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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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to report the truth. >> to save his people. >> doesn't matter who you are, i come with my cameras. >> only on al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera america, i'm adam may in new york. randall pinkston is on assignment tonight and here is a look at today's top stories. >> we're going to keep moving forward in a bunch of other places. we have a national campaign and i feel great about it especially after last night. >> back on the road, candidates for president hitting the talk shows, hitting the campaign trail, we are talking them tonight from coast to coast. some questions tonight about the leadership of myanmar activist and former peace prize
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winner aung san suu kyi. critics say she's actually in favor of an asian version of apartheid. >> a ra random individual decids to be evil, i don't know what you say about that. >> an uber driver arrested for a killing spree that killed at least six people. and a battle between two titans. apple versus the fbi, the struggle for privacy and security. it's the topic of the week ahead. and we begin tonight in the race for the white house, which is intensifying after a very dramatic saturday primary and caucus. the major candidates are out in full force right now and they are literally taking a ride across the country. let's take a look at this map
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here which shows you the locations of the democrats, and where they head just today. you can see that bernie sanders he went down to south carolina. this will be the scene of the next democratic primary, and in south carolina, senator sanders is polling way behind secretary clinton. he would like to see if he can pick up mowm mowm and momentum. polling in two states, both texas and south carolina. secretary clinton made a quick stop in texas saturday night after winning the nevada caucuses and flew out to california, she will be there for the next couple of days, not having polling events but she's holding fund raisers, showing
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how important the cash is going to be, the money has been much tighter than many thought. let's bring up the republicans and show you where they have been in just the last 24 hours. starting off with donald trump. some people taken by surprise by this, he made a stop in georgia. polling numbers, he is leading in georgia but the numbers are much narrower than they are in other states. many delegates will be up in supertuesday in just nine days. marco rubio, stopped in arkansas, tennessee and nevada will be the scene of the next republican caucuses. those are coming up on tuesday and this will be a critical race that a lot of people will be watching to see who could be the gop contender. most of these individuals will
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likely rise and eventually take on donald trump for the nomination acknowledge ted cruz or marco rubio. randall pinkston is in columbia, south carolina. >> adam it is a much tighter race at the top and possibly a washout at the bottom. ben carson and john kasich finished in single digits. the anti-establishment donald trump and the last two men who hope to stop him. a record turnout among south carolina republicans more than 700,000 voters gave donald trump his second primary vicity, where religious conservatives make up two-thirds of the voters. >> when you win it is beautiful. we are going to start winning for our country. >> trump's victory put an end to jeb bush's campaign. son and brother of formers
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presidents, put a word to it. >> the people of south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> with bush's exit there are still five contenders. who is the alternative to trump? texas senator ted cruz, pointing to his win in iowa claims he is the toughest opponent. >> there are a lot of republicans who think donald trump is not the guy to go head to head with hillary clinton, we'll probably lose and 70% feel that. we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump and that can beat donald trump. >> but cruz who failed to carry a single county in south carolina, seems to be locked with marco rubio. rubio says his policies will sway voters. >> anyone can go over the top
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and say something that sounds strong. if you look at some of the policies he talked about they would not make america stronger. >> but rubio's arguments so far are not winning against trump. on the morning after his victory, trump who is known about brag was oddly modest. >> i'm competing against a lot of very good people so i don't want to say it's mine, certainly i'm leading, no question about that but we've got a long way to go. >> at some point trump may be challenged by his lack of experience in any government position or election. >> thank you everybody. >> but his supporters say some see trump's outsider status as an asset. >> little or no experience in government sometimes a pair of fresh eyes if they are stuck in a man with plenty of understanding, plenty of sense and a lot of drive, and some good help, that's how you get things done. >> lieutenant governor henry mcmaster says he believes the
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republican candidates will come together notwithstanding the bare knuckles contest they were just coming through, where they were calling each other liars and accusing eithe issue other f dirty tricks. >> randall pinkston there. al jazeera's mike viqueria is in columbia tonight covering clinton and sanders. >> the low turnout in nevada caucuses in convincing fashion, and a lot of her supporters are pointing to a constituency, african american voters. even 20% was african american, here in south carolina more than half are expected to be black voters. and hillary clinton is winning them by a wide margin. now bernie sanders for his part says he's not writing off south carolina. he expects to compete here and
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in fact late on sunday evening he did have a very large rally where he hit some familiar themes in greenville, south carolina. hillary clinton for her part stopped in texas, super-tuesday state, while there and speaking in houston, hillary clinton talked about racial issues. >> in state after state they're doing everything they can to stop black people, latinos, poor people, young people, people with disabilities from voting. it's a blast from the jim crow past and we're going to fight it. >> and as we say, bernie sanders by no means conceding either here in south carolina or among the african american democratic voters. in his speech this evening in greenville he also spoke about the issues confronting black
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americans. >> no americans black or white should be fearful walk down the street and getting shot buy police officer. [cheering and applause] >> and again these votes are going to be coming in rapid succession now, in south carolina, it is the democratic primary, after donald trump had a resounding victory on saturday night. and super-tuesday, some 11 states will be having caucuses or primaries. many are calling it the southeast conference primary. south carolina, georgia, texas, all of them having high african american populations within the electorate, many favoring hillary clinton on paper, bernie sanders will have a hard fight but it could revert to the mean where hillary clinton was favored all the while anyway.
