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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. hello. i am marianne nemazi. in the next 60 minutes, bomb blasts kill at least 76 people in hom may. s and dam afternoonus as the u.s. reports progress on a possible syrian cease-fire. india gloiz thousands of troops to comcast protests a major water crisis in new delhi. execute is tight where nijer
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votes. also, ♪ >> a lament for crimeastartars. an unlikely entry to the euro vision contest. >> in sport, chelsea are into the quarter finals. manchester city sides 5-1 as the manage are maintains unbeat be runs in the competition. >>. >> the syrian cities of homms and damascus have been hit by multiple bomb blasts. at least 75 people are killed and more than 100 others injured in the area of homm. home to many members of the
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assad's allowhite sect. a southern suburb was hit by a number of explosions killing 30 people. the so-called islamic state of the iraq in the levant has claimed responsibility for that attack. those governments,thy 31 villages. this as u.s. secretary of state john kerry said he reached a professional grooment with russia in terms of a cease-fire. zeina has more on the turkish border. you may find some images in her report upsetting. >> two separate attacks, both involving multiple explosions and just hours apart in two government controlled districts in syria. the other, the other allowhite area. near simultaneous explosions left civilians killed and
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injured. communities that were considered supporters of the government were targeted. both districts have seen similar attacks in the past and a cheer challenge in the government to secure territories. multiple explosions coincide with what appears to be progress towards a truce. we have reached a provisional agreement in principle on the terms of the cessation of hostilities that could good in the coming days. it's not yet done. i anticipate our presidents president obama and putnin, may well speak somewhere in the next days or so in order to try to complete this task. kishry was speaking in jordan, also a member of the international support group. it is the country given the task of putting together an
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internationally agreed list of who is a terrorist in syria and who isn't. there was no mention of whether a consensus has been reached. protection secretary of state john kerrrk said a deal on a cessation of hostitionties is closer than ever. hours earlier, the syrian government and the opposition said they would be ready to accept a conditionable cease-fire. the government doesn't want the rebels to exploit a truce to rearm and regroup and the opposition wants russian airstrikes to stop and sooejz to be lifted. it is the u.s. and russia who are the main players. >> one of those details is the presence of the al-nusra front. the u.n. designates it a terrorist organization but it fights along some opposition groups that participate in the political process. the opposition says excluding al-nusra front in any deal would give russia an excuse to target
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rebel populations. a pause in the fighting will bring relief to the millions of syrians trapped in battle grounds but it will not mean an end to the conflict. there are deep differences among the warring sides and their international and regional backers about what comes next. >> the answer to the syrian civil war will not be found in any military alliance with assad. let me make that clear. i am convinced it can be found in a broadly supported diplomatic initiative aimed at a negotiated political settlement with a transitional governing counsel. >> reporter: on the ground, the alliances chal changed the balance of pour in it's favor. the opposition's hand in negotiations may have been weakened. the general thoughts is that the government cannot win this war militarily. a truce would silence the guns.
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peace still needs to be fought around the negotiating table. zeina hodr. >> live on the turkey/syria border. jamal, what can you tell us about these latest explosions in holmes. a very important part of damascus. who was targeted in these attacks? >> with regards to the first one, 346789 ariam as we heard, that targeted a mainly allowhite or in homms. it is a minority community which assad comes from. we understand the number there, the there were at least 40-odd people were killed. in damascus, it is a busy area with lots of shops and markets and other places with a lot of people flocking to it. we are hearing up to four
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explosions were detonated there. and that bringing the number, the total number, more than 60 or close to 70 people killed all togeth together. another example of just how violent the situation is, that it's not just the war, the battles that are taking place or fought by the militaries, by russian air force and by the syrian army as well as the opposition fighters, but, also, these explosions, individual explosions that take place here and there that make this conflict so deadly. >> we know that u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been speaking with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. he mentioned a provisional agreement. what does that mean for the possibility of an overall cease-fire? >> well, in terms of we have to be clear of the language kerry used he said a provisional agreement was reached. >> hopefully within the coming hours or days, it will be
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implemented but he was cautious to say that this can't happen overnight, the specific details had nobody ironed out. this isn't a fight between two sides. it's a side between a number of different sides, each vying for different gains, be it geographical, geo political, economic even in this civil war. to get all of them to agree on it. region nan hours, turkey, the gulf states as well as obviously syrian -- syria and the u.s., itself. you are talking about internally, the kurdib armed groups the islamic state. the most important thing as far as the opposition is concerned, those who are against assad, they say they need the russian airstrikes to stop boo the syrian army to be lifted in order for aid to be received by those people. as far as the assad government is concerned, they are saying
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that they need fighters to stop what they call terrorists to stop their activities, amongst them, obviously, isil, however, as you mentioned, the government has been able to recapture several towns and vimingz that were hold by isil the. reports on the ground are they didn't put up much of a fit. big the question of what their tactics are and until now, there is no direct communication with this group. there is a huge question mark as to who they support and who is supporting them. so it is a very complicated situation to say the least. >> thank you, jamal. still to come for you on the newshour, after the cyclone, fujians are told to stay inside for a second night as officials assess the damage. >> so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. yeah. yeah. >> it's the ends of the road for jeb bush as he pulls out of the u.s. presidential race.
