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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> there will, i'm july mcdonnell. this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. turkey's president vows retaliation after 28 people are killed in a bomb attack on a military vehicle in the capital of ankara. trucks carrying aid in besieged areas of syria. they say the supplies will help nearly 100,000 people. the pope in prison, the leader of the world's catholics visit inmates in what was once the world's most dangerous
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places. >> hello everyone, robin adams for you. we have the updates of the champions league action. and also ahead in the program, china's football evolution continues as they sign a multi millio million-dollar deal with a super league club. >> hello there, a warm welcome. first to turkey where at least 28 people have been killed in an explosion in the capital of ankara. the blast appeared to be caused by a car bomb. the vehicle was carrying military personnel and stopped at a traffic light president erdogan is vowing retaliation. >> the heart of turkey's capital rocked by a massive explosion. and only four months after the last deadly bomb attack in the
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city. the governor of ankara said that this blast had been caused by a car bomb, the target, a convoy of military vehicles passing close to the parliament and the country's military headquarters. initial signs indicate that maybe the pkk may be behind the attack. >> the effort is to put fear in our citizens' minds. they're aiming to divide us. >> it's not been an isolated incident. in the past few months there have been four bombings in turkey. a suicide-bomber blue himself up in the historic district of install bull in january. ten died in that attack, and it was believed to be inspired by
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the islamic state in iraq and the levant. in another blast more than 100 people were killed, one of the most deadliest attacks of its kind in the country's modern history. turkey is facing a critical point at attempts to maintain control over its security. mired in regional tensions, it has been trying to establish a no-fly zone in neighboring syria and hinted that it might send ground troops there as well. turkey's national intelligence agency had warned of reprisal attacks in response to the military barrages on kurdish positions in syria. it's a bed of conflict that is being played out in this
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war-torn region. >> let's get more now from al jazeera's zaina holder, hi there, zaina. we don't know who is behind the attacks, but we have heard that members of the government are calling it a blatant and treacherous attack. >> yes, officials saying we will not be divided, calling on the country to remain united. turkish president, president erdogan promising a harsh response whether it's inside or outside of turkey's borders. this was clearly a message to the government turkish officials saying this was not just an attack against the military but an attack against the nation. the target clearly the military, but in the heart of the capital the seat of power and the
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explosion went off. the convoy was waiting at a pacific light. it was close to military barracks and headquarters. so a message to the government. the government promising to respond. there have been no claim of responsibility. turkish officials are not pointing the blame at any group saying that investigations are considering, but promising to find the perpetrators behind the attack. the turkish security sources say the initial indications such as this could be the work of the pkk because the attack really bears the hallmark of the group because the group usually chooses the military target, the security personnel target and turkey is at war. like i said these are initial suspicions. there have been no confirmation on who was behind the bombing in ankara. >> it has been and a particula particularly tense time for turkey. just remind us of the situatio
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situation--the security situation it is facing right now. >> this is the fourth bombing in the past few months in turkey. many would say this is the result 69 spill over in neighboring syria. isil is believed to be responsible for the bombings last month, but turkey is at war with the pkk ever since turkish military planes have been targeting pkk positions not only in the southeast of the country, but in northern iraq as well. and as of late tour kick bomba bombardment are targeting off shoots that ankara consider terrorists. it is believed that the ypg's expansion in northern syria is a threat to turkey's national
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security. and turkish intelligence were warning of possible reprisal attacks in the country. of course, we're not linking it at this moment because no one has claimed responsibility, but undoubtedly those attacks worsening the situation. they have sent reinforcements to the border, and people are afraid. people fear that more attacks, similar attacks are likely to happen. >> zaina holder joining me. thank you. >> you well who has been the reaction--what has been the reaction to where you are to this latest attack? >> of course, people are shocked. ankara is used to such attacks. they've had diverse attacks. and this has been the biggest attack that has happened in the
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country, and another one took place in ankara. the attack happened right at the heart of this state district as it is called officially called. there are the headquarters of the military. the parliament on either side, and the ministry that was the primary ministry are people frightened that the government can't protect them? >> normally i think that would have been the reaction.
