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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> hello, everyone, i'm felicity barr, and welcome to the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. syria's president despise calls of hostilities. bashar al-assad vows to retake the entire country. doctors protesting egypt after the release of police officers accused of attacking their colleagues. farmer as fury tractor drive
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to greece's parliament against more austerity measures. the catholic pope meets the russian orthodox patriarch for the first time in more than a millennium. >> given the boot of world's football governing body. those details coming up later in the program. >> hello, syria's president said that their force also retake the whole country. but they said that negotiations are worth pursuing. bashar al-assad's words come as russian airstrikes reportedly killed 26 people. well, the talks in munich world leaders agree to aim for hostility within seven days as well as providing humanitarian assistance.
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the syrian government and opposition groups have yet to agree, and the groups isil and al nusra front from not loued. the u.s. said in a their arab partners needed to think hard about their actions in syria, saying all sides should negotiate instead of parking a new world war. let's given to what syria's president had to say in that interview. >> we have fully believed in negotiation and political actions since the beginning of this crisis. however, if we negotiate it does not mean that we stop fighting terrorism. >> well, al jazeera's dana is on the border.
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>> described as an embattled leader for the first time in a public address. he made a rare admission that the army is suffering from a lack, and the army is now forced to concentrate on what the regime calls the core territories, damascus, the coastal heartland, the heartland of the alawite community as well as homs. which links damascus to the heartland. now their aim is to recapture the whole of syria even though it will take a long time. at the time the government was suffering losses, they lost the provincial of idlib. but ever since russia intervened in the conflict in early october, the balance on the power on the ground shifted in favor of the government. they're continuing those advances on the ground. right now the opposition is on the retreat.
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they're defending territory. they feel that these efforts to try to bring a sensation of hostilities, really, is aimed at giving the syrian government and to take more land and regain the opposition further. >> rebel fighters understand the need to hold ground. they fear that their allies will be one step closer to aleppo city where tens of thousands 6 people live. after losing much territory in this northern province the opposition is trying to prevent its stronghold in the second largest city from being besieged. >> they're killing us, but we won't surrender. we are here. >> within a week the bombardment is supposed to stop, but the agreement for hostilities to
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cease are being received with skepticism on the ground. >> i don't think the international community presented by the u.s. and russia are serious about a cease-fire for now. they're postponing the peace talks to give the regime more time to take more ground. it means that the rebels won't be able to regain their territory after the cease-fire is in place. >> in the countryside of homs, further south towards damascus, the aerial bombardment is only intensifying. the rebels there no longer control supply lines that enter their strongholds, and the u.n. is warning that the 120,000 people inside risk hunger and disease. members of the opposition inside and outside of syria tell us that they have little faith in the government and they say the deal will only give them time to make further gains on the ground, further weaken the opposition and force armed groups. but the pause in fighting in the
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delivery of hundreds of thousands trapped in besieged areas cannot come fast enough for the people. the battle for aleppo, hazard according to the united nations left 50,000 people homeless, adding to the millions who have been displaced over the years. >> what have the people done to deserve this? they're not sparing anyone. not the children, the elderly. it's been five years and we continue to suffer from their opposite progression. >> the conflict has laid waste to the rest of syria. the government and it's allies are confident that they're close to a victory in this deeply divided country. claims of victory with only a wider peace. >> well, dominic kane has more developments with more of those talks taking place in munich and we have this update. >> the fall out from the agreement on syria that was reached on thursday night has been a dominant theme here at the security conference on its first day of deliberations.