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a first look at the course where snowboarders will aim for olympic gold in two years' time. thousands of troops have been deployed to kauchl protests by the jack community. scancalm protests by the jack community. sc scan. >> protesters have cut off water supplies leading to a crisis in the capitol. a report from the hariana. >> reporter: these protesters are trying to cause as much disruption as possible, strategically placed on a road leading to rajistan. they say it's the only way to get their message heard. >> if you can't they are traditionally an agricultural
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committee and make up 30% of the population. protesters have burned down buildings, looted shops and torched vehicles despite thousands of troops they have been given shoot on sight orders. the protest offer's plan is to bring the chaos as close to the capitol as possible. nearly a thousand trains have been cancelled because of block aids on tracks. all trains heading north have to travel through the state. it's not just travel disruption. 60 percent of the capital's wall spotlight comes from ariana. protesting for days. he says like the rest of his family, he has had to become a farmer because the community isn't included in the reservation. >> if i had resservations status, i wouldn't be standing
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in front of you. i would have had a proper post in a government job. i am a graduate. i can't get a low-level local police job. how can our family and kids become successful. this system defeats us. sense 1990s, several attempts to grant the community reservation status which would have given them access to government jobs and educational institutions. this time they are determined to get it. >> all people from our community, from children to the elderly are prepared to die for this. no one can take our demands and our rights. >> it's the government leaders in a tight spot. they have been promised reservation status many times especially during election campaigns including the latest which brought the current party to power. >> more on this story now joining me in the studio had he
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of the politics at the university of westminster. thank you very much for coming in to speak to us. so, a you were hearing there, the effect of these protests are being felt in the capitol, itself, with the city facing a major water crisis. as a result of these demonstrations do you see further negotiations? >> the government and the protest leaders uses in coming out that the government has assured the leaders they are going to get affirmative action within the state but not in the center, so not in the country as such. the jack leader divided in terms of what action to take in the future. al problem.
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>> they are asking for the designation given to lower casts so they can benefit from the positive discrimination. the lower the cast you have, to dehumanize and you would have it against you. in the past, they used to be seen as what would be backward. lasts for 40 years that they are powerful not upward class but not backward classes. >> you are saying even though this community is out in protest, they are actually very powerful not just in this state but across the country? >> capitol, a maple problem around delhi, they are significant in number.
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politically and social bulsz to seek affirmative action. progress now on negotiations that in this particular state, they could be given that designati designation. could that set a precedent? could we see some sort of change in the overall balance system in the years to come? >> it's unlikely because some already get the designation one of the richest state of india. they are powerful. to help those who have been discriminated severely. particularly powerful. going to compete. generally backward.
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that's a tragedy. it's not an agitation. this is progress. goss to benefit someone to get more dominance. >> it is a plic indicated issue. thank you so much for sharing your analysis and making it a little bit more clearer for us from university. >> a group of rebel fighters in indian administered mir has been involved for a second day. three soldiers and a civilian have been killed. >> fujians have been told to stay indoors for a second night as officials try to restore services after the strongest storm on record. at least six people are dead after cyclone winston brought 300 kilometer an hour winds and torrential rains to the is pacific island nation. caroline malone reports. >> reporter: a glimpse of the damage in fiji after the
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strongest cyclone on record there. a direct hit but the storm still left its mark cyclone winston brought torrential rain and 300 kilometer per hour winds. that's flattened homes, trees and cables. damage in other parts of the main island even though it's the part of the country where the strongest infrastructure to withstand such winds and rain. government teams and officials carry on the important work of repairing and restoring our infrastructure. there is a great deal of debris on our recoroads and in our communities. power lines have gone down all over the country and glass, live electric wires and other hazardous materials pose serious threats. >> the cyclone did pass closer phone and power lines are down. it's been difficult to contact people living there.
