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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the newshour. live from al jazeera headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. battle on syria's northern boarder. kurdish fighters pounded. aim taken at the rich elite, plus... >> i'm jonah hull with the
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soldiers of oden. protecting the citizens from refugees. he hung in in a survival epic, now leonardo dick caprio wins big. >> a lively push for the premier league. 2-1 win by arsenal title rivals - now just two off the top rising tension on syria's border with turkey. >> thele prime minister says tischingy will keep fighting back. turkey wants the y.p.g. fighters
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to withdraw. where they have support for the u.s., they are refusing, pushing back advances from i.s.i.l. syria's government is intervening. zeina khodr reports from the turkey city. the northern countryside of aleppo enters. they continue on the opposition forces on the ground. there are russian air strikes targetting the last remaining stronghold of forces, like the -- the pressure continues, the syrian government trying to achieve two areas in aleppo. close to that, just 2km away from the siege to the neighbourhoods in the city, and trying to reach the boarder towards turkey. the air strikes are facing many
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enemies on the ground. you have the syrian government. allies, fighters, the lebanese movement of hezbollah, iran and iraq, and now the y.p.g., the kurdish armed group are closing in on rebel controlled areas. >> reporter: the battles for syria's group, opposition groups are being targetted by russian jets. the ground forces are just 2km away. and the armed group, the y.p.g. is approaching from the east. turkey stepped in. for a second today it shelled positions of the y.p.g. the artillery did not change the message to a group called a terrorist organization, it's been forced to flee from areas close to the border.
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>> translation: the y.p.g. will withdraw from the surrounding areas and will not go close to it again. they'll not have dilutions of using the base to attack the opposition. >> reporter: y.p.g. and allies were backed by ankara. they take advantage of a push, backed up by jets, against sustained opposition groups across the province. the u.s., allied called the kurd to stop taking ground. the group does not plan retreat. >> recently captured on the air base, is close. the aim is to reach the i.s.i.l. controlled territories. we are advancing in retreat. >> the government and y.p.g. are
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putting pressure on the opposition. many believe they are drawn from syrian kurds, linked to p.k.k. the opposition fighters know that appliances could be shifting. >> we are being stabbed in the back by the northern countryside in its allies. they took advantage of the fact that they were fighting on two fronts. >> a new front opened in an already complicated war. >> the policy in syria is clear from the beginning. it wants a regime change and wants to prevent a gate being gated along the border. it wants a zone to serve as a buffer to protect the interest. the international community has not accepted that. turkey's actions serve as a message that will stand by the red line. >> for the government one of those governments is in the town, a few kilometres from the
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borders. turkish officials promised to protect the area. apart from positions, ankara has a few options. russia controls the skies. andrew is a senior fellow from the washington institute, and said there is greater russian influence in the fighting going on in the north of syria. the y.p.g.s is in the eastern part of the country. advancing to the west. united states does not support the calls. they observe turkey's red line, they are advancing, indicating increasing russian influence. the united states is not surprised that turkey has hit
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the y.p.g. the u.s. has reinforced it, but a lot of things are changing, and increasingly the influence of russian and regime forces. doesn't mean it will not stop. at some point in alliance with the united states, it is an interesting turn of battle. >> i think the convoy carrying medical supplies has been allowed in the besieged city. the area east of "go! kamloops" has been a convoy. half a million in syria are living in areas cut off and surrounded by the government or forces. five have been killed in three incidents in occupied west bank.
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two 15-year-old boys allegedly opened fire on israeli soldiers. in occupied east jerusalem, two boys were attacked in the old city. sunday, hundreds attended the funeral of a 17-year-old killed. israeli security forces say he was shot after standing and wounding the soldiers at a point north of bethlehem. violence in the region shows 178 palestinians killed libya's presidential council named a revised list for the unity council. the announcement was made in morocco, where discussions on the new cabinet is being held. they announced the proposed list in a televised statement. the u.n.'s envoy to libya says he hopes this will bring peace
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and stability and a political analyst and defender of the tripoli base joins me now via skype from london. thank you for being with us. what do you make, first of all, of the revised list of cabinet ministers, was it necessary. will it find the peace and stability they are different questions. the vote that the collapsed. in some cases most of the militias are in tripoli. it's needed. the majority of the discussions that have gone on to inform the government are not talking about the real question or going down the line.
