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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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website. now if you want to follow any of the stories that we're covering head to our website, you can see there on the front page, we're telling the story of obama's speech today on the plan to close down guantanamo bay. plenty of analysis right there on the website. >> i don't want to pass this problem on to the next president. >> president obama makes one last pitch to fulfill a campaign promise to close guantanamo bay. donald trump looks for his third win the a row as marco rubio and ted cruz tries to break his momentum. in flint michigan the state and the city agree to fix the pipes but residents say neither side is taking action. ♪ .
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>> this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. short time ago, president obama layed out a plan to close the guantanamo pay prison. >> for many years it's been clear that the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not advance our national security. it undermines it. this is not just my opinion, this is the opinion of experts, this is opinion of many in our military. it is counter productive to our fight against terrorists. >> closing guantanamo was one of the promises president obama made back when he took off in 2008. he pointed out that both sides agreed on closing the center when he took office, but said the issue has become highly politicized. >> al jazeera is live at the pentagon, so jamie, what are some of the specifics of the
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plan to close fit mow? >> you know there are no surprises many this plan. but it has been sometime in the making. it's basically a four-point plan, to close guantanamo, and dispose of the final 91 detainees who are still left there. you know at 1 point, as many as 800 passed through guantanamo. some 500 were transferred out during the bush administration. president obama transferred another 197, we are down to 91. so the plan is one, 35 detainees will be transferred to other countries. they have already been cleared. the president is going to speed up the review of some additional detainees to see if they can be transferred. ten of them will be facing legal proceedings either military commissions or sometimes foreign prosecution. and that leaves 46 who are still there and the president this is the most controversial part of the plan wants to work can congress to find a location
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in the united states to transfer those detainees to. new he didn't mention a specific prison, or facility, but he layed out a series of options the ever that, and that has a quick backlash from republicans. on capitol hill, who basically say it is a nonpoint. >> has president given reasons why this needs to happen? >> he appeals to the moral 30, says this was a stay on the united states. that it is constantly brought up with foreign leaders. he also made often economic argument, that it would be far cheaper to house them in the united states, and at 1 point he sounded like he was just pleading with congress to give it a hearing. i do want to pass this problem on to the next president. and if as a nation we don't deal with this now, when will
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we? >> are we going to let this linger on for another 50 years? another 20 years in another 30 years. >> he said he was still very clear eyed about the problems that the politics he said of this are very tough. and the one thing he did not say, and neither did any senior official that was briefing this is what the president would do if it goes nowhere in congress. in his back pocket is the option to use executive action, a highly controversy move, to go ahead and complete the closure of the prison, and move the prisoners to the united states. that's something the white house does not want to talk about, because right now they want to focus on trying to get congress to come to an agreement, which i have to say the chances right now look extremely slim. >> we will talk about that in just a moment, in fact. at the pentagon, thank you so much. now the president's plan is now in the hands of congress, libby case sis is live in washington. so libby, what exactly is the president asks the congress? >> he want as fair hearing.
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he wants congress to with deliberation, and thought, review the plan give consideration, but as jamie just pointed out, it is unrealistic to think the republican led congress will really dig into this plan much. and the president seems to be aware of that. >> in part because of the fear of the public, there seems to be a fair amount of opposition to closing guantanamo. if it were easy it would have happened years ago, as i have been working to try to get done. but there remains bipartisan support for closing it. and given the stakes involved for our security, this plan deserve as fair shake. >> now those by partisan
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opinions seem to be scarce these days. we do sernly expect congress to take this up and review the plan, but that review may be as far as it goes. >> he clearly seems to know what he is up against. what is the next step? is the realistic next step in a republican held congress? >> republicans are already reacting. we heard from the likes of john mccabe, of course a note worthy voice on armed services issues foreign policy, he says that this plan, the president has put out. he didn't find enough concrete details in it. now the president's hands are tied because he is preventing from going forward with his administration, and making plans. we also heard resistence today, from some of the senators who represent where the pent upon has been scouting out prisons. like south carolina, and colorado, and cost ction and
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we heard from the top rem in the senate mitch mcconnell. >> we will review the plan, but since it includes dangerous terrorists he should know the will of congress is already been expressed against that proposal. >> interesting to hear that the republican leader is invoking this opinion just like the president. they have very different opinions about the will of both congress and the american people. now republicans are loathe to go forward for a couple of reasons. one, they say they believe this fundamental security risk to bring the guantanamo prisoners to the united states. there's also a real reluctance to let president obama have a political win in his last year in office. libby casey in washington, thank you very much. now to presidential politics and the focus is on nevada, where republicans will caucus today. donald trump is the front runner there, and looking for