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back to you. >> jeannie zano always enjoy your perspective. there is so much to digest with last night. i think the question i'm walking away with is the second place finish there among the gop contenders. marco rubio, ted cruz, were you surprised how close it was, what are you crediting it to, the endorsement from nikki haley or some problems within the cruz campaign? >> i think it's a combination of both. looking at the exit polls, for those voters who saw the endorsement was important, they went over to the endorsement. but not just the endorsement, he went over all in south carolina. the big trouble for ted cruz, south carolina was a must-win state for him. this is a state of 67% turnout among evangelicals, that's his base, where he should have done
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very well. who ended up winning the evangelicals? donald trump of all people. if he can't win in south carolina where can he win? of course ted cruz's campaign is making the case he's the only candidate so far to beat donald trump, marco rubio hasn't been able to do it. so he's the best candidate to go forward and vie for the nomination against donald trump. >> when you break down the numbers in south carolina, marco rubio beat donald trump. the history of nevada republicans they vote more establishment. who will voters go for if they are not going for donald trump? >> and i think this is where marco rubio really does need a victory. i think the campaign realizes that. this is a state where he should do well, if he doesn't, people are going to say hey look, he didn't win iowa, didn't do well
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in new hampshire, he came in second in south carolina. this is his fourth time out, is this guy ever going to win anything? that is a big question for him. at least he's got to do better than they expect him to do, even though he can't beat donald trump out there -- >> a second place showing? >> a second place showing although they desperately need a first at some point, you have from-the tuesday coming up, and -- fro supertuesday coming . >> let's talk about super tuesday. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are changing their focus to different states. what is the campaign there going forward just nine days from super tuesday? >> bernie sanders thinks he can do well in colorado, well in massachusetts, we have seen hillary clinton going to texas,
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california, not even to south carolina which is obviously the next primary. she is going for big states where she thinks she can get a lot, he is going for states where he thinks he can get a win that would help catapult him into the forefront. this is a problem for bernie sanders because he didn't win the expectation he game out in nevada last night. >> does very a chance of getting the momentum built up last week, that he has built so quickly in nevada, in other states, could he actually give hillary clinton a challenge in south carolina? >> i don't think we can count bernie sanders out. he has been able to disclose the gap several times during this campaign and i.t. has been fascinating somebody coming from 50 points behind in some cases, and winning. south carolina he is spending time there, the african american turn out will be huge.
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he has shown he may have weaknesses there. it was interesting last night in his comments, he didn't even mention south carolina, he jumped ahead to super tuesday. they do feel south carolina can be a challenge for them. >> and hillary clinton is out there campaigning for cash in california. very important. >> have important in american politics. jeannie zano, thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. we need to switch gears and talk about the other big story, kalamazoo, michigan, six people were killed and two other seriously wounded. a vigil was held in their honor tonight and earlier michigan's governor rick snyder visited with the families of the victims. he ordered the flags to be on half staff.
