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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening, everyone. i'm adam may sitting in for antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. >> we are fed up with the establishment politics. a republican field wowed jed bush, as donald trump tries to win a third state. we'll look at the battle between marco rubio and cruz, shaping up in nevada. in south carolina, the african-american vote has baaned trying a new strat -- bernie sanders trying a new strategy hoping to catch up with hillary clinton. the kalamazoo gunmen and the questions police are asking and what will have you
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spending more money at the pump all right. nevada and south carolina are back in the political spotlight tonight. this week republicans are battling for nevada. democrats are fighting over south carolina. trike for the last-minute vote, less than 24 hours before the nevada caucuses. polls suggest that donald trump has a big lead. michael shure has more for us. >> on the heels of a big victory for donald trump in south carolina, he and the other competitors move on to nevada. it's a place where ted cruz and marco rubio are trying to get second place coming out saying we are the candidate to vote for. >> reporter: the first group
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much republican presidential candidates are flooding the nevada. this marks the first time the incendiary donald trump will face voters in a state with a significant latino population. university of nevada associate professor david demoi sees why trump is popular here. >> he has a populous message, fed up with the establishment politics. they are angry at the democrats, obama and the left. >> nevada polling is imprecise but suggested trump has a leafed of as much as 26 points over the nearest rival. the contest marks the first time the 2016 field is without jed bush. marco rubio proudly treated the endorsement of nevada senator dean heller.
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another conservative to the team. senator dean heller. though catholic, he is attempting to follow the mormon model of getting out the nevada vote. the state boasts 100,000 mormons, who tend to be reliable supporters. >> we know in a small turn out they can be there. they can punch well above their weight. >> nevada is important to ted crust who finished an eighth of a percentage point behind marco rubio in south carolina. >> he was asked what state are you in, and the answer is florida, march '50. that is a fairly amazing administration that they don't believe they'll win in nevada. carson and john kasich have not competed heavily in nevada. john kasich focuses on superviews in his home state of ohio. even though that's the way they like it... >> we are off to nevada.
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>> he seems to say enough of the right things to ride high ahead of the caucuses. this year the narrative has been written around those behind trump. which is why marco rubio and cruz are pushing hard for the sillier medal in the silver state. >> it's a race where they are going for second or third place. it's unheard of to come out of the contest and have the narrative. it doesn't well you did well. that's good enough there's a shake-up. senator ted cruz asked his campaign's communications director to resign. rick tyler distributed a video falsely claiming that marco rubio said something derogatory about the bible. tyler deleted the post. cruz apologised and rubio said it's a pats erp of the cruz
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campaign. they are defending a decision to block planned parenthood funding. he insisted that ohio will fund women's health programs. john kasich caused a stir saying he was elected to the ohio house with the help of women who left their kitchens to campaign for him. moving to south carolina, that's where democrats are focussing on the primaries. african-americans make up half of a democratic electorate in the state. bernie sanders may have an uphill climb. a lot show many are leading to hillary clinton. we have more from south carolina. >> putting up all the stops indeed for the clinton campaign, coming off the back of success in nevada, for the sanders campaign, and this is the charleston headquarters. they went out this afternoon, loud and clear.
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they have less than a week to, as they say, get her done. >> thank you nevada. thank you so much. >> fresh off a win in nevada. hillary clinton is preparing to come to south carolina. the democrats first in the south primary five days away. >> at a campaign office volunteers are working the phones, encouraging supporters to get off and vet. >> in nevada support... >> we'll bring it home. >> in south carolina, that message is no different. build on progress, not burn it. >> we wonder if we can count on your support for been bill clinton. >> this is a clinton campaign volunteer. >> he has been going out knocking on doors. we have to get the voters out. if we are doing what i'm doing, with our people putting it in, and knocking on doors, we have the win.
