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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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war in yemen.le toll of the the humanitarian chief says it must step up aid to the country. >> crime prevention are pro government militia, the
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controversy volunteer force in uganda. the secretary general dies age 93. the paris attacks returns to the french capitol. hello there, and a warm welcome to the program. the syrian government has approved aid access to seven besieges areas. the u.n. says those convoys will be able to leave in the next few days. the government obligation to allow aid to all syrians. dana reports. >> the battle for aleppo, enters it's third week. there is no sign that a u.s. russian deal to cause the
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fighting will happen. but there is a sign of hope of the hundreds of thousands living in the areas across the country. >> what our understanding is that the government has approved access to seven areas and those include -- idlib, and madaya. human aaron agencies to depart as soon as possible in the coming days. and as the special envoy pointed out the he said in talking -- in his remarks to the president that the test will be tomorrow. the discussions with officials was not just about securing unhindered delivery of aid. the u.n. is also trying to stop the fighting as agreed in munich last week. but there seems to be little appetite. the syrian government appears to feel empowered by it's battlefield gains and has
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ruled out any cease fire until it's opponented lay down their arms. >> syrian president said local reconciliation agreements are the solution to the syrian conflict. the p osix says those deals are the government's way of making peace on it'ses terms from a position of strength. civilians and rebels have had to surrender in some corners after long and painful sieges of opposition held areas. >> and the opposition is now facing another enemy, an alliance of arab fighters. the armed group the syrian democratic forces are now in control of two main rebel strong holds in the northern corridor close to the border. they were among the first towns to rise up against the government. but the opposition says losses in aleppo are not the end of their fight. >> we are undefeated.
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yes, they might have some advances but why they took this advances it happened just because the russian air force is working as an air force. >> the rebels are still holding ground on some front lines but the government is only intensifying it's military campaign, and pushing ahead with a military solution to the conflict. al jazeera, southern turkey. >> russia says it rejects war crimes accusations over the bombing of hospitals many syria. the u.n. says at least 50 civilians were killed on monday when five medical facilities and two schools were hit by air vehicles many syria's aleppo and idlib provinces. one was a children's hospital, and the u.n. says the attack violate international law. some from doctors without borders say how their operations have been effected on a medical facility that they support. >> when you destroy a
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hospital, it isn't just the surgery and the war injuries. another hospital in the same area was hit, and at least one area in the district which is around 100-kilometers to the north was also hit. so we are seeing a number of attacks on medical facilities which is horrific for the local population who have been living in the war zone for a number of years. people are moving around all the time, so it is difficult for them to reach treatment. as i said there was not a hospital many the area, but that was attacked yesterday, so several kilometers to the nearest facility, and we aren't sure what services they are offering there. so it is extremely difficult to access medical care. simply where we do have a hospital that we run directly in the north, 12 days ago there were nine function thing hospitals today there are only three. this is something that is consistly happening across waves of syria, and incredibly difficult for people on the ground. >> air strikes in and around
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the city of aleppo have forced thousands into a camp for internally displaced people. just inside the border with turkey. al jazeera has traveled to the site and found people living in freezes conditions. the united nations has given a bleak assessment of the humanitarian situation in yemen. it's humanitarian affairs chief is urging the security council to take action as millions of yemen suffer with malnutrition, to a medical services and death. o'brian says more than 21 million are in need of some fort of aid. are facing food insecurity, and warned that the besieged city is facing famine. at the u.n. headquarters in new york, what has the council been hearing? >> as suggested it was a grim litany of statistics from the
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humanitarian affairs. beginning with 35,000 dead or injured since just last mar. of that number some 3,000 are dead civilians of that number, some 700 are dead children. and so his list went on. >> the conflict is exacting a terrible humanitarian toll. some 2.7 million people have had to three their homes. at least 7.6 million people are severely food insecure. some 2 million acutelial nourished children and pregnant or lactating women need urgent treatment. chronic drug shortages unpaid salaries, and conflict retted destruction means that around 14 million yemen do not have sufficient access to healthcare services. since march last year, nearly 600 health facilities closed
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due to damage shortages of critical supplies, or lack of health workers. >> now the restriction of humanitarian access was pinpointed as the key issue facing the u.m. and other agencies. both of the houthiss and saudis are guilty of that, however, o'brien did acknowledge that some aid had got through, which as you mentioned a moment ago, which has been on the brisker of famine. after long torturous discussions they need to be predictable times in which aid agencies can go in and supply the local communities. the saudis they said were guilty of restricting humanitarian access, and restricting cargo in a port on at least one occasion. he also said something interesting too, he said that aid would continue to be delivered on the basis of need. now that is thought to be a reference to a letter that was circulated by the saudis in the last few days. telling the u.m. and other aid agencies to remove their
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staff from controlled areas. the humanitarian chief reminding the saudis of their responsibilities under humanitarian law. one other development here in new york, the u.s. secretary general speaking a short time ago, he repeated thing is tear general's dismay at the use of cluster bombs. now that is apparently a reaction to a human rights watch report which said that saudi arabia was using u.s. made bombs in of which were failing to debt mate sufficiently. but under u.s. law as well. >> joining me there live from the u.n. thank you. >> now the israeli supreme court has rejected a palestinian hunger strike as request to be transferred to a palestinian hospital. journalists has been on hunger vehicle for more than two months now.
