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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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christian cedsen shall. >> person who thinks only of building walls whenever they may be questioning trumps religious beliefs. >> for a religious leader. >> controversial trip. president obama announced he
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will trab to cuba and the critics are lining up. >> missed in europe. thousands disappeared. they are falling pray to human traffickers. fighting for free speech. thousands take to the streets in india after questioning his country's leadership i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. pope francis called into question the fate of republican presidential candidate donald trump. on a flight back to roam from mexico, he said that proposing a wall was not christian.
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he was asked because he is pope francis did not understand problems at the mexican border, and that preceded lis visit to the border. now we have the race to the white house, trump opponents arrived to responds. patricia sabga reports. >> travelling home from mexico, we call for compassion. pope francis took aim at republican hopeful donald trump, over the candidate's plan to build a wall to keep the legal immigrants out of the united states. the man is not a christian, if that is what he says. >> known for turning the other cheek, trump pulled no punches. for a religious leader to question a person's faith is
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disgrace: i.s.i.s.'s ultimate trophy, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed trump was president. with two days before the campaign. trump smack down with the holy seer left some bobbing and weaving. >> i love the pope. i don't think it's the whole quote. >> i'd like to see the holy father's whole statement before i comment. >> some trump supporters say the fracas works in his blmp. >> because the people love the fact that what you see is what you get. he is a man who is bold enough to say what millions of americans whisper in private.
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>> the pope, a poll released ahead of his visit to the united states in july suggested only 45% of conservatives viewed it favourably. a 27% drop. >> the pope heard one side of the story. trump blamed officials. it left no doubt about willingness to tackle critics in cluing those with the holiest of intentions. pope francis may hope the door for catholics to use contraception. >> avoiding pregnancy is not an evil said the pope, and certain cases bay warrant a clear example. the catholic surgeon announced
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it policy changes between the u.s. and cuba. next month they'll see what the normalization of relations brought on the island. as mike viqueira reports, years have come and gone since the last time a sitting u.s. president visited cuba. >> the president has laid the count work for the trip: early thursday, it was made official by this trip. i'll travel to cuba, in an effort to improve the lives of people. abdel fatah fayed, president obama alongside. president obama looking forward to it. it will be the first time since a sitting u.s. president has visited. it was a deal agreed to in secret talks, and after a
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handchaining with cuban president at an international summit in panama. all leading to these moments. when embassies were reopened in washington and havana, bringing diplomatic relations for the first time in years. the trip is part of an effort to force the kavert roe regime to release its grip. we can engage and raise these images. >> the white house has no plans to meet with brother fiddle, citing a lack of time. since news broke, attacked the president over his planned visit. >> the president ought instead by pushing for free cuba, and to
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go there and acts as an apologist. >> reporter: opponents say the number of dissident arrests in cuba has gone up not down. while the white house perceives the regime has not moved swiftly with reforms. they have 54 years to work. failing to change anything. >> it's greater connectivity to the states and the community. it will be to the ben vit of the human people. >> the white house will see it's a condition of the trip. the meetings with dissidents will go forward. the president and first lady will be there march 211st and 22nd
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christopher, an adjunct professor at a school in affairs and founder of >> how significant is the visit going to be in moving forward in the u.s. relations. obama said that he would xt tend a hand to tick sitters. there's a lot of symbolism. it's been over 90 years. >> is this about what deputy national security ben rhodes said today, making normalization with cuba irreversible. >> i think that's part of it, he
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wants to set the policy part of what you saw, that would make it also very difficult for the president to roll it back. i mean, talking and going back to the airports. a large part of this is trying to basically, to say there'll be a change in cuba i think he's trying to be a little more forward leaning. >> he was criticized when he normalized relations because he didn't get a guarantee of improving human rights. will it be a repeat now. if he goes and doesn't come out with commit: we have seen arrests of disgents are almost at highs.
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>> supposedly there are some elements opinion the deal. a visit by the international committee from the red cross. certainly the red cross - why he's going out now, i don't know. maybe there's something in the works. i find it hard to believe that they anows it in the middle of a presidential meeting. >> and critics are pounce, senator rubio saying you'll send a message to oppressed cuban people that you will stand with oppressors. do you think that is how it will be seep or will the underpliping of government, calling the united states the enemy. they also claimed that all the economic woes, balks of the embargo, could that be undermined. >> it is well met by the cuban people. if you talked to cuban people.
