out of that apartment, getting a home of her own, but she never realized that dream. the truth is that neither one of my parents could ever have dreamed that i would be here tonight standing before you as a candidate for president of the united states. [ cheering and applause ] [ chanting ] >> this is the promise of america, and this is the promise we must keep alive for future
9:52 pm
generations. what began last week in iowa, when voters in new hampshire confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. [ cheering and applause ] it is a political revolution that will bring tenses of millions of our people together. it will bring together working people who have given up on the political process. it will bring together young people who have never participated in the political process. it will bring together blacks and whites. latinos. asian americans, native
9:53 pm
americans. straight and gay, male and female. people whole were born in america, and people who immigrated here. we will all come together to say loudly and clearly that the government of our great nation belongs to all of us, not just a few wealthy campaign contributors. that is what this campaign is about. that is what the political revolution is about. so new hampshire, thank you again, and now it's on... [ cheering and applause
9:54 pm
[ cheering and applause ] [ chanting ] >> thank you new hampshire, now it's on to nevada, south carolina and beyond. >> bernie sanders - the winner in new hampshire in the democratic primary. a big win for bernie sanders over hillary clinton. he says the system is rigged. he is going to fix it by focussing on wall street and making wall street pay for it. he touched many, many issues. but he kept coming back to the same theme which is wealthy contributors, big super pacts and the billionaire class, and that wall street controls congress, and he says he'll change that. he says he'll make wall street pay for it. >> things that struck me, when he was speaking, he said it was real dreams, a promise of america. he never mentioned president
9:55 pm
obama by name. he was talking about the volunteers and money from small donors, echoing some. same themes that president obama talked about, the grass roots movement, compared to, in contrast to hillary clinton, who talked about real solutions, making her case for being the most experienced mike viqueira is at the bernie sanders event. >> we'll go to a queguest. i have to tell you i listened to the speech with the bernie sanders supporters, the hillary clinton speech, and then i heard the bernie sanders speech. the crowd is going nuts. there's nothing like the energy in the room of a winner of a primary in a hard-fought campaign. hillary clinton and bernie sanders - themes were similar, it's a reflection that hillary clinton recognises that she has got a lot of work to do. she basically had a choice, declare victory say we got as
9:56 pm
close as we could given the advantage of the clinton campaign that he has in vermont, or she could have tried to in a manner of speaking coopt the message donald trump takes the stage. i want to mention associated press has declared that john kassig will come in second in the republican primary in new hampshire, let's listen to the winner, donald trump. >>. >> i want to thank everybody. i have to begin by paying homage to my parents, mary and fred. they are up there looking down saying this is something very special. they love this country, and they are very, very happy right now. thank you to my parents. i want to thank by sister, judge barry mairian, a really great
9:57 pm
sister, another great sister elizabeth, my fantastic brother robert, who is watching right now with ann-marie, and i want to the thank my brother, my late brother fred - what a fantastic - i learnt so much from fred. taught me more than just about anybody, probably about even with my father, a fantastic guy. i want to thank fred. he's up there looking down also. [ clapping ] >> and we can go down the line. we have to start, what she puts up with, milania. oh. she said right from the beginning, you know if you run, you know you're going to win. from day one she said that. thank you, honey, thank you. and dawn and vanessa, thank you so much. and e-vanninga was out --
9:58 pm
evanka. she made seven stops at the polling areas. very, very special. and jarrod - he is a very, very successful real estate entrepreneur in manchester. he likes this better than real esta estate. and lara and erica. they were all out today. and cory, where is cory. does he have a ground game or not. where is cory. cory lewandowski. you know we learnt a lot about ground games in a week, i have to tell you that. and the entire staff - this is hope, this is hope. nobody takes more phone calls, i think, in a day than hope. thank you. the entire group.
9:59 pm
the entire staff. incredible job. get over here. come here. what a job. the man. [ cheering and applause ] >> so, again, we have to thank the candidates. we have talented people, and to be victorious against some of these people, even if it's for a week, but believe it will be for many weeks, okay. but they really are, they are terrific. a number of them called, i wanted to thank them, i wanted to congratulate the other candidates, okay. now that i got that over with... know, it's tough, boom, boom. that's the way it is. really, you have some real talent in the republican party.
10:00 pm
we want to thank everyone, thank you very much. we - yes, right. i tell you what, i tell you what. what do we really want to thank, right? we want to thank the people of new hampshire. do we love the people of new hampshire? you know, i said it, and i said it a year ago, i think i'll do well there, because i'm here a lot. it's so beautiful, and i love it so much. and i love the people and i said i think they like me a lot. and we got numbers in and everyone said how come they like trump so much. i have so many friends up here, they are special, special people. so, namp, i want to thank you. we love you, we'll be back a lot. we are not going to forget you. you started it. remember, you started


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