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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome you are watching the news hour from al jazeera, i'm peter in doha with 60 minutes of news and comment, out of home detention into police custody uganda opposition leader is taken away as supporters plan protests. a tense standoff at an india university between police and students. 21 confirmed dead after a cyclone in fiji and now fears are growing of a health crisis
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plus 106-year-old woman who returned a visit to the white house into a dance party. i'll be here with the day's sport including chelsea are in the quarter finals of the cup as they maintain their unbeaten run in the competition. ♪ officers have taken uganda main opposition leader from his home and holding him at a nearby police station and he was detained as he tried to leave his house today where he has been held under house arrest since saturday and he disputes the results of uganda's presidential elections and has been detained on-and-off in the past week and we are live in campala and police are talking about this and what are the details, do we know malcolm?
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>> reporter: well the commanding officer at this police station where he is held has come out and given a briefing to journalists who are outside and has intelligence he was planning to mobilize protesters to come into campala and disrupt the city protesting against the election results and says this is something that should be pursued with the courts and he says he wants to prepare to try and pursue it through the courts and meant to go to tell material commission today to collect some documentation to prepare that petition which he say he may take to the supreme court to challenge the disputed results but the police said that his trip to tell material commission was a procession which was not authorized and that is why we understand he was not allowed to do it. >> so far malcolm are you getting the feeling his supporters are prepared to sit this out? >> there is certainly a lot of
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tension here in the capitol city and the surrounding areas, a lot of support for the opposition and there is relatively high unemployment or under employment and the message of the opposition seems to resonate a lot with the class and that could lead to a fairly inflammatory situation and seems to depend on what the police do with the opposition leader and that can lead to unrest and protests or not and we are waiting to see what their next move will be and if he is not free to move around it's hard for him to pursue his legal course of action to dispute the election results but if he is detained for a very long time that could provoke unrest on the capitol campala. >> is it difficult for the authorities to handle properly because the more they detain him the more magnetic that police station becomes? >> that is true although we are about 30-40 kilometers from the capitol right now.
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and we presume it's deliberate to try to keep things calm and taking to the police station this a rule area rather than a city in one of the suburbs he has many supporters but from the police's point of view to try and i guess and try and prevent the protest which it doesn't want to happen it's somewhat of a balancing act of stopping him from doing things that lead to protest but on the other hand if they detain him for too long or do things that his supporters object to that itself could lead to unrest. >> malcolm thanks very much. there is a tense standoff going on between india police and students in new deli and the students accused of inciting people to rebel against the government and surrounded by officers at the university at sayyida zeinab and we are at the campus with more details. >> police showed up on the
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campus early this morning with students accused of sedation against india came on the campus last month and five are accused of yelling antislogans which was against the execution of a man who was convicted of attacking india's parliament and a student has been in custody since that time but the five students over there say they went to hiding after receiving death threats against them and families and despite video evidence against them it could be false and sparked an outrage across the country particularly among right wing and national groups and said they are antinational and led to fighting. the whole issue those on the other side though say this whole thing is being blown out of proportion and simply the government cracking down on criticism against it and they say that freedom of speech in india is being threatened. now the students here have been holding a vigil since last night
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and holding a vigil and the vice chancellor to see if he should be making and arrest and they do want to surrender to face charges against them but the fellow students here say they will continue protesting the charges. >> staying in india and to the states particularly protest of a cost based benefits spirals into violence and 12 people died callingly for greater access to education and to jobs, the army has retaken new deli's supply line after it was damaged and blocking roads and trains to the capitol for three days now and it's the single biggest community in the state with nearly 8 million members and protesting against a policy based on india's century old cast system and gives lower class to get easier access to government jobs and university places and the jobs have been traditionally classified as a higher cost but feel the
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community has been overlooked hurting them economically and want a share of the public sector jobs on offer and now the protests have turned violent and fired on protesters who blocked rail way attacked and homes and they sent this update on the cast protest from new deli. >> they have been granted or allowed reservations status by the government previously and the supreme court has stepped in and said this cannot be so because of their status and because it tips the number of people or the percentage of the population who gets reservation status and you can only have 50% of the community or states having reservation status and make it much more 50% as they are quite a large part of that population. but going back to what is happening here we are now hearing there have been sporadic
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bursts of violence and big aggressions and protesters set fire to buildings and vehicles. this is despite thousands of army and thousands of para military troops on the ground overnight to stop the violence and said they unblocked many of the roads but we are now hearing some of the blockades are coming back on and once again this is a very fluid situation and pockets of protesters are saying they will not believe the government until they have it in written form that they will be granted reservation status. separatist fighters in india administered kashmir have been engaged in a standoff with security forces for the third day and attacked a para military vehicle and the rebels are inside a government officer and police say all civilians have been successfully evacuated and military had offensive after a lull in fighting overnight and 7 people including military forces and one civilian have been killed so far.