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that is the government can d endure. also in the last couple of days, there had been a physical blow. it is a vicarious situation. they have to show and endure. >> just to tick up on the bes imism and talk about the fact this it is precarious. why is it difficult for libyan leaders to find a common ground. this is a process that has been going on for months, years. >> the majority has been about saving the revolution. fighting on the ground is around
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resources. most broke away during the civil war, around who will have the biggest peace of the tie is a main concern. one of the major issues is a case of 50%. the oil is the worst in decades. in that report, the way the settlement is arrived at, the other factor has been affecting efforts there. or policy ambitions, but not trying what is wanted in the rule of law.
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and those four or five have gone out the window, not only in the last couple of months, the last couple of years. it's necessary in the last year and a half of discussions, they have not focused on bringing anything to the table. it's really the piece cabinet. fighting that is taking place on the streets, as soon as it is taking police we haven't come up face to face with the elephants in the room, unless we address the elephants in the room, it will be the case now. >> talk about some of the elephants in the room. what do you think now? >> the threat is that the struggle for power in the east of the country. there is a war, and they certainly have the presence of i.s.i.s. on the ground. those that brought i.s.i.s.
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through, not only for i.s.i.s., but they have a localized civil war. ownership. and those are some of the areas that have unravelled. and we can't bring it back to the brink unless we address those points. this is not about providing i.s.i.s. they are there as obstacles. there are other groups necessarily working with i.s.i.s., but are fuelling i.s.i.s., by trying to fight against the war, also they are trying to work. you'll be in a situation where there's not much you can agree on, and the civilian provision had a massive debt and there were outside powers of allowing to express a foreign policy.
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by using the factors, that's one of the main factors that frustrates, not only the revolution, but in the last couple of months to find an agreement. it has not only been involved in that, but in the meddling. in that report, there's not really local conversation. there's conversations and libya and north africa. >> appreciate looking and for you giving us your thoughts. >> that is giving us your thoughts via skype from london. >> pope francis urged followers in mexico to transform their country into a land of opportunity. a suburb in mexico city plagued with violence and drugs. they were arriving the to stay
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and help out. adam raney met some of those that attended. >> hundreds of thousands came to celebrate mass with pope francis on sunday in the community. many sleeping here, camping out. they didn't care because che shared the message of peace and love. when they responsible, creating opportunity. people don't need to immigrate to other countries, they don't have to fear being exploited or destroyed by words. his, of course, in reference to drug gangs, violent cartels and this resonates to the people we have been speaking to that came from some of these communities. >> translation: i hope god will guide any government which is corrupt and violence. >> translation: neighbours, friends and relatives.
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violence effects us all. we expect them to bring hope. >> by celebrating here, this community on age. the pope is standing about these people. to spread the message to the south of mexico to the north where in his trip it ends. he'll say a prayer for many that died trying to make it to the united states. the former head of haiti's parliament has been elected president. former president martelli stepped down. a run off election was delayed for a second time amid an opposition process. we have more from the capital port-au-prince we are here at haiti
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national palace, where the president was just sworn in as the interim president of haiti. the dlib ration is happening behind me. what happened here was exceptional circumstances. the people have to learn to reinforce democracy in this country, we were talking to most of the opposition that until now, they were opposing the processing saying parliament did not take this country. they were behind me in the process. what is happening here in haiti. now it is time to follow the president. he will launch an investigation into fraud allegations in 2015 elections, which prevented the country having a president. they spoke to the united states saying that they are realistic, and they trust them to respect
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the schedules and call for it in the future. many say the process is probably calming the situation here in haiti. at the statement there's so many people in need in the country, around 80% of the population. thousands recovered from the earthquake, the situation is volatile, that things can change easily here. >> stay with us on the newshour, still to come. for a return to piece, people in central african republic vote to elect a new leader. plus - the u.n. and a record rise in civilian casualties in afghanistan. and in sport, barcelona send their team clear of a top spanish league. sanaa is here with that. all that to come, first, iraqi forces are coming under daily attack from i.s.i.l.
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fighters outside tikrit. the army took the city 10 months ago. i.s.i.l. is taking advantage of the army on several fronts. >> reporter: to much fan fair, predominantly shia militia in april announced they had retaken tikrit north of i.s.i.l. i.s.i.l. controls the countryside. the battle over tikrit is crucial for iraqi forces in the advance to mosul. the second-largest city was controlled by i.s.i.l. it's an important hub. it's on the main highway in baghdad. they produced 25,000 barrels a day. iraq's economy plummeting the revenue. i.s.i.l. has not taken control of the old field, but proved to be a typical foe.
