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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america a person that thinks only about building walls wherever they may be are not christians. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful donald trump disputes that pope francis could hur his campaign. >> town hall meeting to connect with voters history made with one tweet. president obama confirms he's going to cuba. he hopes the trip will help the
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island. and app connection with a shooter in the san bernardino attack. >> pope francis stole the spotlight in the american presidential campaign, saying that donald trump'sed in of building a wall on the mexican boarder was not christian. that drew angry response and reactions from others. patricia sabga has more. >> reporter: criticism of the highest order, travelling home where he called for immigrants, pope francis took aim at the presidential hope: over the plan to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the united states. >> this man is not a christian, if that is what he said. not known for turning the other
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cheek. trump pulled no punches with the pontiff. >> for a religious leader to question a push's faith is disgrace. if and when the vatican is attacked bid i.s.i.s., which everyone knows is i.s.i.s.'s ultimate trophy, i can promise you the pope would have wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> with two days left before the primary, a trump smack down left some rivals bobbing and weaving. >> first of all. i love the pope. i don't think it's the whole quote. >> i don't believe you question anyone's christianity. >> some pump supporters say the frak us will work in his favour. >> because of that, what you see
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is what you get. they are bold enough to say publicly what millions of americans whisper privately. >> reporter: the pope's stand was before, and a visit last july suggested 45% of conservatives viewed him favourably, a 27% drop from the year before. >> the pope heard one side of the story. >> reporter: trump blamed mexican officials, the candidate has to doubt about his willingness to tackle it. including the hole yests of intentions. more on the pope's comments in a few minutes. we'll speak to a former aid to h.w. bush about the potential fall out. he was one of three candidates
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that took part. when asked about the comments, here is what they had to say. >> i think he said something softer than reported by the media i thick he heard one part of the story, which is probably by the government. he didn't see the strain. >> i don't question people's christianity well their lord and saviour and themselves. i don't think it is appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't. it's not my business. >> we have a right to build a wall. there shouldn't be many walls or bridges between us if we fix the problems with washington. we need to get problems solved. >> the town hall took place two days before the primary.
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the state is known for a rough and tumble politics, and this campaign is no exception. lisa stark reports. >> reporter: south carolinans are known for a gentile style. when it -- comes to politics, it doesn't matter. >> it's funny, we are people that smile, but when it comes to politics, we come behind your back with a knife. >> reporter: a candidate referred to it as a demolition derby. >> you are the biggest liar, probably worse than jed bush. >> this is a man that submits his way to the phnom nation. >> he's lying about -- nomination. >> he's lying about marriage... >> reporter: it's not just what you hear in public that charecterises politics.
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it's the dirty tricks, innuendos and whisper campaigns. it stems from the importance of the first in the south primary. >> when the mistakes are high, that's when a lot of campaigns take risk and live on the edge and do things they shouldn't do. that's when the third party group decides it's time to pull the trigger on some of the stuff that is important. >> rubio's campaign says he has been the victim have underhanded attacks. including a fake photo on the website. showing rubio shaking hands with president obama. . >> it's a disturbing pat everyone. they are making things up. literally making up a picture. >> there's a related facebook post claiming that the south carolina tray congressman was retracting his endorsement of rubio, and throwing his support to cruz. >> not true. >> don't mix my fell junior south carolinans -- fellow south carolinans and then photos and photoshopping pictures. you are better than that. rubio and cruz accused it other of push-polls, from pollsters
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phone calls that appear to be from pollsters, buts are really political operatives trying to mislead and sway voters. >> the one hope of doing well is to make false attacks with no basis whatsoever. i will note that the one person we know has done a push-poll, is senator marco rubio. >> reporter: a fake telephone poll was used against john mccain in his race to the presidential race, claiming he had a black child out of wedlock. he and his wife adopted a daughter from bangladesh. in 2008 mitt romney was the victim of a bogus christmas mailing suggesting that the mormon candidate supported polygamy. that was then, now there's time still for the low blows to be delivered. >> first of all, when you come to south carolina, it's a blood sport.
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i wear heels, it's not for a fashion statement, you have to be prepared to tick it at any time while the republicans duke it out in south carolina, democrats are in nevada. tonight hillary clinton and bernie sanders took questions from voters. they are locked in a tight race, two days before the democratic caucuses. senior political correspondent joins us from las vegas. in a state with a large latino population, immigration was a big issue. >> it was. and this was the sponsor, you knew it was the go in that direction. the candidate came out and bernie sanders the first to speak, and it was interesting, you new immigration would play a big role.
