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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. >> the u.n. says almost 50 civilians died in syria when four hospitals and two schools were hit by air strikes. russia is beings blamed for thee attacks. >> hello i'm julie mcdonald. this is the newshour, coming up, riot police detained the main opposition leader in uganda just two days from the presidential election. mental health care here in the u.k. and past success in berlin film
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festival inspire the showing of iranian films showing what life is like back home. hello there. a wave of air strikes on schools and hospitals in syria has left at least 50 civilians dead. the attacks have been blamed on russia and comes just days after moscow and others agree to pause hostilities in syria. comments made by president assad in the past hours e-says a truce doesn't mean each side doesn't have to stop using weapons and fighting terrorism remains his priority. >> translator: until now we hear about them requesting a ceasefire within a week. okay then who is capable of bringing together all these conditions within a week? no one. who will speak to the terrorists if the terrorist organization refuse to adhere to the ceasefire? who will make them accountable?
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who as they say will bomb them, if you wanted to bomb them where can you pined them, where are they? from a practical standpoint all this is difficult to implement. >> another front is opening up between turkey and russia. turkish forces have bombed russi.zeina khodr has more. glrs. >> among the casualties were recently displaced syrians who escaped from the fighting across aleppo province. turkey called azaz the red line, not because it is one of the few remaining strongholds of the opposition in the northern corridor but because it is being threatened by the yp the yvonne.
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ypg. >> we will not allow azaz to fall, the whole world should know this. >> inside syria to prevent further advances by the ypg and its allies. they have already captured many areas, taking advantage of a russian backed syrian government offensive against the rebels across aleppo province. the ypg and its allies rejected turkey's ultimatum, instead they are advancing. they have taken the rebel stronghold of ta tal raffat, may say they have been able to take ground because of support from russian air power.
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air power is not only being used in aleppo in the rebel controlled province of idlib in the west, another hospital has been destroyed causing more casualties. the facility was supported by doctors without borders and provided services to more than 40,000 people. the organization called it a deliberate attack but didn't blame anyone but activists. say russian planes were responsible. just last week one of its facilities was hit in the southern province of dara. >> since the beginning of the year, at least five facilities have been targeted in syria and many others. the need for health facilities are desperate and the population relies on these structures to get health care, and therefore we obviously denounce when health structures are target they had way. >> reporter: back in azaz fear is growing among the tens of thousands of syrians. dozens of families have already left towards the turkish bother.
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azaz is no longer safe, instead it's become a new front line that could trigger an even larger war. zeina khodr, al jazeera, turkey. the u.n. certainly envoy to syria, staffan de mistura can, last arrived in. set to pleat a minister on tuesday. he hopes to bring back negotiations to geneva beginning next week. well, as mentioned tension between russia and turkey is escalating, in the last few hours turkey has said the attack on a hospital near the border was an obvious war crime. rory challands reports from moscow from all the to diplomatic developments. >> reporter: several days of
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cross-border artillery fire indicates syria's vortex is pulling in regional powers more deep reply. we see this as international support to terrorism, said the foreign minister, obligations taken by turkey as a member country of the international syria support group. turkey is of course a nato country and russia is aware that turkey is a potential fault line within the alliance. >> this is very unpleasant for nato and nato will do everything to prevent it but it doesn't depend on nato or russia but whether erdogan decides to intervene in syria. france germany italy and spain wouldn't want to fight because of erdogan's adventurism. >> last week they opened their first international office in
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moscow, russia insists they be involved in the stalled geneva negotiations. turkey says any kurdish autonomy is existential threat. davutoglu lashed out. >> ypg and pyd forces who are simply pawns meaptd b meaptd b y russia. >> even if the sessionatio cessf hostilities commences. but if it keeps hitting groups that regional allies support and if turkey continues shelling syria's kurdish fighters then risks multiply, there's the risk that it will be dead this the
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water and there's also the risk that the regional powers in this complex proxy war might end up being pulled into outright conflict. rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. >> riot police have detained uganda's major opposition leader, kizza besigye, main challenger to president yoweri museveni who is seeking another five year term. malcolm webb is reporting from kampala. >> reporter: main opposition leader, kizza besigye and his supporters were fired on with tear gas after they tried to
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walk to the city center. police say he was held because he didn't stick to an authorized route and his diversion would disrupt businesses. but his supporters don't see it that way. >> the dictatorship is so scared of besigye that they can't even allow him to meet with his supporters. >> reporter: police say when they took him, it was not an arrest. >> we have simply asked him and his campaign team to coordinate and harmonize his campaign with the police. >> reporter: short while later he was released and back on the campaign trail. in thursday's poll he is running against incumbent president yoweri museveni. he has run for 30 years and is seeking another five. this is the third time besigye has run against him. >> by electoral process, the core process is controlled bione
