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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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dlt is the projected winner there in south carolina. marco rubio and ted cruz battling it out for second place. former florida jeb bush a doesn't fourth place which is big trouble for his campaign. we will look at the results from nevada today. we're waiting on the latest update on the numbers there. senator clinton is the you winner with bernie sanders coming in second place. the latest numbers here show a 5% point spread there. the numbers that you see on the bottom, they are the county delegates that will be finalising the absolute final totals there as they head into the convention. for analysis on that, let's head to our political correspondent. he is in l.a. for us tonight. so much to discuss with how this affects the democratic ticket here going forward, but it
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certainly looks like hillary clinton now has the momentum behind her heading into super tuesday, heading into states that she needed to win in order to secure this nomination and that could be big trouble for bernie sanders. >> yeah. it could be. i think that that sort of the conventional wisdom here. we now have 85% of the vote reporting a 6% margin for hillary clinton and it was certainly a victory that she needed in this state, changing the narrative of this race, changing a little bit of the flow coming out of that decisive victory from bernie sanders in new hampshire, coming back here to nev darks a looking at an electorate that looks like her campaign has been targeting. we said it earlier, iowa and new hampshire are two of the five whitest states in this country. then you come to nevada where you see a bit of a mix, a melting pot, a bigger
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representation in unions. bernie sanders campaign is going to take notes from here. they're going to move on. i'm joined by charles chamberlain who is working with the bernie sanders campaign. tell me about what you can take from these numbers, the early numbers from the clinton/sanders road accident race here? >> i think it is to remember that we're going to leave this contest with the same number of delegates as we go in. obama lost new hampshire. he lost nevada and he still went on to win the nominations. there is a lot of room ahead. this will be a long campaign. i think the lessons learned here are going to be about continuing to work hard. we were 25% down before, and we will come out equal. >> a lot of americans are not looking at the delegates right
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now. they're saying this is what is happening. a lot has to do with momentum. that wasn't a good momentum night for the sanders' campaign. you look at the different demographics of nevad compared to new hampshire and iowa, what does the campaign do now knowing what they saw here as they move to more southern states and south carolina? >> i definitely think that they have a winning strategy of arguing for us to be together. we're building a political revolution that covers everyone, whether you are white or brown or black, whether you are gay or straight, whether you are male or female. i think what we're seeing is as they move ahead they're learning from the decisions, they're learning from the campaign they're putting out there and taking it to the next state. we have 26 states coming up in the course of the next month. that's a lot of places to vote and a lot of ground that is favorable to the sanders campaign and just as it is to
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the democrats across the board. >> what is the good news? you're losing by 6%. as we said, this is a different demographic here. you're looking at - you said white, brown and black, but that's true but it didn't work out in the state where you've seep that for the first time. what do you take from that? >> we have to see what the results are when you break it down. if you look at the entry polls there are reports that sanders won the latino vote by 7 points. that would be phenomenal. even if he lost the vote by only 6 points, that's a big victory when up consider how far down we were in those as we went into these contests. i think we have to look at the positive that is we have a campaign that has done very well in the first three contests. we have a campaign that has been written off numerous times over and over again. what we continue to prove is that we have the resources, we have the people, the votes across this country to be able to continue to build this
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forward and still win this nomination just after obama did after he lost his. >> thank you for that. staying upbeat despite the fact that hillary clinton is beating his candidate bernie sanders by 6% here in nev darks a. hillary clinton has won, numbers are official. -- nevada what i'm curious about is how the results there could change the campaigns going forward for both secretary clinton and for senator bernie sanders. hillary clinton using president obama's record, using his name. i'm sure we will see that continuing into south carolina, but what about bernie sanders? what has he changed in recent days and do you think he will ratchet up the rhetoric, will he attack hillary clinton more or could he possibly tone it down trying to look towards his own future? >> well, i don't think there's going to be a toning it down.
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bernie sanders is not somebody who changes his way. we have seen it from day one of this campaign, probably day one of his congressional career. he hasn't changed who he is. i think the campaign as a whole is probably going to look at some of the numbers that charles chamberlain just talked to me about, to see how immigrants voted, to see how union and african-americans voted and what numbers came out. i think that is what they're going to look at so far as the bernie sanders campaign is and that will affect the way they spend money and resources on the super tuesday. clinton will feel like they did something right here and they will go after those union votes. they're trying to organise the organised which is really important and that's something that worked for her in the state and we will see that as we come out of nevada thank you for that. stay with us here on al jazeera america. we have got a lot that we're covering right now and following for you.
