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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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the third of seven-planned observation and security satellites. it is hoped their data will help us better understand the challenges and threats of our changing planet. and you can find out much more on our website, threats of lawsuits, [ inaudible ] just another day on the campaign trial. several members of opec now taking steps trying to stabilize oil prices. and officials sign a deal that would allow commercial flights to cuba in more than 50 years. ♪
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this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm del walters. the presidential candidates are back out on the campaign trial today. that is bernie sanders in south carolina this morning. sanders eating breakfast with faith leaders in colombia, and then holding a townhall meeting at the university of south carolina, his day ending with a rally in atlanta. that is hillary clinton in new york. this afternoon she'll deliver a speech on racism in harlem, and touch on themes of equal pay, aending the school to prison pipeline. she has also been busy on twitter, talking about a new sucks is or to antonin scalia. last night sending 11 tweets in one hour. her message to the senate republicans, do your job. reminding them there are 339 days before the next president
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takes office. donald trump still leading most republicans in the polls. on monday once again saying he will sue ted cruz over whether he is eligible to become president. marco rubio also accusing cruz of false attacks. >> when both marco rubio and donald trump just scream liar, liar, liar, it makes you wonder how they will deal with putin. now to be honest, putin and many enemies of this country are liars. jeb bush finally getting help on the campaign trial. his brother still popular in south carolina. george w. bu george w. bush now hoping he can help. >> reporter: if jeb bush wins the republican presidential
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nomination, the event held here in south carolina may prove to have been the turning point. former president george w. bush jokes that he has stayed out of sight after leaving the white house to work on a tree farm to practice his stump speech. it turns out it was good practice. not for himself but for his brother jeb. campaigning in colombia and in north charleston. >> thank you for your hard work for jeb. thank you for what you are going to do, which is to vote for him on saturday, here in the great state of south carolina. >> reporter: polls suggest many republicans are turning their backs on jeb for donald trump which launched withering criticism of both bush brothers. >> we do not need someone in the oval office who inflames anger and frustration. [ cheers and applause ] >> we need someone who can fix
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the problems that cause the anger and frustration, and that's jeb bush. [ cheers ] >> i always said in fact i would tell him, i would say why don't you use the name bush? >> reporter: donald trump still leading the polls was always out campaigning. repeating his criticism of jeb bush who insists his brother kept the world safe before and after 9/11. >> the world trade center came down during the reign of george bush. right? during the library debate, he mentioned about how we were safe. we weren't safe. >> i never thought in a republican debate we would be talking about impreaching a republican two-term president. >> reporter: jeb bush didn't speak trump's name, but there was no doubt who he was talking about. >> while he was building a reality tv show -- i'm sure it was great.
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i have never seen it -- george bush brought together a team. >> reporter: some political analysts say jeb bush has not been able to gain voters on his own. >> i think it's clear that south carolina is really pivotal on the republican side, and jeb being in the low teens to single digits, i think he has to do something to break out. it's no surprise he is now relying on his brother and his mother in new hampshire. >> reporter: jeb's mother did campaign for him in new hampshire. it didn't help. he is hoping for better luck from his brother in south carolina. south carolina voters have put two bushes in the white house, come saturday, the primary will determine whether they will help a third bush on his way. iran is dashing hopes that a deal between the world's larges
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oil producers can stop the slide of crude. tehran saying it will not join the deal with saudi arabia and russia. saudi's oil minister saying the goal is trying to stabilize the markets. >> we don't want significant gyrations in prices. we don't want reduction in supply. we want to meet demand. and we want a stable oil price. >> reporter: venezuela and qatar already agreeing to the pact. it is a rare deal, the first between opec member and a non-opec member, russia. patty, markets initially up on news of the deal, but not so much now. >> that's right. because there is a contingency
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in this deal that you could literally pile an oil tanker through, and that is that other producers have to agree to freeze their output at january levels. and that's a non-starter. iran has already announced that their plan is to ramp up their production, to recapture the shire of the oil market that they lost during sanctions. iraq as well. iraq is broke. it is also going to be loathe to freeze their output as well. so for that reason alone when you take a look at that contend againsy, it's like come on. >> how long can saudi arabia and russia stay with this deal? >> okay. so when you take a look at the saudi and russia economies. they both have a cushion in terms of foreign reserves, and they both have foreign cash reserves to help them weather this, but the diplomatic push
