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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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>> keep up-to-date. >> breaking news at this hour. u.s. officials saying that russia has now agreed to a truce in syria. >> when a random individual decides to be evil, i don't know how you stop that. >> the uber driver accused of going on a killing spree in kalamazoo, michigan, now guess before a judge. >> republicans prepare for tomorrow's caucuses while democrats set their sights on the south carolina primary. and apple and the fbi push their
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position in the public in the ongoing debate over security and civil liberties. >> i'm del walters in new york. authorities trying to piece together the clues, trying to find a motive behind that shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. jason dalton is due in court later today. he killed six people and injured two others. authorities say he committed those crimes while he was driving for uber and continued to pick up passengers in between those shootings. al jazeera has been following the story for us from chicago. what do we know this morning about the victims? >> one, a 17-year-old boy. he was killed, at his high school there will be grief counselors on hand to help students cope with all this.
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he and his dad were gunned down along with four women and two other victim who is are still holding on at the hospital at this hour. last night there was a prayer vigil for all of them at a kalamazoo church. there will an catholi a vigil tonight in kalamazoo. there was a woman who was first shot in this random shooting, it spanned seven hours on saturday night. and then also the 14-year-old girl who was declared dead at the hospital. then miraculously squeezed her mother's hand when the doctors were talking about organ donations. she's holding on but still nobody knows the reason why, only perhaps the suspect himself. the 45-year-old jason dalton. >> i was going to say there are those troubling reports that the suspect was picking up passengers in between the
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shootings themselves. what do we know about that? >> first he shot the woman in the apartment complex. she's still in hospital now. then he picked up more fares and then shot the women and the teenage girl at the restaurant. one of the uber passages jokes to him, hey, are you the guy doing these killings? this was when word was getting out. he apparently told the gentleman very flat out no. >> andy, what are police saying about the suspect? >> well, no criminal history for 45-year-old jason dalton. his neighbors say that he is an insurance adjustor by day. he loves his guns. he lives in an rural area and
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shoots them. the family, his wife and two children, are quiet but nice. the mayor said that he's not only a sad, sad man, but he has inflicted a sickness on the community. >> andy live for us live in chicago. thank you very much. a judge could decide on a wrongful death suit. thin breaking news that we're following about a truce that could bring an end to the fighting in syria. just hours ago the u.s. and russia saying they reached a provisional agreement on a cease-fire that could begin over the weekend. syria's president bashar al-assad said he was ready for
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a cease-fire if the opposition did not use that stoppage to their advantage. the syrian opposition saying they want the sieges lifted and aid deliveries allowed inside the country. >> we have documented and recorded on civilian casualties in areas where pro government forces undertook airstrikes, including in aleppo countryside. >> that deal coming after a series of isil attacks inside syria. at least 129 people died during several attacks on sunday. james bays has the latest. >> they also say that they have delineated--that's the word they used, the territory that is controlled by isil andly al nusra--but i think jabht
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al nusra are spread out in minars and they're fighting on side. some along side. some of the oregon rebel groups. i think one of the problems here is that the russian air force may say its still targeting jabhat al nusra and could hit other opposition groups on the ground. i think there is potential for problems here, but certainly we now have a timeline likely to be announced in the coming hours for a cessation of hostile glitz that is our james bays reporting. most of the republicans are in geoff stay except for ohio governor john kasich. he's vehicle to go voters in virginia who will be holding their super vote next week.