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uber is now confirming the gunman was a driver for that ride-share company. roxana saberi reports. >> the latest in a series of mass shootings rocking the u.s. this time in kalamazoo, michigan. >> this was so random, if this was gang violence there's ways and interventions to work on thesthings there. when a random individual decides to be evil i don't know how you stop that. >> at least six people in this community are dead, another two clinging to life and for now, no one knows why. >> this is your worst nightmare where you have someone driving around randomly killing people. >> the suspect 46-year-old jason dalton was arrested. >> he seemed unaffected by what was going on and they found that pretty surprising based on what they knew or believed he had
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done at the time. >> police say dalton drove around town, opening fire from inside his car at three locations. dalton an uber driver reportedly continued pick up fares between each shooting an allegation police say they're investigating. and uber representative said dalton passed a background check to become a driver. the company is heartbroken and will do anything needed to help investigators. the first victim a woman shot outside an apartment complex on the northeast side of the city. her terrified children watching from just steps away. neighbors ran to help her. >> i first checked out the back and i saw a car speeding off so i came out and saw like a woman right in between our truck and the curb. and she was calling for like 911. >> the mother is expected to survive. next a father and his
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18-year-old son gunned down while they were looking at cars at a kia car dealership at the south side of the city. finally the area of the most victims, a cracker barrel, four women sitting in their cars. >> i was absolutely shocked by it. >> dalton was arrested two hours after the last shooting. he is expected to be in court on monday. roxana saberi, al jazeera. >> some say she's a savior but critics say myanmar activist aung san suu kyi is on the wrong side of justice. >> there will be a government, the president will be told exactly what he can do. >> we'll give you a rarely seen side of the form he nobel peace prize winner. next. and on fiji, hundreds of
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tourists stuck after a powe most powerful typhoon struck. v
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>> more bloodshed and i.s.i.l. is claiming responsibility for the attacks that killed more than 100 syrians on sunday. multiple explosions happened. after secretary of state john kerry announced conditional
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truce. zeina khodr reports. >> it was an attack in homs, the government held city, two simultaneous explosion killed and injured dozens, alawites live, it has seen similar attacks in the pras bu past buts bombing is described as the worst. over the weekend, bombings like these are a reminder that the military solution won't end the war. but there seems to be progress towards a truce. >> we have reached a provisional agreement in principle, on the terms of a cessation of hostilities that could begin in the coming days. it is not yet done. and i anticipate that our presidents, president obama and president putin may well speak somewhere in the next days or
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so, in order to try to complete this task. >> kerry was speak in jordan which is also a member of the international syria support group. it is also the country given the task of putting together an internationally agreed list of who is a terrorist in syria and who isn't. there was no mention of whether a consensus has been reached. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has said a deal on a sessionation in hostilities is closer than ever. the opposition and the government said it would be willing to accept a conditional assess fire. the opposition wants russian air strikes to stop and sieges to be lifted. they've made their position he clear but it is u.s. and russia who are the main players. one of those details is the presence of the el nusra front, fighters who are linked to al
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qaeda. the u.n. designates its a terrorist organization but its position along the side of some opposition, secluding el nusra front in any deal would give russia an excuse to keep targeting rebel position he. a pause in the fighting will bring relief to the millions of syrians trapped in battle ground but not mean an end to the conflict. international and regional backers, what comes next. >> the answer to the syrian civil war will not be found in any military alliance with assad. let me make that clear. i am convinced it can be found in a broadly supported diplomatic initiative aimed at a negotiated political settlement with a transitional governing council. >> reporter: on the ground the
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syrian led government alliance has changed the balance of power in its favor particularly following its offensive in northern syria. the opposition's hand in negotiations may have been weakened. but the general thought is the government cannot win this war militarily. the truce would silence the guns but truce must be negotiated around the negotiating table. zeina khodr, al jazeera. refugees who fled his country are now welcome to rush. >> of course they can come, this is their right to come back unless somebody who is a terrorist or a killer. and some of them and i think good number of them is the government supporter who from the government i said because of the standard of living that's been deteriorated drastically during the last few years. so of course they can come back without any action taken from the government. we want people to come back to
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syria. >> assad also called on europe to lift the embargo on syrian people, turkish or saudi troops entering syria would be treated as terrorists. in department look from myanmar's transition from militaristic to democratic. al jazeera's roxana saberi has more. >> it is the dawn of a new era in myanmar, led by aung san suu kyi. in november she led her party to victory in the first openly contested election in 20 years. named the iron lady, she was held under house arrest.
