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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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to extend humanitarian access to humanitarian supplies in syria. syria. earlier this week limited humanitari humanitarian aid entered the areas for the first time in a while. . >> some people had received aid - had not received aid literally for years. through efforts from the international syria support group, the humanitarian task force, more areas will receive help in the coming days and weeks, and that progress will be regularized. this access specifically called for in u.n. resolution 2254, and we intend to see that this aid
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continues to flow. let me under score the syrian regime has a fundamental humanitarian and global responsibility, and so do other parts of the conflict. facility, humanitarian access, is desperately needed now, or at any time that they are in need. this is a fundamental responsibility. and to use understood as an instrument or weapon of war is a war crime. and we put the regime on notice today that we will watch closely for the proper and full compliance, this international objective that has been codified within the international security council, to the vote. that vote says all parties must
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see the text against civilians. this will not happen. they argued the reason access has been denied, and indiscriminate bombing continued is because bashar al-assad and his allies believe that by the will of the international community in pursuing this policy. they can win the war. let me make it clear. i have been involved in the discussions around this war for 3.5 years now. i have taught it to every party. and i can tell you that no tactic such as those employed today will win the war. they will only create more refugees, more victims, more terrorists and in the end, more resolve by people who agree that
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they will continue to fight. all that through this kind of activity is to prolong this conflict. it will strengthen d.a.e.s.h. and it will compel tens of thousands more syrians to flee for their lives, and increase the problem of displaced persons and refugees. the path to peace, the path to isolate d.a.e.s.h., and grading and destroying dash, and giving the people of syria a real choice for their future is actually right in front of us now. now we have this moment of opportunity. and the united states is doing everything in our power to try to fulfil the moment of opportunity. today the coalition has engaged
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directly in the fight against d.a.e.s.h. and we are determined that we will win this fight. let me make that absolutely clear. today the coalition launched more than 10,000 air strikes, providing increased amounts of equipment and training to our local partners in iraq and syria. in jordan, i might add, is a political leader to counter-d.a.e.s.h. royal jordanian air force pilots regularly fly nations as part of operation resolve. and they have called on the international community to disrupt d.a.e.s.h.'s recruiting. we are doing that. they are planning further actions, even as we speak. we are doing more help to raise neighbours, striking in the capacity to safe guard their
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territory and defend against threats. this year congress approved unprecedented $1.2 billion in assistance to support our partnership with jordan. together with additional counterterrorism support funds, jordan will receive $1.6 billion in assistance that will enhance border security, creating economic growth, and creating jobs for the majority of people. as part of the assistance, jordan will receive $450 million in foreign military, financing this year, making it a third largest recipient in the world. i can tell you that support will continue. but, at the end of the day, we... [ coughs ]
5:06 am the end of the day, there's nothing we can do more than to make the fight effective, than to put in place a political transition that bind a government - find a government responsive to the desperate need of the syrian people. that is a government that cannot possibly have bashar al-assad at its head. that is why we have said again and again that bashar al-assad - this war cannot and will not end with bashar al-assad there. now, a lot have criticized diplomatic efforts. i want to point out very clearly, they have not offered a realistic alternative that degreases and ends the conflict. nobody would like to see the
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diplomatic efforts move more quickly than i would. but the truth is we are, in fact, making progress even as i stand here today. there is aid now getting through. the modalties for cessation hostilities are now being - in fact, we are closer to a ceasefire today than we have been. and i take nothing for granted about this. a cessation of hostilities is possible over the course of these next hours. and i know we can't say if everyone is going to meet their commitments. i can't vouch for that. the united states can make certain of that. what we do know, what we can be certain of is this - peace is better than more war. a political solution is better than the futile attempt to try
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to find the result in more refugees and jihadize, so much more destruction and in the complete destruction of syria itself. we believe that a political solution is one that the syrian people themselves desire, and the full measure of our commitment to their future is a diplomatic effort pursued and bearing fruit will continue because the syrian people themselves, again and against emphasised their desire to have a country in which all minorities are detected recollects in which all rights are protected in a new constitution, and in which they have an opportunity to choose the leadership and maintain a united and secular syria. now last week the i.s.s. g - the
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international syrian support group. and it took a very important and a tangible step forward. we established a task for for the cessation of hostilities, under the auspices of the u.n., co-chaired by russia and the united states. over the past days, our teams in geneva have been working intensively to develop modalities for the cessation of the hostilities. even as recently as an hour ago this morning. i poke with foreign minister lavrov by phone. i spoke with him yesterday, but again today, this morning, i underscored the urgent need to achieve a full cessation of hostilities in the shortest time frame possible. and i believed in the
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conversation that we had, we have reached a provisional agreement in principle, on the terms of a cessation of hostilities that could begin in the coming days. it is not yet done, and i anticipate that our presidents - president obama and president vladimir putin - may well speak somewhere in the next days or so in order to try to complete this task. what we understand is that we will consult with other members of the i.s.s. g and syrian opposition on the provisional understanding that has been reached. make no make, the answer to this syrian civil war will not be found in a military alliance with bashar al-assad.
