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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watch be the news hour live from london. five killed in a bomb attack on a military vehicle in the turkish capital, ankara. aid is on its way to sill advantages and towns in syria. china is accused of meyering missiles from one of the islands south china seas.
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>> robin adams here with the sport. another night of champions league football is on the cards. also coming up, china's football continues as former player signs a multi million-dollar deal with a super league club. >> we begin with breaking news coming to us from turkey. five people have been killed by an explosion in the capital of ankara. the blast appears caused by a car bomb attack on a vehicle that was carrying military personnel. it happened close to the turkish parliament, government buildings and the military headquarters. turkish prime minister has canceled a trip to brussels following that explosion. we can now speak to zaina holder. what more are you hearing?
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>> we just heard that the turkish president erdogan has called for an emergency meaning in ankara, and we understand that security has been tightened in the turkish capital. the target military personnel whpersonnel--they believe that the explosion was called by a car bomb. we dop not final confirmation, but this is what they believe for the time being. like i mentioned, five people killed, ten injured. no claim of responsibility as of yet. turkish authorities not blaming any group but we're talling this a terrorist attack.
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>> can you give us a sense of what is happening as you say immediate suspicions are likely to fall within the country. nevertheless, a great deal of concern. >> well, yes, well turkey has been at war with two groups. the isil as well as the pkk. since july the cease-fire with the pkk has collapsed some towns and cities across the southeast have been urban battle grounds. as of late the kurdish are blocking the--turkey has been
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blocking the ypg. a group that turkey considers opposition. thethere has been cross border artillery bombardments at the same time the turkish military stepping up the pressure on isil. tightening control along it's borders. like i mentioned there is no claim of responsibility, and as of yet the turkish officials are not blaming any group but they are calling this a terrorist operation.
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what more can you tell us about the events. what developments are you hearing about at the scene. >> as you can see this is the scene right now this is a politically sensitive part of town right in the heart of the capital. you have political institutions. you have military sugars. >> the target was a military
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target. near the heart of the city. this was clearly designed to accepted a very clear message to the turkish government. >> how are the turkish government respond? >> i believe they will investigate who carried out this attack. >> which is the most perhaps like--where are suspicions likely to fall in terms of the hallmarks of this attack? >> if you look at the previous attacks carried out by the islamic state they have targeted tourists or left-wing and kurdish activists. never did the islamic state try to attack any symbol of the
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turkish state. i think the suspicion will probably be on the kurdistan workers party with the pkk which has carried out similar attacks. >> we don't want to jump to any conclusions. there has been no confirmation of who might be behind this attack. but immediate suspicions are likely to fall on the kurds. how could things change in the aftermath like this. i suspected confrontation in turkey will intensify. we've seen a very, very robust military campaign against the pkk and the parts of turkey, and
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we expect this to increase in the future. are there going to be questions and concerns to secure towns and cities? they might be engaged in a military operation in the southeast. but that does not do anything to prevent attacks in other parts of the country. >> they have carried our attacks across turkey. it carried out an attack in the istanbul. i believe this will further pro pull thpropel the government, and they'll send security to
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administration centers across the country. we go to a military analyst, she said that the explosion running out in the center of the turkish capital of an car a and it could be heard pretty much across the city. >> the powerful bomb blast was heard this evening. the bomb blasted, and and the government said that they're suspected of a bomb laden vehicle the government condemned and said this is an act of
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terrorism. however, earlier in the party turkey outlawed the terrorist group and warned ankara that they may target the main city in turkey as the urban warfare has been continuing. there is suspicions of pkk that might be behind this attack. this time of the day the headquarters are carrying out routinely military staff, military buses to take them to their homes. >> well, a, there will be a
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great deal of concern this was in a sensitive area. you have political institutions and military institutions. but nevertheless this is the fourth major bombing in turkey in recent months. >> this is the fourth major attack in turkey over the last year. the war between the turkish government and the kurdistan pkk is intensifying. we're seeing more and more spill over of the instability, in syria, in turkey itself. >> how will this affect the act party? >> this will have some attack on the image of the ruling party i
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doubt this will have popular appeal among the turks in the country. >> these attacks have shown that they're unable to prevent them. they'll be asked about the security apparatus. and the effectiveness, a watch list of suspects so that they're able to anticipate these types of attacks? they will look at the security lapses that allowed them to carry out the attacks. they'll assign blame to the organization. >> could it be used as a pre-ticket to increase military action against the ypg across the border in syria? >> i don't think that this attack can be used by the turkish government to initiate across-border operation against
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the ypg in syria itself. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. we still have much more to come to you on the news hour. we'll look at rallies across libya, five years since the revolution, but deep divisions remain over who should be in charge. thousands of demonstrating in kosovo telling the government to resign. then later in sport ther we go to the open. >> more than a hundred vehicles with food, water and medical relief. it comes after they allowed further aid in to help people who are stranded and starving.