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it's very difficult to get lots of people's reaction by looking at social media. so at this moment. the prime new source of the people in general turkey, is the tv. tv channels are reporting about the issue, and the tv channels seem to have framed already pointed towards the pkk. and there has been a declaration by the government spokesman that a security organization, foreign
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security organization might also be involved. i think the turkish people who are keeping up with the news are following a dark web of terrorist organizations who cooperate together. >> given since those battles have started these attacks have been on the rise. what do the public think? >> the public agenda is dominated by the pkk.
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now the government is branting the pyd as a terrorist organization, and it has increased on that front. on tv they almost never mention isis, although some have been contacted by isis members. >> thank you very much for joining us. thank you. >> bringing food, water and medicine to over 100,000 people. the government grade to allow further aid to people who are stranded and starving as the
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violence intensifies. >> it is a step forward. eaching those who are trapped. it was agreed on by others last week. trucks filled with food and medical supplies enter the areas in the north besieged by the north. and the areas besieged by the government around damascus. among them madaya where 40 people died of malnutrition since october. last time aid entered was 45 days ago. since then 15 people have died. 450 people need urgent medical help but only ten were taken to hospitals outside. >> the latest aid deliveries will bring relief to thousands. aid agencies say it is progress, but there is no deal to insure supplies will continue to be delivered to these villages, and not all the besieged communities
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have been reached. >> why doesn't homs get aid? they say that food shortages are likely to get worse. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon said starvation as a weapon amounts to a war crime. many in the opposition accuse the syrian government of using the tactic when they're unable to take or hold territory. and such a strategy has forced rebels to either send or accept local cease fires. now in aleppo city where tens of
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thousands of people live there is a siege. an international task force will hold their meet on friday. >> we have much more to come here on the al jazeera news hour. >> access denied why apple won't tell fbi how to open the iphone of a masked killer. >> and sending a message to president mugabe. and rafal nadal, there is question whether the spaniard will be back in time for the olympics.
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>> beijing lays claim to the spratley islands which it says falls into the territorial waters. this is a march to the nearby philippines, vietnam, malaysia and brunei. we go to harry fawcett who is in seoul. >> woody island has been in beijing's hands since 1974. in 2012 china formerly declared
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a city on this tiny speck of land home to more than a thousand people. now according to taiwan, which claims the island along with vietnam, it's also home to two advance surface to air missiles batteries. china's foreign minister blamed the western media appetite for news stories said that it but did not say at a it was true. >> this is consistent with self preservation. what china seize a self defense, others see as alienation. president obama has promised more. >> i think it's clear that this is part of a trajectory towards china preparing these islands
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for possible deployment of either military fighters or missiles. and this has been the great fear in washington that this would deny the areas of the ability of u.s. navy ships to deploy freely without use of force. >> she's called for self-restraint. japan, which has a separate territorial dispute with china issued a sterner rebuke. >> china is trying to increase tensions by clearing out extensive and rapid land reclamation for military purposes. we have deep concerns for such actions. >> it extends to the yearn peninsula as well. the u.s. is in talks with south
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korea about employing an anti-missile system here on south korean territory, this is something that beijing sees as a direct conflict to its own interests. >> on wednesday there was a show of force. >> a show of force that will have been noted just as much by the leadership in beijing. harry fawcett. al jazeera, seoul. >> the u.s. secretary of state john kerry said some serious conversations will be had in the coming days to try to convince china to solve the issue diplomatically. roslind jordan has more now from washington, d.c. >> u.s. military officials were not pleased to learn about the decision to deploy two missile batteries on an island near
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vietnam. on wednesday the sect of state john kerry also indicated he's not pleased with the situation. >> we'll have further serious conversation on this, and our hope is to troy to resolve the jurisdictional issues of the south china sea not through unilateral action, not through force, not through militarization, but through diplomacy and by working with the over countries and claimants in trying to resolve these differences. >> the obama administration position has always been that it's not taking sides on who has territorial claims in the south china sea. that said, the u.s. is also very concerned about china's efforts to expand its military influences over that region, and it is trying to basically send a message to beijing that this will not be tolerated. but what the u.s. is prepared to