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let me make that clear. i am convinced it can be found in a broadly supported initiative aimed at a negotiated political settlement, a transiti transition transitional council, consistent with the communique. and rejecting terrorism wanting to build a new future for syria. that is the purpose. the process is under way. that is the urgent mission the fast majority of the people deserve, characterised by peace, perilism and dignity for all of its people. so i thank the foreign minister for his partnership. and so many other challenges we faced, and together we look forward to answering your
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questions. >> thank you very much. i'm told by the respective staff that we are running way behind schedule here. so we'll take one question from the right side and one from the left side. >> reporter: can you give us more elaboration [ unclear audio ] >> could you hold the mike >> reporter: could you elaborate on the [ inaudible ] >> the defense cooperation act. >> well, the cooperation is a very full and rob oft process of training equipment, specific equipment. the foreign minister can share with you the details. we worked it out over a period of time. it was signed by his majesty, and we are - i mean, the most
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important thing to this is ... you're watching al jazeera, we are live in ayman as john kerry and the foreign minister take questions from reporters. what you'll see in the next couple of hours, and the main line from kerry saying the modality is for a cessation of hostilities are almost now being completed. mr juda reiterates they are in effect following on from the london donor conference saying we are getting $1.6 billion in aid, part is military aid, a recognition of commitment to solving what is going on in syria, and the problems jordan has faced as a direct consequence of the refugee issue. 600,000 refugees living inside jordan. mr john kerry saying to accelerate the humanitarian aid
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that the aid is getting through areas of damascus. a clear signal as well to the syrian regime. telling bashar al-assad, that the regime has a fundamental responsibility. he said we will not win. he said it will only create more resolve among the people who fight. he was referring to people on the ground, and said if there's conflict, if it carries on, and it has taken place over the past four or five years, all it will do is affect i.s.i.l. he said we will win the fight, we are making progress. he did give lip service to the reality. we are trying to resolve the most difficult issues, saying mahmoud abbas, later in ayman. he said with i.s.i.l., we'll deal with it. we have had frank and productive
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talks to far. 13.5 million people in need of aid. hundreds of thousands trapped. if you rewind 25 years, you can remember the relationship between the united states and jordan. and the then u.s. secretary of state in the run-up to the first war when saddam hussein invaded kuwait. and kuwait a neighbour on the southern border. we'll stay with this story, and talk to our correspondent between. you have been listening to what is going on there, what is your reading of what we've heard just in the past snour well, we heard the u.s. secretary of state make it clear that an agreement on the state of hostilities has been agreed. he seemed confident and optimistic that it had been
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implemented within the next few days, mentioning that he is expecting a conference between the u.s. president and his russian counterpart. we know the united states and russia have been having intense communications, to agree the ceasefire, a tricky ceasefire to implement. kerry saying we are closer than ever to implement a deal. kerry - hours after hearing bashar al-assad, and the opposition, saying they would be ready for a ceasefire. both attaching conditions. now we have kerry saying he's visiting jordan to kus humanitarian issues, the fact that jordan is carrying those issues. we have to remember that jordan has been asked to come up with
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an agreed list. that would have been on the table of discussions in jordan. there are hundreds of groups on the ground. and the allegiances and alliances constantly are shifting. it's a difficult task, but the clearest yet from the secretary of state. that professional agreement has been reached. >> let's recap and listen now to a little clip from the catholic churches. >> the syrian regime had a fundamental humanitarian and global responsibility. to do other parties to the conflict. to facilitate humanitarian access to populations in desperate need now. at any time they are in need. this is a public responsibility. and to use food as an instrument or one of war is a war crime.