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>> it is part of what was grayed oagreed on. they entered the government-held towns. and opposition held towns besieged by the government around the capital of damascus. among them aid workers die said 40 people died of malnutrition since october. >> aid came 15 days ago and 450 people need urgent medical help, but only ten were taken to hospitals outside. >> the latest aid deliveries will bring relief to thousands. aid agencies say it is progress, but there is no deal to ensure that supplies will be delivered to these villages and not the
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besieged areas. >> u.n. resolution call for aid to reach all areas. is the u.n. waiting for the regime to force rebels to surrender before aid can enter? >> the northern countryside has been a battleground for months. they have warned that they have cut off supply routes and they say that food shortages are likely to get worst for the 120,000 who live there, the last convoy to reach that part of the country side was in october. >> u.n. secretary ban ki-moon said that starvation as a weapon amounts to a war crime. many accuse the syrian government of using the tactic when they're unable to take or hold territory. and such a strategy has forced rebels to sur surrender o or
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continue with the cease-fire. >> they first need to reach a consensus on who is the legitimate opposition and who are on the internationally agreed lists of terrorist groups. al jazeera, southern turkey. >> the syrian director for local activist groups avaz which is campaigning for the sieges to be lifted. thank you very much for speaking to us. i imagine we have some measure of progress in city towns and cities that will receive some aid. can you give me your thoughts on what we've seen in terms of sieges and how much difference this latest bit of action is likely to make?
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>> well, allowing food in is some phase. i don't think what we're seeing today is a reason for us to celebrate, as you said. it is a small progress in the direction of feeding people. the u.n. tells us that there are 400,000 people living under siege independent of organizations, you're talking about a million people living under siege. what we're see something a clear indication is that when the proxies and international powers that are sponsoring this war agree on the steps then the situation enhanced. in that sense what we've seen today is a good indicator that munich, the people who met in munich, these leaders who are
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under pressure from their citizens. we have to keep in mind that there is a pressure from the political level and what citizens want from around the world. we have millions of people over the last three years who sign sessions, tons of thousands of messages have been delivered to these leaders who are meeting in new york, then gentlemen thee have a, and now in munich, we've seen progress in pushing the syrian government in allowing food in, which again is an obligation for the syrian government member state of the united nations. >> tell me more about what you attribute this progress to, and how it can be built upon to relief the suffering of the syrian people and the long-time future?
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>> this war has been going on for the last several years because the world has allowed it to happen. this is a war between the russians and the americans, and it's being by the syrian people. this is a proxy war. what started as a revolution, youth looking for a better future turned into one of the nastiest wars that we've seen since world war ii. because leaders around the world were silent, in complicit, allowing it to happen, saying there isn't much they can do. there is a clear indicator that the world can do a lot. these leaders have the power to stop this bloodshed. and these leaders are being pressured very much but people all over the world there was a
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poll asking the americans about a no-fly zone in syria. 68% of americans support a no-fly zone in syria. nevertheless, we see leadership that has neglected its people, and what i think should be happening, allowing aid is not the restitution. this is like giving someone who is vying from hunger drips of water and some food. this is not good enough. sieges have to be lifted. the international community has an obligation in protecting the civilians. this is what the international law tells us. they refuse to do so. a no-fly zone would allow syrians to stay in no-fly zones
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in areas that are safe, no-killing zones that are protected. and that will aid how these people will sustain their lives and limit the influx of refugees that the neighboring countries are suffering from and those who end up in the sea because europeans until now have failed to agree to measures that would allow these refugees and allow them to europe. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight on the subject. we really appreciate it. we have an update coming to us on the bloom blas bomb blast in ankara. they're saying that initial signs indicate that the kurdistan workers part, the pkk, the outlaws party in turkey was behind that attack. so the reuters news agency quoting an anonymous source
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saying initial signs point to the pkk as being behind this attack on the military in the turkish capital. we'll stay on that for you. meanwhile, the u.n. is concerned about fighting to the north of the country. 500 sunni are involved in fighting. we have reports from baghdad. >> back in november kurdish peshmerga forces took back si sinjar. it was seen as a crucial victory against the group, but not for everyone. sunni arab residents in villages like these found themselves trapped after the offensive. they had been living under the rule of isil as an occupying force, but they became suspicious believing they were isil sympathizers. they were arefused to be allowed in the kurdish-controlled area.