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>> over at the sanders campaign officers, volunteers are making calls. despite the loss, sanders and supporters say they can pick up ground in south carolina. >> we have come a long way in nine months. it is clear to me, and i think most servers, that the wind is at our backs. we have the momentum. >> one of the major battles in the primary is the fact of who makes up half of the senate. the black vote was a big part of former success. the senator urged voters to show up to his life. they have met with civil rights world. >> something is fundamentally broken when african-americans are more likely to be arrested by police and sentenced to longer prison terms for doing
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the same thing. >> the daughter of geric garner came out in this ad for bernie sanders. >> there's no other person speaking about this. people are dying. this is it not tv. we need a president that is going to talk about it. >> and last week hillary clinton was joined by the mother of sandra bland. she died last year after a traffic stop. >> let america be america again. >> at bernie sanders's campaign headquarters in charleston, actor and civil rights activist danny glover was on hand to rally the truce. >> he stands for the working people, white and black. for workers of organized unions. bernie is the real deal. i'll say it again, bernie is the real deal. >> danny glover is an actor, director, and is well aware of
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the importance of the african-american vote in this state. 50% of the democratic vote is african-american here, and he's been campaigning on behalf of bernie sanders for the last couple of days. >> thank you. let's bring in joe watkins, friend and analyst. thank you for being with us. former white house aid to jordan. h w bush. how are you doing? >> doing great. >> we are talking about this. it keeps changing. do you think rolling out the celebrities and activists will help bernie sanders make inroads for the african-american voters. or is clinton going to run away with this. >> sounds like the song too much, too little, too late. it's great to have - danny glover is a great actor and a true believer. i think the odds are against south carolina, for the most part in most of the states on
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super-tuesday. it will be hard to overcome the lead, the money, the long-term relationships that hillary clinton and bill clinton have in all the key states. i think he losses in south carolina, he'll try hard, make progress but lose in south carolina. i don't think he does particularly well on super-tuesday. >> let's say bernie sanders loses south carolina, but picks up the states, the mid wester or new england right. what happens to his campaign. do you think it's gone after that. is tuesday do or die day. eight days away. >> you have to realise that people are watching like we are, and they can see how much or little momentum a candidate has. now he prides himself on saying the average gift is $27, there's a lot of people giving $27 or $37. they'll dry up. people need to watch the
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delegate count like the rest of us. as hillary clinton starts to win, and rolling up a lead, a lot of the support will dye off. people mr emphasise with his message. i think the support will dry up. >> let's switch gears, talk about the republicans, nevada caucuses. i think we have the recent poll coming out of nevada. we can show viewers. donald trump, 45%. rubio and cruz are tied. it's a couple of days old. at the time this was taken, jed bush was in the race, no new polls coming out. i have to ask about cruz firing his communications director, on the eve of nevada, doesn't this play into the narrative that his opponents have been going after? >> it does. he had to do it. he had to make a scapegoat out of rick tyler. you know, obviously a guy like
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him, being an effective campaigner, someone that might employ dirty strikes. i am sure he knew when he employed him. today he rebuked him in the strongest terms, because he can't afford to go into super-tuesday with the taint of being a dirty campaigner. that being said. you have to consider the fact that donald trump has a head of steam. he's starting to build a lead here. again, cruz and rubio are battling for second this third. trump is first. second and third is not first place. >> donald trump, right now, i believe, is holding a rally. we have live pictures of that. he's speaking from las vegas again. this is a huge crowd. the people are pumped up. what you were saying.
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>> it's looking like - remember, people are excited that marco rubio came in second in south carolina, but he is yet... >> second is not a win. >> he has not won anywhere, he was third in iowa, fifth in new hampshire. and second, of course, by the slimmest of margins in south carolina, and a distant second to donald trump. if donald trump wins by the margins that they are projecting him to win by, it will be hard to stop him. he goes to super-tuesday with a head of steam and momentum. >> is marco rubio going to emerge as the establishment candidate. will more roll up behind him. he's seeming to roll out the endorsement every couple of hours. will the g.o.p. tent gather around him. there's reports of john kasich, that they want out. >> he will not get out. he will not leave the primaries.
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he'll stick around. for those that left maybe the jed bush campaign and came aboard with marco rubio. you have to consider the numbers, and the smart politicians say what are the chances of winning the nomination if he doesn't win in nevada, if ted cruz - what does that mean for marco rubio's candidacy. it may be the inevitable nominee of the party. i think that the smart money will sit back and wait to see how he performs and whether there's a realistic path for winning the nominations. >> former advisor to george h.w. bush. good to have you with us again. thanks. >> thank so much the suspect accused of the shooting spree in kalamazoo michigan was reigned in court --
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reigned in court. he didn't say much. >> are you jason brian dalton? >> yes. >> reporter: it was the first we heard from an alleged masked shooter in calais mass oo. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time, concerning connections with the communit community?. >> 45-year-old jason dalton spent 7 minutes in court where a judge denied him bail. investigators are wondering what led to the rampage in which eight people were donned down. aged from 14 to 74. >> he's been nonemotional in the context that i'm aware of. >> damenton shot a woman in an apart.