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he was detained in israel without trial or charge. our lawyers say he would end his hunger vehicle if he was moved to a palestinian medical facility. >> . >> uganda main opposition leader has warned that thursday's elections won't be free and fair. assures supporters he will still win. he is mounting his fourth charge against the president who has been in power for 30 years. malcolm web reports now over increasing fears that the government is using intimidation tactics. >> one of thousands of unemployed who joined the police volunteer force called the crime preventers many the run up to elections. the government says it is part of a policing program. the political opposition says
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in reality it is a ruling of the party. here at her home, sara, her real identity hidden says she supported the opposition. she says when he joined she received training and was issued with a uniformed t shirt she had to keep quiet about it. >> police say the unpaid reutes are taught patriotism and marshal arts and that they are neutral. part of the ruling party plan to keep itself in power by force if it has to. the president is seeking to approve the rule.
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and then they just warn -- they don't want the strength, they want weakness. >> this is a source of strength for the country. >> something it denies. >> the real question of
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harassment, and intimidation, seems to be practiced perpetuated mainly by the security agencies. normally against the real opposition, and that's something we really must fight. >> they expected to win, the opposition says the ruling party will cheat if it has to. and while many year are agitating for change, others just hope the election will pass without more violence. malcolm web al jazeera, uganda. >> still to come here on al jazeera. the flight deal that would allow american airlines to flight to cuba for the first time in 50 years. plus. europe launches an earth observation satellite to help monitor sea ice. the solution and wild fires.
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>> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target. welcome back. a reminder of of tour stories. the syrian government has approved aid access to seven besieges areas. many damascus. the u.n. humanitarian affairs chief has given a bleak assessment on the situation in yemen. uganda's main opposition leader has warned that elections won't be pro and fair. mow the former u.m. secretary general has died. the egyptian who led the u.n. from 1992 to 1996, was 93 years old. he was the fist secretary
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general from africa and organized the massive relief operation in somalia, but he was criticized for the lack of action during conflicts in rwanda and in angola. the current u.m. chief has paid tribute. >> . >> i am deeply saddened to learn of the death of my predecessor. the late secretary general was a respected statesman, many the service of his country egypt. he was a well known scholar or international law. and brought formidable experience and intellectual power to the task of piloting the united nations, through one of the most tumultuous and challenging periods. the national assembly is debating whether to extend the state of emergency law by another three months.
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now, it is set to expire by the evens of next week, but it is facing resistent to some that question whether it is necessary. it comes as the band whose concert was stormed by gunman during the paris attacks stage another show in the center of the french capitol. the eagles of debt metal are performing in front of hundreds of survivors of the attacks. live now from outside the venue where that concert is taking place. i imagine this is a very emotional return for the band, and we saw hugely emotional interview given by i think the lead singer of the ban earlier today. >> it is a moment perhaps of courage and defiant, here in the center of paris tonight. a tribute concert to those 90 people who were killed when
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the gunman burst in. and the same band now playing and the leader of that band, of course, like many of the people here, recalling the awful events of that night, and it has really effected his emotionally, he has given an interview recounting his emotions and feelings about that night. to frenching television, let's hear what he had to say. >> . you want to bring it up i will ask you. did your french gun control stop a single [bleep] person from dying? and if anyone can answer yes i would like to hear it, because i don't think so. the on thing that stopped it was some of the bravest men i have ever seen in my life charging head theisfirst. i saw people died that maybe could have lived i don't know, but i wish i knew for sure, if they could have had a better chance, because there was some real angels real wonderful people in that
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show that aren't alive today, and i wish they were. >> of course they feel when you watch that interview, but in the background, politician are of course debating the extension of this state of emergency. >> julia that's right. the national assembly. they are still making this debate, they have been doing it nor the last three to four hours. but there is no real doubt about what was up. the state of emergency will be extended for another three months prior and overwhelming number. of those deputies. and it goes very much with the mood in the country, where the majority of the people that feel that the security is still at risk. they want to see these powers these sweeping powers given to the authorities allowing the police to make house
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searches and house arrests this will continue without any doubt, but there are many people in human rights organizations, who are questioning the extension of those emergency powers, questioning whether they really need to be extended in this way, because they say they are undermining essential freedoms in this country. and security should not be bought at the price f othose freedoms. and that many also are pointing out the fact that perhaps they are being used in a discriminatory fashion against the muslim population here which is of course the largest in you. so these are all the issues still underneath the debate going on. many the french parliament, and we have to wait and see what the position is, but it looks like it will etend the powers. thank you. >> now german prosecutors have named human error for
