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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2016 2:00am-2:31am EST

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syria appeals to the u.n. as turkey continues to shell kurdish positions inside its territory. welcome to al jazeera live from doha. also to come in the program. a sharp fall in chinese trade as fears grow over its slowing economy. new ministers for libya's unity government, but will they get
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approval from the internationally recognised parliament. falling oil prices could change the fortune of nigerian farmer . as turkey continues to shell kurdish fighters inside its territory, syria has appealed to the u.n. security council to intervene. these show syrian kurdish y.p.g. fighters being shelled in the north. it wants them to withdraw from areas they have captured in northern aleppo province. the y.p.g., who also have the support of the u.s., are refusing and say they will push back any advance from i.s.i.l. france has joined the u.s. in urging turkey to stop bombing kurdish zones in syria. syrian forces meanwhile continue their push for aleppo, backed by russian air strikes. this apparently shows the
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aftermath of an air strike on the districts of where a building collapsed. a family of six were stuck under this rubble. we have had no reports of deaths so far. an aid convoy carrying medical supplies has been load inside of douma. the syrian red crescent it says there are medicine and milk for children. nearly half a million people in syria are cut off libya's presidential council has named a revised list of ministers for a unity government. the announcement was made in morocco. the group of 18 ministers will have to be approved by the internationally recognised
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parliament in tubrok. control is being battled for since the fall of the former leader. a political analyst and founder of the tripoli based institute and says although there have been discussions about a unit r government it doesn't mean it will bring peace to libya >> the majority of the discussions that have gone on are not talking about the question of the durablity of the functionality of this government going down the line. can it enduring against the conflicts that have emerged over the last years. there have been physical fights and blows amongst the members. i think we're in a precarious situation. i don't think it is going to show.
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i'm pessimistic about this development. the first question is that the majority of the fighting has been the ground and there should be infrastructure fruk tour of the country. it is electricity frustrating efforts-- [indistinct] not trying to the deliver the city. the rule of law. those things, four or five points have gone out of the window, over the last couple of years. i don't believe that this is necessarily the last of the discussions more air strikes in yemen
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where a number of people have been dead. it happened in the city north of the capital. the health ministry say five people were killed and at least ten were injured. they're fighting to restore the government which was over thrown by had you houthi rebels. chinese exports and imports plunged in january. imports fell 18.8%. imports were down 11.2% from last year. there are fears how much china can continue to support global growth. the very latest from adrian brown in beijing. >> reporter: china's imports and experts have been falling now for more than 12 months providing another indicator about the state, the confused state of the world's second
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largest economy. imports are down and exports down but china still made a surplus of 62 billion dollars. one reason why imports is down is that china is not buying things like iron ore and copper the way it did. it has come under sustained attack during the past few weeks. they are seeking to drive down the value of this currency. they want to try and force many believe a devaluation. china's government is resisting that. it wants to control the direction of its currency and not have foreigners do it for them. a fuller picture will come next month when we get figures relating to retail sales, vechl and industrial output president obama is hosting south-east asia leaders for a two-day summit at a california
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desert retreat. he will be hoping the efforts bear fruit. >> reporter: there are 6500 nautical miles of pacific ocean between south-east a sha and the west coast of the united states. for the president the asean region's dynanism is central to global economic growth and security in the 21 st century. that's why he hats invited the ten leaders to come to california and have an informal discussion, basically to sure them of u.s. engagement and commitment to that region but at the same time to remind the leaders that the relationship is mutual beneficial. u.s. officials say the talks are
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not meant to focus on china, but they will discuss maritime security. for asean countries are embroiled in dispute over the south china sea. they have building islands in defiance of international law. yet the asean countries do not have a unified stand with respect to their big neighbor. something that u.s. obama wants to help them address while meeting with them in california. the u.s. has a stabilizing force of the asian pacific since 2002. they're patrolling water to ensure freedom of navigation. not all coming here agree that the u.s. is a perfect counter balance to a growing china. regardless, this is a growing step for the relationship and all hope it will be for years to
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come david zlangerer is an independent consultant on china and he explains why process over the dispute in the south china sea will be difficult. >> there are at least two gravitational forces, u.s. and china. you have to feel sorry for the countries that are torn between these two great forces. economically and in terms of stability and in terms of the safety. this is not the year for much progress actually because it is a u.s. election year. in terms of trade policy, in terms of china policy and, indeed, in terms of pacific policy asean policy, this will chaen after november. all you have to do is listen to the u.s. presidential p candidates and you know there are many different views on chi china.
