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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2016 2:00pm-2:10pm EST

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as well. >> some should be placed in locked detention facilities. like this one just outside stockholm where we find sofian. the 18-year-old whose identity we are hiding for his protection thought life would get better when he arrived in sweden two years ago and was placed in a refugee camp. fully was put in school and i learned a lot of swedish in a pretty short period of time then i was rferred asylum an refuseds such a shock. >> twice more he applied and twice more he was rejected. fearing so much, he ran off. >> the moroccan kids who have to resort to crime aren't getting into trouble to hurt others. they're doing it so they can survive. >> words echoed by so many others on the streets of
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stockholm. kids and teenagers out of options, trying to somehow keep going. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera, stockholm, sweden. >> our coverage continues on tuesday with another reform from mohammed jamjoom. >> coming up on tuesday i gain exclusive access to a center for uncomploind chilunaccompanied cn sweden. now a baby girl who suffered serious burns at a offshore refugee camp is now at a center of a row, doctors in brisbane have refused to discharge asher. protests have now erupted outside of the hospital in support of the doctors and the baby's family. naru is used by australia as a
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holding area for refugees. >> the baby has healed quite well. for last couple of weeks she has been distressed by the injuries of the baby, and that turned into distress of the prospect of returning to naru. she's completely overwhelmed and feeling so much better. >> india's high court is set to decide whether a student should be arrestfo arrested for sediti. divya gopalan reports. >> classrooms remained empty, hundreds gathered to are protest against the arrest of their student union president on sedition charges. >> students are free to express their opinions and that is why it is an academic institute. >> reporter: the government allegation antiindian slogans
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were chanted during a rally. it was to mark the anniversary of the execution of a carv kashi separatist. journalists and kamar supporters say they wear tacked just before a decision was made to extend his detention. a decision that angered many on campus. >> they are streld ang wished ed by this. we will continue on the struggle whatever it takes. >> protests have been held at the university on a daily basis there have been warnings by government officials and right wing politicians. ahmed shah said, any activity we take is to protect our country. opponents say this violates
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indians rights to participate. >> it is an attack on democracy. and that is why we are finding that more and more people are coming out in support. >> the government's action he are seen by many as part of a growing intolerance here since prime minister narendra modi's bjp party came to power in 2014. >> showing are solidarity with these students, they say it has become a national issue because whatever happens here not only affects the students' ability to express their views but also every citizen's rights to freedom of speech. divya gopalan, al jazeera, new delhi. >> according to reports from the national health service, according to the report one in four people will experience mental problems every year and
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75% of those who do experience the problem receive no help whatsoever. those who experience severe mental health problems, can expect 15 to 20 year shortlier life. costing almost $14 billion a year. mental health services says they need to be targeted. >> the really key messages of our report today is that far too people are getting the right kind of help at the right time. three areas need to be addressed. first of all, make sure that people get help when they are in a mental health crisis so they can be assured that that help can come quickly and at the right time. secondly, bringing together physical and mental health. when people have contact with the health service and the physical side they often don't get support for that
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psychological and mental health needs. prevention of, backing our recommendation for 1 billion pounds extra to buy 2020, 21, to help support these recommendations, but it's not just about the money. the money is important of course but it's also about a new mindset inside the health system which puts mental health and people with mental health problems at the heart of the way the ahealth system thinks and operates. much greater transparency about the effect that mental health services are able to have on people but also recognizing that this is an issue for communities more widely, recognizing that at a local level you need to work with local communities to be able to form the right kinds of plans. it is those kinds of plans that are really ultimately going to
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come up with a plan that's going to suit up and down the country. rmingts. >> iranian film makers, films from iran have a good track record. winning the top prize twice in the past five years. here is nadim baba. >> young and behind bars and forgotten by society. the teenage girls in the iranian documentary starless dreams getting its international premier at the berlin film festival have committed serious crimes. the director says it's tragic that many would prefer to stay inside the correctional facility than go back the their families. >> if you show their pain, their dreams, their what what they think, we can try to solve our
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problem with us and our children. and i think we can live in better world. >> reporter: another iranian picture shown in berlin is fictional based in reality, exploring their reasons for turning to crime, director exposes social injustice. while in 2015, the golden bear for best film actually went to an iranian film. this year there are four iranian films showing as well as two films made by foreign based iranian directors. it is a sign of an industry growing in statute an stature. turning points for iranian movie
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makers. >> many iranian movies trying to follow his base. and to bring some tense nervous movies which flect reflects curt life of iranians, usually in the big cities, usually in the milt class and to show how they try to survive under very severe economic problem. >> well, whether they're documentaries or fiction these films offer a rare insight into the complexities of life in iran. nadim b baba, al jazeera, berli. >> you can find much more at our website,
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>> i'm russell beard in northern kenya where local hero martin wheeler is taking elephant conservation to new heights. >> i'm jasmeen qureshshi in monterey bay california where researchers have discovered that sea otters


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