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they have done some polls, as well as you can do a demonstration. 9% of cubans are in favour of changes that president obama brought. most will see this not as an indoorsment or housekeeping approval. they have close ties to the united states, this is it speaking to them. >> a well-known cuban blogger wrote a powerful letter, saying they need to send a clear message to the youths who are desperate that material and misery surrounding them is not the responsibility of the white house, but instead of those who live in the area. do you think this message went across. >> i think it will. president obama said he will meet with dissidents. the government says no, you are not going to.
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if he met with dissidents. it will be a travesty of a trip. >> if he doesn't meet with castro, that is expected. >> he's get up up in years. >> there's not much time. there's not much traffic in havana. >> yes. by most accounts fidel is beginning to - also there are signs of alzheimer's. >> do you think it's about not having a photo op >> i think it's both. >> i don't think the ruling class in cuba wants it, because president obama recognises that castro is beginning to lose his marbles. >> we'll see if this leads to a change. >> united nations planning its first air drops in syria in one town. the town of deer alzor is
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surrounded by i.s.i.l. there's no way in except by air. 2,000 are sieged. relief truck drove to other towns. turkey at no time was retaliating against those it holds responsible for the used bombing. within hours of the blast, the planes struck kurdish positions in northern iraq. we have this report from turkey's capital. >> reporter: it took the turkish government hours to identify those it believed carried out the deadly bomb attack. they are blaming the syrian based armed group. it denies involvement in the explosion. the y.p.g. in syria is an offering of the p.k.k., a group from turkey. the investigation into the attack continues. so far nine people related to the ankara bombing have been
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taken into custody. others have been identified. there'll be other arrests in due course. that's all the information i can give in detail. >> security is a concern in turkey. in october. the bomb attack killed close to 100 people outside the train station and capital avingara. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility after a man blew himself up at an historic site popular with tourists. all are linked to the war in syria. turkey said that its allies need to support it. as far as the u.s. and others are concerned. y.p.g. are allies in war. now the international community must rectify the policy. >> the pyg and y.p.g. and the links with p.k.k. in turkey we touched on, there's a struggling
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between them. the attack will help our allies, we said that sooner or later or allies will understand. if there's evidence one day that they are a terrorist organisation, those that support them will be judged. they bombed planes and targets. ankara has been shelling forces inside syria for weeks. so long as syria and allies coil the skies, options are off the table. with the attack comes increased anger from turkey. the government feels it's letted done by u.s. and n.a.t.o. the latest attack could result in justification to send others across the border. the groups continue to be at ads
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with that of allies. the difference of opinion looks likely to be be a problem nosh explosion, this one -- another explosion, this one claiming the life of a child. the video is graphic. posted online by the white helle the activists. according to reports, this happened as reporters respondeded to another explosion? a. ment duma revolution said in addition to the death, dozens were wounded and the attack was carried out by syrian forces. >> tragic fall out from the refugee crisis. >> 10 those children are
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missing. they they may have fallen victory. >> it could be russia's version of eminent domain. businesses seized and property. all without a court order.