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these are the final numbers that came in from nevada just a few votes left there to count there. hillary clinton in the lead there. we're also keeping a very close eye on this republican primary right now. it is a battle for second place with senators marco rubio and ted cruz virtually tied. check this out. they are just separated by a mere 100 votes at this point with 17% reporting. jeb bush now at 8% and close on his tail is john kasich who is also around 8%. stay with us. in the meantime we're keeping a live look at the trump headquarters. we're waiting for mr trump to come out and address the crowd and if it has been like any of his other speeches he has made, you know this one will be firy and we have no idea what to expect from him.
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we're also keeping an eye on the ted cruz event there in south carolina. ted cruz in a heated battle now for the second place and the shock of the night is that in annie van jel kgel kal-- an evangelical state like there. stay with us. stay with us.
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welcome back to our special coverage. we're waiting for donald trump
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to speak at what has become a victory party for him in south carolina. thanks for staying with us. i'm adam may. our correspondent is with us in south carolina tonight. >> the results continue to roll in here. a jubilant donald trump headquarters. so much of this is about perception. donald trump fulfilling expectations, yes, he is run away with the election, something like 34%, but the dog-fight for second place, if it is ahalf a percentage point or full personal point that ultimately separates marco rubio and ted cruz it is not going to make a big difference in terms of the delegate count or any practical matter, but it will in terms of perception. that is what this is all about at this point. so much of a contingent on the
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money, the donors, will they be invigorated, will they see this as donald trump appears to be unstoppable into super tuesday. the so-called conference primary. will the field consolidate now. will there be drop-outs amongst the so-called establishment candidates. john kasich not doing so well. he is not here tonight. he is elsewhere. so a lot of questions need to be answered in the coming hours, perhaps the next 24 hours, from some of these candidates, the last hope of the so-called republican establishment will be to consolidate the vote that is split between four of them, so they can really go after donald trump who is amacingly continuing his role here-- amazingly he is.
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i have the panel here. i spoke to voters in south carolina, let's here what they had to say about why they felt that jeb bush wasn't doing better. >> i don't get confidence from him. he seems to just lack that, i don't know, call it swagger that his brother had. >> it's nothing against his character. i think he is probably a good man, but i think he is just too middle of the road, too moderate. i don't see him as someone who will dig in his heels on issues that are critically important what do you make of that? the voters down there saying he doesn't look confident, they like him but they don't want to see another bush in the white house >> yes. each cycle is different. we talked about some of the campaigns that i've been a part of over the years and this is a very different cycle for many others. the voters are angry.
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they want somebody who is not necessarily inside the political process. that's why donald trump has done so well. he is a real outsider, someone with no political experience, executive experience of a business but not as a governor or elected official. for jeb bush who has been the chief executive of a major state, that's not helping him this time nor john kasich or any of the other governors like chris christie and the others that were in this race. you have two senators now battling out for number two in ted cruz an marco rubio. if marco rubio wins second place he will be able to claim that as something of a victory six months ago everybody presumed that jeb bush was going to be the g.o.p. nominee. >> yes is he done? >> i think that given what we're expecting to see tonight, it will be hard for him to continue on. he probably has enough money in his super pack to continue on if he wishes to, but for all intents and purposes he is
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probably best helped to call it a day and get out. he may get out as soon as tomorrow i might imagine >> we were talking about how many of the voters were really defying in-- dividing here in the last few days. here in south carolina he was really on the defense, right, against donald trump, defending his family and then bringing in his brother, the former president, to south carolina as one more reminder of the political establishment. so that probably hurt him yes. republican consultant is with us in pittsburgh tonight. where do you think he went wrong and did he miss an opportunity or was it just impossible to overcome this anti establishment feeling waving across the g.o.p.? >> jeb bush messed up by not rising in 2012. that's where he messed up.