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aid agencies warning of a health crisis in fiji after it was hit from one of the strongest storms hit there and the cyclone killed 21 people and flattened villages on saturday and rain is hampering the cleanup operation in the south pacific islands and engineers trying to restore power and repair electricity cables which were blown down by winds of 300 kilometers and hour. >> lines down all over the country and roof and glass and live electric wires and other hazardous materials pose serious threats to public safety and we are working hard to make the streets and communities secure once again but that will take time. >> our correspondent andrew thomas has been seeing the damage for himself. >> is you can see and probably hear how strong the wind is even now but this is nothing compared to what the cyclone was like at its peak and you can see the damage it has done, three houses there totally destroyed, the
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same is true of buildings right across fiji, the good news is the big cities were not in the direct path of the cyclone and the damage of those cities is relatively light, about an hour north here and this is where the damage really begins and it just gets worse as you drive north around the top of the main island in fiji and the concern is the outlying islands because communication has not been restored to the islands and the fear is there where the houses are flimsy could be just as much damage as this if not more and loss of life and precious little thankfully loss of life here as things stand at the moment but the concern is the outlying island, once news comes in of those then we will get a clear idea how devastating in terms of human life how devastate ing this cyclone has been. >> hayes winston in effect
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disintegrated? >> no, it's still with us and hopefully stay away from land but conpromise and looking at the picture we can see a vast amount of clouds and we will take that off so we can see what we are dealing with and fiji and to the west here we are watching the weather very carefully at the moment because this circulation is winston and seeing sustained winds of 165 kilometers per hour and of course we have gusts on top of that so it's an intense system here and equivalent of a category two hurricane that is what we call if it was in the waters around americas but it's a tropical cyclone and a powerful one and it's edging towards the west but it's only moving very slowly and moving around four kilometers per hour and that is the speed i can walk so it really isn't moving very fast at all. what we are expecting it to do now though is rather than
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continuing to head this way it will abruptly make a turn to the south. the idea is we have a high pressure that is developing and that will steer the system to the south. obviously if the high pressure doesn't develop as we think it could change the track and the high pressure could also push it over and hopefully it will begin to ease and they are keeping a very close eye on the forecast, peter. >> stef thanks very much. a conference on yemen humanitarian crisis is taking place today in do what and organized by qatar charity and includes dozens of international organizations and pro-government forces backed by a saudi-led coalition have been fighting houthi and allies who control the capitol sanaa and it has significantly worsened food shortaged with people in need of urgent help and we are live from the conference and bernard over to you. >> reporter: peter thanks, you
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the u.n. says a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in yemen made worse by the difficulty of getting humanitarian aid through 7.6 million people u.n. says are severely food insecure, that is just one step below famin level and one of the areas that has really been suffering for the last eight months is the city of ties which has been besieged by houthi fighters and i'm joined by dr. noman who is a surgeon in thai and he just got out in the last week, he is going to tell us what the situation is like there first of all dr. terry tell us so we understand how challenging it is how you manage to get here, how you manage to leave thai to get to doha? >> thank you very much and actually thai is under siege at the moment and the only way is to go through thai is to walk through the mountains, the mountains which are very high mountains and we walk almost for six hours to get out of thai so
