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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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homes. >> that will do it for out. i'm richelle carey. the news continues next live from london. keep it here. this is al jazeera. >> and this is the al jazeera news hour. a warm welcome for me. coming to you live from london, a look at what we will be studying in the next 60 minutes. >>less arrest the main challenger to uganda's president as they allege. syria's main kurdish armed group denied turkey's accusation that it plant add car bomb killing 28 people. u.k. prime minister is in
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brussells meeting other leaders with the future in the union in the balance. and protests in india over the arrest of a student leader spread from new dell li to other cities. hello, everyone, with the day's big sports stories for you. ahead seven matches just kicked off. return to germany to take on oxford, details coming up later in the program. coverage in this news hour stars in uganda, the main presidential candidate has been arrested on election day. he has now been released he was detain add few hours ago by police after making allegations of vote rigging.
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witnesses by our correspondent, who joins me now. malcolm, what happened what did you see? >> people from the party, the sec called us and said they leaked information that had been led to a private house in a upmarket housing area they said they surveyed it for some days and they saw vehicles coming and going, that led them to believe vote rigging was going on inside there. when they arrived they knocked on the gate. the people jumped over the back fence, and they were apprehended as they run up the road. the supporters disarmed them. and brought them also caries handcuffs and wallets after a
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stander off that lasted some time, he was arrested and ordered his men to investigate, we thans he was taken to his home, which is another suburb, and then released on twitter a member of the ruling party has said that the call center, and the spokesperson has told us they have a number of command posts. so that's their side, the people from the opposition alleged that there was a vote rigging operation going on inside this building. >> in terms of the general election as a whole, that's been the reaction, to this incident in isolation but to the whole set up. i know that the former president has said that there are concerns. >> they have said they are
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concerned about events on monday, when the forces have stopped from attending the rally police fires tear gas. they are concerned about issues regarding. and in some places names have been added. and then these things to be. to the final results of course, people will be waiting sometime for that. and still voting and apparently right now, about 15 polling stations will be open, because people failed to vote in those polling stations today following discrepancies or unrest, in a couple of locations where tear gas was fired and both.
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what about the challenges anyway, before all of this, because the current president and i understand is likely drawing to the polls to get another? the poll which is the ruling party slightly over the 50% required to win without assessing the ground. they give about 30%, and in the 70's former prime minister about 12 or 13% of the vote, but they say these polls aren't credible. they have already influenced or the people have been polled and participated in that certainly seems to be overwhelming support for the opposition, but only about 15% of the population that liver in urban areas so in will be decided by the over 85% that live in the
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villages. all sides claim they have the strongest support, but that we won't know until we get a result we deem credible a witness to the air rest of the uganda opposition leader kurdish fighters have been blamed in turkey, in which 28 people died on wednesday. he has evidence that the group was carried out by the group known as the ypg, they deny any involvement, saying they made a scapegoat to give turkey a reason to accept up it's attacks in the north of syria. elsewhere in turkey, kurdish rebels detonated a bomb in the southeast kipping six turkish soldiers. it took the government just a few hours to identify
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those -- the group for y.p.g., although it denies any involvement in the explosion. the y.p.g. in syria is a separatist group drawn mainly that has been fighting the government for decades the investigation into the attack continues. so far nine people linked have been taken into custody. and others have been. >> more and more of a concern in turkey in recent hospitals. but in october. outside the disability after a man blew himself up with a historic site popular with tourists in istanbul. all of these attacks are linked to the war in syria. turkey has been saying that
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the allies need to support it in it's fight against those that have caused terrorist, but as far as the u.s. and other western powers are concerned the y.p.g. are their ally manager the war against isil. now hay say the international community must rectify that policy. >> if they gain -- >> the p.y.d. in the north of syria, and the links with the p.k.k. we have touched upon, we have said repeatedly there's a strong lynch between them, but this will help us understand. we have been saying and sooner or later they will understand. and those that support them will be judged. >> early on thursday. it belongs to the p.k.k.? northern iraq. they have been shelling forces for weeks now as well. it wants to send in ground troops just across the border syria. so long as syria and the allies control the sky, that option appears to be off the
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table. unless nato and the partners agree to support them. continues to be at odds with that of it's allies. and that difference of opinion looks like it remain as problem. let's go down very close to the syrian border. and hear from zana. >> turkish authorities are promising to deal a blow to whether it is calling terrorist groups. now, the turkish authorities they have been at war with the pkk for several months now targeting their positions the southeast has been a battleground for months hours
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after the bombing war planes, started the p.k.k. positions in northern iraq, but the turkish military came under attack in the southeast of the country. two separate incidents one of them involving a roadside bomb leaving at least six dead. no uh, the turkish military has been shelling positions of the ypg inside syria for the past few days. the aim of that operation is prevent from further ex-nd paing taking more territory from opposition groups that turkey supports. so farther making it very clear that they intend to take more ground, that they intend to target. and we heard the government say that it is a red line, we understand that the opposition groups are receiving reinforcements so
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they are promising to put up a fight, at the moment, turkey hasn't been able to convince the western allies to conduct a ground operation, they have been trying to push for this for sometime. and a violation of international law. so the situation is tense, turkey promising to continue it a emcampaign and the ypp, but at the moment, the military action inside syria would be very difficult p over syria. . >> carries out by 14, convicted so far. >> the military base was over run by isil. is in baghdad.