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now they're facing a desperate situation. >> they have concerns because over the last year 1,800 individuals who are arab sunnies who are from a tribe had fled from their villages, and they got trapped between the lines of the peshmerga and isil. >> but that's an accusation that the kurdish regional government denies. when it vase that peshmerga is surrounding the sunni civilians. there are cases of hundreds of thousands of civilians, even today that the civilians have crossed lines. >> despite the denial it is clear that there is some significant tension. >> we've been told off the record by some sources within
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the kurdish region that these people are not allowed to move because they're seen as having collaborated with isil. whatever the truth of the matter is, it goes to show you that all sides here are seen with suspicion. >> this island of woody island shows considerable development including a runway. the area has been under chinese control for more than 40 years and is claimed by taiwan and vietnam. beijing lays claim to the spratley islands and says it falls within their territorial
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areas marked by the red lines. well, more now on this story from harry fawcett. he's in seoul for us. >> woody island has been in beijing's hands since 1974. in 2012 china formerly declared a city on this tiny speck of land home to more than a thousand people. now according to taiwan which games the island along with vietnam, it's also home to two missiles. they denied that the reports were true. >> what the united states sees is militarization. the u.s. navy twice has sailed
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warships within a few kilometers to the islands controlled by china, president obama has promised more of the same. >> i think this is part of a trajectory towards china to prepare for deployment by military fighters or missiles, this would deny other ships. >> japan, which has a separate territorial dispute has a rebuke. >> china is trying to change the situation and increase tensions by carrying out extensive and rapid land and utilizing them for military purposes. we have deep concerns and want
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to reemphasize that japan cannot accept this. >> the tensions between the two largest powers in the region extend here to the korean peninsula as well. after north korea's recent test and rocket launch the u.s. is talking about an anti anti-systeanti-missile system called thad. it's had an unintended side-effect. they want to pressure china to rein in their ally in pyongyang. on wednesday there was a show of force over the peninsula. american f-22 stealth fighters showing support of its ally. but it's a show of force that would have been seen by those in beijing. >> u.s. secretary of state john
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kerry said that disputes need to be resolved diplomatic. >> in has been evidence that there has been an increase of militarization of one kind or another. i'm confident that over the next days we will have further very serious conversation on this, and my hope is that china will realize that it is important to resolve the jurisdictional issues of the south china sea not through unilateral action, not through force. not through militarization but through diplomacy and by working with the other countries in trying to resolve these dinners. >> more to come for you on the al jazeera news hour. pope francis is angered that he's pulled into a crowd in his visit in mexico. and apple won't tell investigators how to unlock the
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iphone of a mass killer. and robin is standing by with an update including messy magic. anshowing why he's a five-time world player of the year.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling.