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that is what it was very difficult and but that is the only way we have to go out of thai. >> so walk through the mountains six hours and eventually making it and then. >> take cars to reach aiden and from aiden we have to take another car to and airplane to amman jordan from there. >> tell me in the last eight months doctor how the situation in thai has changed, what it had gone from and to now. >> yes, actually thai is under siege so there is no food, no medicine, no fuel, nothing, oxygen, oxygen for the patient, many patients have died because there is no oxygen and in the icu intensive care unit so thai actually is complaining and suffering and many people, hundreds, hundreds die because of the shortage of food and medici
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medicine. >> we are talking a city of 800,000 people and what you see on the streets on a daily basis in thai what is it like living there? >> because there is no food, a shortage of food make the suffering of people so people now are hungry and there is no medicine, not any help for the people, no organization helping thai actually and thai has been forgotten from the international organization, that actually is a shame for an organization, why not to help thai. >> reporter: okay doctor thank you for joining us and i should say the u.n. says all parties are not helping facilitating delivery of humanitarian aid, the saudis have come under criticism forewarning aid workers in areas that are controlled by houthi fighters to leave those areas and also for diverting a ship full of world program aid to saudi arabia and
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although the saudis will say they are doing everything they can to facilitate humanitarian requirements but they want to raise $1.8 billion the u.n. says to try and meet the immediate humanitarian needs of yemen, peter? >> bernard thanks very much. much more still to come for you in the news hour including. >> reporting in west jaba where at least 30 people are found to sold their kidney to a kidney trace sindicate. exporter and look at china's new role in the global arms business and the sports news and they continue their impressive run and action from the nba and coming up, in about 30 minutes. ♪ i.s.i.l. fighters are claiming responsibility for bomb attacked
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in government held parts of syria which killed more than 140 people and at least 83 died in a series of blast in the southern suburb of the capitol damascus and earlier 60 people were killed in car bomb explosions in homs and attacks come as government forces captured 31 villages and a power plant in aleppo providence from i.s.i.l. and the u.s. secretary of state john kerry says he reach add provisional agreement with russia in terms of a ceasefire and we go to dana who is on the border between turkey and syria and so phone calls are happening, back channels being used dana and difficult to see anything new that mr. kerry or putin or sergei fedorov can actually bring to this equation. >> reporter: well kerry seemed to be very confidence when he said that we are closer than ever to bring about a cessation of hostilities on the ground. what we understand is that u.s. and russian officials have been holding intensive and by lateral
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consultations and there was supposed to be a wider meeting, a u.n. meeting involving countries and part of the syria support group and that meeting has been reportedly postponed as they iron out modalities of a ceasefire and according to ker are i they reached a provisional agreement, they expect and he expects a phone call between the russian and the american president soon but then they are going to have to reach out to the different warring sides and the different regional and international stakeholders involved in the conflint, this is not going to be easy by the international community is pushing forward trying to find a way to pause the fighting while they try to talk peace and reach some sort of political settlement. >> how do they move forward because given the events in damascus and homs last night and yesterday in the past 24 hours it seems to be a process of one step forward, two steps back.