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the succession of speakers from many of the country's are integral from finding a solution within syria the saudi foreign minister spoke why it is fundamental to combat isil, but he also has a pointed message for the syrian president bashar al-assad. >> to syria, we're working to bring about change, political change if possible to what is happening in syria in order to remove a man who is responsible for the murder of 300,000 people. the displacement of $12 million and the destruction of a nation. the man who has been the single most magnate for extremists and terrorists. >> at you munich
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security conference on friday, the iranian foreign minister said it was possible that iran could find some sort of arrangement with the saudi arabiaen government, but a new paramount needed to be found in order to let that happen. >> deciding with their own future rather than setting the parameters on what they need to. we should also agree that iran and saudi arabia cannot exclude each other from the region. iran and saudi arabia can accommodate each other in the region if they each define their specific interests in all these places. but that's specific interest in order to be accommodated should not be the exclusion of the odometer party. >> the mood coming from munich this week suggests that everyone is wanting to find solution to the syrian crisis. the question remains whether what is being discussed and
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agreed to here translates to reality on the ground. >> well, bombing and syrian jets continues, bashar al-assad is deluded if you believe there is a military solution to this conflict. al jazeera join us live from washington, d.c. roz, tell us more about the reaction from washington. >> well, not only did the spokesperson say that assad was delude first degree he thinks he can stay in power no matter how long it takes to take control of syrian territory. they also said that assad really has no legitimacy and should have left yesterday. that said, the u.s. is going to be focused on trying to, one, implement the temporary cessation of hostilities, which is their temperature of a cease-fire. and then try to work on some sort of peace accord. and then try to get to a
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transitional government. but as you said, lauren, deluded was the first word out of his mouth and that is summarizing how the obama administration looks at syria. what is also interesting is whether or not the u.s. believes in a russia can be a trustworthy partner and can be trusted to increase the amount of pressure on damascus to do the right thing, to have the assad government step aside and try to get this peace process under way. well again, lauren, the thought is not just what russia has signed on to do as a co-convener of the issg, it's also what russia does that will be important here. >> with the latest there. we have reaction from washington, thank you. >> still could tomorrow on the al jazeera news hour, the latest in the trial of kenya's deputy
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president charged with crimes against humanity. plus. >> violence course when farmers in greece take their protests to the capital. >> first, thousands of egyptian doctors have been protesting against alleged abuse by the police. they say officers say their colleagues have not been held accountable. paul brennan reports. >> this is a rare scene on the streets of cairo. thousands of doctors who had enough of what they say is abuse by the police. their accusations come after two doctors were reportedly beaten up by police while at work in a
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cairo hospital last month. the doctors have said in televised interviews that the policemen pulled a gun on them over the dispute of medical treatment of an injured officers. the egyptian medical syndicate doctors threaten to begin a gradual strike if the police are not held accountable. >> we're not only faced with aggression, but also from the police who are supposed to be defending young doctors who need to work in a save environment. >> such protests are rare under egypt's president el-sisi. following the ousting of his predecessor mohammed morsecy large demonstrations are effectively banned in egypt. but these doctors insist they will not be silenced. they say they're defending their professional dignity. and they're calling on the
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health minister to resign. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> five u.n. peace keepers have been killed as another 30 in northern mali. the u.n. spokesperson said that shelling hit on friday and people recorded seeing helicopters in the sky. hearing an exchange of gunfire. >> facing crimes against humanity charge at the hague, but five witnesses have asked for their testimonies to be withdrawn. the evidence linked to violence around the 2007 presidential election in which 1200 people died. with more on what that means, we have this update from the kenyan capital of nairobi.
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>> they said it would be unfair because the witnesses were not cross-examined. this is a big blow to the prosecution, chief prosecutor. the case is greatly weakened. they directly link the crimes that they're accused of. they say the witnesses were bribed by people who are said to be associated to the defense. what happens next. the prosecution drops the charges, something that many people who follow these cases say might not happen. or the trial judge would rule in favor of another case to the defense. the defense said there was no evidence against th 9 defense brought by witnesses.
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>> there has been violence between greek farmers and riot police in athens in protests of austerity measures. it's the latest in greece's left-wing government who are trying to introduce new reforms. >> protesting farmers attack riot's police with shepherd's crooks as an angry crowd tries to storm the ministry of agriculture. fumes fill the air as police take pop shots from the windows. the farmers join a day of demonstrations that began with violence. from across the country farmers converged on thousands. the group came in in the last two weeks they have staged highways across the country. now they're taking their anger.