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>> translation: every day we have an attack on i.s.i.l., you can see them there. they are using suicide bombing. yesterday we had a suicide arthur moats across the canyon, but propelled the attack. >> further north i.s.i.l., firmly in the control of the town hall. some residents managed to flee. others are trapped. they escaped those, it was not easy. >> translation: we left in a hurry with fear. we have to walk through farms. we escaped from them, thank god we lived. >> civilians fled the village outside tikrit. with mounting attacks on the fields, how long they'll be safe is not clear. >> we don't doubt that the i.s.i.l. fighters are taking advantage. the iraqi army says that the remnants of fighters mounding
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attacks in the countryside will be dealt with people in central african republic are voting in a precedential run-off in the hope that it will end more than two years of sectarian violence. they are choosing between two prime ministers pledging to unite the country. we have this report. >> reporter: there was frustration with delays and long lines of voters in the presidential run-off election in central african republic. polling stations opened on time. they were busy. >> in the first round in december, turn out has been strong, at 80%. that was seen as a rejection of voters of violence that split the country on religious ground. sunday's vote was to re-run the parliamentary election in december. the result was annulled due to irregularities. >> i hope we finish with the problems once and for all. and we laugh in the end. >> we are laughing.
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>> in 2013, france sent troops to restore order. the mainly muslim seleka fighters toppling the area. christian fighters responded by attacking the muslim minority community. thousands have been killed. one in five fled. >> two christians affecting the candidates has promised to tackle corruption. another says he'll bring investment. both are former prime ministers. whoever wins has the challenge of extending. christians hold sway in the south-west. weapons are easy to get hold of. according to human rights watch in bangui, a grenade is cheaper than a can of coke former u.s. secretary general kofi annan says africa has the challenge to tackle
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unemployment. at a meeting in munich he said fighting employment would help prevent young men joining rebel groups. groups like boko haram and al-shabab are destabilizing forces in africa. >> we don't ignore that mauritania in the west to somali in the east, the flood of jihad is raised. more than a dozen saharan countries are concerned. tens of thousands died. boko haram actually killed more people last year. attacks in many places are daily or weakly occurrence. more air strikes by the saudi-led coalition in yemen left a number of people dead. the attacks happened in the city
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north of the capital sanaa. according to the health ministry, five were killed, 10 injured. many fled in air strikes. they are fighting to restore the government of yemen, which overthrew houthi rebels. >> hundreds demonstrated to mark the fifth anniversary of the 2011 protest. there has been a heavy police presence on the anniversary of protests calling for political change in the island kingdom. in shops, towns and neighbours, calling for a general strike. >> more than 11,000 were killed or injured in afghanistan. that's a poll from the new united nations report. it is an alarming 4% increase on the previous year. this report from kabul. >> reporter: delegates were killed or injured in fighting in
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afghanistan last year. at any times international and u.s. forces in 2001. a report on civilian casualties in afghanistan - according to the report 11,000 were killed or injured in 2015. of those casualties, more than 3,500 died. u.n. report blamed the taliban and other forces for 62% of the casualties. 70% were caused by afghan and international forces. the head of the mission in afghanistan told a news conference that he wants all parties to make an effort not to harm civilians. >> until we have a peace agreement we must call on all parties who have it in their power to reduce it to commit to
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taking each step that will avoid harm and injury to the civilians. >> the report comes as the african government pushes to negotiate with the government for peace, and promising to fight those that don't. the record number of civilian casualties that coincides with an increase in afghan troops injects an element of security. as to the capacity to fight off the insurgency finland says it will report 20,000 refugees. the government is struggling to deal with the volume of asylum seekers, the influx calling uneasier among the locals. a vigilante group has been formed to supposedly protect people from refugees. named after a nurse god of war, soldiers take their
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self-appointment seriously. they patrol the street through a number of finished towns. keeping women and children safe from refugees. >> about 80% of the refugees are at a fighting age. to me it doesn't look like they need it back in their house in the woods, they insist they are concerned citizens, though the nazi-type paraphernalia shows otherwise. >> we use violence to defend ourselves. if we see a crime taking place, we intervene. they are in economic trouble and a soup kitchen, a welcome in the summer turned frosty, it is more likely or not that the asylum seekers would be turned down. >> the main thing is to make
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good for the refugees. >> they helped hundreds of refugees that crowded into the hall. they reject the change in mood. i had hundreds of stories of why they come. who has the right to decide. especially christians, which help all people. >> the public mood seems to show that the prime minister has been forced into his own about turn. he now said they can't come and stay. ostensibly for security reasons, the house is said to be too public.
