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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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mark, on another wise bleak landscape. and you can find out more about that report and everything else that we have been covering here on al jazeera on our website. the address on your screen right now. >> lawsuits speeches on race and brotherly love. just another day on the campaign trail for presidential hopefuls. several members of opec take steps to stabilize falling oil prices. u.s. officials sign a deal that would allow commercial flights to cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. and hawaii takes steps to protect against the mosquitoes carrying dengue fever and possibly zeke ca.
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>> this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. the presidential candidates are on the campaign trail today. bernie sanders is in south carolina. sanders had breakfast with leaders this morning. he then held a town hall at the university of south carolina. his day ends with a rally tonight in atlanta. hillary clinton is in new york. she met with the presidents of the urban league, and ncaap as well as the reverend al sharp topp. this afternoon she plans to deliver a speech on racism in harlem. clinton has also been very busy on twitter talking about a new successor to the late supreme court justice anthony scalia. last night she sent out 11 tweets. her he is sag is to do their job, reminding them there are
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339 days until the next president takes off. and the senate is never taken more than 125 days to vote on a nominee. donald trump still leads most republican polls in south carolina. on monday he once again said he will sue ted cruz over whether he is eligible to be president. that's if cruz doesn't take down his anti-trump attack ads. marco rubio is also accusing cruz of false attacks over same-sex marriage, campaign tax ticks and more. putin and many enemies of this country are liars. >> they need strong support from conservatives in the state on saturday.
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the event held here in south carolina may prove have been a turning point. >> former president george w bush jokes that he has stayed out of sight to work on a tree farm to practice his speech. turns out it was good practice. not for himself, but for his brother jeb. campaigning in columbia, and at an enthusiastic rally. >> thank you for your hard work, thank you for what you are going to do which is to vote for him on saturday here in the great state of south carolina. >> polls suggest many south carolina republicans are turning their backs on jeb, for donald trump. which launched withering criticism of both we do not need someone in the oval office who mirrors and inflames our anger and
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frustration. we need someone that can fix the problems. that cause their anger and frustration. and that's jeb bush. >> i always said in fact i would tell him, why don't you use the name bush. use the name bush. >> donald trump, still leading the polls was always out campaigning, repeating his costic criticism of jeb bush, who insists his brother kept america safe, before and after 9/11. >> the world trade center came down during the reign of george bush. came down. so during the ronald ragan if you remember the library debate, he mentions about how we were safe. >> . >> while he was building a
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reality t.v. show, i am sure it was a fantastic one, i have never seen it. i am sure it was great, george bush brought together a team to build the security apparatus that to this day is one of the reasons why we haven't been attacks. >> a year ago, jeb bush made a speech in chicago. attempting to separate himself from his brother. >> but i am my own man. >> some analysts say jeb bush has not been able to gain voters on his own. i think it is clear that they are on the political side, i think he has to do is something to break out, so it is not a surprise that he is relying on his brother to drum up support. >> barbara brush did campaign for him, it didn't help. he hoping for better help in south carolina. they have put two bushes in the white house, the republican primary will determine if they will help a
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third bush on his way. >> randall pinkston, al jazeera, south carolina. >> a black drape is holding over justice supreme court chair in the bench in front of it. the courtroom doors have also been draped in black, he was found dead on saturday in a ranch in west texas. >> iran is dashing hopes of a deal between the world's biggest oil producer saying that they cannot stop prices of crude oil from sliding. teheran coming out today, saying it won't join a deal this morning. but only if other top producers do as well. besides oil minister saying the goal is to keep the market stable. >> we don't want guy races in prices. we don't want production and supply.
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we want to meet demand, and we want a stable oil price. >> they have already agreed to the pack, this is a rare deal. the first between opec members and a nonopec one. russia in 15 years. the correspondent first the markets were ya, they were up on this, really excited then it went down, now they are climbing back up, what is going on? >> so they looked at the con tin junky, which is basically that other oil producers would have to agree to freeze their output, and frankly that's a con tunji that you could put a sanker tanker through that side ways. >> it is a big constituency, because iran has already announced it's intention to gear up the oil production. basically iran wants to recapture the market share they lost. and now the seances are lifted they are going to be pumping oil. iraq is also very loathe to freeze it's production, because it wants to boost
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production. iraq desperately needs that. so that allob is one reason why you saw oil prices then give up. the other is because they are just talking about a freeze. a freeze. how likely is it that they will stick to this deal. >> saudi arabia are in different sides in the war in syria. so you have competing agendas right there. there's a lot of disinstruction that goes on there. and really what we have been seeing you have take a look at the big question, is why are they maiming this announcement now. and really all oil producing nations are hurting because of these very very low prices but some are hurting more than others. this was largely led by venezuela, venezuela does not
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have a huge accusation to weather these prices. their economy is a deep crisis. so they need to see the price of oil go up. but saudi arabia has $650 billion to get through these oil prices. and rush are sha as well, has sizable reserves. so both of them have a accusation. but real cushion. they both have to diversity, and they haven't done a very good job of diversitying their economy. >> a lot of soul searching needs to go on. what. >> u.s. shale oil producers would love to see prices go up, because their production costs are higher than saudi arabias and russia's. they's why these low oil prices have being putting pressure on oil producers. we saw a lot go bankrupt this year, and this year many as a third can go bankrupt.
