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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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smithsonian staff intends to do the same for other nations and keep it all for posterity. plenty of news available for you 24/7 at >> privacy unlogged, apple rejects what it calls a dangerous precedent, court order hack into a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. >> we've almost gotten accustomed to how obstructionist the senate's become when it comes to nominations. the president challenges republican lawmakers to do their duty and consider his supreme court nominee. flying to havana, the u.s. and cuba agree to resume daily
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flights after 50 years. this is al jazeera live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. this morning there is an intense debate over private, security and government overreach. a federal judge ordered apple to help the f.b.i. hack into a phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. as hermela aregawi reports, apple is saying no. >> in a letter to customers this morning,al. he c.e.o. tim cook calls the court order chilling, saying the judge is asking the tech giant to hack its own users. the court is ordering apple to disable the password on sayed farook's iphone. the f.b.i. hasn't been able to get into the phone as he investigates the san bernardino shootings. farook used the phone as an employee of the county health department. it wipes the data on the phone
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after 10 incorrect tries, disable it would law the f.b.i. to try tens of millions of password combinations without losing data inside. james comey has stated several times that encryption is making it difficult for the agency to do its work. >> our job is to look at a hey stock the size of this country for needles that are increasingly invisible to us because of end to end encryption. >> inside may be information about sayed farook's and his wife's connection to isil. where they were for 18 minutes after the massacre is unclear if apple can turn off the password lock feature or develop something to obey the court order. apple added new technology last year that makes it harder for hackers and investigators to get in. >> the battle is the traditional one between the security of
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society at the cost of individual privacy. >> apple has five days to respond to the court order. so far, the c.e.o. says it won't comply. >> apple made encryption a default feature on i phones, unless users specifically declined, their hard drive is encrypted. the f.b.i. pleaded not to release this feature because they knew it would lead to this situation. they insist they have done everything they can within the law and their power. >> there was a debate then. what other hurdles has the f.b.i. encountered? >> it's been major. the suspects covered their tracks, destroyed two permanent cell phones. they removed their hard drive, something the f.b.i. hasn't been able to find despite an extensive search. the fact that they can't get into this one phone that they do actually have is very frustrating. >> hermela aregawi, thank you.
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>> new details about what the u.s. planned if diplomatic he was to curb tehran's nuclear program had failed. "the new york times" says the u.s. was prepared a launch a huge cyber attack. the times said the pentagon wanted to limit iran's air defenses, communication systems and key parts of its power grid. intelligence agencies reportedly developed a separate plan for a covert cyber attack to disable one of tehran's nuke enrichment sights. iran is pushing back on efforts to limit its oil production. opec ministers are meeting with iranian officials today in tehran, trying to get the nation to sign on to a production freeze. ran's opec envoy told a local newspaper it's illogical when the country has only just started exporting oil again. china is not denying claims it put surface to air missiles on a disputed island in the south china sea president the u.s. and taiwan say the weapons were detected on woody island.
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vietnam also claims the island. china continues to build on it. farry fossett has the latest from seoul. >> china's response bears scrutiny. the foreign minister in his statement said that western media was hyping or manufacturing news stories. he didn't in so many words deny that this had taken place, that as the taiwanese say, two surface to air missile batteries have been deployed on woodie island. >> i hope that media everywhere, including those in western countries and australia will turn your attention more to the light house that is we have built on some of the islands that we have been using in south china sea, which are in operation now and they have been very useful in ensuring the safety of passing ships in those waters. >> china say it has no intention of militarizing islands, also claimed in this instance by vietnam and taiwan in the instance of the spratly islands
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with similar claims by the philippines, but says it holds the right to self defense and the defense of its personnel and people who live on these sides. as far as the united and allies are concerned, china has militarizing ambition, as well as its current on going projects of reclaiming territory, making these islands bigger in terms of their physical size. the u.s. president, barack obama, at the asean meeting in california said the u.s. would continue to oppose that and continue to carry out missions which it would make clear that it wanted to protect the right of freedom of navigation for all countries within this area. it has just finished a second such mission where it's sailed a warship close to another island. china has protested against that. it seems that this will be seen as escalation by the u.s. and we
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will see more in the future. the south china region sees tree trillion dollars in trade pass through every year. there are section, at the region after a show of military force meant to send a message to north carolina over its recent rocket launch. the u.s. sent 12 stealth fighters to fly over south carolina. landing at the air base just south of seoul. the jets were escorted by u.s. and south korea's fighter jets. the pentagon said in a statement the f22 ares one capability of the defense of this great nation. president obama is calling for the senate to take up his supreme court nominee. he doesn't plan to submit a name to replace justice antonin scalia until next week at the earliest but push back against those has say it is the responsibility of the next president.
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>> we are going to find an outstanding legal mind, somebody who cares deeply about our democracy and rule of law. there's not going to be any particular position on a particular issue that determines whether or not i nominate them, but i am going to present somebody who indisputably is qualified for the seat, and any fair-minded person, even somebody who disagreed with my politics would say would serve with honor and integrity on the court. >> most senate republicans continue to say the vacancy should be filled by the next president but the head of the judiciary committee, senator charles grassley did say that he might consider holding hearings. the chair and bench scalia used at the high court of draped in black. he will lie in repose at the court friday. the funeral will be held in d.c. it is the largest catholic church in north america. earlier, i spoke with james richardson, a former spokesman and advisor for the republican national committee.