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he was 10 years removed from being in office, 10 years removed from running a campaign, 10 years removed from candidacy. i understand why he didn't run in 2008, but in 2012, that was his time to run. if you remember in 2012 everybody said that the jd team ran in 2012. all the big hitters would be trying to run in 2016. jeb bush by taking 10 years to get into a presidential run started out with his mother saying she didn't want him to do it, started out with people saying it was bush, clinton fatigue and it went from there. he ran a campaign that would have worked in 2008. it was not going to work in the era of twitter, facebook, in very sharp elbows. it just was bad timing for a good guy joe watkins, what do you think of that? did he miss his opportunity? could jeb bush have been a serious contender if not winner
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in 2008? >> of course hindsight is always 20/20. perhaps even if he had a better shot. is a very different era, the era of twitter and facebook. the candidate tweeting the most is winning. donald trump has used this new form of media, the web and tweets to get his message out, to really suck all the oxygen out of the campaign. every single day it's about donald trump. every single day. he has probably spent less money on media than other candidates why spend on media when you get it for free and they're talking about him all the time. we need to go back to south carolina. mike. >> on that point, a lot of candidates might criticise donald trump and the media did, but a lot of candidates would have that free media.
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he has the ability to identify with the networks and what is going to get ratings. we want to bring in lisa stark. she is at ted cruz headquarters here in colombia, south carolina. she is talking about the evangelical vote. it was all important to ted cruz. some indication that the numbers may be a little bit disappointing in terms of the religious vote here in south carolina. there were high hopes here >> absolutely. we are here at the cruz party on the state fair grounds. i have with me reverend microcephaly gonzales. you were telling me you had 350 pastors here endorse ted cruz; is that right? >> yes. at least that, but probably more, who came alongside and endorsed ted cruz. we really feel that we have a strong showing in the state, but the internal numbers showed that there is a split in the
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evangelicals. i knew that. evangelicals are sprit conservative, moderate and liberal-- split. it is understandable that our state, there are more here than in iowa, but in iowa evangelicals are very conservative. >> this was seen as a cruz constituency state. what do you make of the fact that you're locked in a tight battle for second place? >> ted cruz is the only conservative in the race. you have marco rubio who is the establishment candidate and then you have trump who is hitting - you know, the target of anger, of frustration of americans. he is totally the outsider and so that's the way he is viewed. so he is hitting that mark and i
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think that's why he is winning the race here in south carolina. there are a lot of angry americans over what is going on in washington. at the end of the process ted cruz is going to be our nominee >> this is really a race for second. what if ted cruz does not come in skekd? i was looking at the poll. at the beginning of this month he was way ahead of marco rubio by almost 15 points. now they're neck and neck. what happened in the last 20 days? >> actually, there's a wall street journal poll that just came out and has ted cruz in the number one spot nationally. so we're very encouraged by that. even if cruz comes in third place tonight, he is still strong, he has all the money that he needs. he should be able to finish the race. he is going to do really well in the states coming up. i think that we're not in bad shape, but we certainly want second place tonight. >> i understand he is already on his way to nevada.
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do you know why? >> i haven't heard that yet. i heard he was coming back from washington here, so he may have stopped by nevada and then on his way here. i'm not sure about that. >> thank you for that. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> mike, back to you thank you very much lisa. people here in colombia, the state capital, are you willing centering to make sense of this race here. yes, donald trump was leading the polls all along. a couple of outliar polls showed other things at times. donald trump romping against the rest of the field as he did in new hampshire. i want to bring in the chairman of the state republican party, matt more. what do you make of these numbers? who is supporting donald trump in south carolina? >> a lot of people. he won a wide array of the demographic groups here. i think voters are concerned
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about terrorism and the economy, support him according to exit polls. i have no supplies he was successful >> what are the surprises tonight? marco rubio and ted cruz battling it out. cruz was battling in second place. what's happening there? >> the endorsements i think mattered in the end. late breaking voters went with marco rubio and ted cruz fairly evenly. that was very helpful to his campaign that it gave a shot of momentum near the end, his endorsement. there is a long way to go and we should buckle in for a process that goes into march and maybe even april >> are you happy with the result? >> people have spoken. that's a good thing. >> it is a good thing for you? >> yes. people have spoken and we should respect that.