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for this deal was really pushed by venezuela, because venezuela's economy is crumbling right now. it does not have a cushion to help get it through. of course russia would like to see the price of oil go up, saudi arabia as well, but in order to achieve a meaningful cut in output, you are going to have to get these countries that are on different sides in syria to start agreeing. and in syria, it's not just about the regime, who supports bashar al-assad who doesn't support, bashar al-assad, but there are also pipeline politics. there are two competing pipeline projects, one to put qatari gas up through syria, and up to europe. so energy is also very much at the heart of the conflict in syria. >> is there a winner or loser in this global flux that we're seeing in the markets. we're seeing china being turned on its head, russia, venezuela,
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suffering. the united states watching wall street fall for a couple of weeks and then bounce back and fall again. >> okay. so you are in more of a position of strength if you have foreign reserves. but saudi arabia is spending a lot of money. they need to reform their state subsidies, they are fighting a costly war in yemen. russia's economy as well is under a lot of pressure, but they have significant forge exchange reserves as well, so really it's a question of who can change the fastest, who can reform the fastest who can be the nimblest if you will. >> remember when we talked a year ago about frac-ing. thank you. president obama is in california today. al jazeera's rob reynolds has
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more. >> reporter: president obama welcomes the leaders to the golf course in the desert. it is heavy with symbolism, highlighting the obama administration pivot to asia. >> creating opportunities for all, mutual security, and the peaceful resolution of disputes. human dignity, including respect for human rights, that is our vision. >> reporter: obama wants to sure up economic and security ties and reassert influence in southeast asia, but as he met with the leaders, about a thousand people gathered nearby under a blazing desert sun to
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protest. >> you are bringing a bunch of dictators to southern california. killing their own people. >> reporter: cambodian americans denounce their leader. >> he is a dictator. he never won elections since 1993. he won election through intimidation, through vote buying, through stealing the vote. >> reporter: lay ocean americans say there is no democracy for the people of laos. >> the vietnamese have been coming in and killing next people. it's all wrong. >> reporter: human rights activists say most of the leaders are on pressive. >> it gives these leaders legitimacy. at the end of the day the u.s. commitment to human rights a lot of talk in practice. the united states government has shown itself to throw itself in with the leaders, as opposed to
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the people of asia. >> reporter: susan rice strongly disputed that. >> just because in asia as elsewhere, we are obliged to deal with governments, does not mean we are legitimizing them. >> reporter: the number one focus here is on economic ties, trade between the united states and these nations is worth a quarter of a trillion dollars. rob reynolds, al jazeera, california. former u.n. secretary general boutros boutros-ghali has died. he helped negotiate the land mark deal with israel. the united states blocking his chances for another term after he sparred with the clinton administration over the budget at the u.n. boutros boutros-ghali was 93. four american journalists
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who were arrested in bahrain have been released. they entered the country to cover the uprising in 2011. bahrain is a u.s. ally, the navy's fifth fleet is based there. mass is underway in mexico where thousands have gathered to hear pope francis speak. it has been an area ravaged by drug violent in recent years. family members separated by a border will come together on both sides to receive the pope's blessings. up next, u.s. travelers now one step closer to hopping on a flight to go to havana. and in hawaii a state of emergency over mosquitos. the government's plan to prevent zika.
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diplomatic efforts are underway in syria. the u.n. special envoy to syria making a surprise trip to damascus to meet with the foreign minister there. the envoy's visit coming in the wake of deadly attacks on several hospitals and schools in the country. the death toll on a strike on a doctor's without borders hospital now at 11. russia denying accusations that it was behind the attack. dozens more dies this in more strikes on tuesday as well. the train dispatcher gave
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two trains the wrong signal causing them to collide in germany. 11 died dozens more were injured. the 39-year-old will likely be charged with involuntary manslaughter and face up to five years in jail. flights to cuba now one step close reality. the deal restoring scheduled service between the two countries. rosiland jordan is live for us in washington with the latest. rosiland how quickly can he see these flights between the u.s. and cuba start? >> reporter: well, u.s. officials are estimating that it could take several months, perhaps not before september that we would actually see u.s. air carriers flying in and out of havana and out of nine other smaller airports on the cuban island. this is really coming down to
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bureaucracy. the airlines have 15 days to put in their operations to carry out these flights. and they have to comply with cuban aviation rules as well. it really comes down to how quickly the bureaucracies can get all of the paperwork processed and get all of the dealed approved and signed for, and of course, the airlines would have to work out payment agreements with the cuban civil aviation authority for access to the airports, but they are thinking probably as early as september. >> so ros what does this mean for those of us that actually want to travel to cuba. >> well, if you were planning a vacation on the beach somewhere, don't plan it just yet. the u.s. government still restricts how u.s. citizens can visit cuba. you have to basically be qualified under one of 12 categories set up by the treasury department in order to
