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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening, i'm erica pitzi. this is al jazeera america. >> we are one justice away from losing our fundamental rights in this country. >> i plan to fulfil my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> the fight to replace justice antonin scalia, the republican strategy, plus... >> there's no doubt in my mind that jed bush has the experience
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and character to be a great president. >> former president george w. bush campaigns for his brother jed. his reflections on the republican race and days in the white house. >> danger on the roads and changes in the east tomorrow. and a temporary truce - the attacks on a school and hospital by alleged russian air strikes. we begin tonight with the aftermath of the death of supreme court justice antonin scalya. president barack obama says he will nominate a replacement. a growing number of republicans feel the next president should fill the nominee. mike viqueira reports from washington
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justice antonin scalya's remains are in the washington area arriving in a snow tomorrow in the night. >> i don't believe the president should appoint someone. >> almost from the moment of his passing the fight has been escalating, becoming a struggle that that could leave the supreme court with eight justices. >> republicans want to turn the november election to a nominee. insisting that any nominee by president obama should be blocked. >> we are one justice away from losing our federal rights in this country. we are one justice away from a radical 5 justice liberal majority mr obama has ignored that call and says he'll go his constitutional duty to fill the
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vacancy. who would he nominate. first a jurist on the bench. a person sitting on the court of appeals, considered a stepping stone to the supreme court. he was confirmed for the seat by the senate three years ago. meric garland is the chief judge of the d.c. court. his name came up on previous lists, and paul watford confirmed to the bench on the ninth circuit of 2012. all three were moderates, and as such would have a shot at getting senate support. if republicans block a moderate. democrats call it a modderist. president obama will go outside the judiciary or pick someone with a liberal record. knowing republicans would block 234078 nations. galvanising the base voters in an election year. camella is the attorney-general, and considered a rising star and the white house favourite.
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she is running for the senate seat. and most daring, should the president choose her. sitting attorney-general loretta lynch. whose nomination lasted almost six months. justice scalya was revered by conservatives, and republicans not likely to yield a nomination, even as they lament his passing. >> he loved the last, to bring people together and argue at the end. living a life as big as anyone could have. he was dedicated to improving the entire united states of america by taking care of things one little stip at a time. >> that was mike viqueira reporting. now to carolina, and the return
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of former president to the campaign trail, jed bush and his brother george w. bush shared the same stage. randall pinkston joins us live from charleston south carolina, good evening to you. how much will the former president's visit make a difference there? >> well, certainly the jed bush campaign hopes that it makes a lot of difference. you know, when jed bush looks back at this night. if, in fact, he does end up winning the republican party nomination for president. he will probably think that this was a turning point. >> former president george w. bush jokes that he stayed out of site to work on a tree farm, to practice his stump speech. turns out it was good practice. not for himself, but for his brother jed. campaigning in column by ha and a rally in north charleston. >> thank you for your hard work
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for jed and what you will do, which is to vote for him on saturday in the great state of south carolina. >> reporter: pollings suggest many are -- polls suggest that many south carolinans are turning their back on jed. >> we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration. we need someone that can fix the problems that cause anger and frustrations, and that is jed bush. >> i always said, in fact, i would tell him, why don't you use the name bush, you're bush, use the name bush. >> reporter: donald trump leading the polls was out campaigning, repeating his caustic criticism of jed bush, insisting his brother kept america safe. >> the world trade center came down during the rein of george bush, right, i mean it came
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down. during the ronald reagan's library debate. he mentioned how they were safe. >> never thought in a republican debate they were talking about impeaching a republican 2-term president. jed bush didn't speak trump's name. there's no doubt who he was talking about. >> he was building a reality tv show. i am sure it was great. george bush brought together a team to build the security apparatus until this day is one of the reasons why we haven't been attacked. >> a year ago jed bush made a speech in chicago, attempting to separate himself from his brother. >> i'm my own man. >> reporter: some analysts say jed bush has none been able to claim voters on its own. >> i think he has do something to break out. it's not a surprise if he's
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relying on his brother and mother in new hampshire. >> reporter: jed's mother barbara bush campaigned. he's hoping for a better look in south carolina. the latest clear politics polls show jed bush has about 10% for the republican supporting in the state. behind donald trump, senator ted cruz and marco rubio randall pinkston live in charleston, south carolina. while the republicans focused on the primary and south carolina, the democratic candidates are fighting for nevada. the silver state held the caucuses on saturday. hillary clinton held two rallies back in 2008. she won the caucuses during the presidential bid. her opponent spent president's day in michigan.