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his third win in a row. now senators ted cruz and marco rubio are locked into a ba battle over who will be the main challenger. melissa chan is live in las vegas, outside of what will be the g.o.p. caucus headquarters. the polls clearly put donald trump far ahead, but his stance on immigration, can that hurt him in some place like nevada? >> well, rochelle that's an interesting question, because immigration has become a bigger issue in nevada over the last couple of decades. we have seen proking number of hispanics from california, but many of them also from outside of the country. here is what trump had to say on immigration, again, he saw it often talked about that wall between mexico and the united states. and he repeated that sentiment last night. we want security, strong strong security. because our country now is in trouble. now, look, when it comes and when i first came down, i
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said that boarder is going to be so strong. and the syrians can not be allowed to come in folks we don't know who they are. we don't know who they are. of course trump the issue of syrian refugees and also undocumented migrants. that didn't make much of a difference for the crowd as much supporters as you can tell, and trump in nevada is an interesting case here. especially here in las vegas a lot of people don't necessarily think a flashy rich man who owns a lot of real estate is a bad thing. there's a sern level of admiration from the people here. they work many the gambling industry, they work in las vegas, they do appreciate somebody who make as lot of money. >> they are used to big personalities there for sure. particularly from the mayor of las vegas, oscar goodman, so rubio and cruz are trying to level the playing field, even the playing field to
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catch up how will they do that? >> well, they have been in the state, doing a very early morning event this morning where essentially talked about how he is planning to dismantle many things that president obama has put in place, including the deal with iran, and healthcare on immigration. >> when i am president we will have a real war or terror, which moons they will find them, and the best military in the world will destroy them, and if we capture them alive i told you where they are doing. and talk mow. >> making a reference to go ton mow. also making the announcement shortly after president obama's announcement on the closure of go ton mow that he would co-sponsor a bill that transfers it back to cuba 367
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making that attempt to block his decision. you also talk about ted cruz and marco rubio, neck and neck. and this state is very unpredictable when it comes to polls so i don't think we will get a sense of what will happen until later. >> a senior report for the center of public integrity, he joins us live, always good to talk to you, so the battle for second is getting a lot of attention. even though those two candidates are distance behind trump. is there any reason to think this will change? it is quickly becoming something that isn't that significant any more, when you are in iowa sure, a second or thinks place finish, very very good, same thing for new hampshire and south carolina. but really marco rubio has to start winning races the if he
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expects to be somebody that will be exceptive with trump. ted cruz did win iowa but he is facing strong head winds himself, so tear both looking past nevada to a large degree, and are looking to super tuesday. when there will be 11 states on the republican side, that hold presidential nominating contests and there's a lot of dell grates to be possibled up as well. >> so rubio has been getting more endorsements. can that make a difference? >> it will make a difference, to some degree, the question is to what degree, and again, it all goes back to victories. he is not going to be able to run a successful race unless he starts winning. he will do really well in florida, on the 15th of march, but we have a lot of time in between now and then, he can't rely on his home state alone to kick start his campaign.
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he is getting a lot of folk whose are current house members, who are current senator members, former members of congress, beginning to coalesce, which for short hand electioned the establishment candidate, somebody that will be that alternative to donald trump and be acceptable, is that enough? it is not enough at this point, it is not enough in nevada, and hey, you can have a super tuesday where marco rubio doesn't do all that well, because that's ted cruz territory, to a large degree. texas be be there a week from today. you will have other southern states the so called sec primary, where you have a bastion of evangelicals who ted cruz will hope will support him, as marco just going to be out of the trump cruise equation? is a possibility that he doesn't want to think about. >> is there palpable real anxious in the republican party about how this is
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going? >> hey, they are freaking out right now. they are trying to figure out what they can possibly do at this juncture, to do anything. for marco rubio that means that either ted cruz or donald trump is not the eventual nominee. now that chris christie is out, some of the other candidates marco rubio does seem to be that person who is going to carry the establishment banner, as it is. john case sick still in the race, but somebody who again just hasn't been able to generate much support jute skid of a strong finish he had, and a lot of folks here in washington just scratching their head whose are part of the grass wondering all right, what is it going to take, and they haven't been able to answer that question right here and now. >> okay, dave in washington, d.c., always with the honest answers. we appreciate it, thank you so much. >> crisis why a power struggle is leaving the residents in limbo. and making mortgages
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affordable a new option for cash strap home buyers but it is raising fears of risky lending.