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>> reporter: well, yes. and we have to remember to i.s.i.l. that claimed responsibility for attacks in damascus and homs the group that the international community says is a terrorist organization and they wants to fight and have the priority to defeat this group and they cannot defeat this group unless there is a political settlement in syria. they believe that i.s.i.l. is able to you know operate and grow even stronger because of the security vacuum and this has been the priority of the west and this is why the opposition is very angry and frustrated and they feel the u.s. really has abandon them and is now trying to work on finding any deal which would involve in one way or the other partnering with the syrian government because its priority is i.s.i.l. now, on the ground undoubtedly the regime has been making advances but i have to mention the opposition is fighting back especially in aleppo providence
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and got word that the opposition is putting a lot of pressure on government forces and allied forces in the southeast of aleppo in an area and if they are able to take, capture land in that area they are going to block the government supply line from damascus towards aleppo so ongoing fighting on the ground, each trying to strengthen their position on the ground as the international community tries to push for talks. >> zaina thanks very much libya internationally recognized government based in tubrook is deciding for i.s.i.l. to build a stronger platform in africa and victoria has the story. >> reporter: after two days of heated debate it seems the tobrook is no closer to backing the government and libya is no closer to political stability. it appears there are still many
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points of disagreement including who makes up the 18-member cabinet. >> translator: the chairman of the presidential council said that reconciliation will not involve exclusion or marginazation but the name of ministers proposed is an example of exclusion and marginazation because more than a third of libya's population are not represented. >> reporter: libya has been in turmoil with dozens of militias each fighting for control since the over throw of gadhafi and the u.n. backed parliament in tobruk and congress based in tripoli and each has militia and foreign backers and retired general is leading forces backing the government in tobruk and it's worse with i.s.i.l. stepping into a crowded field and it led to a presidential council being formed last month.
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last week libya warring factions formed a government that has to be endorsed by both sides and as the talks continue so does the fighting and forces made gains against i.s.i.l. fighters in parts of benghazi and eastern libya. support is now under the control of the libya national army, it had been used to ship weapons to i.s.i.l. fighters. the forces have also taken control about 150 kilometers south of benghazi but i.s.i.l. remains a major threat. the u.n. envoy to libya is in tubruk to support the unity government and not just to end the suffering of the libya people but also to fill the power vacuum and prevent i.s.i.l. fighters from gaining any more ground, victoria with al jazeera. let's get more on that story for you with an independent researcher and analyst specializing in middle eastern politics and security at the united states and what is the
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dynamic here for the international community when it comes to trying to keep a lid on what is going on inside the country? >> well, the international community has known only one game here which is to get unity government established and to get this unity government into tripoli, both of those are enormous challenges and getting a unity government established and getting into tripoli will be the next big challenge and for the international community however getting this government is crucial so it can then start targeting islamic state properly. >> if we learned one thing from what is going on on the ground inside syria surely, inside syria it is this you cannot defeat i.s.i.l. without some sort of a conflict going on on the ground. if you apply that to libya the united states, the outside world surely just doesn't want to go
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there. >> you are right and to defeat islamic state it requires a ground force now in libya this ground force will be made up out of all militias on the ground including the libya army in the east and also other militias from misrata and tripoli and we need some form of intervention with air strikes and air campaign led by the united states, maybe britain, maybe france and then to have military trainers on the ground who can train and mentor some form of libyan force to take territory along the coast and eventually take cert. >> is everyone on the same page here when it comes to heading towards this idea of a unity government because you seem to be saying on the one hand they want to calm the country down and on the other hand they want to take on i.s.i.l. full on. >> i mean you are right, the issue here is that it's not
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entirely clear what the focus of the international community is. it is to get unity government in place but what for? at the moment it appears that this government is supposed to be there so it can on day one issue some form of request, invitation to the international community to intervene against the islamic state and the second question is that actually libya requires a lot of help in order to get over its civil war and take islamic state to the side and get over the war and rebuild a country that has been destroyed over the last few years. >> can it be fair to say in the middle east particularly as far as the west is concerned or the united states is concerned the plan b was there is no plan b so they also have to in tandom have to think about what comes after the victory. >> absolutely and if we learned anything from 2011 and we did