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>> and pass the sentence on 16 of the men accused of the camps fight massacre, and handed down death sentences also dismissed the case against seven of the men for lack of evidence, the evidence is really the key thing that has caused a lot of controversy here in iraq. quite simply they haven't been able to see what evidence is against these men, and why they have been here for this massacre. when this occurred it was hugely controversial. when they took over, they moved into camps base and they massacred up to 1500 or up to 1700 iraqi cadets they do bury these cadets were unarmed or at least lightly armed. they are very brutal and controversial at the time, and now you speak to a lot of the people from the militias and from the iraqi army, and
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they will tell you one reason that they are fighting against isil is because of this massacre, and for that reason, this trial has been highly politically charged. now this has been going on for a year and a half. it's been adjourned and delays we have never been given a reason why it has been adjourned and delayed. we did see 24 people also convicted of the massacre, and they were sentenced to death, but they haven't been carried out yet, but it is very controversial. it's been a very politically charged trial. >> an israeli court has requests a request by a palestinian journalist to be moved to a hospital in the west bank. after he started refusing food in protest at his detention. he was arrested in november under a controversy israeli policy that allowed detention without charge or trial. a bus crash in new gahni has
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71 people dead, the bus was on a packed overnight service. in the north town of tamale, and the second largest city. coming up on the news hour the pope calls for the use of contraception and make some barbs comments about donald trump. authorities dozens of shops against the owners wishes, we have that and the sport telling you nike terminated their contract with the boxer manny pack yeah. >> britain's prime minister has said he is in his words battling for britain, as he arrives in brussells for a crucial e.u. summit.
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as he tries to return with the reform package ahead of the e.u. that can be held as soon as june. but he faces resistence from other e.u. leaders to summon his key demands including the limit on the benefits migrants claim. it will be a long night. emma hayward our correspondent, not just for the press, but for those trying to thrash this, any since of where thises to going? >> not yet, david. they are many the meeting, they have been in there for more than an hour, and we expect it to be a long night. we will occasionally get some kind of details of what is coming out of the meeting but not so far. when may arrived at lot of the leaders were making similar leaders saying they wanted the u.k. to stay in the e.u. but not at huge costs for the rest of the union. david cameron said that he wanted the best deal for britain possible.
