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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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>> help is on the way. aid convoys get the green light to head into seven besieged areas in syria hello, welcome. i'm peter dobie in doha apple has been ordered to help the fbi in the shooting in san bernardino, in which four were murdered. >> former president sarcozy is under pressure. and trying to but breaks on road
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rage, china is educating motor its. aid con voice entering several areas in syria. the u.n. special envoy says the government has an obligation to allow aid into the country. >> the battle for aleppo enters its third week. there is no sign that a u.s.-russian deal to pause the fighting will happen, there's a sign of hope for hundreds of thousands of syrians living in besieged areas across the country. >> what our understanding is the government of syria approved access to several areas.
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>> humanitarian agencies and partners are preparing convoys for these areas to depart as soon as it could. the special envoy was not just about ensuring unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid as agreed in munich last week. there seems to be little appetite. the syrian government appears to be empowered by games. syrian president bashar al-assad said local reconciliation agreements are the solution to the syrian conflict. the opposition says those deals are the government's way of making peace on its terms from a position of strength. civilians and rebels have had to surrender in some corners of syria, after a long and painful
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sieges of opposition-held areas. >> the opposition is facing another enemy. an alliance of kurdish and arab fighters. the kurdish armed group, the y.p.g., syrian democratic forces are in control of two main rebel strongholds in the northern corridor close to the turkish border. these two towns were among the first to rise up against the government. losses in aleppo are not the end of their fight. >> we are not defeated. >> yes, they may have some advances. that's why they took the advances. just because the russian air forces are the same. >> rebels are holding ground on front lines in aleppo, but the government is intensifying military campaigns, and pushing ahead with a military solution to the conflict. >> russia says it could
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categorically reject accusations it bombed hospitals in northern syria. 50 civilians died on monday in air strikes on five hospitals and two schools in the provinces i of aleppo and idlib. the bombings amounted to war crimes. the attacks violate international law. >> in response to the accusations against russia, the syrian ambassador to the u.n. defended its ally. >> we have credible information that the so-called alliance led by - u.s.-led alliance struck the hospital in the northern part of syria, but, of course, as usual, the easiest way for them is to trigger a campaign, hostile campaign against the syrian government, within the media, to accuse and defame the syrian government, or allies, the russians, of doing so and
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being behind such criminal act against a hospital the u.s. president obama says the ongoing campaign does not come from a position of strength. >> the fact that vladimir putin had to send his troops and aircraft and his - and invest this massive military operation was not a testament to great strength. it was a testament to the weakness of bashar al-assad's position. if someone is strong, you don't have to send in an army to prop up the ally some breaking news for you coming to us. >> saying china deployed missiles on a disputed island on the south china sea. beijing placed surface to air
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missiles on wrigley field. >> china has been controversially carrying out land reclam eights in that region. more as soon as we can it's been called for the china sea to become a demilitarized zone. there were few formalities at president obama's meeting with asian world. the second home for diplomacy was meant to stimulate conversation which in the end brought about a joint declaration on a range of topics. i reiterated that the united states will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows.
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we will support the right of all countries to do the same. >> reporter: previously asian had difficuvvy. four countries had been embroiled. china wields an influence over the region, economically and militarily. few of the states had not wanted to go against their neighbour. asian is nearly 50 years old. the loose grouping of 10 culturally and social countries had been seen as toothless. the u.s. giving this much attention sending a message to the states that they must work to face shared changes. >> there are more than 600 million people living in asian. despite differences, they've been integrated into an economic community. the potential of the sway as a
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block is central to the united states so-called rebalance to asia-pacific. >> asian's role in the asia-pacific is in the united states interest. >> bringing the world heres is seen by many to bring them though a region over which china's hold is increasing. >> the u.n.'s humanitarian affairs chief is urging the security council to take action, as millions suffer malnutrition. 21 million are in form of aid, 8 million are facing food and security, and added. >> 2.7 million did their home:
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2 million malnourished children or women need treatment. 14 million yemenis do not have sufficient access to health care services. since march last year, nearly 600 health facilities closed due to damage, shortages of critical supplies or lack of health workers. apple has been ordered by a u.s. judge to unlock a phone belonging to one of the people behind the san bernardino shootings last year. the fbi is integritying links between syed farook and i.s.i.l. it is trying to gain access to data from syed farook's iphone.
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syed farook shot and killed 14 people, along with his wife. a tech journalist and co-director of >> the problem is that the iphone had built into it a system where you had ten incorrect attempts to type in the password or code, it will erase the data. the fbi had no idea what the pass code is. what they want to do is an attack. entering passwords over and over until they get it write. obviously it's unlikely to get it right. >> we don't know if the software exists, maybe you have to create software to keep attempting ultimate, as many times as they needed to, until they cracked in. if the software did exist and work, it's no guarantee that they'd be able to crack the code.