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in contest, the concern over lost children in europe. as many as 10,000 unaccompanied children vanished, feeling some may have been exploited and
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force said into slavery. we have a report on the search for unaccompanied minors in sweden. >> in sweden's capital you see it all over, as much marge inns of stock hole. they say unaccompanied minors are running from the system, hiding in plain sight. for three days attempts we made to interview the children were greeted with fear. others were greeted with keptism and hostility. by night police watch out for them. by day social workers look out for them. >> i can't understand some of them. they try to avoid us. this is a way for us to offer
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support. >> this woman works with chin and is aballed by hoy they are treated. she said the risk is higher for more to fall into the hands of gangs and traffickers. >> it's a legal limbo, where they have no future. they can't make sense of life. i say in the system that eventually it will expel you, what is the point of that. a load choose to leave. tens of thousands ever minors arrived in sweden. the issue of what to do with them is controversial at the time, and ain't immigration sentiment is growing. the interior minister acknowledges how difficult it will be. >> it's easy for children
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because there's a chartser of human rights, so we don't dale children. we have to deal with different children, resourcesway ways. some should be faced in locked facilities, like this outside of stock hole. the 18-year-old moroccan thought life would get better when we arrived, and was placed in a refugee camp. >> translation: i was in school and learnt a lot of speedish. twice he appealed the decision. he ran off. any crime, he tells me is the
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only way to make ends meet. they are writing in the papers that more okay job kids are criminals. they are doing it to survive. >> reporter: words echoed by others on the streets. kids and teenagers in stockholm out of options, have no idea where they should go, even though they try to keep going the secretary-general of missing chin europe joins us from brussels, good to have you with us. europa poll says 10,000 migrant and refugee kids vanished after being registered for 18-24 month. i know the rhetoric is that they could operate gangs, is there a whens -- sense of how many is
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missing. >> registration is difficult. s there's difficulty knowing home went missing, and how many are are. >> thousands are arriving unaccompanied. >> absolutely. >> some may have moved on and joined families. the reality is the problem could be understatement, because it focuses on kids that register. and smuggling rings are connected to human traffickers. >> absolutely. and from the data, we see that some of these children would go missing from reception centers, because they have a migration path in minds. some may be okay. they may have joined families.
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some would go missing because of pre-arranged meetings. some of the children. >> i venture to say it would be a major scandal on the front page of every newspaper. is enough done to find the sids. there are gaps. they are accord mating everyone where we see little amounts of gas is trained in responding to the experience of children. there's a lock of assessment of children going missing, there's a lack of understanding of what procedure and wuls are to follow. and there is a lack of
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cooperation across international borders. the question is why. i know that international organization is call on the e.u. to put resources into finding children. they said that this was shocking, not surprising. why wasn't more done to prevent this. is europe overwhelmed. we new that children went missing. and efforts have been scaled to deal with the issue, and efforts have been given where you see there's more interagency koch operations. how they can create a safety net. so the children can see what they are entitled to. a huge amount of work needs to be put into training professionals, informing
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children of their own rights and how they can be protected. i think we have a huge responsibility within europe to deal with the issue and cues the tools when they go missing. >> they are tapped into when accompanying it. are you hopeful that things will get better? >> i see that they have an interest. the e.u. agenda problem. and quoted that they wanted to do more work on the vulnerable. a huge amount is needed to make sure we prevent children going missing, and children are responded to. children first migrants later. >> good of you to draw attention to an important story, thank you. >> thank you very much coming up, the u.s. flexes
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its muscles in a show of force meant for-north korean president kim jong un. >> and outrage after a rare dolphin dies after beach-goers pass it around to take selfies.
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welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm antonio mora, in
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this half hour of international new, a u.s. show of pores meant for the north korean government. first a look at stories making headlines across the u.s. . >> in california, a gas leak heeled. companies added about 4,000 checks to reimburse residents. robert is accused of a single misdemeanour out of violating the clean water act. it's likely to be the final act suspended from the spill a video of a helicopter crash. and the civil yab aircraft that went down. five people were on board. one of them critically injured. it's not known what went wrong. went wrong.
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anxiouses are designed to each -- sanctions are designed to designed to the show of force came after the u.s. and south korea begin reports about deploying a missile system in the region. as jacob ward explains, the system is designed to bring down a missile with another message. >> that'd stands for terminal high altitude defense. it has three starts. a series of radar units. a launcher that fires an interceptor, which is a big stick. the whole idea revolves around
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the word terminal. a missile traves in ab oshing. the top of its flight - it enters the phase, where it is falling without propologies, that is when the system seeks to intercept the missile. striking and destroying it before the war head. this system used to be used, it is complicated. it's like hitting a rock with another. the technology is reliable. israeli iron dome system helped small improvise said systems. it tracks and destroys them. that are to that'd. that is -- thad uses. it is automated. you have 90 seconds. it's supposedly tremendously effective. over 1,000 interceptions that came online, and 90% success
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rate. thad has been surks cess: a -- success: a thad system on the korean peninsula is one that is politically complicated. it has a range of 600 miles or 960km, and the radar may cover 1800 miles. it makes china hostile to the inside of installing it. giving them a.b.c. to big areas of china. maybe it would be accept table if it was just that.