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>> they're going to destroy them. >> protesters pitched tents. they say they'll be here for several days. >> we come here to protest, and we won't leave here until we find justice. >> the international monitory fund and e.u. finance ministers. if they introduce a wrath of deep-seeded economic reform they will have an $95 billion bail out. the reforms are not a matter of choice. they're a matter of necessity. the reforms will mean tax hikes and sharp increases and pension contributions, changes these farmers say will make their businesses no longer viable. as evening came the crowds increased. tractors stopped by police at
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the edges of the city were allowed into the square. in recent years greeks have seen soaring taxes and devie citizen elections. many here question what the wave of demonstrations will achieve. >> now, in a historic meeting pope francis has warmly greeted the head of the russian orthodox church. they have not met since 1054 when christianity police from the orthodox world. they are due to speak for two hours. we're in cuba's capital of havana and join me now. >> this is supposed to mend the 1,000 riff between these two churches. why is the meeting happening now, and why is it taking place in cuba?
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>> well, felicity, first of all the two men have been speaking at the havana international airport for two hours. we're told when the two men came together, hugs and kisses were exchanged. pope francis said finally we're brothers, and patriotic said this makes things easier now. clearly this is a step towards healing, as you mentioned. the 1,000-year-old riff between the roman catholic and russian orthodox churches. why now? why cuba? we understand that this meeting was years in the making dating back to the 1990s. pope john ii tried to create the meeting, but there were issues that the two churches could not be resolved. no one is saying that those sticking points don't still remain, they do. but pope francis wanted this meeting. in 2014 he told th patriarch,
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i'll go wherever you want. call me and we'll make it happen. pope francis is on route to mexico city. he rearranged his schedule to come here to cuba. and cuba is neutral ground, if you will. it has nothing to do with the sort of difficult history between the two churches, and president raul castro did play a hand in making this happen. >> so an historic meeting. as you say there are some differences between the churches. there are divisions that remain. what are they? >> well, to go into recent history, the russian orthodox church has concerns that the roman catholic church is impeding on its fiefdom, process loaly advertising in its areas and these divisions still exist. they're not going to be ironed
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out immediately. but the focus is really on unity and working towards a common goal. the common goal here for both churches is to take a look at what is happening in the middle east as well as afte africa they believe in those two spots christians are at risk of being persecuted. that's why they come together in the spirit of collaboration to help christians in those areas. >> thanks so much. pope francis will continue his tour of latin america with his week long tour of mexico, and arriving late on friday. he's bringing peace of solidarity to victims of drug trafficking and discrimination. we have more from mexico. >> they pray for salvation. not the spiritual kind but
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tangible, to see mexico saved from violence consuming so many parts of the country. >> we work against division, organized crime, mugging. >> for tens of millions of people here there is excitement for political leaders there is discomfort as they point out some of the failings. one of the officials were afraid of what the pope might say. >> the town does not exist for the government. there is expectation that the pontiff's words will have an affect on mexican society and all three levels of government.
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>> many here believe the government has done little to find them. in a country with so much bloodshed and drug wars that drag on for the decades. >> it's been provocative and hold as mass in on will hold a mass in the area. >> the pope picked places where the level of conflict shows shortcomings of mexican society. and. >> the father is regarded as being too vocal of a critic. regardless he's excited. >> francis is going to show light on issues that the government would rather keep hidden. >> even if the pope makes
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mexican leaders uncomfortable, it's unlikely that the visit will poverty rapid change. however, it will provide some solace. for those whose faith has been so severely tested. >> an agreement signed one year ago is supposed to end fighting in ukraine but as both sides accuse each other of breaking that deal, orphans who are still suffering. >> these children used to live in an orphanage, now they live in a war zone. they will now live with their adoptive parents in the sow called gray zone between pro-russian separatist fights and the ukrain ukrainian army. the fight conditions, especially at night.
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>> nadia is always very afraid when there is shelling. she cries and screams at night. we try to keep the girls calm. we try to show them they're not afraid. >> heavy weapons are supposed to have been withdrawn as part of the midfield, but both sides accuse each other of breaking that agreement. this area has seen some of the fiercest fighting since the conflict began. now the ukrainian army regularly target our weapons. they also tell us that the two towers there on the horizon are two and a half kilometers away and they say that the separatists use those as lookout posts and sniper positions. they've moved 78-year-old grandmother sonya to so-called
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safety four times since the fighting started. >> i'm not going anywhere because i got married here 347 my children were born here. my grandchildren were born here. everyone is gone, and i don't want to go on because if i do how will they find me? i won't move until there is peace. >> the conflict has not finished. i personally believe that the conflict is needed here. we have to be here to protect and help the people who decided to stay and to bring an end to this conflict. >> at a nearby checkpoint, these men are fiercely patriotic and anti-moscow. together we will defeat our
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enemy and evil to moscowvite. >> they only wish that the fighting would end. >> still ahead on the program. >> in south africa where four white farmers are accused of killing four black farmers. >> it's looking more likely that the zika virus is linked to birth defects. >> a daring sport, big wave surfing. affected. >> people need to demand reform...