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>> mark candy is recalling candy bars in 55 countries. they initially issued a recall after bits of placic were found many the plastic. the move it clowns snickers, mars bars and celebration boxes of mix candies. a new battle is brewing in
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flint, michigan, over how to fix the city's water crisis, the mayor says thousands of pipes need to be replaced but the governor doesn't approve with those numbers. while is and i is no longer getting the water from the polluted water they agreed monday that the next step replacing pipes. water is >> people won't buy homes or feet comfortable in our restaurants undid ever line is removed. >> get those out f the drowned and then move forward. >> but the agreement ends there. when it comes to the process of removing nose pipes. flint mayor announced that a research team from the university of michigan had layed out the scope of the problem. >> what our research supporters is an estimate of at least 8,000 homes and businesses in the city of flint, being fed with led pipes. my foal is for all of them to be removed so i was glad to
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have somebody validate this information that we have been looking for. >> she wants $25 million from the state to pay for replacing those pipes. but while mayor weaver was making her announcement, michigan governor rick snyder was 65 miles away touring the new operation headquarters and the governor said he is doing his own study. >> we have the infrastructure study going on. so determine where the pipes are. we are focusing on a process titted fie the high risk ones. >> he has signed a no bid half million dollars contract with the company called row professional services for his study the state records show that it was involved in the switch to the flint river. it helped design the treatment process, but calls the role peripheral. the governor meanwhile is keeping his focus on getting supplies to flint residents. >> working hard to make sure the residents get water, filters, cartridges what they need. >> protestors say that's not
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enough. >> get these fixed. you know, that's all i can say, try to get the pipe fix and resolve this problem. >> al jazeera. >> there is growing call for a complete ban on cargo shipment of rechargeable lithium batteries on passenger planes. that's according to the montreal based civil aviation organization. it concluded that these lithium batteries can create intense fires capable of destroying an aircraft. most countries will follow the agencies standards. the schedule to take effect on april 1st. this morning there's hope for some home buyer whose don't have enough money for a down payment. one big bank is out with a new program that will help, but it is sparking fears of reckless lending again. inesse has the story. >> bank of america loan program only requires 3% down and no mortgage insurance. and it also gets around the federal housing
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administration or f.h.a., the agency which usually backs those low down payment loans. the f.h.a. has penalized big banks including bank of america in recent years for making error on loans. >> there's hard feelings against f.h.a. and they would like to dial it back as much as they can and clearly this is an attempt to come one an alternative alternative that is actually more affordable to borrowers than f.h.a. >> bank of america will sell the mortgages to a nonprofit loan fund. which will then sell them to freddie mac, that's the government backed mortgage giant. freddie mac and fannie mae have been offering similar loans for a year now, but they have been little used by home buyers. partly because like the new loan, they require a high credit score and cricket underwriting. that's different from the run up to the housing crisis. >> still have to verify assets, you still have to verify your income. importantly there's counseling involved.
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by a self-help group, in terms of getting the mortgage, and if you run into problems so these are features we never saw during the sub prime boom. >> for now, b. of a. plans to issue no more than $540 million of these loans. that's a fraction of the $1.36 billion made by bank of america last year. inesse per ray, al jazeera. >> the nfl will have to return millions of dollars that wrongly with held from players. an arbitrator found that league owners miss characterized roughly $120 million of ticket revenue. nfl players associate discovered the discrepancy during an on going audit, and they filed a grievance on the matter. a rising tide that is hurting the earth, the oceans rise is the fastest rate in thousands of years. how humans. and showing the hotter breaking but life saving work from the ebola outbreak, the documentary.
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>> a new warning today over the impact of climate change. sea levels increased by over 0 years. a study warns that this can see an increase of between went and 50 inches researches say it is essential to cut emissions, otherwise they say warm temperatures will
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continue to melt play they ares and sea levels will keep rising. victoria mckenzie carr is the climate change manager at the conservation foundation, she says in some areas people are already being forced from their homes due to the effects of global warming. >> many of our closest pacific island neighbors are at risk, as nation states is at risk. we are already seeing climate refugees evacuating many of those ilans and the predictions that follow from the impacts of global warming are that we could see up to 200 million climate refugees by the middle of the century. these are really significant numbers and in our region, those are already being felt. >> scientists say this is the fastest rising sea levels in nearly 3,000 years. it's less than a week to go before the oses cars is about the ebola crisis. al jazeera has a look at body
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team 12. thinks so nil cure. they were hit by what was described as an epidemic. this place is a world away from that horror which we saw in 2013. and beyond. but believe it or not, there is actually a link between liberia this year, because ebola, or a film about sit one of the top award ceremonies and you know, what it could take an oscar in a few days time. >> this is it. body team 12. the tail of the red cross workers who collected dead bodies as that outbreak took hold. it is up for best documentary short, at sunday's awards.
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this is real life and death as raw as it comes i have a small glimmer of what it was like for these teams and the level of anxiety that they are working under is intense, and so it is a tribute. >> body team 12 tells the story of a nurse, offense terror sized by her community because she went to help in a place where few others would dare. there is hope, here, too. >> lie wier yeah as a country has gone through a brutal civil war. there wasn't much to fight for, here they were fighting for their nation, and fighting for families and ultimately fighting for the rest of us. >> the fill system already won one big award, best documentary short at last year's film festival. for the makers it is essential, that tails like
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these are shared. >> it is a super hero story, of bravery, about real people that did something in a time of world history when the whole world is afraid. we hadn't captures this moment, these poem wouldn't be remembered. >> the epidemic is now officially over, without these people the question is how much longer would that have taken. and how many more victims could have died. >> what did we do to help liberia? al jazeera, los angeles. >> cbs has announced it is creating a 24 hour channel for kids. the public t.v. channel is expected to debut later this week. it is what it is going to be called will carry some of the original most popular programs it will also screen live online. thank you for joining us, the news continues next, live from london keep it here.
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this is al jazeera. hello, this is the news hour. live from london, coming up p president obama present as plan to close the britain camp and transfer inmates to the u.s. >> desperation on the greek side f the border of macedonia blocks access for refugees. >> returning to their destroys houses coming from three days after devastating battle. >>


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