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but south korea would coe own the system. it could be effective, but could create a new doengs level of tension with china. >> demand air travel in the asia pacific region is at its highest level. it is expanding rapidly. but ifs happening too fast and is a concern. scott heidler reports from singapore. >> one out of every three airline passengers in the world took off or landed in the asia pacific region. growing middle classes and new markets are pushing numbers up. last year the number of passengers grew 8% more than anywhere else in the world. a demand for more flights. industry leaders say if governments are focused on standards, there's no reason
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growth should come at the expense of safety. after the regulator downgraded the rating, that is more in focus than ever. >> there's wake up calls around where the united states downgraded thailand. it's causing airlines to rethink how they operate. thai airways it in the middle of instructing. it may make it work in the longer term. >> while we we keep having the police, the cost base. the growth has about so rapid.
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there's concern assist not keeping pace. training is done by airlines while the demand is increasing the challenge is to fades the markets. for the go. . to make sure that safety standards do not slide, as the industry demands busier airports. figures say the last five years have been safer than the previous side.
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the top opposition member in you gonna's election was arrested. he was detained after voting fraud charges were checked. he was not charged. the government shutdown the site siting concerns during voting plagued by delays and clashes. uganda's president has been in power for 30 years. european neighbours threatsened to leave the e.u. david cameron wants concessions for europe after a drain on the u.k.'s budget. >> talks in brussels have been taking place since the middle of friday. a lot of hours and talks. they are not going well as david cameron and others would have wanted them to do.
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it's not surprising. for the opposition for the measures that they wants to put forward. we have important work to do today and tomorrow. system be hard. i'll battle for britain. if we can get a good deal i'll take the deal. i will not take a deal. it's important to get it right than to do anything. david cameron promised an in or out render um many can't believe it's as early. he wants to present a good deal emma heyward reporting from brussels. a biby dolphin -- baby dowl fin
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died after beach goes passed it around to take pictures. the young dolphin was taken out of the water. the crowd formedz and people took pictures and passed it around. the dolphin die after becoming dehydrated. they are listed as vulnerable on the list of the threatened species. in russia, many protested. the the structures were illegal, but the owners insist he they had a right to be there. >> reporter: a memorial reith. the mayor flouted the constitution, dealt a blow to entrepreneurship there. >> tomorrow they will not come to businessmen.
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early one morning last week bull goesst dozer bulldozed hundreds of building. small shops centers. all pulverized. they didn't have the right document. they proved time and again they had the right to be there. the constitution is the main matter of the russian federation. any without a court decision causing them to scrap paper, it's wrong when someone can slander anyone. it's scary when it happens. the mayors has been trying to tidy you have areas.
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omonth say found it was as much about regeneration. first of all, the decision was made according to law. secondly, we are creating open spaces. they are opening the res accidents. they are walking without obstruction. we are allowing free a.b.c. in case of emergency. there has been little word. and the owners are likely to see any compensation. no one is arguing. maybe the city will be better with it gone. that's not the point. the point is whether it will
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encourage other business persists. and whether an owner can feel safe. nike cut dies with manny pacquiao after he made a disparaging results about gays. he concluded gays are worse than animals. nike called that comment abhorrent. pacquiao has since apologised. >> the arrest of a college opportunity in india raised questions about the country's commitment to free speech public outcry next. and eight children given cameras to film lives in syrian refugee camps, how the move is the talk of the berlin film festival.