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>> ali velshi on target.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. >> hello, welcome back to the news hour and a reminder of the top story. bashar al-assad has vowed to retake the entire country. the comments come as they agree to aim temporary halts within syria within seven days. there have been riots
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against austerity protest. head of the russian orthodox and pope francis will meet. >> the efforts to stop the fighting, we look at how the munich deal might translate on the ground. >> the deal greed to in munich have two main aims.
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they also want to reach areas blockaded by opposition groups. isil has besieged government-controlled neighborhoods where 200,000 people live. the only way to drop aid there from the air. it's worth noting that access to these besieged areas should have been granted a long time ago as it's been repeatedly demanded by the u.n. security council in five resolutions. the first one 2139 was pasted two years ago. the second focus of the munich meeting was to stop the bloodshed and another has been set up with that aim. during the munich talks russia argued it wanted a cease-fire to start on the first of hear. but the u.s. said that would allow three weeks more of carnage and aerial bombardment as call for an immediate cease-fire. in the end they settled on the time frame of seven days. but they're not calling it a cease-fire but rather hostilities, a technical term that is seen as a temporary,
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less binding measure. getting to this is still difficult. it will require all the parties on the ground to take part with the exception of isil and the al nusra front. it will require trust on all sides, but there is not much of that around because in part russia only intensified it's bomb batterment to northern syria. >> okay, for more we're joined in studio by the foreign affairs specialist. thanks for coming in, michael. this idea. violence taking place, it's been agreed, aside from russia has not been agreed by any of the parties who are fighting on the ground in syria. >> many of them will try to take advantage of the week before the cease-fire comes into agreement. what is will bring, it is hoped,
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will bring peace to those areas that are starving by opposing forces and when that happens, perhaps they'll get aid in then. >> they're using scare tactics. russia wants to make sure that it is the one who determines the position. now when arab states put forces in syria, that would make it more difficult and lead to the possibility of a direct clash between the saudis, say, and the irans and that would weaken the fight of russia having to eliminate the rebels.
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they don't want any of that. and they're warning keep out. >> assad, of course, has been greatly strengthened by the russian airstrikes. last year at one point he looked severely weakened, and then the russians came in with airstrikes and his position has been strengthened. but with those airstrikes can he at the moment actually win? >> anyone who thinks he can win an outright victory, even the russians think he can't. he's probably thinking that things are going so much his way that he doesn't need to make concessions. but the russians know that the world in general won't accept a total domination by assad alone. and it's all about future attacks and political settlement. but with assad strengthened in what he brings to the table, the
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opposition. >> i think the russians are playing a due track bombing really pushing the military option. but also sending the kind of soft man that the foreign minister to do the talking and say they're interested in diplomacy, it's the good cop-bad cop strategy, which is exactly what they've been doing in the ukraine. >> thank you very much. we'll take to you havana to cuba, and we'll see the historic meeting with the patriarch russian orthodox church. >> grateful for the humility of his holiness.
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>> we have emerged with initiatives which i think are feasible if they were to come to pass. and i would therefore like to thank his holiness once again his kind receptiveness, his team and all the members who have worked.
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>> i don't want to leave without gratitude to cuba, to the great cuban people and it's president whose presence here with us. i thank him for his active willingness if he continues this way, cuba will become the capital of unity.
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>> may all of this be to the glory of god our father, son and holy ghost, and for the good of the holy people of god under the mantle of the holy mother of g god. >> so you're watching the press conference, an historic press conference, a joint press conference given by pope francis and the patriarch of the russian orthodox church. the first meeting between the
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two heads of these churches in a thousand years. they have exchanged gifts and signed a declaration calling for an end of persecutions of christians in the middle east. they held the meeting in havana, cuba, and it is becoming the capital of unity. we speak to miguel del latore and he joins us live via skype. create the context for us, if you could.
