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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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u.s. war planes carry out airstrikes targeting isil linked fighters in libya. also ahead on this program, uganda's opposition leader is arrested again as the incumbent president has a clear lead in an election marred by vote rigging allegations. anger in egypt over alleged please brutality. a taxi driver becomes the latest victim. it's a tightrope walk for
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david cameron holding marathon talks in brussels on how britain can stay in the european union. we begin in libya where u.s. water planes have carried out airstrikes targeting fighters aligned with isil. libyan officials say at least 40 people have been killed in the attacks west of capital, tripoli. a tunisian has been accused of organizing two attacks last year. norah was one of the 40 killed. a former white house official spoke to us via skype from virginia. she said the consequences was those airstrikes could result in isil growing stronger. >> president obama vowed last week that if we were to uses
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military strikes in libya in the near future, he said last week it would only be if we had a very clear target. the administration here is very early this morning in washington saying that yes, in fact, the united states had a clear target, it was this individual. the reality is that people in the town of bringing out the bodies. there are now over 40 brought out and journalists can now verify it. there is a question here about whether the targeting was really that focused. even if it was, we have a lot of precedent with airstrikes in libya. united states carried out an air strike in november and claimed to have killed a senior isis official there who was of iraqi origin. it turns out maybe he wasn't killed. the only way forward is the much less glamorous much harder path forward, which is dialogue, conflict resolution, trying to
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reach a peaceful resolution in syria and in other middle east countries where isis can regain strongholds. that is a long, difficult process, meaning making compromise that many in washington will hate to be around the table with. that is what it will take. every time there's an air strike, more people join up. the pentagon can claim we've killed 5,000 isis fighters but for those 5,000, at least 15,000 people have his joined isis, so unfortunately, the situation just keeps getting worse. isis continues to take more territory if not in syria and iraq, journal in libya, yemen and other places. rosalyn jordan joins us live from washington, d.c. what are you hearing about these strikes? >> from a pentagon spokesperson, we have this brief statement.
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last night, the u.s. military conducted an operation in libya against an isil training camp ending senior isil facilitator in libya. we are assessing the results of this operation and will provide additional information when appropriated. that statement could be coming a little later this morning. washington time, laura. they are now confirming the identities of those killed including a specific algerian who may have been that isil facilitator. they are confirming that the u.s. military did carry out a strike against isil targets. this is something which the u.s. military has very much wanted to do, because it's been very concerned about the efforts of isil to establish a beach head, as it were inside libya, given the fragile political situation that in country. there had been talk about whether the u.s. would hold off
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on doing any such airstrikes until after the new unity government actually came to power and started ruling, so that it wouldn't look as if the u.s. was unilaterally launching airstrikes without the invitation or acceptance of a sovereign government. we should be getting more details, we think a little later this morning. >> it's not the first time that the u.s. has been involved in libya and conducted airstrikes. >> no, it's not the first time. in fact, there was a lot of criticism that perhaps the u.s. should have done more after of the fall of muammar gaddafi in order to help stabilize libya, but that was very problematic again because of the very tenuous political situation and the essential collapse which the government after gadhafi was kicked out of power. this is something where the obama administration once again does not want to be seen in the
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middle east as taking unilateral action, as disrespecting the wishes of arab countries in the region, but also very mindful that without checking isil's spread from syria, from iraq, that this could pose a more destabilizing situation, so sometimes the calculus here in washington is, we have to act. certainly they want to political cover if and when they can get it. >> thank you very much for bringing us the very late evident there from washington, d.c. main opposition leader in uganda has been resatisfied. he was retained after trying to show reporters what he claimed was an operation to rig votes. his supporters were dispersed by police using tear gas and stun grenades. provisional results from the presidential election showed long time president ahead. malcolm webb has the latest from the capital.