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relief workers are finding it difficult to get around because of trees strewn across the roads. >> i have offered australia's support and we have in place pre-positioned supplies that are available. i have also offered the adf to send a p 3 orion so we can carry out aerial surveillance particularly in the outer lying islands and do a needs assessment. >> fiji relies on the tourist industry. there are about 1,200 australians there and other national alternatesty did affected. getting home will be difficult because airports have been closed. many of low-lying islands are feared. the fujian government has declared a 30 day state of
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emergency it may be some time before the full extent of the natural disaster is known. caroline malone. al jazeera. one hour of voting left in nijer. the outgoing president is hoping to a second five-year term. he is clamping down. his 14 rivals include former prime minister ado in prison amid allegations of child trafficking. the current president says he deserves another term attacks by maj majoralgia. another priority is the economy. blessed with uranium, iron and oil and one of the world's poorest countries. more from the capital.
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>> wigive you a brief explanation. they do their the names. appear that, they vote for parliamentary members. 171 parliament seats to choose here this box for the parliament members. we haven't seen major violations. >> we can see people queuing up. there is a crowd here this is the high school we ask people whether they think this is a big turnout. they said no. in the morning, people are busy with their daily work. this election is about many, many issues in this country
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including security they have seen a lot of coups in the last three decades, the last in 2010. the most pressing need for this country process parity. we will have many complaints by people here and during the last few days talking about exactly these issues. talking about unemployment. they want to see a new government that will take care of the population, butter run -- better run than any time in the past. >> iran's main opposition leader is under house arrest aver the results of thus's presidential election. he has been in power for 30 years has been declared the winner. the opposition says it was rigged. malcolm webb reports. >> reporter: it's a measure to stop violence.
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he was the winner of thursday's presidential election. they say it was rigged. the current vice president. spoke to journalists in frdz his home. to doe tain me in my home, citizens, protest to this. let them stop us. we have the same interests in this country. you cannot detain us and continue enjoying your own freedom. this will not be acceptable. >> beaten at his country home, the president denied his ruling nrm company rigged the vote.
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>> actually t some all of these 5% of the votes posting opposition supporters say the delays targeted opposition areas. the electoral commission denies it. >> some polling stations. strietsdz have been quiet. a familiar site. some visits are allowed in and out. awaiting to see if or when he will be allowed to move.
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two or candidates cementing frontrunner status in the latest primary and caucus. on the democrat side, hillary clinton is breathing a sigh of relief after narrowly beating her rival, bernie sanders and donald trump proved not even a row with the pope can damp en his hopes. he scored a decisive victory in south carolina winning 32% of the vote while senators marco rubio and ted cruz were locked in a tight battle for second place. after coming a distance fourth, jeb bush dropped out ending his dream of becoming the third president bush after his father and brother. alan fisher have more. the circumstanus moves on. head to go caucuses in nevada. the lead with donald trump established. he won here in south carolina. given the diversity of this, his campaign believes if he can win here, there is no where in the united states where he cannot
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win. ted cruz finished third. that was a surprise to him in his campaign. the big shot was marco rub joe coming in second. remember, he had the support of most of the political establishment here in south carolina. the cruz campaign is saying even with that, he couldn't take first place. for jeb bush, his race is run. he decided he is going to drop out of the presidential race. he simply couldn't convince enough people that he would be a good president. weighed down perhaps by the legacy of the last republican president, his brother, george w. bush. so, it's now all to play for innav nevada and super tuesday where several states hold nominating contests. donald trump believes that could be the time when he secures his frontrunner status and takes a huge step forward to being the republican party nominee for president. >> looking at what went wrong for jeb bush and the future of his family's legacy. >> the next president of the
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united states of america, jeb bush. >> he is being called the son who should have been president. >> i have decided i am a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> that announcement last summer surprised many who thought jeb bush had missed his chance. the man who left his job as florida governor nine years ago. >> i have stood my ground refusing to bend to the political winds. we put forward detailed innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter. policy matters. >> reporter: policy did matter but not his. >> five months ago, saddam hussein started this cruel war. >> from day one, campaign was haunted by the bush political legacy. his father, george h.w. bush and
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brother were former presidents. >> i can hear you. the rest of the world hears you, and the people... and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. >> the policies led to the wars in afghanistan and iraq, policies that may influence geo-politics for decades to come. try as he might to distance himself, the family name followed his every move. republicans wanted change. they want something very different. they wanted more radical, anti-establishment, anti-establishment approach. his timing was bad. >> the bush political dynasty may not end with jeb. his 39-year-old son george p. bush is a land commissioner in texas perhaps he can one day succeed in the race for the white house after his father failed. >> stell to come for you this hour, pakistan child deaths,
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more nutrition and poverty is blamed for the deaths of more than 150 children so far this year. could a scandal involving a president being arrived to run for a fourth turn. in sport the push to win the dutch title. can you imagine having to flee your home just to survive with the clothes on your back? >> people are living life as
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refugees. it is not a life they choose, fleeing from the horrors of war happens quickly, dramatically and often violently. lives and families are destroyed. children are traumatized and alone. we will never understand what little joseph has witnessed, the horrors that keep him awake at night. right now, show him you care and help provide him and others the protection they need.