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ling to that what's the u.s. key in the conversation between washington and moscow. if we rewind, we have four groups, the civil rights groups. the riyadh group. it was difficult to get them to talk to people. i'm instreaked what the new element will be, for the cessation of hostilities. >> we know that there are many stakeholders represented in the international syria support group. but it's what united states and russia have been talking about. and yes, the operation is quite right. what is happening on the ground, the balance of power is in
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favour of the syrian government because of russian military and prevention. the opposition worried that it's not only weakened on the ground. but it is weakened on the negotiating table. you heard the secretary of state say we have come under criticism in the syrian conflict, yes. the opposition criticized the united states saying what pressure are you exerting, what are you going to stop the russian air strikes, to stop the opposition being weakened. and kerry making it clear that they don't see a solution, and there's no end. russia accused of pushing ahead with the conflict. it seems the international community, the west, wants to find an end to the crisis, the fact that the refugees, hundreds of thousands of people in europe.
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europe considers it a threat to its own security. at the moment. the rest seems to think this is the way forward. but undoubtedly the devil is in the detail. since the massimilano allegri link, that is included. what will happen when al nusra front launches an offense. breaches the ceasefire. are they going to take the war to nusra. they'll have a civil war within. there's details to be worked out. this is the clearest look, that some sort of provisional agreement has been reached. >> thank you for the analysis, we'll talk to you later in syria, 42 people have been killed in two car bombs. pro-government state tv said it happened. that area is home to many
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members of the shia sect. it's one of the deadliest effects in home. turkish authorities questioned two. in court, following health thoughts. tak, turkish based group, claimed responsibility, but turkey blames the y.p.g. for the attack. we'll move on niger's president is standing for re-election in an attempt by the threats of allegations and cracked up on descrent. the president has been up since 1911. he received another term. he met growth and infrastructure, improving security. the rival - on the left of the screen, we are going to talk for
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a second. the main opposition leader. prime minister from 2007 to 2009. in the middle he was niger's first democratic election before being ousted in a coup. the controversial candidate. the gentleman on the right of the screen is another. he was imprisoned over allegations, allegations denied. a tough use was security in the face of fighters from nigeria. blessed with uranium, gold and/ore, but is a poor country. as far as the electorate is concerned, mohammed. is the issue the bread and butter, is it the economy, money in the pocket. is it a broader quest of
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corruption? actually. we can talk awful these as priorities for the people. we have been talking to the youth and the opposition, as well as the government itself. the opposition basically they see their priority as exactly those that were talked about. they want money in their pockets and a better economy, better functioning economy and less corruption. we have been talking about this particular point of corruption. some behind saying what happens, what are the government roles in niger, they should know that the people are fed up. and as you mentioned in your intro, is riddled with natural resources. can't understand this contradiction between a country that is very rich, the fourth
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largest uranium youth in the world. china had a billion barrels in oil reserve, and undefined quantities. people would like to see this translated into prosperity. they can see that the government is talking about roads, and schools that have been built. and improvements in human rights and so on. people in the opposition don't deny that, but say it's a drop in the large ocean. the united states sees it at the bottom in terms of human development. they don't like this remaining in this position when they know
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it can be built it's been a big night in the race for the white house, hillary clinton ran the democratic course. boston, south carolina. finished number one in the republican primary there. he no longer talked about jed bush, hoping to precede his brother. trump won over a third of the votes cementing his position as the republican front runner. marco rubio in second place then ted cruz. hillary clinton won, beating bernie sanders with just 52% of the photo. alan fisher has the report. there were more celebrations for trump. >> donald trump, back to back wins. first new hampshire, and then south carolina. >> there's nothing easy about running for president. it's tough, nasty, mean, ambitious. it's beautiful. when you win it's beautiful.
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>> reporter: if this was a good night for the billionaire, it was awful for jed bush. he campaigned with his mum, brother and used the family name. he was the choice of many. but it wasn't enough. >> people in new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> no. >> yes. [ cheering ] >> reporter: south carolina is an important and significant stop in this campaign. although the republican party is pulled out, the seat is diverse. the trump campaign will be saying if if can win here, there's nowhere in the united states where they can't i understand ted cruz believes the next few gives them a chance of wins.
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it will now be suggested that he will become the candidate. a person backed now that bush is gone. >> this has been a long road. there are many people on this campaign, good people. many of home any other year would have been a front runner. now practically speaking, it's down three. and i know that our campaign gives us the best chance not just to come together. not to unify, but to unify our country and throw this unit. >> the republicans know that their win for hillary clinton, but the win almost got wiped out. in a victory speech she addressed issues raised by bernie sanders, and took a swipe at the vermont senator too. . >> we are not a single issues country. [ cheering ] >> we need more than a plan for the big bang. the middle class needs a race.