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there are millions of possibilities. unless they use a supercomputer. i'm not sure how they would do it. it's all a long shot. it circum vents the issue of encryption. apple can't break the encryption. all you can do is hack into the phone. >> it's unprecedented. a procedure where a patient's cells are used to target and eradicate cancer, it's been tried with terminally ill patients. t-cells were removed from patients and tagged with a molecule that recognises and destroys cancer shells. cells. in one group 94% of patients saw it vanish. results are a baby step and the procedure has side effects. dr emma smith says although the treatment saw results, it is not a cure immunotherapy has not been
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far from the headlines this year and last year. we have seen big steps forward, exciting research, and these are patient that had blood cancer, leukaemia or lymphoma, and failed treatment. they didn't have options left. the clinical trial has been a life line for them. it was concentrating on white cell cancers. leukaemias and lymphomas. while they saw an impressive response rate. it doesn't equal quur. >> it follows patients. unfortunately it's good at wriggling its way out of therapy, the immunotherapy is a powerful weapon. with power is caution. >> that is why with the clinical trials, we take them slowly, patient safety has to be paramount. stimulating an immune system. if it's over to it.
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it's not without dangers. for that small group, whose treatment is no longer working. this is an option for them. it's a while away from being standard treatment and thable to all patients. but this is where treatments have to start. we need research, and long term data. >> there's lots of other immunotherapies coming online. there's more to come from the field plenty more ground for you to cover including these stories... ..eagles of death metal in paris for the first time since their concert targeted by gunmen in november. plus... the pope visits a violent town in world, on the mexican border with the united states.
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welcome back. top stories from al jazeera. the syrian government says it will allow aid into seven besieged areas. the convoys will be ready to leave in the next few days. taiwan says china has deployed missiles on an island in the south china sea. beijing has surface to air on another island. apple has been ordered by a u.s. judge to unlock a phone belonging to a perpetrator of the attack in december.
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the fbi is investigating any possible links between syed farook and i.s.i.l. the former french president nicolas sarkozy has been placed under formal investigation. he was question pd by judges on -- questioned by judges on tuesday on excessive spending. >> reporter: french prosecutors say the formal investigation could be a major setback for nicolas sarkozy, his attorney says the former president is not being charged in the long-running scandal known as the mcmillan affair. >> the judge stated, after having explained it. it was the overspending in the campaign finance by the signature of the account which justified being put under investigation. >> it is alleged that the campaign spent more than 21 million on the election attempt in 2012. more than double the limit.
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>> sar cosy denied knowing anything about the invoices, and the event organising agency. >> it allegedly charged fees to the right wing party instead of billing its campaign. >> four of the sarcozy leadership team members are being voghted. several agency employees have admitted to the existence of the fraud. no one has implicated the former president. tuesday's legal notice does not mean sarkozy will be prosecuted. the former president may face a $4,000 fine before sarkozy served from 2007 to 2012. he lost his re-election bid to socialist. the 61-year-old was hoping to launch a bit to the presidency in 2017. this investigation threw sarkozy a curve ball. a court case could take months,
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and that would make it hard to win the nomination in the november primary. staying in france, the national assembly approved extending the state of emergency law by three months, deputies gave the green light by 231. the law gave police powers to put people under house arrest. it was in response to the november paris attacks that killed 130 people let's get more on the breaking story at this hour. we have reports out of east asia telling us that the chinese authorities deployed a missile system to a disputed island system in the south cha. it was -- china sea. it was top of the agenda. china is not a member of the asian. we'll go to the heart of the story. our correspondent is there covering the gathering in
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california. how significant is this? >> well, this really, if confirmed would have been the first time this has occurred. they have been seen to have constructed waters. >> including taiwan. >> they have said any instillatio instillations. if they have set up a system that could be seen a provocation by the united states, at the end of the summit between the asian world, president obama said that the gates was duty-bound to help the region remain peaceful and stable, by ensuring freedom of
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navigation, meaning they'd continue with military controls, and fly bys. to make sure that the freedom of navigation is seen in that area. it will be seen as a provocative move. not just for the states, buts all the countries in the region, relying on that air being free. >> the symbolism is obvious. is it just symbolism or something more dangerous? >> well, china said that it has no intention to rock peace and stability, as a means of shared defense for the region, to stop international threats coming in. that is the way they have portrayed the previous instances that may have been considered an escalation by the allies and the region. the symbolism is not lost, it
