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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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[ explosion ] the u.s. and russia says a saturday deadline for a cessation of hostilities in syria hello, i'm martine dennis, you're on al jazeera, live from doha. desperate scenes at the creek macedonian border as afghans demand a way through to northern europe a health crisis looms as fiji cleans up from a cyclone
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that's killed 28 people. plus... >> a lot of people here in west africa are talking about ebola at the moment. find out why shortly russia and the u.s. reached an agreement on the cessation of hostilities in syria. but for it to work all the warring sides need to sign up. the main syrian opposition block says it will honour the agreement. the polls in fighting is supposed to come in effect on saturday. here is diplomatic editor james bays. >> for almost five years the death toll mounts. this joint document released by the u.s. and russia, the two working on plans for a lull in the violence since a meeting in
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munich this month. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov wanted a ceasefire. u.s. secretary of state said that would allow russia more time for bombing, to change the situation on the ground. ever since the meeting there has been delays. in the end russia got its way. >> russia will work with damascus. the legitimate government of syria. we expect the united states will do the same with allies and groups supported by them. >> reporter: there are calls for the reyuanation. but i.s.i.l. and al nusra front have been called to commit to a cessation of hostilities by this friday at midday damascus time. 12 hours later that is supposed to start saturday. diplomats tell me if it holds
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there's the possibility talks that collapsed in brandon jennings could resume within days. >> everyone is aware how hard it will be to make it happen. the secretary-general urges the parties to abide by the agreement. much work is ahead for the international community, support groups and syrian parties must remain steadfast in their resolve elections for a rubber-stamp parliament occurred in april. given everything that happened in syria there's not a great deal of optimism reabout the hostilities, many believe there'll be increases in violence with the warring sides
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trying to make gains br it starts it's been pointed out plaus. >> it's problematic that it will not take effect for five days. the russian government has been surrounding aleppo, cutting off the route to turkey, something that may be completed in the next five gays. -- days. it's problematic, a lot of groups on the ground are not controlled, a lot of political world outside of syria. there's not good comment and control of all groups, it's problematic, because one of the groups that can be targeted holds territory with air strikes
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may be on groups groups that accepted the ceasefire, and the largest group by territory controlling more than the rebels are the kurds. most of the kurds are surrounded by the islamic state. they'll continue to fight and have american air support. but turkey says it doesn't want them to close the cap between two parts of their territory. >> under the ceasefire they may fight the islamic state to iraq where 16 soldiers have been killed in battles with i.s.i.l. in ramadi. earlier this month the government claimed to have recaptured ramadi from i.s.i.l.
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it's 120km west of baghdad. i.s.i.l., including fallujah, in anbar province, and the second city in the north hundreds of afghan are stranded at the greece-macedonian border. syrians and iraqis are allowed through to continue their journey. those staying are staging a sit-in. we are there. >> reporter: the will they raised the notional flag, calling for the border to be opened. frustration was high. many protested for days. syrians and iraqis are allowed to continue the journey. some took desperate measures
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only to be sent back to grease. a tougher boarder control over the weekend by the balkan states. the move after migrants streamed through the country. about 600 are stranded on the northern border with serbia. those waiting say they are forced to take action. the afghan crossed here. and held the sit in on the rail traps hopping this will put pressure. companions set up the tent and planned to stay here as long as it takes. the aim is to open all borders
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we face. greek officials say they are as resilient as after through the twist and turns of the life of a refugee. they are ready for a long wait. many refugees continue to arrive in greece, and find themselves granted, unaware of border restrictions. hundreds arrived hoping to pass through greece. often their arrival they discover no buses heading north. >> there's a stand off between indian place and students in the capital new delhi. officers surrounded the university. some students raised anti-india banners during a rally this month. also in india, a deal has been
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reached and days of protest by an influential farming community. the demonstration by the japs cut water splays to millions, blocking roads and railway lines leading to the capital. >> let's go live to our correspondent in new delhi. let's talk about the caste issue, that is what it is with the community. the government offered don sessions, but don't appear to be happy. >> indeed. just a note here. there has been an overshadowing of the issue. it cost $3 billion, closing factories, shops and businesses. protesters have a committee