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>> we have some important work to do today and tomorrow, and it is going to be hard. i will be battling for britain. if we can get a good deal,ly not take a deal that doesn't meet what we need. i think it is much more important to get this right, than to do anything in a rush. with goodwill, and hard work, we can get a better deal. >> once he leaves having done so much hard work he would say he is going to leave a harder job when he gets back to the u.k. i would suggest. >> yeah, really difficult job. of course he has to convince the other leaders that the plan that is on the table tonight, and tomorrow, is the right one not just for him but for the rest of the e.u. and also on issues with financial regulations. he wants the best deal possible, because in some
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ways he is stating his political reputation on this, it is part of the manifesto, to hold this. and if you look at the polls back in the u.k., it is pretty much people sitting on the fence about which they they will vote. >> not just about the country as a whole, but it has wider implications for europe and it's partners. >> being pushed further apart, what is uncertain is the european union witness
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five years he wants turkey to be a member. there's uncertainty when you walk out of the front door every morning. the first time ever, honestly told the citizens that wanted to build effectively the united states and europe, the french said no, the dutch said no, and no one doubts that any other countries would have said no too. nowhere, but nowhere across the continent, have the people said they want a political union trade and cooperation yes, but not a political union. i have been saying very very clearly, since last april that the implication of the european union was a huge mistake. they had had redesigned what the reputation was that era
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was compounded and politician have simply said that enough is enough. so with that too uncertainty, not just with the euro zone, if i was living in one of those countries and i had seen what had happened on new year's eve, where 1,000 men in full publish view, were pesters and molesting women openly many the street, i would say to myself, goodness me, i want to protect my country against this. so don't be surprise if the actions are not followed by several others. >> good fences make good neighbors and there are 200
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countries in the world. that make their own laws who control their own borders and decide who can come and live and work in settling their country. that is normality. speaking different languages to live and work and wreath together both economic or dealing with migrants. it is never going to work. and we the british have the honor, perhaps, of beginning the end of it. it is my country, in the united kingdom, and indeed my own family, where french propertity stands massacred 300 years ago, and came to britain. we have a wave of jewish migration, britain has the best record of anybody doing this. you need to define what a refugee is. and what they have done is broadens that definition to
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say that it is anybody displaced by war. the united nations says that currently, 59 million people, globally, displaced by war. europe cannot cope with countless numbers it needs to redefine who a refugee is. a refugee is an individual in direct fear of persecution because of their religion, faith, or beliefs. pope francis women who are threatened by the zika virus could perhaps use contraception. the pope was talking on a flight back to rome. expressing his views about the u.s. hopeful donald trump saying he is not christian. and added that his views on immigration wanting to build a wall with mexico simply are not christian. at the end of the day, a
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human being is a political animal. well, maybe,ly leave that up to your judgement. on things about making walls again and again, and not making bridges is not a christian. >> joining us live from washington, forthright statements from the pope on the plane, and retaliation from mr. trump. >> indeed, it wasn't the pope just speaking out of the blue, we have to back up and help to understand that in fact he was responding to statements that were made by donald trump in p advance of the visit to mexico. in fact, it's not surprising that we have heard prime minister the pope weighing in on political issues he is a political person, he has in fact even spoken to a session of the u.s. congress. so he has weighed into issues before, and he was in those comments responding to statements that were made by donald trump. basically saying donald trump
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said the pope is a political person, more importantly what he said is he doesn't understand the complexities of the issues between the united states and mexico. that he doesn't understand in donald trump words the dangers of an open border between the united states and mexico. and that is what prompted the statements by the pope. saying that donald trump is not a good christian. but he went further to really address the point that he has been making on the campaign trail for some time, not just saying there could be increased deportations but also there should be a wall that should be built up along the border between the united states and mexico, and even calling immigrants illegal immigrants to the united states criminal, and rapists. well, not to be outdone, donald trump responded to those statements by the pope once again. the pope is being doled that donald trump. donald trump is a very nice person. and i am a very nice person. and i am a very good christian. because the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't
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christian. okay. and he is questionable my faith. i was very surprised to see it, but i am a christian. and proud of it. for religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i am proud to be a christian. and as president i will not allow chestianty to be consistly attacks and weakened unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> the question now is whether or not this will have an impact, very public spat between donald trump who is the republican front runner and the pope who spokes on behalf of hundreds of thousands of catholics around the world, whether or not this spat will have an impact on a very important and presidential nominating contest that is comings up this weekend, in south carolina, donald trump is leading there, and i have to tell you after covering u.s. politics for 34 years i don't think that this will have an impact even though mrs. a very large number of
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evangelical or devout christians and also in nevada where there's also another important contest coming up. the people that seem to be attracted to donald trump as a potential president are valued voters, certainly christianity is one thing that impacts their decision. but they also care about foreign policy, economic issues so if i had to sort of put bets on this, i would say well this will be cause for pause with many here in the united states is not going to have a significant impact on the upcoming nominee. >> never the less, it is all adds spice to a very strange call for politics at the moment. kimberly, thank you. one of the main things of this year's berlin film festival is the search for security and a better life. on thursday, hosting a special screening one high profile film but it's directors will not be there. they are all children who live in refugee camps in the middle east. nadine barber explains.