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he spoke to a crowd of 10,000 supporters. they met with several flint residents and spoke about the impact of flint's water crisis. sanders called it one of the most difficult meetings of his career. >> new york city police are investigating allegations that police officer spit zer assaulted the police. over the weekend she told police spit zer assaulted her. she flew back o her native country russia and is no longer cooperating with police. spitzer's lawyer issued an apology admitting there was no assault. spit zer resigned in the midst of a scandal. >> the north-east are dealing with snow and ice, parts of marylands hit with snow.
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let's bring in meteorologist kevin corriveau with more. >> that's right. the danger for freezing race is only going to get worse. not only for this area. also down to the south. take a look at the radar. notice here, we are now picking up that area of pink, and that means we are seeing mixed precipitation, sleet and freezing precipitation in that area. that extends to north or south carolina as well. freezing rain advisories affecting charlotte and all the way down to highway 85 towards atlanta. >> this will continue through the overnight hours, making the overpasses and bridges dangerous. those are what freeze first. to the north. we have a wide area of pink as well. which is really grown over the last couple of hours. we do it here, see, for parts of new jersey, peninsula, as well as down towards delaware,
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marylands. freezing rain advisors, i expect this to expand in the overnight hours. the current one for new jersey and peninsula, extends until 2am. it may be pushed to later. that can make the coombe ute very messy. temperatures tomorrow will be into the 50 joy mccorvey, thank you. the -- joy mccorvey, the beginning of a ceasefire. ramped up attacks in the country are threatening the agreement before it goes into effect. that is next. >> we'll talk with a businessman planning to open the first new american factory in cuba in more than half a century. stay with us.
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>> mdma helps with the therapeutic connection. >> exclusive access to the... >> our fears are dancing between us. >> techknows team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >>...can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. >> only on al jazeera america. the united nations says missile strikes on hospitals and schools killed 50 civilians in syria. no one has taken responsibility for the attacks. the united states blames russia and the syrian government. officials say the air strikes are increasing the risk of confrontation between turkey and russia. >> reporter: there is no red line in syria's war.
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that seems to be the message behind the attacks near the turkish border. a school, a hospital and other locations were hit. other areas were hit in air to air missiles. others escaped from the province. turkey called az as a red line, promising not to allow the town to fall. not just because it's a stronghold, but because it is threatened by the y.p.g. a kurdish armed group. what they call terrorists the y.p.g. stepped back from az as and its area. if they come closer, they see the reaction. we will not allow as as to full. turkey acted. it has been targetting y.p.g. positions inside syria. they have captured many areas
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from the opposition, close to the turkish border. taking advantage of a russian backed offensive. the y.p.g. and its allies have been rejecting turkey's ultimatum to withdraw from the recently captured areas. they are advancing and at the doorsteps of the two strongholds in the northern corridor. many in the opposition say they have been able to make the advances with the support of russian air power. >> air power is not only being used in aleppo, in the rebel controlled province in idlib in the west. another hospital has been destroyed, causing casualties, the facility was run by doctors without borders. the organization called it a deliberate attack, but did not blame anyone, but activists say russian planes from responsible. last week one of its facilities was hit in the southern province
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of deraa. >> since the beginning of the year, five facilities have been targeted in syria and others. the needs are desperate. and the population relies on this. we denounced when the organizations are targeted in this way. fears are growing among tens of thousands of civilians. monday's attacks were a message for russia and its allies. az as is no longer safe. instead it's become a front line that could trigger a larger war. four u.s. citizens have been arrested in bahrain, according to the associated press, the american journalist entered the country on tourist vesas. the country's interior ministry accuses the four of not having
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the proper media breezes. taking part in a riot that they were covering. the family of one of the americans denies that they were involved in any illegal activity. the u.s. embassy in center of excellence of brain aging said it was aware of the rest and cannot make a comment. >> the obama administration has given the go ahead for the first factory to be built in cuba. a 2-man country will open a plant to open a factory to sell to farmers. it's part of a zone to attract foreign investment. the plant is expected to be up and running next year. >> joining me now is soul, the cofounder of the u.s. company that is building the factory in syria. he's in mobile alabama. thank you for joining us. >> this is an historic
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opportunity for both countries, how did it come about. >> travelling to cuba, starting in 2007, going back to my roots originally from there - i was born and raised in cuba, came to the states and lived the american dream. after i retired from my business. i came back to find out what was going on. i learnt there were changes in the economy, and then when i heard that president obama was going to open up opportunities for trade, my partner and i decided that we wanted to join and see how we could have to bring the two peoples together. we figured out that helping agriculture through a tractor would do a lot of good for them. i believe that there's an extreme demand.
