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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EST

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you, do check out the website, al and you can get lots more on the top story, uganda opposition leader being held for a second time in the past 36 hours or so and also talk to some twitter or facebook and tweet me and i'll tweet you back and headlines for you in about five seconds. ♪ i'm david shuster in for ali velshi. tonight - two political parties in danger of being overrun. donald trump on the righted. bernie sanders on the left. and the pitch fork brigade are getting stronger tonight there are more indications that both democratic and republican parties, revealing a populous realignment. the latest polls indicate that bernie sanders and donald trump are regaining ground.
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they are tapping into anger at wall street for the trade deals, foreign business and politics. along the way arrivals anointed by the establishments like hillary clinton and jed bush are being rivalled. trump and sanders preach enough for a political transformation, and the crowds are raking it up. >> the american people are tired of establishment politics, tired of establishment economics. they want a political revolution in which millions of americans stand up, come together, not let trumps of the world divide us. and say, you know what, in this great country we need a government that represents all of us, not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. >> there's one thing that we are similar on,
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he knows the country is being ripped on trade. he can't do anything about it. >> why not. >> he doesn't understand it, what is happening. >> what is happening is a clever use by both campaigns of digital communication. it's reaching the outlets. donald trump holds talks, and the announcements are well suited to cut through the noise competing for time in iowa. his political incorrect innocence is perfect for amplifying across. it's working. they are maintaining the front runner status in the republic race. bernie sanders is going even further to exploit a digital media to get his message out to voters. tech savvy volunteers are drugged. they are using their forces to
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build sites, absent of long-time. getting them through the primary process. sanders is in a dead heat with hillary clinton. a month ago hillary clinton led sanders by 25 points in nevada. the new codes help sanders and trumps. media is at play at 2016 nomination races. all the candidates are running adds in south carolina, and in the state, the amount of money spent on political ads has smashed campaign records. >> days before the south carolina primary, republican candidates have spent 24 million in the state on trojan ads. that's three times as much as 2012. an independent media group says half the ads comes from a super pack that supports jed bush.
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the latest spot features his brother george w. >> the job of a president is to protect america. the next president must be prepared to lead. i know jed, i know his good heart and strong backbone. >> antiestablishment republicans donald trump and ted strous van adds. >> ted curz, the worst kind of washington insider that can't be trusted. >> reporter: trump pulled the spot after deciding it was too negative. trump released a humorous ad. >> i have an action figure. >> reporter: in the democratic race hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trying to appeal to african north americans who mate
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up half of the vote. something is fundamentally voted. when african-americans are arrested and sentenced to longer prison terms for doing the same things as a white does. eric garner, the man that die after being out in a choking ad. an ad was recorded. >> we need a president that will do more than talk about it. >> reporter: in the political ad world, the most talk is about two other ads mostly bit the sanders campaign. first, beet box with the music of simon and garfunkel racked up 3 million hits on youtube that ad has been praised by republican candidates, including
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jed bush. >> the second sanders ad going spores. >> when we stand -- supporters. >> when we stand together and demand the country work for all of us rather than the few, we will transfer america, and that is what the campaign is about. bringing people together. >> in south carolina, the messengers are impossible to miss. to help us break it down is a professor of political science, a political contributor at al jazeera america how important is it for bernie sanders to get the credit for the best of those ads, at a time when young voters want to see that in. >> it's really important. it explains why when you look apt new hampshire, he
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overwhelmingly won the young voiters. he did well with voters, and hillary clinton's campaign has to say i wish we have ads like that, and haven't translated those or won over and energized the young people. it's incredibly important. >> there's the online strategy. bernie sanders has been no-nail, bottom-up campaign. if you have a facebook poster, you can put it up. where is hillary clinton's campaign seems a little more top down. in social media, does that distinction matter? >> it matters a lot. we think of bernie sanders, and it's not just the use, but the ability to translate that contact of mention voters, they did that beautifully, as has donald trump and ted cruz, you have the campaign doing the best. using the new media. what we have seen, this is not
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the first campaign in american history where outsiders are popular, where everywhere claims to by an outsider. but what is new here is the fact that they have new technology to connect with voters, and we have primaries and caucuses that are important. they connect with voters, and voters have much more to say than the bosses in choosing the nominee, and they came together like they have never before, to create a wave of excitement around the outsider antiestablishment candidates that we would have seen in the day if there was a way to exit the vote. >> is there a feeling to that, given that you have voters, not those in social media that say it's fine to boil things down and have people involved. but when it comes to policy there's pragmatism and realism office.