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we have two stories showing outrage over government attempts to control freedom of speech, one in kazakhstan, where two men were sentenced to prison for facebook posts. more on that in a moment. first to new delhi, thousands took to the streets demanding the release of a student gaoled for making anti-indian remarks at a college rally
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a chance of solidarity at a university where this student was arrested. students from universities across the city, activists and the public joined the march. posters declared that it was a bigger issue than one student. >> it is happening everywhere. and the kind of mob justice that is unleashed is frightening. this is our basic right. we question everything. it does not mean that we are anti-national. >> they made their way through the city, with more chances and posters. this man was arrested on friday, accused of holding an event in
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which slogans were used. >> it's a huge show of support. it's an issue dividing the country. the significant part of the population means that it is not a crackdown on dissent. and the government is doing its duty to safeguard the nation. >> it's a sentiment popular with right wing organizations. >> anyone who is alleging the sovereignty of the country. all over the world, to take it through the country. >> the law is left over from colonial times, used to detain several figures. applying it today is controversial. it it right to put it on for
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every issue. this obviously needs to be motivated. re a clearer understanding of nationalism. protesters say event of the past week highlight growing tolerance and room for debate is shrinking. >> activists and artists in kazakhstan deal with similar issues. two critics of the government were gaoled on charges of incitement over postings on facebook. al jazeera's robert forest ear worker has more. >> exploring kazakh identity is central to the art. recasting something familiar with a sacred nomadic symbol. whether the works are inspired, irreverent or risque depends on opinion, and opinion matters in today's kazakhstan. >> anyone could bet offended and
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get me convicted depending on the way the wind is blowing. such dangerous times we live in. >> last month two were handed gaol sentences posting exerts on facebook. since 2012 dozens have been under investigation for incitement. among them this blogger that said kazakhstan should be part of russia. many cases were filed. article 174 criminalizes actions in citing social, national, tribal racial, class or religious hatred or insults dignity or honour or religious feelings. critics say it's too vague a definition. open top interpretation.
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>> mixed groups warn anyone can be a target. >> there are a lot of gaps in the law. there's little tolerance among the population. very little cultured discussion. >> prosecutions justified said the government when kazakhstan diverts population, and sovereignty is threatened. >> know that kazakhstan is very different region, and for us stability within society and ethnic harmony, this is one. most important values. kazakhstan occupies an uncomfortable vacuum between two superpower neighbours. >> i don't want to harm the image of kaz aqis stan.
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i -- kazakhstan i don't want to offend my people. >> reporter: he believes art should have no lines, certainly between expression and sedition now, in our global view segment. a look at how news outlets are reacting. the african union's arguments that the international criminal court targets afghan world are unfair. the paper says that internationally recognised areas required to hand down justice. and concludes: sweden's paper: countries are
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limiting the refugee intake. the paper is the e.u.'s access to funds. and countries can't reap the benefits without paying their dues. the moscow times talks about how little trust and willingness there is to engage in action among the major players. it lambened that all sides disagree on what to do and russia and the west are verging on an arms race rather than working together. >> the berlin film festival is hosting a film where directors are not attending. they are children living in the
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middle east. >> reporter: strictly speaking, it's not a documentary. but it's probably as close as you can get to experiencing the refugee camp without travelling to the turkish syrian border. life on the border was fixed by -- was filmed by eight children living in syria and iraq in camps after fleeing the war and isil attacks. a group of filmed makers talking to the cameras. and some of the stories that they learnt were too traumatic to show. >> some of the things, we wanted to give them camera to talk about themselves. we want them to show this story, what's happened. it two times happened to them.
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>> it goes against regulations, >> reporter: the movie features harrowing scenes like where the director and his sister return to kobani looking for their parents home. but there are light elements too, like when they see a hollywood blockbuster. now the children's form is -- film is getting a special screening. >> it goes against regulations, we don't screen films made by children. there are lots of films worldwide by younger people. but this was so strong, and the theme is so strong, and what is coming out is so strong. and we need to show it in berlin, and created a platform for it. >> the experience was an intense one.
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for one member he is seeking assylum in germany. >> i believe kurdistan, i went to turkey and greece by boat. it's hard for me to do the work. >> reporter: the issue has become hot since taking in a million refugees, with gyms like "life on the border, the film festival is providing a reminder of continues many have left behind olympic organizers are offering a drones eye view of the rio de janeiro facilities, trying to drum up interest in the games since the zika scare and concerns about pollution. 10,500 athletes will compete in the first olympic games held in latin america.
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the opening ceremony is in august 5th. >> panic has taken over a town in south-east australia. not to worry, it's tumble weed known as panic. the dry grass completely covered homes. when the weed is removed. it comes back. harry panic poses no health threat and is not considered a fire risk. the tumble weed has been around but bright conditions made it the worst that's is for this edition of international news hour. in the next hour, the crews plugged the neither an gas leak in southern california, and the process to normal begins. i'll be back with more news in 2 minutes.
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good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america a person that thinks only about building walls wherever they may be are not christians. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful donald trump disputes that pope francis could hur his campaign. >> town hall meeting to connect with voters history made with one tweet. president obama confirms he's going to cuba. he hopes the trip will help the


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