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that is starts which is the mode of operation. it's not only a cuban model. we believe that by going to cuba, producing the tractor by consumption it will give us the opportunity to produce it for exports. latin american people do look after cuba in terms of direction. and what they'd like to be able to emulate. that gives american companies like ours to sell not only to the cuban market. but to all of latin america. very advantage terms. cuba has very good treaties that we don't have. talk to us about the factory itself. where it will be. how big it will be. the factory is going to be at a special development i don't know
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that the cubans put in place. the terms for investment are very good in terms of facilities, we build 100 to #00 for the first you we believe that will provide employment at the beginning for around 30 people. and up to 300 over the next five years. >> that's fantastic. >> what kind of concerns do you have about this venture over all. >> there's a couple of concerns, the main one being the embargo, or the blockade as they call it in cuba. we believe that that will disappear over time. hopefully sooner rather than later. as soon as that disappears much of the problems that we foresee
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will no longer be there. the other thing that many have raised with us is the fact that they believe cuba may turn around and undo some of the opening that they have done in terms of being able to join the global market. i don't believe that will be the case. cuba wants to be a player and a participant in the global market. setting up this zone and attracting foreign investment they'll do so, and i don't think it will jeopardise the ability to participating in the global economy. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure, thank you for giving me the time. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> it was an emotional day for the work others at planned parenthood. in colorado springs. it opened its doors for the first time since a gunman
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stormed the facility. parts of the building is closed, the clinic will offer its stfrss, and it wassing services it was blackt mt pleasant neighbourhood believes -- planned parenthood believes women should have access. still ahead - a different look at the people of iran. two new fields showing signs of the country rarely seen by outsiders. >> a billionaire philanthropist celebrates with a gift for abraham ((úz@úxóxkxñ($9
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well, another whirlwind day for pope francis in mexico. day three of the pontiff's tour brought him to the south-east part of the country. he celebrated mass. the pope left leaders and addressed a gathering of families inside a packed soccer stadium. tomorrow pope francis travels to central mexico the berlin film festival is an international affair. going on with entries to include a documentary about migrants
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grossing the mediterranean. and a saudi economy. and two iranian films are getting a lot of buzz. [ ♪ ] >> reporter: they are young and behind bars, and forgotten by society. the teenage girls getting this international premiere at the berlin film festival committed serious crimes. >> and the director says it's tragic that many would prefer to stay inside the correctional facilities than go back to their families. >> if you show their pain, their dreams, what they think, we can try to solve our problems. and our children. and they think we can live in a
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better world. another iranian production is fictional. and based in reality. it is the name of a street and a group carrying out kidnappings. it exposes them to social justices. the golden bear went to "taxi", an iranian film. this time there were four films. it's a sign of an industry growing in stature and diversity. this critic in berlin's top prize in 2011. a turning point. many iranian movies trying to follow his base and bring some tense, nervous movies that
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reflects the current life of iranians usually in the middle class, and to show how they try to live their lives under economic problems. whether they are documentaries or fiction, they offer an insight into iran as the nation celebrates president's day, the national park announced an 18 million gift to refurbish the lincoln memorial. the philanthropist says it will go towards cleaning the roof, the marshalle and a second -- marble and a second area. it is an attraction on the national mall in washington. it's beautiful. i'm erica pitzi.
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thank you for joining us. for the latest news any time head to ray suarez is up with "inside story" next. have a great night. [ ♪ ] as you have heard, there was once briefly a country called the confederate states of america. the ideas enshrined in its constitution and celebrated by its founding fathers were defeated on the battlefield. for many americans, that was that. for others, the end of the civil war began a century and a half of mourning, nostal guy and efficacious of the loft cause. could that time be ending now. the embattled flag at 150 years


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