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strictly speaking it is not a documentary, but as close as you can get to experiencing this refugee camp without traveling to the border. life on the border was timed by eight children living in camps in syria and iraq. after fleeing war and isil attacks. the group of film makers camerashem to use cameras and help them script scenes. some of the stories that emerged were too traumatic to show. some of the kids you wanted to make to give them the camera to talk about this stuff. so we didn't want to tell them to shoot this story what is happening.
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it is what is happening to them. >> the movie does feature harrowing scenes, like where 13-year-old co director and his sister return to the bombed out town looking for their parents home. >> but there are lighter moments too when they get to see a hollywood blockbuster. now their own fill system getting a special screening at the berlin. >> it goes against our regulations we don't screen film made by children, and a lot of films worldwide, but this was so strong, and of course the theme is so strong, and what is coming out of this film is so strong, and necessary, we do need to show that here in berlin. so we create add platform for it. >> the experience was an
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intense one for all involved and for one member of the team, it is led to death threats. he is now seeking asylum in germany. >> i had to leave iraq, i went to tushky and then on to greece by boat, and now i am in germany, as a film maker it is hard for me doing that great work ever, and then being forced to leave my country. the issue hassing with a lot more controversial since the country took on 1 million refugees. this year's fill. festival is providing a reminder of the kind of conditions many of those refugees have left behow about. nadine barber berlin. >> coming up how the barack obama plans to make history in cuba next month. as the country heads to election, and in sport. china's new million million dollar signing report.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world.
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>> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target. >> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
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the parliamentary election is detains by police for a few hours after he claimed to uncover a vote rigging scam. turkey says syrian rebels were behind wednesday's bomb attack. killed there's 20 ate. the group known as the ypg says that is not the case. the u.k. prime minister says he is battling for britain that could determine the nation's membership of the european union. the economy is center stage at the political debate as the country getting ready for a new president. despite the rich reserve of natural resources. al jazeera in the capitol the
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accounts is his main income source. if he is lucky today he will sell enough to feed his family. o. to return frustrated. >> the second priority with pesticides and fertilizers. >> more than 80% of the population depends uneases sis tense. the political instability have severely effected people's livelihoods. >> it is the fourth largest producer in the world. and this has joined the clutch of oil rich nations
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with rereceivers estimated a lot more than 1 billion barrels. but the opposition says all these riches are being wasted from incompetence. >> we were on the right path to fix this country's problems but the unfortunate military coup of 2010 brought that effort to an end. the current policies discouraging growth, bad governance is at the root of the problem. >> the government says it has achieved record growth. >> we have roads and achieved 6% growth rate for the five years. we have never done such growth rate. the politicians will tell you this elect is about democracy, security, stability, and they woulds also mention economy what is really -- they cannot happen.
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they are effect i for decades because offer remember nows policies now they want that to change. >> according to this local miner, political change is necessary. >> democracies deception relying only on themselves. >> is one of tens of thousands that venture to the desserts in search of gold. in a part of the country where they have all life over ground, they are digging for at terntives. al jazeera. >> taliban fighters have killed at least nine members of the security forces in two attacks. the attacks were almost simultaneous, and the police chien point, and the solar powered in the district.
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is home to al quaida. started at a new dell li university this week, when two other parts of india. he was attacked by lawyers as he arrived at court on wednesday. this from new delhi. >> people from all walks of live have joined this protest. we of course have the university student, not just in our university, but from universities across the state. they are also professionals activists and the average citizen that say they are worried about the events that have taken place. at the heart of this, he is still in detention. many of the people are shouting to free him, they are saying we are friends but other people we have spoke to
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say this is more than just an issue about free speech, and a growing intolerance under this government. >> to think that it is a student that can just pick up uh. and he can be branded and slapped with charges that follow a life sentence. they are letting them do whatever they feel like, and so entrenched. >> the custody and he will remain in jail until march the second, his appeal will be heard by the court. he was arrested last week at his university for allegedly holding an event in which anti-slogans were used. saying he denied the charges and that he has faith in many the constitution of india. >> what is the bigger
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picture? >> . >> the raises larger questions of civil rights. so that obviously brought many the opposition party against the prime minister. so it's turning out to be a snowballing of events which is bringing back memories to some of the emergency room by prime minister in the 1975,
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and suspended. so it is a one bitten twice shy kind of a mood. >> so is that likely that his cohorts in the government will take on an issue such as this to repress free speech? >> it doesn't seem so at the higher levels because they are restrained in the speech but significant evidence that the people that have indulged in violence have been part of groups reporting the ruling party. and that is coming out of social media as well. so videos are being circulated some of them said to be doctored so it is getting very you cannily if you ask me. >> what about the nationalist pensions of the party here. because the original protest was about somebody who the student leader felt shouldn't have been executed for having part of a bombing campaign in
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india. so is it -- one of the two schools of thought here? >> and even learning taboo subjects in this. one school of thought. the other one says you have to draw a line somewhere. and national unity is not negotiable and allowing university campuses to be a forum to discuss separatist ideas is going to sow the wrong seeds in the country. ten that's the right wing, and that is being taken at the street level to be something more than a debate into ugly protests that have violence, and that's what makes it very worries. >> thank you, complicated subject woe appreciate you giving us incite. thank you. >> barack obama will be the first u.s. president in nearly 90 years. he is going to go there late in march.