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>> welcome back. you're watching the news hour. let's take you through our breaking news story. a large explosion in the turkish capital of ankara. 18 people have now been killed. so that number has been revised. the city's governor saying it appears to be caused by a car bomb attack. 45 people have been injured. a fire has been raging for the past hour and a half since this explosion took place, and a politically sensitive part of town. you have the parliament building. you have government offices, and military institutions as well. the turkish government has made it very clear that they're treating this as an act of terrorism, and an anonymous source an unnamed turkish official has told a routers news
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agency that they're attributing this attack. and it is probably the work of the outlawed kurdistan workers party or pkk. joining us now is a turkey analyst here in london. no price that the immediate suspicion would fall on the shoulders of the pkk. what are we likely to see now, a shift in turkish policy in terms of intensifying military action against the pkk perhaps not just within turkey but further afield in northern iraq, for example? >> i think the turkish government will follow the same playbook of this kind by the pkk. they'll find fighter jets attack the targets in the mountains of northern iraq, and the military and security campaign against the pkk youth will increase in the kurdish dominated cities in
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southeastern turkey. >> what are the ramifications as the pkk comes under pressure in the southeast of turkey and the mountains of northern iraq. are we likely to see an increase in explosions, attacks, and other parts of turkey? >> i think this is like a street fight. both sides are driven to combat each other. there is no desire on odometer side to de-escalate this confrontation. i suspect the pkk will attempt further attacks of this kind across turkey. >> this comes as a time when western powers are pressuring turkey to do more in the fight against isil although turkey itself, there have been reports of turkey itself becoming more of an involved player in syria with the possibility of ground forces in the north of the country and intensification of action there.
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turkey is bombing more vocal in enforcing the fly zone in syria. how might the fight against the kurds and the pkk impact policy when it comes to syria? >> i don't think that this--that this confrontation between the pkk and the turkish state will influence turkey's policy in syria. i think that turkey ha's hands are pretty much tight at moment. they don't carry out operations without direct u.s. leadership and support. i think turkey's attempts to set up or organize a no-fly zone or security buffer on the syrian side of the border-- >> if anything the intensification of the battle against the pkk makes turkey far less likely to increase it's engagement in the north of syria
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no matter how frustrated it is about the increasing territory being taken by the ypg? >> the ypg, essentially the extense of pkk in syria, the fact that the assad regime forces have taken some areas north of aleppo, so the ypg has been exploiting this situation taking more and more towns, and villages across northern syria near the turkish border, which has caused a lot of consternation in ankara. >> thank you very much for sharing your analysis with us here in london. well, libyans are marker fire yves since their revolution ganther' celebrating the an shears but the country remains divided between militias and two
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rival governments. >> as you can see here behind me you many people have come here in the capital to mark a fifth anniversary of furthering the revolution plus many have bee questions have been raised here. people here have been calling on political rivals in order to end the fighting and find a common ground and implement their national reconciliation. also pictures of the victim have been displayed here. >> thousands of people have gathered at an independence day rally in kosovo. protesters are demanding that the government resign. kosovo's prime minister said that the government will not be
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dismissed. >> what was said there in the protest has too many untruthed talking about their desire to ruin the country and kosovo government so that in an legal way a new government will be placed in kosovo. no one has a right to dismiss the government. >> an indian student leader who was arrested during protests on friday has been attacked as police brought him to court. he was arrested on a controversial sedition charge. his hearing has been put on hold while an investigation takes place into how he could have been attacked despite heavy police protection. we have this update from new delhi. >> he'll be held in judicial custody until march 2nd. the supreme court has decided his hearing cannot be held until they get a report into what happened today as chaos ensued inside and outside of the courtroom proposal. before he arrived in court, two groups of lawyers clashed.
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many witnesses say that the police just stood by and did not intervene. he was attacked between the time he stepped out of the police car and walked into the courtroom. witnesses say that a group of lawyers assaulted him as he was walking despite being heavily flanked by police. he's facing charges of sedition for allegedly holding an event at the university in which ant anti-indian slowing begans were used. >> afghanistan government is still plagued by violence. decisive action must be taken for any chance of stability in the country. from kabul we have this report. >> this was 2013, the ex-ceo of can bull bank convicted and sentenced to five years in prison for his role in stealing more than $900 million.