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>> what in god's name makes you think that you can handle stress, anxiety, depression... post-traumatic stress? >> the closest i got was sitting in my truck, gun in hand. >> who will save america's heroes? >> i wish he'd been able to talk
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to somebody. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> you are watching the news hour. a recap the top stories. 46 people died in a double car bombing in syria's city of homms. syrian state television say bombs have killed 30 others in the southern suburb of damascus. 10 people have died and water supplies have been cut after protesters from india's jack cast demand status. if you kn fiji was hit by tropical cyclone
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winston which killed at least six people. >> the refugee baby is being allowed to stay there for now. doctors in bri sp ane refused to discharge the 1-year-old girl until a suitable home was found. her nepalese family is in an immigration camp. she will be moved in to community detention in australia. more than 150 children have died in southern pakistan this year due to malnutrition and disease. doctors say a lack of health facilities, poor nutrition and poverty are all contributing to the problem. a report from sighn province. >> she hadn't had enough food and now she is in hospital. these children are lucky to have made it to the only civil hospital in the town of miti. thousands of others didn't. every year, hundreds of malnourished children die in pakistan because of water-borne
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and other diseases. a lack of medical facilities and a static politician as to a high mortality be fant rate in this district. >> we have come from where there are no facilities, no doctors. we had to borrow money to pay for the way to reach this hospital. >> our village is closed to the border with india. there are there are no medical facilities the government says more deaths are being deported because more people are coming to the hospitals. the political influence, dem katie delays means there aren't enough medical staff and hospitals. the reason for not having all of the doctors is many of the posts have been recently announced and we are in the process of hiring them. >> many die of sep see i can't
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and being born premad tour. they seem to be healthier and training must be to nurses delivering babies. deliring healthcare is a challenge. some say local customs have to change people mary their daughters at an early age. there is mother and child don't get enough nutrition to stay healthy. >> for hundreds of years, these villages and their life styles r5i78d the same. the mothers say they want a better life for their children. >> we have no roads, no water, no electricity, no government hospital. what should we do? >> back at the hospital, these children are getting some treatment. many say until attitudes and facilities change drastically, they face a future risky future. al jazeera. miti, southern pakistan.
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>> voting is underway in boli i have morales voted yes. his campaign has seen a lead. it they say it would damage bolivia's democracy. home to bolivia's government. after 10 years in power, how popular is morales? >> he is still popular among large sect orders of society, especially the large indigenous community here they say he has begin them a voice he never previously had. these are people they feel they
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were the biggest problem recently, if you asked me a few weeks ago, was he going to win this vote? i would have said certainly the various corruption scandals ruling against his party. one in particular alleging that the company is receiving government favors, contacts from the government. this is something denied by the former girlfriend not always convincingly, it must be said. >> has undermined his position and his vote. we now have the two sides of the yes campaign and the no campaign according to the opinion polls running failure level. >> are there on or about concerns about president morales remaining in power for another
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nine years? >> lodgest serving leader anywhere in latin america. notorious for unstable government tcoup attempts, so he certainly brought stability to boliv bolivia. what many argue is some members of his own party too long in power have distanced him from the people he represents another 10 years in power which a yes vote could lead to which leads him a further distance to the people who brought him to power. this was mostly indigenous peel, the rural poor. a little i will love. there are concerns that too long in power would distance him further and undermine what is still to some extent a fragile democracy here following the bid
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for a fourth term in. thank you. >> british prime minister has launched a major push to win support for keeping the u.k. inside the european union ahead of a referendum. a day after announcing the vote as being on june 23rd david cameron invested britain's national security would best be served by staying in the eu. hours later, the mayor of london dealt him a blow by announcing he is joining the campayable to leave. we have a chance actually to do something. what i would like to see a new relationship face more on corporation but as i say without -- with much less of this super national element.