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between the two nations. the trips been criticized by some, among them presidential candidates that believe that obama should not visit until the family is no longer in power. too many catholics have been sentenced to at least two years in jail for what is known as national pride and honor. in an unpublished book on facebook and it is a ruling which has alarmed observers. >> from kazakhstan, they have more. >> they have an identity, is value to bring up the art. requesting something familiar, whether his works are inspired the rev remembers orris kay depends on one's opinion. and the opinion really matters in today's
1:42 pm
kazakhstan. >> anyone can get offended and try to take me to court, and get it depending on the way it is going. yes, such dangerous times we live in now. >> last month, two men were handed jail sentences, for posting excerpts on facebook from material which allegedly offended national pride and honor. >> since 2012, dozens have been prosecuted for incitement, among them environmental activists. and this blogger, who said that kazakhstan should be part of russia. many cases were filed under article 174 of kazakhstan's criminal code. >> article 174, criminalizes actions that incite social national tribal racial cross or religious hatred. or that insults the national dignity or honor, or religious feelings of
1:43 pm
citizens, they say that's evade the definition, open to interpretation. and abuse. >> rights groups warn that anyone can be a target. >> there are a lot of gaps in the war, a lot of ignorance, very little tolerance among the population as a whole. very little culture of discussion. prosecutions are justified said the government, when kazakhstan's diverse population and it's sovereignty are threatened. >> it is in central europe. within society. enter ethnic harmony, this is one of the most important values there is kazakhstan occupied an uncomfortable vacuum, metener europe or asia, between two super power neighbors as he sees it.
1:44 pm
>> i don't want to harm the image, i don't want to offend my own people. >> but he believes that art should have no red lines, certainly not thin ones between self-expression. al jazeera. >> there's been a demonstration. what are calling the light the reference to an art in the 1930's and it has been used to describe the bulldozing of dozens of buildings by city officials. they have the rise to happen. lori has that story. >> a memorial wreath layed on thursday. the country's constitution, and dealt a serious blow according to this opposition politician.
1:45 pm
>> . >> they tell you to get out,. >> early one morning last week, bulldozers moved around 100 buildings across the capitol. >> they were ugly, and didn't have the right documents. but owners say they proved time and time again, to have the legal right to be there. >> and constitution is the main law of the russian federation. now any official wipes his boots on the constitution, any official without a legal court decision called up documents useless scraps of people, it is very wrong when someone can slander anyone, and based on that take property away from you, it is scary when this happens. >> the mayor's office has been trying to tidy up for several years. piece by piece, the legacy
1:46 pm
that the chaotic law less 1990's is being raised. opponents say this is as much as about corruption as it is about urban regeneration. but the city insists it is doing everything by the book. >> first of all, the decision was made according to law, secondly, we are creating open spaces. we are opening the entrances to the underground stations. for people to walk out obstruction, we are fixing safety issues, we are removing structures to allow free access in case of emergencies. >> there is little word prime minister the authorities in a time of economic crisis. and the owners are unlikely to see any compensation. >> no one is really arguing that the buildings which stood in sights like this, were particularly attractive, and maybe the city will actually be better with them
1:47 pm
gone. but that's not really the point. the point is whether russia is a country which supports and encouraging small businesses, and whether any owner can really feel safe that a bulldozer won't come smashing through. al jazeera. who lost two children age eight and three, this is their story. i lost my parents the two children in the tsunami. the children grew up here and there's so many memories of them in the house. they had been alive, i would have demolished right away. and i would have moved
1:48 pm
somewhere completely different to build a new house. but for me this is the only place that i lived with my children. it is hard for me to see the ocean. even if the someone is rising over it beautifully. >> it made me think that the ocean took my family away. i found my daughter's body, they were everything to me. if i had been able to find her, i would have hugged him, apologized to him, and ended my life there. about a year later i realized that he did not come back to me so that he could keep me alive. >> today i have my wife and my daughter. so i do not think about committing suicide. but as a parent, it is our most important job to protect
1:49 pm
the children. it is the feeling when my heart finally looks up that will be the sign of recovery. >> we have former world number one.