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was a day where the world were invited to the united states. many see it as the u.s. trying to reassert influence in a region where china has been gaining in dominance, not just militarily but financially. >> the symbolism and timing significant. it takes time to put this operation in place. will this be perceived in the region as a direct reaction to the asian ministers getting together with president obama significantly as well for the first time on u.s. soil. >> that is likely to be the case. china, for the most part said that they weren't threatened. china had a trad eejic partnership for asian. they were confident in its relationship with the individual nations in the south-east asian regions, at the same time the philippines has brought its case
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against china's seeming aggression over disputed waters. two international arbitration at the hague, and the resolution or outcome is expected some time in the latter part of the year. that is something that could tip public opinion against china, should the tribunal decide that what china has been doing is against international law. >> thank you very much. >> four u.s. journalists arrested in bahrain have been release the. they are on their way home. despite being charged officials allowed them to leave the country after the u.s. embassy was thought to have intervened. they were accused of submitting falls papers. the reporters detained while covering clashes between protesters and government forces on sunday. the israeli supreme court rejected a hunger striker's request to be transferred to a palestinian hospital. the journalist was detained in
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israel without charge or trial. >> he has been refusing food for two month. his lawyers said he would end his hunger strike if moved to a palestinian hospital the former u.n. secretary-general ghali died. one minute's silence was held at the u.n. in new york pope francis will complete a trip to mexico with a visit to suarez on the northern border of the united states. the city has been synonymous with the drug war. adam raney reports this is how this father tries to lift the spirits of kids in a poor neighbourhood. daily workouts keep them off the streets. while the streets are somewhat safer than a few years ago, they offer few opportunities. >> translation: these places are
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full of young people, people that don't go to school, have a job or work in the border factories. >> we have a lot of work do. the church, me included, or the government is doing enough for them. >> there's much to be done. for the police, the first step was taking back control of the city. in 2010 more than 3,000 were killed in suarez, last year 3,000 were killed. the lowest number in a decade. it's safer than american cities. >> the police chief said the key to this happening was the removal of corrupt police and improved tactics. >> the visit from his holiness is important. it shows the world that this place has changed. >> by ending his trip here, pope francis is able to come up to the u.s. border and be critical of immigration policy in the united states. thousands of migrants died
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crossing the desert from mexico to the u.s., and will end the trip by saying a prayer for migrants. >> the pain of loss is seen and felt. a wave of abductions and killings of women marked the city for two decades. >> this man's daughter was a victim, kidnapped and force said into the sex trade. she was found dead in a masked grave. >> every day when my daughter and son go to school. i'm waiting to pick them up and find them there. it is still not a safe place. less if you are a womanar a girl. >> memories of the darkest days are fading for some. they are embracing a new suarez. >> five years ago the city was lonely. now it's crowded in the places sounds of the city where there's hope a violent past remains
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that. >> china is the world's number one car market. the increase in motorists has led to a rise in road rage attacks. a campaign to change that has begun in the nearby city. here is our beijing correspondence adrian brown. >> reporter: just 25 years ago bicycles outnumbered cars on beijing's roads. the city's traffic jams today are among the worst in the world. this is the consequence. road rage. police say they investigated more than 17 million cases last year, helped by the surveillance cameras that seem to be everywhere in today's china. many cars are fitted with dashboard cameras, capturing an often - in often startling detail what once seemed unthinkable. >> sea belt is on. >> this person is on a drive to
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change that. inspired by his experiences in britain, he set up a volunteer organization to teach driving etiquette. >> back in u.k., it is good. they have good quality of skills. >> so far he signed up more than 600 volunteers, sony is the latest recruit. dedicated like the others to build a better civic society. >> it happened. in china, we have so many terrorists, so many people, some. of them cause a problem with their miners. that's true. >> china's economy may be in the slow lane. the number of cars continued to accelerate. government statistics show that in 2015 car ownership soared by
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20% to more than 110 million cars nationwide. the good driver logo is proudly displayed on all the volunteers cars. if the good samaritans see a fight. they don't interfere, they are trained in first aid and equipped with rescue gear to help drivers in distress. and while change will be gradual. tian is hopeful the volunteer group is setting an example that will eventually be taken up nationwide if you spend 8 hours a day in an office, this is for you. you'll never have to push a chair under the desk again thanks to an invention from a japanese car company. with the clap of the hands, this new chair, devised by nissan, will automatically put itself back.
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the automated steering technology allows the chairs to be used. using a combination of cameras, wireless technology and rollers in the base. do check out the website, it's always there,, including the breaking story coming out of china. . >> thanks for joining us on "america tonight", i'm melissa chan. we looked at crime and punishment with an eye to the victims, there are hidden victims, those that the justice


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