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at at refugee center. tightening controls are sinking in. >> there are some good people. even refugees, there is positiveness. >> will you report if there's a decision to send you home. >> they send it back. we'll face that? >> you have to wonder why they'd want to live in the freezing cold anyway, such is the desire for safety. jonah hull, al jazeera, finland. we'll take a break. more ahead on al jazeera when we come back. the political battle line drawn in washington. the death of a u.s. supreme court justice, and what it means for the u.s. presidential election, and... ..chaos on the campus of one of india's prestigious universities.
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>> and in full action from south africa as the team looks to complete a comeback against england. england.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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hello, you are watching al jazeera, the top stories, turkey says it will keep shelling in northern syria, it wants the syrian kurdish y.p.g. to withdraw from areas captured in northern aleppo, y.p.g., supported by the u.s. refused libya's presidential council named a revised list of 18 ministers. the group will have to be approved by internationally recognised parliament. the u.n. envoy to libya votes this will bring peace and stability to the east pope francis is encouraging mex cans not to emigrate. he held mass in a pure neighbourhood highlighting the dangers of drugs and violence. one day after the death of
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supreme court justice antonin scali says a debate over his success is raging. president obama said he'll elect someone. republicans say it should wait until whoever wins the election in november. either way it will dominate talks. >> reporter: candidates agree on little. >> ted cruz pushed for roberts, and he let everyone down supporting obama care. >> i share the views that donald trump has. >> reporter: as mourners light candles and flowers in memory of supreme court justice scali, there's one subject they are in harmony, president obama should not name a replacement. the president should not name. the senate has not confirmed a
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nominee named in the election year. >> it's true by less than a few months. ronald reagan named anthony kennedy in 1977. he was confirmed in regan's last year in office. cruz can use his position to block a vote on the nominee. >> does that mean you can filibuster anyone that the president nominates. >> absolutely. this should be a decision for the peep. >> the board can function. and tied in with lower court rulings. and with more liberal justicitieses than conservatives, the work ethic is fine. nevertheless, the next justice should be named and confirmed after obama. >> i think we want the contingent on the united states court. constitution is clear. the president makes the
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appointment. senate confirms. >> when the court is considering weighty issues such as abortion and the power of unions. it sets up a battle that could lead to the presidency, the congress and the supreme court in play in the election. jason johnston is a professor of political science and communications in the north-east of ohio state and says obama may have a tough time pointing scali. >> there's no candidate that president obama will nominate that will be approved by the senate. within an hour of justice scali's passing away, the head of the republicans, mitch mcconnell said no, we are not going to do anything, and the head of the judiciary committee said we will not schedule a vote. the only way that president obama put someone to bed is if he appoints someone and puts
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that person on this week while the senate is in recess. my guess is none of the people on the list will be who the president picks. the issue will not be whether the person has individual merit. the republican will not put that person through, but whether the person will be placed on the bench and turned into a battle. in general. the only part scans you care about, conservatives are we have to make sure about the next justice. most don't care. this will be different. the court is aware that they are not funning. who is -- functioning. who is blamed for not replacing one of the issues. it's not something that affects republicans. independent voters will say it's functional. most of the republican party airs steadfast in the position.
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they are not going to let obama do this until someone is appointed. >> hundreds of palestinians travelled to the border in egypt. opening for the first time. three days. more than 20,000 hoped to cross. some with urgent medical needs. a fraction of the number have been given permission to enter. >> reporter: they have been waiting for days, some years to get out of gaza. some leave the gaza strip. many hoping. egypt rarely opening the forecrossing. it feels the egyptian military control in 2013. >> we have 25,000 registered humanitarian cases in the gaza strip. the estimate is 1,000 gets to travel. that's 20,000 in need of help
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and suffering. >> reporter: the teenager is in need of attention. more than 2,200 palestinians were killed during the 51-day war. thousands injured. >> they need surgery and therapy, we need to get help. >> half of gazans are unemployed, relying on humanitarian help to get by. i'm a student. i had a residency permit in turkey. it had expired. all this because of the closing. what can i do. >> gaza has been under an economic blockade in egypt and israel since 2007. that's when hamas took control of the strip.