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i wanted the last thing i wanted was to go against david cameron or the government gom nick kane has been following this. everyone was watching where boris johnson's position would fall on this issue. how important is this now that we know? many people see boris johnson as an electoral asset. they point that he is a charismatic politician, won two elections and he speaks with authority and thing say that is a reason. he said he would welcome mr. johnson's intervention on behalf of the leave as it were.
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it's important to note that mr. johnson has said he will not appear on the same platform. it's not a question of whether this is a seismic jolt to this debate or whether actually mr. johnson in some ways trying to position himself for what follows after june the 3rd. the conservative party has splits in the cabinet certainly. another leading candidate member of david cameron's cabinet has come out with a very detailed statement of his beliefs about this. gove and forest johnson over this weekend. both of them divorcing vote leave. fridays on friday. >> listen 100 nationalist after the abilitivists set up tents.
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others have been rallying there. thousands also gathered in index square this weekend to mark the second anniversary of the 2014 maiden uprising more than 100 people died in protests that toppled the probe russian. petro from the national institute for strategic studies in crain. who out in protest in kiev and why? first of all, i have to say there are several groups taking part in the protests who are combatants and also members of regular troops.
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despite serving. first campaign against the minister of interior. another group of the nationalists trying to support the current minister of interior. if you will examine closely how this is, you will see forces are trying to contain other groups. i would say that they are groups are just using the day the second year after the pursuing their own political goals which has no connection. >> certainly is a significant moment, isn't it, two years
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after the anniversary of the uprising. actually, crain is holding the finals right now. it seem mriingz is taking center stage there. this is the leading contender. it's about the mass deportation of cry me an tartars under stalin and their persecution. can i ask you your thoughts on this song and what it says about people's feelings over there almost two years after crimea was annexed? >> i would say in my opinion, the song was chosen. the same way the he could of the second world war.
1:44 pm
deported to siberia because they participated in the struggle against it or they were just not loyal to the soph yes, it is. and of course, a could have been temporary poo almost two millio people. so they left their homes, the relatives i would say even one of my relatives. actually, i think that the acceptance of this was about the people's hearts were tuned. the same way as this song. it's about grievance. it's about a land for lost
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relatives. that's why people decided. i think that's my opinion. >> from kiev, thank you very much. is it ahead for you this hour. why a struggling economy in zimbabwe's land reforms program is turning full circle. a rough day in rio. details. another setback. why the stress of the economic crisis has turned to prayer beads.
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welcome back. it's more than a decade since robert mugabe celebrates his 92nd birthday on sunday began taking land away from white farmers and givering it to black zimbabwe angels. the government plans to reissue land leases to commercial farms run by white farmers. more now. >> mitchell has been farming in zimbabwe for decades she is one of the few hundred white farmers left. she's constantly worried that she will be kicked off the farm. >> it's like living on a knife edge because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow or next week if you want to go further forward with your project, then you actually don't know. >> it's going to -- you are
1:48 pm
going to achieve what you want to do and if you are still going to be there to reap the rewards. >> but she could soon have some form of security. the government announces it will issue 99 year leases to whites who are providing a service to the community and working well with the locals. >> this is the only commercially allowed hatchery selling around 100,000 chicks a week. before land reform when many were given to black zim zimns, there were around 4,000 white commercial farmers. the commercial farmers union said there are about 400 but some aren't farming their original land. much was seized during land reform. >> but some farmers saying issuing leases won't revise the stagnant system. >> the land has been given to scenario beneficiaries, people, civil servants and you will that
1:49 pm
worked during the week days, back to the farms. they are not producing anything a lot of land, multiple farms that need to be sorted out, ag cultural facility facilities, irrigation facilities that are not functioning at this stage. all of this is part and parcel of what needs to be addressed. >> landownership is a sensitive issue that causes rachel tensions. most new black farmers who benefitted from land reform don't have leases. zimbabwe used to be called the bread basket of africa. the government hopes better security of kenya for black and white farmers could help the economy grow again. hara mutasa. zimbabwe. >> sanaa is here now with all of your sport. >> thank you very much. chelsea beaten manchester city 5-1 in their fa cup. 5th match. will play ever ton in the
1:50 pm
quarterfinals. pel grin i included 5 debutantes. chit see scored a full-times after break. chelsea's only chance of winning a domestic trophy this season. the manager won the trophy when he was in charge of the team in 2009 now, scoring number 5 in this convincing win. >> at that a look at the other two matches that took place on sawyer. crystal palace into their first fa cup since 1995. sending paris through 1-nil. west ham have also took advantage to the final eight, the hummers came back from a goal down to thrash second tear
1:51 pm
blackburn 5-1. the draw was held a short time ago. re redding. evanston face chelsea. the winner between arsenal and hull city will go on to meet rockford and west ham will face shores barry or manchester united. those two teams will face each other on monday. cristano ren aldo missed a penalty and his team missed a chance to stay in touch with barcelona. ronaldo did score real's only ga goal in the game but his failure from the spot that gave the chance to equalize the match finished 1-all. 9 points adrift act let co. a chance to go above.