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but we need to underscore, that the u.s. is not as heavily depend on it's oil industry as saudi arabia, or russia. russia gets over half of the budget revenues from oil production, saudi arabia 90%, venezuela also deeply depend. so these countries that have announced this deal, what they want to do is put a floor under prices, many the long run, they have to diversity their economies. >> certainly telling them that for sure. president obama is in california today for the second and time day of the summit. the meeting are priefing to be more symbolic than anything else. rob reynold has more. president obama welcomed the ten government leaders to the deluxe sunny lands golf resort in the california dessert. the white house portrays it as a re, laked get tot, yet it is heavy with symbolism.
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highlighting the obama administration so call pivot to asia. >> economic growth that sin collusive, creating opportunities for all. mutual security. and the peaceful resolution of disputes. human dignity, including respect for human
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>> the laos government is. corrupt, and the vietnamese have been coming in, killing innocent people. it is all wrong human right activists say most of them are anti-democratic and. >> it gives them legitimacy, the u.s. commitment is a lot of talk in practice when it comes down to it. the united states government has shown itself to uh there itself in with the leaders as opposed to the people of asia. >> national security advisor sauce soon rice strongly disputed that just because we are blamed to deal with
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disagreements does not mean that we are legit maizing them. >> the number one focus here is on economic ties. trade between the united states and the asian neighbors is worth a quarter of a trillion dollars. rob reynolds al jazeera, california. >> the united states blocked his chances for another term after he sparred with the clinton administration of the e.n.'s budget. galley was 93. four american journalists have been released. the journalists entered the country last week on tourist visas to cover the 5th anniversary of the uprising. the government said the journalists didn't have proper visas and also accused them of taking part in a riot they were covering and
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providing false information to the police. ba ran is the u.s. ally. pope francis just wrapped up a mass in mexico. where thousands gathered to hear him speak. the area has been ravaged by drug violence for years. on wednesday, pope francis will visit the border between el paso, and swarez. it was recently dubbed the murder capitol of the world. family members will come together on both sides to receive the pope's blessing. up next, u.s. travelers are one step closer to hopping on a flight to havana, and in hawaii, a state of emergency over mosquitoes the governors plan to prevent zika.
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>> our american story is written everyday.
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it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. human error was to blame for last week's deadly train crash. causing them to collide into each other. 11 people died, dozens more were injured. officials say the 39-year-old will be charged with involuntary manslaughter and could face up to five years in prison. commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba are one step closer to reality. officials signed an aviation packet. the deal restores scheduled service between the two countries. they will offer up to 110 flights per day most of them to lav vanna. live in washington, d.c., with the latest, so roz, how
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quickly might these flights get going? >> well, depending on how all of the bureaucratic paperwork gets done, u.s. officials are anticipating that the flights could stater as early as this fall. perhaps soon after labor day. again, it is about the details that have to be worked out both here in washington through a number of federal agencies including the department of homeland security. the transportation department, and the fresh surery department, as well as with cuba's civil aviation authority they signed the deal, they now have 15 business days to get in their applications and the department of transportation says that it is going to try to approve the u.s. airline travel arrangement to and from the island as quickly as possible. >> so what is this saying for americans? >> well, it doesn't mean that
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you are going to be able to just go ahead book some space at an abb or at a hotel and go on vacation for a week. what this does mean, is that if you want to go to cuba, to take part either doing official -- or sanctioned business work, or engang in a people to people exchange, working with cuban citizens directly on any number of projects. you aren't going to have to arrange a special charter. you will be able to book a commercial flight, whether it's on united or delta, or american, or any of the u.s. based carriers that get approval to fly into havana, or one of nine other cities and that should make it easier for them to visit the island. again, there's still that restriction on tourism. you have to go for an officially sanctioned purpose, and the treasury department has 12 categories under which u.s. citizens are allows to visit.