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>> what has been the driving force? >> they would come together, the new dimension specifically in syria, iraq, northern africa, that is bringing the churches together because they have a common interest in protecting and being a voice of those who are being persecuted. >> the differences between the churches remain. this is not a complete reconciliation, is it? >> no, it's not. definitely one of the reasons that the church could not come together in the east the priests can marry. in the west they cannot. these are minor things but still very important.
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but at the same time you have the ukraine it can be an opportunity in which the church can help to reconciliation in that unity. >> in some sense it could have an impact on international diplomacy, is that what you're saying? >> absolutely. it allow new lines of communication to be opened so in issues we find ourselves unable to talk to each other, the vatican and the orthodox church can become a new avenue. i think that's really significant about what is going on in havana today for future world piec peace as we move towards that ideal. >> thank you for joining truss
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denver. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> four white farmers accused of killing two black farm workers. they say the men went to ask for the wages owed to them. the farmers say they were being robbed and acted in self defense. >> when the police told this woman that her son was shot and killed, she was devastated. earlier that day she said that he told her he was going to go collect his salary from his bo boss. >> they didn't just shoot him. he was tortured. when i saw his body it looked like he had been hacked by a knife cut in many areas. and then someone ran over him with a car. >> more details came out during the trial. some farmers in the area said they heard there was an
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attempted robbery. >> this has nothing to do with racism. there are farmers who were at their homes. they get the emergency call. everything was 100%. >> in south africa violence is common and the problem appears to be getting worse. many farms are isolated. farmers are taking extra precautions. they have the neighborhood the civil rights organization said that there were 318 violence incidents. 16 farmers were murder: six people have been killed. some experts say the reason for the violence are complicated. >> we believe there is more to
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it. it's not only about race. obviously race does play a role due to the history of our country and the equality in our country. also we believe the economy has caused strain and this is an outflow of it, violence is an out flow that affects all south africaeall south africans. >> she insists samuel was a farm worker and she wants someone to be held accountable. >> still ahead on the program. race relations dominate the democratic presidential debates as candidates seek more minority votes. and more boarding as many are
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getting an early taste of the action.
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>> hello again. secretary of state hillary clinton has tried to regain the upper hand over her rifle bernie sanders in the latest televise debate. they're facing another primary vote as part of their long race to the presidential nomination. kimberly halkett reports from washington.
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>> bernie sanders released this television ad. it features the daughter of eric garner, killed by police for selling significant, etc. she now says she's endorsing bernie sanders for president. >> i'm behind anyone who will speak up for us. >> hours early the political action committee of the national black caucus endorsed sanders' rifle hillary clinton. the focus for the democratic presidential candidates in their latest debates. at issue, who was more supportive of latin american immigrants. >> i voted for comprehensive immigration reform in 2007. senator sanders voted against it at that time. >> when we saw children were coming from these horro these
4:48 pm
horrendously violent countries, i thought it was a good idea to let the children stay in this country. that was not, as i understand it, th her decision. >> when it comes to supporting america's first black president. clinton went on the attack. >> stay senator sanders said that president obama failed the leadership test. this is not the first time he has criticized president obama. in the past he has called him weak, a disappointment. >> madam secretary, that is low blow. i've worked for his first election and re-election but it is unfair to suggest that i have not been supportive of the president. >> clinton is counting on the backing of minority voters who have in the past supported her.