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>> the detention happened just a few hours ago. he and other members of his party, the forum for democratic change were trying to hold a press conference to announce some of the results of their tally center which they say differ greatly from the government tally center, which they say is wrongly giving the president the lead of more than 60%. the press conference wasn't able to go ahead, because the soldiers and police came to the opposition party headquarters. he and senior party officials were arrested and taken away in a police vehicle. we don't know where they've gone. that prompted some unrest and protesting from people in that neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. the police and soldiers deployed fired tear gas. we've seen one person with a gunshot injury and uganda red cross that taken four people to the hospital with different injuries. the protestors have been setting
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up burning road blocks and the police spokesperson said a short while ago that they had deployed initially preventatively because they heard that students were planning to riot. a suicide attack killed 19 people in northern cameroon. it happened near the nigerian border. no one has claimed responsibility. the bombing is the latest in a string of attacks suspected to have been carried out by boko haram. we have the latest. >> the cameron border with nigeria which has seen a lot of action. just a few days ago, the nigerian and cameroon announce add joint operation along that area. according to military sources from both sides, dozens of boko haram fighters have been killed in that attack and they've rescued more than 100 people held captive by boko haram. they've also cleared land mines planted by boko haram along that route. we've seen over the last two
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months, boko haram has been launching deadly attacks, especially suicide attacks in markets, especially for civilian target. nine years ago, a boko haram launched an attack, killing at least 10 people in the village during a funeral procession. in egypt, protests have followed the funeral of a taxi driver shot dead by a policeman. the shooting further angered over police brutality. medical staff have been pro tested after two doctors say they were beaten by police. i asked four egyptian affairs editor how the police were able to shoot the man. >> there is no serious -- the policeman feel they are free to
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kill anybody for fear. the problem now that this was not targeted to the political opposition, not this muslim brotherhood, the people, the egyptian people and even to the poor people. the problem in this case today, that it happened in the very public area. in that is very closed to the cairo security, very close. the people who gathered armed are the nation and relatives of the killed man. experts and diplomats are in geneva to talk about a pause in the fighting in syria. president erdogan criticized the u.s. for encouraging kurdish fighters in syria. the president make thattains the y.p.g. is responsible for wednesday's suicide bombing in
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ankara. >> intense artillery shelling across the border, turkey is targets positions of the y.p.g., a syrian kurdish armed group, the government saying they have evidence that they targeted a bus in ankara on wednesday and that he received help from the outlawed kurdistan workers party or p.k.k. inside turkey. >> we have critical data on who is responsible for this attack. turkey is facing an attack organized by the p.k.k. and y.p.g. once again. turkey stands against all terrorist organizations. >> security is increasingly a concern in turkey. the bombing in ankara wasn't the first. the southeast of the country has been a battleground between security forces and p.k.k. affiliates. turkish officials want their western allies to receiver their linking with the syrian kurdish fighters.
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>> the u.s. must clarify its stance on terrorism. washington's statements are conflicted on the y.p.g. it's a sign of weakness to act with a terror organization like the y.p.g. in the fight against daish. >> on the ground, the u.s. continues to provide air cover to the y.p.g. and it's ally, the syrian democratic forces as they push deeper into isil held territory. the kurdish fighters are closing on a main supply route that isil, also known as daish uses to move between its strong holds in syria and neighboring iraq. >> it's not about choosing sides here. there's no doubt about turkey's membership in the coalition. obviously there's no doubt about our commitment to a fellow nato ally and there's no doubt some of the strongest fighters against daish inside syria have been kurdish fighters. >> the kurdish fighters and their allies have not only been
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taking territory from isil. they've also taken ground from opposition groups backed by turkey. >> for turkey, that is a red line. ankara wants to prevent further y.p.g. advances particularly in the northern soar door close to its border. ankara consider that is a threat to its national security and will take all the necessary measures to prevent this. it wants is western allies to stand with them in this fight. >> for now, turkey's options are to continue the cross border shelling and provide support so the non-kurdish syrian opposition. the west has signaled it won't back turkey's call for a ground operation inside syria and the u.s. signaled it won't choose sides. the escalating tensions are straining longs time alliances and complicating an already difficult process aimed at end are syria's war. al jazeera, southern turkey. we've got plenty more still
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ahead, including a possible recess in relations in kathmandu after tensions over the new constitution. a holiday in space. we'll tell you why the idea may not be as alien as it seems.
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hello again, you're watching al jazeera. u.s. war planes carried out airstrikes in libya targeting fighters aligned with isil. libyan officials say 40 have been killed in the attack west
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of tripoli. in egypt, protests followed the funeral of a taxi driver shot dead by a policeman. egypt said interior minute city said the officer fired by mistake. the man was killed after a fight with police. medical staff have been protesting after two doctors say they were beaten by police. 19 people died in a suicide attack in cameroon. that attack happened close to the border with nigeria. no one has claimed responsibility. officials suspect boko haram to be behind the attack. the battle against boko haram is high on the agenda for many in niger. other armed groups from libya and northern mali also pose a security risk. >> niger's capital is on high alert. within 48 hours, millions will go to the polls to elect a new parliament and president.
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it's a moment of uncertainty in a country that along with others is waging a war against armed group's, including isil and its local affiliate, boko haram. niger has thousands of kilometers of pour rouse border witness libya, mali and nigeria, where those groups are active. al-qaeda also is capable of strikes at the heart of south africa. recent attacks have caused concern that something similar may happen in niger. the government said it controls the internal situation but the world should help more on a region alex. >> despite all, niger is stable and peaceful. it has protected citizens and property. no single armed terrorist group is based in niger. we regret the fact that western powers are ignoring what's going on in the lake chad region with regards to boko haram, cameroon,
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chad, nigeria and niger are in much need of assistance as they ever face bash are you familiar there. >>. the opposition accuses the government of failing to protect people in the east. >> if you go to east niger, you'll see the extreme suffering caused by lack of security. we are responsible for the situation there, the current government. >> security is a rallying cry in this country especially during the current election season. that's why many candidates have spent weeks in the east, trying to win the hearts and minds of the affected population before they come back to the capital for the final day.