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her efforts won her the nobel peace prize in 1991. she's faced criticism for her reluctance to speak out for myanmar's rohingyas. spurred on by buddhist monks. >> this country is a buddhist country. we are afraid that the revolution will affect this country. we cannot accept forever. >> muslim minority as citizens strictly restricts their access to jobs health care and schools. many have fled the country and some have languished in camps in myanmar, where her husband was killed in fighting between muslims and buddhists,. >> we face solving difficulties living here, nowhere to go, nothing to eat and no way to
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earn money. >> nicholas christoff wrote, aung san suu kyi seems to continues the myanmar version of apartheid. >> i think it's important that we should not exaggerated the problems in this country. >> suu kyi says: >> i would promise everybody who is living in this country proper protection in coordinates with human rights. >> broader strand of are criticism suu kyi, that in entering politics, she's become less of an icon. refused to speak out against government force he for abuse he of citizens in other ethnic conflicts. they say all her talk of
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democracy her leadership style is authoritarian. despite being barred by law from being president herself. she said if her party won she would be above the president. >> there will be a government and run properly. the president will be told exactly what he can do. >> for years, suu kyi has been widely popular here. the people will see exactly what she will be like in power. roxana saberi, al jazeera. >> next, apple fights back and the fbi is saying no. >> apple has a responsibility to maintain the trust and faith of millions of people who depended upon apple to produce a product that protects their privacy. >> after the break the high profile battle over security and the right to privacy in the tonight's week ahead. and later, it's an ancient
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tradition to get rid of stress, why greek worry beads are coming back.
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>> it's sunday night and that means it's time to look at the week ahead. privacy protestors say they want to stand with the company as it fights a federal court order regarding smartphone privacy and security. the fbi wants apple to help it unlock the cell phone of one of the suspects in last year's san bernardino attacks but the company says the technology doesn't exist and they say creating it would send a
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dangerous precedent making everyone's cell phone vulnerable. now the justice department says apple's argument is not legal but rather out of concern for its brand and business model. this agreement is expected to be the defining case in an on going case over the government and tech companies, keeping information safe and also against privacy. barcelona annual mobile world conference. al jazeera's jakal jazeera's jas more. >> it might seem like this is a one off. a simple case on which the fbi might want to see the mass murderer and apple refusing to help. there is a secret war going on here, and it's building to a very clear outcome.
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let's start with the battle. fbi including james comey. going dark problem, each with a search warrant, encryption schemes built into phones used by tens of millions of people are impenetrable by hackers but also by law enforcement. they simply cannot get into every day phones and communications, that must be very frustrating, our communications with other people and every friend we have. law enforcement wants a way in. on the other hand, apple says it has to make that information bullet proof, impen trablg where tens otranl y
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charged highly visible mass murderer that apple has decided to cast light on. the fbi has requested apple make this under seal, out of the public's view. this fight which had been a matter of hidden meetings and sealed court filings is an open brawl. here is what's likely to happen going forward. even if the government manages to compel apple to compromise the security features on this particular phone, the company holds all the cards. the government is at the company's mercy when i.t. comes to this technology. that's just going to become more and more the case. in future apple could create encryption schemes that could make it technically impossible to do what the fbi is asking in this case, not to thwart the fbi, i don't think that's
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apple's plan or at least only to thwart it, but companies expect that level of security from apple. if farook had used a more current phone, even apple scroant broken into it. the code not the court is going to determine who gets inside our private lives. >> all right jacob ward, apple has hired a big name, now being represented by former solicitor general ted olson, and he appeared on this week to discuss apple's position. >> we want and apple has helped this fbi in this investigation in every way the law required. what it has to draw the line at recreating code, changing its iphone, putting its engineers
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and creative talents to destroy the iphone as it exists, apple has a responsibility to maintain the trust and faith of millions of people to produce a product that protects their privacy, their intimate personal life. this is a pandora's box. >> would apple still be opposing this request? >> apple complies with the lawl olawand cooperates in every way possible. but george if you were asked and your network were asked to create a program to use your talents to ensnare a kidnapper a criminal a money launderer or a terrorist you would have the responsibility to russia tha re. >> you served as an intelligence
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officer in the israel defense forces, your perspective will be great and patrick, good to have you with us as well. mattie, this whole issue, raises so many issues, what do you think is the main convention for apple? can you break it down, what are they concerned about? >> the issue itself breaks down to three, technology, security and trust. on the technology issue, the question is, is it right to ask apple to write an encringes or decryption for their own encryption for their customers. on the security issue we're talking about two fronts. we're talking about national security. are we right to hold back information from our -- from the fbi, nsa from the police department about people who may have been getting instructions to kill other americans. which is a terrible thing.