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he said it's unlikely republican senators will vote for an obama appointee. there's no political will in the republican caucus to move on a nominee and that's certainly been indicated by both the majority leader and by the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. >> despite the hard line position you refer to by senator mcconnell as well as candidate ted cruz, the head of the judiciary committee has not ruled out holding hearings. why do you think grassley is even considering it? >> i think it's actually smart that they should hold a hearing. i think that it is incumbent on the republicans in the senate to not only oppose the president's nominee, because in my view, i think nothing in this president's history indicates that he will be magnanimous and submit a really moderate candidate but instead will, you know, put up a lightweight. >> the white house has not offered names of potential
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nominees. the president on tuesday would not characterize the ideology of the person he might pick. he just said they would be well qualified. the supreme court fight is playing out in the presidential race, too, the next contests are saturday when republicans vote in south carolina and the democrats caucus in nevada. the latest poll shows a virtual tie on the democratic side in nevada. hillary clinton holds an edge among women. bernie sanders is ahead among voters under the age of 55. who wins south carolina could hinge on the african-american vote. hillary clinton today will hold a rally with the mother of sandra bland, the young black woman who died in police custody in texas. speaking to students at the university of south carolina on tuesday, bernie sanders talked about the changes he would make if he becomes president. >> talk about criminal justice, what we're going to talk about is police department reform. we're going to end a situation
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where people, often african-americans are killed while in police custody. a no poll for republicans in south carolina show donald trump with a big lead, 38% in that same survey. ted cruz is second with 22%. al jazeera's lisa stark has more on the campaign from south carolina. >> republicans continue to duke it out in the first in the south contest. just one day after his brother, president george w. bush campaigned on his behalf, jeb appeared outside of a gun manufacturer in columbia to make his case for the presidency. >> as i have a proven record of electability. >> he also spoke about having his older brother stump for him. >> he is a person of integrity and shares south carolina values in that regard. it's great that he came.
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i think it made a difference. >> the man who leads in the poll, donald trump came out swinging, going after george w.'s record and doubling down on his criticism of the former president. >> i've heard for years he kept the country safe after -- what does that mean after? what about during 9/11? i was there. i lost a lot of friends that were killed in that building. the worst attack ever in this country, it was during his presidency. >> trump also continued to take aim at his republican rivals, namely ted cruz. >> but i've never seen anybody that lied as much as ted cruz and he goes around saying he's a christian. i don't know, you're going to have to really study that. >> trump has even threatened to sue cruz, accusing him of lying about trump's positions on gun rights and the affordable care act. >> operates from two checklists, the bible and the united states constitution, and that is senator ted cruz. >> at a rally at a national guard armory, cruz did not
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mention trump or his threat. instead, he made a patriotic appeal to voters in a state with a heavy military presence, promising a dramatic increase in combat forces, and equipment if he's in the white house. >> people will be forgiven this election season for thinking at times it seems like a bit of a circus. i can't imagine why anyone would think that. but the time for frivolity is over. the time for games is over. we need a leader prepared to be commander-in-chief. >> cruz supporters liked what they heard.
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>> he's consistent is a conservatice and has the courage to get done what we need to do to make america strong like it used to be. >> cruz is looked in second place with marco rubio, both courting the south carolina evangelical vote. >> i'm going to protect your first amendment right to live out the teachings of your faith in every aspect of your life at home, at work and in your businesses. al jazeera on the campaign trail in south carolina. sentencing day, the president of the company responsible for poisoning the water of thousands of west virginians learns his fate. destination cuba, the deal that will restore daily flights from the u.s. to havana.
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a judge today will sentence one of the executives blamed for a disastrous chemical spill invest virginia in 2014. it poisoned the water supply for pun r. hundreds of thousand was people. gary southern who ran freedom industries faces three years in prison. robert ray has been covering the story. good morning. is mr. southern expected to get a lengthy prison sentence? >> good morning. the most he could get would be three years. as far as a fine, he'll definitely get some sort of monetary fine. last week, one of his colleagues, one of the six executives that had been sentenced in this chemical spill, that gentlemen received only 30 days of jail time. it's uncertain. clearly, gary southern being the
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top dog may receive a harsher sentence, but we'll see. it goes down at 2:00 today in federal court. >> was, criminal fraud is involved in his conviction. can we expect anymore legal ramifications from this toxic spill which affected so many people? >> thee hundred thousand people were unable to drink the water here and the surrounding area. freedom industries, which is now defunct, they went into bankruptcy, no lorn exists. there will be no more criminal charges against freedom city industry. last week, $900,000 fine put down on freedom industries by the federal judge but amazingly, the judge said freedom industries will likely not pay that and it was more of a symbolic fine, which is stunning in itself, but as far as civil lawsuits, those could occur, still, stephanie. not against freedom, but against
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the water company here, because many of the local politicians and environmental activists still working very hard to make sure that the river system here and the water people drink is clean. some people still actually reeling from the effects two years later. >> the f.d.a. is out with new guidelines saying people should not donate blood if they've been exposed to zika. they don't want to you give blood if you are visited areas where the virus is active. there are reports of transfusion sorted infections in our countries. for the first time in decades, american passenger flights will head to cuba, part of the deal official between the two nations.