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not pay enough attention to what comes after over throwing gadhafi. i think there was not enough clarity that the state that gadhafi left behind was no state. there was very little left that could keep this country together so i do think that if we move past this stage of the parliament in tobruk endorsing this government or not and getting it into tripoli attention needs to be paid to what next, what after fighting islamic state. >> thank you very much. al jazeera has uncovered an illegal trade-in humor grands in indonesia and villages in west java sold kidneys for $5,000 and we report where three members of an sindicate arrested and people questioned by the police. >> reporter: this is a poor village in west java and at least 30 people live here and a
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nearby community have just one kidney and police say they sold their other kidneys to middleman for $5,000 each. >> translator: i was this a bad situation and have huge debt and didn't have a house. i couldn't pay my rent for four months already. >> reporter: organ trade is illegal in indonesia but people can donate to friends and relatives and to sell his kidney 39-year-old had to say he new the recipient well and changed his age to 25 years old to increase his chances of being accepting and no problem passing the screening at the local hospital. >> translator: a lot of money for my kidney so i could open my own business and someone else can do heavy work for me. >> reporter: police say they have so far questioned six doctors for possible colusion with organized criminals. >> translator: we try to work together with the hospital and
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of course the doctors will be prosecuted. >> reporter: the government hospital denies any involvement but its director says that the screening process is designed to weed out any cases of trading organs. >> translator: this is part of the process that needs to be refined. we need to look at it from case to case. this needs to be further investigated, if there are possible mistakes which could be the case then this should be part of the investigation, i agree with that. >> reporter: according to the half ministry 150,000 indonesia kidney patients need a kidney and he has been waiting a year. >> translator: we know about the brokers and around kidney patients for a long time and set up the community of kidney patients from e-mail of people who want to sell their kidney. >> reporter: he cannot afford to pay a middleman up to 25,000 for a kidney. it's a story not many here in this village are willing to
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share, they are ashamed that poverty forced them to sell a kidney a deal many now regret but police say that will unlikely deter other poor villagers who are confronted by kidney trade. he old his kidney when he was 17 years old and like others we interviewed he received 5,000 of the 25,000 paid for his kidney and he said his health has deteriorated since the operation. >> translator: i feel betrayed but what can i do, i don't know the law, where can go to file a case, i have nothing and i can only suffer in silence. >> reporter: in an effort to stop the trading kidneys parliament members have urged the government to establish a donor bank where organ donation will be regulated and donors properly screened. al jazeera, west java. still to come for you here on the al jazeera news hour after ten years in power we will
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look at why bolivia says that enough is enough for the president. plus shattered hopes and al jazeera visits germany where many are waiting to find out if they will be accepted as refugees and in the sport news with fara looking good ahead of the t20 world cup and we have that and all the other international sports stories in about 20 minutes. ♪
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these are the top stories and opposition leader held by the
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police after trying to leave his home under house arrest and disputes the result of thursday's presidential election and says the poll was rigged. a tense standoff in the india capitol today between police and students five students accused are inside the campus with the police outside. at least 21 people are known to have died during the strongest storm ever reported in fiji and they say fixing the damage across the south pacific islands will take time. now figures from a military think tank show that china has almost doubled its weapons exports during the past five years and report by the stockholm international peace institute shows between 2011 and 2015 the amount of arms that china bought fell by 25% compared with the previous five years but the major arms grew by
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88% and china was 5.9 of exports well behind the u.s. and russia and over all more weapons bought and sold in the recipient regular between 2011 and 2015 was asia and includes the south pacific countries and fold by the middle east and europe and joining us now from stockholm is peter senior research in the arms and military expenditure program welcome to the news hour on al jazeera sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: spending in the east asia region has gone up spending on arms by 12-13% over the past decade and what in your estimation is going on here. >> a number of issues and you mentioned here and we see that the countries have the economic means to increase their arms imports, secondly of course we see they react with others and in particular we see the countries in asia and vietnam or