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people are ready for the fall. >> south carolina, you take pripd in the republican party picking the eventual-- pride-- candidate. what do you think is happening this time? what was different this time and do you think that south carolina has, once again, picked a republican nominee? >> people in the exit polling were equally interested in an outsider versus someone more established in holding office. that's the big question that we have now to answer in the next two or three months. i want to pick the next president of the country. that's what we're focused on now going forward. >> donald trump, you can't really call him a conservative, he flipped flopped on abortion, speaking about the health ago, why is he defying the wisdom on
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what conservatism means? >> yes. people have been disgruntled about a class that has been broken. >> it cuts both ways >> he is not from that class and bernie sanders is not either. >> that's the commonality >> yes. that's the big question as we go into march. is can the so-called establishment lane or anyone else take him on. who knows. it is a big question. >> the conventional wisdom out the window, but it still holds that if donald trump is the nominee, and that is a very real possibility after the results tonight, is that a danger to the republican party, not only loss of the senate, but a missed opportunity to win the white house? >> absolutely. i want to sit down with him in the fall and talk about what it means to be the republican party, what the platform looks
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like, where will he go. whoever the nominee is will have an apparatus to lock into. we're going to focus on that and let voters make the choice between now and then. >> thank you for that. we're going to bring in robert ray who is it is marco rubio headquarters. can you hear me? >> i've got you loud and clear. >> what is the situation there, robert? marco rubio in a dog-fight here for second place with ted cruz. this is something that marco rubio had fought for, australia we just talked about he got the endorgsment of the senator here. also in particular ee haley. what does this is an about his positioning and what do you suppose we're going to here from rubio tonight?
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>> i think what it says is that, perhaps, the republican voter that is down the middle is moving for toward marco rubio. this crowd, every single time numbers go up on the screen, they go crazy and they start screaming his name. if you feel like, perhaps, rubio is jackying for second place and against ted cruz, i think they have a possibility to move even into the first place. i have two different voters saying to me necessity are just waiting for donald trump to do something over the top that marco rubio can then be propelled to that number one position. >> so much contingent now on many of marco rubio's rivals in the establishment lane. i hate to keep using that phrase, but it does describe
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what is happening here, this outsider/insider dichotomy. marco rubio is a strong showing tonight by any measure. if we do see ben carson drop out, or jeb bush brop out, i think john kasich is going to stay in, do marco rubio supporters, what is your sense that they believe that many of those voters, the bush and carson voters, are going to move into the rubio camp and make him the person to beat or set up a one two contest with donald trump? >> yes. exactly correct. those voters will move into the rubio camp. that will likely happen if bush and carson and john kasich get out of this race. i've heard this several times today, it is an important thing to know, that people are waiting for donald trump to make some sort of critical error that is so over the top, more of some of the things we've seen already,
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that, in fact, he is destroyed, that marco rubio will move into a place where he can fight ted cruz for the next few months and take over that general election position, that poll position where he will go against a democratic candidate. >> waiting for him to make a misstep. how many has he made? how many taboos has he broken and yet here he is winning the south carolina primary. going to randal who is at the donald trump headquarters in south carolina literally waiting for donald trump, a triumphant donald trump to come out and address supporters. >> talking about those missteps that he has made, he made one less than 24 hours ago when he was referring to a myth, actually, about general john blackjack perjing and whether or not he killed some muslim pows back in world war 1. it didn't happen, but donald
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trump told the story again and it had no impact at all on the election returns topped. an interesting point that we haven't mentioned yet tonight, since 1980 in every south carolina presidential primary the winner here goes on to win the nomination. now, there was one year when it was an conception, but this is a good harbinger of victory for donald trump. another interesting point, the normally the state leadership likes to line-up behind a winner, but here in south carolina the republican party was scattered all over the place. governor hailey endorsed marco rubio and another one endorsed bush. only the lieutenant governor endorsed trump. it will be interesting to see how the elements of the south carolina party how crawl in
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behind the winner now. >> my father told me that a political science degree was useless and i never felt that his words were any more true than they are over the course of this campaign because donald trump is certainly rewriting the record book here, but this issue of the commonality, bernie sanders, the small contributions, he is not taking super packet money, donald trump taking outside money but he is mostly self-funded. he said he will not be be holden to anyone because of the campaign contribution. is that a sense from the trump campaign, is this a year when people are sensitive to campaign finance which, after all, again, the conventional wiz come do-- wisdom, it is something that the voters didn't care about? >> money is a mother's myth of
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politics, not holding true because look how much money jeb bush spent to no avail. i would say this. i would say that it has more to do with one of your guests earlier talking about that there is anger and people really appreciated donald trump standing up and telling it like it is in his opinion. that may have been the fact of his victory than anything else. >> thank you. we see the latest results now. 39% of the precincts turning in their results. donald trump projected by the associated press at 34% to win this election. ted cruz, marco rubio battling it out for second place. 21% appease. we will be back-- a piece. we will be back.