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complex. before they could find him, police say dalton randomly gunned down teenager tyler smith and his dad, checking out cars at an auto dealer. the general manager said surveillance tape shows dalton sneaking up behind the two before opening fire. then on to a restaurant parking lot where police say dalton walked up to vehicles that four women, ages 16 to 74 were sitting with killed them all. the husband of one of those victims, mary lou lie, 62 years old, talked about their lose. loss. >> there's nothing i can do about it now, there's nothing i can do to change it. i have to live with it. >> in between the shootings, dalton was picking up fares as an uber driver, and driving recklessly. >> he was driving recklessly, through the lawn.
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when he came to a stop i jumped out, ran away. it was scary. specially being closely involved. i'm happy i'm safe. >> 7 hours after the first shooting police called over dalton's car and made a peaceful arrest. police said on sunday that he admitted he took people's lives. >> the victims were remembered in a catholic mass. and tyler smith was a student. his classmates tried to make sense of it all. >> there's an underlying teeing of fear. there are kids that don't want to go outside. it was a random thing. it was in our town. dalton has no background and was described as quiet but friendly.
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>> states. south-east are bracing for potentially dangerous weather. kevin corveau is in to cheg on the storms. and climate change to recent flooding up and down the east coast.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.?
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fiji declared a disaster in the wake of cyclone winds. the storm killed 28, and the deposit is acting for international assistance. the officials are trying to assess the damage in low lying areas where people live in shacks. blocked water lined could create a health crisis. back here forecasters predict damaging winds. >> in the last couple of hours we see the first effects of the storm system from new mexico and texas. you see how quickly they developed, and the pupper level low -- upper level low is getting deeper. this weekend we are seeing the
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active weather. hail as well as damaging winds with thunder storms. that will go through the morning time frames. tomorrow afternoon the coast will be impacted by the storm. anywhere after 10. it is expected to see the worst of it. we could see active weather to parts of tennessee as well. we are looking at tornados and damaging winds. tuesday afternoon through the evening. still, wet from virginia through to new mexico, that will continue. as we go through wednesday the storm system to the north, and we'll probably say a tornado. back to you thank you.
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the impact of the global warming on coastal communities. all along the coast props will probably bet worse, and sea levels are riding faster than at any point hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved if the u.s. fulfils obligations understand the paris climate change agreement. contributing to air pollution saying if the u.s. meets the goals, nearly 300,000 deaths from heart and lung disease could be prevented by the year 2030 policy makes ers and producers are trying to stablilize oil producers, how that could be good and bad for you money she's lived under 20 u.s.
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presidents, and got to meet one and visit him at home. >> hunted to the brink of extinction. >> we need an urgent method that stops the killing. >> now fighting back with a revolutionary new science. >> this radiocarbon dating method can tell us if trade of ivory is legal. >> it could save a species. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> techknows team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical windstorm. >>...can affect and surprise us. >> wow, these are amazing. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. >> only on al jazeera america.
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apple and fbi need to persuade the nbi over the locked iphone technique. they will work to create a panel
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on encryption. in a letter to employs, the company explained the threat posed to civil liberties. >> fbi director comey says it's purely about justice for the victims of the attacks. >> oil prices are above 30 a barrel. a forecast says production in the u.s. will fall into the next year. >> it could mean spending more at the pump for consumers, but may be better for the economy as a whole. >> reporter: low prices for petrol or gas, it's heaven. people are driving furtherer. filling up. >> buying bigger cars and enjoying cheaper plane travel. if that's what people are worried about, these are high times. it's an economic slow down for
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china and brazil. and there's a global glut. producers are trying to fix that. o.p.e.c. has tried to limit production. with sanctions, iran is adding oil. and producers can't pavered to stop pumping. it can hurt economies like houston who are dependent on oil. with all efforts to rein in supplies failing, the price has plunged. it's fluk tated widely from 27 to 36. how low is that. oil prices peaked. analysts say it's not likely to rise above 40 to 50 to the end of 2016. for oil suppliers gathered in houston, they'll look at a long-term plan, not a short term
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fix. >> getting a meeting with the president and mrs. obama, and it doesn't hurt if you are 106 years old. if you ever watched, she went on social media asking for an invitation. she wanted to see an african-american in the white house. she danced with the first lady, didn't listen to the president when he said slow down. she was born in 1809 and lived
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in washington d.c. since 1901. 106 look at the moves. hope we can all be so lucky. i'm adam may, thank you for batching. for the latest news head to ray suarez is next with "inside story". have a great night and a good week. [ technical difficulties ] >> big racial and ethnic minorities. after mitt romney was thrashed among minorities by barack obama in 2012, losing latinos nearly 3-1, this was going to be the year to change those numbers. but until any republican can really begin a general election conversation with voters


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