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not violate the terms of the u.s. embargo against cuba. basically it means you need to be involved in something called a people-to-people contact, whether it's volunteering at a hospital or in a school or working with artists or working with construction crews. you have to be actually doing something with cuban citizens while you are on the ground in cuba. of course you do have time to do a little shopping and to eat, but you can't just go, just to be a tourist. so your best bet is to find some sort of travel plan that would allow you to be engaged directly with cuban citizens, and then you can start to make your travel plans. there are travel groups that are already doing this, but once commercial airline service begins, you are going to have to show the u.s. government that you are actually doing something and not just going on a straight
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vacation. >> rosiland jordan thank you very much. hawaii is now the latest state to make emergency measures trying to stop the motte quito that causes the zika virus. >> reporter: hawaii's governor calls it a state of emergency to deal with mosquitos carrying dengue fever and possibly the zika virus. >> it has a lot of dwellings in withstanding water, which the mosquito uses to breed is very prevalent. >> reporter: more than 250 cases of dengue fever have been detected in hawaii over the last several months. most are residents two dozen are visitors, and 46 children under 18. >> dengue fever is a much more dangerous disease than zika. it kills thousands of people every year. it is a disease that is spread
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by the same mosquito, it causes fever, muscle aches and pain, rash, and severe forms that can include going into shock and having hemorrhages. >> reporter: the mosquito can also carry the zika virus. the more than 50 cases of zika identified in the u.s. so far have been acquired by travel, but it has been contracted locally in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> it would not be surprising at all if just like dengue, we do see isolated clusters of locally transmitted zika. >> reporter: in hawaii officials say the state is still safe to visit and the number of dengue cases is on the decline. that winter weather advisory for parts of the northeast set to expire in about an hour from
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now. temperatures rising, creating nasty travel conditions out there. that triggered some damaging tornados as well across the gulf coast. >> reporter: a powerful 1200 mile long winter storm stretching from the south to the northeast will head offshore today. right on the heels of the storm that brought record cold over the within, it brought enough snow and wind to cause virginia and north carolina to declare states of emergency. some parts of virginia not nearly a foot of snow and the traffic problems that go with it. >> i hit the inside rail of the bridge and spun around. the posted speed limit is 60. i was doing 55. >> the loaded iced over. >> reporter: and this massive
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pileup in indiana. the storm also brought tornados across four gulf states, twisters in mississippi, and the florida panhandle destroyed a dozen homes and damaged a high school full of students. in louisiana, the winds ripped apart businesses. >> i seen it like coming at me. it was scary. >> reporter: and now comes a major warmup, that could mean flooding as the snow and ice melt. that planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs is back over after the deadly attack in november when a gunmen stormed the center killing three people and injuring nine others. the clinic will offer all of its services, including abortions. when we come back, honoring the best in music. some big names picking up grammy awards, but it was a racially charged performance that grabbed
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the headlines.
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al jazeera america. ♪ >> adele saying it was not her
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best performance at the grammys. she blamed it on her microphone falling into the piano. ♪ >> taylor swift won album of the year for 1989. the first woman to win the grammy's top prize twice. but rapper kendrick lamar stole the show. he delivered a racially charged performance that literally set the stage on fire. ♪ >> it ended with the debut of a searing new verse about modern slavery in memory of trayvon martin. ♪ >> hip hop fuelled hamilton won best musical theater album. the show's cast performed one of
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their opening numbers via satellite from broadway. bruno mars and [ inaudible ] took record of the year for their song, uptown funk. megan trainer got emotional. and ed shearenperformed. lay di gaga made up her face in homage to david bowie. the eagles and jackson brown remembered singer and song writer, glenn frey. and steven wonder took the place in honor of earth wind and fire nch an artist in afghanistan making war tanks her canvas.
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she is a 28-year-old iranian. and worked for months to get permission to paint the tanks. >> i just wanted to make some questions in people's mind that what is going on around themselves. the environment doesn't have that much color, and i wanted to use very bright colors. >> reporter: he said she would like to stay in afghanistan to paint more tanks and murals. kids can now find out what it is like to drive a tesla. it is launching the mini electric model s. they are joining forces with radio flier, the little tesla, battery powered and have working headlights and a sound system. it is $499, and scheduled to ship in may. sign me up. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters in new york. the news continues next live from london, and check us out 24
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hours a day on our website, ♪ the u.n.'s syria envoy pushes the government to allow desperately needed aid into besieged areas. ♪ hello there i'm barbara sarah, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program. the humanitarian situation in conflict-torn yemen also under the spotlight. as the band caught up in the theater attack in paris, prepared to play again, french politicians debate whether to extend the state of emergency. ♪ plus, c


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