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do about it, that's another question. >> well, pope francis has arrived in juarez, the latest stop in his tour of mexico as part of the tour he has visited a prison. where 19 inmates were killed in 2009. the city has been one of the most dangerous places on earth and synonymous with mexico's drug war. well, adam raney joins us now live. what is most significant about pope francis' visit to the city? >> he's using his visit as a way to look at what he might discarded the society. he has been long been a supporter of prisoners not because he supports crime and violence. to the contrary, more because he said divine mercy shows us that the way we treat prisoners is perhaps an indication of the society we are. he gave a home youly, a speech
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the prison that many of these mexican prisoners find themselves find them more locked up without truly rehabilitating them. and he said its important to treat every human being with mercy. he's always been critical of the way rich countries have or have not been receiving migrants whether that be in europe or in the united states. so he'll be coming here. he's going to arrive in this center at in an hour. and he's going to be speaking quite a lot about migrants after that he's going to go to a spot right on the rio grand river right between mexico and the united states and say a prayer for migrants. some who have died, and some who have made it in their long struggles. he's looking at the discarded of
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society and trying to remained them all that we have to include them in society. >> we watch picture of him going past the popemobile, past the prisoners. what has been the reaction of people to him and getting a chance to be near him and getting to meet him? >> well, we've been out with the crowd in mexico city, colleagues in the state of chiapas, and it's pretty much the same reaction. they feel the personal connection with pope francis. many of them for various reasons. they hear him speak about the drug war and corruption that they live with every day in mexico. they also feel tied to him because he's the first latin american pope. he's speaking to them in their first language, spanish, and he understands them well. so he they feel a solidarity with him. but more than anything it's been his method. a method that has been very critical, and this is something
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that the mexican people feel needs to be said. he's not coming out and blaming, naming names, he's trying to push it to the limit where he can probably get away with it while pleasing millions of mexican catholics and not angering applications and church leaders. >> when he was touring morelia, one of the states hardest hit by drug violence in recent years, there was pushing and jockeying as people just wanted to hold his hand or see him up close. at one point pope francis fell all the way down. when he got up he said in spanish, don't be selfish. this was the flash of any natural human emotion. it showed mexicans that they
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already knew, this pope is an emotional one who sometimes has passion about charity, and about mercy, but also expresses passions and fear and concern of his own well-being. it's a side of his humanity as he nearly fell down. >> thank you. >> now, apple says it will fight a court order to help the u.s. government crack the encrypted iphone of one of the san bernardino attackers. they shot and killed 14 people last year. he said that the breaking into this iphone would threaten the security of all of its users. here is tom ackerman. >> the legal fight of apple and the u.s. justice department came to a head at a second attack when two open fired at a christmas office party in san bernardino, california. he left behind a facebook entry pledging loyalty to isil.
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fbi investigators try to obtain evidence from the iphone farouk used for help and asked apple for help in unlocking it. apple says that it's cooperated with the government, but claims its demand to break into the phone would involve building a new operating system. a system enabling anyone with the software to circumvent its security features. a so-called back door. the company says it will fight a judge's order for it to comply with the government demand. at a white house cyber security summit last month, apple's ceo said that the company was standing on principle and against government overreach. >> if those of us in position to responsibility fail to do everything in our power to protect the right of privacy we risk something far more valuable
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than monday, we risk our way of life. >> but fbi director james comey said that apple already has the means to decrypt the phone. >> lots of good people have designed their stems and their devices so judge's orders cannot be complied with, for reasons i i'm not asking for motivation. but the question we should ask is should they change their business model. >> but apple is not alone. an event meeting between silicon valley executives produced no consensus on how they might bridge their differences over cyber security. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. >> ahead on the al jazeera news hour. marking five years of revolutions and deep divisions remain over who should be in charge in libya. plus--driven mad. why the world's largest car market is seeing an epidemic
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anger behind the wheel. and robin is standing by with the sports update including some messi magic. the five-time world player of the year.