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>> a number of the pundits said well, if a couple of the other candidates dropped out, if you add their scores together, it's going to equal trump. right? these geniuses. they don't understand that as people drop out i'm going to get a lot of those votes also. you don't just add them together. >> super tuesday primaries will be held in 12 states. new emerson college poll finding that trump is the overwhelming favorite. randall pinkston has more on what is at stake in the next republican contest. >> well, it is certainly he needs some victory somewhere to prove that he has the possibility of eventually winning the nomination. ted cruz is important. he did win in new hampshire, but he would like to show that he is
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strong in the west. he's expecting, hoping to do well to show that he is the person who can take on donald trump. and of course the donald, who has come to south carolina, and up ended every prediction and conventional wisdom about a northern candidate who has a history of divorce, who is not exactly known to his close ties of christianity, and some how he wins here. he'll move west trying to move on his momentum. >> well, the mistake on super tuesday in some 12 states. no candidates hav >> trump will not get all the
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delegates votes because there is proportionment of the delegates. those who come in second and third will also get some of them. he'll do well, probably, but he'll have a lot of work to do ahead, as he himself said yesterday. >> that is our randall pinkston in south carolina. well, he may be trailing in the polls, but wall street money is flooding the rubio campaign. he's push the to the frontrunner michael trump. he has gained the highest backing o, jeb bush who dropped out, and hillary clinton is third with $1 million of contributions to her campaign. they're calling the british exit from the european union. the pound heading to its lowest level in seven years on a possible british exit from the e.u. they're pushing the pound down
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more 4% against the dollar. >> what i hope is that people will protest on the issues that really matter. whether they want to remain in an constitution that has become much more ambitious over every area in the lives and people of this country where in 1927-- >> meanwhile, british prime minister david cameron is making the case for staying in the european union before parliament. a referendum on the issue will be held in june. up next, the supreme court back in session since the death of antonin scalia and the
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supreme court.
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supreme court hearing arguments since the death of justice scalia, his chair is draped in black wool. it will remain in place until next month. the president could name a nominee to replace him as early as today. the senate republicans so far vowing to block any of those nominees. lisa stark in washington, d.c. for us. what was the mood in the court and what did the chief justice have to say about antonin scalia. >> the court is always somber but it seems much more this
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morning. you could see the black poo wool covering his chair. the chief justice did make opening comments as expected. he mentioned that the scalia when he worked for the department of justice, argued his first and only case before the supreme court back in 1976. he said that scalia prevailed and he had a perfect record before the court. that brought laughter from the packed courtroom. he went on to say that also that he had written 292 majority opinions while on the court. justice robert said that he was known to occasionally dissent. that brought laughter because scalia is known for his acerbic dissent. he said he was known for his wit and we cannot forgot his spirit.
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he was our man for all seasons, and we will miss him beyond measure. there will be some sort of formal service held for justice scalia, and the flag at half mast will stay for a month. and then they'll shift seats based on seniority. there will still be one empty seat on that nine-member bench until a new justice is sworn in. >> justice scalia not afraid to make up words while he was on the bench. some words we heard for the first time. where is the nomination to replace scalia. >> the president says he does intend to nominate someone. he promises to put in someone who is indisputably qualified.
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the white house said that the president is starting to before over lists of possible nominees. he reached out by phone to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, and the leader of the judicial committee. both said that it should be up to the next president. the democrats say that is irresponsible and unprecedented to leave that seat vacant for so long. this is a big battle. with the republicans in control of the senate, it is highly unlikely that when the president nominates someone that this person could get through the senate before obama leaves office. >> lisa stark, thank you very much. today russia will formally ask for permission to fly high tech planes over the u.s. they're equipped with cameras that u.s. officials fear could help moscow gather sensitive
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intelligence. moscow is already allowed to fly jets over the u.s. in the open skies treaty. that accord was meant to boost transparency in military activity. 70 to 90 million airbags could be recalled. 19million vehicles have been recalled since 2004. some of those inflaters can rapture and explode with excessive force. the war of words between apple and the fbi over access to an encrypted iphone continues. al jazeera'al jazeera has the latest. >> the fbi director is calling for calm and defending his agency's demand that apple help
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investigators break into one ever the san bernardino attackers' phone. in a statement he writes: 14 people were slaughtered and many more had their lives and bodies ruined. we owe them an investigation under law. apple writes, this case is about much more than a single phone or a single investigation. at stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law abiding people and setting a dangerous precedence that threatens everyone's civil liberties. apple says that it is an overreach and say they will not comply. >> jim would like a back door available to american law enforcement in all devices
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globally. frankly on balance that actually harms american safety and security. even though it might make jim's job a bit easier in some specific circumstances. >> the fbi needs apple's help because of the security settings on the phone lock the device if the past word is entered incorrectly too many times. it may even erase all the data on the phone. they want to update software that allows analysts to get around security features and take as many shots at the password as necessary. but with 24 million iphones in use around the world, privacy activists say millions more earlier models may already be effected. >> it's about democracy activists in china. human rights workers in syria. it's will barr lgbt activist in the middle east.