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-- we need a raise. >> let's put this thing away and make america great. >> there was a joke that rump's candidacy will disappear. he's now the republican front runner. and he's miling peter trumpet, the director for the u.s. center at the london school of economics. why does mr trump continue to do so very, very well? >> well, i think the main thing is he's attacking a deep well of antiestablishment resentment. and it counselled for picking up a third of the electorate. you see it on both side of the divide. having said that that that is the basis for support we saw last night that he can pick up
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support among evangelical republicans, and in that respect it's a surprise. you look at trump's back to back victories, new hampshire and south carolina. you have to be struck by he's in two different states, where evangelical make up a quarter of the republican primary in new hampshire, and somewhere between six to 70% in south carolina. it's a big victory nor him, picking him the grms forward. >> heef was trading blows with the pope. >> he picked a fight with the pope. significantlily in south
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carolina, it is bush country, it went for george w push. he went against the bush grand. making him accountable for 9/11. it's an apositiesy on the republican side, and a normal candidate would have self-imploded from that. it seems to have had little effects. this was supposed to be a break through moment. yes, she did better than bernie sanders, not as well as she needed to do. why is that. is it as simple as saying young folks are going for the guy in white hair. he's making the right noises like university costs. >> that accounts for a lot of it. show won by 5% of the votes.
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it's not a huge margin. she brought herself the time to get to south carolina, because the polls show her ahead. there is a large voting population there, and they are overwhelming clinton. i am sure that will show up in the exit polls in nevada. bernie sanders picked up the young vote. he's winning 80% of the young vote. it's not only white young voters. one of the things about this poll is it shows that young hispanics are favouring him, which is considerable. the other thing to say in the case of clinton and sanders is
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while she scores high with democratic quotas, she did not score high on honesty and integrity. this is a problem for her going forward. it happens into the aind insiderism, that she is too close to wall street. something that bernie sanders played on over the course of the campaign. >> it will be that perhaps she will never be judged as another candidate. she has always perceived through the prison of having been very, very close to the obviously office, ie when bill had the top job. >> yes. i think she is carrying that weight. in some way's she's an asset. in other ways a liability. i think it is clear in new
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hampshire. that will be less. yes, i think that she was very close to the white house, it's a problem. the significant thing last night on the republican side which equates to the democrat side. is not only that donald trump won, lost, but it was the epitome of insider establishment candidacy. the problem for hillary clinton is that she is carrying some of that same advantage. >> thank you very much. >> i feel an obstruction across. a massive clean-up operation beginning in the south pacific fiji. cyclone winston more than 300 k/hr. demolishing buildings and felling pilons. the prime minister put this on
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twitter. look at each other. australia is now offering help. >> i have been in touch with my counterpart and offered australia support. we have in place supplies that are available. so offered the ability to send an orin to carry out surveillance. >> let's take a weather update. could the storm system have been worse? >> no, absolutely the highest level in terms of storm anywhere, any time. look at the map. we can see where it is in which reason. winston goes right across the island nation. disintegrating a little bit.
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it moves towards the west. on the face of it. it looks as though it's a threat. caledonia, and it is a potent force. watch the track now. if this is believed, making its way out into open space. let's hope that that is the case. the concern is it's the worse storms to have hit the islands in. they have had bad ones in the past. if you take a wider picture. there has been sustained winds. and here you get to know it's one minute of temperature sustained. shy of 300 k/hr per hour in terms of sustained winds. in fact, it's only beaten by super typhoon in terms of all-time wind strength. it got up to 350 k/hr, and
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killed more than 7 people. that was partly due to the huge surge that we had. we didn't have it in fiji. the weather will be nasty in the coming days. the recovery continues. >> thank you very much. >> more than 150 children died in southern pakistan. a lack of facilities, poor nutrition contributed to the problem. we have this report from sindh province. >> reporter: they haven't had enough food. she is now in hospital. they are lucky to have head it to the only hospital in the area. every year hundreds of these children die because of water borne and other diseases. a lack of medical facilities, and a high infant mortality rate.
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we have come. there are no facilities, we had to borrow money to reach the hospital. >> our village is close. there are no medical facilities. the government says the death are are being reported because more people are coming to the hospital. it's a political influence. there aren't enough middle staff in hospitals. >> the reason for all the doctors is many of the posts have been announced and are in the process of hiring them. medical experts say to prevent it mothers need to be healthy.