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is it
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>> welcome back. you're watching the al jazeera news hour. a reminder of our top stories. 28 people have been killed and 61 others injured in an explosion in ankara. the blast targeted military personnel. u.s. said aid trucks have now reached five besieged towns in syria, bringing food, water and medicine to nearly 100,000 people. taiwan has accused china. serious conversations will be had to solve the dispute diplomatly. let's get more on our top story. we can speak to a turkey analyst at the washington institute of
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near east affairs. a very warm welcome to the program. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> the is this increase in attacks. it has it become the new normal? they've been targeting military and off duty officers. they are the most likely culprit but we don't know yet, but it looks like the pkk. >> we heard from a statement, he said our determination to respond in kind to attacks is getting stronger with such acts. what are the government's options to respond? >> the government will respond heavily if the pkk is behind the attack targeting it's bases in
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northern abandoning escalating the fight against the pkk inside turkey and also probably going after the pkk's affiliate the pyd, a syrian kurdish group based in syria. turkey has sheffield united pyd targets and this shows the inter connected nature of the relationship between turkey and the pkk and the pyd. not only are the pyd and pkk connected organizations but when turkey targets one, the other one retaliates, so turkey's shelling seems to have provoked the pkk attack. not only will turkey go after the pkk, but it will shell the pyd. turkish targeting of pyd will likely cause a deterioration of u.s.-turkey ties, which is probably what the pkk wants to gain from this attack. >> that leads me to my next question. how do attacks like this, and you covered something like this, implicate turkey's involvement
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in the syrian crisis? >> well, it shows that what happens in syria does not stay in syria. four of the five worst terror attacks in turkey's history has taken place in the last two years. they have killed over 200 people wounding hundreds of others, and they're all connected to the fall out of the syrian war. whether the perpetrators, the assad regime, the islamic state or the pkk or the pyd, it all suggests turkey's involvement in syria is hurting turkey in ways that were unimaginable. perhaps it's time for turkey to come down a notch in its syrian policy as this comes threat comes from major sources. >> just a reminder of the heading that turkey has on its border. you mentioned the pyd has been exploiting the russian bombardment. yet another headache just on the borders also.
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>> correct, the pyd has entered into an informer alliance with russia. they're backing the assad regime and they're working with the pyd. they have started to go after moderate levels. some of which are supported by the united states and turkey. and i think they have been shelling the targets to prevent the fall of rebel-controlled territory, and assad regime both of those groups are supported by russian airstrikes. we're going to see a strengthening of ties as the pyd becomes more of that perfect climate of russian ambition. that's very dangerous because it suggests that they'll promote it. the pkk was established by the soviet union during the cold
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war, so it's an historic memory that may be awakened easily. >> turkey analyst at the washington institute of near east affairs. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> now libyans are marking five years since the revolution began. there have been several rallies in several major cities. but the country remains divided between militias and two rival governments. we have more now from the libyan capital. >> many people have come here in the capital of tripoli to mark the anniversary evolution, plus issues have been raised here. especially the fighting. people here have been calling on political rivals in order to end the fighting and implement their
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reconfiguration. also the victims of the evolution and. >> well, let's get more on the story. we go to the director of the tripoli-based institute. we were just commenting as we were looking at those pictures that it's kind of an odd comparison because we see celebration there. but the reality is that libya is a great big fat mess right now. >> it certainly is, and five years on there is mixed feeling i suppose if one looks at the images there are many who are celebrating there. tripoli is not feeling the same sense of war that the last year and a half has had an impact on bengahzi, and for that reason the country is split at the moment. it could be for the next couple of years there is not much more
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to be celebrating. >> just remind our viewers what the political situation is currently in libya. >> there was a split in the military factors. and ultimately there is not really much ideology that they differ on, but definitely the impetus is for resource war. that's really been the unraveling of libya in the last five years since the fall of muammar qaddafi. there have been factions on the ground, tribes, fighting over the resources, political and otherwise. the u.n. has been brokering a deal in the last 15 months that should have culminated in the last few weeks. we're waiting for a vote in the east of the country to finally install the government, but there are many questions that rest on that. whether or not they'll install the government, as in tripoli as we're seeing in the last few moments, they're not akin to the agreement, they're not part to the agreement, so there are many
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obstacles. >> what is the daily reality like then for people across libya? the pictures that we often see here and that we show show a country on its knees. but other parts of the country, they're functioning. >> therthere, there are parts of the country that are functioning but it's the imminent reality that is facing libya that is concerning. we have minus 60 gdp because of the unfortunate oil situation and also because of the oil production and the share levels are at 300,000, but they used to be at 1.7, but because they're dwindling and the price is dwindling it looks like it will eat into the foreign reserves well beyond what it may have been four or five years ago. there was a surplus of 400 billion, but none of that has spent on the country to get the country back on its feet.