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in a sense this is a marker trying to show that obama has made progress on his pivot towards asia, but in terms of sb substantive progress very little can happen until the election and there's a new president in office. even the tpp, the trade deal that obama helped negotiate that is not going to be voted on until after the election the former israeli prime minimum is due to set a 18 month sentence for bribery. the charges are related to his term as the mayor from 1992 to 203. he was accused of obstruction of justice during his term of prime minister from 206 to 2009. five palestinians have been killed after allegedly attacking israeli forces in three separate
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incidences. two 15-year-old boys were shot in raqqa whilst two boys were shot after a reported attack on israeli police at damascus debate in the old city. on sunday hundreds attended the funeral of a 17-year-old girl killed in the thirty incident. she was shot after stabbing and wounding a soldier north of bethlehem. 178 palestinians and 27 israelis have been killed. in nigeria the export of oil has been the main earner. now with oil prices tanking, the government has turned its eyes to agriculture. >> reporter: this man has been a farmer all his life. he comes out here to work on his
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small holidaying, tomatos, pepper and other vegetables. he is one of the lucky few to have this lease. even if it's for six months. the land here has been abundant for over a decade, but these days there is fierce competition for it as it is close to the damn which the government says is close to completion. >> translation: if the dam is completed, this will open up a lot of areas for cultivation. we are squeezed into this place because everyone wants to be close to the water. >> reporter: he says they get no help from the government. most of the structures are in poor shape because of the delay of putting it to use. this dam is meant tom irrigate--
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to irgalt many places but it has been put on hold. there are similar projects across nigeria where most people live below the property line. he waited for the project to reach his farm land. he can't afford the fees and doesn't have the right connection to be close to the dam. from time to time he comes to the empty reservoir near his village hoping for a miracle >> translation: for 16 years not a single drop of water came this way. i just want to see this project completed in my lifetime. >> reporter: as oil prices slide, the government is turning to agriculture to diversify the economy. it says this dam and others like it will be completed. people say they will blooech it when they see the project up and
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running we've got a lot more to come here at al jazeera, including lighting up people's lives, how india is switching on for solar power. the revenant winning at the baftas.
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welcome back. a recap of the top stories.
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syria has appealed to the u.n. security council to intervene. these are pictures showing shelling kurdish y.p.g. fighters near the north of the country. ankara wants them to withdraw. china's exports and imports have fallen sharply in january compared to the same time last year. stock marketss opened nearly 3% lower following a week-long break for the lunar new year holiday. the presidential council has named a resized list of 18 minister for the government. the group will have to be approved by the international recognised department in tobruk. pope francis has visited a children's hospital in mexico. he met the young patients. earlier on sunday pope francis held mass in front of millions of people in a notoriously
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violent and poor suburb of the capital. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people came out to celebrate mass on sunday in this area, many sleeping and camping out and they didn't care because they wanted to share his message of peace of love. a mexico that they don't have to worry about death. this really resonates with the people we have been speaking to who comes from some of these violent communities. >> translation: i hope the pope through god's word can guide the government, especially in my home state, which is totally corrupt and violent. >> translation: whether we're
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neighbors, friends or relatives, violence affects us all. we are expecting the pope to bring hope to all mexicans with his message. >> reporter: a mass here, this violent area, he is standing in sold arlt with them because he shows that he understands the problems they're going through. he said he will spread this message all the way to the north and where he will say a prayer for migrants who have died on monday he will visit mexico poor's state. this is a state where the indigenous population has been marginalised for year. it is has the lowest percentage of catholics in the country. >> reporter: this man looks more like a freedom fighter than a
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mexican priest. >> reporter: now pope francis is visiting the area drawing attention to the three quarters of its mostly indigenous population who live in poverty and to priests like him rebelling against a conservative hierarchy and politicians who act more like lords. >> translation: this has generated a whole lot of violence. they want to kill me and they put a price on my life. first it was 100,000 pesos and now a million. >> reporter: he doesn't leave
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the church without his bodyguards. conflict with the authorities is nothing new here. in 1994 a group rose up rejecting the state and creating their own awe tonne nous area. the government responded powering in troops and money to pacify indigenous communities. human rights say they're rarely consult. authorities build thousands of these houses for ij daughter-in-lawing nous people. they lack services and the land for crops. so virtually no-one moved in. >> translation: the government is working with the sector that wants to open areas for extraction for control not for the poor. the pope's visit comes to give help to those be employee. >> reporter: that's a message
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that priests like this man have been preaching for years. now they have the top man on their side the former ehead of haiti's parliament has been sworn in as interim president. it is a move to fill the power vacuum that was threatening the country's prospects. >> reporter: it has been a week of protesting but many hope this is the man that will take the country out of the current political crisis. >> translation: we need to learn from this, the political crisis shows the necessary way to take advantage of this. we can dough it. >> reporter: he is a man close to the former president and has the support of the former part.