5:38 am
covering 12,000km, remote villages like these, it's a change. some say customs have to change in order to save lives. >> people marry at an early age. most women have children. in addition to that, there's politics, the mother and the child, to stay healthy. for hundreds of people, the lifestyles are the same. but the villagers want a better life for their children. we have no roads, no water, no electricity, no government hospitals back at the hospital, the children are getting treatment. many have facilities that change. they face a risky future join us live on the newshour from karachi. the minister for sindh. what is happening in the province to alleviate issues
5:39 am
that the people are facing. >> i see the report. actually, the area, scattered villages, they are scattered and some have two or three hours to provide everywhere where hospitals and roads are. nobody can do this without a perspective by the companies. they have made roads, and provide many areas. still, we have to do our part in this area.
5:40 am
we are so caught up in the traditional because there are few of them. for now they are asked to double. actually, the problem is there's a few they provide more than 750 to provide them their area. >> if i may make a point. solar energy is all well and good. that's a problem that needs to be solved a little down the line. what needs to happen today is you need to cut through the red
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tape of bureaucracy and get the doctors and nurses into the province as soon as possible. >> you are right. there is a shortage of doctor in the last year we provide a lot of doctors. a lot of lady doctors. >> not only we focus. but other areas. islam, there are hospitals, we make them give them few areas. 4 by 4 ambulances in these areas. because they are villages. that's why we are providing them ambulances and things. but we have to do more. we are doing honoured on the
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advice and we focus in this area. >> thank you for your time. our guest in karachi the refugee baby at the center of controversy of being deported from australia, is being allowed to stay until now. doctors refuse to discharge the 1-year-old girl until a suitable home is found. her nepalese parents face deportation. the immigration minister peter dutton says abe will move into community detention, but will return to nauru at some point. >> rebel fighters have been engaged in a stand off for security forces for a second day. on saturday, the soldiers whittled, the rebels are inside a government building. police and civilians are being
5:43 am
evacuated from the area 10 died in protest. the agricultural community wanting quotas off to the civil background cast. a shoot to kill order that was imposed against thousands of military and paramilitary forces on the ground. the protesters burnt down an area. in the town, the heart of the protests, buses controlled community halls and even the residents, the finance minister were set ablaze. in many areas, protesters called for calm. they want status that gives them priority for government jobs and a quota. local politicians tried to build a community saying if it was up
5:44 am
to them. >> translation: the government says it will send on the community resolving on the constitutional hurdles standing in the way of meeting their demands. >> reporter: the chief ministers words drew more anger. >> we have been fooled by the successive governments. this one is bad in particular. we'll ensure that they are overthrown and will report it. >> the community makes up 30% of the population, they are farmers and are not underprivileged. it's an issue of numbers. in the supreme court only 50% of the state's population can get there. giving it to the judge will tip it over. at the border, marked with
5:45 am
blockades. the government reaches a decision in our favour, we'll talk about water supplies. >> many blocked with fear that protesters would carry out the threat to slash the targets of vehicles. the agitators formed a committee that prepared a list of demands that they want the government to fulfil. if not. they warn of more reductions. >> this is an issue that has been simmering. the government has been promised regulation status. the concern is unrest of the state. and spreading to other parts of the country the philippines is holding a presidential debate ahead of elections in may. the five have gather said now. let's take you live to mindanao and al jazeera's correspondent.
5:46 am
the symbolism is obvious. >> that's right. this debate is taking place in mindanao. the ongoing issue for various administrations. there was hope that they could hold out for a peace agreement, that it was within reach. there has been a peace accord agreed between the groups and fighters. it has been held up going through the parliament. as a result. it has put it back on the agenda. it's very much what they are debating here. it's the start of the election campaign, there's a fiesta-type fool. and the limits ads to the atmosphere and the spectacle.
5:47 am
five candidates sparring with each other. it had to be said, there's a question about how much weight these debates carry at the end of the day. >> as far as candidates are concerned it's a cliche. philippines love their tellie, if you are a candidate and want to get your message out there, you have to be seen to be taking part. >> it's not necessarily what they are saying, but how they are saying it. the presidential campaign tends to be more about personalities and policies. while, yes, candidates have been standing up and defending policies, there has been scandal and controversy associated with their names. four out of the five candidates have some controversy that accompanies them on to the hustings. it's been said that it doesn't heart a huge amount. probably less so in the
5:48 am
philippines. post pollsters tell you it's more about the personalities in the elections. in fact, it had to be said this is one of the first debates when all five candidates have been taking part. it's an important election back in '98. joseph became president and is now taking part in a debate. go figure lots to come on the newshour. a victory in uganda, as the opposition candidate remains under house arrest. he says the election was rigged. >> reporter: police surrounded the house of the opposition leader as a vote count was completed and a vote announced. opposition world were under house arrest, what police called preventative arrangements. at the voting center, the
5:49 am
commission announced results. the chairman acknowledged some problems, but said things largely went well. >> the opposition says there was rigging. local observers said there was rigging, there'd been strong criticism from the commonwealth observers. if failed. it was badly oriented. in the trust of everyone here. everyone they were speaking to. i would say a failure of the electoral commission. >> while the result plied some.