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>> the president supports the fbi and insist there is no privacy threats. >> they're not asking apple to recreate their products or create a back door to their products. they're simply asking for something that will have an impact on this one device. >> apple said it would be impossible for the fbi to crack newer devices. >> president obama's meeting with the national governor's most favor new guidelines of how people get opioid painkillers. the governors gathered with the president saying they want support for new regulations. a group of california nuns devoting their lives to helping the homeless. now they're facing their own problem and their problem is housing. they can't afford their rising rent. melissa chan has the story from
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francisco. >> for years the homeless and hungry in san francisco's area called tenderloin rely on charity. but the nuns who help are facing homelessness themselves. their rent has been raised from $3,645 to $5,500. >> even in san francisco's most dilapidated neighborhoods it's tough to rent. in the last few years housing has become the top issue for residents and a headache for city officials. one initiative the city started
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is a small site program together with non-profits city hall helps buy property. this month they acquired five apartment buildings and set them aside as affordable housing. the program means that this woman can now stay home. she and her family faced eviction. >> we got help from everybody. we're eternally grateful. at first we could not believe it. >> the city spent $13.9 million on the program so far. these are some of the homes bought and set aside for renters. san francisco basically accessed the leppedder with the non-profit group actually making the purchase. >> san francisco probably because we're one of the highest cost of living in the nation. it's innovative in creating this. there are other cities who are doing other things. but it would take taxpayer's dollars.
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>> critics question whether governments and non-profits ought to get involved in this way. but so far city politicians support the new plan. >> we're glad to do it. we're very fortunate that we have a strong enough economy to be able to spend money and also have the different agency that is have come together to help us. >> but achievements are incremental. the latest purchase saved 19 units in a city where thousands of people face evictions or rent hikes. >> if you're wealthy you have a lot of options. if you're a senior on a fixed income, it's just a matter of time before your building may be bought and you'll be pushed further and further out in the bay area. it's a terrible time. hopefully the funds will help a little bit, but there is a lot more we should be doing as a city as well. >> as for the sisters, they say their attorney is trying to cut a deal with the landlord. give them one year to find their next location. they now have the time, but they
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still might not have the money. al jazeera, san francisco. >> up next, under oath and on the record, bill cosby's wife losing her bed to post dos postpone the deposition regarding sex allegations against her husband. and the dreams that fulfill the 106-year-old who got the president and first lady to cut a rug. social change. >> i feel like i'm suppose to do something, >> breaking down barriers. >> sometimes i have to speak when other people say be quiet. >> shaping our future. >> i actually am committed to a different, better, stronger, healthier america. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change.
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al jazeera america. >> this morning bill cosby's wife is sitting down for her deposition, the latest development in the sexual assault allegations against her husband. >> camille cosby was hoping to skip today's hearing and avoid answering questions about her husband all together. late saturday her attorneys filed a late motion to postpone the hearing. the judge overruled and said she had to show up to the deposition held at a hotel. the attorneys said that mrs. cosby would have relevant information since she was her husband's bin manager for years. she said she has had no facts or
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information regarding the allegations in this state. >> no wife wants to go into a deposition or public forum and have to testify about her person relationship with her husband. definitely not testify about his relationships with other women. >> more than 50 women have come forward claiming that bill cosby sexually assaulted, drugged or raped them. he successfully denied those claims even as he faces claims in pennsylvania on sexual assault charge. his wife has stood by his side. in 2014 she called the comedian a wonderful husband, father and friend. al jazeera. >> it seems these days that a lot of people want their next job to be in space. nasa is saying it received a record 18,000-plus applications for next year's astronaut class. there are, get this, just 14 slots. that gives the applicanted a .08
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chance of being picked making it easier to get into harvard. and then there is this woman. a dream come true for a young lady who has lived through both world wars. >> she is just 106 years old. she was invited to the white house for black history month. she talked, she laughed, and even danced with the president and first lady. she launched a video campaign on youtube asking for that invitation. and consider this, when she was born african-americans could not even vote let alone voting for
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the first after america african-american president. stay tune, the news continues live from london next. >> the u.s. and russia saying hostilities in syria should stop in four days time but will the warring side agree? >> you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in this program. 21 people die and cyclones deliver winds 320 kilometers an hour hits fiji.


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