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i mean people who advocate that argument would say with all due respect to privacy people are dying, we need this information. the security of the individuals, you have the security of people who have privacy, millions of people who trust apple but you also have something else, you have the security of a long tradition of encryption that we have in this country which goes back for decades which may be sacrificed here. and the third segment is trust or as many people say lack of trust and i'm not putting any personal judgment on the matter but there has been a history and there has been incidents where the government or government agencies have been trusted with forecast and not deliberately but it happened, that information leaked out. we had the g mail incident and other incidents. yes maybe apple on a technology front can write a decryption. maybe you can write it specifically for phone, it really doesn't matter because the decrichtion mechanism will be in there. if that software will leak out,
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that will be copied and make it to other places we don't want to make it. >> patrick matie, the fbi has certainly been working on these three issues when it comes to technology and encryption for quite some time. what do you make of the possibility of any sort of compromise by this very milk disagreement, patrick? >> it's odd as has been pointed out there coul could have been e compromise reached had this not been so public in such a way. as tim cook's letter says, we don't have this software at present but the fbi motion makes clear we think they could probably create this work around relatively easily. what's odd is tim cook's letter doesn't dispute that, this would be technically difficult for them to do. what people were talking about
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you would have to have a new operating system, apple's firmware signature, a bit of a trick. if this is something that they make would it get out? with what would happen next if they do this tremendous favor for fbi? what sort of precedent would they be setting? so the opportunity for a compromise in this particular issue seems the have passed, especially on friday, with this new justice department motion basically compelling apple to comply not giving them really room to appeal. it looks what they want to do is avoid any possibility of this getting to the supreme court because it is heavily charged on both sides at this points. >> patrick why are they playing this out so publicly? it seems to surprise a lot of people. >> it is a bit odd i would say. so this speaks to this enormous debate that was referenced earlier that really sort of begun anew in december of 2014 when apple unveiled that they
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were going to start with this new encryption on the operating systems of newer models. that's where some in fbi and other areas said we are terribly worried, that we may have warrants to access. that we may not be able to access. this is where this debate has been escalating and escalating really over the course of -- since september of 2014 reaching a crescendo right now. what's strange now is that both sides are being a little bit disingenuous. whether apple says that we are very concerned about this key that we are creating falling into the wrong hands the fbi order says that apple can actually stay in possession of the key, that they're being called to use. apple is more concerned that they will simply be asked to do it again and again, to create this work-around over and over again possibly in china, where
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in december a new law was passed compelling technology companies to assist china with investigation. so apple which is desperately looking to china to help it improve its sales of new are model iphones is very concerned that it will be asked to do the same thing here. whereas the fbi is saying, this is a singular substance and jerntjoshearnest, has said, ands comey has said there are a lot of devices that they would like to have accessing to that are thwarted by apple's encryption over and over again, the district attorney for manhattan says he has 174 cell phones he would like to access and it is really much bigger than that. >> hold on i want to bring in matie on that. , i don't understand the
11:43 pm
reasoning, laying out your cards maybe a little bit of bluffing going on. would it behoove both technology companies and the government to come to some sort of deal under the table? >> this whole thing could have been avoided. there is no need for this charade. for everyone who understand enough, maybe there is an ego battle going on. i don't know if you had a chance to read john maca mac mcafee's , apple is in a obscure position they have to open all the encryption that they sold to their clients. does nsa, and apple, this is a
11:44 pm
long discussion in itself but this could have been done like any security investigation under the table quietly without the public involvement. the whole publi public involvem, seems like it has been politicized. i truly believe that if john mcafee was willing to put his reputation i on the line, this could have been done quietly under the table, maybe ego and politics are involved here. >> apple made some bad headlines when stuff leaked out of the cloud. >> absolutely. >> when you talk about main street consumer politics people wonder is my device safe, is my information safe? is it possible that some of this is a play by apple grm your >> your guess is good as mine. >> do consumers care about their privacy? judge i do, i have an apple
11:45 pm
device, i would like to know that my information is secure. i have said on interviews, nobody should treat the internet as a vault, it is an open source. it gets out. the dark internet gets a lot of business by helping people that have been compromised by institutions. but going back to our issue i truly believe, and i don't know if it's pretense, patrick says it's pretense but it could have been avoided. we don't need to be in this discussion. we're not dealing with technology. i think every technologist, could have agreed. some experts came to simple ideas of making a key that you split between two, third to apple third to the government third to the master. a three way key. >> interesting concept. >> i've heard people say don't
11:46 pm
give the information in word war two to save the secret of the enigma, maybe these people need to be sacrificed and some information we will not get just because of secrecy. is. >> matie khan, thank you for your night, and patrick tucker from washington, d.c, thank you again thanks for joining us. before we go tonight we want to take a look at the other stories we will be listening to. on monday, in the supreme court, chief justice john roberts is expected to make some comments about justice scalia. also on monday the trial of baltimore police officer edward nero is set to begin. and amnesty international will
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release its report on global human rights, detailing abuses in 160 countries. and coming up next, surviving on fiji, the island nation hit by the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. plus sales of worry beads, on the rise, as an ancient greek transition for the handling of stress. >> things going into next week we are looking at another storm developing, i'll break it down day by day when we return.