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secondly, isil. they the expansion of the group in the last year and a half because of this unnecessary civil war where the state resources were pushed to fighting each other but not fighting real threats like isis, it has allowed them to get a foot hold in the country. >> we've seen conversations taking place out there in the diplomatic landscape trying to decide whether it's time to get involved and to deal with the isis threat in libya. what could that look like? >> similar to what happened in the last five years i think it could be a western track where there are fighters on the ground that have been there since five years and want to fight with the western air support. that could be disastrous if there is not a peace deal where you have troops on the ground. in fact, they use western intervention and aerial strikes and it spills into more chaos as
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we've seen in the last five years. that's appetizing for some groups on the ground but it is also a reality. >> thank you for joining us. it's a very complicated picture. thank you. >> thank you. >> now the u.n. said that it's concerned about hundreds of iraqi civilians currently stranded by fighting in the north of the country. more than 500 sunni arabs are caught in the battles between isil fighters and kurdish forces near the town of sinjar. >> the area had been occupied by isil since 2014. sunni arab residents and villa villages like these found themselves trapped about. they had been living under the rule of isil as an occupying force, but they became issues. believing they were.
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>> around last year 800 individuals who are arab sunnies who are particularly from our tribe had fled from their villages and they got trapped near the village between the front lines of the peshmerga and isil, which is located about a kilometer to two kilometers away from them. >> but that's an accusation that the kurdish regional government denies. >> what we reject is the generalization of the report. when it says that peshmergas are surrounding the civilians there are hundreds of thousands and even today the civilians have passed the cross lines. >> despite the denial it is
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clear there is significant tension. >> what we've been told off the record by some sources in the kurdish region is that these people are not allowed to move because they're seen as having collaborated with isil. now whatever the truth of the matter is, it goes to show you that all the sides here eye each other with suspicion. >> more than 200 people are sleeping outside of the headquarters of zimbabwe state angry about unpaid salaries. they're amongst thousands across the country who are losing their jobs in a stagnant economy. at the same time the country's long-serving president is hosting a laugh relinquish birthday bash. we have this report. >> they used to work for disciple babb bay's gray marketing board. they have been sleeping on the streets of harari for more than a week. it's their way of protesting. they were fired last year because of budget cuts but say the company owes them ten months
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salary and self republicans pay. this woman is worried about her three-year-old son. >> we're sleeping in the open with our children. many of us had to bring our children because there is no one to leave them with at home. we have to be here we want our money. we need our money. >> the times are tough economically. it's struggling to pay it's former employees. >> it's getting dark, and the men are lighting fire. they're going to prepare dinner. it will feed more than 200 people who will be sleeping out here, outside of the offices of the gray marketing board. this is where it's not ideal, but if they were protesting, they would get their money. they're not going anywhere. >> people are desperate. >> they need to get food for
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their children. >> the issue has been discussed in parliament. the government is telling workers the problem will be sorted. >> those people have a right to be paid. it's unfortunate that it has come to where it is now. where babies are sleeping outside. if is unhuman, and we cannot condone that level. the best thing of all we represent the workers. >> for the first time since independence in 1980, civil servants have been paid just days before robert mugabe celebrates turning 92. they're throwing a birthday celebration that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars meanwhile people throughout the
4:45 pm
country struggle to make it through the day. >> still to come here on the news hour, sports in a moment including the very latest from wednesday's last six champions league matches. and how the boom in car numbers in china is leading to this. we'll tell you what has been done to fight the road wage epidemic.