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>> will cuban airline get the same access to u.s. airports? >> well, they haven't worked out the agreement yet. for cuban aligners to come to the united states, but already the department of homeland security today has remove add key restriction that would be coming from cuba to the united states. and so that is being perceived as a way of trying to make it easier for the cuban airline industry to start flying people from the island to the united states. but that deal has not been worked out, but it is coming. >> all right, ross, thank you. hawaii has become the latest state to take emergency measures to try to stop al jazeera reports hawaii's governor calls it a measure.
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>> why is a perfect place, because it has the vector mosquito present. it has a lot of travelers that come from all over the world, including places where dengue is very prevalent. it also has a lot of dwellings where mosquitoes using to breed is very prevalent. >> more than 250 cases have been detected in hawaii, over the last several months. most of them are hawaii residents. two dozen are visitors and 46 children under 18. >> in many many ways dengue fiveser much more dangerous. dengue fever kills thousands of people every year. it is a disease that is spread by the same mosquito, it causes fever, muscle aches and pains, rash, and it also has severe forms that can include going into shock and having hemorrhaging. >> the mosquito that carries dengue can also carry the zika virus. the more than 50 cases identified in the continental
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u.s. so far have been acquired by travel, but it has been contracted locally in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. >> it would not be surprising at all if just like chicken, and just like dengue, we do see isolated clusters of locally transmitted zika. >> but they are trying to break the cycle of transmission. al jazeera. >> new worries today over a popular type of heart burn drug. how it could be raising your risk of glen sha. german researchers found people 75 years and older who used proton much inhibitors has a 44% increase risk of dementia. the group of drugs popular brands like pry lo sek. the study only found an
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section, not a cause and effect. prove as bit more uplifting. it says exercise can keep the brain bigger later in life. researchers found less active people in their 40's have smaller pain volumes than people who work out. they say the finders can be connected to heart health and blood pressure. a planned parenthood clinic is back open, nearly three months after a deadly siege. the deadly opened it's doors for the first time since november, that's when a gunman stormed the facility killing three people and injured nine others. while parts of the building remain closed the lynn lick be offering all of the services including abortions. honoring the best in music, some big names. but those are racially charged performance that grab the headlines.
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wasn't her greatestthat performance. she blames an audio issues. the performance isn't the only one honoring attention. a racially charged performance and a grammy first topped the highlights. >> taylor swift made programmy history winning album of the year, that makes her the first woman to win
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the top prize twice. >> but rapper kendrick lamar stole the show. and deliver add racially charged performance that literally set the stage on fire. it ended with a debut of a zeroing new verse about modern slavery in memory of trayvon martin. ♪ hip-hop fueled hamilton won best musical theater album an award not usually presented during the main show, but the cast performed one of their opening numbers scree yeah satellite from broad way. bruno mars and mark robison took record of the year for their song uptown funk. may again trainer got emotional after being named best artist. there were also moments of sadness for three musical greats.
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♪ this is frowned control to major tom ♪. >> the eagles and jackson brown remembered singer and songwriter lynn fry. >> and stevie wonder took the stage in honor of earth wind and fire, the band won a special lifetime achievement aword during the show. >> there's our dell walters there with a pretty interesting night. an artist in afghanistan has made war tanks for canvas. these are now getting flowery makeovers. they are the creation of the artist neta. she works for months to get permission from the afghan army to paint these tanks. she says her work is not political nor antiwar. >> i just wanted to make some questions in people's minds what is going on around them, and the environment, doesn't have that much color.
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i just wanted to very bright colors. >> very very talented. she says she would like to stay in afghanistan to paint more tanks and continue butte fying the otherwise bleak landscape. kids now experience what it is like to drive a tesla if parents have a lot of money. it is now launching the minielectric model. that's the company known for making little red wagons. this little tesla is battery powered it and will have working head lights is and a sound system. look at that, and a trunk. the model s is $499. and is scheduled to ship in may. look at the road kids look at the road. thank you for joining us. the news continues live next from london keep it here throughout the day on al jazeera america, and thank you very much for your time.
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this is al jazeera. >> this is the news hour hive from hon done. coming much the next 60 minutes. the syrian government approves access to seven besieged areas for eight conveys after talks of the u.n. envoy. uganda main opposition leader says the elections won't be free or fair. the ban prepares to play in paris again. as french politician debate whether to extend the state of emergency.


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