4:49 pm
the next contest in nevada and south carolina, both with significant latino and african-american populations. but bernie sanders has had support in key system as key demographics, calling the minority vote one that hillary clinton no longer can count on. >> time for all your sport now. here is robin. >> thank you very much. the executive who served for fifa has been banned from football for 12 years. he was secretary general of the world governing body from 2007 until he was suspended last year and later sacked. fifa's ethics committee found that he abused traffic expenses and attempted to destroy incriminating evidence against
4:50 pm
himself. >> another sport having to dole with corruption is tennis with allegations of match fixes last month on the eve of the australian open. it has been said that players had been repeatedly red flagged that they may have thrown matches over the past decade independent review parent set up in the wake of the report said that it will compete all the claims thoroughly but won't report back for at least 12,321 months. world number one rejected the offer of $200,000.10 years ago. kenya has been told it has two months to prove that it is tackling the issue of doping among athletes or facing expulsion from rio olympics. the country missed its deadline as proof that they were taking
4:51 pm
the necessary steps to combat cheating in athletics. for now kenya has been placed on a watch list. the country that has excelled in long distance running. england battling in december tracktive form. and despite wickets, they are determined to win by one connect. >> this week the world surfing league announce their finalist for the big wave awards. that's a daring some dangerous sport, but as jacob ward explains, knowing where to be and when can all be in the science. >> the mavericks big wave event
4:52 pm
is the world's best and bravest surfers flying in all over the world in the height of a three-story building. but those waves only happen a few times a year. how do they know when the competition is on? >> all this energy. >> this guy. big wave surfer and big wave forecaster. when he says the word, more than two dozen professional surfers around the world say their prayers and get on a plane. >> the reality is we want guys to be able to catch waves, be able to ride it well, compete and not die in the process. >> if you were walking at the base of this cliff, you might not think that this beach is anything other than a picturesque california scene. but the truth is the el niño will create circumstances where incredible amounts of water is pushed over that rocky outcropping and produce the largest waves on earth. >> like a bulldozer, it will
4:53 pm
scoop the earth up and push it towards our coast. >> he looks for big storms out at sea. that's what creates the punishing waves. >> it's like throwing a pebble in a pond. the same affect only our pebble is a storm. >> the underwater topography is what makes the whole place possible. the ocean is 60 feet deep just offshore here but bumps in a wave that brings the depth to 15 feet. if the swell is powerful enough it shoves enough to create an apex, an enormous triangle that dumps three swimming pool's of salt art over the false i falls in every wave. >> your heart is pounding and you're breathing hard, and it's just you and the ocean. >> mark is not just a weather man. he's been in the water. >> you go and grab your board.
4:54 pm
where is my other arm, i had to pull it over and grab on. the arm was fully dislocated. >> predicting these waves is like riding them. choose a swell big enough for a contest, but not so large that anyone's ride will be their last. jacob ward, al jazeera, half moon bay, cal. >> weather concerns altering the basket of rally in sweden. the routes usually covered in snow and ice have been laid bare. they have asked organizers to call off the event, but they did open on friday and along side more traditional sports like hockey and weight lifting, it includes a sport with the ancient past now in the northeast of india to find out
4:55 pm
more about the support. >> in this game you're either a chaser or a defender. chasers can only run in one direction. and they chase opponents in the other direction. cocoa is a game of chase that requires both speed and strategy. and it's more than just fun. for some young athletes it's a ticket to a better future. she comes from an under privileged background. >> i have come so far with the help of cocoa. i'm getting job offers and scholar ships that will go a long way to helping me financially. >> it's not just her. many of her teammates have similar stories to tell. it's taken a very long time for cocoa to get this official sporting platform. there are references to the game when it was used thousands of
4:56 pm
years. >> and that's exactly how they see it. they call cocoa the mother of all games. >> cocoa has speed and down reasons. and it's a mind game, too. it should be come pulsary for police. >> it does not have the big money behind it that drives the tournaments and sponsorship deals. it is hoped that inclusion in the southeastern games for the first time will change that. >> in today's game it can bring in big competitions. >> the days of league cocoa may still be a way out. but here it's the spectate whose are keeping the game alive. al jazeera, northeast india.
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>> big snowboarding will enter the olympics for the first time. you're looking at the main events. 12,000 spectators who brought the visit. >> you go to the french alps it's minus 20 sometimes. you can find out much more on our website. that's what the front page look like. that's it from me and the news hour team. join us again in a couple of minutes. i'll see you then. thanks for watching.
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and i love him as a brother. >> one mississippi journalist seeking justice for civil rights cases gone cold. >> it's not just about prosecution, it's about remembering. detailing of history. >> our special report. only on al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold?
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>> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling. >> people loved him. teachers loved him. >> we were walking the river looking for him. i knew something was really really wrong. >> all hell broke lose. >> people were saying that we were terrorists. >> how are you providing a cover for your brother to do this? >> we saw the evil side of the social media take off.
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>> syria's president despise calls for hostility. and they vow to retake the entire country. >> hello there, i'm felicity barr, and this is al jazeera live from london. coming up, farmers' fury tractor drive their way to greece's parliament in riot against austerity measures


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