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egypt and israel regard hamas as a terror. >> organization. tens of thousands are caught in the middle of the political wrangling. >> i've been trying to travel last year. i almost lost my job. i haven't been able to go back. they have to face arching reality. the freedom of movement is decided by others. >> thousands of protesters rallied in india's new dehli. some say it's part of a wider clampdown on the sent. the government says it's only tracking down on what it calls anti-national elements this is one of the most liberal and socially diverse groups in the country. and students are known for voicing opinions and vocalizing
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their thoughts. they now say that they are worried about speaking their minds after a student leader was arrested. sedition charges. they say that they cut down. >> this is the kind of matter coming back. maybe tonight enabling us. there is a fear. it's profile what the state is wanting to break down. >> reporter: the general public informed student and teachers. all countries watching the protests closely - they say these are just the latest example of growing intolerance under the government a magnitude 5.7 earthquake rocked the new zealand city of christchurch on sunday. vehicles can be seen shaking in
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driveways. there's no reports of damage or injuries. several buildings were evacuated has a precautionary measure. five years ago, a magnitude 6.3 quake killed 185 people our presidential campaign is getting under way. there are major issues in security in philippines. a decades long conflict in the south came to an end when a peace deal was signed with muslim separatists. the greater autonomy, the region has not been ratified. we have a report from the island of mindanao. >> reporter: they are united in grief. over the last 40 years each woman here lost a male relative. this woman's husband died when an explosion hit the community. >> my home has burnt down, and now i run a small street store. it's not enough to support me
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and five children. no permanent home. >> each told me they longed for a lasting peace, one that the community can break. a peace deal between the government and the liberation front was signed. peace agreement contained legislation known as the banks of the morrow, would have given the minority more autonomy. it was stalled when commanders were killed in the clash with rebels fighters. to ratify law never happened. there is hope. a law-maker involved in piece negotiations says an agreement for a more devolved parliamentary system was a sticking point. if that was renewed. the law had a chance of passing. >> the last group in the philippines signed the accord. and they assured everyone that
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the agreement is not in jeopardy. >> it is important to the next generation. hopefully this will be stopped because of the pace. some here are nervous about the prospect of autonomy. it would wave things in favour of the muslims. >> i'm happy that the law was not passed. i don't want to be under control of muslims. >> mindanao has land that is seen as a tourist attraction. >> keep the peace legislation is power for all the major stakeholders. there's resistance for the settlement. some groups rejected any deal with manila. a few days ago bombdisposals had another explosive device at this police station. stability, the chance to rebuild shattered lives is all that is
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wanted. the calls for peace, which occurred for many on the island would be heard from the shores of mindanao still ahead - we have the sport, find out if the defending world champion can beat the weather and his rivals. rivals.
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all right. time to get all the sport. here is sanaa. >> thank you very much. we start with the spanish league.
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barcelona strikers were all on the score sheet as their team took a pass. helping barca re-establish at the top of the table. lionel messi scored the opener. levelling before half-time. that will change after the break. calling for three. and there were goals at myanmar. 6-1 barcelona, the final score. barcelona had a game in hand over the two madrid clubs there. atletico stayed with a one-nil win. now they were the only goal of that game. 8 points clear at the top. the german group beating osburg 3-1 on sunday. they netted twice. and this player top of the league with 21 goals this
6:48 pm
season. the forward had 21 goals in all competitions. leicester city's push to win the premier league. jamie vardy at the emirates, down to 10 after the break. two equalizers for barcelona, in the 95th minute. a winner. arsenal two points behind leicester. >> we are eight behind leicester. and i must say i want - you could see that leicester is not in this position. where they were, coming out quickly, and i think which never
6:49 pm
came near halfway. >> i think a lot of you are dreaming because for you it's good. the tackle. we don't think about the title, we think about ourselves. we know we are in the best team in the league. there are so many teams in premier league. >> tottenham made a big move in the title race, beating manchester city 2-1. moving up to second place on a goal difference. now they dare to think of the league championships win since 1961. happy. full credit. like always, you need people r they are in a weird position in the table. it's too early to speak about
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the title holding onto the stop spot in the dutch league, the top scorer scored the 17th of the season. 3-0. it was p.s.v.'s 7th straight win. keeping them one clear of amsterdam. south africa beats england 3-2 in the one-day series. england allowing a 2-match lead to slip. south africa completing this in cape town. andy richardson reports. >> south africa have the momentum heading into this decisive game of the series, and england are in trouble in cape town. opener, and aggressive with the bat. england has been rewarded since an disastrous world cup campaign. alex heading to a century. his team-mates weren't.