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this was the same man four months ago, seemingly a free man along side afghanistan officials signing a multi million dollar real state deal. >> it was shocking to see something like that. >> someone signs a big money deal, how does that happen? >> his tale appears in a new report by transparency international, as a glaring example of the corruption that still plagues afghanistan. this despite repeated government promises to fix the system and hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid invested in reform. according to the global anti-corruption organization and it's national partner integrity watch afghanistan, the country is still beset by rampant bribery within the police department. a justice system manipulated by politicians and unqualified government employees hired based
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on who they know. >> how do you do that to fight corruption when it's the government itself that is correct. >> the report calls for a new independent body to fight corruption, an independent commission to avant and train new judges and a new attorney general with a record of fighting corruption. the government's response to the report, another promise. >> we're in the promise of overhauling the whole of system of fighting corruption in afghanistan. >> it is a challenge that puts afghan president ashra ashraf beguashraf ghani in a difficult situation. he risks fighting trust and he also risks going toe-to-toe with some of afghanistan's powerful people. it was the backing of powerful politicians that helped
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convicted embezzler step out of prison to sign a real estate deal. it was only when afghan's were outraged that president gahni withdrew the deal. >> now pope francis has showed his frustration at one member of the crowd during his visit in mexico. he greeted the crowd he was knocked off balance by an over enthusiastic member of that crowd almost falling on a whee wheelchair bound person. not mincing words, he told that person not to be selfish. this is the pope visiting a prison where he has just been meeting with inmates. some of them have been getting together to entertain the pope on his visit. the same place where 19 inmates
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were killed in riots in 2009. once one of the world's most dangerous places with 3,000 people killed in 2010. so you can there the pope continues to meet inmates at the prison in juarez, once considered the murder capital of the world. the pope with his message of forgiveness telling people they need to believe that things can change. they can't do anything about the past, but they can change their lives in the present, and they can change their future. you can see a lot of excitement amongst the inmates in the prison in juarez as they gather to hear from pope francis. now apple is refusing to comply with an u.s. judge's order to help unlock an iphone belonging to one of the people behind the san bernardino shootings last year. the fbi is investigating any possible links.
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farouk lining with his wife shot and killed 14 people. the fbi has been trying to get access to crypted data since december. apple ceo said agreeing to this order would set a precedent. well, apple security means the data on the phone will automatically be erased if an incorrect password is entered ten consecutive times. the fbi wants apple to remove the ten-time limit so it can make repeated attempts to unlock the phone. they want apple to provide software that will automatically run through the possible combinations, but apple is fiercely resisting say it will undermine the security of all of its customers. for on this we can speak to tim stevens editor at large. he's with us by skype from new york. thank you very much for speaking with us. are you surprised how verying a apple ha--vocal apple has been about this case? >> yes, absolutely.
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it's interesting to see a company ceo stepped forward so strongly against an issue like this. but this is an issue that has been bubbling beneath the surface in the tech industry for quite some time where the government has been pressuring to get companies to be more lax with their encryption. this is basically apple pushing back saying we're not going to do this and circle a back door into our devices that will allow the government to get into hour devices. this is the government asking for a specific phone. but tim cook is say going to we allow it for this phone there is nothing to prevent it from happening to any phone out there. >> how widespread is this? is apple alone in preventing government access to customer information? >> this is definitely something that is across the industry at this point. both apple and google have
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encryption technology to keep themselves from being encrypted. it is the same on the device of the iphone. this is a common case in the industry, and the government is trying to get some skeleton key added to these devices to allow these items to be decrypted. they cannot be decrypted by the companies that created them that has made security advocates a little bit concerned. >> is apple's position, is it the established position in the u.s.? do we know if apple allows any other governments to see information? >> no, definitely the same case around the world. there has been some push back in other countries as well where other countries try to be more open, especially the chinese market. there is additional pressure coming from other markets from around the world. the same type of technology that is employed on this technology
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in this country as well as others. we see the same pressure coming from around the world, but this tim cook taking and escalating it to what may be the supreme court in the u.s. to make a final decision about what is required to comply with u.s. law. >> is this a sustainable position on apple's part? this is going to escalate to the supreme court itself. apple is trying to balance the interest of the long-term interests of the security of its customers. but you have here a situation where the fbi are trying to establish, trying to learn a bit more about the circumstances of a tragic shooting in san bernardino. they're trying to gain what is reasonable and legitimate information about the extent of the link between the shooters and terrorist groups. >> right. it's definitely a complicated situation. the fbi is trying to do everything they can to figure out what the motives were and what the connections are, and
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ultimately to save lives in case there was some sort of network involved in this situation. you can absolutely see why they have taken these efforts. again, this is a situation that's been bubbling just bo the surface in the tech industry, and this is tim cook drawing a line in the sand saying no, we're not going to take this step, unlock our phones and create a tool that would allow them to unlock any phone they want to. this is going up the leader. this is the same situation that microsoft and google has been faced with, the same requests in the past, and they've been interpreted in different ways depending on the judge in the case. this is tim cook saying its time for the federal government to weigh in and say exactly what the law is in this case and to clarify things. >> well, thank you very much. tim stevens, giving us your insight of what is a fascinating case and a story that will be fascinating to see how it unfolds. thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> there is more to come on the news hour. we'll bring you the latest sports news. in the next hour hoping to get an early advantage in their last 16 tie. the conference call. the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business.