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we are talking about how everyone looks at the voters and thinks all they care about is immigration, they don't care about jobs and immigration. it's immigration and the first chance to speak with the candidates about that. where latinos make up 28% of the population, and it's a lot of voters, especially here. bernie sanders had the crack at answering questions. >> what you must describe is acceptable and should not be happening. my immigration policy is to unite families, not o unite families, when i'm here, i heard a story, a young man who was in the united states military. while he was in the united states military, his wife was deported. can you believe na. clearly they are not the
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policies na i want to see. >> huing will it take to challenge the policies, i've been waiting six years. >> we'll use the office and power. they'll have the cooperation of the congress. >> and it is not talking about separating from her husbands. it was about impatience. people wanting to no would it happen. what happened in the first 100 days. smoke to that. >> definitely a legislation and comprehensive reform. we've got to get rid of it. i met a dreamer, she is is a
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citizens, her mother undocumented. her mother cannot leave the family for three or 10 years to go back to where she game from, leaving her family and daughters alone to get in line to get back. it makes no sense, it breaks up families, we'll end it. i'll do everything i can to end it as soon as possible. >> do you promise to deal with image reform within the first 100 days. >> we are going to introduce legislation, jose, i'm going to call everyone on the committee, democrats and republicans. >> in 100 days. >> yes, i'll introduce my legislation, this is top of that. >> one of the things that you took, especially when it came to ix grayings was a sense much
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urgency from the voters, what they had to see as they answered the question. >> tama, announced policy changes aimed at thawing and bringing about changes. next we'll see what the normal realisation and what he may report. mike viqueira reports 88 years has come and gone since a president visited cuba. >> reporter: the president has been laying the ground work and is going forward with a presidential visit. >> early thursday president obama made it official with this tweet. i'll travel to cuba. it can approve lives. it's the first lady president obama. mr obama is looking forward to the trim. >> it will be the first time
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since 1928 that a sitting u.s. president has been in cuba. the trip comes from the opening. after a handshake with cuban president castro, all leading those these moments last summer, when flags were raised at the embassies, bringing normal diplomatic relations for the first time in 54 years. president obama said that the trip is part of the overall effort to force the castro regime to loosen its grip. >> we'll be in a better position to support human rights and raising it. president obama plans to meet with president raul. there are no plans to meet with brother fiddle. siting a lack of time. since the news broke, and they have attacked the visit.
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>> the presidents ought to be pushing for a free cuba, 90 miles off the coasts of america, and to go and act in an apologist to cuban go. . now they have access to millions of dollars in resources. they didn't have access to before of the opening. >> occupants say the number of dissidents arrests have gone up, not down. >> the white house concedes the castro regime has not moved swiftly enough. they argue that it failed to work or change anything. we believe that greater connectivity to the united states and community. diplomatically, ultimately will be to the benefits of the cuban. in response to the critics, the white house said it will be a precondition to the trip. and the president had been given permission to talk to civil
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rights and groups. they'll go forward, the president and the first lady would be there on march 21st and 22nd today, fbi agents searched a home belonging to the brother of one of the san bernardino attackers. investigators spent hours at his house. he's a decorated navy veteran. syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik killed 14 at a party. the two were shot dead by police. more ahead - pope francis's suggestion that donald trump is not christian because he wants to build a wall to keep out immigrants. >> and five police officers implicated in the death of freddy gray - trials delayed.
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. >> marylands's highest court delayed the trials of five baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the court of appeal put the proceedings on hold until it rules on a key issue, whether officer william porter could be forced to testify against other officers while he awaits a retrial in his case. freddie gray died last april after he was injured while riding in a place van. >> a public war of words broke out between donald trump and pope francis, the idea to build the wall was not christian. it's been described as disgrace. a former white house aid george
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h.w. bush and pastor joins us. good to see you. there's no way any if criticized by the pokes would have acted like this. donald trump acted. but the non-traditional work - everything has been unseemingly. he's not suitable. he's not responded in any kind of an upset toll pirn way. it worked well. he's in all the polls and leading in south carolina. >> this was not an off the cuff statement. trump was heading it. is this a calculated move thiveninging it would -- thinking that it would be tough on immigration, a main theme. >> it probably helps him.