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>> u.s. and cuban officials were all smiles after signing an agreement that will make it probable for people in both countries to fly freely between them. >> today is an historic day in the relationship between cuba and the united states. >> the agreement will allow for 20 round trip flights daily between the u.s. and havana. it will also allow for 10 other daily round trips in and out of nine other cuban airports. those numbers are not for each airline. they are for all airlines combined. with this arrangement in effect, the airlines of both countries may in addition set up business agreements together, such as shared codes and lease contracts between aircrafts or with airlines from third countries. >> airlines have 15 days to apply for those limited routes and air carriers aren't the only ones who hope to cash in. >> i hear often from u.s.
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businesses and consumers and i know they are unquestionably excited about the new opportunities for change that today's agreement will facilitate. >> it represents a critically important milestone in the united states' continued efforts to engage with cuba and normalize our relations. >> this move comes two days after the obama administration allowed saul berenthal's tractor company be the first to build an assembly plant in cuba in 50 years. berenthal believes cuba has learned from the past. >> they realize that they have to become part of the global economy to be able to keep going with the achievements of the revolution. >> flights are estimated to begin between june and october. pope francis is headed to juarez mexico, a town right across the border from empass
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sow. he is wrapping up his six day visit and leaving mexico city now. thousands came out to see him there and in juarez, hundreds of thousands of catholics have gathered, including many americans who are crossing the border for the day. those are live pictures of the pope's plane which will soon head to juarez where heidi zhou castro is now. tell us exactly where you are and what the atmosphere is like there. >> this is a staging area for people looking forward to the mass later this evening. it's still nine hours away, but already buss filling with people from juarez and all over mexico, even from the united states, who will in nine hours here from the pope. he is the first latin america pope and the first pope to visit this border region, which is hugely significant for the people who call this place home. the pope's message of resisting drug cartel violence, telling
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the clergy and youth of mexico to resist has really resounded here in juarez which was until recently the most dangerous city in the world. in fact, i spoke with a woman who works with children orphaned by the drug war. 100,000 people in mexico having died of drug violence. she says the pope's words are more than just words because even after he leaves and goes back to rome, his message will still resonate and moat seat people here in mexico. >> one person who does not seem to be heeding the pope's message is donald trump who yesterday during an event criticized the pope, saying he is working with mexico to keep an open border. has the church responded to that? >> yes. in fact, the vatican did respond to that this morning, because the pope will be so close to the border fence that this evening when he says mass, there will be
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a group on the american side he will interact with. that is how close he is coming to the border. the catholic church said that he champions the rights of refugees and migrants all over the world, not just here in the u.s.-mexico border and that his message is for christians everywhere to help people who are fleeing their own countries, seeking a life of dignity and peace. >> you reported earlier this morning that the pope's message to the young people in mexico is let's build the economy here, let's build up opportunities here so that people don't have to cross the border to the u.s., right? >> absolutely. that i also his hope for mexico that one day it will realize its own potential. his message to the youth are you are the wealth of mexico and if you resist the drug violence and you stay here looking for those opportunities, which he chastised mexican authorities for not creating plentifully for
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the youth, that that is the answer, the humanitarian way to this integration problem. >> heidi zhou castro, live among people waiting to see pope francis in juarez, mexico, thank you. >> avoiding the morality police, an app helping young iranians live their life without oversight.
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some people in iran of turning to technology to get around the countries morality
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police. activists say its part of an effort to move the country forward and express their freedoms. >> in this you tube video, a woman in iran resists arrest by the iranian authorities who patrol the streets in vans to enforce the islamic female dress code. >> a new app is aimed at helping citizens avoid confrontations like that and get away from those patrols. >> this is a way for them to see how people are frustrated by years of the use of moral police on the streets to stop people and warn them or fine them or even take them to jail for the way they dress up. >> much like waze lets you warn other drivers about police speed traps in this country, the morality police let people see where there are patrols so people can avoid the area. the creators of this app told a
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human rights group more than 1,000 users were using it within hours of release, but it was blocked by the government within a day. still, users have found ways to get around the ban and download it. it's also seen as sending a message. >> it shows how people are using social media applications to challenge government restrictions. >> a human rights group says by march of 2014, the guidance patrol handed out almost 3 million warnings. about 200,000 of them were to women who had broken the dress code. meet the winner of the westminster dog show. >> best in show dog tonight, 2016 is the german shepherd. >> he beat out more than 3,000 dogs around the world.
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thank you for wind chilling. the news continues next live from doha. have a great day. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello again from doha, everyone. this is the news hour on al jazeera. a hundred trucks all packed with aide, and they start rolling towards besieged towns in syria. china says it has the right to build self-defense after being accused of deploying missiles to a contested island. and apple explains why it doesn't want to


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