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>> translation: >> we have to go in the right direction. we will make something to change the situation the people know. >> reporter: he was officially sworn in on sunday. he vowed to reinforce democracy. the president is supposed to say in office for 120 days. in that time he has to guarantee stability and guide this nation toward the free and fair elections that large sectors of society have been demanding for weeks. in fact, many of those leading the protests and opposed showed up at the swearing in ceremony
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>> we didn't want that solution. we wanted more the justice system that the president issued, but after eight days without a president i think it is better for the country to have a presidential. >> reporter: he also enjoys the support of international communities. the u.s. ambassador says he is optimistic >> we welcomed the new president and we hope the other states will be equally placed as agreed to the steps that were agreed to. >> reporter: haiti is going through one of the worst food security crisis in years. political instability has only added to this country's problems. he has the challenge of calling for elections which could give the haitin people a leader that
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will help them improve their lives solar power is cheaper than coal in india where clean energy is being prioritised. india is aiming for 40% of the electricity to come from renewable energy by 2030. solar energy is already changing lives in rural india. >> reporter: for less than 5 cents a night this teenager is providing light to a village that can go days without any power. she is using sunlight to power lanterns which she rents to her neighbors. her small enterprise has helped her family financially. >> translation: we couldn't even afford chairs but i've bought them from the money i've learnt from these. i've also got a tv and other things. >> reporter: there is an energy
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revolution happening across india. roof top solar panels like these are part of the government's strategy to bring cheap and clean energy in the masses. they have been selling solar bajts for the last five years. >> translation: just a handful of people will come to me for solar panels. people noticed how it changes their lives. hassle of the households use solar. india is a natural canned day for solar energy. an estimated 3 million people are not connected to the grid. people here are taking charge of their energy needs but it is going social too. a start up that sees big potential in solar leasing. it supplies clean energy to its client under a long-term contract.
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>> it is a rate that is cheaper that they pay for the grid. they start generating income from the roof top space. >> reporter: as night falls many are lining up outside her door to pick up their lanterns. here just a few hours of light could mean finishing homework or passing an exam or getting grand dad to tell you a bedtime story the revenant scooped three of the four main awards at the baftas awards in london. these are wide lysine aas an indication of what is going to happen in the oscars. >> it goes to the revenant. >> reporter: that was hardly a supplies. yes, this was an incredibly tough year. even the critics found it hard.
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this film stood one of the best chances of the lost. five awards for the revenant throughing three main wins, best film, best actor for leonardo dicaprio. cate blanchett missed out on best actress. this is her in carol, nine nominations this movie had, but in the end it went to bree larson, an up and coming star. her performance has been astounding critics. the baftas are british film night. such as the international nature of the film industry you will see talent from all over the world. it is said to see what will happen at the oscars in two weeks time. you will see the same names and
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see the same faces. the lack of diversity, this protest had been embraced by baftas which allowed demonstrators themselves onto the red carpet to hand out fliers. baftas says it is going to increase the diversity of its members. kate winslett walked off with best supporting acttress. this beasts of no nation, no mention of him at the oscars. he has to some become one of the faces of this campaign with his pleas for film to be open to everybody, any race, any gender, any class. as the industry enters a period
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of soul searching. >> the nominations for best white act res go to - >> reporter: the question is how long will that really take you can keep right up-to-date with the day's developing stores at stories at this is third rail. i'm adam may this here is presidential politics like we have never seen before. as a rising tide of voter swamped the political elites that like to think they make the rules


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