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the r. a march against racism is being held in south africa. the issue is back in the spotlight for the ruling a.n.c. party more than two decades after the end of apartheid. several raised have been a rallying point before planned elections. al jazeera is in the capital pretoria. >> thousands are gathered here at the government seat of power, the union building in pretoria, while the african national party are here to support their party. >> we are here today to warn those who are calling us with names like monkeys. >> the a.n.k. has used the opportunity to rally support
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ahead of local government elections, using the opportunity to get people to register, but also the democratic alliance they say harbors racists. it has come to the spotlight with prominent incidents rallies south africans against race i have the incidents, the democratic alliance hit back against the o african national congress saying they have not done enough. this has become a rallying point for political parties to gather support ahead of elections. >> britain's prime minister is trying to negotiate a deal with help keep the u.k. in the e.u. david cameron will do his best to push through his reform proposals. angela merkel washed reaching an agreement with him not be easy.
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emma hayward is in brussels and sent this update. >> the british prime minister has been locked in negotiations since arriving here in the middle of the morning. he'd only left the building just after 5:00, having been locked in meetings throughout the night. now he said some progress had been made, but we know there is still an awful lot of work to do and the negotiations are perhaps tougher than many people were expecting. he's also facing some surprising opposition if you like. the greeks have said they may block his deal, unless the e.u. pledged to keep borders open for refugees. he's also facing opposition from eastern block countries over his proposals to curb migrant benefits, so there is no deal in sight yet here. we could be here for some hours to come. >> opposition politicians in kosovo have set off tear gas in the parliament, forcing everyone to leave. the disruption follows months of sporadic violence in the
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parliament. the group is calling on the government to resign and is angry as proposed deals with montenegro. kumar faces charges of sedition. his arrest sparked days of protest across india calling for his release. we are in the capital in new delhi. >> the supreme court refused to hear the bailty saying it could set a bad example for sending a bad message. kumar's lawyers said they approached the supreme court because of extraordinary hostile
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circumstances. the bail plea was to be heard monday and wednesday. both times there was violence where a group of lawyers attacked journalists, and kumar's lawyers. kumar himself was attacks walking into court. his lawyers say they fear for his life and that he should be let out on bail. thursday, thousands took to the streets of deli, calling for his release. they say this is a sign of growing intolerance from the government of dissent and debate in the country. kumar was arrested last week for allegedly holding an event at his university campus in which anti indian slogans were used. nepal's prime minister is in india for his first foreign visit six being sworn in. over the next six days, there
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will be discussions. we have a report on what exactly will come out of the visit. >> his maiden visit as a prime minister to the country today, the aim is to normalize relationships. since the constitution was ratified, india has been accused of supporting protestors by imposing an economic blockade. this is what the prime minister had to say before he left india. >> this visit comes at a special time, that with agreements between nepal and india the past couple months. want crisis by the disagreements are coming to an end. there's no need for things to take this kind of turn. nepal will suffer huge loss in
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terms of post quake reconstruction. >> this is the result of the crisis. long cues, choked supply lines. everyone in nepal has suffered, especially victims of the earthquake. rebuilding has not started yesterday. the standoff ended early this month after nepal amended its constitution. nepal did reach out to its northern nation china and the prime minister is expected to visit china after his return from india. >> india has been very paranoid about nepal's relationship with china. what can india use to try to influence the prime minister not to approve economic integration with china. >> the prime minister said he is not playing the china card. many analysts say those in india
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managed to push themselves into a corner with the blockade and this visit is a face-saver. now there are some concrete hopes. one is nepal's emergency crisis will be over with transmission lines and development of hydropower. for many here who are tired, the hope is the prime minister will play his cards right and their life will normalize soon, as well. barack obama is to fly to cuba at the end of next month, to be the first u.s. president in office to visit his communist neighbors in over 100 years. the white house hopes the trip will be similar to when the berlin wall came down. obama will also visit argentina where the government imposed two days of power cuts in the capital due to a heatwave. nearly 200,000 people have been affected. blackouts are common in the
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summer as the grid struggles to cope with people using air conditioners. >> space travel has been expensive, and exclusive to a few well funded individuals. in recent years, a number of private companies have been selling tickets into orbit. >> you might never have considered taking in the view from the cloud nine observatory on genius, traveling to jupiter onboard a balloon or exploring the possibility of life under the ice of its moon. these new travel posters may get us thinking about taking a trip into space. a number of private companies have been working on the first step. >> virgin galactics new modified spaceship two craft replaces an earlier model that broke apart and killed a pilot in 2014. when passengers arrive, it will take them beyond the
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traditionally recognize boundary of space. once there, they'll get a few minutes of weightlessness. u.s. company is selling tickets for flights onboard its space plane. it's made advances honest engine technology but hasn't said when they will fly the plane. another company checked its landing technology in texas in order to show passengers a few minutes of with thelessness. another can tender is world view, developing balloon trips taking passengers 26 kilometers above the earth. >> it might be the cost of the ticket that holds you back. while businessman tito paid $20 million for his stay in space, virgin's tickets are going for a quarter million dollars each. another is charging 150,000 and world views balloon ride
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$75,000. there's plenty of testing to be done by all these cross. you might want to hold off until the technology's been proven before you book your next holiday in space. exciting times. you can always keep up with the news on our website, a somber day at the supreme court. you are looking at live pictures. the nation remembers justice antonin scalia. the hearse has just arrived at the court. his body will lie in repose today.


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