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welcome back to al jazeera's coverage of america votes 2016. it is a hot race now in south carolina, a battle for second place, donald trump already the projected winner. we're waiting for him to take the stage and we will bring his remarks live as soon as they happen. the new numbers coming in. 42% now reporting donald trump maintaining that lead at 34%. ted cruz and marco rubio separated by just a couple hundred votes. not even that many. both have 21%. jeb bush a very disappointing
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and distant fourth% place at 8. they're finalising the win for hillary clinton with 52%. the numbers are at the bottom of the screen nevada is not winner takes all but they will head on to super tuesday each leaving the batter with a hand-- nevada with a handful of delegates as well. i have my panel of three with us. good to have all of you with us. let's start by talking about nevada. what breaks out to you as the one issue or one of the issues that hillary clinton was able to
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pull ahead from there when the final polls had her and bernie sanders both sitting almost neck and neck within the margin of errorened she pulls out 5% ahead >> one of the things expressed going to the caucus today is that they said the next president should generally continue president obama's policies. you've heard her tying herself to president obama kind of indicating that she would continue his policies. that seemed to help her. this was a decisive win, but going into this it was a big question mark. there was a lot of doubt. you heard democrats leading up to today about the real fight going ahead and how this will be a long fight and less of that so-called fire wall that they had been playing up several weeks ago. now this that this result is in, the question is how long do they think this fight will go on in the effects step for the
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democrats is south carolina. i would imagine hillary clinton will continue tying herself very closely to obama. good strategy in the long run, but what about the long run some snichlt you have to win the south carolina first and super tuesday. she is looking to the fact that south carolina has a slight majority of african-americans in the primary. she will tie herself closely to obama and trying to steal some of bernie sanders narrative t you heard in her speech use a lot of his language and talking about unfairness and the like. she will continue to sold fight her relationships with after-- solidify her rehabilitation ought with african-americans she was going to go after businesses that were unfair but
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work with businesses right. taking a page from the bernie sanders campaign but maintaining the closeness that she does have. some people say to wall street but trying to spin that. we're going to take care of you if you take care of the american people. >> she wants some of the messages, but she wants the banks. if i am president i am going to work with you, as long as you do the right thing >> her whole message was that she has solutions. that has been her campaign theme. she will work that in tonight, but taking a page out of the anger that bs has been talking about i've got to ask you about this big question right now of donald trump and he has some of the highest unfavorablitys right now. people say they don't like him. i was at a donald trump rally in south carolina a few days. i want your reaction to what i asked people. i asked them do you believe that
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donald trump is a republican and these are people outside of south carolina at various rallies >> the idea that he is running as a republican is ludicrous >> how would you feel if he became the nominee? >> sad. very sad. >> scared. >> he suddenly became a pretend republican in the last few years. i don't think that you change that drastically that fast >> sometimes i wonder, but i think he is a true republican. i think he is able, like he says, to have no bias because he has no outside funders. >> it is important, but it's not that important to me. i'm voting on the man rather than the word conservative does that spell trouble for the g.o.p. trying to unite this party if donald trump is, indeed, the nominee? >> no because he is still not likely to be the nominee. to the establishment, in many regards marco rubio is a younger
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version of jeb bush and jr is like the fail-safe to jeb bush. if two of the three are out of the race and you start consolidating numbers, that person is taking donald trump one-on-one, donald trump has hit his ceiling. we know he is going to get one third of the primary voters out there right now. marco rubio ceiling as we have seen from august all the way through continues to rise. part of the reason why he gave a victory speech in iowa was because he was polling in fifth or sixth place and get to a third place. he almost beat donald trump in iowa where he was winning for four months stand by. jeb bush is now taking to the stage. >> when i began this journey in
8:41 pm
miami i said i would go everywhere speaking to every, keeping my word, facing the issues without flinching and staying true to what i believe. for the better part of a year i have endeavoured to do just exactly that. i have put forth a vision for america that includes all because our country deserves a president for everyone. the presidency is bigger than any one person and certainly bigger than any one candidate. we're different in our country because our head of state is not above us, but because the head of state, the people that as entire to the presidency-- aspire to the press deny are part of the-- precedent are the people. we elect a president like us under god's eye. i've had a front row seat to this adult for most of my adult life. i've seen fallible men rise up to the challenges of our time