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much.vid foster thank you so europea league takes into stage, at the last 32 stage midway through the first batch of first leg procedure injured himself, limped off the pitch, he has been replaced by sergio romero of the united that's 1-1. 1-nil after this stage. selected pictures tortman, 111 and arguably these stand up ties. the city is high fliers who are coming second in the
1:52 pm
premier league. noel they are leading 1-nil at the moment. >> and the game is going to look forward to in a little over an hour from now. and top to germany, where they would be without services due to injury. and the knock out stages of the top group. two wins and four draws from this. >> it seems absolutely the competition that they want to play to full potential. you have to start with that. but we want that too. it is not only figuratively but the sunshine is not shining every day in liverpool. we also had results that didn't make us walk around with smile on our faces but we have accepted all those competitions prime minister the beginning, it was important for us to go as far as possible. i hope they can see that with us. >> china's big money have reported for duty for the first time.
1:53 pm
the brazillian and the former chelsea man is involved in record transfers to the chinese super league. linked up with the new team. the club transferred the record twice in the space of ten days ramirez. >> and the services were quite 66 millions dollar week. >> less than a week's time. not playing in australia, play against a few teams. they won the asian champions league. be they have not expectations and part of it.
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>> the captain president instead of meeting on wednesday. the members to support instead of jordan. five are running for the president and that takes place next week in zurich. former i.a.a.f. president has been questioned by police in allegations of money laundering and corruption. a former marketing consultant at the world athletic governing body. soon here in these images in white, is wanted by interpoll after his involvement in a bribery case involving a russian athlete, and covering up of positive doping tests. senegal says it won't extradite him. jack could be arrested if he leaves his home country. he is also the subject of a corruption investigation. >> the contract with boxer
1:55 pm
manny pacquiao over comments he made about homosexuality. it has a history of supporting the lgbt community. world time championship will fight bradley in april, and running for a seat in the philippine senate as well in may's elections. i sponsor the fight, and our contractors ended apart from sponsoring the boxing. >> top seed has been knocked out of the champions the secten round match, lasted nearly two hours. former world number one, winning in straight sets. 7-6, 6-2 here. supported by manchester united infielder. >> in the coming hours world number one jordan spieth will go head to head once again at
1:56 pm
this week's northern open taking place in california. this week, will it be placed as world number two, this actually isn't playing at this event. will it be the first time the northern ironmen has competed at the country club. and it is his first event of the season. you know it is great to be able to play week in and week out against some of the best in the world. the best is right there, and over the next few weeks i think we will see that happen here. and then obviously as we move into florida. >> the lead up to the first round of the championship taking place in kuala lumpur. the first round seven under par 64, former winner, and 2010 open champion. just three shots behind at the royal golf club, and also a good day for the former world number one.
1:57 pm
take a look at these, you wouldn't want to live here, an awe centrallian town, that is tumble weed, it is a wild tumble weed. and it is all of the homes in a little town. melvin and sidney, the winds blow it in the situation got worst and worst, not looking after his field is blamed for it all, and the local council says it can do nothing. >> we have a table and eight chairs. and a few plants. >> i spent eight hours yesterday cleaning up the tumble weeds. >> and this is what i have today. >> lead along thank you for watching the news hour.
1:58 pm
bye bye for now. >>
1:59 pm
>> what in god's name makes you think that you can handle stress, anxiety, depression... post-traumatic stress? >> the closest i got was sitting in my truck, gun in hand. >> who will save america's heroes? >> i wish he'd been able to talk to somebody. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status? >> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change.
2:00 pm
dan da's arrest you by claims of fraud. >> live from london also ahead. >> with britain's future in the e.u. in the balance.


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