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the philippines or japan react to developments in china which is really rapidly rebuilding and modernizing its armed forces to the extent they are now modern and have clearly a longer reach than they had before. >> this time last week we were talking about woody island in the south china sea and they have growled at each other before about that particular area, given that they have more money to spend on more weapons do the countries involved in say that situation therefore feel more powerful when it comes to flexing their military muscles? >> i think this is the reason they do buy arms and think they can defer the other party to being more assertive in the region and i do belief believe they have a better position to hopefully negotiate their way
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through a final solution on who can have access to which part of the south china sea. >> is this the beginnings of an arms race? >> and arms race is something that is more exaggerated than this i think, it's more pronounced and it's stronger, the developments go faster but of course we have to keep a close eye on this and it can develop into an arms race of some sort and i think it's very important also of the countries that export arms to the region keep this in mind and not only look at the economic benefits of supplying arms to the region. >> we are not talking about nuclear arms here but there are structures in the court in place and i'm thinking about the agreements that the u.s. and russia signed up to 30 years ago and is it time to apply the same kind of binding guidelines to the arguments we are discussing? >> i think it's important that countries in the region that import the arms will look at
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examples from history also for example in europe where countries have put kind of ceilings on the amount of arms which they can have and deploy in a certain region. on the other hand i think it's very important again that the exporting stake have clear, strict, export rules where they take into account not just human rights or not just the fact that the country is involved in an active conflict but also the risks of arms races it's described as the greatest disaster in iraq and the dangerous dam and the mosul damage and hundreds of millions of repairs to stop it from bursting and needs more because of the risk of collapse and elementses fighters nearby and the iraqi budget crisis is adding to the risk as we report from baghdad. >> if this dam ever fails
5:37 am
engineers fear million also be affected and northern iraq flooded, a 55 meter wall of water will come crashing down, since the dam was built in the 1908s some engineers say it has unstable foundations, now the u.s. core of army engineers say there is a high risk of failure than previously thought despite efforts to strengthen and they have been pouring concrete in the dam but this is not a permanent fix and repair work was disrupted when i.s.i.l. fighters took over in 2014. >> translator: i can say it's 100% secure and in the 80s foreign companies used to maintain the dam and that process afterwards and given a number of excavators but we need spare parts for the machines we use for the ongoing maintenance
5:38 am
process. >> reporter: the huge task of continual maintenance has been delayed because of political in fighting of who controls the dam and the iraqi budgetary process. >> translator: the main problems is in the multiple layers located in the base of the main dam which are the dam's foundations, therefore the maintenance process is still ongoing and in full swing and around the clock to help strengthen those foundations. >> reporter: iraqis are especially concerned because iraqi security forces are preparing for an offensive on mosul and the 16th division have arrived southeast of mosul to begin operations and there is a fear that i.s.i.l. will attack the dam if they defeat it in mosul which they control and also money is a very real issue and it's going to cost $300 million to repair the dam and that money is likely to come from the world bank but given the budgetary crisis even that is in doubt, al jazeera,
5:39 am
baghdad. voters are getting a bit of extra time to vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections after delays on sunday and the president is hoping to secure a second five year term and up against 14 rivals. >> reporter: in a classroom without electricity his future was decided by the ballot box with the koubting extending through the night on sunday people were sand -- anxious for the results and had been a long and windy day and began with the president celebrating the democratic process as he cast his vote. he is looking for a clear victory, something that has not happened in niger's first election and they accepted the election needs as fair and people need to be happy with the outcome. >> translator: so far no case of fraud has been brought to my attention. i had cause regarding logistical
5:40 am
issues regarding equipment, as we are talking they have taken all the necessary disposition to solve the problem. >> reporter: polling stations were visited and the process was smooth and no complaints but others there were long delays before voting started and some ran out of ballot papers and had to stop polling for several hours. it's a long and hot day here in the capitol but as you can see the crowd is only getting bigger and bigger as the day progresses and that is because people tell us here this election is before anything else about the future and stability of this nation. as the day progresses the crowds swelled and patients waned. >> translator: the lines have not moved since the morning and i don't understand what is happening. our wait because i took the decision to vote and i will vote, even if i have to wait until 6:00 a.m. i will be here, i am determined. >> translator: maybe the people who are put in charge were
5:41 am