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leader. he has spoken to local ministers. they want residential status. many protesters don't trust them and thing that the government is trying to appease them. >> many are setting up blockades. this is despite thousands of troops on the ground. the chief minister, and the union minister has been summoned. so they can discuss the community reservation status, how they can come to a compromise. students in new delhi, how big a challenge does this pose? >> once against, this is expect to take over the parliamentary
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session, it's a crisis that has divided the country. there'll be a large protest. not necessarily directly. but free season and caste issues. but as we speak, the student leader, his bail petition is due in court. lawyers are asking for bail for him and the five others from the jnu university. they've been accused of chanting anti-national slogans. they went into hiding saying they were worried about their life, they are at the champ us. they are seeking a position to enter the campus and arrest them. we should find out if bail will
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be given to those accused. and if so, the story could take a different term. >> for now, thank you. now, relief workers warn of a crisis in fiji as the south pacific nation cleans up from one of the strongest storms on record. aid has begun to reach the main island. the government says getting supplies to remote areas is the top priority. >> cyclone winston killed 28 people. andrew thomas has more from nadi. >> reporter: the big issue in the aftermath of the cyclone is communication. the government does not have it, with big parts of its own country. phone linls are cut. airstrips are blocked. they can't fly in. all they can do is aerial surveys. it doesn't tell you much from a height. boats are leaving suva full of
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military people, surveyors as well. they should establish how many are injured and what supplies are needed most, where two boats left suva con monday. it's a lon, laborious slow process just to get a picture of where help is needed most. on the main island where i'm stood, infrastructure is back up and running. the north part of the island is destroyed. the big city, both with a burst of the cyclone. the north of the island is bad. it's out lying islands in where new assist filtering through. what is known so far is not good. >> more to come at al jazeera, including the main opposition leader is under house arrest while supporters vow to protect
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against the election results. plus... allegations in honduras, will it get support from officials. >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? when you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there.
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hello again, these are the top stories. russia and the u.s. work together to the halt hostilities in syria. the main opposition says it will honour the deal. it is supposed to come into force on saturday
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afghans protest at greece's border with macedonia, being presented from completing its journey. many gathered at the crossing. relief workers warn of a health crisis. aid reached residents of a main island. getting emergency supplies to remote areas is the top priority. >> the top story, the agreement between the u.s. and russia. to occur by the end of the week. fires fighting continues on the ground despite the diplomatic agreement. >> news of the agreement coming out of the united nations did not stop the fighting on the ground in syria. as the
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announcement was made there were advances that took place on the main supply riots from turkey. fighters. and the other half of that route was reportedly taken over by oil fighters. there was a push by kurdish fighters and rebels forces to push out rebel presence in the city or the town. it all goats towards many different groups fighting on the ground. >> to exclude one or two means it's difficult to implement the ceasefire or cessation of hostilities. turkey says the only way to enforce it is a no night zone.
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implemented by other coalition forces. whilst all the fighting is going on. several cities are besieged. people that do not receive food for clothing in what is a bitter winter inside syria. on the border, 180,000 syrians camped. they are in need of food and relief. there is some cautious opt mi. from the politicians, on the ground fighting continues and optimism is not shared. afghan government forces pulled out of a second district in helmand province. it leaves the tal plan in control of the north. the retreat comes after troops left neighbouring area. it's a strategic decision.
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helle maund has seen much fighting. >> translation: we have decided that this move is a part of an initiative. those troops are still on the ground. they have not gone somewhere else. we have provided them with new training getting ready for a string offensive. >> accusations that violent action targetting the electoral commission. the opposition leader was detained monday when he tried to leave his home. police say he was about to lead a protest without government consent. mr betajay said last week's election was rigged and he lost to long-time leader. malcolm webb is in kampala, the ugandan capital.
