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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2016 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ deadly air strikes hit hospitals in northern syria, at least 23 people are killed, dozens are injured in two separate attacks. ♪ hello i'm marteen dennis in do what and also to come on the program. >> i'm in sweden and aid workers are struggling to figure out how to best help the refugees who arrived here in the past year. uganda opposition leader running for president is arrested while campaigning in the capitol.
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>> they are all really excited because they never seen a kenya girl. >> reporter: plus we meet one of the coolest sports stars and setting her sights higher. ♪ let's start with the attacks that are being reported across syria taking part in the northwestern border with turkey and doctors without borders is reporting that a medical clinic has been destroyed in the province of idlib, nine people including a child killed in that attack and in a separate attack this time in the town of azaz at least 14 civilians were killed when missiles hit a children's hospital and a school as well as other locations and in aleppo this video apparently showing the aftermath of an air strike,
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this happening in the districts of el zabir and kapagi and an entire building collapsed as you can see and reports of a family of six being caught under the rubble of that collapsed building and so far no reports of any deaths in that particular incident but now let's get the very latest from our correspondent zaina in southern turkey right on the border with syria and bring us right up to date with the lines that have been coming out within the last hour-and-a-half or so zaina. well, like you mentioned in idlib a hospital which was supported by doctors without borders has been targeted, hit and destroyed. doctors without borders confirming, saying that they are calling this really as a deliberate attack and they are condemning it and say eight of their staff are missing and the observatory for human rights reported that nine people were killed in that strike. this is not the first time a hospital or health facility has
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been targeted in syria and, in fact, over a week ago doctors without borders supported facility was hit in the southern province at the time the organization appeals to the warring sides to respect these facilities. what we understand is that the facility in idlib that was hit this morning was serving up to 40,000 people who live in what msf called an active zone of conflict so they will be denied health services. the health system in syria as a whole really has all but collapsed and undoubtedly a very grim situation, that is in idlib but as you mentioned there was another attack in the northern border town of azaz in the providence of aleppo but we understand from turkish security officials is that nine ground to ground missiles targeted a number of locations in aziz and they spoke about a school, a hospital as well as other
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locations. we still do not know if that hospital was actually functioning or whether or not these buildings were home to the displaced. so far at least 14 people killed, scores of injured, what we understand is that 35 people have been brought into turkey to receive treatment, ten of them children. >> what we are saying zaina is intense battle it would appear for the northern section of syria right on the border with turkey. >> yes, the so called northern kwar kwcorridor and the wpg an the group wants them to link it to areas they controlled further west and turkey wants that area to remain under the control of the opposition groups that it supports because it doesn't want to see the ypg expand and on the
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border and to the ypg today they already promised selling their positions and the prime minister saying we will not allow aziz to fall and really what happened this morning, the attack in aziz was a message there is no red line but turkey saying it won't allow it to fall and they are saying really promising a harsh response and russia answering turkey back saying we are not happy with what we are concerned about is turkey's aggressive behavior and the relationship between turkey and syria deteriorating and the fight and battle for the northern corridor continues but i can tell you the ypg and kurdish militia is on the advance and a few kilometers from azis. >> dana with the very latest from southern turkey on the border with syria and as soon as the turkish prime minister takes to that podium there, that is
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kiev the ukrainian capitol we will take you to him to hear what he has to say, if he has anything more to say about syria but in the meantime russia new lines coming out of hose -- moscow and our correspondent rory is there and a lot of defying sounding statements coming out of moscow regarding this sessation conflict in munich. >> she is right saying how the relations between russia and turkey are deteriorating even further and what we say at the moment and the carnage going on the ground in syria and many different parties in the syrian conflict will not release russia and the syrian army and inside turkey as well and using the days running up to this
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cessation of hostilities to try and push their particular agendas as far as they can. but the russians are very angry with what the turkish have done in the last few days. the cross border shelling into syria, it says this is an aggressive action by the turkey or turkish authorities and it runs counter to the agreements made by the international syria support group and this pledge for the cessation of hostilities and also counter to the u.n. security council obligation. so they are very angry, that is the turkish chosen to attack groups, kurdish groups inside syria, the russians are trying to forge an alliance with at the moment. >> russia continues to deny rory that its air strikes are affecting civilians and yet we seem to be getting more and more evidence of that and recently we
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have got pictures of what appears to be a russian air strike and the subsequent damage and devastation from that, are they maintaining that civilians are not suffering as a result of their air strikes? >> absolutely they are, yes, and you don't have to go very far at all to find this content and all you do is look at any kind of online video provider, numerous human rights organizations are putting forward this material saying look this is evidence that the russian air assaults inside syria are having an immense toll on the civilian population, i think a group calling itself the syrian network for human rights and human rights have said this is the first month where actually it's not the syrian government itself that is responsible for the most civilian casualties inside syria, it's now the russians that are responsible for the most civilian casualties but the russian take on this is
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none of this constitutes evidence. they are still saying that no conclusive proof has been given for russians causing civilian deaths. another thing that you can do if you want to is go online and look at some videos that the russian defense ministry is putting out which shows very dumb bombs falling out of doors of russian plans, that does not constitute as proof either and it's interesting noting they said the turkish cross border shelling, they say, has resulted in civilian casualties. it's a musky picture. >> indeed it is and thanks very much, rory challenge there live in moscow. now within the last hour or so we have had news from the uganda capitol where the opposition leader has been arrested.