chosen deliberately so they will not let us vote and we cannot move and think it was done on purpose because people know here we are supporters of the opposition. >> reporter: the opposition has issued a statement accusing the government of deliberately blocking the electoral process, no significant violence has been reported but the atmosphere is tense and uncertain. mohamed with al jazeera. in bolivia early results show the president morales lost a vote to change for running for a fourth term and results not expected for a week and if no campaign is having victory we will talk about the presidency. >> reporter: it's difficult for many bolovians to remember a time when morales was not president but it seems as though they decided enough is enough and he won't be able to run
5:42 am
again in 2019, he remains however a popular president. >> translator: he has been and excellent leader and transformed bolivian politics. >> reporter: the si or yes campaign is ahead in polls but the strong opposition campaign with corruption in the governing party caused it serious damage. >> translator: they have shown morales that is not all powerful and replacement and above all beatable and shown him to be a normal human being capable of making mistakes. >> the country's first leader morales came to power in 2006 promising radical change and gas and oil industries and to the women in the community which long had been marginalized and the enemies would accept he had a huge impact on bolivia but the country will never be the same
5:43 am
again but not everyone is screaming si, si saying you can have too much and that a healthy democracy needs change. and the campaign was east of the country and that was no surpr e surprise. but it was also defeated in regions where morales enjoyed massive support, a sign say analysts he had lost touch with the very people who brought him to power. >> translator: there is equality and no justice in the country and have to change this government. >> translator: a lot of young people have seen how things are in other countries and that really influenced their thinking. >> reporter: president morales gambled with referendum and will remain in power until elections in 2019 when the unchanged constitution says he will have to step down and take a rest, al jazeera, bolivia. seven members of the second largest rebel group in columbia
5:44 am
have been killed in an air raid by sources and eln was targeted close to the border with venezuela and the leaders are not part of the on going peace talks and negotiating with the largest farc to end decades of civil war. oil industrial leaders are meeting in the u.s. city of houston and talking about the major slump in the price of oil and a worldwide glut of oil is used for some and disaster for others. >> reporter: low prices for gas in the u.s. is consumer heaven and prices have not been this low since the global economic crash in 2009, people are driving further and filling up often and bigger cars and enjoying air travel and it's high times. why are prices so low, an economic slow down for the countries of china and brazil and a global glut of oil on the market so it is in tanks like
5:45 am
these and producers are trying to fix that, o-peck the organization of exporting countries tried to limit production but with sanctions lifted iran is adding oil in the market and cash poor producers in the u.s. and elsewhere cannot afford to stop pumping and that is not good for the consumer and can hurt countries that are dependent on oil like houstons and hurt jobs and eventually slow down global economy and with supplies reigning in is failing the prices have plunged and ranged and peeked in 2008 to $145 and they say now it's not likely to go above 40-50 at the end of 2016 so for oil support suppliers in houston are looking at a long-term plan and not a
5:46 am
short time fixed. >> reporter: those killed in san bernardino plan to file a legal brief opposing apple in the iphone encryption policy and last week a magistrate said they had to provide the f.b.i. with specialized software to unlock the phone of the man who carried out attack and say it can jeopardize the privacy of customers in the future. with tens of thousands of refugees arriving in europe in the past year questions are asked about what makes a legitimate refugee and dominick reports on an immigration center in southern germany where asylum seekers in the balkin are waiting to be deported. >> this is home to hundreds of people from the balkins who know they will soon be going back there and the center was open last september and since then more than a thousand people have come and gone and germany says
5:47 am
the country is safe and cannot claim refuge here meaning from albania is resigned to returning soon. >> translator: after ten months living here i received a piece of paper that said transfer then i went to the office 21 to get the documents i need to go back to albania and said i had to wait, my baby was born here and the problem is i do not work. >> reporter: the classrooms are well equipped but empty and the experience here and process of registration and checking identities has been streamlined since last year and everyday officials check as many as 200 documents. >> translator: this is a relatively bad fake id card and you can tell by the size, it is significantly different from the real id cards, on average we find as many as ten fake ids everyday. >> reporter: because the number of people coming to germany has placed a stain on facilities
5:48 am
like these the authorities will keep the center operational for ten years and speed up the process. >> translator: why a faster procedure? to make room for the admission of people who are threatened by political persecution in countries that are at war and secondly those with minimal chances to stay are not gaining false hope they can stay longer. >> reporter: people at the center fled the balkin wars of the 1990s but now they know they and their families will have to go back one day, dominick cane, al jazeera. coming up, in the sports news with fara history has the most prestigious race in the datona500, details shortly. ♪
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5:50 am
living until 106 years old is already a pretty impressive feit but watch this. that is virginia after a lengthy social media campaign she finally got her wish to meet america's first black president and keep moving is the kree secret to a long life.