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>> betajay and supporters want to protest the election result, saying it was rigged. police say any protests planned protests are likely to be violent. betajay and supporters say it will be peace: for this reason place say they placed him under preventative arrest and they want to challenge the results. betajay wants to go to the commission to get the paperwork necessary to do that. he wasn't allowed to go. it would turn into a procession and cause unrest. the electoral commission said it's the results he needs instead. >> the egyptian military says the sentencing of a 4-year-old boy to life imprison for murder was a mistake. an army spokesman said the court should have sentenced a 16-year-old with a similar name. a 4-year-old was convicted with
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115 others in connection with protests by muslim brotherhood supporters. the boy's father spent four months fighting it. >> indonesia is the world's second biggest plastic polluters after china. the country is aiming to change that by imposing a charge for plastic bags. critics say it will do little to reduce the negative impact on fishing and tourism. >> reporter: researchers found nearly 10 million plastic bags are handed out to indonesian shoppers every day. these plastic bags find their way to places like this. clogging up the streets rivers
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parks, forests. much is produced every year, making it the second biggest polluter in the world after china. to reduce the waste, the government it charging a tenth of a cent for a bag. there's a lot of resistance in this shop. >> at some shops they are reluctant to implement the policy. and some claim that the plastic bags are too cheep and will not stimulate people. >> retailers resist a higher price for the plastic bag from
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the 0.1 to unit 05, it is clear more needs to be done to clear up the mess. local governments made some progress. but a large awareness has the need to change people's minds about how to treat their own waste an uber driver charged with killing six people with a shooting massacre has been denied bail. he made a first appearance via video link and didn't enter a plea. dalton is alleged to have randomly shot at people during a 5-hour period in calais mass oo michigan. two were wounded an international commission has been set up in honduras to stamp out corruption and impunity. established after public out rage over a scandal involving the country's president. david mercer has more from
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guatemala. >> in 2015 hond surans took to -- hondurans took to the streets in record numbers, demanding an end to government corruption and impunity. opposition groups called for the creation of an international group to stop corruption. on monday, the mission to fight against corruption and impunity in honduras will start work. >> the idea is to have a special mission that will be close to the honduran authorities to fight corruption and impursuantity. we are to give technical assistance on the efforts of the government or institutional forces and to communicate closely with the civil society. it's rumoured the first
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investigation will be a corruption scandal at the country's institute. >> it was admitted that the campaign accepted $180,000 from companies linked to the scandal. tackling a high-profile case will be revealing. without the power to carry out investigation, maxi will have to rely on local prosecutors and judges. the question is whether honduras has the political will to allow the judiciary to work independently. >> it's important that it's autonomous in terms of funding and goal and work in an independent way. i guess the first year - we'll have to look for the establishing of this nation step by step. last year a nations backed mission letted a corruption investigation that took down
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dozens of politicians, include the the president. guatemalans experience shows international commission can fight impunity. with a term of four years. they may have a similar opportunity for change there's less than a week to go until the oscars. away from the glamor of big awards. there's talk about ebola. we explain y >> reporter: ebola - the illness took hold cs west africa two years ago. there's still no cure. sierra leone guinea and liberia were hit by an epidemic. this place, los angeles is a world away from the horror.
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believe it or not there's a link between l.a. or liberia. because ebola is up for a top award ceremony, it could take an oscar in a few days time. this is it "body team 12", the tale of the red cross workers collecting dead bodies as the outbreak took hold. it's up for best documentary short at the awards. it is a sight of the oscars without celebrity, this is real life and death, as raw as it comes. >> every day i feared it. that anxiety yity played on my head. i had a small glimmer. it was intense conditions we worked unt. it really is a tribute. >> reporter: "bottied team 12" tells a story of a nurse
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ostracised by her community because she helped in a place few would dare. there is hope. >> for liberia as a country, there wasn't much, it was a shell of a nation. here the brave liberians were fighting for their nation, families and the rest of us, the whole world. >> reporter: the film won one big award - best documentary short at last year's tribeca film festival. for its makers, it is essential that tails like these are shared. >> it's a superhero story of bravery, about real people that did something at a time of world history when the whole world was afraid. if we hadn't captured the moment, these people... >> the epidemic is officially over. without these people. the question is how many longer would that have taken, and how many more victims could have died. >> movie reel: what did we do to help lib require -- liberia you can find out more about the nominations for the oscars
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on the al jazeera website. there also you'll find details about the agreement reached between the u.s. and the russians, primarily about a pause in hostilities for and thanks for joining us on "america tonight." i'm joie chen. imagine your health held hospital contaminate. what would it be worth to free your medical records or to protect them from more malicious attacks? a top medical center in


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