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candidate. who therefore announces what he wants. >> reporter: besigye's planned rally didn't happen. his convoy and rapidly growing crowd were stopped again. >> troops have fired more tear gas, bess gay is righ besigye i, he was meant to give a rally at university just up here, he didn't get there and this is exactly the kind of tension people were hoping wouldn't arrive just days before the polls. any opposition supporters here in the capital say they're tired of the government. >> we are citizens and we have the right to exercise our freedom. we go to school but we don't have the job. >> campaign rallies are meant to end at dusk. at that point police towed
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besigye's car to the station with him inside. then let go. many wonder if this will bring more violence. malcolm webb, al jazeera, kampala. >> patience, a very warm welcome, thank you for being with us. what reason was being definitive for besigye being detained today? many say he wassing traffic but what was the real reason. >> the real reason is there is no way museveni's government could anticipate the reaction. a caring number of people who are following him, they thought the best of way to stop him is to arrest him and so he do os
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not hold the rally. but when they arrested him this backfired and instead, people started to chant and to reaction and to gather and in time the police had no choice, that to react with violence. and this seems seemed like a gross misescalation. i mean it, here is only two days from the election and violating human rights, u.s. state department, said it is a very combustive situation. the international community is watching. it seems like the violence was the only solution because they need the test the waters, they need to know just how ready the opposition is. because the opposition has also threatened that they will be defiant to museveni's
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government. they will react if electionser reached. >> paishes can i just aspatienc, museveni is aiming for a fifth term but how much opposition is there for him reaching for another term? >> museveni is generally very unpopular. people are resigned to the fact that his government is not going to do anything more. the roads are not working, the system has broken down, the education is questionable. president. but then, museveni is still going to win because he has a lot of machinery. what is happening on the street is not going to be reflected on the ballot. if you ask the same people randomly, no that we do not wand meuivemuseveni, he is definitely
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unpopular, the support for besigye, the main opposition leader, is just massive. people have begin him money, trailed him from town to town. it seems like there is almost, besigye has the support so the mrn government, the museveni government now knows this and wants to do something about it. maybe it feels like the machinery in place because there is just such a precedent on the site of the museveni government, something the courts have done before the elections in the past have been rigged by museveni and the nra government. but this time around i think even the rigging machinery is not strong enough and they have to stem whatever is going to happen through violence, that is the only logical explanation we
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have, to put everything on the line two days before the election. >> i have to jump in on you because we are running out of time. thank you very much for joining us, patience, thank you. >> thank you. >> now ahead here on al jazeera. after being neglected for years why oil wealthy nigeria is looking to the agricultural industry to boost its economy. and why a baby is at the head of australia's asylum seeker policy.
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>> now the top stories on al jazeera. attacks on medical facilities and schools in syria. the u.n. envoy staffan de mistura is set to meet syria's foreign minister on tuesday. at least one person has been killed in kampala, kizza besigye was held before being released. where it was decideds he would remain in police custody. his arrest last week has prompted protests across the country. divya gopalan now explains.
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>> reporter: classes are boycotted, classrooms remain empty. hundreds gather to protest against the arrest of their student leader, on sedition charges. the government allegation antiindian slogans were chanted during a rally. up to three days in detention, his court appearance is overshadowed by scuffles outside the courtroom. journalists and kumar supporters says they wear tacked just after a decision was made to extend his detention. a decision that angered many on campus. >> we are extremely anguished like this. why i are they make a criminal t of him? we'll continue no matter how
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long it takes. >> there have been warnings from government ministers and right wing politicians, ahmed shah said in this statement, i can assure you any action we take is to protect our country and any anti-india comments will not be tolerated. >> this is an attack on the left and progressive movement, it is an attack on the university. that's why we are finding more and more are coming out in support. >> reporter: seen by many as part of a growing intolerance here since narendra modi's bjp party came to power. they say it's become a national issue because what happens here, not only affects the students'
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aibilitiesstudents'abilities tos but every person's right to freedom of speech. divya gopalan. al jazeera. >> oil prices are hurting around the world and nigeria is no exception. the government is having to look at other ways to make money. won't be achieved without ove overcome challenges p ahmed idris reports. >> at the end of the rainy season he comes out here to work on a small holding. he gross tomato, pepper and other vegetables. he's one of the lucky through to have this, even though it is for six months. the land here has been abundant for over a decade but these days there is fierce competition to it, closed to the dam that is
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near to completion. >> if the dam is completed this will open up a lot of areas for cultivation. we are squeezed into this tiny plaws becausplace because everyo get support from the government. >> most of his structures are in poor shape because of the delay in putting it to use. projects like these lost their appeal as the country swam in oil revenues. this dam is meant to irrigate thousands of hectares of land, provide water to households, life stock and fishing but it has not been completed and that has put on hold the expectations of many families. there are similar issues across nigeria where most people live below the poverty line. harin can't afford the fees and doesn't have the right connections to rent a plot close to the dam.