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>> it is true. older people are very good with the social media. >> i'm saying - i'm not making an insinuation by you. what happens is as the campaign goes on. people focus on the policy. it's hard to get the messages through. as much as they are exciting, they have recognition out there. when people start to seriously jet the two candidates, she will be that much more important. the other thing i would say is the older folks on us will wise up to how important the media is, and we can get as we go into the next series campaign, they'll make it a good use of the campaign. as far as campaign is concerned.
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you are around students every day. and you tell us they are breaking the new hampshires, 4-1, 5-1. what do they say about why they want to be part of it? >> my students are in favour of bernie sanders, it's hard to identify democrats favouring hillary clinton, between the ages much 178 and 25-26. what they are saying is not just that she talks to them via social media, but they see clinton as part of a corrupt political establishment. for young people. they were not around or cognisant when all the things were going on, so they are hearing about monica lewinski. she doesn't think she speaks to them or has their interests at heart. she will have to do a better job, speaking their language and
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not just social media. i don't think she has down that sints new hampshire. >> does it extent the idea that it is hillary clinton against donald trump, an opportunity for donald trump, to have messaging to reach young voters. >> i think there is. if he is a nominee, i think there is an opportunity yip. we have seen trump move to the center. and he is regardless. saying i will criticize george w. bush. that is something that if they use it the way they have, they may drop people to his high. and they don't flock to foint. based on conversations, women, young women are harder on hillary clinton. i don't know if that's true. they seem tough.
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they don't send the message that they are supportive just because she's a woman. >> just ahead. taking a closer look in the g.o.p. donald trump's supporters, particularly online can be loud and angry. we take you to the break with nebraska republican raiding mean -- reading mean tweets he movement. a u.s. senator.
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like bernie sanders, donald trump is also tapping into populist rage on things like corporate greed and trade deals. the government has controversial calls barring a harsh review from pope francis. the upon if made his -- pontiff watch.
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. >> for a religious leader to question a person's christianity is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian, and will not allow christianity to be attacked and weakened. unlike what is happening now with our current president. . >> trump is one of the polarizing candidates. he has struck a popular hoard. experts thing the numbers are ridiculous. by taking on the high cost of campaign. trump may be on to something. complz er cent
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per cent i want to ask you about the pope. it took about 10 seconds for an advisor to tweet out the vatican is surrounded. does donald trump win that. . >> everyone loves the new pope and is voting for him to be commander of chief. donald trump reinforces . he is willing to be a commander of chief, not the pope or the pastor in chief. he want to keep americans safe and do what has to be done, make the hard decisions that americans are wanting to be challenge. >> and someone like donald trump has an amazing ability to tap
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into public sentiment each if the policy description is absurd. how important is it to be accurate as to tapping in the voter range. knowing where the voters are, really is an important quality. he is doing it better now, and has for the last 8-9 months. republican or democrat. and seems to understand how the voter feels, and respond in a way that captures the imagination. they've been leading in the polls since summer time. they have been able to talk about issues, talking about so many different topics, and what
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they will do to fix the problems that americans face. whether or not he could do them. even talking about what he could do. and leaning on the background as a business c.e.o., he's able to come to the attention of voters. and they'll see what they can do to fix it. kicking off the show. if you look at bernie sanders, they are talk about reining in wall street to a certain extent. and hating the iraq war. they are talking about train deals causing them to leave the united states. is that where the revolution is taking place before our ice. >> possibly. voters of the left and the right are about the same thing. the
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two candidates are speaking to those. speaking to the discontent. ones that are having a solid footing here. better than anyone expected on the left. still on the republican side, he is a stronger message. >> is there a message to a candidate as to whether it's hillary clinton or john case, is there a limit in all of this that voters are angry of jobs disappearing. they are angry about corporate greed, and that is something that could skate a general election even if they are part november. >> absolutely. whoever the nom knees will be, they realise they'll have to address the vota discontent and cease the issues.