6:51 pm
>> kapto and morgan out by less than distinguished shots. >> they accounted for power hitters, and spokes at 29. and bowled the first ball. hale made his way to 112. england were all out for 236. reece looked intend on belling. in contention. three wickets had them rocking. >> the captain for a century partnership. >> it was out for 59. 101 from devilliers saw a
6:52 pm
5-pocket win. >> keeping the spirits up. we weren't far i ask the guards to keep believing. >> it's the third team to come from 2-down to win a 5-match series. >> rugby players have continued the winning start under new coach eddy jones. a hat-trick of tries from justin joseph helps to points and victories over italy involvement. england top of the 6 nations championship. >> you are confident. you don't get carried away. there were a lot of areas in the game that were not quite in. obviously i have a bit more confidence to go to the next game.
6:53 pm
they are ready to host the all-star game, played outside the united states for the first time. it will make the all stars appearance. the la lakers win five championships at the end of the season. brian has been selected for the all-star game, 18 consecutive times. >> i'm looking around the room and seeing guys that i'm playing with. how many players can say they played 20 years and have seen the game go through three, four generations. do you know what i mean. it's not sad at all. i mean, i'm happy and honoured to be here and see this. >> spanish player martin clishon claimed the biggest win of his career. the 26-year-old beat gael
6:54 pm
monfils, he survived the eight match points, winning in three sets. and roberta vinci won the st. petersburg trophy with a win over her opponent. she said she'll retire at the end of the season. >> champion sebastian is looking good in his others it win a fourth straight title. the franchman won the rally of sweden. melting snow made driving conditions throughout. they stayed on course to make it two wins from two races this season. and that's all your sport. i'll hand you back thank you for that.
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now, when it comes to cinema, saudi arabia doesn't have much of a tradition, a group of young independent movie makers are hoping to change that. dean barber reports from berlin. >> reporter: boy meets girl, boy tries to date girl. but this is saudi arabia, and this is enormous. that's the point. despite it being presented as a quirky comedy at the berlin film festival. >> in the last 30 years it hags become limited, limited in the face of young, the liberals, the more progressive. the women, the minorities are less visible in the street. no one wants to watch it on public space, we have to make a story. in the background. there's the story of the city, the public space. >> if you wonder how much
6:56 pm
interest there is in the film look at this. it's a sell out as the film gets the international premier. >> the saudi team that made the film financed it themselves, there's no film industry or theatres in saudi arabia. despite getting around the censors, they had to explain what they were doing. >> i had a realisation that it was a different character, but for others, it was still me, when someone walking down the street recognised me, they wouldn't recognise me. they'd come by and say "hi, what are you doing here?" so i was like... >> reporter: the movie, which had a great reaction is careful to show traditional saudi culture in a positive light. it doesn't pull punches about saudi problems. >> i was surprised about how likely it was. >> to make a movie, he was a
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critique to the culture. this is what i think is not easy to do. >> reporter: they have done it, against the odds, and hope to inspire more saudi movie makers to do the same. all right. a reminder of the top stories, turkey says it will shell kurdish positions in northern syria, and wants the y.p.g. to wrou from areas they occupied in aleppo. the y.p.g. are refusing. pope francis is encouraging mexicans not it emigrate, but stay and help fix the country's problems. he held mass highlighting the dangers of drugs and violence. stay with us here on al jazeera, a full bulletin is straight ahead. more on the website.
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7:00 pm this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. i am erica pit air chasm fellows remember the man they sata long side on the nation's highest court. pope francis heads to one of the most dangerous cities in mexico and warns mexicans of the country's drug cartels which he calls dealers of death. mayo stepping up its efforts to assist? the refugee crisis stemming from


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