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>> one man is on a mission to bring calm to the highways. adrian brown explains. >> just 25 years ago bicycles still outnumbered cars on beijing's roads. today the city's traffic jams are among the worst in the world and this is the consequence. road rage. many cars are now fitted with dashboard cameras capturing in often startling detail what was once would seem unthinkable. [ screaming ]
4:48 pm
>> inspired by his experiences living in britain he set up a volunteer organization to teach driving etiquette. >> i think going back to u.k. they're very good. >> so far he signed up more than 600 volunteers. sunny chung is the latest recruit. dedicated to helping build a better civic society. >> road rage, i think it has happened. because in china we have so many so many people. >> china's economy may be in the slow lane, but the number of cars on its roads continues to accelerate. government statistics show that in 2015 car ownership soared
4:49 pm
from 20 person to 120 million cars nationwide. >> the good driver logo is proudly displayed on all the drivers' cars. but if these good samaritans do see a fight they do not interfere. instead they're trained with first aid and geared with rescue gear to help drivers in distress. and he's hopeful that his volunteer group is setting an example that will be taken up nationwide. >> time for all the day's sports news now. let's go to robin. >> let's start with football. they have got their champions league coaching career off to a winning start engineering a victory over roma and the last 16 outing sacking in the
4:50 pm
57th minute. roma who are were appearing in the knock out stages for the first time since 2012 turned on the pressure in the second half. ronaldo remains the highest scorer and he's on 12. >> cruising to a 3-0 win, two of those goals in that game, but on the belgium side, they have two in the last ten minutes. 3-2 is the final score. that'lionel messi is the first player in history to reach three la liga goals. in rich form for the spanish league leaders. he scored his 300 and 301 first goals in a 3-1 victory against
4:51 pm
gijon a little earlier. barcelona extended their lead to six unbeaten in 31 games. and before the game messi was displaying incredible skill in training. and shows just why he's a five-time world player. the trick spot. after the gijon victory, they'll go against las palmas who will play next set. messi is not the only man to be known in the goal scoring department. pictures of the kick has gone viral. he'll help his team for a win, the striker has been compared to the world famous banana free
4:52 pm
kick carlos against france. he said its no fluke. he had been training hard to perfect that free kick. and another high parol high profile player signing for a fortune. the 30-year-old joins former roma forward who signed last month. well, that's the latest high profile player to make the switch during that midwinter transfer with a lucrative midwinter transfer window. it is thought it will be in the region of $735 million. it's considered paltry considering that he'll eastern $570,000 a week for the next two weeks. and they broke a chinese
4:53 pm
transfer record for $56 million move. that was the third time in ten days that the record had been broken. following jackson martin as his transfer for a fee of $46 million. that has beaten the previous record of $28.5 million. which is what was paid to chelsea for ramirez. now the big money move was the new teammate ivory coast forward jivino who made the switch from roma. and europe's governing body opening proceedings against moscow's dmitri, it comes after he pulled up his shirt to reveal a picture of vladimir putin following his team's europa match. the slogan translates to the most blight president.
4:54 pm
relations between russia and turkey soured after turkey shot down an iran jet last september. >> blatter, the fifa president returned to the organization's headquarters on tuesday. for the first time since october to attend an appeal hearing that lasted several hours. he and michel platini have been convicted, and both of them deny any wrong doing. we'll get you caught up on the latest rafael nadal won golden in beijing but he missed the 2012 london olympics because of injury. he said he'll try his very best to make it to the games in the bra stillan city in six months time. nadal is there right now with a
4:55 pm
comfortable win. >> the conditions were so heavy. so difficult to service. they have every chance to break again. and very good victory for me. i'm very happy. >> formula one winter testing gets under way in spain on the 22nd of this month. ahead of that, they'll force india with wi big challenges. one of the big sponsors is looking to sell its share in the team. one of its founders is in prison
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after paying $100 million. that was back in 2011. on the track the team enjoyed it's most successful season last year finishing the championship. and mongolia won the olympics for short speed skating. it's the first medal a mongolian athlete has won in any of the games. picking up the gold medal on wednesday. the all new event, 13 teams, they were grouped together each running 1.6 kilometers. that's it. back to julie in london. >> robin, thank you. you can find out much more on our website. we'll be updating you right there about the situation in ankara. of course, the heart of turkey's capital hit by that massive explosion earlier today. we'll be back in a couple of months with all the day's news. bye bye.
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>> retaliation after at least 28 people are killed in a bomb attack on a military vehicle in the tap calf ankara. hello there, i'm julie mcdonald. also coming up, trucks carrying aid arrived in besieged areas in syria. the u.n. said that the supplies will help nearly 100,000 people. china's accused of surface to air missiles from its islands in the china seas. >>


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