5:50 am
protesters poured into the neighbourhoods. some were not allowed to enter >> there's a lot of uncertainty, many are scared to death. they say they are afraid. >> supporters prepare to celebrate. supporters are waiting to make their next move still ahead - all the sports news on the newshour, including details of a rough day for rafael nadal in rio. farah is here with the story and the sport news in a minute. do stay with us. us.
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welcome back, you are watching the newshour. a film of the refugee crisis won the golden bear. >> the golden bear for this film goes to ... the victor rossi's documentary focuses on the life of a young boy landing on the island of lampedusa. he spent six months filming on the arrival. an arrival point for refugees prior to europe. time for sports news. >> thank you. the golden state warriors can bounce back from the worst showing of the season with 115 to 112 win over the l.a. clippers. heat beat the washington winners
5:53 am
for the second win. winning by 25 points and 25 rebounds, leading miami. it's the 11th in n.b.a. history that a player has had 20 we bounds. >> a home run - barry bonds returns to baseball. the 51-year-old is a hitting coach for the marley group. they believe he should be in the hall of fame. >> i know that i'm a hall of fame player, i don't need to get into that. i leave that to guys for determination. there's not one player to ever say that i'm not - not a coach that coached me saying i'm not wanted. you got guys that make that decision in your terms, but god
5:54 am
nose i'm a hall of famer. >> both had the chance to close the gap on world. atletico can cut the distance to three points. as for real, they are one behind the city rivals. they played malaga, having won the last three. >> managers are confident they can make up ground. >> i'm happy here. i knew it was a difficult position, it's new for my. i note the important thing for us, for real madrid is point. we are going that, that's it. we need to play well. and hoping none of this will be easy for us. >> united take it closer to reaching the final of the super league. beating the kings on saturday. in the 2020 competition. it's happening in the u.a.e.
5:55 am
five wickets were taken for islamabad. he was back down in 15 overs. dwayne haden and wayne smith smashing victories. now, some test cricket. as within 7 runs of the new zealand first innings total. stephen smith made a century. aussies lead 2 matches, 1-0 rafael nadal's poor start to the tennis season continues. he was knocked out of the open. he lost, 6-7, 6-4 in the semifinal. first time ever nadal losses to the world seeded 35. it suggests his second defeat plays to a player ranked outside
5:56 am
the top 30 since 2005. >> i fought until then. i was losing some of the tournament in australia, last week... >> and today here. it was a chance to - that i make. >> tampa bay lightening steven stamkos is the third player in franchise history to reach 300 goals. steven stamkos was instrumental in stopping a long-losing streak. they were 4-2 winners this time. and some strange scenes towards the closing stages. the stick was impacted out of one players hands, rattling his opponent and stealing his stick. he was penalized for misconduct.
5:57 am
>> a goal by the senators in the final midth of regulation. it was under the keeper to keep him out and returned 3-2 to act weigh. the lead in the final round of the northern trust open in california, the 2-time champion. at the shot. on the way as a 4-under one. finishing 10-under. watson chasing the second win at the rif rara in three years. >> back to you thank you very much. you're watching the al jazeera newshour. more for you as the story unfolds, not the least john kerry in ayman. anything more, join the website, back at the top of the hour. see you then. hen.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target. >> meet the unsung hero of social change. >> i feel like i'm suppose to do something, >> breaking down barriers. >> sometimes i have to speak when other people say be quiet. >> shaping our future. >> i actually am committed to a different, better, stronger, healthier america.
5:59 am
>> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change. >> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
6:00 am
john kerry says he's reached a provisional agreement with his russian counterpart on the terms of a ceasefire in syria. hello, i'm peter dobie, you're watching al jazeera live from hour hours in doha. ahead - a double car bomb attack in the syrian city of homs kills at least 42 people voters have their say in niger, putting democracy to test. plus... >> i am suspending my campaign tonight. yep, i am


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