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>> called the super-cyclone and
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it ripped through the island nation of fees gee last night, al jazeera's caroline malone says authorities are currently assessing the damage. >> reporter: a glimpse of the island of fiji after a strongest cyclone winston, hit the island. flattening homes and electricity cables. even though it's the part of the country with the strongest
11:51 pm
infrastructure to withstand wind and rain. phone and power lines are down so it's been difficult to contact people living there. some deaths and injuries have been confirmed. relief workers are finding it difficult to duet around because of trees strewn around the roads. >> i've been in charge of my counterpart and i have offered australia's support and we have in place prepositioned supplies, in that are available, i've also offered the adf to send a p-3 orion so we can carry out aerial surveillance particularly in the outer islands and do a needs assessment. >> fiji relies on the tourist industries, there are 120 australians registered there, many of low lying islands are flooded and more flash floods
11:52 pm
and mudslides are feared. rescuers are trying to supply drinking water. the fijian government has declared a 30 day state of emergency. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> and kevin corriveau is here. it is a big cyclone there. >> it would have been a category 5 hurricane if it had hit here. very rare situation by fiji, they don't normally get hit by any of these storms. in the united states a much quieter situation here. in february above average temperatures, across much of the central and northern part of the united states, memphis, 72°. the situation is going to stay fairly nice tomorrow,
11:53 pm
temperatures are going to come down slightly as we go towards monday with washington seeing 52, that's above average for you but as we begin the week we're going to watch what happens out here towards the west. you don't really see it but there's an area of low pressure that will pull towards the rockies, what that will do is pull in all this moisture from the gulf of mexico and really start to develop in intensity. from tuesday, we'll see anywhere from texas to the carolinas, as we go towards wednesday the area of low pressure really begins to develop in the ohio river valley and the potential for storms, they could be severe, so potential for tornadoes as well as wind damage there, look at all the wind damage extending up there. wednesday will be a bad travel day for all the major airports. as we go towards thursday we do start to see some improvement towards the south.
11:54 pm
but heavy towards chicago, indianapolis, and over here to the east we are looking at more heavy rain, temperatures aren't going to go low enough to provide any snow but for washington, wednesday is going to be your rainiest day. temperatures a little above average. as you go towards atlanta your first three days are going to be very, very wet but by the time the end of the weekend quite knight nice and chicago some snow there on wednesday. >> still unseasonably warm for so many folks. >> for february, yes. >> kevin thanks so much. greece is flown for countless antiquities, but smaller smaller ancient tradition of worry beads, a tradition many are finding useful today. al jazeera's john siropolous has the story. >> the convoy museum has hardly
11:55 pm
a wall that is not covered with amber beads. it's the warmth and softness of its touch and its quiet but arresting music. >> translator: a person has a sort of dialogue with the comboloy, it's a personal meditation that brings him close to his worries and his hearts with he his preoccupation. it's not to do with god or anything external but with himself. interthose have brought one back to gomboloy beads. they have seen the sale jump 30% during the crisis. >> we see young people come to the habit who might have snubbed it in their generation. >> but people think all things to worry with, a pure amber
11:56 pm
gomboloy starts at $200 and can run into the thousands. so its persistence is hard to explain. >> greek orthodox miss ticks employed them. but it's lost its significance, it's become a means of secular and stress relief. ss. >> i started using it regularly when i stopped smoking. before that i was a seaman and we used it to pass the time. we often sailed for more than a month with nothing but sky and sea. >> both the cigarette and the gomboloy became symbols of male domination, such symbols were seized in the 1970s showing women challenging this
11:57 pm
patriarchy. the woman serenades her men who run the companies. not about gender politics or wealth or health, it's about isolation from the distraction he of the world, and in a world ever more filled with distraction. john siropolous, al jazeera, southern greece. >> why not try it. i'm adam may. third rail is next, have a great week, thanks for watching. good night.
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