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i say time and again, no matter what anyone says about the economy, it's not correct me if i'm wrong. they have 62-63%. back to the levels of worth years, that means na nearly 40% of people able to work for participate may not participate. 25% that's a significant number. these are people that are angry. they are considering among the working. they are not working full time, do not have benefits and are not happy. whoever the nominees are, they'll have to focus on happiness, talk about ways to fix it. >> joel good of you to join us. we appreciate it. >> coming up. it's apple versus the fbi case
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of privacy versus security and housing outcomes affecting you,
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up. in an emotionally charged case of security versus privacy apple is taking on the us government. the challenge a supreme court ordered to help the fbi hack into an iphone. apple is refusing to do so. saying it would be forced do it. apple says it wants to protect privacy of all the customers. >> now, if you try to guess the
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password on an iphone too many times without waiting for at least an hour, at worst the phone erases itself. the fbi wants software to let them get away those features to take as many shots on syed farook's phone to unlock it. it's one of 24 phones that apple sold, and millions of models that could be affected. the white house says it's not privacy. >> they are not asking apple to redesign the product or create a back door. they are asking for something that would have an impact on this one divice. >> apple said encryption makes it impossible for new ir devices. apple says it will draw the line here, and will not combine.
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>> this may be a well-bounded says, the federal bureau of investigation trying to get into an out-dated kind of foin. the truth is it has implications for of the rest of technologyie, it's a phone that is encrypted in a way that the manufacturers can't broke into. if apping is compelled to build a back door, it could be the end of privacy for everyone. >> democracy activists in china, that's what it's about. l.g.b.t. activists here in the middle east - you name it. >> privacy is not just a huge on rights, but a social good. >> if apple had sore wares used to break in a phone of a terrorist. is it possible that a foreign agency can use the technique to get into millions
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we are joined by al jazeera's science and technology correspondent, jacob ward. there are other cases that have similar balances of government and advocates that they are fighting over. why this case, why is this the one where they clashed. >> it seems a strange choice. why would apple stand its ground for an ugly incident. it seems to make sense. the thing to understand is the fight has been going on for a long time. apple is fighting a case in new york that is the same. the government asked to get into a defendant's phone, and what is really worth noting about effort to the face, is after the defendant pled guilty to drug conspiracy charges, and the government won, they pressed to
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get into the phone, trying to do the same thing. when you think about the case, it's more than a technological fighter. there's a political advocacy for this. it's charged. it's an opportunity to set a precedent. that's the battle. apple and the government are fighting for a precedent. >> any regrets among apple or supporters for taking on the fight given the backlash in this says. >> it's extraordinary to see. the fact is this is becoming a crucible for apple. it's the same company you recorded taking incredible heat in human rights violations. this company - you wouldn't know that today. with the sort of fierce loyalty that the customers are showing as apple makes a stand against the government. there has been protests in
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favour of apple. there's one scheduled tonight. where people are coming up to show support for the country. if you imagine a multi national company being told by government you have to hand over information from a murder's phone and people are coming out in favour of the technological country - that's a sad fact. >> remarkable story. terrific reporting. thank you. >> and that is our show for today. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi. thanks for watching. have a great night everybody. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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a final push in dueling town halls the republican and democrating candidates try to connect with voters ahead of tomorrow's contest in nevada and south carolina. >> faith versus politics and trump softening his stance when the pope said that trump is not a christian. scalia today. and what is happening to tens of thousands of drivers regarding their


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