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from time to time he comes to the empty reservoir near his village, hoping for a miracle. >> for 16 years not a single drop of water came this way. i just wanted to see this project completed in our lifetime. >> as all prizes slide, the government is turning to agriculture to diversity the economy. he says this dam and many others like it will be complete, but the farmers say they won't believe it until they see it. ahmed idris, al jazeera. >> how bad is the problem? according to the report one in four people experience mental problems every year. 75% of those who experience a problem receive no help at all.
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those who experience severe mental problems ask expect on average 15 to 20 years shorter life span than illegality people. trying to deal with it is costing thcosting nih millions . >> i started hearing things and saying things that weren't there and i felt very threatened. >> alex was prescribed sits 15 ya and are it's taken ten years to get the support she needs. >> the first time i was unwell there was only one psychiatrist in the whole area i was living in, covering i don't know how many people. now they have still not got regular psychiatrists there as far as i can tell because they
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don't have the financial resource he to do so. >> for far too long, physical and mental diseases have been considered different things, in these days of austerity, mental health care seems to be marginalized. findings paint a bleak picture of england's mental health services. an average of 4470 people are killing themselves each year. 40% of areas provide no areas at all for postnatal problems. black african and caribbean men, the report says, 1.7 approximately is what's actually needed. paul farmer who oversaw the report is calming for urgent
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action. >> poor health care, wider cost to the economy which means that not paying attention to mental health feels like a false economy. >> government ministers and health service possess have promised to end the inequality twin el rks mental health issues issue year and perhaps that is half the struggle. many are hoping for a whole new mindset. neave barker, al jazeera, london. >> a baby girl is at the center of a row over australia's refugee policy. doctors have refused to release one-year-old ash-a. she will be deported to the island of naru. naru is used by australia as a
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place for slum seekers. >> the baby has seemed to have healed quite well, the mother is overwhelmed. for the first couple of weeks since they arrived, she was really angry about the treatment of the baby, and now, she is completely overwhelmed and feeling so much better. >> iranian film directors are making their mark at this year's berlin film festivity, films from iran have a good track record, winning the top prize twice this the past five years. nadim baba is there. >> reporter: they're young and behind bars and forgotten by societal. the teenage girs in the iranian documentary starless tears, have committed serious crimes.
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the director says it's tragic that many would prefer to stay inside the correctional facility than go back to their families. >> if you show their pain, their dreams, their, what they think, we can try to solve our problems with us and our children. and i think we can live in better world. >> another iranian production showing in berlin is fictional but based in reality. lanturi is the name of a street gang in tehran, director exposes social injustice. in 2015, the golden bear for best film actually went to an
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iranian film, this year there are four iranian films slowing as well as two films played by are foreign based iranian directors. sign growing in stature and diversity. turning point for iranian movie makers. >> many iranian movie americas are trying the follow his ways and to bring some tense nervous movies which reflects the current life of iranian iranians usually in the big cities, usually in the middle class and to show how they try to survive under very severe economic problems. >> well whether they're documentaries or fiction these films offer a rare insight into the complexities of life in
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iran. florida diflorida damenadim bab. >> that's it we'll see you a bit later, bye-bye. blois >> for millions it is a simple act, but for me it is often a game of chance. one wrong bite and my immune system goes haywire. for me, a peanut becomes an extreme threat. my heart races. my skin erupts. my stomach is under seige. i am sick, and i am in trouble, but i'm not alone. >> you have five minutes, what are yoin


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