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>> welcome back. china's roads are some of the most congested in the world, and it's drivers can be some of the most irate. last year chinese police investigated millions of cases of road rage. now one man is on a mission to bring calm to the highways. as adrian brown reports.
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>> just 25 years ago bicycles still outnumbered cars on beijing's roads. today the city's traffic jams are among the worst in the world. and this is the consequence. road rage. the police say they investigated more than 17 million cases last year helped by the surveillance cameras that seem to be everywhere in today's china. many cars are now fitted with dashboard cameras, capturing an "n" often startling detail what was once would seem unthinkable. >> on a drive to change that. inspired by his experiences living in britain, he set up a volunteer organization to teach driving etiquette.
1:52 pm
so far he has signed up 600 volunteers. now dedicated like the others to helping build a better civic society. there are so many people. some with a problem with minorities. i think that's true. >> china's economy may be in the slow lane but the number of cars on its roads continue to accelerate. government statistics show that in 2015 car ownership soared by 20% to more than 110 million cars nationwide. the logo is proudly displayed on all their cars. if these good samaritans do see
1:53 pm
a fight they don't interfere. instead they're trained in first aid and have rescue gear for drivers who are distress. he's hopeful that his volunteer group is setting an example that would eventually be taken up nationwide. adrian brown, al jazeera. >> well, we go now to your sport. >> thank you very much. chinese football continues to make headlines with another high profile to the country's top domestic. move to go super league side. he joins former roma player who signed last month. he's the latest high profile player to make the switch to the chinese super league during the midwinter transfer window. worth about $3.5 million, paul try by the league's standards,
1:54 pm
over the next few months for the third time in ten days the record has been broken. that would beat the previous record which was paid by chelsea for the midfielder. now another big money move is the forward jivino who made the switch from roma. a former roma player, and might have well been in champions league action. his team will go to the field against the ten-cup winners in a little under an hour.
1:55 pm
>> ronaldo looking to score for the first time in five matches. >> name one player who has scored more goals than me in the last five matches, name one. >> with that he was off. he would score 11 goals. not pleased at the moment, but it's all with the player of the year. they play arsenal in their champions league last 16 clash next tuesday. winter testing gets under way on the 22nd of this month.
1:56 pm
ahead of that force facing big challenges. one of the main sponsors. they need funds to release their founders. paying half million dollars. they will make it to the games in the brazilian city in six months time. they're now there playing at the rio open. they have a comfortable 6-1. the conditions were heavy i was able to survive there.
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i'm very happy. >> just before i got brilliant pictures to show you where one footballer has become an overnight sensation of what could be the best goals you'll see this season. er you will it has gone viral for the 4-1 win. the strike is being compared to the free kick from brazil legend carlos. and insisted it was absolutely no fluke. >> that's it from me, but we have more with julie macdonald with the latest in turkey. a large bomb blast in ankara, 18 dead, 45 injured. the government there treating it as an act of terrorism. we'll have more on that at the
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top of the hour.
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>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status? >> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change.
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>> at least 18 people are killed in bomb attacks in the turkish capital of ankara. >> hedge there, this is al jazeera live from london. i'm julie macdonald. ahead trucks arrive with aid arrive in syria. russia is accused of deploying air missiles in the south china sea.


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