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our correspondent malcolm web is there ready to cover elections which are due just a few days from now. >> reporter: that is right. heading to the polls on thursday and today or tomorrow, the last day of the campaign the presidential candidates will be moving around the country attending rallies and those campaigns here in the capitol campala and had several meetings today and beat the crowds of supporters and one meeting to another and arrested by police and police have not said why or if he will be charged and meanwhile his supporters are demanding he is released until he finds out exactly which piece they can gather outside and demand he can continue with his campaign schedule. >> and of course the president is expected to win this election again and he has been in power for 30 years but all the questions surround the conduct of the election and how he gets
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in this time. >> that is right, the oppositions say that we win by means if he has to and the ruling party says he will win because he still is the most popular candidate but the opposition are a lot more popular. and they are likely to lead to unrest, when h was arrested on one occasion after the last election in 2011 the following day protesters set up roadblocks through the city and it was a crack down by the security forces and right now supporters of the opposition are hoping that he will be released soon, they are trying to mobilize people and the government and police arrested him many times before and the government says this is opposition causing violence and causing damage to
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his property and injury to people by trying to stir up unrest in the city and the opposition says all these arrests are with the restriction of their freedom of movement and freedom of speech and they say not far and he should be allowed to campaign. >> for now thank you very much malcolm web leading our team in the coverage of the elections in uganda in the coming days. now reports are coming in from iraq that at least 16 soldiers have been killed in an i.s.i.l. suicide attack on the base and we understand that this happened just north of ramadi, this is new just coming in, as soon as we get more detail on this of course we will bring it to you. now the eu's criminal intelligence agency says more than 10,000 unaccompanied child refugees have disappeared since arriving in europe in resent months and it is feared many may have become victims of
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trafficking and we reports now from sweden which has received the most child refugees in europe. >> in sweden's capitol you see them all over. as much on the margins of stockholm as they are on the margins of society these unaccompanied minors are running from the system while hiding in plain sight. for three days every attempt we made to interview these children was met with fear. some questions were answered far from the camera, other questions were greeted with first skepticism and later hostility. by night police watch out for them. by day social workers look out for them. >> i cannot really understand that some of them tried to avoid us and they -- when they don't know what we want with them this is actually just a way for us to be able to offer them support.
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>> reporter: he works specifically with moroccan children in stock home and is appalled with how they have been treated and sweden has made it much harder for the children to get asylum and the risk is harder than ever for them to fall in the hands of gangs and traffickers. >> they end up in this sort of legal limbo where they have no future. they can't make sense of life. and why stay in a system that eventually will expel you? what is the point of that? so a lot of them actually choose, they choose to leave. >> reporter: the past year has seen tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors arrive in sweden, the issue of what to do with them has become an extremely controversial one at a time when anti-immigration sentiment is growing. the country's interior minister says how difficult it will be finding the best solution. it's easy i would guess for children even if they are in the
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system to either flee or go missing as well. >> yes and we don't jail children because they are children. we have children's rights where we have a certain responsibility as well so we have to deal with different children, with different resources and different ages and different ways. >> reporter: some he suggests should be placed in locked detention facilities like this one just outside stockholm where we find sphhon, the 18-year-old mococcan and identity we are hiding for his protection thought life would get better when he arrived in sweden two years ago and he was placed in a refugee camp. >> translator: i was put in school and learned a lot of swedish in a short time and refused asylum and it was such a shock. >> reporter: twice he appeared that decision and twice more his claim was rejected. fearing deportation he ran off. petty crime he tells me was the
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only way he could make ends meet. >> translator: rising in the papers here we are criminals but kids who have to resort to crime are not getting involved in it to hurt others, they are doing it so they can survive. >> reporter: words echoed by so many others on the streets of stockholm and kids and teens who are out of options having no idea where they should go even as they try to somehow keep going. mohamed, al jazeera, stockholm, sweden. and here at al jazeera we will have more reports on child refugees in europe. coming up, on tuesday i gain exclusive access to a center for unaccompanied child refugees in sweden where aid workers say the children and their charge remain as vulnerable as ever. now libya's presidential council has named a revised list of ministers for a unity government and have been negotiating in morocco for weeks and the government will have to
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be approved by the recognized parliament in tabrook, two governments and allies as well as i.s.i.l. have been battling for control in libya since the fall of moammar gadhafi. still to come here at al jazeera the baby at the center of a detention center protest in australia. and falling oil prices could change the fortunes of nigeria's farmers as the government turns its figures to agricultural. ♪
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. ♪
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hello again, let's have a look at the top stories at al jazeera doctors without borders says its hospital has come under attack in the syrian town of idlib killing nine people including a child and in a separate attack this one in the town of aziz at least four teens were killed when missiles hit a children's hospital, a school as well as other locations. russia says it will continue its air strike near the syrian city of aleppo even if there is agreement on the cessation of hostilities and moscow has been supporting syrian government forces as they try to encircle the city. live now to the ukrainian capitol kiev where the turkish prime minister is speaking. >> as the prime minister of turkey i have had the opportunity to visit ukraine on numerous occasions before, in
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different capacities, for work purposes. and i'd like to say that ukraine is not just a name for us but a strategic partner and my brothers for us. ukraine is one of the most important countries, the backbone of peace for urasian regio regions.