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he's ahead according to most of the polling data. this helps to underscore the fact that he is a christian. cruise obviously are fitting in with voters. he's getting a say. and to rebut, and saying he's running to be commander in chief. and the president has to make tough decisions. they make decisions in the interests of the american people. >> this is an opportunity for donald trump, and he grabbed it. the pope is popular. and it could on that level hurt him. the new york news has been harshly anti-trump over the tough covers. it's been called anticorruption. is there not the risk that this can cap up to him.
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some say that validity is good publicity. at least in some measures, if it's too harsh. it's a sympathy vote. if they think the newspaper is unfair. it's not necessarily happening. you have to remember who is he appealing to. republicans or the caucus. there's a republican vote in all the states. >> true. but assuming he has the nomination, there'll be a political election and i don't know what to make for the polls. today they came out with national polls. i was struck by two things, losing to clinton. and if the other republicans beat clinton or they lose to
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bernie sanders. talk about upending conventional wisdom. the polls say they. the only poll that matters is the one that takes place in november. when they cast their votes. so much can change. as you know, the world changes a great deal. nobody announcing the bid for the president say. saying there's a possibility they could win. if he is the nominee, he'll have to do work to win the hearts and minds of republicans. and independent voters, forcing them to win an election day, it's a long way off. winning the individual primaries. >> every day, interesting news in this campaign. good to talk to you pope francis may have opened the door for some contraception,
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talking about the zika virus. avoiding presidency is not an evil. in certain cases it's a clear acceptance. the catholic church for paid the use. >> thousands affected by the gas leak will be returning home. next, the long, slow process of returning the area to normal. and how a new proposal by the f.c. f.c.c. helped to lower cables across the country.
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california officials say workers sealed the methane leak in the port pea ranch area of los angeles. california gas will do what it can to mitigate the damage. the process could take serious. >> it's the long-awaited news thousands ever families have to waited in to hear. >> we have good news that division oil and gas confirmed that the leak in the storage field is permanently sealed. >> for nearly four months methane has been fouling the air of the upscale community of porta ranch california. after a massive leak at the storage facility. 12,000 people forced to move. two schools were shut down, residents say the stench made
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them sick. >> this is for my little boy. this is what he's taking to -- for migraines. this is my younger son's inhaler. he's had asthma attacks. >> today state officials sought to reassure residents. >> air quality has returned. >> now is the enormous job of moving families back home. under an agreement between socalgas and the attorney-general's office, they'll have weeks to return home from hotels. residents that moved into rental stay until their lease ends. for some and amonja forced to move. it's taken its toll. >> it's very difficult. i had a 3-year-old saying mummy, i want to go home. every day it's hard. >> the leak could be over, but the gat company's trials are beginnings. four criminal charges have been filed against socalgas, including for waiting three days to report the leak and releasing
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contaminants into the air. the company saw dozens of lawsuits by residents, where shutting down a ruptured well was not good enough. they want the storage facility shuttered for good. >> i will not be happy until the entire facility is shut and the wells moved to some other place, where it's not a community like anyone. >> the leak has been called the worst environmental disaster since the b.p. oil spill. after visiting the site on tuesday, u.s. energy secretary said new preventative regulations are needed. we have to push on what the president put into his climate action plan in 2013, looking at
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reducing drmatically methane leaks across the entire system as investigators work to figure out what caused the blow-out. lawmakers call for 24/7 monitoring of the site. one well is capped. there's 140 more potentially dangerous wells in the neighbourhood . >> a new report shows tens of thousands of u.s. bridges and overpasses are in bad shape, according to the american transportation builder's association. 68,000 are structurally definancial. that's nearly 20". down 45. television customers may be able to hone their own top boxes, a congressional study found subscribers found it in years. it would allow customers to
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abide. >> i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us. luis suarez is up next with "inside story". have a great night. candidate donald trump crossed a bright red line in a recent republican candidates' debate, transgressed on a piece of core g.o.p. orthodoxy. he said invading iraq was a mistake, an avoidable mistake and one the u.s. has been paying for big time ever since. does it open the door for debating iraq and the legacy of george w bush for the rest of the republican field or does it


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