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last week's train crash. the criminal investigation is focusing on a 39-year-old train dispatcher who suspected of negligence homicide and of interfering with rail traffic. 11 people died when two commuter trains slammed into each other, and a single lane track nearby, 60-kilometers southeast of munich. >> energy giants saudi arabia and russia have agreed not to increase the amount of oil that they are pumping as producers gap with the flooded global market. the ministers met in doha where they made the announcement with their counter parts and venezuela. they say they will freeze production, but only if other major producers follow suit. iran had pledged to increase output. now the u.s. and cuba have signed an agreement allowing american airlinessers to flight to cuba for the first
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time many 60 years. it is the latest moving in the relations between the two countries. can the nation cope with the big new influx of tour rights watches. went to rav van ma to find out. >> like most cubans richard can't afford to travel, but he says he spill seeing the world. with each tourists he meets. >> he gives horse drawn carriage rides oen the streets of old havana, with the expected wave of americans and more foreign investment arrives, he says this cuba in a time capsule won't wash away. >> there is nobody like the cubans, not a mcdonalds or kentucky fried chicken will change us. that's a lie tour similar one of the primary sources of income, when president obama
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announced the normization of cuba, it was like opening a flood gate last year the number of visitors rose from three to 3.5 million cuba is struggling to keep pace with the demand, airport hotels and the infrastructure are many depurate need of renovation and expansion there aren't enough hotel rooms to the rates keep rising. >> it is a shame. frankly speaking we suffer. some years, we struggle. for so many years, because you do not change that reality. >> they are moving in this kind of -- >> jesus is capitalizing on the moment for almost 20 years they have rented rooms in their homes to tourists, he is hoping the government will loon erestrictions and allow people to own more than one house. >> i think it is the best moment until we open, one of the things we have a lot of recognition now, a lot of
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freedom of operation. >> the people we spoke with say they are confident that the government will devise a strategy to develop a country without overshadowing what makes it distinctive. >> hello, excuse me, sir. >> whether it is next year, or the next ten years, he says tour rights watches are guaranteed to experience the cuban spirit. al jazeera havana cuba. >> the pope is continuing his tour of mexico, holding a mass one of the most drug ridden areas in the country. throughout his trip, pope francis has warned both religious and secular leaders to crack down on corruption and crime. on tuesdays he called on priests motto give up, he likened to the drug trade as a cancer that eats at society. >> some inmates in a mexican
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prison, where riots claimed 49 lives were living a rather luxurious life. for the first time since the riot have found cells decked out with big beds televisions, saunas and even an aquarium. in mexico city has the story. >> authorities have been clearing out tons of luxury items that was the scene of a deadly prison riot. 49 people were killed during the bloody battle between rival factions of the cartel and clearly there are a lot of luxury items at stake, because they have been removing televisions, aquariums, beds are larger. they also found many many statues of this folk saint that many in the drug trade in mexico, worship and many also the millions of downtrodden people worship as well. all of these luxury items literally tons shows just how
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endemic corruption was the director of the prison has been arrested on murder charges as a result of that riot, and it is a sign of how corrupt prisons are across mexico. chapo guzman was able to pay people to p build a tun net out of his prison. the producer zimbabwe many the city, will be one of the final places he visited as he wrapped up his trip to mexico on wednesday. >> you crane's prime minister it comes just hours the president had asked him to resign because of a loss in public support. he has been in office since february 2014 revolutioner, he was credited with helping negotiate the western package that bolsters the government during the war with russia and eastern ukraine.
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the european space agency has launch add new lithe into orbit. now the three a slight and able to predict weather such as el nino and traffic the progress of global warming. it will orbit above earth, and collect data on the temperature and size of the world's oceans. our technology editor has the details. >> it has taken eight years to develop. the european space agency sentinel 3a. is one of the most advanced satellites ever made. orbits 814-kilometers above the planet, it can measure the height of the sea surface, and also detect the thickness of sea ice. >> which is able to measure the sea surface, accurate to
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two degrees celsius, which is quite something. you try to measure that to that kind of accuracy. >> it passes over every part of the globe. it will be freely available for anyone to use almost immediately, this means it will help to monitor changes in pollution, and events it can also be used to track fires the movement of ships and even the mass migration of people across borders. >> it will help us to monitor all over the world, different bio gee chemical parameters in the ocean, which are able to support fishing industries we will also be -- water resources and also the sea surface temperature, which will pead into our weather forecasts. >> described as eyes in the sky, it is the third of seven planned observation and security satellites. it is hoped the data will help us better understand the
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challenges and threats of our changing planet. >> you can find out much more on our website, you can see our top story there, you can find it at >> the science of fighting a wild fire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity but we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight "techknow" investigates climate change. >> i can really feel it vibrating now. >> it's science versus politics. >> do you know what this is? it's a snowball. >> froa


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