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i'm very pleased to say that we share the same views in relation to many international and region issues. turkey recognizes ukraine's territorial integrity and consider crimea as a part of ukraine. >> reporter: we are going to leave him there as he speaks in kiev. we are going to keep our eye on it though because as soon as the prime minister mentions anything regarding the conflict in syria of course we will go right back to it but the meantime a look at other news and the government under pressure after a hospital refused to discharge a migrant baby forcing deportation and
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one-year-old girl has been treated for serious burns after being accidentally scalded with hot water in a refugee came and we are from brisbon and rights groups are supporting for the baby and her family. >> reporter: inside the hospital is a baby whose situation has come to personalize everything that is controversial of australia's policy to refugees and the crowd protesters of 300 or more people are here to support her and stop the baby and parents being defored to naru and came to australia in 2013 and the top policy to refugees were immediately reported to the pacific islands of naru and there the mother got pregnant and brings people who need serious medical attention to australia and the baby was born here and parents and baby were returned to naru and in january of this year the baby had an accident, boiling water was poured on her and she was
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brought by air ambulance back here to australia and australia's government now she is medically better would like to send her back to naru but the hospital staff in there, doctors and nurses won't let the baby be discharged formally because they don't want her sent back to naru and access to mother and baby there are very strict restrictions on who can go in. and natasha you know the mother very well. you were working with the children in naru with her and have been able to see her and how is she and how is the baby? >> doing well thankfully and seems to have healed well and the mother is overwhelmed and since the first couple weeks they arriveded she is distressed about the baby and has the distress of prospect of turning to naru but with this she is completely overwhelmed and feeling so much better. >> why won't the staff in the hospital discharge her? >> they are saying she doesn't have a safe home to go to and i
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guess that is what a doctor would do for my child, if any child was checked in the hospital and didn't have a safe home to go to they would not discharge the child until they did and they are waiting for the baby to have a safe home to go home to. >> reporter: the mother and child are kept behind two guards from the immigration department within the hospital here. this protest began on saturday and has grown in numbers every evening since then and the people say they will not leave here, there will be a permanent presence here until they get a guaranty that the baby won't be deported to naru and 300 other people in a similar situation who stand to be deported to naru if the australian government gets its way and the prime minister on monday was asked about the situation facing baby here and others and said every case will be dealt with compassionately and didn't want to talk about people smugglers bringing more people to australia and the implication
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there is that giving and exception to a baby even would incentizive and saying the babies will be dealt with compassionately and it's hard to square that circle. >> back to kiev now and the turkish prime minister. >> translator: taking into account and considered these together and i'm pleased to say we share the same perspective and have the same perspective. in relation to the relationship i'd like to say we are not only happy to have good relationship between the two countries but we are also supporting the idea to
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help the two countries to help each other, to improve each other's economies and in other areas also. but the reason why i came here with six of my ministers and a very large delegation indeed and we've had very positive, beneficial meetings, putting into action the free trade agreement is important for us and the people and respective committees will continue to work towards that aim. in the days to come and i'm
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hoping the trade volume will reach $10 billion by 2017-2018. i'm optimistic about that. in times of energy and transportati transportation, we have tremendous business potential and we will work on that together and with relation to the infrastructure projects i can see the turkish business companies have tremendous know how and experience and i believe that giving a chance to the turkish businesses in that area will also benefit ukraine.
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as is evident there is huge potential between turkey and ukraine and to no doubt our relationship will increase and intensify in a good way. i had the chance to meet president portshenko last month and now i'm in kiev. god willing we will have the chance to host in turkey very
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soon. >> we will leave the turkish prime minister and indeed also the ukrainian prime minister and leave them in kiev and just to remind you that doctors without borders is saying that a hospital that it runs has come under attack in idlib in syria with nine people dead. ♪ hello again these are the top stories at al jazeera and doctors without borders says the hospital has come under attack in the syrian town of idlib including nine people and a child and a separate attack in aziz14 were killed when missiles hit a children's hospital at school as well as other locations and our correspondent zaina has the latest from southern turkey. >> reporter: a hospital which was supported by doctors without borders has


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