8:42 pm
with huemility. people must entrust this office to someone who understands is a servant not a master. someone who will commit to that service with honor an decency. our next president will lead an extraordinary country whose people have always made the improbable possible, in big ways and in small. every day americans test the boundaries of freedom and achieve more than what they could have ever dreamed, but over the last seven years our nation's bright light has become a little more than a flicker. we have retreated from the world stage. the american values that have brought peace and opportunity are fading. that is not the america we know and love. america is a country that thinks big, acts boldly and leads without apology. it will be up to the next
8:43 pm
president to restore that kind of leadership. i'm proud of the campaign that we've run to unify our country and to advocate conservative solutions that would give more americans the opportunity to rise up and reach their god-given potential. the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. yes. [ applause [ applause ] i congratulate my competitors that are remaining on the island, on their success for a race that has been hard fought. just as the contest for the presidency should be because it is a tough job. in this campaign i have stood my
8:44 pm
ground, refusing to bend to the political winds. we put forward detailed innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. [ applause ] >> and i truly hope that these ideas that we've laid out will serve as a blueprint for a generation of conservative leaders at every level of government so that we can take back our country. we laid our plans on everything to reforming our tax and regulatory system, to reviving the economy and rebuilding the military and fixing the da funs and for all. [ applause ]-- once and for all. finally i am so grateful to lindsay graham for his steadfast
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support [ applause ] >> and his amazing humor. he stole the line which is that he has become a friend for life which i now use. going door to door across the country who have put their lives on hold for this cause, thank you. i want to thank my mom and brother who came here to south carolina. america truly loves them and respects them and so do i. i want to thank all my family 2.0s always back there in the back. and to my dad who has served as an inspiration to me. he is the greatest man alive and
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continues to be that way. i want to thank all the volunteers and supporters that i have met along this incredible journey and to all our grinders and staff who never, ever gave up. i've had an incredible life and for me public service has been the highlight of that life, but no matter what the future holds, here is the greatest safety landing, tonight i'm going to sleep with the best friend that i have and the love of my life. [ applause ] >> i'm totally blessed to be the father of three extraordinary
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children and four grandchildren. i'm blessed to be living in the greatest country that the world has every known. i remain optimistic and with the right kind of leadership, america's best days are ahead. republicans can win the white house and we can get back to being in the verge of having the greatest time to be alive and that's what i honestly believe and i know you do as well. i look forward to working with you. i will do it as a private citizen, just as you are. thank you for the opportunity to run for the greatest office on the are earth. i love you. god bless you. [ applause ] jeb bush suspending his campaign, ending his quest for the white house in 2016 s we will bring senior white house correspondent into the conversation but first we've got to go to joe watkins. you were a jeb bush supporter, you were a support yr for the
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president. this was simply not their time. what do you think was going through jeb bush's mind as he had to get out there and make that speech having clearly this was very emotional >> a tough, probably the toughest, this was a dream for him. he had haul the background to be a great presidential candidate. it wasn't in the cards for him. this is a very different cycle and it wasn't in the cards for him. he did the right thing. it wouldn't have helped anybody who will he get behind? >> i think it is yet to be determined. if i were him i wouldn't throw my support behind anybody yet. so if i were him i would stick on the sidelines. he still has the right to be tremendo tremendously helpful to a
8:49 pm
candidate the donald trump crowd went absolutely wild when jeb bush dropped out of this race. i think the other interesting thing is who will he throw his support behind. it is hard to imagine him supporting ted cruz or donald trump, and if marco rubio becomes the establishment candidate in this race, the battle between these two guys couldn't have gotten any uglier. where do jeb bush supporters go in all this? >> yes. there was a lot of bad blood between the two foloridians. donald trump may feel joop lant, but it could be unlikely that the type of voter that is attracted to jeb bush is going to move over to donald trump. they are the antithisis of one another.