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a single .2 goals held to a comfortable win over sp v pol issue striker scoring either side of halftime. south africa's cricketers have had perfect preparation for the upcoming t-20 world cup. england back at first in j johannes burg unable get to the 20 overs. they lost last seven wickets. 171 south africa chased down the victory targets for the loss of just one wicket. smashed 71 of only 29 balls.
1:53 pm
unbeaten, hitting winning runs with more than five overs. nad nadal's tennis season has continued. the first in brazil. he lost to bablo 6-7, 6-6, 6-4. it's the first time he has lost to the unseated world 45. his second defeat on clay to players ranked outside the top 30 since 2005. >> i lost an opportunity. i am losing some t today here, working to the chance, the
1:54 pm
dynamic early in the season for the world's best road cyclist, 2014, tour de france winner had a won his first title. italian took the honors at the tour of oman which finished on sunday. the final stage was won by kristof and bali was back in the peloton. he finished 15 seconds at the top of the overall standings. prepare to host this year's summer olympics at the next winter games venue is on the front early. winner olympics on sunday. to the courts as part an official test event super challenging.
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on this insane course, probably the most casiest i have in my life. >> grease has a hist occur of absorbing cultures but the stress of the economic crisis has led many greeks to rediscover one such tradition, prayer beads. john psaropolis reports. >> the museum has barely a wall that isn't covered in amber beads. not just the variety of hues in this fossilized tree resin that will fascinates. it's the warmth and softness of the quiet but arresting music. a person has a sort of dialogue with the pillingalt meditation that brings him close to his worries and his heart with his p preoccupation. it's a companion and a tool to help him focus not to do with god or anything external but with one's self.
1:56 pm
>> those qualities have led greeks back to the beads during stressful years. this chain of shops has seen sales to greeks jump by 30 percent during the crisis. some might have snubbed it. >> people find all sorts of ways to relief their stress, fingering secrets, tinkering with their mobile phones and a pure am by the way ccomboloy can run into the thousands. so, it's persistence is hard to explain. >> it goes back to prayer beads f so did catholic crusadeers. it has lost religious connotation. >> it has been put to the ultimate test of sotude.
1:57 pm
i started using it regularly when i stopped smoking. before that, i was a seaman and used it to pass the time. we sailed for more than a month between destinations with nothing but sky and sea. the congress cigarette and convoloy became symbols of male domination. such symbols were seized upon in the 1970 did to show women challenging their patriarchy in this film in which a wealthy single woman serenades the men who manage her companies. it's not about gender politics, wealth or health. it's about isolation from the distractions of the world and in a world ever more full of distraction, it's appeal is growing. john psaropolous in southern greece. >> that's it for me and for this newshour. my colleague will be with you for a full bullet. stay with al jazeera. i.
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stay with al jazeera. n. stay with al jazeera.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling. >> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status? >> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change.
2:00 pm
♪ >> more than 120 people die in bombings in damascus and homs on the day the u.s. reports progress on a potential syria cease-fire. hello there, i'm barbara serra, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program, caste protests in northern india. ten people are dead, water supplies are cut off and roads are blocked. fijians are told to stay in for a second night as officials


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