5:51 am
time for sports news. >> reporter: chelsea beat manchester city to progress in the quarter finals of the cup and chelsea winning 5-1 at stanford bridge against an inexperienced city team and andy richardson reports. >> reporter: with one eye on the championship league game manchester city got a team for chelsea and the home team looked to take advantage and giving them the lead. 5-4 included in city's line up including teenage french striker who scored an equalizer and during the celebration city play ers were targeted and chelsea
5:52 am
cashed in by opponents and quickly restored their lead and chelsea said they never lost a game with the club winning it when he was last in charge in 2009 and gary kahill scored three and showing something like his best form the bell -- belgian giving them the fourth and he was appended and oscar missed from the spots and oscar did go on to set up and wrap up a 5-1 win, andy richardson, al jazeera. drop for the quarter finals and reddening meeting crystal palace and everton versus chelsea and replay between holders arsenal will go on to meet waterford and west ham will
5:53 am
face manchester united or another and the two teams play on monday and a match saw an unexpected time out for the teams and robert were unhappy with dortman's winning ball and says there was a foul in it and he was sent off for prosouthing but when he refused to exit the pitch the referee suspended the game and nine minute delay before the play resulted and the goal stood and dortman won 1-nil and missed a chance to stay in touch with spanish league leaders barcelona and did score the goal but his failure from the spot gave him the chance to equalize and the match finished 1-1. now atletico madrid was enough to send them to second in the
5:54 am
table and eight points adrift with barcelona with 13 games left in the season and in the nba the raptor bounced back to beat the grizzlies 98-85 and trailblazers won the fifth game in a row and beat the jazz and cj had 61 points leading 110-1 1 1 and blazers in hot form and won last week and won ten of the 11 games, unseated won the rio open and upset form tear world one nadal and fellow unseeded player to clinch the title and this is the fourth atp crown for the 30-year-old. >> translator: i'm very happy not only because of this win but also because of what i did in the semi finals beating the best
5:55 am
player on play nadal and my fourth title and obviously i'm very happy. >> australia got themselves in a strong position in the second test against new zealand with a lead of 135 in the second innings and australia hit new zealand in trouble and 121 for 4 and trail by 14 runs and need to win to level the two match series. south africa's cricketers have preparation for the up coming t20 world cup and beat england 2-nil in the lead up series and were not able to get through it and lost their last seven wick ets for just 14 runs and pulled out for 171 and chased down the victory target for a loss of one wick etand it was 71 up and 29 balls and scored an unbeaten half century before they hit the
5:56 am
winning run with more than five overs to spare. 8th place in the final and super league and 2020 competition going on in dubai and a century to 176 in the innings but the best efforts who smashed 38 in just 17 balls and he came up short and winning by 50 runs and will face qatar for the title. masters champion bubba watson won in california and 37-year-old rallied with to late birdies on hole 16 and 17 at rivera with 3 of 68 and the 9th pga victory and moves up now.
5:57 am
race on the nascar calendar produced the closest finish in its history, the datona-500 won by a margin of 0.011 seconds, danny edging out martin junior at the famed florida track and it was hamlin's first ever win in the spring and chicago blackhawks and wild took to the outdoors in the nhl on sunday and despite being the top team in the west chicago were out played and crushed 6-1 by a minnesota side playing in their home state and six different players scored and are the 20th nhl team to play outdoors since they launched the game in 2003 and that is all your sport for now and peter back to you. >> talk to you later and more news on the website and 30 minutes of al jazeera world news when we come back. see you then.
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