8:50 pm
we're in the bible belt. there is a time for every purpose under heaven, a season for everything by way of roger mcgwinn but it is not jeb bush's season here. it is clearly not the time. you were talking about earlier if he had run in 2008, in he had run in 2012, time has clearly passed him by and tonight putting annex clamation point - an ex-clamation point, putting one on the issue and the view that this is a campaign season unlike any we have seen in the recent past, and that jeb bush is not the kind of demagogue, a kind of shoot from the hip politician that is going to gather support from voters who are in hay mood to simply tear it all down yes. taking a look at the numbers on the right-hand side of your screen, you can see that jeb bush with the 58% reporting, i
8:51 pm
mean he was coming in at 8% right now. 31,000 votes compared to marco rubio and ted cruz coming in at 81/83,000. when you breakdown some of the numbers that you see in colombia, for example, 47% of the precincts there reporting marco rubio is actually leading donald trump and if you look at south carolina, that's where more of the establishment republicans were. so even amongst the establishment republicans, jeb bush just simply could not get any momentum. >> everything you need to know about the difference between-- hold on, sorry mike. >> we understand that donald trump, yes, is coming out in south carolina. >> >> i saw richard dreifuss over
8:52 pm
at the show. >> >> >> thank you everybody. i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina. this is a special state. thank you. these are special people. we get a little boost last week from a place we all remember, new hampshire, we can't forget it. special, special, we love it. they sent us in here with a very
8:53 pm
good feeling. right? a very good feeling. all of these people, volunteers, they travel and they go. i say what are you doing and now they're going to texas and all over. some are going to nevada. i will go there and make a big speech at atlanta and nevada. i think we're going to do very good. the scc is going do be exciting. we're going to do very well. i want to say thank you to my family. it has been not easy for them. they don't see me any more. i'm making speeches all the time. i have a great family. i really have a great family. i just want to thank all of you. evanka, we have a hospital ready just in case and in south carolina if we're going to have a baby. there's nothing wrong with that. so it could be any second. it could even be before i'm
8:54 pm
finished. but she insisted on being here. it was so important for her to insist on being here, so thank you, honey. jar odd, vanessa, don. we have a wonderful lieutenant governor who backed us very early in the process. you know henry, right? the lieutenant governor of south carolina, i will take him over the governor any time because we won. we won. he can handle that very nicely. he is tough. he is very tough. tiffany, eric, laura and melania, please say something. >> i just want to say an amazing
8:55 pm
place south carolina. congratulations to my husband he was working very hard and he loves you, we love you, and we're going ahead to nevada and we will see what happens. he will be the best president. >> and representing some very, very wonderful children, ivanka, just say a few words. >> thank you south carolina. this is an amazing night. the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable and that's because my father's message resonates so deeply with so many people. so as our family, we're incredibly proud and grateful to each of you. so thank you for being here to support us. i will say this. my father is an incredibly hard worker and he will be working for each and every one of you. so together we will make america
8:56 pm
great again. thank you. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. i was watching upstairs and it was really amazing to be watching what i was watching and some of the pundits said, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump. right? these geniuss, they're geniuses. they don't understand as people drop out, i'm going to get those votes also. you don't just appeared them together-- add them together. i think we're going to do very well. i want to also congratulate the other candidates. in particular, i have to say ted and marco did very well.
8:57 pm
just one second, right. good. we go back to war tomorrow morning. we will be back, but i want to congratulate the other candidates. there's nothing easy here. it's tough, nasty, mean, vicious. it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful and we're going to start winning for our country. we're going to start winning. because our country doesn't win any more. it doesn't win. we don't win with the military, we can't beat i.s.i.s. we have great military, but we can't beat i.s.i.s. we have great trade. if you look at the border, mexico is killing us absolutely. we will do the wall. don't worry, we will do the wall. we're going to do the wall and by the way, who is going to pay
8:58 pm
for the wall? mexico is going to pay for the wall, and it's very easy. the other politicians come down. you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. i said 100%. we have a 58 billion dollar trade deficit with mexico. the wall is going to cost 10 to 12 billion dollars. believe me, they will pay. one of the officials, one of the ex-officials from mexico had a news conference. he announced that we will not be paying for the wall. who does mr trump think he is? they came to me, the press, look at all the cameras back there. the press came to me and they told me he said he would not pay for the wall. do you have a comment? i said yes, the wall just got ten feet taller. i love mexico. i love china, i love many of
8:59 pm
these countries that rip us off because we have leaders that are incompetent and don't know what they're doing. i love these countries. they're great. i have thousands and thousands of hispanics. we're going to nevada. i lead with the hispanics. i'm leading in every poll with the hispanics. i love them and they love me. the problem with the leaders in this countries, whatever it is, japan, vietnam, or china in particular, the greatest abuse financially, what they have done to us is the greatest single theft in the world. they have taken our jobs and money. we're bringing our jobs back, folks. we're going to bring them back. i know how to do it. we've had so many incredible endorsements and for me to get
9:00 pm
the business people to endorse me is so important. we're going to put these great business people in in


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